Have robots roll your joints and infuse your budder this High Stoner Holiday

Ugh, when did getting stoned become so much work? Back in my day, there was one kind of weed: whatever strain your dealer had in stock. And there were only three ways to enjoy it: through a perforated apple, rolled up in a crude approximation of a jo...
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Philip Rivers’ Chargers future is getting really complicated
Eli Manning is on the bench with the Giants. Ben Roethlisberger has been out most of the season in Pittsburgh with an elbow injury. And Philip Rivers only looks like he should be joining his fellow 2004 first-round draft picks on the sidelines. The Chargers will soon be facing the decision the Giants did this...
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New York Post
How Elise Stefanik became an overnight conservative hero
Elise Stefanik isn't the most likely hero of the Trump era.
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7-Eleven now offers voice ordering through Alexa and Google Home
For the days that leaving your house to get snacks and supplies is just too unfathomable, there's 7-Eleven delivery. Now, for the days when looking at a screen is equally as taxing, there's 7-Eleven voice ordering.
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Engadget | Technology News, Advice and Features
Mina Chang, senior State Department official, resigns over claims she embellished resumé
A senior State Department official has resigned amid reports that she embellished her resumé with bogus academic accomplishments and created a fake Time magazine cover with her face on it. Mina Chang, 35, the former deputy assistant secretary in the State Department’s Bureau of Conflict and Stability Operations, listed a nonexistent degree from the University...
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New York Post
Cash-strapped Tori Spelling poses with a wad of $100 bills at Barneys
Money woes can't stop this couple.
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New York Post
Tiny Goggles Turn Nintendo's R.O.B. Accessory Into the Worst Smartphone-Controlled Personal Assistant
To help sell people on its new console after the 1983 video game crash, Nintendo branded the NES as a complete “Entertainment System”, which included a robotic accessory that could play along with gamers. Thirty years later, some hackers at Croxel have found a clever way to revive that long-forgotten accessory.Read more...
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Gizmodo - We come from the future.
I took a class at Google on how to get the best search results, and I learned 5 tricks everyone should know (GOOG, GOOGL)
Shutterstock Some lesser-known tips for getting the best Google search results include paying attention to the order of the words in your search query, using suggested links that show up underneath results to save time, and using the minus symbol to exclude certain words from your results. Daniel M. Russell, Google's senior research scientist for search quality and user happiness, recently shared such tricks during a class at the company's New York City campus. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories.  It was nearly 10 a.m. on a Friday morning, and class was about to begin. I logged into the laptop sitting on the desk in front of me, opened a web browser, and prepared to get started on my first assignment: performing a Google search to find out when the Californian city of Santa Clara was founded. The class discussion that followed focused not only on the answers my classmates and I found, but the steps we took to get there. That's because I was taking a class at Grow with Google, the learning center next to the search giant's main campus in New York City that offers free classes, workshops, and one-on-one coaching sessions.  This particular session focused on how to get the most out of Google's search engine, and it was led by Daniel M. Russell, Google's senior research scientist for search quality and user happiness who has been with the company for 14 years. Even if you consider yourself a Google expert and use the search engine daily, there are probably a couple of tweaks you can make to improve the quality of your search results. Here are five tricks I learned from taking Google's class and speaking with Russell beforehand. Pay attention to the order of the words in your query. Shutterstock Getting an ideal result from Google's search engine isn't just about finding the right search terms. It's important to put them in the correct order too. Russell pointed to two specific examples to underscore the important role word order can play when conducting a search. A search for "sky blue" will yield different results than "blue sky," for instance, since one term refers to a specific shade of the color blue and the other describes the color of the sky. The same could be said for the search terms "dog chow" and "chow dog;" one refers to pet food while the other is the name of a breed of dog.  Of course, there will always be exceptions to the rule. Searching for something like "iPhone 11 cases" will probably turn up similar results as "cases iPhone 11." But if you're not finding the results you're looking for, it's worth considering whether the words are written in the correct order.  Use the minus sign (-) to exclude certain words from your search results. Associated Press Use the minus symbol to better refine your search by excluding words that aren't relevant. For example, if you're performing a search to learn more about penguins (the animal), and want to filter out results pertaining to the hockey team, try searching for something like "penguin -Pittsburgh -hockey." Use the suggested links that appear under some search results to save time. Business Insider/Lisa Eadicicco If you're looking for a specific piece of information about a broad topic, try clicking on the links that appear under the main search result. These links typically appear under Wikipedia search results, and they can bring you directly to a section of the page that includes the information you're looking for. In the example above, you'll notice there are links that bring you directly to the sections of the Wikipedia page for Thanksgiving that cover the history of the holiday. It's a small tip, but one that can help you find what you're looking for a little bit faster.  See the rest of the story at Business InsiderSee Also:The life and career of John Legere, the unconventional T-Mobile CEO who just announced he's stepping down next yearI've been playing games on Google's ambitious new Netflix-like game service for the last week, and it's clear the service isn't ready for primetimeAn artist pranked people by leaving life-sized Airpods stickers on the ground all over San FranciscoSEE ALSO: After more than 2 months with the Apple Card, I've never felt more attached to my iPhone
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Business Insider
Protesters and police locked in tense standoff at Hong Kong university
A standoff between pro-democracy protesters and police in Hong Kong is underway at a university. CBS News Asia correspondent Ramy Inocencio joined "CBSN AM" from outside the school.
CBS News - Breaking News, U.S., World, Business, Entertainment & Video
A $840 million kit deal could make Manchester City the Premier League's most profitable football club for the first time in history
Getty/Matt McNulty Manchester City could become the Premier League's most profitable club for the first time ever next year, courtesy of a new $840 million kit deal with Puma. The 10-year deal, which was signed in February, will see City's profits soar to a club record of $725 million for 2020, according to The Mail. That figure would see it draw level with Manchester United's projected figures, which are expected to fall from last year's $734 million following a disappointing past 18 months. Both City and United are likely to remain behind Real Madrid, FC Barcelona, and Bayern Munich in Deloitte's annual Football Money League, however. Read more of our soccer stories here. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. Manchester City could become the Premier League's most profitable club for the first time ever next year, courtesy of a new $840 million kit deal with Puma. City was outside of the world's top 20 clubs in terms of annual revenue in 2008, the year in which Sheikh Mansour and the Abu Dhabi United Group took over the club, according to Deloitte's Football Money League.See the rest of the story at Business InsiderNOW WATCH: 5 things about the NFL that football fans may not knowSee Also:A 19-year-old scores so many goals he's starting to sleep with his winning footballs, calls them his 'girlfriends,' and says Manchester United links are 'boring as f---'An Irish footballer scored a phenomenal 75-yard goal from his own half of the pitch, and it was longer than the furthest field goal in NFL historyReal Madrid is reportedly considering spending more than half a billion dollars to snatch PSG's 20-year-old French forward Kylian Mbappe away from BarcelonaSEE ALSO: The 12 richest billionaire Premier League club owners, and how they made their fortune
Business Insider
Caroline Spiegel, the sister of Snap CEO Evan Spiegel, is taking on sites like PornHub with the launch of her new audio porn site
Bridget Badore Snap CEO Evan Spiegel has a sister named Caroline who is also in the tech industry. Caroline Spiegel launched a startup earlier this year called Quinn, a "much less gross, more fun PornHub for women," she told TechCrunch in March. However, Quinn has since rebranded after discovering that more than just women were enjoying the site's audio and written porn, but "they just hadn't felt they could ask for it." Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. There's a new startup that's entered the $30 billion sex-tech industry, and the last name of its founder isn't entirely unfamiliar to Silicon Valley. Caroline Spiegel is the younger sister of Snap CEO Evan Spiegel. It was first reported in March that Caroline Spiegel, as a 22-year-old Stanford University senior studying computer science, was launching a website home to free audio- and text-based porn, and devoid of visual content. See the rest of the story at Business InsiderNOW WATCH: Watch Elon Musk unveil his latest plan for conquering MarsSee Also:Snap CEO Evan Spiegel says that Snapchat fact-checks political ads: 'We don't allow things like misinformation to appear in that advertising'The US cities with the most million-dollar homes are all major tech hubs, and it points to a darker side effect of the rise of big techTikTok chief says political content is allowed on the viral video app as long as it's 'creative and joyful'SEE ALSO: It's a difficult time for the 857 people in the US named Elizabeth Holmes who weren't the creators of Theranos
Business Insider
17 relationship facts everybody should know before getting married
DreamWorks Relationships are complicated, and every relationship is different. That said, scientists have identified some predictors of success in relationships that are important to consider before getting married. For example, getting excited for each other's news is a good thing and moving in to "test" the relationship usually isn't. Visit for more stories. Thinking about popping the question? Before you do, consider the large and growing body of scientific research on relationships: what strengthens and weakens them and what predicts long-term success versus dissolution. Below, we've put together a list of 17 nontrivial facts about relationships to consider before you hire a wedding planner. This is an update of an article originally posted by Drake Baer.If you wait until you're 23 to commit, you're less likely to get divorced. Getty Images A 2014 University of North Carolina at Greensboro study found that American women who cohabitate or get married at age 18 have a 60% divorce rate, but women who wait until 23 to make either of those commitments have a divorce rate around 30%. "The longer couples waited to make that first serious commitment [cohabitation or marriage], the better their chances for marital success," The Atlantic reported. The 'in love' phase lasts about a year. Klaus Vedfelt/Getty The honeymoon phase doesn't go on forever. According to a 2005 study by the University of Pavia in Italy, it lasts about a year. After that, levels of a chemical called "nerve growth factor," which is associated with intense romantic feelings, start to fall. Helen Fisher, a psychologist and relationship expert, told Business Insider that it's unclear when exactly the "in love" feeling starts to fade, but it does so "for good evolutionary reasons," she said, because "it's very metabolically expensive to spend an awful lot of time focusing on just one person in that high-anxiety state." Two people can be compatible — or incompatible — on multiple levels. 'The Break-up'/Universal Studios Back in the 1950s and '60s, Canadian psychologist Eric Berne introduced a three-tiered model for understanding a person's identity. He found that each of us have three "ego states" operating at once: The parent: What you've been taught The child: What you have felt The adult: What you have learned When you're in a relationship, you relate to your partner on each of those levels: The parent: Do you have similar values and beliefs about the world? The child: Do you have fun together? Can you be spontaneous? Do you think your partner's hot? Do you like to travel together? The adult: Does each person think the other is bright? Are you good at solving problems together? While having symmetry across all three is ideal, people often get together to "balance each other." For instance, one may be nurturing and the other playful. See the rest of the story at Business InsiderSee Also:10 fears you need to let go of to move forward in your lifeTwo students were killed in a school shooting in Los Angeles on Thursday — here are 5 countries that have taken radical steps to eliminate firearm deathsVirtual kitchens are poised to disrupt the restaurant industry — and VCs say it's a smart investmentSEE ALSO: Whether you're single or married, these are 11 facts about flirting that everyone should know
Business Insider
Lena Waithe on "Queen & Slim," rural Colorado town tries to attract teachers
Watch Part 4 of "CBS This Morning": In our School Matters series, we're taking a look at the crisis in the country’s rural classrooms due to a shortage of teachers. Also, Lena Waithe, the first black woman to win an Emmy Award for comedy writing, shares about her latest project, "Queen & Slim."
CBS News - Breaking News, U.S., World, Business, Entertainment & Video
Jewish gravestones used as cobblestones to be returned to Old Jewish Cemetery
Pieces of Jewish gravestones unearthed during excavation work in Prague will be returned to the Czech capital’s Old Jewish Cemetery. The agreement was reached between the city and its Jewish community after the fragments were discovered in some of Prague’s pedestrian zones, according to BBC News. The pieces, removed from a 19th-century Jewish cemetery, were...
New York Post
Amazon’s latest Fire TV accessory is an IR blaster that lets your Echo control your TV
Amazon’s new Fire TV Blaster. | Image: Amazon Amazon has announced a new Fire TV accessory called the Fire TV Blaster. It’s a $34.99 IR blaster that’s designed to let you control hardware like your TV set or cable box using Alexa in concert with your existing Fire TV setup. The added IR blaster allows you even greater control over your TV setup through Alexa, allowing you to switch inputs and control things like power, volume, and playback through Echo voice controls. The $35 accessory gives Amazon’s other Fire TV hardware the similar TV-controlling functionality that Amazon’s IR-blaster-equipped Fire TV Cube already offers but at a lower price (and without requiring customers to redo their entire setup). Amazon already offers an IR-enabled Alexa Voice Remote with its newer... Continue reading…
The Verge
Pop-up shelters that can be assembled in 20 minutes without tools could help address California's mounting homelessness crisis
Pallet A Washington-based company called Pallet makes pop-up homeless shelters that can be assembled in 20 minutes without any tools. Pallet recently assembled two of these shelters outside Sacramento City Hall to demonstrate the concept. From 2017 to 2019, the number of homeless residents in Sacramento County rose by nearly 20%. The city's mayor is pushing to have 150 of the pop-up shelters built before winter. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. Sacramento City Hall witnessed a demonstration on November 13, but it wasn't a protest. For about 20 minutes, workers assembled two pop-up homeless shelters on the sidewalk outside the building without using any tools. Their goal was to demonstrate a potential solution to Sacramento's mounting homelessness crisis.See the rest of the story at Business InsiderNOW WATCH: One man is trying to end homelessness in Los Angeles by building tiny housesSee Also:34 of the most dangerous things science has strongly linked to cancerThis is how the world's 5 youngest billionaires spend their time and moneyA Silicon Valley startup is offering $10,000 to workers who volunteer to leave the Bay Area
Business Insider
White House releases physician's memo of Trump's unannounced hospital visit
The White House released a memo from President Donald Trump's physician on the state of the 73-year-old's health after Saturday's visit to Walter Reed Medical Center.
ABC News: Top Stories
White House official criticizes Trump call, decries 'cowardly' attacks
A White House official testified in the impeachment inquiry against President Donald Trump on Tuesday that the president's phone call urging Ukraine's leader to investigate Trump's political rivals was improper and blasted what he called "cowardly" attacks on witnesses in the investigation.
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Kelly Clarkson’s talk show renewed for second season
NBCUniversal has renewed the “The Kelly Clarkson Show” through the 2020-2021 season, extending Clarkson’s daytime run.
New York Post
Facebook launched a meme-making app called Whale. Here's why you haven't heard of it.
Facebook's new app Whale lets you "make your own memes" with "pro tools." So why haven't you heard about it? Well, the company apparently doesn't want everyone to know about it just yet. According to a report by The Information, Facebook's NPE (New Product Experimentation) group launched the app, and it's currently only available on the Canadian App Store.  The official description says the Whale app is free to use with "no hidden subscription pricing," and it allows users to create memes with their own images or pictures from the app's stock photo library. Once you choose a photo, you can then add text, and various effects, emoji, stickers and other meme-related shenanigans. When you're done, you can save your freshly created memes to the camera roll, and/or share them to social media and message threads directly from the app.  Read more...More about Facebook, Memes, Tech, and Big Tech Companies
Lake District under pressure to ban 4x4s from farm tracks
Unesco advisers highly critical after national park authority opts to allow off-roadingPressure is mounting on the Lake District national park to reconsider its decision to allow off-road cars and motorbikes on farm tracks which campaigners say is devastating the tranquillity of the area.England’s largest national park has received a highly critical letter from advisers to Unesco, which granted it world heritage status in 2017 after a 20-year campaign. Continue reading...
US news | The Guardian
Prison guard expected to surrender to face charges related to Jeffrey Epstein's death
At least one guard on duty the night Jeffrey Epstein died in prison is expected to self-surrender Tuesday at federal court in Manhattan to face charges that are expected to include falsifying records, according to a source familiar with the case. - RSS Channel
Jeffrey Epstein: two New York prison guards arrested
Duo responsible for guarding Epstein taken into custodyGhislaine Maxwell: socialite at center of Epstein controversyTwo New York correctional officers responsible for guarding Jeffrey Epstein the night he killed himself have been arrested, it was reported on Tuesday. Related: New Epstein accuser sues estate and calls on Prince Andrew to share information Continue reading...
US news | The Guardian
Verizon expands 5G to 'parts of' Boston, Houston and Sioux Falls
Verizon (Engadget's parent company) is continuing its ever-so-gradual 5G rollout in three cities. The ultra wideband wireless is now live in "parts of" Boston, Houston, and Sioux Falls -- notably, the carrier's 5G deployments in each state. As usua...
Engadget | Technology News, Advice and Features
Cook up a storm with these top cookbooks on sale
TL;DR: Top cookbooks are on sale on Amazon, saving you up to 70% on list price. There is going to be a lot of eating taking place over the festive period, and probably a lot of cooking, too.  Whether or not you are planning on getting your hands dirty in the kitchen, you should consider investing in a top cookbook on Amazon, because you can now save up to 70% on a wide range of books for every wannabe chef. SEE ALSO: Black Friday and Cyber Monday 2019: When is it and what are the best deals in the UK? You could buy yourself a book for some inspiration, or pick up something as a gift for a loved one. Either way you should end up eating something tasty, and that's great news for hungry shoppers everywhere. Read more...More about Cookbook, Kitchen, Mashable Shopping, Shopping Uk, and Uk Deals
Federal prison guards in custody in connection with Jeffrey Epstein death
The guards are accused of failing to conduct regular checks on Epstein, who hanged himself with a bedsheet in prison.      
USATODAY - News Top Stories
AirPod wearers trolled by fakes they keep trying to pick up
Pablo Rochat designed and printed realistic two-dimensional stickers that look like AirPods and watched to see if unsuspecting people picked them up.
New York Post
Fossil hunter finds 185M year-old ‘golden snitch’ with ancient sea creature inside
Quidditch ball shaped fossils are just some of the many discoveries that have been made by amateur archaeologist Aaron Smith.
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Former hedge fund trader gets 40 months in prison for tricking investors by overvaluing assets
Reuters Jeremy Shor, a former trader at shuttered hedge fund Premium Point Investments, was sentenced to 40 months in prison on Monday, Bloomberg reported.  Shor was convicted in July for conspiring with the fund's co-founder to inflate the value of the firm's assets in order to win over new investors and keep existing clients.  Premium Point co-founder Anilesh "Neil" Ahuja — who was also found guilty in July — is scheduled for sentencing next week, according to Bloomberg.  Visit the Business Insider homepage for more stories. A former hedge fund trader was sentenced to spend 40 months in prison for working with the firm's co-founder to trick investors by overvaluing assets.  Jeremy Shor, a previous employee of shuttered fund Premium Point Investments, was given the sentence by U.S. District Judge Katherine Polk Failla on Monday, Bloomberg reported. See the rest of the story at Business InsiderNOW WATCH: A big-money investor in juggernauts like Facebook and Netflix breaks down the '3rd wave' firms that are leading the next round of tech disruptionSee Also:Trump reportedly shelved a ban on flavored e-cigarettes to avoid angering votersTrump hails 'cash' coming from US aid package to farmers caught in the China trade war's crosshairsState-owned oil giant Saudi Aramco is worth up to $1.7 trillion in a new IPO range, setting the stage for the world's largest public listing
Business Insider
A Canadian podcast reveals everything wrong with the Trump administration's migrant baby adoption policy
The US government detained more than 69,000 migrant children last year in the course of its brutal family separation policy. There's no guarantee these kids will ever be reunited with their parents; in fact, some of them have already been put up for "adoption" (read: legalized kidnapping) after their parents were deported. Many of these adoption agencies are of course Christian organizations, who genuinely believe themselves to be acting from a compassionate, altruistic pro-life perspective. This is not breaking news; nor is it necessarily unique to the Trump administration. But I was reminded of it as I scrolled through Twitter over the weekend: ICYMI: Some asylum seekers who have given birth in custody were forced to hand over their newborns to the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services. We were unable to verify what happens to the children of women who lack access to legal help. — Rewire.News (@Rewire_News) November 15, 2019 And for whatever reason, this reminder flagged another connection in the mind: the second season of the "Missing and Murdered" podcast, produced by CBC, the Canadian public broadcasting service. Also known as "Finding Cleo," the 10-episode second season follows host Connie Walker as she tries to track down the truth about a deceased Cree girl named Cleo. According to Cleo's sister, Christine, all of the siblings in their family were forcefully taken from their First Nations home by Canadian child protective services. Somehow, Cleo ended up being adopted by a white Christian family in the United States until she was allegedly raped and murdered. Read the rest
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Clumio raises $135 million for cloud data backup and recovery tools
Data backup and recovery software-as-a-service (SaaS) provider Clumio raised $135 million in a series C fundraising round.
VentureBeat | Tech News That Matters
Should You Grow Your Family Through Foster Care Adoption?
For many parents, deciding if, when or how to grow your family can be difficult. And when other factors—such as infertility or the heightened needs of your other children—come into play, the decision-making can be that much harder. Here’s this week’s Parental Advisory question:Read more...
World's Top-Selling Language App Babbel Is Offering 25 Percent Off Subscriptions
Grab a special deal on the world's top-selling language service.
Entrepreneur - Start, run and grow your business.
10 signs an employee is in the wrong role and could be on the verge of quitting
Kiichiro Sato/AP Images In order to retain employees, the single most important thing to do is to make sure they are in the right roles for who they are. When an employee isn't working enough or seems disengaged, the issue isn't always a matter of that person's ability — sometimes, it's a matter of fit. If you, as an employer, have had a sneaking feeling for a while that something just isn't working, it may be time to move your employee into a better-suited role for them. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. Hiring the right talent and helping those people thrive in their positions is one of the biggest challenges any leader, CEO, or founder has, especially since job hopping has become the norm. You not only need to find incredibly smart people, you also need to make sure they stick around, rather than jump to the next best thing around the corner.  The single most important key to this is to make sure that your people are in the right roles for who they are. Often, performance issues are misdiagnosed. If you have someone on your team who's not working enough, who isn't performing the way that they should, or who seems bored and disengaged, the issue isn't always a matter of that person's ability. Sometimes, it's a matter of fit. If a job isn't aligned with someone's strengths, values, and personality, it's pretty impossible for them to succeed.  How can you tell whether your employees are in the right roles? It's often incredibly subtle, so you need to pay attention. For starters, look for these 10 signs Hero Images/Getty Images They are often bored or disengaged, and you regularly get the sense that their head isn't in the game.  They just can't master the tasks they're assigned, despite a lot of feedback as to how to do them better or differently. They often don't share their ideas with you or other colleagues. Or, when they do, what they have to offer feels completely off base and unhelpful.  They seem to be struggling with confidence. They rarely participate in group discussions or share their perspective with others.  You can visibly notice that they get frustrated easily.  What is needed for them to perform does not seem to be aligned with their personality or strengths.  You've had a sneaking feeling for a while that something just isn't working.  They communicate that they don't feel valued, despite feeling that you've done everything you can to make them feel valued.  Despite efforts to provide feedback, coaching, and support, their performance doesn't shift.   They've approached you saying that they aren't happy with the work they're doing or that they would like a different role.  If you see several of these signs in one of your employees, it's time to make a change Getty Images Navigating transitions are always difficult, but know that you can start the conversation with empathy and compassion.  When you realize that someone on your team isn't in the right role, ask them to tell you more about who they are, what they're best at, and what they ultimately want out of their career. It could be that there is another place in the business that they could contribute to that would be a better fit for both of you.  Or, if not, then knowing that they aren't right for your company is a great thing. It won't only be good for your business, it'll ultimately be a positive shift for that person's career. After all, no one wants — or can succeed at — a job that isn't the right fit for them. See Also:The most successful kids have parents who do these 9 things, according to science10 fears you need to let go of to move forward in your lifeAdam Grant says that focusing on kindness rather than achievements can lead to more caring and successful childrenSEE ALSO: Ask a 20-something: What do I say to a young 'arrogant' employee demanding a promotion?
Business Insider
Sweden drops investigation into alleged Julian Assange rape
Sweden dropped a preliminary investigation Tuesday into an alleged rape by WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange. Deputy Chief Prosecutor Eva-Marie Persson made the announcement as she gave an update on the Swedish case, saying the rape investigation has been discontinued. “I want to inform about my decision to discontinue the preliminary investigation,” Persson told a news...
New York Post
Man confesses in court to killing girlfriend’s husband with ax
A Michigan man confessed in court to butchering his girlfriend’s husband with an ax – but insisted he at first only meant to frighten his romantic rival with the weapon, according to reports. Jacob Ficher, of Lansing, testified Monday that Ammar Al-Yasari “needed to be scared” for physically, emotionally and sexually abusing his wife, Bdour...
New York Post
Rural Colorado town tries innovative ways to attract teachers
In our School Matters series, we're taking a look at the crisis in the country’s rural classrooms due to a shortage of teachers. About one in five U.S. students attend rural schools, but those communities struggle to recruit and retain teachers. Jericka Duncan traveled to a small town in Colorado to see how they're tackling the problem.
CBS News - Breaking News, U.S., World, Business, Entertainment & Video
Sex scandal damages UK royal family's standing: Brexit Party's Farage
A sex scandal surrounding Prince Andrew has damaged the standing of Britain's royal family, Brexit Party leader Nigel Farage said on Tuesday.
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Samsung update brings Watch Active2 features to earlier Watch models
Thinking about upgrading your Samsung Galaxy Watch to a Galaxy Watch Active2? You might want to hold off for now, as Samsung is rolling out an update that'll bring enhanced features to earlier-generation watches. This means that the Galaxy Watch and...
Engadget | Technology News, Advice and Features
How to make sure your AirPods update to the latest firmware version, and check which version is installed
Crystal Cox/Business Insider You can't update your AirPods manually, but you can ensure that the AirPods are ready to update when Apple releases new firmware. Your AirPods will update automatically when they're in their charging case, the case is charging, and it's near your iPhone.  You can check your AirPods' current firmware version in the iPhone's "About" page, in the Settings app. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. In an effort to make owning and maintaining your AirPods feel effortless, Apple doesn't make you update your AirPods manually. In fact, there's no way to update them manually at all. Instead, when updates are available, they're installed automatically.See the rest of the story at Business InsiderNOW WATCH: Inside the US government's top-secret bioweapons labSee Also:How to turn off notifications on Windows 10 for individual programs, or all at onceHow to find your Apple Watch's serial number using your Apple Watch or iPhoneHow to use private browsing on your iPhone, and turn it off when you're done browsingSEE ALSO: The best iPhone accessories from cases to lightning cables
Business Insider
Prince Andrew’s private secretary possibly pushed for ill-fated BBC interview: report
Sarah Ferguson believes the “buck stops” with her ex-husband Prince Andrew’s private secretary — who should have steered him away from his “car crash” of an interview with the BBC, friends of the duchess said in a new report. Ferguson, 60 — who had just returned from a trip overseas — was shocked to learn...
New York Post
Halle Berry injured in fight scene for MMA movie ‘Bruised’
Berry is directing the film and starring in it as a disgraced MMA fighter who reunites with her son.
New York Post
Bolivia suffers lack of food and fuel; Amazon deforestation rate hits record high
Supporters of former Bolivian President Evo Morales have been cutting off some supply routes to protest Morales' ouster after he was accused of electoral fraud. Also, deforestation rates in Brazil's Amazon rainforest have hit their highest level since 2008, and a woman in Australia rescued a singed koala that had been desperately trying to find its way out of a wildfire. CBS News' Rylee Carlson joined "CBSN AM" to discuss.
CBS News - Breaking News, U.S., World, Business, Entertainment & Video
American and Australian hostages released by Taliban after 3 years
The Taliban said it has freed two hostages who had been held captive by the terrorist group for more than three years. American Kevin King and Australian Timothy Weeks, who are professors lecturing at the American University of Afghanistan, were reportedly released to American forces in exchange for three senior insurgent leaders. CBS News State Department and foreign affairs reporter Christina Ruffini joined "CBSN AM" to discuss.
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Markelle Fultz is fine.
Markelle Fultz is turning into a perfectly OK basketball player in Orlando. The guard has put together some impressive games for the Orlando Magic. Markelle Fultz is finally just a normal NBA player. The former No. 1 pick became one the most scrutinized young players of all-time with the Philadelphia 76ers after a shoulder injury sparked conspiracy theories over what was really ailing him for two straight seasons. Some questioned whether he’d ever play again, and labeled him as one of the biggest busts in basketball history. Now healthy enough to play, Fultz has become an NBA starter for the Orlando Magic, and a perfectly fine one at that. It took just five games for Fultz to win the starting guard role over D.J. Augustin, and it’s easy to see why. Fultz remains a shaky shooter, but his speed, length, and agility allows him to glide through the lane, grab rebounds, and kick out to teammates. Through 13 games, he’s averaging 11 points, three assists and two rebounds on league average efficiency with a 55.5 percent true shooting percentage. He isn’t a superstar, but he is a worthy rotation player and solid enough to be a starter. Fultz just played his best game against the Washington Wizards on Sunday night, scoring 19 points on 8-of-10 shooting. He even sunk 2-of-3 three-point shots. The Magic continue to have a project on their hands, but Fultz just may be worth the risk. ✨ @MarkelleF's career-high 19 PTS (8-10 FGM) sparks the @OrlandoMagic W vs. Washington! #MagicAboveAll— NBA (@NBA) November 18, 2019 Fultz is finding a role that works for him Every No. 1 pick is expected to become a franchise cornerstone like Kyrie Irving, Anthony Davis, or Karl-Anthony Towns. For now at least, that’s not Fultz’s trajectory, and that’s OK. Instead, Fultz is a quality scoring guard who can facilitate when needed. Fultz is proving to be great at getting to the rim and even better at finishing once he gets there. Per basketball-reference, 32 percent of his field goal attempts have come within three-feet, and he’s making those shots at a 75 percent clip. That’s remarkable efficiency at the rim for any player, but especially for a guard. Just look at how easily he pulls this off: Markelle Fultz is in attack mode #MagicAboveAll— NBA TV (@NBATV) November 16, 2019 Fultz’s shot chart shows how good he is at not only getting to the rim, but finishing shots through defenders. Fultz is also contributing as a passer. He has a 21.6 percent assist rate — not amazing, but still respectable, amounting to just under five assists per 36 minutes. He has a 2.7 steal rate on the defensive end, and stole the ball to seal Orlando’s win against Washington. Fultz does one thing really well (finishing at the rim) and a couple things well enough. However, the familiar hole in his game still remains. Fultz’s jump shot isn’t good, but there’s reason to believe it might improve Fultz was sold as an elite shooter before he was drafted No. 1 overall even though that probably was never the case, even before his shoulder injury. In 25 games at the University of Washington, Fultz shot 41 percent from three-point range, which is great. And he did it on 126 attempts, which is no small sample size. But Fultz shot really poorly from the free-throw line, making just 109 of 168 tries (65 percent.) That’s a big red flag that tells us that Fultz’s hot shooting likely wasn’t sustainable against NBA defenses, yet everyone expected Fultz to grow into a Dame Lillard-like shooter. That isn’t and likely won’t never be the case. Fultz’s shot is changed since shoulder rehab, looking a bit shot put like and flat at times. But it works for him, and after two strenuous years, his comfort level is what’s most important. So far, Fultz is shooting way more threes than he ever did in Philly, and that’s a good sign. The bad news is he’s only made 6-of-28. M A R K 3 L L 3— Orlando Magic (@OrlandoMagic) November 17, 2019 He has been better on jump shots inside the arc, though. Fultz is making 40 percent of his shots between 10 and 16 feet, and is making 44.4 percent of his shots between 16 feet and the three-point line. Per basketball-reference, he’s hitting 32.3 percent of his jump shots on the season. It’s also notable that his free throw numbers have shot up. He’s made 23-of-28, good for 82 percent. Don’t write off his future as a shooter just yet. He’ll need more time to get adjusted to his new shot. Treat this year like Fultz’s rookie year As we watch Fultz grow this year, it’s important to treat this as if he was a rookie, since he never had a real chance in Philly. Whatever it was, something was bothering him, and through it all, he only played 33 games across two seasons. Fultz is still only 21 years old. He would be a junior in college if he was still in school. He has plenty of time to develop into something more than he is right now. And what he is right now is a decent player. If he keeps up this progress, Fultz will be far from an NBA bust.
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