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Even With a Dream Job, You Can Be Antiwork

The pandemic has prompted a dawning realization that we are way too obsessed with our jobs.
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Magnitude 7.5 earthquake shakes Peru
A magnitude 7.5 earthquake struck Peru early Sunday morning, according to the United States Geological Study (USGS) and Peru's National Seismology Center.
Growing List of Nations on Alert Over New Coronavirus Variant
Australian health officials confirmed that two travelers arriving from southern Africa had tested positive for the new variant. Scientists were racing to learn more about Omicron, but said that existing vaccines were likely to protect against it.
Internet Divided Over Cookware Kamala Harris Bought in Paris
Kamala Harris spent hundreds of dollars on cookware while in the European country.
Thai monkey festival returns as tourists finally come back to the country
Watched by tourists and locals, thousands of monkeys in Lopburi in central Thailand feasted on two tons of fruits and vegetables after the town's Monkey Festival resumed following a two-year hiatus caused by the pandemic.
Fox Hosts Suggest COVID Variants Are Being Made up by Democrats
Amid growing alarm about the Omicron variant, the hosts of Fox & Friends claimed new variants are being used to help Democrats.
Biden's border crisis – preventable, predictable and deadly
How bad is it? Under Biden’s watch, apprehensions of illegal migrants soared to their highest ever, topping 1,659,206 for fiscal year 2021, breaking the previous record set in 2000.
Full Interview: Dr. Anthony Fauci looks back on COVID-19 response
Dr. Fauci sits down with "Face the Nation" moderator Margaret Brennan for a wide-ranging discussion on the pandemic.
Chargers vs. Denver Broncos matchups, start time and how to watch
The Chargers didn't have much problem scoring against the Steelers last week, but the Denver Broncos present a tougher challenge for Justin Herbert.
20 Countries With the Least Ambitious Climate Policy
These countries are among the slowest to respond to climate change, according to experts.
How To Wish Someone Happy Hanukkah: 7 Greetings To Celebrate the Jewish Festival
Several phrases can be used to celebrate Hanukkah, from a simple "happy holiday" to warm wishes and blessings.
Column: Biden wants to focus on China. Putin has another idea
The biggest foreign policy challenge for President Biden is coming not from Asia, but from a more traditional nemesis, Russia's Vladimir Putin.
Paradise remade? A private school’s plan to build athletic fields roils Chevy Chase
Residents push back on Maret’s proposed project, as the school looks toward acquiring greener pastures for its athletics.
Dear Care and Feeding: My Daughter Was Invited to Eavesdrop on Her Friend’s Therapy Session
Parenting advice on privacy, pets, and favoritism.
NFL Week 12 predictions: Surging Colts the pick against Buccaneers
Indianapolis’ recent impressive surge to the league’s upper strata behind RB Jonathan Taylor and QB Carson Wentz is nothing to take lightly.
10 Google search tricks to help you find what you’re looking for
When it comes to finding what you want on Google, some tricks make the job easy: filter search results by date, exclude keywords you don't need, search specifically by the file type you want, and more.
Excited Dog's 'Super Sonic' Wiggling Has Internet in Stitches
A dog was filmed wiggling with excitement at the arrival of two little girls, and people online find it hilarious.
2024 Watch: Trump super PAC holding top dollar fundraiser this week
Former President Donald Trump’s super PAC is hosting its largest fundraiser to date this week, and the former president commissions his first 2024 Biden-Trump poll.
QAnon Hero Michael Flynn Secretly Said QAnon Is ‘Total Nonsense’
Jonathan Ernst/ReutersFormer Trump national security adviser Michael Flynn has embraced his position as a hero to QAnon conspiracy theorists. He took the QAnon oath, sold QAnon T-shirts, and even auctioned off a QAnon quilt. He appeared at a QAnon convention and signed books with a QAnon slogan. Some QAnon followers even believe that Flynn is “Q,” the mysterious figure behind QAnon.But a recording released late Saturday night by a one-time Flynn ally suggests that the retired three-star general privately believes QAnon to be “total nonsense.”On Saturday night, pro-Trump lawyer and QAnon booster Lin Wood released a recording of what purports to be a phone call between Wood and Flynn on Telegram. The audio’s publication comes amid a right-wing civil war pitting Wood against one-time allies like Flynn and other figures involved in the 2020 attempt to overturn the election.Read more at The Daily Beast.Got a tip? Send it to The Daily Beast here
South African scientists brace for wave propelled by omicron
The omicron variant has sent South Africa from a period of low transmission to rapid growth of new confirmed cases.
Amazon Cyber Monday 2021 deals have dropped: These are the 175+ best deals on Apple, Samsung and more
We've rounded up the best early deals from the Amazon Cyber Monday 2021 sale, from brands like Apple, Bose, Samsung, KitchenAid and Nintendo.
400+ best Cyber Monday deals you can shop now from Walmart, Target, Amazon and more
Cyber Monday deals have dropped. Don't miss your chance to save on AirPods, mattresses, headphones and furniture this weekend.
Why didn't we talk about race in high school?
In a graphic op-ed, the artist talks about what it was like to grow up in Cerritos, a suburb in Los Angeles County.
Vaccine inequity and hesitancy made the Omicron variant more likely, scientists say
Many of the world's richest countries have spent the past year hoarding coronavirus vaccines, buying up enough doses to vaccinate their populations several times over and consistently failing to deliver on their promises to share doses with the developing world. The World Health Organization said the approach was "self-defeating" and "immoral."
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Get this drink-elevating can opener, on sale now for Black Friday
To be a true host with the most, you need to make sure you’re keeping the beer flowing like a stream at any shindig.
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‘More money than God:’ Chinese titan lavished Hunter Biden with 3-carat gem, offer of $30 million
The Biden family offered their services to a huge, Chinese-government-linked energy consortium to expand its business around the world.
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Mallory Weggemann: 'Swimming saved my life,' says five-time Paralympic medalist
"I can't leave January 21, 2008, in the past," says Mallory Weggemann, a five-time Paralympic medalist swimmer.
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'Swimming saved my life,' says five-time Paralympic medalist, who believes sharing her story will help others
Five-time US Paralympic medalist Mallort Weggemann talks to Coy Wire about the medical procedure that paralyzed her from the waist down and how swimming helped save her life.
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Lindsay Lohan announces she is engaged to Bader Shammas
Lindsay Lohan has announced she is engaged to boyfriend to Bader S Shammas in a gushing post on Instagram. The Hollywood star shared the news with her 9.7 million followers and posted a trio of loved-up snaps. The smitten actress paid tribute to Bader, and wrote alongside her photos: “My love. My life. My family....
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Indiana girl, 2, still missing after father rescued from submerged truck; authorities recover her coat
Indiana authorities continued to search for a missing 2-year-old girl Saturday after discovering what they believed to be her coat downstream from where her father was found Friday morning inside his submerged truck.
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Fourth-generation dairy farmer warns economic woes, climate change regulations could end family farms
Dairy farmers Stephanie and Steven Nash describe the obstacles facing small family farmers.
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IS roadside bomb in Iraq leaves 5 peshmerga dead, 4 wounded
The official state news agency of Iraq's Kurdish-run region says a roadside bomb attack by Islamic State group fighters in northern Iraq killed five Kurdish forces and wounded four others
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Book: Prince Charles questioned complexion of Harry and Meghan’s baby
A new book alleges vicious snubs within the royal family — and that Prince Charles questioned the skin color of his grandson, Archie.
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Op-Ed: 1 in 4 adults are estranged from family and paying a psychological price
A social media fad urges young adults to 'cancel' their parents. As a psychoanalyst, I see the unanticipated toll.
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Second Opinion: What it will take to keep the next global pandemic at bay
More than 7 billion COVID-19 vaccine doses have been administered worldwide, but the huge discrepancy of access among nations is a devastating failure.
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D.C.-area forecast: Sunny and warmer today with light winds
Blustery again tomorrow but then a milder trend into midweek.
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Letters to the Editor: If you want 'one nation under one God,' chances are it won't be your religion
Michael Flynn surely didn't mean Judaism or Catholicism when he said America is a "Judeo-Christian" nation. So what did he mean?
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Editorial: Colleges' overreliance on adjunct faculty is bad for students, instructors and academic freedom
Adjunct faculty, generally underpaid and without job security, make up 75% of all college instructors. Higher education now depends on them, which could be a saving grace.
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‘Land Acknowledgments’ Are Just Moral Exhibitionism
In David Mamet’s film State and Main, a Hollywood big shot tries to shortchange a set hand by offering him an “associate producer” credit on a movie. A screenwriter overhears the exchange and asks, “What’s an ‘associate producer credit’?” The big shot answers: “It’s what you give your secretary instead of a raise.”The practice of “land acknowledgment”—preceding a fancy event by naming the Indigenous groups whose slaughter and dispossession cleared the land on which the audience’s canapés are about to be served—is one of the greatest associate-producer credits of all time. A land acknowledgment is what you give when you have no intention of giving land. It is like a receipt provided by a highway robber, noting all the jewels and gold coins he has stolen. Maybe it will be useful for an insurance claim? Anyway, you are not getting your jewels back, but now you have documentation.Long common in Canada and Australia, land acknowledgment is catching on in the United States and already de rigueur in certain circles. If you have seen enough of these —I have now watched dozens, sometimes more than one at the same event—you learn to spot them before the speaker even begins acknowledging. In many cases the tone turns solemn and moralizing, and the speaker’s posture stiff, as if preparing to read a confession at gunpoint. One might declare before, say, a corporate sales retreat: We would like to respectfully acknowledge that the land on which we gather to discuss the new line of sprinkler systems is in Mi’kma’ki, the ancestral and unceded territory of the Mi’kmaq. The acknowledgment is almost always a prepared statement, read verbatim, because like all spells it must be spoken precisely for its magic to work. The magic in this case is self-absolution: The acknowledgment relieves the speaker and the audience of the responsibility to think about Indigenous peoples, at least until the next public event.[From the May 2021 issue: Return the national parks to the tribes]Thanksgiving relies on a cartoon version of the settlement of the Americas, focusing on a moment of concord between victim and génocidaire. Land acknowledgments are similarly confected to stroke the sentiments of mostly non-Indigenous audiences—this time by enabling their preening self-criticism. Earlier this month, Microsoft’s annual Ignite conference began with a land acknowledgment so bewildering to viewers that it went briefly viral. But it was not abnormal among statements of this sort. The emcee acknowledged that the company’s headquarters, one square mile of land outside Seattle, was “occupied by the Sammamish, Duwamish, Snoqualmie, Suquamish, Muckleshoot, Snohomish, Tulalip, and other coast Salish people... since time immemorial.” She noted that the tribes are “still there” but offered no connection between the past and today. Few if any of the baffled viewers would deny the historic presence of these peoples amid the sacred groves that later produced PowerPoint and Clippy, the Microsoft Word mascot. But in the absence of context, the effect of this parade of names was to suggest that for thousands of years the Indigenous peoples were crammed onto the Microsoft campus uncomfortably like canned salmon, doing who knows what, until Bill Gates arrived in the late 20th century to turn them into programmers.Maybe it is a victory for Indigeneity to have the name Muckleshoot even mentioned at a Microsoft conference. By far the most common defense of land acknowledgments is that they harm no one, and they educate Americans about a hidden history that took place literally where they stand. Do they not at least do that?No, not even a little. It is difficult to exaggerate the superficiality of these statements. What do members of the acknowledged group hold sacred? What makes them unique and identifies them to one another? Who are they, where did they come from, and where are they going? The evasion of these fundamental questions is typical. The speaker demonstrates no knowledge of the people whose names he reads carefully off the sheet of paper. Nor does he make any but the most general connection between the event and those people, other than an ancient one, not too different from the speaker’s relationship with the local geology or flora.At ceremonies and events in my home city of New Haven, Connecticut, I have heard acknowledgment that we are on “Quinnipiac land.” This statement is never accompanied by mention of the basic fact that the Quinnipiac all but ceased to exist as a people more than 150 years ago, and there is no currently recognized Quinnipiac tribe. I suspect that few in the audience know this, and that few of the speakers do. (There is an “Algonquian Confederacy of the Quinnipiac Tribal Council.” Its leader, Iron Thunderhorse, is currently in prison in Texas for rape, and projected to be released in 2051, at the age of 107. He is half-Italian, was born William Coppola, and according to a legal filing by the Texas prison authority, was not listed as Native American on at least one of his purported birth certificates.)Some people argue that land acknowledgments are “gestures of respect.” I’m not sure one can show respect while also being indifferent to a people’s existence. The statements are a counterfeit version of respect. Teen Vogue put it well, if unintentionally: “Land acknowledgment is an easy way to show honor and respect to the indigenous people.” A great deal of nonsense about identity politics could be avoided by studying this line, and realizing that respect shown the “easy way” is just as cheap as it sounds. Real respect occurs only when accompanied by time, work, or something else of value. Learning basic facts about a particular tribe might be a start.Most of these acknowledgments are considered (by the speakers, anyway) moral acts, because they bear witness to crimes perpetrated against Native peoples and call, usually implicitly, for redress. If you enjoy moral exhibitionism, to say nothing of moral onanism, land acknowledgments in their current form will leave you pleasured for years to come. (Cartoon history serves this purpose well; reality, less so. Do you acknowledge the Quinnipiac, or the tribes they at times allied with the English to fight? Or both?) The acknowledgments never include any actual material redress—return of land, meaningful corrections of wrongs against Indigenous communities—or sophisticated moral reckoning. Nor is there an “easy way” to reckon with this past. In the early 1600s, as many as 90 percent of the Quinnipiac were wiped out, along with other coastal Native Americans, by chicken pox and other diseases imported by Europeans. How does one assign blame for the spread of disease, hundreds of years before anyone knew diseases were something other than the wrath of God? (Does China owe Europe reparations for the Black Death, which came, like COVID-19, from Hubei? Or should China take two Opium Wars and call it even?)Without time, work, or actual redress, the land acknowledgment that implies a moral debt amounts to the highwayman’s receipt. “To acknowledge Indigenous homelands and to return those lands are related, but the former alone allows for rhetoric without further action,” Dustin Tahmahkera, a professor of Native American cultural studies at the University of Oklahoma, told me. If Microsoft truly felt bad about the location of its offices, it could move its operations to soil less blood-soaked. (There aren’t many such places, alas.) Not every Microsoft conference needs to be an announcement of a real-estate deal. But if Microsoft is going to acknowledge a debt, it should also pay it. [Read: How to acknowledge a shameful past]If the practice of land acknowledgment persists, it should do so in a version less embarrassing to all involved. I would propose restricting such acknowledgments to forms and occasions that preserve their dignity and power.Follow these rules, and object to any land acknowledgments that violate them: The acknowledgment should reveal a specific relationship between the event and the people who are acknowledged. Boilerplate language is an insult. It should not smell of self-congratulation, either by the speaker or the institution. If it makes you look good, you are doing it wrong. Note that one form of self-congratulation is pedantic self-criticism. If the acknowledgment calls for restitution, it should specify the reasons for the restitution and the means for making it. If you think land should be given back or other payment made, say so. Venture a magnitude of the repayment and explain why. Even the highwayman’s receipt lists the jewels and coins taken. These reforms in land acknowledgment would leave plenty of cynicism to go around—nearly all warranted, I think. Land acknowledgments are a classic culture-war issue, Nick Estes, an American Studies professor at the University of New Mexico, told me via email. They can be “a pantomime of caring or outrage mostly by professional class elites and educational institutions.” Meanwhile, he asked, what of “the real issues facing Indigenous peoples—housing, employment, child removal, generational poverty, lack of adequate healthcare, police violence, racism, and erasure; in other words, real colonialism”?Land acknowledgments are just words, and words can distract from real issues, in particular the ultimate one, which is Native American tribal sovereignty. But some words are honest, even loving, and others are hollow and nauseating. As an American, and as a once and future member of an audience at ceremonies and events, I would be thankful for more of the former and fewer of the latter.
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Seoul wants to build a metaverse. A virtual New Year’s Eve ceremony will kick it off.
But designers still aren’t sure what these virtual worlds may ultimately look like.
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Save over $300 on this master chef knife set in Black Friday sale
Both amateur and seasoned chefs alike have one thing in common when they get into the kitchen: they need a good set of knives to get things done.
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Jim Acosta Slams Kevin McCarthy for Not Standing up to GOP 'Freak Show Caucus'
"In the freak show caucus, loyalty only flows in one direction… which means more hatred, more bigotry, more glorification of violence, and more appeasement," Acosta said.
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Omicron: Why Did WHO Skip Over Two Letters in Greek Alphabet to Name Latest Variant?
The letters "nu" and "xi" were next but the World Health Organization went straight to "omicron."
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The Omicron Covid-19 variant is raising concerns amid the holiday travel season, but there's no need to panic just yet, experts say
The Omicron variant of Covid-19 is raising the concerns of health officials amid the busy holiday travel season, but there is no need to panic just yet as the potential impact of the newly detected strain remains unknown, experts say.
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Beverly Hills SWAT standoff with suspicious van blocking traffic ends after several hours
A police standoff in Beverly Hills, California, ended shortly before midnight Saturday with SWAT officers removing an unresponsive man from a van that had been blocking a busy intersection for several hours, according to reports.
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Triller Triad Combat: Best photos from Arlington
Check out these photos from Triller Triad Combat which took place at Globe Life Field in Arlington, Texas.       Related StoriesPhotos: Triller Triad Combat ceremonial weigh-ins and faceoffsPhotos: Fighters in MMA movies through the yearsUFC Fight Night 198: Best photos from Las Vegas 
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UNLV student dies after collapsing at fraternity ‘Fight Night’ event
Nathan Valencia, 20, collapsed shortly after he duked it out in a boxing match at the “Kappa Sigma Fight Night," on Nov. 19. He died four days later, his family said.
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Benfica match abandoned after Covid-hit opponents left with six players
Benfica's Primeira Liga match at Belenenses on Saturday was abandoned amid extraordinary scenes after their Covid-19-hit opponents were forced to name a team of nine players -- including two goalkeepers.
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Kamala Harris, Michelle Obama are Democrats' top 2024 picks if Biden doesn't run: poll
Vice President Kamala Harris is the top choice for Democrats if President Biden chooses not to run again in 2024, according to a new poll.
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