Grieving owner says puppy died after eating teenager’s Juul vape pod

She said the three-month-old St Bernard had a seizure 20 minutes after finding her son's secret vape stash.
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This Day in History: Jan. 20
8 m
Coco Gauff, 15, Just Beat Venus Williams in the 1st Round Again
It was the most anticipated match of Day 1 at the first major tennis tournament of the decade
9 m
A baby stroller sold at Target and Amazon was recalled because of a possible fall hazard
Baby Trend has recalled four models of their strollers due to the potential for a fall hazard, according to the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission.
South Dakota woman, dog caught in animal trap while hiking: report
A South Dakota woman and her dog were injured after getting snared in a vicious animal trap while hiking in the Black Hills National Forest on Friday, reports say.
Woman struck and killed by 2 cars running across street to get McDonalds for family
A 56-year-old woman who was running across the street to get food for her family has died after being struck and killed by two cars in a tragic accident.
Coldest air of the year brings dangerous wind chills
Winter has arrived for much of the eastern two thirds of the country bringing dangerous wind chills to the Midwest and the coldest air of the season to the Southeast.
Police say 2 dead, possibly 15 injured in Missouri shooting
Police in Kansas City, Missouri, say at least two people are dead and upwards of a dozen people may have been injured in a shooting.
Monte Paschi Offers the Ultimate Comfort Blanket
The troubled Italian bank had no problem getting away a subordinated debt issue. The promise of yet more state aid will have helped.
Coco Gauff defeats Venus Williams at Australian Open
New year, new grand slam, same result.
Coco Gauff defeats Venus Williams at Australian Open as Federer, Osaka and Serena also win
Coco Gauff defeated Venus Williams in the first round of the Australian Open, a rematch of Gauff's grand slam debut at Wimbledon last year.
SAG Awards 2020: Stars offer 4 easy tips on how to foster safety, inclusion in Hollywood
Stars offered tips at the Screen Actors Guild Awards for how to foster inclusion – and safety from harassment – in their industry.
Nadal se entrenó a un día de su debut en el Abierto de Australia
El entrenamiento no estuvo falto de intensidad y se alargó hasta la hora y media de duración
1 h
President Trump made 16,241 false or misleading claims in his first three years
The president said twice as many false or misleading claims in 2019 as he did in 2017 and 2018 combined.
1 h
Free tuition at California public colleges helped the state prosper. There's no reason it can't again
Full-time community college students are excused from paying course fees of $46 per unit. Let them have two more years free if they transfer to a CSU.
1 h
Five recipes for a Chinese new year feast
Celebrate China’s lunar new year with classic and updated dishes, including dongpo pork, stir-fried okra and braised fish with chilliesThe diversity of Chinese cuisines is extraordinary but one food ritual unites Han Chinese communities all over the country and the world: the lunar New Year’s Eve dinner. (This year’s Chinese new year is on 25 January.) It’s the time when families traditionally gather for a lavish feast, prefaced by ritual offerings to gods and ancestors, and followed at midnight by a storm of firecrackers.There are few rules for this “family reunion” (tuannian) meal except that there should be extraordinary amounts of food, particularly fish, meat and poultry (dayu darou: “great fish and great meat”). In the countryside, many households still fatten a pig as the holiday approaches, eating the prime cuts over the festivities, then making bacon, sausages or confit pork to eke out over the months ahead. The other essential is a fish, served whole and never quite finished, because the phrase “a fish every year” (niannian youyu) sounds the same in Chinese as “every year a surplus”. Continue reading...
1 h
Why do so many US workers fall to their deaths?
There were 5,250 fatal work injuries in the US in 2018, with falls a leading cause of death – and cuts in government oversight may lead to moreRobert Fitch had worked for the same grain milling company for 30 years when he fell from a belt-operated manlift.His brother, who also worked for the same company, in Lincoln, Nebraska, tried to revive him but Robert was fatally injured by the 80ft fall. Continue reading...
1 h
How to be a good listener: my mission to learn the most important skill of all
The author Kate Murphy thinks our inability to listen properly to other people is leaving us all feeling isolated. In a world of smartphones and busy schedules, can we re-engage?I was very suspicious about this assignment. Kate Murphy’s new book, You’re Not Listening, suggests that many of us – absorbed in our own thoughts and dreams, occupying our little digital bubbles – have lost the ability to listen, creating an epidemic of loneliness and isolation. The thesis seems inherently plausible – but why me? Are you trying to tell me something about my inability, or perhaps unwillingness, to listen?As my editor started telling me how I might approach this piece, I began – much to the amusement of our colleagues – interrupting her. OK, maybe I do have a little problem shutting up for a few minutes to listen; a tendency to anticipate what the other person is going to say and reply before they have even had the chance to express it the way they want to. “Bad listeners are not necessarily bad people,” Murphy says in her book, but being unable or unwilling to listen is not an attractive characteristic. It’s time for a spot of re-education. Let’s hope that after a life of lecturing rather than listening, it’s not too late. Continue reading...
1 h
Martin Luther King Jr. Day 2020: 6 Quotes to Honor Civil Rights Activist
Decades after his death, King's words still inspire generations of people.
1 h
Rhode Island man accidentally shot himself in the scrotum while in bed: cops
A Rhode Island man accidentally shot himself in the scrotum while sitting on his bed, police said.
1 h
Lotte Group founder Shin Kyuk-ho dies at 98
Lotte Group founder Shin Kyuk-ho, the billionaire tycoon who turned a chewing gum business into a sprawling corporate empire, died on Sunday in Seoul. He was 98.
1 h
Chiefs vs. 49ers: ¿Cuándo y a qué hora se juega el Super Bowl?
Los Chiefs de Kansas City enfrentarán a los 49ers de San Francisco en el Super Bowl el 2 de febrero
1 h
What the China Trade Deal Means for U.S. Oil Producers
It’s good news that the world’s biggest energy importer has agreed to buy more American oil and gas. It’s a shame it’s not right next door.
1 h
Watch live: Third all-female spacewalk
NASA is in the process of replacing aging solar array batteries with more powerful lithium-ion replacements
1 h
Super Bowl 2020: Chiefs, 49ers will seek to end long title droughts
Kansas City hasn't won a title since 1969. The 49ers got their last crown in 1994. CBSSports breaks down what each will have to come out on top.
1 h
At least 2 dead, 15 injured in Kansas City shooting
At least two people are dead and 15 people have been injured in a shooting in Kansas City, according to the Kansas City Police.
1 h
Today's 'Blue Monday' depression peak isn't real, but seasonal blues are. Here's what to do about them
Today is Blue Monday, which is rumored to be the most depressing day of the year. But is it? Research hasn't proved that there is any one day more depressing than all the others. It's a PR stunt that has cemented itself into modern culture.
1 h
Remonta Santos en casa (Video)
La Fiera se había ido al frente al minuto 9 por conducto del chileno Jean Meneses
1 h
Daniel Bennett, brother of former Rep. Katie Hill, found dead in Los Angeles
The younger brother of former Democratic Rep. Katie Hill has been found dead in his Southern California home. Katie Hill — who resigned from Congress last year — remembered her brother Daniel Brett Bennett on Sunday as a young man with “so much promise.” “Yesterday my brother Danny – a young man who overcame so...
1 h
For Clues About Palladium, Look to… North Macedonia?
Data from the Balkans give a pretty good proxy for the way this precious metal and its sister platinum are being used. 
1 h
Opinión: Doné mi riñón a un extraño, y muchos más deberían hacerlo
Si usted está sano, el riesgo de donar un riñón es mínimo. Pero el beneficio para el receptor es tremendo
1 h
2 Honolulu police officers were shot and killed when they answered a call for help. Then the house they responded to went up in flames
Two Honolulu police officers were shot and killed when they responded to a call for help Sunday in Waikiki. Following the shooting, a fire broke out at the home the officers had been called to. Three people, including the suspect, remain unaccounted in the fire.
1 h
Horror in Waikiki: 2 police officers killed, 7 houses burn
1 h
South Africa v England: third Test, day five – live!
Live updates from St George’s Park, 8am (GMT) start Mark Wood happy with his bowling but concerned about weatherFeel free to email Simon or tweet @Simon_Burnton 7.36am GMT Sky’s broadcast commences, with confirmation that it is, for now, cloudy, breezy and dry. Then Nasser Hussain lays into South Africa’s lamentable performance against England’s spin yesterday. 7.23am GMT Weather update: it looks like we should have a dry morning, at the very least, but would be lucky to have an entirely dry day. Continue reading...
1 h
Off-duty police officer being driven by intoxicated woman dies in highway crash
An off-duty police officer was killed as he sat in the passenger seat of a vehicle driven by an intoxicated woman who slammed into back of a box truck.
1 h
El caos reina en las cortes de inmigración en Estados Unidos
Envueltas en secretismo, las cortes migratorias que gestiona el Departamento de Justicia de Estados Unidos son disfuncionales desde hace años, y solo han empeorado
2 h
19 nurses of a Nebraska hospital unit gave birth to 19 babies in 2019. The group picture was adorable
There's a lot that happened for one Nebraska hospital unit in 2019 -- 19 nurses gave birth to 19 healthy babies.
2 h
China confirms spread of new virus as cases surge
An outbreak of a new coronavirus in China has spread to more cities, Chinese authorities said on Monday, as the number of patients tripled and a third person died, stoking concerns about containment of the illness.
2 h
Steve Hilton calls impeachment 'an insult' to Americans
On "The Next Revolution" Sunday, host Steve Hilton touted President Trump's recent victories over the Washington establishment, slamming the Democrats impeachment push and praising the president for his accomplishments.
2 h
Large migrant caravan prepares to enter Mexico from Guatemala
A large caravan of Central Americans was preparing to cross the Guatemalan border into Mexico on Monday, posing a potential challenge to the Mexican government's pledge to help the United States contain mass movements of migrants.
2 h
Australian wildfires prompt $11G fine for tossing lit cigarette from vehicle
The penalty took effect on Friday in New South Wales, according to a press release from the local government. It comes as devastating wildfires continue to severely impact the region, which has been arguably the hardest-hit part of the country.
2 h
Elderly couple die on same day after spending 65 years together
An elderly couple who had been together for nearly 65 years died on the same day earlier this month while living together in a nursing home. The couple, Jack and Harriet Morrison, pushed their beds together so they could hold hands in the St. Louis-area nursing home where they each died on Jan. 11, the...
2 h
Coco Gauff fends off Venus Williams at Australian Open
MELBOURNE, Australia — Everyone had the same question when the Australian Open draw was revealed: What were the odds that Coco Gauff and Venus Williams would face each other again in the first round at a Grand Slam tournament? “I was a bit shocked,” Gauff said, “I’m sure everyone was a bit shocked.” Gauff, 15,...
2 h
'Mientras unas leían la Biblia, violaban a las de enfrente, niñas desde 6 años a 8-9 años'
Legionarios de Cristo se ven en un nuevo escándalo de abusos
2 h
Major blizzard buries cars, homes in more than 12 inches of snow in Newfoundland: report
Canada’s easternmost province was buried under 30 inches of snow Friday – a record for the most snow in 24 hours – as residents of the provincial capital of St. Johns struggled to clear snow drifts of 12 to 15 feet high left in the wake of the storm, a published report said.
2 h
The End of Libor Is a $12 Trillion Headache for Loan Bankers
The whole financial world is working to move away from Libor and other interbank lending benchmarks, which for decades have been used to set borrowing costs on bonds and loans, as well as products ranging from derivatives to credit cards. Since 2018, more than $150 billion worth of bonds have been sold using rates set by a new generation of benchmarks. The syndicated loan market is lagging far behind, with at least $12 trillion of deals needing to be replaced or rewritten so they follow a Libor
2 h
I suppressed the pain of my mother's death for decades. Then I found a way to grieve
My mother died when I was seven and I thought sadness was just a part of me. But music offered the perfect releaseI lost my mum to cancer when I was seven. My parents were already divorced and I was living with my mother in Cambridgeshire. When she died, I moved up to Scotland to my dad’s, leaving behind a whole world. But I never properly grieved.Before Mum died, I remember my childhood idyllically. It was a rural upbringing filled with dogs, the outdoors, protection and love. I had many enthusiastic interests, from pirate ships and trains, to Lego and the guitar. I was popular at school and quite daring once I got over my initial shyness. Continue reading...
2 h
Should we buy a home in London or save for one in the north?
We’re priced out of much of the capital and are planning to move nearer family in the two yearsQ My fiance and I are looking to buy our first home. We are in our early to mid-30s and currently live in London. However, we are looking to move back up north in the next two years mainly to be nearer family and have a better chance at getting on the property ladder.Due to an inheritance we are incredibly lucky to be able to put down a deposit of £100,000. But because our combined income is just short of £60,000 we are still priced out of a lot of Lewisham which is where we are currently based. Continue reading...
2 h
I got more than £600 in parking fines from using Zipcar Flex
The car-sharing company insisted I was liable and the rules were clear on its app I’m contacting you about Zipcar, the car-sharing company. Its Flex service lets you share cars by picking up and dropping them off in allocated zones (for which users are charged by the minute). After using the service for about four months I received an email for a parking fine, backdated three months.This was the first, but not the last. Since then I’ve received six more, all up to a maximum £130, totalling more than £600. Continue reading...
2 h