GM to temporarily lay off 1,200 workers in Canada

General Motors Co said on Wednesday it plans to temporarily lay off about 1,200 workers at its Oshawa assembly plant in Canada, which makes the Chevy Silverado and GMC Sierra pickup trucks.
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From the Bidens to Bolton, Here's What Senators Will Ask in Trump's Impeachment Trial
Democrats and Republicans will submit—unsurprisingly—diametrically opposing questions to Chief Justice John Roberts, with most senators likely already decided what their final vote on removing the president from office will be.
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Indiana boy dies after father's gun discharges during play wrestling, police say
A 4-year-old Indiana died earlier this month when he was struck by a bullet that was fired from his father's gun as the two play-wrestled at their Bloomington home, police said.
List of Wuhan coronavirus cases worldwide
There are more than 80 confirmed cases of Wuhan coronavirus -- but no deaths so far -- in 18 places outside mainland China.
John Roberts, Coronavirus, Mike Pompeo: Your Wednesday Briefing
Here's what you need to know.
Manchester United will ban 'for life' fans found guilty of attacking Woodward's house
Manchester United will ban 'for life' fans found guilty of attacking Ed Woodward's house
Manchester United has vowed to ban "for life" any fans found to have attacked the house of club chief executive Ed Woodward.
Crow: Trump legal team focused on everything but the facts
House impeachment manager Rep. Jason Crow (D-CO) talks with Anderson Cooper about the differences between the case he sees to remove President Donald Trump from office and the one being made by the president's legal team.
'Arrow' Series Finale: How the Ending May Set Up HBO Max's 'Green Lantern' TV Series
"Arrow" ended with a major character finding a glowing green ring, suggesting the Arrowverse is about to get a Green Lantern who could be linked to the HBO Max series.
Factbox: Airlines suspend some flights to China over coronavirus
Major airlines have suspended some flights to China after the coronavirus outbreak began in the central Chinese city of Wuhan. The virus has now killed more than 130 people in China and spread across the world.
50 U.S. troops hurt in Iranian missile attack, Pentagon now says
It was the third time the number of troops who suffered traumatic brain injuries in the attack earlier this month was raised.
My Boyfriend Has Drunkenly Cheated Twice, and Now I Have Chlamydia in My Eye
Should I really believe these were the only times?
Britons returning from Wuhan to be quarantined for 14 days: BBC
British nationals being flown back from the Chinese city of Wuhan will be quarantined for two weeks, the BBC reported on Wednesday.
DiCaprio, Pitt, more pose for Oscar nominee class photo
The 2020 Oscar nominees pose for a class photo at the annual luncheon, ahead of the ceremony on February 10. (Jan. 29)
There’s a Coyote in Central Park. Don’t Panic.
Several sightings could mean more than one animal, but an expert says that "co-existing with coyotes is pretty easy."
CNN granted rare access to Cuban presidential tour
Cuban President Miguel Díaz-Canel invited the foreign press to tour the island with him, becoming the first Cuban leader to do so in decades. CNN's Patrick Oppmann reports from Sancti Spiritus, Cuba.
#BTSxCorden Trends After BTS Performs 'Black Swan' For the First Time on Jame Corden's 'Late Late Show'
The K-pop royals dropped by the late-night show for a chat with James Corden and the first performance of the band's new song "Black Swan."
New Jersey Prisoner Escapes Custody, Arrested After Hiding in Airport Bathroom Ceiling
Man who was trying to flee his trial for alleged drug offenses stopped at Newark Liberty International Airport before attempting to flee again.
Kazakhstan suspends transport links with China over virus
Kazakhstan is suspending all forms of travel to and from neighboring China, the Central Asian nation's government said on Wednesday as an outbreak of a new coronavirus continued to widen.
Airlines Suspend Flights to China Amid Wuhan Coronavirus Outbreak
Several airlines are suspending all flights or cutting service as fears spread because of the virus outbreak
Troy Aikman on what is unfair about Eli Manning Hall of Fame talk
MIAMI — Troy Aikman retired as a three-time Super Bowl champion and somehow became a more criticized quarterback over the next five years. Suddenly, as he was up for Pro Football Hall of Fame selection, his career was reshaped as a zero-time All-Pro with just seven winning seasons out of 12 and a similar number...
'Start Here': McConnell tells senators he can't yet block new witnesses
It's Wednesday, Jan. 29, 2019. Here's what you need to know to start your day.
Kobe Bryant's helicopter was 20 to 30 feet from clearing a hilltop when it crashed
The helicopter carrying basketball superstar Kobe Bryant and eight others crashed into a Calabasas, California, hillside with a "high energy impact," the National Transportation Safety Board said Tuesday.
US military plane sent distress call before crash
Two bodies have been recovered from the US military aircraft that crashed in Afghanistan's Ghazni province, a defense official told CNN, adding that sensitive equipment was also disabled by military personnel that arrived at the site.
Four people from Chinese family infected with coronavirus in UAE: WAM
The United Arab Emirates' health ministry said four members of a Chinese family were infected with coronavirus in the first cases announced in the Gulf state, state news agency WAM said on Wednesday.
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Trump allies target African American voters with new tactic: Cash giveaways
At the first event, organizers lavished praise on the president — as they handed out thousands of dollars to lucky attendees.
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Factbox: Apple, Starbucks warn of hit from virus; firms restrict travel, airlines cancel flights
Apple said it had baked into its outlook uncertainty related to a virus outbreak in China that has killed 132 and infected nearly 6,000. Starbucks warned results would be hit after it shut over half its cafes in the country.
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Donald Trump Is Not a Doctor. But He Plays One on Twitter.
And that’s a prescription for public health confusion.
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WRAPUP 9-Japan, U.S. evacuate citizens from China as virus spreads
The United States and Japan flew citizens out of the Chinese city at the epicentre of a new virus outbreak on Wednesday, as the death toll rose sharply to 132 and the first case appeared in the Middle East.
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Kathryn Murdoch: ‘We’re really excited to back whoever the nominee is’
She opens up about her Fox News-owning in-laws, the existential threat of climate change, why politics is so broken — and why she’s spending $100 million to fix it.
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China police drop case of SARS "rumour-mongering" at start of new crisis
Chinese police at the center of a coronavirus outbreak that has killed 132 people have dropped a case against eight people accused of spreading rumors about deadly SARS, they said on Wednesday, as anger grows about the handling of the new crisis.
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Today on Fox News: Jan. 29, 2020
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Israeli defense minister pushes to extend sovereignty in West Bank
Israel's hawkish defense minister said on Wednesday that U.S. President Donald Trump's Mideast peace plan created a window for applying Israeli sovereignty on nearly a third of the occupied West Bank.
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Poll: Nearly 6 in 10 oppose Trump’s use of executive privilege to muzzle witnesses
The president has said he would try to block John Bolton’s potentially damning testimony in the impeachment trial.
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Viewing for frozen-to-death boy same day father, father's fiancee in court on murder
Thomas Valva died after arriving at a hospital with a body temperature of 76.
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Say hello to invisible Brexit
Brexit arrived with a thunderclap, but it is leaving with a whimper.
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12 questions to expect at Trump’s impeachment trial
All 100 senators will get 16 hours to pose their most pressing questions starting on Wednesday.
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1 Simple Step Could Help Election Security. Governments Aren't Doing It
Local governments could perform a simple upgrade to make it clear to voters that they are reading from a legitimate source. But on the whole, they aren't doing it.
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Democrats are already bracing for a ‘hostile’ Trump transition
They’re not measuring any drapes. But Democrats fear Trump and his aides won’t meet, share documents or otherwise cooperate in a handover of power.
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Meghan Markle ‘never really came to terms with what was expected of the royal family,’ source claims
There are some things Meghan Markle may not miss about life across the pond.
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Impeachment Trial Moves To Question Phase, While Witness Vote Looms
Over the next two days, senators will be able to ask questions of both prosecutors and defense lawyers. As soon as Friday, a much-anticipated vote could happen on bringing in witnesses to the trial.
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Shaq leads crowd in ‘Kobe, Kobe’ chants after emotional tribute
Shaquille O’Neal led the crowd near the Staples Center Tuesday night in a chant for Kobe Bryant hours after he gave a tearful tribute to his longtime Lakers teammate who was killed in a Southern California helicopter crash on Sunday. O’Neal, who was walking out onto the street, quieted the crowd to lead them in...
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Prince Harry, Meghan Markle knew 'fairly early on' royal life 'just wasn’t working out,' Harvey Levin says
Harvey Levin not only has his thumb on the pulse of Hollywood, but the lively lawyer is also plugged into the goings-on within the royal family in a big way.
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Column: Will the 2020 elections be fair and safe from meddling? Fasten your seat belts, it's going to be bumpy
Patt Morrison talks with Richard Hasen, an American legal scholar and expert in legislation, election law and campaign finance.
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What Iowa Looks Like Ahead Of The Caucuses
Democrats have descended on the state in the hopes that they pass muster with Iowans. Hear the voices and see the scene in the days leading up to first contest in the 2020 presidential race.
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Pizza Hut offering cash, Super Bowl tickets to family that gives birth to first twins after kickoff
Expecting twins on Super Bowl Sunday? Better hope they’re born in the first quarter.
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Brightline Nation's Deadliest Railroad After High Number Of Track Deaths
In its first two years, 40 people have been killed on tracks by the passenger line. Florida officials are concerned, but Brightline says suicides and people using drugs make up most of the deaths.
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Trump plan is moment to re-launch Middle East talks for 'viable solution', EU says
U.S. President Donald Trump's proposals to create a Palestinian state for Middle East peace are a chance to re-launch talks toward "a viable solution" for the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, the European Union said in a statement.
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7 things to know before buying a new appliance
Picking out a new kitchen appliance can be intimidating. Here are seven things you need to know before buying that washer, oven, or refrigerator.       
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