FCA and Renault to go public on potential tie-up

Fiat Chrysler and Renault are set to confirm talks on a potential tie-up on Monday, with the board of the French carmaker called to an early morning meeting to discuss the situation.
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Americans believe asteroid monitoring more important than Mars trip
The poll comes as the White House pushes to get astronauts back on the moon, but only about a quarter of Americans said moon or Mars exploration by astronauts should be among the space program’s highest priorities.
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New York Post
Supreme Court rules 40-foot-tall cross can stay on public land in Maryland
A 40-foot-tall cross that serves as a tribute to World War I dead may continue to stand on public land in Maryland, the Supreme Court ruled Thursday – saying the memorial doesn’t constitute government endorsement of religion. In a 7-2 vote, the High Court allowed the “Peace Cross” to remain in a busy intersection in...
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New York Post
Google founder absent from shareholder meeting despite protests
Larry Page, who's also the CEO of Google parent company Alphabet, has not attended the annual meeting since 2017. During the meeting, shareholders attempted to pass proposals involving the company's approach to diversity and sexual harassment, Google's policy with China, and potentially breaking up the company.Read more here. Read more...More about Tech, Google, Mashable Video, Larry Page, and Tech
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Stocks Just Hit a Record, Thanks to the Fed
The rebound is a repeat of what happened to stocks in January, the last time Fed officials began to say things investors like to hear.
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The New York Times
‘The Hills’ stars’ premiere style: Then and now
Heidi Montag, Spencer Pratt, Audrina Patridge and Justin Bobby dressed very differently when the MTV hit came out back in 2006.
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New York Post
Evil shapeshifters stalk by night in first trailer for AMC’s The Terror: Infamy
The second season co-stars George Takei, who also consulted on historical accuracy.
Ars Technica
Add You (or Your Friends) to GIFs with Morphin
iOS, Android: You have a few options if you’re looking to superimpose your face (or your friends’ faces) on the next big meme. You can go the South Park treatment, where you slap an oversized cutout of your own head over the head of whoever is in the GIF you’re trying to mess with. That’s easy, even though it looks a…Read more...
Republicans have been tying Democrats to socialism for 90 years. Trump is going all in on the tradition.
Ahead of the 2020 elections, Republicans and President Trump are again trying to contrast themselves with Democrats by linking Democratic policy proposals to “socialism.” Will it work?
Trump to be interviewed on NBC’s ‘Meet the Press’
President Trump will appear Sunday on “Meet the Press,” his first NBC interview since he sat down with anchor Lester Holt in 2017. It will be Trump’s first time on the Sunday morning news show since he became president, CNN reported on Thursday. His last appearance occurred on August 2015. The sitdown comes days before...
New York Post
Texas state board fears DNA technology can jeopardize criminal cases
AUSTIN, Texas — With a name that sounds like futuristic fiction, Rapid DNA machines roughly the size of an office printer have helped solve rape cases in Kentucky, identified California wildfire victims and verified family connections of migrants at the US-Mexico border. Now a state board in Texas has asked a growing government provider of...
New York Post
The Real Reason for Facebook’s New Cryptocurrency
It’s not about banking. Libra is the social network’s last, best hope to regain public trust.
NYT > Home Page
Black People’s Land Was Stolen
Any discussion of reparations must include how this happened, who did it, and the laws, policies and practices that allowed it.
NYT > Home Page
T-Mobile blasts AT&T and Verizon for ‘outright lies about 5G’
While awaiting approval of his proposed merger with Sprint, the CEO of T-Mobile is blasting larger rivals for misleading customers about 5G.
VentureBeat | Tech News That Matters
New StarCraft graphics pack turns the entire game into a cartoon
Carbot graphics pack coming to StarCraft Remastered in July Continue reading…
Cricket World Cup: India's Jasprit Bumrah says England the 'most difficult place' for bowlers
India's world number one fast bowler Jasprit Bumrah says England is the "most difficult place" for bowlers in one-day cricket.
BBC Sport - Sport
Enjoy 30GB of 1980s noise music and post punk cassettes
Here's an amazingly huge collection of "tape experimentation, industrial, avant-garde, indy, rock, diy, subvertainment and auto-hypnotic materials" posted to Completists who want this on a hard drive or USB stick can download the entire collection in a tar file here. This collection is a compilation of underground/independently-released cassette tapes from the days when the audio cassette was the standard method of music sharing... generally the mid-eighties through early-nineties. The material represented includes tape experimentation, industrial, avant-garde, indy, rock, diy, subvertainment and auto-hypnotic materials. Much of this material defies category, and has therefore not been given one. The bulk of the tapes in this library were donated to the project by former CKLN FM radio host Myke Dyer in August of 2009. The original NOISE-ARCH site was hosted and maintained by Graham Stewart and Mark Lougheed. [via Obscure Media] Read the rest
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Opinion: Rays' Montreal play has huge ripples - and likely means end of MLB in Tampa
With the Rays exploring the option of playing games in Montreal in the future, it creates a significant ripple effect on the baseball landscape.       
USATODAY - News Top Stories
The Clunky Sega CD Has Been Replaced By a Single Pricey Cartridge
It’s no fun being a fan of retro gaming if you grew up a fan of Sega consoles. Emulators and game-bundled throwback consoles have been notoriously bad, but recently things have improved—as long as you’re a Sega fan happy to throw money at your passion. The $190 Mega Sg console plays classic Sega games flawlessly, and…Read more...
Gizmodo - We come from the future.
Trump will ‘think about’ inviting NBA champ Raptors to White House
With Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau seated steps away, President Trump said Thursday that he’d “think about” whether to invite the NBA champion Toronto Raptors to the White House. “They played phenomenal basketball,” he said about Canada’s first NBA champs. “I watched a little bit of it. They were really terrific. Congratulations … that was...
New York Post
Why Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Are Leaving the Charity They Share With Prince William and Kate Middleton
There's a simple explanation for the split
TIME - powered by FeedBurner
Girls in Tech Catalyst inspires women not to be ‘hidden figures’
The Girls in Tech Catalyst conference featured speakers who wanted to inspire women to excel in technology jobs. They told women not to be "hidden figures."
VentureBeat | Tech News That Matters
Roy Moore is running again for U.S. Senate
The announcement brings a new level of uncertainty and attention to the GOP fight for Democratic Sen. Doug Jones' seat.       
USATODAY - News Top Stories
Sex Harassment Laws Toughened in New York: ‘Finally This Is Happening’
The #MeToo movement, along with a year of advocacy by former staffers who had reported harassment, helped usher in the changes in Albany.
The New York Times
Google is giving up on tablets
If you're someone who saw the potential in the Pixel Slate, despite its software issues, we have some bad news. Google is no longer planning to make any tablet hardware going forward and will put all its resources behind laptops in the future. In a s...
Engadget | Technology News, Advice and Features
About the Idea That You’re Growing Horns From Looking Down at Your Phone …
Neck strain and bone spurs are certainly possible from poor posture, but some experts doubt that cellphones are the only culprit.
The New York Times
Rays looking into splitting season between Tampa and Montreal
And you thought the Islanders had it bad. Major League Baseball’s executive council has given the Rays the “permission to explore” a split season between Tampa Bay and Montreal, commissioner Rob Manfred announced at the conclusion of the owners’ meetings Thursday in Midtown. “The purpose of a split season would be to preserve baseball in...
New York Post
Google's Not Going to Make Tablets Anymore
Google has no future plans to release additional tablet devices and has even canceled two models that were in development, the company confirmed to Computerworld today. Google has not released a tablet in 2019, but did come out with the Pixel Slate in 2018. Google was working on two smaller tablets, but ultimately decided to stop focusing on the tablet form factor in favor of laptops. The Pixel Slate was Google's first Pixel-branded tablet offering, and as Computerworld clarifies, Google considers a tablet to be a device that detaches completely from a keyboard base or has no physical keyboard at all. Google considers its two-in-one convertible devices like the Pixelbook to be laptops, not tablets. Google announced its plans to discontinue work on tablets to employees yesterday, and those working on tablet-related projects will be reassigned.A Google spokesperson directly confirmed all of these details to me. The news was revealed at an internal company meeting on Wednesday, and Google is currently working to reassign employees who were focused on the abandoned projects onto other areas. Many of them, I'm told, have already shifted over to the laptop side of that same self-made hardware division.It's not clear why Google has ultimately decided not to pursue the tablet form factor, but the company may be finding it difficult to compete with Apple and Samsung, the top two tablet vendors worldwide. Apple's iPad is responsible for the most worldwide shipments, and over the course of the last few years, Apple has been aiming to hit all price points with the 6th-generation iPad, iPad mini, iPad Air, and iPad Pro models. Google plans to continue offering support and updates for the Pixel Slate until June 2024, and the Chrome OS team will continue to focus on tablets and laptops in its software development. Though Google is discontinuing its own tablets, there are other manufacturers who produce Chrome-based tablets. Google will be shifting focus to laptops, with a laptop-oriented Pixelbook product planned before the end of the year, and will also continue focusing on its Pixel line of phones.Tag: GoogleThis article, "Google's Not Going to Make Tablets Anymore" first appeared on MacRumors.comDiscuss this article in our forums
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How Do I Get My Dog to Stop Eating Poop?
Please. Help.
Slate Articles
Ajit Pai tries to kill San Francisco’s attempt to spur broadband competition
S.F. ordinance lets ISPs reuse broadband wires in multi-unit buildings.
Ars Technica
5 negotiating tips girls can learn for a brighter future
Girls facing tough situations can feel powerless, and it's easy to understand why. They're young and likely just beginning to find their voice. What's more,  they may feel like they're at the will of the people around them.  Enter: negotiation. Being able to negotiate can make all the difference for girls, both now and in the future. If they can learn to leverage these skills at a young age, it'll start to feel more natural as they grow older.  "Whether girls are fighting to be in the classroom or the board room, to make informed choices about their futures, they need to be able to negotiate and effectively communicate," said Dr. Geetha Murali, CEO of the non-profit Room to Read. Read more...More about Social Good, Negotiating Tips, Negotiating For Girls, Room To Read, and Social Good
Janelle Monáe wears rainbow-striped thong bikini on vacation
From black and white to rainbow bright.
New York Post
Roy Moore takes another shot at US Senate seat
Alabama Republican Roy Moore announced he will be running for the US Senate following his failed bid in 2017 after three women alleged he sexually abused them when they were teenagers decades ago. Moore has denied the allegations and claimed that there was a "political conspiracy" against him.
This suit makes you like a real-life Iron Man — Future Blink
UK-based company Gravity Industries has built these body-controlled, jet-powered “Iron Man”  suits. Read more...More about Mashable Video, Iron Man, Jetpack, Future Blink, and Tech
Auto-repair mogul gets five years for postal-truck repair scam
A New York auto repair magnate who was convicted of tax fraud has been sentenced to five years in prison for running a $30-million scheme in which he bribed US Postal Service employees to get postal truck repair jobs. Ibrahim “Tony” Issa, 57, who owns First Star Auto Repair in The Bronx and shops in...
New York Post
Depth of Field: The Metaphor of Trump and the MAGA Hat
Mandel Ngan's photo from Trump's rally on Tuesday says a lot about the president's grip on his own message.
Are You Really Going to Grow a Horn From Slouching Over Your Smartphone?
Hold the phone.
Slate Articles
An Archbishop told a Jesuit school to fire a gay teacher. They said no
A Jesuit high school in Indiana can no longer call itself "Catholic" because it employs a teacher engaged in a same-sex marriage, a violation of Catholic teaching, the Archbishop of Indianapolis said. - RSS Channel
Supreme Court to decide case involving Puerto Rico
The justices said Thursday they expect to take up the issue in October.
NBC News - Breaking News & Top Stories - Latest World, US & Local News
GOP firebrand Roy Moore announces 2020 bid for the US Senate
Judge Roy Moore, the controversial conservative firebrand, announced Thursday he will again compete for the GOP nomination to challenge his former rival in 2020.
ABC News: Top Stories
Frankie Dettori’s roll of pure gold has Royal Ascot in raptures | Greg Wood
Victory on Stradivarius sets up another wonderful effort but bookies breath again as Turgenev is just pippedAfter the second winner, they gave Frankie Dettori the top jockey’s armband. After the third, he said: “It doesn’t get better than this.” But it did.Caught in a pocket on Stradivarius with just over a furlong to run, Dettori managed to find room to launch a winning run on the even-money favourite. For the next 40 minutes, the bookmakers were staring into the abyss. Continue reading...
US news | The Guardian
Tour bus catches couple getting down while driving
This tour bus’ hilarious highway experience sure doesn’t leave much to the imagination. While driving down a highway, the group immediately noticed a couple in the car next to them having sex. While the location of the bizarre encounter is unclear, even the bus driver’s loud honking couldn’t embarrass the smiling duo.   Subscribe to...
New York Post
Digital Trends Live: Alexa monitors for heart attacks, robot fish, and more
On this episode of DT Live, we discuss the biggest tech stories of the day, including Alexa’s new skill to monitor for cardiac arrest, a possible leak for a Nintendo Switch Mini, a Nest Home security flaw, robot fish, and more.
Digital Trends | Technology News and Product Reviews
Alabama Republican Roy Moore launches 2020 Senate bid despite party opposition
Alabama Republican Roy Moore, whose 2017 U.S. Senate bid was derailed by allegations of decades-old sexual misconduct involving teenage girls, said on Thursday he would run again for the seat next year, defying his party's leadership.
Reuters: Top News - powered by FeedBurner
Chris Froome transferred to Monaco rehabilitation unit in 'first step' to recovery from crash
Britain's four-time Tour de France champion Chris Froome says he has taken the "first step" in his recovery after being transferred to a rehabilitation unit in Monaco.
BBC Sport - Sport
Georgia protests: ‘Thousands storm parliament’ over Russian MP
Protesters have attempted to storm Georgia’s parliament over the appearance of a Russian MP.
BBC News - Home
In Navy SEAL War Crimes Case, Key Witness Says He Killed Captive ISIS Fighter
The stunning testimony may upend the murder trial of Navy SEAL Chief Edward Gallagher.
NYT > Home Page
Microsoft wants to make 'Minecraft' easier for kids to read
Microsoft is bringing its Immersive Reader to Minecraft: Education Edition. The tool will let users expand the text in character dialogue, settings and boards. Immersive Reader will dictate each word as it is highlighted, so users can follow along, a...
Engadget | Technology News, Advice and Features
HomeStreet defeats activist Roaring Blue Lion in proxy contest
HomeStreet Inc defeated Roaring Blue Lion Capital Management's campaign to unseat one director and install its own candidate, ending a two-year standoff between the financial services company and the...