Google's next-gen Glass eyewear lasts longer and runs on Android

The third generation of Google Glass has arrived for tech-savvy workers. Google has introduced Glass Enterprise Edition 2 eyewear that largely sticks to the familiar formula on the outside, but should be far more powerful both in hardware and softwar...
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Voter Approval of Trump's Handling of Coronavirus Outbreak Dips as President Accused of Downplaying Virus
The net approval figure of the president's handling of the coronavirus outbreak has dropped by 11 points over the past two weeks.
Why Didn’t the Weinstein Jury Believe Annabella Sciorra?
Jury deliberations aren't just about belief.
2028 Los Angeles Olympics add major sponsor
The LA 2028 organizing committee has signed a $400-million deal that will make Delta Airlines the official airline of the 2028 Summer Olympics.
White House scrambles to tamp down fears of coronavirus
President Trump schedules 3:30 p.m. Pacific news conference to counter fears about the coronavirus, accuses Democrats and the media of stoking panic.
As U.S. Preps For Coronavirus, Health Workers Question Safety Measures
The plight of Chinese health care workers contracting the coronavirus has prompted frontline medical staff in the U.S. to wonder if they're protected. Hospitals say they're taking steps to prepare.
'Critical' shooting incident at Molson Coors' Milwaukee facility; 7 people killed: report
Milwaukee police are responding to a "critical incident" at the Molson Coors Brewing Co. facility in Wisconsin after reports of a shooting, authorities said.
White House weighing appointing coronavirus czar, despite denials
White House officials have privately weighed appointing a czar to oversee the administration's response to the growing novel coronavirus outbreak, despite public denials by members of the administration, sources inside the administration and advisers close to the White House say.
In 2009, a jazz guitarist from Maryland died in a plane crash. His music lives on.
Coleman Mellett left behind hours of recordings. A new film recounts how they were saved.
Chirlane McCray says Scott Stringer ‘grandstanding’ over ThriveNYC spending
First Lady Chirlane McCray accused Comptroller Scott Stringer Wednesday of political “grandstanding” by adding her embattled ThriveNYC mental health initiative to his annual “watch list” of city entities with suspect spending. During a studio interview with WPIX-TV, McCray still refused to detail where her $1 billion program’s money is going, even as she insisted Thrive...
Liz Harrington: 2020 Democrats want to deny the unborn a fighting chance at life
Republicans will always be on the side of giving all Americans a fighting chance.
Coronavirus nurse kisses son through window after being apart for 26 days
A Chinese nurse battling the coronavirus epidemic was finally able to kiss her son after nearly a month apart — through a glass window, according to a report. Video shows the touching moment when Chen Ruixue sees her 1-year-old son Monday after 26 days away from each other, Newslfare reported. The mom had been working...
Milwaukee police investigating 'critical incident'
Milwaukee police said they are investigating a "critical incident" in the area near the 4000 block of W. State Street and are asking the public to stay away from the area.
Is the Coronavirus a Pandemic?
It depends who you ask.
Coronavirus spreads faster outside China, stoking global fears
The number of new coronavirus infections inside China - the source of the outbreak - was for the first time overtaken by fresh cases elsewhere on Wednesday, with Italy and Iran emerging as new epicenters of the rapidly spreading illness.
Dunkin' Donuts' latest release is quite simply a bag of bacon
While other fast food chains are rushing to launch meatless and plant-based options, Dunkin' Donuts went in the opposite direction and released the ultimate snack for meat lovers.
Federal court tosses conservatives' First Amendment suit against YouTube
YouTube is not a "state actor" bound by the First Amendment, the court ruled.
iPhone video captures shooter after first shot
Face mask prices surge as coronavirus fears grow
Amazon is cracking down on mask sellers after prices for some products soared into the triple digits.
A 10-year-old boy was accidentally shot by his babysitter while she was taking selfies with a gun, police say
Thinking the weapon was unloaded, the girl started posing and taking pictures with it, police said. That's when the gun went off, hitting the boy in the stomach.
If the Taliban regain power, I could lose everything
Wazhma Frogh writes that as the US nears a deal with the Taliban, she grows increasingly uneasy that Afghanistan will come to resemble the early 1990s, when civil war and extremist forces came to dominate her country's politics and people.
Republicans look to squeeze Dems with vote on Bernie's Cuba comments
House GOP leaders hope to put vulnerable Democrats in a tough spot.
Bloomberg campaign surrogate on his debate performance
A CBS News poll found only 25% of Democratic debate viewers were impressed with Mike Bloomberg's performance, the second-lowest out of any candidate. Karen Weaver, the former mayor of Flint, Michigan, is a surrogate for Bloomberg's campaign and she joined CBSN to discuss is performance.
Gov't announces arrests of members of neo-Nazi group
The arrests come as the bureau has put a spotlight on neo-Nazi groups.
Looking back at Fergie and Diana’s fraught relationship
With the news that Harry and Meghan will attend Princess Beatrice nuptials we look back at his mother Diana's fraught relationship with the mother-of-the-bride Sarah Ferguson.
Michigan governor creates office for mobility initiatives
Girls sentenced to 'juvenile life' for carjacking
Man arrested after $100k worth of games stolen
Head of Omaha PTO facing embezzlement charges
Historic landmark at UA damaged in accident
Rideshare companies offer services for children
Incident at Milwaukee Coors complex
Milwaukee police are investigating a "critical incident" near the Molson Coors complex. Follow here for the latest.
New York’s plastic bag ban starts this week — here’s what you need to know
Here’s why it’s happening — and what shoppers should expect.
Will Joe Burrow be the top pick in the NFL draft despite hand size?
USA TODAY Sports' Jarrett Bell break down the latest from the NFL draft combine.
The Denver Zoo welcomes its first-ever baby rhino after a 'heroic effort' from zoo staff -- and mom
Zoo staff confirmed Tensing the rhino was pregnant in December 2018 after four years and 11 attempts. Rhinos are typically pregnant for 15 to 16 months.
New York needs more surgical masks amid coronavirus outbreak
New York needs more face masks to beat back a potential coronavirus outbreak, city and state officials said Wednesday. “Already our public health officials have distributed 1.5 million masks in the city of New York. That is a very good start but we need more. We have requests out for an additional minimum of 300,000...
North Korea Moves to Defend Against Coronavirus After Disease Spreads Among U.S., South Korean Troops
From endorsing wearing masks to public health announcements and to recommending eating kimchi, North Korea is pushing out an anti-epidemic campaign to prevent the coronavirus from infiltrating its borders.
Why Tuesday is shaping up to be a good day for Bernie Sanders
A look at where the contests stand.
Small plane makes emergency landing on field
Police chief facing termination over Facebook post
PD: Shoes worth thousands stolen from shop
In photos: Bob Iger's career at Disney
Bob Iger, the man who may be the second-most important person in the history of Disney, is stepping down as CEO.
UPDATE 3-Trump campaign says it is suing New York Times over Russia opinion piece
President Donald Trump's re-election campaign said on Wednesday it was filing a libel suit accusing the New York Times of intentionally publishing a false opinion article that suggested Russia and the campaign had an overarching deal in the 2016 U.S. election.
Snoop Dogg tells the women of ‘Red Table Talk’ his apology to Gayle King was ‘authentic’ and ‘sincere’
“I like being an example of wrong to right, because my whole career’s based off of being wrong to right,” the rapper said.
Warren calls on Trump admin to explain why infected Americans allowed to return to U.S.
“The process by which this decision was reportedly made is troubling,” she writes.
Bloomberg targets Trump’s ‘reckless CDC cuts’ in new coronavirus attack ad
The 30-second spot — the latest aired by the former mayor, who has spent hundreds of thousands of dollars of his own money on campaign ads — will run nationally on cable, broadcast and digital platforms.
Jon Bon Jovi: Cover of 'socially conscious' album '2020' was inspired by John F. Kennedy
According to Jon Bon Jovi, President John F. Kennedy inspired the design for the cover of the upcoming Bon Jovi album "2020."
Sisters-of-the-Groom Have No Official Role in Wedding Etiquette. I’m Obsessed With Finding One.
Everyone seems to think we should be “given a job.” But what?
Clammers and environmentalists are at odds