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Fuga verso il privato: gli ospedali perdono 5mila medici l’anno

L’addio al servizio pubblico aggrava la carenza di personale dovuta ai molti pensionamenti e alla mancanza di giovani da inserire

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LaVar Ball Reveals Who He Thinks Will Surpass Michael Jordan—and it's Not LeBron James
Ball claimed Jordan remains the best player in NBA history, but backed his sons Lonzo and LaMelo to eclipse his achievements.
How a $17 billion bailout fund intended for Boeing ended up in very different hands
The money, meant for businesses critical to national security, remains largely unspent almost eight months after Congress approved it.
Clea DuVall wanted to see more queer Christmas movies. With Kristen Stewart and Mackenzie Davis, she made one herself.
Stewart, who stars in Clea DuVall's "Happiest Season" alongside Davis, says aspects of the lesbian rom-com felt "so familiar to me that it’s, like, finally."
This couple canceled their big wedding and instead gave Thanksgiving dinners to the needy
"This just seemed like a good way to make the best of a bad situation," said Emily Bugg, who works with people with mental illness.
Some think watching holiday movies feels sad this year. Others started in March.
Movies like Netflix's "The Holidate" may feel like an escape from 2020 — or bittersweet: “It’s going to hit me a little bit more than normal.”
Your favorite fall TV shows look normal. Making them in a pandemic is anything but.
To watch scripted television in recent weeks is to believe Hollywood has steamrolled through the coronavirus pandemic. But the up-to-the-minute pandemic plotlines gild what insiders say has been a very tumultuous time.
All of Washington’s Thanksgiving games against the Cowboys, ranked
The NFC East lead will be on the line when the 3-7 rivals meet for the 10th time on Turkey Day.
With ballots behind it, the Postal Service is tackling letters to Santa
The mail agency will digitize letters and gift wish lists sent to Kriss Kringle so “elves” can send presents to children and families.
What not to say to your neighbor when approaching them about buying their home
REAL ESTATE MATTERS | Forget about writing a letter. A casual conversation is the smart way to open the door.
How Can Congress Prepare for the Next Global Crisis? Create A 'Science Readiness Reserve,' IBM Says
In a letter sent to congressional lawmakers, the technology company urged Congress to establish a group of scientists and private sector resources to use artificial intelligence and other technologies to combat future calamities.
Christian Serratos Feels the 'Pressure' of Portraying of Fallen Tejano Music Icon Selena in Netflix Series
"She has always kind of been present. Of course, it has a lot to do with her being robbed from us," Christian Serratos, who portrays Selena in Netflix's 'Selena: The Series,' told Newsweek."
'Never Trumpers' Admit Trump Has Taken Over GOP, But They're Staying To Fight
"I'm a Republican for as long as I'm a Republican and Donald Trump will never represent anything I believe in or stand for as a Republican," former GOP chair Michael Steele told Newsweek. "Because he's not a Republican. He's not a conservative."
'Some Monuments Really Should Be Torn Down,' Says WWII Historian Keith Lowe
"it's not the people of yesteryear who have to live with these statues. Monuments are given pride of place in our public spaces, so we really need to weigh up what's more important to us: the memory of who we once were or the celebration of who we are now."
Love for the Flag Explains the Iwo Jima Memorial's Power—and Whether We Should Topple Other Monuments
On the anniversary of Pearl Harbor, can understanding differing perspectives on the American flag at the Iwo Jima memorial help us understand the legacy of other statues—and whether they should still stand?
Robert Jeffress: Americans need Thanksgiving – founders knew the value of this moment
From the outset, our nation has aspired to be great but it hasn’t ever been perfect. Washington encouraged all Americans to acknowledge this.
How the Biden Administration can Respond to China's Influence in Africa | Opinion
In the long term, Washington would be better served by addressing African priorities than by trying to counter China at every turn.
‘The Queen’s Gambit,’ a period drama that erases sexism from 1960, is the best fantasy show of the year
Historical fiction? Nah.
Biden’s national security rollout doesn’t include a Pentagon pick
Former Obama official Michèle Flournoy, often mentioned as Biden’s most likely choice, said to remain in the running.
Dear Care and Feeding: My Mother-in-Law Is Trying to Steal My Children
Parenting advice on possessive MILs, picky tweens, and home-school fails.
As a fast-paced caper, ‘The Flight Attendant’ soars. As a story about alcoholism, well, there’s turbulence.
Kaley Cuoco shines in HBO Max’s rollicking “The Flight Attendant,” based on Chris Bohjalian’s novel.
Some good news ahead of Thanksgiving
And Joe Biden eyes New Mexico's governor and Obama's surgeon general to lead HHS.
Family Saves Puppy From Seven-Foot Python's Jaws: 'Like Something From a Horror Movie'
The snake was wrapped around the dog's stomach and neck, and latched onto its face.
Kamala Harris Struck the Almost Impossible Balance Between Masculinity and Femininity
Americans demand that all politicians demonstrate competence, and that female politicians also demonstrate warmth. Harris managed both.
Remembering David Dinkins, First Black Mayor of N.Y.C.
Prominent leaders said he was a somewhat reluctant trailblazer who took office at a difficult period of fiscal crisis and racial tension.
It’s Time to Recognize Paul Blart: Mall Cop as an Official Thanksgiving Movie
You may not be able to spend the holiday with family, but you can still spend it with Paul Blart.
As Cases Overwhelm the U.S., Officials Give Up on Contact Tracing
Health officials are acknowledging that contact tracing can no longer be expected to contain the virus’s spread. Here’s the latest.
Burning Tap Water Goes Viral in China After Natural Gas Seepage
Officials in China's northeastern Liaoning Province investigated the phenomenon and discovered a link to a local reservoir of natural gas, state media reported Tuesday.
Driver Crashes Car Into Gate Outside Angela Merkel’s Office
The motive was unclear, but it could be tied to an expected German government extension of a partial lockdown to stem coronavirus infections.
America Never Did a Real Lockdown
And we’re still not.
Duchess of Sussex discusses miscarriage in opinion piece
Meghan, Duchess of Sussex, has revealed she suffered a miscarriage in July 2020 in an opinion piece written for the New York Times. CNN's Max Foster reports.
Meghan Markle Shares Story of Her Miscarriage, Hoping to Break Culture of Silence
“Losing a child means carrying an almost unbearable grief, experienced by many but talked about by few”
Study: D.C. and Arlington among the 10 cities with fastest rent declines during pandemic
TOWN SQUARE | Year-over-year median rent in October decreased 11.6 percent in D.C. and 10.6 percent in Arlington, according to Apartment List.
Cuomo stands up for Trump on media, says news organizations don't show respect
Drugs and ammo seized in Calif., 3 charged in "blow" to major cartel
The DEA agent in charge called the arrests and seizure of $3.5 million in cash "gained through selling death here in our community" a "blow to the Mexican Cartels."
Berlin police: Car with with slogan on side hits chancellery gate
Berlin police say a car crashed into the front gate of the German chancellery building housing Angela Merkel's offices on Wednesday morning but appears to have caused little damage.
Grieving a COVID-19 loss, families prepare for a Thanksgiving without loved ones
More than 250,000 American lives have been claimed by COVID-19. Some families are preparing for a Thanksgiving marred by loss.
Michael Flynn's Crimes Back Under Spotlight Amid Trump Pardon Rumors
Flynn was widely seen as a likely candidate for a presidential pardon during Trump's lame-duck period.
As the waves crash around us, learn from one of the greatest riders on the planet
Nature demands we learn to evaluate risk. Laird Hamilton has devoted a lifetime to it.
Texas Tornado Warnings As Arlington Photos Show Dallas Area Ravaged by Severe Storm
Massive thunderstorms swept across northern Texas, prompting tornado warnings and causing major damage to buildings in Arlington.
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Trump Claims Credit for Dow's Record High, but Investors Hail Smooth Transition, COVID Vaccines
The stock market rally is at odds with claims Trump made during the election campaign that a Biden victory would lead to a crash.
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COVID outbreak kills 27 in Illinois veterans home
Illinois officials have launched investigations into a coronavirus outbreak at a veterans nursing home that has infected nearly 200 residents and staff members, and killed 27 veterans. (Nov. 25)       
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Expanded Access To Voting Yielded Huge Turnout. Will States Take It Away?
Voting experts say it's not easy to remove options once they've been given to voters. But the fraught politics around alleged "fraud" complicate the outlook for coming elections.
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How can you cut back on food waste this Thanksgiving?
Food waste is a major driver of greenhouse gas emissions – and the holidays are one of the most wasteful times of the year. Here's how to cut back.       
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As COVID-19 Vaccine Nears, Employers Consider Making It Mandatory
With promising news out of COVID-19 vaccine trials, the question now is how many people will get the vaccine? And can or will employers require their workers to get vaccinated?
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‘Gilligan’s Island’ star Dawn Wells reveals what she’s grateful for in 2020: ‘This is the country I love’
“Gilligan’s Island” star Dawn Wells has plenty of reasons to be thankful in 2020.
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Comcast Internet data limits spark frustration for Northeast customers
Comcast will charge customers in the Northeast more if they exceed 1.2 terabytes of data in a month.
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Move Fast? Push For A Big Deal? Biden Faces Debate Over More COVID Aid
A question for Joe Biden and his team is whether they should be encouraging Democrats to move quickly, to deliver aid faster, even if that means accepting a smaller deal.
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Everything coming to and leaving Netflix in December 2020
The popular streaming service is looking to close out 2020 in the most festive and joyful way possible, by bringing a slew of holiday content right into people’s living rooms this season. 
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