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‘History will not judge us kindly’: Facebook employees rip Zuckerberg in leaked messages
Facebook employees say Mark Zuckerberg’s obsession with growth has overridden ethical concerns and allowed hate speech and incitements to violence to spread unchecked, leaked messages show.
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Megan Thee Stallion reveals epic ‘Hellraiser’ Halloween costume
The Houston hottie got into the Halloween spirit with a sexy-scary Pinhead costume.
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Boy ate 16 toothbrushes and a 3-inch nail to cure dirt addiction
The teen's family also believed that the objects could help exorcise a ghost that had possessed him.
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Facebook’s ‘tier’ system decides which countries it prioritizes for content moderation
Facebook in 2019 began classifying countries in a "tier" system that dictated the amount of resources used to moderate content posted on country platforms, according to a new report.
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Joe Biden's Approval Rating Remains Low As He Fights to Save Spending Bills
At the beginning of his presidency, Biden's aggregate approval rating was 53 percent and disapproval was 36 percent.
De Blasio's Mission to Remove Trump's Name From NYC Buildings Will Cost Taxpayers Millions
New York City's mayor is trying to distance the city from the former president, which may end up costing taxpayers millions.
Texas drag race driver slams into spectators, killing 2 children
A 6-year-old boy and an 8-year-old boy were killed and eight others injured at an event called "Airport Race Wars 2."
World Series history: Winners of the Fall Classic
The Houston Astros and Atlanta Braves will meet in the 2021 World Series.
Husband and wife close new toy store due to supply issues: ‘We couldn’t afford products’
The supply chain crisis and rising prices forced a couple to close its toy store in Connecticut.
Moderna says new data supports its COVID vaccine for kids 6 to 11
Moderna says a study in kids 6 to 11 found two doses of the company's COVID-19 vaccine given 28 days apart produced a strong antibody response.
Former MSNBC host calls Condoleezza Rice 'soldier for white supremacy' after she ripped critical race theory
Former MSNBC host Touré Neblett called Condoleezza Rice a “soldier for white supremacy" in a scathing op-ed on Friday over her criticism of critical race theory
Taking the Proper Path to U.S. Citizenship
Legal immigrants like me, who respected and obeyed America's immigration laws, are watching with dismay what is happening at the border.
‘Rust’ Actor Jensen Ackles Honors Late Cinematographer Halyna Hutchins: “A Tragedy of Epic Proportions”
"She had a spunk and passion that infected the entire crew from the top down."
K-Pop Singer Giselle Apologizes for Mouthing Racial Slur in Video
Singer and rapper Giselle, of K-pop group aespa, faced backlash after she was seen mouthing a racial slur in a behind-the-scenes video.
Enter to win a Nintendo Switch OLED in the October Underscored Faves Sweepstakes
We get to test hundreds of products here at CNN Underscored, from dry shampoos and smart displays to bath towels and robes. And now we want to share our favorite tried and tested products with you, our valued reader.
Paris Hilton Plans to Expose 'Dark Secrets' of Schools for Troubled Teens
Hilton told Newsweek of her work on a new podcast that seeks to "expose the dark secrets and controversial practices."
How to refinance your mortgage to save money and lower your interest rate
Democrats close to deal on social spending plan as Biden campaigns for Gov. Murphy in New Jersey
Democrats are close to reaching a long-awaited deal on President Biden's social spending agenda. CBS News senior White House correspondent Weijia Jiang joined CBSN with more on the negotiations, plus the president's campaign stop in New Jersey in support of incumbent Governor Phil Murphy ahead of Election Day.
Facebook's own research showed they should fact-check politicians. Instead, they let them lie
CNN's Donie O'Sullivan explains how internal memos show that the company's decision-making on content policy is routinely influenced by political considerations.
How Meghan Markle's Royal Exit Echoes Princess Mako of Japan
Meghan Markle and Prince Harry's journey out of the royal family is being played out afresh in Japan as Princess Mako signs away her royal status for love.
Shaq makes Formula One drivers look tiny on Texas Grand Prix podium
Shaquille O'Neal made an impression at the Formula One U.S. Grand Prix in Texas on Sunday, where he towered above the racing drivers and everyone else at the event.
DeSantis plans to offer $5,000 bonuses to out-of-state police relocating to Florida
Florida's Gov. Ron DeSantis said he plans to sign legislation during an upcoming special session to award a $5,000 bonus to law enforcement officers who relocate to Florida to work.
Jets’ Zach Wilson out 2-4 weeks with sprained PCL
The Jets won't have Zach Wilson for up to a month.
Microsoft says Russian group behind SolarWinds attack now targeting IT supply chain
Microsoft on Monday warned that the same Russian group behind the SolarWinds cyber attack in 2020 has been attempting to “replicate” that approach, now targeting organizations “integral” to the global IT supply chain—specifically, resellers and technology service providers.
Russia Says Climate Change Is a Big Priority. But Its Real Goal at COP 26 Will Be Slowing Down Progress
It will be harder for Russia to decarbonize than almost any other country. It's much easier to delay and derail
What Night Does ‘The Bachelorette’ Air on ABC? Time, How To Watch, ‘The Bachelorette’ Season 18 Schedule
Roses are red, violets are blue. The Bachelorette's moved to Tuesdays, boo-hoo-hoo.
‘Locke & Key’: Connor Jessup Explains Why Tyler Is “Moving On”
...But don't worry, he isn't leaving the show.
Randa Markos says she's not done after snapping four-fight skid
Take a look inside Randa Markos' win over Livinha Souza at UFC Fight Night 196 in Las Vegas.      Related StoriesAfter lackluster March loss, Jonathan Martinez glad to get confidence back4 biggest takeaways from UFC Fight Night 196: Paulo Costa owed no leniencyFight Tracks: The walkout songs of UFC Fight Night 196 with The Beatles and three classic movie themes
NFL bettors should shop lines instead of buying that half point
A lot of bettors want to know if it is a good idea — the idea of buying a 3 to a 3.5 to get off of the key number or buying a 2.5 up to a 3 with an underdog.
Liberty University accused of making it ‘impossible’ to report rape, lawsuit alleges
Liberty University is being sued for allegedly making it “difficult or impossible” to report sex attacks -- and instead making rape victims face punishment for having pre-marital sex.
Who is the Emperor in ‘Dune’? Explaining the Off-Screen Ruler Shaddam IV
So wait, who's in charge in here?
Jets QB Zach Wilson's knee injury will keep him out 2-4 weeks after MRI shows PCL sprain
After leaving the Jets' game against the Patriots with a knee injury, Zach Wilson will miss several weeks with a PCL sprain.
COVID-19 viral loads and what they can determine about infectiousness
The amount of coronavirus particles someone has can be an indicator of how likely they to spread the disease, but it's not a perfect measurement. Philip Kiefer, staff writer at Popular Science magazine, spoke with Anne-Marie Green and Vladimir Duthiers on CBSN about what a patient's viral load can show, and how the Provincetown, Massachusetts, outbreak this summer changed our understanding of the virus' ability to spread among people who are vaccinated.
'Succession' Season 3 Episode 2 Recap: Can The Roy Children Harpoon 'Moby Dick'?
"Mass in Time of War" put the spotlight on Kendall, Roman, Shiv and Connor as they debated whether to oust their father Logan from Waystar Royco.
‘Friends’ stars pay tribute to James Michael Tyler
Stars from the cast of "Friends" took to social media to honor James Michael Tyler, who died over the weekend after a battle with prostate cancer.
Shocking video shows gunmen take turns shooting man in Bronx barber shop
Two gunmen took turns firing at a man inside a Bronx barber shop in a bold shooting that is believed to be gang-related, shocking new video shows.
World Series 2021: What to know about the Fall Classic
The Houston Astros and Atlanta Braves will meet in the World Series.
New study suggests breastfeeding may help prevent cognitive decline
Researchers at the University of California, Los Angeles, conducted a study that found women over the age of 50 who had breastfed their babies performed better on cognitive tests compared to women who had never breastfed.
'Rust' crew walked off set to protest working conditions hours before cinematographer death, reports say
Crew members reportedly walked off the set of the film "Rust" to protest working conditions hours before the fatal Alec Baldwin prop gun incident.
NBA milestone and 28 points: Carmelo Anthony had 'a hell of a night' for Lakers
The significance of passing Moses Malone on the NBA's all-time scoring list isn't lost on Carmelo Anthony, who's 'still passionate about the game.'
DC man charged in 2020 shooting of Virginia Tech grad after second alleged murder this weekend
A suspect arrested in Washington, D.C. following a fatal shooting this weekend has been charged with a second murder after detectives pinned him to the 2020 high-profile killing of a recent Virginia Tech grad.
Atmospheric river unleashes record-setting rain, flooding in California
Both San Francisco and Sacramento had their wettest October days on record
Protest Over 'Unsettling' Antisemitic 'Vax the Jews' Banner Hung on Texas Bridge
The banner was unveiled on the Far West overpass in Austin.
A West Coast storm breaks records as another storm threatens 70 million Americans in the eastern US
After the West Coast got walloped by record-setting rainfall and dangerous mudslides -- with more heavy rain in store today -- 70 million Americans in the eastern US are now also at risk for severe weather.
What to know about COP26 ahead of global climate summit
Experts say the world still has a narrow window of opportunity to act – and crucial global summit is coming up.
Biden says meeting with Manchin on social spending bill "went well"
Democrats are working to reach consensus on a framework for Mr. Biden's domestic policy agenda.
Alberta has revived the fight for an elected Senate in Canada
Jason Kenney’s bluff-calling emerges from a democratic paradox.
What We Know About the 'Delta Plus' AY.4.2 COVID Mutations Y145H and A222V
The variant is increasingly spreading around the U.K. and U.S., but little is known about what exact biological advantages it might have.