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NJ man tried to kidnap nurse at her home day after she treated him: cops
A New Jersey man tried to kidnap a nurse at her home one day after she cared for him as a patient at a hospital, police said. Leonardo Larrarte, of Lakewood, is facing charges in the violent attack on the nurse who fended him off Friday with a knife at her home in Howell Township,...
Taylor Swift hypes ‘Killing Eve’ cover of her song — but who is Jack Leopards?
Twitter conspiracy theorists think it's an attempt to outsmart Scooter Braun.
Cheyenne Jackson has undergone 5 hair transplant surgeries
The "American Horror Story" shared his big secret.
The storms they weathered: Memorial Day reflections on service and sacrifice
The spirit of Memorial Day for me now is one of reflection; to consider the service men and women I knew, men and women I’ll never know — and the very human relationship to weather and war.
Nats’ Howie Kendrick reflects on his postseason home runs, takes a dig at the Astros
Kendrick joined a Zoom call with Ryan Zimmerman and several other teammates after the Nats unveiled the design of their World Series rings.
Dutch government finds second mink-to-human coronavirus transmission
The Dutch agriculture ministry on Monday said it had found what it believes to be a second case of a human becoming infected with the new coronavirus after coming in contact with a mink that had the virus. In a letter to parliament, minister Carola Schouten repeated that the country’s National Institute for Health believes...
Joe Scarborough Murder Conspiracy Theory Explained—Why Trump is Calling For an Investigation
Trump has tweeted several times in recent weeks about the theory that Scarborough was involved in the 2001 death of Lori Klausutis.
Trump Threatens to Pull RNC 2020 From North Carolina Unless Gov. Roy Cooper Allows Full Attendance
"This is not something I want to do," President Donald Trump said of the threat.
The little green pea reigns supreme in these springtime recipes
Fresh or frozen, peas belong everywhere in spring.
Joe Maddon is 66 and Dave Roberts had cancer. Is it safe for them to manage now?
People older than 65 or with health conditions are at higher risk from coronavirus. Dodgers manager Dave Roberts and Angels manager Joe Maddon have concerns.
Trump Threatens to Move GOP Convention From North Carolina Over Coronavirus Restrictions
Trump called on Gov. Roy Cooper to give an immediate answer on whether Republicans will be able to fill the convention center to capacity in late August.
What Is the Difference Between Memorial Day and Veterans Day?
The two holidays might seem similar, but there's actually a key distinction that separates them from each other.
A Met Curator Explains Why You Need to See Art in Person
Plus, do curators have to love the art they're spotlighting?
AOC gets tested for coronavirus antibodies in Queens district
Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez was tested for coronavirus antibodies over the holiday weekend at one of the newly-launched testing sites in her home district of Queens.
Emmys buzz surrounds Mark Ruffalo for ‘I Know This Much is True’
Ruffalo plays two roles (twins), one battling serious mental-health issues.
Venus Williams launches sunscreen for all skin tones
She hopes to put an end to a common problem with zinc-based SPFs: that cakey, chalky residue.
As workers return to jobs, "stakes have never been higher"
Managers may be used to decisions that determine the life or death of a company. But the life or death of an employee?
17-year-old boy becomes Georgia’s youngest coronavirus victim
A 17-year-old boy has become the youngest to die of coronavirus in Georgia, officials have revealed. The unidentified teen was listed Sunday as part of the Georgia Emergency Management Agency’s latest statistics showing 43,321 confirmed cases and 1,827 deaths in the Peach State. The teen boy was from Fulton County and had pre-existing conditions. A...
20 ways to have a fun summer even if you're sticking close to home
Many of us are sticking closer to home this summer, and many big activities have been curtailed or canceled. But summer fun hasn't been canceled, and there are so many ways to have a blast in the sun.
Opinion: Sports leagues should ignore President Trump — we can't have fans in stands yet
NCAA, NBA, MLB and NFL are considering how to return to play, but having spectators shouldn't be a consideration, no matter what Donald Trump says.
Rituals at Arlington National Cemetery during coronavirus
Some longstanding rituals at Arlington National Cemetery have been changed to ensure safety and maintain social distancing during the coronavirus pandemic. CNN's Barbara Starr reports.
Orphaned baby deer bottle-fed by sheriff's deputy finds new home
An Oregon sheriff's deputy bottle-fed a fawn that was left on its own for several days.
Mike Pence touts 'real progress' as coronavirus deaths continue to fall across country
Vice President Mike Pence said on Monday that since the American people heeded government official orders to social distance, there has been a decline in hospitalizations, new cases across the country, and fatalities.
Regulator bungled Facebook privacy probe, Austrian activist says
Max Schrems blasted Ireland’s handling of data protection complaints.
Pressure to Choose Sides Between U.S. and China is Growing, Says EU's Top Diplomat
"If the 21st century turns out to be an Asian century, as the 20th was an American one, the pandemic may well be remembered as the turning point of this process," EU chief Josep Borrell said.
President Trump Books Back-to-Back Memorial Day Appearances Despite Pandemic
He is expected to lay a wreath at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier in Virginia and speak at a historic fort in Maryland
'The Lovebirds' needs more shot-by-shot commentary from Issa Rae and Kumail Nanjiani
"The Lovebirds" couldn't be any cuter, unless you count the stars breaking down one of their scenes.
'The Lovebirds' needs more shot-by-shot commentary from Issa Rae and Kumail Nanjiani
"The Lovebirds" couldn't be any cuter, unless you count the stars breaking down one of their scenes.
EU must present united front to shield pandemic-hit banks: regulator
European countries need to join forces to shield their banks from the coronavirus outbreak, one of the bloc's top regulators said on Monday, potentially using a 500 billion euro ($545 billion) EU recovery fund to do so.
For Brad Keselowski at Coca-Cola 600, something good happened after midnight
A late-race spin scuttled Chase Elliott’s shot at victory in the longest race in NASCAR history.
Heather Dubrow is ‘obsessed’ with this ‘ridiculous, impractical’ accessory
Ever wonder what your favorite celebrities buy when they’re browsing their favorite boutique or shopping online late at night? Welcome to Six Picks, where we ask stars to spill their style and beauty must-haves — so you can shop like you’re famous, too. Heather Dubrow may be known as “Fancy Pants,” but she’s committed to...
Here’s how you can commemorate Memorial Day online
The COVID-19 pandemic has forced cemeteries and other organizations to modify how to commemorate those in uniform who gave their lives for their country during Memorial Day. For example, Arlington National Cemetery in Arlington, Virginia, is closed to the public — with the exception of family members who have loved ones buried there. And although...
Coronavirus Pandemic: Live World News Updates
Americans took a varied approach to the holiday weekend, with crowded pool parties in some places and shuttered beaches in others. The U.S. banned travelers from Brazil, and India restored domestic flights.
Happy Memorial Day
And some signs that the U.S. economy is creeping back to life.
Trump warns he may move Republican convention site from NC
U.S. President Donald Trump warned on Monday that he may move the Republican National Convention from North Carolina set for August if the event faces state social distancing restrictions as a result of the coronavirus.
Japan's Shinzo Abe Lifts Coronavirus State Of Emergency As Critics Swarm
Even though Japan has not seen the same devastating numbers as some others, its prime minister is still grappling with dissatisfaction at home over what critics call a botched response.
Trump threatens to pull Republican convention out of North Carolina
President Donald Trump began a solemn Memorial Day railing against North Carolina Gov. Roy Cooper, a Democrat, ahead of the 2020 Republican National Convention, threatening to pull it out of Charlotte, where the convention is expected to be held August 24 to 27.
No way to control crowding at parties in Lake of Ozarks: mayor
Mobs of partiers who flocked to poolside bars at the Lake of the Ozarks in Missouri over Memorial Day weekend can’t be controlled — despite social distancing guidelines, a local mayor said. John Olivarri, mayor of Osage Beach, spoke out about the viral videos that have emerged showing over-the-top crowds at bars and restaurants at...
Nearly two-thirds favor voting by mail, but wide partisan divide: poll
As President Trump continues his full-court press this holiday weekend against states moving to expand voting by mail, a new national poll indicates that by a more than two-to-one margin Americans favor allowing balloting through the mail in November’s general election due to health concerns amid the coronavirus pandemic.
Hospitals flush with cash got billions in coronavirus bailouts
The feds have given more than $5 billion in grants to 20 big hospital chains that already had more than $108 billion in cash.
Trump threatens to pull RNC from North Carolina
President Donald Trump threatened to pull the Republican National Convention out of Charlotte, North Carolina, after the state's Democratic governor expressed concerns about large crowds.
Dakota Johnson: Grandma Tippi Hedren still has ‘psycho’ tigers after bloody attacks
Her mom, Melanie Griffith, needed reconstructive surgery after being attacked by a big cat as a teen.
South Carolina block party shooting leaves two dead, including teen, five others wounded, police say
A South Carolina teenager was among two killed when gunfire erupted late Saturday at a block party that drew about a thousand people despite the government’s warnings against large gatherings during the coronavirus pandemic, investigators said.
Who is Peter Manfredonia? Manhunt Across Three States For Student Suspected of Double Homicide
An armed and dangerous student is still at large after leaving a suspected trail of murder, robbery, abduction and car theft in his wake.
Kim Kardashian, Kanye West celebrate 6th wedding anniversary amid feud rumors
"6 years down; forever to go," she wrote online.
Ian Schrager: Times Square Edition was a hit, even though it’s closing
The Studio 54 says his Times Square Edition hotel was a major hit, even though it’s closing just a year after its ballyhooed opening.
Elizabeth Ames: Coronavirus 'new normal' – Don't believe all the predictions. Here's why
It is said that the coronavirus will alter not just our habits, but also our politics.
Jeanie Buss reveals dreams about Kobe Bryant that let her know 'he's OK'
Lakers co-owner and governor Jeanie Buss talks about Kobe Bryant's death and how her father's influence continues to help her through stressful times.