Great white shark horror as image of surfer being stalked by beast in encounter goes viral

A GREAT white shark photo has gone viral after a surfer had a shocking close encounter off the coast of Massachusetts.
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Virginia woman who killed West Virginia man found decapitated gets life in prison
A Virginia woman will spend the rest of her life in prison without the possibility of parole for decapitating her boyfriend in 2018, prosecutors ruled Monday.
Dee Rees on her Sundance return, adapting Joan Didion's 'The Last Thing He Wanted'
Filmmaker Dee Rees adapts Joan Didion's novel with 'The Last Thing He Wanted,' crafting a paranoid political thriller starring Anne Hathaway that interrogates the character's own blind spots and assumptions.
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Coach suspended for praising Hitler's leadership
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PD: Man shoots neighbor during argument over car
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Artist working on mural to honor Kobe, daughter
New Fox News Poll Shows Half of Americans Think Trump Should Be Removed From Office
Fifty percent of Americans surveyed by Fox News said Trump should be removed, with 44 percent responding "no" and 6 percent saying they are still undecided.
The Smithsonian wanted a museum in London. Now it’ll be just a temporary exhibit.
Collaboration with the Victoria and Albert Museum has been steadily downgraded since plans were unveiled in 2015.
Raskin: Giulliani is the house managers 'colorful distraction'
Fatal crash hit Newport Beach hard: 5 other residents, not just Bryants, were victims
Kobe Bryant called Newport Beach his home. He raised his daughters here, was involved in local schools and youth sports and made friends at the neighborhood grocery and Starbucks.
Alien planet is so hot it’s tearing itself apart
Since the first exoplanet was discovered in 1992, nearly 4,000 other planets have been discovered outside the solar system. The newly discovered KELT-9b is unlike any other planet to come before it, however. It’s so hot it’s tearing itself apart. Discovered with NASA’s Spitzer space telescope, KELT-9b has a mass three times that of Jupiter...
Paul Daley vs. Sabah Homasi booked for Bellator 241 in March
A pair of welterweights looking to build on two-fight winning streaks will meet at Bellator 241.       Related StoriesRaymond Daniels only interested in fight with Michael Page if title on the lineJuan Archuleta: Win over Corrales at Bellator 238 made me featherweight tournament alternateScott Coker: Aaron Pico looked great at Bellator 238, but we'll stay cautious with matchmaking
MTA launches anti-hate crime ads to encourage riders to report
The MTA on Monday unveiled a new ad campaign encouraging riders to report hate crimes and other “bias-motivated” threats or graffiti. The announcement — amid a surge in bigoted transit crimes — came on the 75th anniversary of the liberation of the Auschwitz concentration camp and just hours after NYPD arrested a man, for allegedly...
The Trump team’s latest impeachment strategy: Trolling
If you don't have a case to make, at least you can infuriate your opponents.
Wall Street tumbles as virus fuels economic worry
U.S. stocks suffered their worst day in over three months on Monday as China extended the Lunar New Year holiday due to a virus outbreak, fueling worries about the economic impact of containment efforts in the world's second largest economy.
US military plane that crashed in Afghanistan: What we know
An Air Force statement has confirmed that the plane that crashed in Afghanistan Monday was a U.S. Air Force E-11A communications and electronic warfare plane.
Irina Shayk makes rare comments on Bradley Cooper breakup
"Life without B is new ground," Shayk said in a new interview.
FDA to Purell: Stop claiming your hand sanitizers eliminate Ebola, MRSA & flu
The US Food and Drug Administration is giving the maker of Purell products a stern warning: Stop making unproven claims that over-the-counter hand sanitizers help eliminate Ebola, MRSA or the flu.
GOP senator says Romney 'wants to appease the left by calling witnesses' in impeachment trial
Republican Georgia Sen. Kelly Loeffler targeted her colleague GOP Sen. Mitt Romney of Utah on Monday over the issue of witnesses at the Senate impeachment trial.
Find your perfect lipstick in time for Valentine's Day
Red lipstick? For Valentine's Day? Groundbreaking.
El mundo del entretenimiento llora al 'Superhero' Kobe Bryant
El legendario ex jugador de los Lakers de Los Ángeles fue un ganador del Óscar y hasta un superhéroe de Marvel Comics
Republicans call Bolton leak Kavanaugh ‘2.0,’ as publisher denies coordination
Republican defenders of President Trump on Monday likened the 11th-hour revelations that John Bolton's forthcoming book alleges a quid pro quo concerning the matter at the heart of impeachment to the bombshell allegations that surfaced near the end of now-Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh's confirmation proceedings -- as Bolton and his publishers adamantly denied coordinating with the media on the story.
MSNBC’s Chris Matthews suggests Bernie Sanders wouldn’t stop his car to help an injured person
MSNBC’s Chris Matthews was mocked on Monday for suggesting Bernie Sanders wouldn’t help someone injured on the side of the road.
Kobe Bryant changed the game for dads in sports
Kobe made fatherhood look effortlessly cool and infinitely important.
47 cold stunned sea turtles admitted to rehabilitation facility
Pup to compete in Animal Planet's Puppy Bowl XVI
Baby surrendered in fire department's baby box
Kobe's home state reacts to his tragic passing
Couple dies of apparent carbon monoxide poisoning
Scouts creates book to help child trauma victims
Shot dog saved by rescuers along with puppies
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Woman sues water park for alleged electrocution
Opinion: Los Angeles' love affair with Kobe Bryant took time to form
In the end, Kobe Bryant stood alone atop Los Angeles. But it took time, especially after a first decade filled with missteps ranging from personal to criminal.
Why Dave Chappelle wasn’t there to accept his Grammy
Brandi Carlile and Tanya Tucker accepted the award on his behalf.
NFL teams' Twitter accounts hacked ahead of Super Bowl LIV
A number of NFL teams' Twitter accounts have apparently been targeted by hackers, including the accounts for the Kansas City Chiefs and the San Francisco 49ers, who meet in Super Bowl LIV on Sunday.
Letters to the Editor: Kobe Bryant was always striving to become a better human
Kobe Bryant came back from a dark period early in his basketball career to show the world what redemption looked like.
Terry Crews says his wife is the only one 'I have to please' amid backlash over 'AGT' comments
After backlash over comments on Gabrielle Union's "America's Got Talent" exit, Terry Crews says his wife is the only one he needs to keep happy.
The best-dressed celebrities at Sundance Film Festival 2020
From Taylor Swift to Kerry Washington to Gina Rodriguez and more.
“The moral guardrails ... have dropped”: Why anti-Semitism persists
Omar Marques/Getty Images Is anti-Semitism making a comeback? This episode of The Ezra Klein Show zooms in. “The bad days are back,” wrote Batya Ungar-Sargon in the Forward in December. “Orthodox Jews are living through a new age of pogroms. This week, as we celebrated the Festival of Lights, there were no fewer than 10 anti-Semitic attacks in the New York area alone.” Anti-Semitism is occasionally called “the oldest hatred.” It thrums across continents and eras, finding new targets for old prejudices. But where, exactly, does it come from? Why is it such a hardy weed? And why does this era feel so thick with it? Deborah Lipstadt, a professor of modern Jewish history and Holocaust studies at Emory University, is the author of Antisemitism: Here and Now. On this episode of The Ezra Klein Show, we discuss the earliest forms, tropes, and rationales for anti-Semitism and the cultural reasons for their persistence. Lipstadt explains the way right- and left-wing anti-Semitism differ and examines the charges of anti-Semitism levied against some modern politicians, like Donald Trump and Jeremy Corbyn. We talk about anti-Semitism in the age of social media and rising party polarization, and about the convergence and divergence of anti-Semitism and anti-Zionism: What distinguishes a legitimate critique of Israel from an anti-Semitism slur towards it? This episode airs on International Holocaust Remembrance Day. It’s a reminder that the very worst days lie in living memory, in an age more similar to our own than we like to admit. To learn more, here’s a lightly edited transcript of part of my conversation with Lipstadt on The Ezra Klein Show. Ezra Klein Let me start with the basic question. The perception that many have is that anti-Semitism is on the rise in America on the rise globally. Is that true? Deborah Lipstadt I can’t give you a definitive answer. But what I can tell you without doubt is that the anti-Semites feel more emboldened. They feel freer to take violent actions, to draw a swastika on the side of the building, or to knock the hat off of some of a Jewish person walking across the street. The moral guardrails which kept people from saying certain things and doing certain things have dropped down. Ezra Klein Something I’ve wondered about is the role social and international media plays in what seems like an increased prevalence of anti-Semitic sentiment. When there is an attack in New York, I know about it very quickly in California. And I know much more about the debate over anti-Semitism in the UK Labour Party than I probably would have 30 years ago. There is a way in which the globalization and digitization of media makes it easier to see something that perhaps was always there. Deborah Lipstadt I agree the delivery system is much quicker. I think the other thing that’s happened is the concept of “lone wolf” has become an anachronism — it no longer applies. The murderer in Pittsburgh, the murderer in San Diego, and even the murderer in Christchurch, New Zealand, all were citing the same sources and the same modus operandi. They may never even be sitting on the same continent, much less the same room, but they share information and details and approaches. So that’s the other thing that’s happened. Ezra Klein Let’s take a step back. What is anti-Semitism? How do you define it? Deborah Lipstadt I would say that anti-Semitism has a template with three elements: money and finance, intellect used maliciously and nefariously, and having [disproportionate] power in society. That all ties together into a conspiratorial notion of the Jew wanting to do evil — to use their financial ability and their cunning and their power against non-Jewish people. It helps to contrast anti-Semitism with racism. The racist looks upon the person of color as lesser — as not being smart or capable. So the racist is punching down. The anti-Semite, who’s often the same person as the racist, punches up. They look at the Jew as someone to be feared, someone with the ability to do me harm or damage. Ezra Klein How did this worldview take hold? What are the roots of it? Deborah Lipstadt Anti-Semitism is often called the longest or the oldest hatred for very good reason. I find the roots of anti-Semitism in the New Testament depiction of the crucifixion of Jesus. The way it’s told is that the Jews killed Jesus. Now, of course, Jesus was a Jew. But that’s a fact. And remember we’re sending facts aside. The Jews killed Jesus. Why? Because he wanted to change to chase the money changers out of the temple. So they’ve got your finance. Now what did they do? They went to the Romans to say, “Crucify him.” And the Romans didn’t want to do it, but then the Jews pushed and managed to convince Rome, the greatest power in the universe at the time. And they went ahead and did it. There you have the template. Over the millennia, this template was used by church leaders not only to differentiate Judaism from Christianity but to demonize the Jew. That’s where it has its roots, but it migrates. It migrates to Voltaire and Karl Marx and others and eventually to the Nazi party. That same template moves to different areas, to different places, to different outlooks. Today, you have anti-Semitism from the political right and the political left, and they both use the same template: money, power, intellect, cunning. You can listen to the full episode by subscribing to The Ezra Klein Show on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher, or wherever you get your podcasts.
Supreme Court hands Trump administration a win in effort to reshape legal immigration
The Supreme Court Monday in a 5-4 vote cleared the way for the Trump administration to make it more difficult for immigrants who rely on public assistance to obtain legal status.
Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher have Sundance date night
The couple attended the premiere of Kunis’ movie “Four Good Days" and the afterparty.
Lakers-Clippers game still set for Tuesday. Could that change?
The Lakers are scheduled to host the Clippers on Tuesday, but the playing of the game might be in jeopardy.
Can an ailing church attract new congregants without alienating the old?
As a church in Minnesota plans an overhaul, some parishioners feel they are being left behind. Church leaders say they are looking to save the church.
Oh no! Climate change threatens world's wine supply, study says
The world's wine regions could shrink dramatically due to human-caused climate change, a study released Monday suggests.