GE accidentally makes the case for not owning smart GE bulbs

Anyone that’s ever dabbled in smart home tech knows that part of the experience involves an eventual reset. Having trouble with your C by GE bulbs? No worries, just follow these simple instructions as spotted on Twitter by Josh Jordan:

Turn on for 8 seconds Turn off for 2 seconds Turn on for 8 seconds Turn off for 2 seconds Turn on for 8 seconds Turn off for 2 seconds Turn on for 8 seconds Turn off for 2 seconds Turn on for 8 seconds Turn off for 2 seconds Turn on

Did the bulb flash three times? Maybe you mistimed one of the 11 steps. GE recommends counting with “one Mississippi, two Mississippi, three Miss...“

Or maybe you have an older version of the C by GE bulb. You did keep the original packaging for reference? It could be a case of running older firmware on the newer bulbs.

Here, try this instead, and don’t forget those Mississippis:

Turn on for 8 seconds Turn off for 2 seconds Turn on for 2 seconds Power off for 2 seconds Turn on for 2 seconds Power off for 2 seconds Turn on for 2 seconds Power off for 2 seconds Turn on for 8 seconds Power off for 2 seconds Turn on for 8 seconds Power off for 2 seconds Turn on

See, that wasn’t so bad. At least it’s not a Samsung smart TV that requires you to run a virus scan every two weeks.

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U.S. House panel release impeachment depositions of current, former diplomats
The U.S. House of Representatives committees conducting the impeachment inquiry into President Donald Trump on Monday released transcripts from closed-door depositions with State Department Ukraine specialist Catherine Croft and Christopher Anderson, a former specialist on Ukraine at the State Department.
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Ilhan Omar glad ‘Islamophobe’ Pete King is retiring
Rep. Ilhan Omar shed no tears on Monday at the news that longtime Long Island GOP Rep. Peter King would not seek reelection in 2020 — taking to Twitter to crack: “Good riddance.” “Peter King is an Islamophobe who held McCarthyite hearings targeting American Muslims, said ‘there are too many mosques in this country’ and...
5 m
New York Post
Trades of apartment buildings slow as funds fuel trophy sales
New rent regulations are leading owners of apartment buildings to take a “wait-and-see” approach, but there is still wide interest in Manhattan office buildings.
7 m
New York Post
Disney+ Is Finally Opening the Disney Vault. Fans May Not Like Everything They Find Inside.
Disney+ will stream nearly all of Disney’s history, including the racist parts.
8 m
Slate Articles
8chan Is Back as 8kun. Its Racist Users Found New Homes While It Was Offline.
There’s a newer generation of fringe-right internet users who are starting to see the anonymous message boards like 8chan and 4chan as outdated.
8 m
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Lower rents, social media propel openings of new NYC stores
Creative brands are seizing opportunities in repriced storefront spaces. Despite worries of retail doom and gloom, stabilizing rents along the city’s “high street” markets are putting store leases — now with brand-friendly pricing — back in play. According to Cushman & Wakefield, rents dropped in seven of 11 market strips at the end of 2019’s...
9 m
New York Post
Fast food workers fired after one refuses to serve cop
Two North Carolina fast-food workers were fired after one of them refused to take a cop’s food order last week, a report said. A cashier and a manager at a Cook Out restaurant in Roxboro were canned after the cashier allegedly wouldn’t take an order from Kenneth Horton — an army veteran and Roxboro police...
New York Post
The best fleece jackets
From Columbia Sportswear and The North Face to Mountain Hardware and Eddie Bauer, these brands offer some of the best fleece jackets currently available. The styles range from full- and quarter-zip jackets, hard shell options, and some that even use Polartec fleece to stay lightweight without sacrificing warmth.  Here are four of our favorite fleece jackets. When the temperatures start to drop in fall and winter, it's not always practical to wear a large parka or winter coat. Instead, investing in a fleece jacket (or two) is one of the smartest winter purchases you can make. They're suitable for wearing around the house or commuting to work, and are often lightweight enough to layer under larger jackets once it gets frigid. But sifting through what's widely available to find the right fleece jacket is difficult. Though every brand says it offers some variation of warmth, comfort, and versatility, not all jackets are created equal. In other words, don't just grab that first cheap coat you come across online.  To take the guess work out of the shopping process, we've selected four of the best fleece jackets worthy of a spot in your closet. With options from brands like The North Face and Mountain Hardwear, there's a coat fit for any lifestyle. Here are our favorites.  Here are the best fleece jackets you can buy: Columbia Sportwear Granite Mountain The North Face Canyonlands Mountain Hardware Monkey Man Eddie Bauer Cloud Layer Pro Columbia Sportswear Amazon Columbia Sportswear's Granite Mountain fleece jacket might be the most recognizable pick on this list. The jacket features a classic, full-zip "mock-neck" design, the iconic Columbia logo stitched on the left chest, and comfortable polyester fleece both inside and out. It's the perfect layer for around the house or for keeping warm in an always-cold office. The collar even works well to protect your neck from biting cold wind.  The North Face Amazon Sometimes you need your fleece jacket to do a little more than just keep you warm. With The North Face's Canyonlands coat, you also get a polyester stretch fleece jacket that offers a range of movement and a durable exterior, in addition to warmth. This means it's not meant just for wearing around the house but functions as a great fall hiking jacket, too. Amazon even offers it in a wide variety of colors to suit anyone's personal style. Mountain Hardwear Amazon Mountain Hardwear made its name designing and manufacturing some of the most quality outdoors gear on the market, and its Monkey Man fleece jacket is a perfect example of that reputation. Comprised of 96-percent polyester and 4-percent elastane, the jacket's stuffed with 200 grams of Polartec High-Loft synthetic fiber. This allows it to stay lightweight yet still provide incredible warmth. It also features stretch side panels which allow for increased mobility while also wicking moisture. The slim fit also makes it great for layering. See the rest of the story at Business InsiderSee Also:The best casual hoodies for menThe best men's gym shortsThe best electric scooters
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All the new kids' shows you can watch on Disney+ — from ‘Vampirina’ to the new reboot of ‘Star Wars: The Clone Wars’
Disney+ Unsurprisingly, there is a huge amount of children-friendly programming on Disney+ that makes the streaming service worth every penny.  Yearly subscriptions are $69.99/year ($5.83/month) and monthly subscriptions are $6.99/month, or  $83.88/year.  Your kids will be out of your hair as they watch "Mickey Mouse Clubhouse" and "Vampirina," as well as new shows exclusive to Disney+ like "Monsters at Work." Here is the complete list of kid-friendly shows on Disney+.  See more: All the kids' movies you can stream on Disney Plus — from 'Snow White' to 'Frozen' Product Embed: Product Name: Disney+ Monthly Subscription Service Card Type: small Width: 100% Height: 150% Every parent knows that the Disney Channel, Disney Junior, and DisneyXD are the go-to channels when they need to keep their kids entertained. It's a useful parenting tool; flipping on a show is an easy way to keep your child engaged while you take the opportunity to make dinner, pay the bills, or take a much-needed shower. A short show like "Mickey Mouse Clubhouse" or"Jake and the Never Land Pirates" can buy you just enough time. See the rest of the story at Business InsiderSee Also:Every single Star Wars movie will be available on Disney+ — here’s how to watchAll the Marvel movies and shows you can stream on Disney+ — from 'Iron Man' to the new 'Loki'All the Pixar films and shorts you can stream on Disney+ — from 'Toy Story' to 'Inside Out'
Business Insider
Every movie remake and sequel this year so far, ranked by critics
Orion Pictures/MGM 2019 has seen numerous movie remakes, reboots, and sequels premiere at the box office. And while some of these have been hits with audiences, not all of them have gone over as well with critics. Films like "Rambo: Last Blood" and "Men in Black International" weren't well-received critically. But remakes of movies like "Shazam" and even the "Dora and the Lost City of Gold" movie fared decently well with reviewers.  Visit Insider's homepage for more stories.  If remakes, reboots, sequels and new takes on old favorites are ruling the box office, they certainly aren't a surefire hit with critics. Family-friendly fare like "Shazam!" and "Dora and the Lost City of Gold" seemed to fare best among reviewers. "Rambo: Last Blood" brought back Sylvester Stallone for a gore fest that left most critics nauseous — and landed it the distinction of being the worst-reviewed reboot of the year. Here are the best and worst movie remakes and reboots from 2019 so far, ranked by critics. 20. “Rambo: Last Blood” is the fifth and by far worst installment of the Sylvester Stallone franchise. Lionsgate Metacritic Score: 26/100 The titular Vietnam war veteran must come out of retirement and travel to Mexico to rescue his adopted daughter, who has been kidnapped by the cartels. The worst-reviewed reboot of the year was absolutely eviscerated by critics who, ironically, found the movie's gore too gratuitous, with Richard Roeper of the Chicago Sun-Times calling it "mutilation porn." Roeper goes on to say: "This is a gratuitously violent, shamelessly exploitative, gruesomely sadistic, and utterly repellent piece of trash with no redeeming qualities other than its mercifully short running time of less than 90 minutes." 19. The new “Hellboy” went down with critics like a flaming hot mess. Lionsgate Metacritc Score: 31/100 The titular superhero arrives in London in order to battle The Blood Queen, Nimue. The new "Hellboy" is not just one of the worst remakes of the year, according to critics, but one of the worst movies of the year, period.  "How bad can a movie be? Hellboy expands the possibilities. It's brain-numbing and head-splitting," said Joe Morgenstern of The Wall Street Journal. 18. “The Hustle” left critics feeling scammed. Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM Metacritic Score: 35/100 A gender-swapped remake of "Dirty Rotten Scoundrels," Anne Hathaway and Rebel Wilson star as two scam artists who team up to rip off the rotten men who've mistreated them. Critics didn't find much to like at all about this remake. "It's a dud," said Michael Phillips in the Chicago Tribune. "Nothing quite clicks." See the rest of the story at Business InsiderSee Also:7 great movies you can watch on Netflix this weekendHere are all 2019 People's Choice Awards winnersTHEN AND NOW: The cast of 'The Devil Wears Prada' 13 years later
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Homeless man charged in fatal Upper West Side shelter stabbing
A homeless man is facing a murder charge after allegedly stabbing another transient to death inside an Upper West Side shelter, cops said. Robert Caballero, 36, was charged with murder and criminal possession of a weapon after being released from Mount Sinai St. Luke’s Hospital on Monday, according to the NYPD. Caballero is accused of...
New York Post
Deval Patrick, Ex-Governor of Massachusetts, Is Considering White House Bid
Days after Michael Bloomberg began taking steps to enter the 2020 race, Mr. Patrick’s conversations with top Democrats are the latest evidence of an unsettled presidential primary field.
NYT > Home Page
When Couples Can’t Agree on Surveillance in the Home
Are these “innocent” demands for a camera about keeping tabs on their partner?
Slate Articles
Haley: Tillerson & Kelly tried to get me to undermine Pres Trump
CNN's Kaitlan Collins reports.
Longtime Congressman Peter King not seeking reelection in 2020
Fourteen-term New York Republican Representative Peter King won't seek reelection. The 75-year-old joins a growing number of Republicans and a handful of Democrats who plan to leave after next year. CBSN New York's Carolyn Gusoff reports.
CBS News - Breaking News, U.S., World, Business, Entertainment & Video
Accused slashers pause getaway to pay subway fare
They’ll beat a guy — but not a fare. A couple accused of slashing a man during a Greenwich Village fight made sure they paid the subway fare as they made their hasty getaway through the subway, video released by the NYPD Monday shows. The couple — both believed to be in their 30s or...
New York Post
Hoodie gets Quebec politician thrown out of legislature
A Quebec politician was kicked out of the provincial legislature because she wore a hoodie.
Anti-Trump protesters clash with WWII vet at NYC Veterans Day Parade
As President Trump spoke before the parade, protesters outside blew whistles and shouted "Traitor" — and even clashed with a World War II veteran in the parade.
CBS News - Breaking News, U.S., World, Business, Entertainment & Video
Elusive Vietnamese mouse-deer spotted for first time in 30 years
A tiny creature that looks part-deer, part-mouse has been spotted for the first time in nearly three decades in southern Vietnam, researchers announced Monday. Feared-extinct, the silver-backed chevrotain hadn’t been seen since 1990 when a hunter in central Vietnam killed one and donated the specimen to scientists. Photos of the elusive rabbit-sized animal tiptoeing in...
New York Post
In Boston, the first trans hockey team takes the ice
An all-transgender hockey team played a historic scrimmage in Cambridge, Massachusetts, in a matchup that blended pro and amateur players.
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Disney Plus already has nearly 2 million subscribers in the US before launch, according to data firm Jumpshot
Disney/Lucasfilm Disney Plus already has 1.9 million US subscribers ahead of its launch on Tuesday, according to data from analytics company Jumpshot. 34% of those subscribers use at least one other streaming service, according to Jumpshot. Disney has offered multiple deals to entice people to preorder the service. For instance, Verizon is offering a free year to Verizon Wireless Unlimited customers, new Fios Home Internet customers, and new 5G Home Internet customers. Disney did not respond to a request for comment. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. Disney Plus already has a substantial subscriber base ahead of its launch on Tuesday. The streaming service has 1.9 million subscribers in the US from preorders, according to data provided to Business Insider by analytics company Jumpshot. The data is based on desktop and mobile web subscriptions in the US.See the rest of the story at Business InsiderNOW WATCH: Watch the 20 details you may have missed in the new trailer for 'Birds of Prey'See Also:Disney is adamant that audiences don't want more standalone 'Star Wars' movies, but experts disagreeMarvel Studios had plans for a 'Hawkeye' movie before pitching a Disney Plus TV series instead'Frozen 2' is already on pace to smash box-office recordsSEE ALSO: The 11 highest-grossing Disney movies at the global box office of all time
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Ukraine security aid essential to keep Russians in check: Pentagon official
House Democrats on Monday released a transcript of the testimony of a top Defense Department official who stressed the importance of US military aid to Ukraine and detailed the country’s anti-corruption efforts. The testimony came from Laura K. Cooper, the deputy assistant secretary of defense for Russia, Ukraine and Eurasia, who was deposed under oath...
New York Post
Dems to make their case in public hearings this week
CNN's Alex Marquardt reports.
John Mara’s quiet aura speaks louder than any Giants words
The last time the Giants lost with greater frequency than they are doing right now – a six-game losing streak – was back in 2014, when they put the finishing touches on a seven-game skid three days after Thanksgiving. A 21-0 lead in Jacksonville was blown but the Giants reclaimed the lead at 24-22 with...
New York Post
Jessica Alba walked the red carpet in a couture gown that was hand-embellished with pearls and ostrich feathers
Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/Getty Images Jessica Alba attended the Baby2Baby Gala, presented By Paul Mitchell at 3LABS, in Culver City, California, on Saturday. She wore a dazzling Ralph & Russo dress for the event and also carried a feather handbag from Jimmy Choo. Alba's couture gown was originally hand-embellished with white pearls, sequins, and ostrich feathers for Ralph & Russo's Autumn/Winter 2019/2020 collection. Her handbag is also unique, as it's made from real silk and feathers. It retails for $1,695. Visit Insider's homepage for more stories. Jessica Alba dazzled the red carpet at the Baby2Baby Gala in Culver City, California, on Saturday. The actress and businesswoman arrived wearing a sparkling Ralph & Russo dress, which was sleeveless with a V-shaped neckline. It's tiered skirt particularly stood out, as it was ankle-length with semi-sheer panels made from feathers.See the rest of the story at Business InsiderNOW WATCH: A 45-year-long study discovered trends in successful hyper-intelligent childrenSee Also:Kim Kardashian put a daring twist on a '90s trend by wearing leather chaps with a denim corsetThe 2020 Met Gala theme is all about time and women's fashion. Here's what to expect.Kim Kardashian made a big change to her Met Gala dress after Kanye West said it looked too inappropriate to wear in front of her children
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Facebook will now let you turn off notification dots in its mobile app
Photo by Amelia Holowaty Krales / The Verge Facebook is making a wonderful change to its mobile app to ease the pain on our notification-riddled brains: the company is rolling out the ability to turn off notification dots for some icons on the shortcuts bar and will even let you remove some of those shortcuts entirely. The new feature was reported on by TechCrunch. I tested it on iOS, and hiding notification dots is pretty easy to do. Just tap and hold on an icon on the shortcuts bar, and a menu will pop up that gives you the choice to remove that icon from the bar or turn off the attention-grabbing red dots for it: You can also manage what’s on your shortcut bar by tapping the hamburger menu icon > Settings & Privacy > Settings > Shortcuts. I was able to hide the... Continue reading…
The Verge
Keen's is one of New York's oldest steakhouses, but its most famous dish isn't beef
Keen's Chophouse is one of the oldest steakhouses in New York. The restaurant is most famous for a dish of aged lamb, called the Mutton Chop. Keen's serves more than 400 orders of Mutton Chops each week. Visit Insider's homepage for more stories. Following is a full transcript of this video. - Taryn Varricchio: New York is home to plenty of notable steakhouses. But few can say they've served the likes of Teddy Roosevelt, Albert Einstein, and Babe Ruth. This century-old restaurant is full of fresh beef, but its most famous plate isn't steak. People seek it out instead for a dish of aged lamb called the mutton chop. This is Keens Steakhouse, and it's been standing here since 1885. Customer: I brought my nephew, and he had the mutton chop. I said, "It's big, you might wanna share it." He said, "No way." And he devoured it. It was outrageous. See the rest of the story at Business InsiderSee Also:14 of the best things to eat in Houston, according to a localThe US may be obsessed with pumpkin spice, but here's how pumpkin is eaten around the worldYou can make a custom candy bar at Hershey's Chocolate World in Pennsylvania
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Holiday shopping? Protect yourself with this exclusive IdentityForce offer
As tech has gotten more sophisticated, so too have the tactics of hackers. so it’s vital to protect yourself with a service like IdentityForce. You can sign up and save with this exclusive offer.
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Vindman should not fear retaliation over Ukraine testimony: Pentagon's Esper
U.S. Army Lieutenant Colonel Alexander Vindman should not fear retaliation over his testimony to the U.S. Congress in its impeachment inquiry into President Donald Trump, Defense Secretary Mark Esper said on Monday.
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I tried a customized multivitamin subscription that took into consideration my DNA and lifestyle — here's how it works and how I felt after taking it
  Rootine I like Rootine because the company makes vitamins based on your lifestyle and a test of your DNA, they're delivered to your house once a month, and the microbead design allows for optimal delivery of nutrients. Though it's quite expensive (currently $60 for a 30-day supply), Rootine avoids overloading you with megadoses of vitamins and minerals that could be harmful to you. Before taking supplements, it's always a good idea to check with your healthcare professional first to determine if the supplement is right for you. Product Embed: Product Name: Rootine Custom Vitamins Card Type: small Width: 100% Height: 150% I've tried dozens of multivitamins over the years: everything from the cheap generic grocery store brands to expensive options designed to aid in achieving specific health goals. For the most part, I haven't noticed much of a difference when taking the vitamins, though I feel sluggish when I don't take any multivitamin.See the rest of the story at Business InsiderNOW WATCH: Most maps of Louisiana aren't entirely right. Here's what the state really looks like.See Also:All the Pixar films and shorts you can stream on Disney+ — from 'Toy Story' to 'Inside Out'All the new movies you can watch on Disney+ — from the live-action 'Lady and the Tramp' to holiday comedy 'Noelle'All the Marvel movies and shows you can stream on Disney+ — from 'Iron Man' to the new 'Loki'
Business Insider
Pentagon official testifies Trump directed freeze on aid to Ukraine
Asked if the president was authorized to order that type of hold, Laura Cooper said there were concerns that he wasn’t.
NBC News - Breaking News & Top Stories - Latest World, US & Local News
GoPro Hero8 Black vs. DJI Osmo Action: Comparing two of the best action cams
As similar as they are, the GoPro Hero 8 Black and DJI Osmo Action have some key differences that could make either action camera the right choice for you.
Digital Trends | Technology News and Product Reviews
Australia bushfires: New South Wales braces for 'catastrophic' day
Tuesday will see temperatures rise and winds strengthen, threatening areas including Sydney.
BBC News - Home
NY regulators investigating Apple Card after viral complaint of sexism
Customer service reportedly blamed "the algorithm" for discrepancies.
Ars Technica
Southwest Airlines flew jets without full knowledge of their repair histories
Whistleblowers at the Federal Aviation Administration questioned whether Southwest Airlines improperly flew jets without full knowledge of their safety history, according to documents released Monday by a Senate committee.
How to resize an image on your iPhone in 2 different ways
Shutterstock You can resize an image on your iPhone in the Photos app, or by using a third-party app for more editing options.  The Photos app only allows you to resize an image to a few preset dimensions, whereas Image Size lets you resize a picture with custom dimensions.  Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. Your iPhone's camera is a powerful tool with great resolution, multiple photo formats, and even built-in editing tools.  You can use your Photos app to brighten or darken the image, change color saturation, crop the picture, and more. See the rest of the story at Business InsiderNOW WATCH: Watch Google reveal the new Nest Mini, which is an updated Home MiniSee Also:How to update your Steam games manually or automatically, or update to a beta version of a gameHow to log out of a Gmail account on your iPhone by removing the Google account from your deviceHow to add text over an image in Photoshop, and adjust the font or colorSEE ALSO: The best iPhone for every type of person and budget
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Trump expected to delay EU auto tariff decision for 6 more months -Politico
U.S. President Donald Trump is expected to announce this week that he is delaying a decision on whether to slap tariffs on imported European Union autos for another six months, Politico reported on Monday, citing an unnamed person familiar with the decision.
This wild NES mouse will haunt your dreams
Nintendo’s original Entertainment System (NES) is now 34 years old. A millennial, in other words. And since the console debuted in North America in the fall of 1985, its design — the familiar boxy shape; that matte gray, black, and red — has been an inspiration to nerds everywhere. The latest entry into this venerable canon, which includes everything from (fly as hell) Jordans to shelving, is the 8BitDo N30: a 2.4GHz wireless mouse made by the mad scientists over at 8BitDo. You can order one right now for $24.99. 8BitDo is probably best known for its high-end controllers and gaming peripherals. A mouse isn’t totally out of their wheelhouse, though it is a little odd. I mean, look at it. The design is the brainchild of Swedish industrial designer Daniel Jansson, whose original foam model was covered breathlessly by tech blogs way back in 2009. This year, 8BitDo partnered with Jansson to bring it to life. The mouse features a 3D touch panel between the buttons for scrolling, and the D-pad on the side is for navigating websites — page forward and backward the same way you move Mario in Super Mario Bros. What’s more: 8BitDo says that a single AA battery will give you 100-120 hours of use. That should be more than enough time to, I don’t know, go dust off your old NES and finally beat the original Legend of Zelda.
The Verge
Professor suspected in grisly death of former student
A prominent Russian historian and professor is suspected in the death of one of his former students. CNN's Matthew Chance reports. - RSS Channel
College gymnast dies following training accident in Connecticut
Melanie Coleman, 20, of Milford, was practicing on the bars when she suffered a spinal cord injury.
NBC News - Breaking News & Top Stories - Latest World, US & Local News
Nike's FlyEase technology hits the field with Seahawks LB Shaquem Griffin
After developing FlyEase shoes based on Lebron and Jordan models, Nike has adapted its technology for zip-up basketball sneakers to a whole new sport: football. These unique cleats are made for a (so far) one-of-a-kind athlete -- Seattle Seahawks lin...
Engadget | Technology News, Advice and Features
Why Google Assistant Looks Smaller on Your Older Pixel Phone
Pixel 4 users have the least-intrusive version of Google’s digital assistant, but a new redesign to the Google Assistant UI has started appearing on older Pixel devices. Don’t be alarmed by the update, which gives your assistant a more streamlined look by allowing it to dynamically scale its size based on its response…Read more...
Augmented reality startup Magic Leap is raising even more money
AR startup Magic Leap is currently in the process of raising its Series E round of funding, a company spokesperson told Variety. Magic Leap previously raised around $2.6 billion, including $280 million from Japan's NTT Docomo in April. The new funding round is expected to close in the coming months. There is no word yet on which investors, other than J.P. Morgan Chase, are going to be part of the new round. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. Augmented reality startup Magic Leap is raising even more money: The company is currently in the process of raising its Series E round of funding, a company spokesperson told Variety Monday. Magic Leap previously raised around $2.6 billion, including $280 million from NTT Docomo in April. "Magic Leap is in the midst of a significant financing round, which will become our series E when complete," the company's spokesperson said via email. "We have already closed a major portion of this round, some as equity and some as convertible debt that will become equity when the round is complete. The participants in this round include existing investors, new investors, and strategic partners."See the rest of the story at Business InsiderNOW WATCH: People are still debating the pink or grey sneaker, 2 years after it went viral. Here's the real color explained.See Also:Celebrities and influencers are furious at Instagram's experiment with hiding likes, and some are threatening to stop posting on the appHow Logan Paul went from making videos in his backyard to becoming a 24-year-old millionaire and one of the most controversial stars on YouTubeApple reportedly revealed the devices it expects to replace the iPhone during a secret employee meeting in OctoberSEE ALSO: Is your Airbnb host spying on you with a hidden camera? Use this simple trick to find out.
Business Insider
Ken Shamrock has lofty goal for Impact Wrestling return at 55
Professional wrestling has never been this fun for Ken Shamrock. It’s why he’s back and not going anywhere. Fifteen years after his second run as a regular for Total Nonstop Action ended, the former WWE star is beginning what he hopes is an in-ring revival with Impact Wrestling. The 55-year-old Shamrock has said he’s never...
New York Post
Trump can’t sue NY attorney general over tax returns: judge
President Trump cannot sue the New York state attorney general or the state tax commissioner, as part of his lawsuit to block Congressional Democrats from obtaining copies of his state tax returns, a federal judge ruled on Monday. Trump filed the lawsuit against New York AG Letitia James, state Department of Taxation and Finance Commissioner...
New York Post
Microsoft vows to ‘honor’ California’s sweeping privacy law across entire US
Illustration by Alex Castro / The Verge On Monday, Microsoft announced that it would honor the “core rights” provided to Californians through the state’s landmark data privacy law and expand that coverage across the entire United States. In a Monday blog post, Julie Brill, Microsoft’s chief privacy officer, said that the company will extend the main principles of the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) across the US just as it did with Europe’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) last year. The law goes into effect in California on January 1st, 2020. CCPA, which was approved in June 2018, is one of the fiercest and most sweeping data privacy regulations in the US. It’s somewhat similar to GDPR. Under CCPA, companies must disclose to users what personal data of theirs is being collected, whether it is sold and to whom, and allow users to opt out of any sales. Users must also have access to their data and be able to request that a company delete it. “Under CCPA, companies must be transparent about data collection and use, and provide people with the option to prevent their personal information from being sold,” Brill wrote. “Exactly what will be required under CCPA to accomplish these goals is still developing.” “CCPA marks an important step toward providing people with more robust control over their data” Brill continued, saying that Microsoft will closely monitor any changes to how the government asks companies to enforce the new transparency and control requirements under CCPA. CCPA has been the subject of many privacy fights both in the California state legislature and Congress. The Senate and the House of Representatives are in the midst of their own data privacy fight with new bills being proposed every couple weeks. Many Democratic lawmakers argue that any national legislation should leave California as a baseline and extend those protections across the country and add more protections if necessary. Republicans and industry stakeholders disagree and are broadly convinced that CCPA goes too far and any federal law should nullify it and any other state laws in order to stave off a “patchwork” of privacy regulations. “CCPA marks an important step toward providing people with more robust control over their data in the United States,” Brill wrote. “It also shows that we can make progress to strengthen privacy protections in this country at the state level even when Congress can’t or won’t act.”
The Verge
Pentagon official testified US diplomat tried to get Ukrainians to make public statement in order to release aid - RSS Channel
Trump impeachment testimony: Read the transcript of Laura Cooper's deposition
Defense official testified before the House subcommittee in October about aid being sent to Ukraine from the United States.      
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