Google stored some business passwords as plain text

Facebook isn't the only big tech company found to be storing passwords in plain text. Google has warned G Suite users that an "error" in a password recovery implementation left some of their passwords unhashed on its internal systems since 2005 unti...
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Teen arrested for spray painting graffiti on Plymouth Rock
A 17-year-old boy was arrested for spraying graffiti on Plymouth Rock in a Massachusetts State Park on Presidents Day, authorities said Thursday. The teen used spray paint to tag the historic rock and 10 other sites at Pilgrim Memorial Park, according to the Plymouth Police Department. Chief Michael Botieri said the arrest was made after...
How Americans can prepare for coronavirus if it spreads here
While scientists are working to contain coronavirus and come up with effective treatments, health experts say people can still prepare and guard against infection.
Maitland Ward: Steven Spielberg should ‘be concerned’ about daughter’s adult film career
Steven Spielberg has some reason to be concerned about his daughter’s budding career in the adult entertainment industry, former sitcom actress-turned-porn-star Maitland Ward says. The former “Boy Meets World” star, 43, who swapped acting for adult entertainment, said she thinks it’s “amazing” that Mikaela Spielberg, 23, has decided to pursue an adult entertainment career. Speaking to TMZ, Ward...
Klobuchar defends Dems' quash of 20-week abortion ban
Sen. Amy Klobuchar, D-Minn., defended Democrats' defeat of a bill that would ban all abortions after 20-weeks of pregnancy, saying that she stands behind Roe v. Wade as "the law of the land."
Gwyneth Paltrow reveals her biggest movie 'disaster': 'Shallow Hal'
Goop founder Gwyneth Paltrow reveals her biggest movie regret, playing Rosemary in "Shallow Hal."
Opinion: Chase Young is the perfect NFL draft pick for hometown Washington Redskins
With the Washington Redskins holding the No. 2 pick in the NFL draft, Chase Young is perfectly aligned to head to his hometown team.
Asian markets fall as coronavirus continues to spread
Asia Pacific markets are falling Friday as fears about the novel coronavirus continue to spur a global sell-off.
Lee Phillip Bell, who channeled her journalism into soap operas, dies at 91
She partnered with her husband to create “The Young and the Restless” and “The Bold and the Beautiful.”
Kevin Knox isn’t letting his Knicks frustrations shake him
PHILADELPHIA — Shoulders slumped, head down, Kevin Knox looked upset as he trotted off the court after interim coach Mike Miller yanked him 2:52 into the fourth quarter of the Knicks’ 107-101 loss Wednesday night at Charlotte. The 2018 lottery pick had just committed two straight miscues on drives to the basket. He lost the...
South Korea reports 256 new coronavirus cases, total 2,022: KCDC
South Korea reported 256 new coronavirus cases on Friday, bringing the total number of infected in the country to 2,022, the Korea Centers for Disease and Control and Prevention said.
Swing adjustments by Dodgers' Enrique Hernandez pay off so far this spring
Dodgers utilityman Enrique Hernandez made adjustments to his swing during the offseason that he believes will produce more power.
Facebook canceled a major annual tech conference because of coronavirus. It’s not alone.
Facebook canceled its annual F8 conference in San Jose, California, over coronavirus concerns. | Amy Osborne/AFP via Getty Images Facebook canceled its biggest event, F8, following Mobile World Congress’ cancellation earlier this month. The Covid-19 coronavirus is prompting major tech conferences around the world to cancel their events — so far, at leastthree major ones have been called off entirely, including Facebook’s annual F8 developer conference. It’s an unprecedented disruption to the usual packed lineup of annual tech events every spring. The cancellations of some of the biggest tech events of the year seem to be a sign of what’s to come in other sectors as fears mount that the coronavirus will become a pandemic. The US tech industry shares close ties to China, where the outbreak started, and some in the industry were so concerned about the virus that they took early precautions, like discouraging handshakes and requiring employees who have recently traveled to China to work from home. The tech event cancellations also come at the same time public health leaders are considering how other, larger global events outside of tech, like the Tokyo summer Olympics, should respond if the outbreak continues to spread in the months ahead. Japan’s prime minister recently took the drastic step of closing all of the country’s schools for a month to try to contain the virus’s spread. Covid-19 has taken the lives of 2,810 people as of Thursday and infected over 80,000 people. In the past week, the number of new cases of the virus outside of China, in the US, Italy, Japan, and other countries has been surging. That worries global health experts, who say there’s now less of a chance that it can be contained. On Thursday, Facebook said that due to concerns about the virus, it’s canceling F8 — its biggest event of the year, which last year attracted thousands of attendees from dozens of countries. Instead, it will put on smaller “locally hosted events, videos and live streamed content.” F8 is one of several big tech conferences, including Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, that have been canceled altogether or negatively impacted due to coronavirus. Also on Thursday, Microsoft and Epic Games pulled out of one of the video game industry’s major conferences, Game Developers Conference, in San Francisco on March 16 to 17. Industry leaders are particularly concerned about events in tech’s capital in the San Francisco Bay Area, which has some of the highest travel rates to and from China, when compared to other regions in the US. Earlier this month, Facebook canceled a 5,000-person marketing event in San Francisco scheduled in March due to similar concerns. And on Tuesday, the mayor of San Francisco declared the city to be in a state of emergency, although there are still zero confirmed cases of the novel coronavirus in the city. Concerns are increasing after the Center for Disease Control and Prevention confirmed that a person in Solano County, in Northern California, has been diagnosed with the virus who seemingly had no ties to anyone overseas with the disease, suggesting that the coronavirus may now be spreading in the US, person-to-person. Meanwhile, some other major tech conferences, such as the RSA IT security conference in San Francisco’s Moscone Center, which attracts some 40,000 attendees annually, carried on as planned this week and featured speakers from Facebook, Twitter, and Google. IBM, AT&T Cybersecurity, and Verizon, however, pulled out over coronavirus fears. Organizers reportedly encouraged attendees to knock elbows instead of shake hands and placed ample hand sanitizer stations in the conference halls. Considering Facebook and other major tech companies have canceled or pulled out of conferences — it raises the questions about whether other major conferences will do the same. Google and Apple are also scheduled to have major conferences in the San Francisco Bay Area in May and June, respectively. Google confirmed that it is currently planning to host its I/O conference on May 12 to 14 in Mountain View, and that it’s following World Health Organization and Center for Disease Control and Prevention best practices. Recode is also hosting its annual Code tech conference in May in Los Angeles. The conference is considerably smaller than others that have been canceled, such as Mobile World Congress, which had over a hundred thousand attendees last year. “We are watching this closely to see what happens between now and the end of May. The health and safety of our community is of utmost importance to Recode and Vox Media.” Shannon Thompson, the executive director of conferences for Recode, said. South by Southwest, another conference that attracts many people in the tech industry and that draws over 30,000 people, said it plans to continue with the event on March 13 to 22. A spokesperson sent the following statement to Recode: The SXSW 2020 event is proceeding as planned. Safety is a top priority for SXSW, and we work closely with local, state, and federal agencies year-round to plan for a safe event. Where travel has been impacted, especially in the case of China, we are seeing a handful of cancellations. However, we are on par with years past in regard to registrants who are unable to attend. We are increasing our efforts to prevent the spread of disease per Austin Public Health’s recommendations. We will continue to monitor the situation closely and will provide updates as necessary. Apple did not respond to a request for comment by the time of publication.
'I've seen a forklift go through a guitar case': Musicians share their air-travel horror stories
As summer festival season approaches, musicians share their air-travel horror stories.
Coronavirus’ next victim: The New York state budget 
This week’s stock-market plunge amid mounting fears of a global economic slowdown triggered by the coronavirus couldn’t come at a more crucial time in New York state’s budget-making process. On Albany’s truncated budget calendar, this is the week Gov. Andrew Cuomo and lawmakers are supposed to reach “consensus” on a revenue estimate for the state...
Trump stumbles in first efforts to control virus response as fear spreads and markets fall
By the time President Donald Trump landed from his trip to India early Wednesday morning, he was not happy.
Serial Manhattan subway scammer jailed after 142nd arrest
A serial subway scammer who allegedly tricks tourists into buying worthless MetroCards was sent to jail Thursday — after his 142nd career arrest. Charles Barry had enjoyed a revolving turnstile of justice for most of 2020, thanks to new bail reform laws that mandates zero-bail for most non-violent offenses. He was arrested six times this...
Jets facing daunting task to solve endless pass rusher quest
INDIANAPOLIS — It has been nearly 14 years since the Jets traded John Abraham to the Falcons. Since that three-team deal (which included the Broncos) on March 22, 2006, the Jets have been through four general managers and four head coaches. Through all that time and all that change, they have been unable to find...
Bloomberg pledges to stay in Democratic race 'to the bitter end' even if Sanders gets plurality of delegates
Former New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg has vowed to stay in the 2020 Democratic presidential race until "the bitter end."
'Love is Blind': All your post-finale burning questions for Jessica and Mark, answered
Answers to 22 questions we had for Jessica and Mark after watching the finale for "Love is Blind," Netflix's unusual dating show.
'Love is Blind' couples: Who got married and who broke up on the addictive Netflix show?
Unfortunately, reality dating shows don't always result in a storybook ending. Here's how the "Love is Blind" engaged couples ended up.
Japan schools may be shut longer depending on coronavirus outbreak: health minister
Japan's health minister Katsunobu Kato said on Friday there was a chance schools could be closed longer than one or two weeks, depending on the spread of the coronavirus outbreak.
China wants to get back to normal as coronavirus stabilizes. That could be dangerous
Everyone knows the feeling. It's day six of a two-week course of antibiotics, and you're feeling much better. You're ready for a return to normality, to being able to drink alcohol and eat what you want without worry, to not stressing about taking your pills at the right time.
Black voters may ‘save’ Joe Biden in South Carolina — and then give up on him 
By Saturday night, we will know if South Carolina is the firewall that ex-Vice President Joe Biden and the rest of the Democratic Party establishment needed to prevent Sen. Bernie Sanders’ socialist revolution from consuming the party in an uncontrollable conflagration. Biden needs the Palmetto State to be a firestorm that sucks the oxygen out...
Attack in Syria's Idlib killed 33 Turkish soldiers: Hatay governor
A total of 33 Turkish soldiers died as a result of an air strike carried out by Syrian government forces in Syria's Idlib region, the local governor of the southeastern Turkish province of Hatay said early on Friday, raising an earlier death toll.
Former ESPN reporter Britt McHenry says she will need surgery for brain tumor
Britt McHenry, who worked for ESPN from 2014-17, says "surgery is imminent" after an MRI discovered she has a brain tumor.
Weinstein juror says "nothing simple" about decision
In an exclusive interview with "CBS This Morning" co-host Gayle King, one of the jurors in the Harvey Weinstein trial explained how the group reached their decision.
Lori Loughlin’s college admissions scandal trial date set for October
The trial is expected to be completed before Thanksgiving.
Burnett: What Trump said is not what medical experts are saying
CNN's Erin Burnett explains why President Trump's coronavirus press conference was not calming as the President claimed it was.
CDC director downplays claim that coronavirus spread is inevitable
WASHINGTON — The director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention on Thursday downplayed a fellow CDC official’s warning that spread of the COVID-19 coronavirus in the U.S. is inevitable, saying she misspoke. CDC Director Robert Redfield told Capitol Hill lawmakers Thursday that Dr. Nancy Messonnier’s statement Tuesday belied the fact that risk remains...
Buttigieg still leads Sanders after Iowa caucus recount
The state Democratic Party will certify the results on Saturday.
CNN analyst: Trump has put science to the side
CNN's Brooke Baldwin and Gloria Borger discuss President Trump's decision to appoint Vice President Mike Pence to oversee the US government's response to the novel coronavirus.
Oil and gas industry predicts fracking ban would cost US 7.5 million jobs by 2022
Prominent 2020 Democratic candidates have proposed fracking bans that could trigger a recession and leave millions of Americans without work, a trade association for the oil and gas industry said on Thursday.
Confederate-related paraphernalia must be removed from all Marine installations, commandant orders
The order was one of several initiatives Berger prioritized for "immediate execution" in a memo sent to senior leadership last week.
Queen Elizabeth feels 'sensitivity' toward Prince Harry, royal historian says
Queen Elizabeth's past may have played a role in her being "entirely supportive" of Prince Harry's decision to "step back" as a senior member of the royal family.
When a Pandemic Meets a Personality Cult
The Trump team confirms all of our worst fears.
Mets’ Pete Alonso leaning on Robinson Cano to reach Year 2 goal
PORT ST. LUCIE — Pete Alonso’s greatest trait is his desire to learn. He is gifted with physical tools, but there also is a thirst for knowledge. Asked if he could talk to any hitter in history, the Mets first baseman, who blasted 53 home runs his rookie season, did not hesitate. “Ted Williams would...
Victims of Molson Coors shooting identified as ‘husbands, fathers, friends’
Authorities on Thursday identified the five people allegedly killed by their gun-loving electrician co-worker in the shooting at a Molson Coors plant in Milwaukee. The victims of Wednesday’s shooting — Jesus Valle Jr., 33; Trevor Wetselaar, 33; Dale Hudson, 50; Gennady Levshetz, 51; Dana Walk, 57 — worked as power house operators, machinists and electricians...
Turkey, with more dead troops, says it won't stop Syrian refugees reaching Europe
Turkey, faced with a possible new wave of Syrian migrants and dozens more dead Turkish soldiers in Idlib, will no longer stop Syrian refugees from reaching Europe, a senior Turkish official said as President Tayyip Erdogan chaired an emergency meeting.
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UFC targets Saskatoon, Saskatchewan as location for June event
The UFC is eying a June return to Saskatoon, Canada – its first visit since 2015.       Related StoriesZarah Fairn 'will be ready to take on Amanda Nunes' for title with UFC on ESPN+ 27 winJoseph Benavidez admits it's refreshing that he's not facing Henry Cejudo: 'It would just be a circus'Grant Dawson rips UFC on ESPN+ 27 opponent Darrick Minner: 'He doesn't belong here' 
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Surging Sanders shows few signs of making nice with fellow Democrats
As Bernie Sanders pushes toward a spot atop the Democratic presidential field, he continues to clash with key parts of the Democratic Party.
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Trump’s answer to Bernie’s youth brigade: Don Jr.
A democratic socialist is surging in the 2020 race with the help of college liberals. The Trump team is counting on the president’s son to help energize campus conservatives.
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U.S. says it stands by Turkey after attack on Turkish soldiers in Syria
The United States is very concerned about a reported attack on Turkish soldiers in Syria's Idlib region and it stands by its NATO ally Turkey, the U.S. State Department said on Thursday.
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Police identify victims, shooter in Milwaukee brewery shooting rampage
Police in Milwaukee on Thursday identified the five brewery employees shot and killed by a co-worker who later took his own life in the latest spasm of gun violence plaguing U.S. workplaces and schools.
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Bernie Sanders’ magic math: Double the government, pay with unicorn dust
Bernie Sanders on Monday night released a plan for “how we pay for every program that we have developed.” No one’s surprised that the numbers don’t remotely add up — or even pass the laugh test. The list only covers 10-year costs for seven of his headline items: $16 trillion for the Green New Deal;...
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Salt Bae’s pink veggie burger ‘for ladies’ now free for gents, too
It’s always ladies’ night at Salt Bae’s new burger joint. Last week, the steak-slappin’, salt-scattering meat purveyor sparked outrage with an unusual menu offering a veggie burger with a pink bun that’s “free for ladies!”  Early reactions to the burger, served at Salt Bae’s restaurant near Union Square, were not positive. Some critics cried sexism...
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'Law & Order: SVU' renewed for record 22nd season
NBC is giving three-year renewals to its drama series from veteran producer Dick Wolf, including the perennial “Law & Order: Special Victims Unit.”
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Coca-Cola has decided to expand their drink horizons with sparkling water, so we tried it!
Coca-Cola has taken things to a new height with AHA Sparkling Water, and naturally the USA Today Video team wanted to compare their favorite, LaCroix.       
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Federal judge blocks administration from diverting some funds for border wall
A federal judge in Washington state on Thursday blocked the Trump administration from diverting millions of dollars in funding from a project at a base in the state to border wall construction, delivering a partial blow to President Donald Trump.
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