Home and Away spoilers: Raffy decides to drop out of school

She gets bad news about her HSC trials.
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Climate refugees cannot be sent back home, United Nations rules in landmark decision
Refugees fleeing the effects of the climate crisis cannot be forced to return home by their adoptive countries, a United Nations panel has ruled, in a landmark decision that could open the door to a flood of legal claims by displaced people around the world.
Her Own Birth Was 'Fertility Fraud' And Now She Needs Fertility Treatment
Years ago, doctors sometimes lied about whose sperm they used for artificial inseminations. Could it happen now? Some argue regulation is weak in the multibillion dollar fertility treatment industry.
Looming Impeachment Trial Adds Urgency To Senators' Campaign Push
The four senators running for president will mostly be off the campaign trail in the final days before Iowa votes. They'll work around the impeachment trial with Skype, surrogates and red-eye flights.
What is 'house hacking,' and how can you do it?
“This isn’t easy, but if you can buckle down and work hard to get approved, the delayed gratification will most certainly be worth it,” said Corey Meyer, who "hacked" a house in Montana while he was living in a camper.
Indiana AG Curtis Hill: On Dr. King's birthday be inspired by the greatest speech in US history
Take the time to read the speech — line by line, word by word.
'Bachelor' star Peter Weber on what he learned from Hannah Brown and 'unexpected' season 24 finale
Turns out, it's not so easy being a bachelor -- or at least "The Bachelor."
'Bachelor' host Chris Harrison says show made him a better man, father: 'I'm less of a black-and-white guy'
Chris Harrison wears many hats as the host of the “Bachelor” and the “Bachelorette.”
Millennials clean their bathrooms less frequently than other age groups, survey finds
The same survey also determined which states clean their homes the most — and which put it off until the last minute.
Prince George’s overtakes Montgomery as top job creator in Maryland suburbs
One county benefits from an improved reputation; the other is viewed as anti-business. Both still trail Northern Virginia.
John Delaney Is Still Running. Why?
WHAT CHEER, Iowa—Don’t let the name fool you: What Cheer is a dreary little town. Other than the gas station, the most notable place in the city is an old building that apparently used to house the What Cheer Telephone Company, whatever that was. Today, cheap white curtains are drawn across the windows. It looks like someone is living there.John Delaney is here at dusk on a Friday night in January because he’s still running for president. Did you know he was running for president? Probably not. If you did once know—Delaney was actually the first Democrat to declare his candidacy, way back in July 2017—you probably forgot. And if you did know he was still running, the question you’re probably asking is the one I am here to explore: Why? Why is a candidate who’s barely registering in any poll still traipsing across Iowa day after day when he has absolutely no chance of winning, or even of seeming like more than an outlying blip on the radar?Today began with an event at a pizza place in the small central-Iowa city of Montezuma, which 12 people attended. This evening, the door-knocking starts at a house across the street from the old telephone-company building. No answer. At the second house, a light in the front hall illuminates a Christmas tree, but no one answers the door here either. Third house, also no answer. Finally, at the fourth house a man wearing pajama bottoms answers the door. After listening to Delaney make his pitch for six or seven minutes, he says that while he’s committed to voting for a Democrat in the general election, he’s not planning to caucus—and that if he was, he’d probably go with Andrew Yang, because he likes Yang’s proposed Freedom Dividend, his signature policy of providing a guaranteed basic income of $1,000 a month to all Americans.“But that can’t happen!” Delaney says.It’s quickly evident that Delaney can’t get this voter, but courtesy dictates that he now listen politely while the man talks about how he wants to fix up the shed across the road.[Read: John Delaney is playing the long game]After that, Delaney’s small caravan, a big blue-and-red bus trailed by a car, rolls on. No one is home at the next two houses. When a woman pulls into the driveway of the second house, Delaney’s campaign manager tries to talk to her, but she walks in the back door and doesn’t come out again. Up a hill and around a corner is another house that the campaign staff have identified as belonging to a Democratic voter. An old man opens the door. He says he’s recovering from eye surgery but that he doesn’t like Donald Trump and is happy to talk. Finally—a prospect! He says the main thing he’s looking for in a candidate is honesty. Delaney makes his pitch, but the man is soon trying to wrap up the conversation. “Hope you do well,” the man says. Delaney invites him to a free dinner that the campaign is hosting the next town over. The man just smiles noncommittally.At this late stage of a very long presidential campaign that has by any conventional measure been remarkably unsuccessful, this actually counts as a pretty good hour for Delaney. How, I asked him as he walked away from the old man’s house, does he keep his head up?“I’m disappointed it hasn’t gone better, but I think it’s a privilege to do this,” he said. “I meet people who are really struggling. And I realize, you know, I have really no problems. And the opportunity to make a difference in people’s lives is—what better way to spend my time?”A successful businessman and former representative from Maryland, Delaney could be spending his time on pretty much anything else. Or anywhere else. Like Fiji. Or at least Florida. Or lifting weights, which he likes to show off that he does. He’s not a billionaire, but public estimates tend to put his wealth in the high hundreds of millions. But instead of relaxing on a beach, he’s sitting on a ratty recliner draped with a faded afghan, riding around on a bus with his name on it to meet with small groups in small towns, insisting that he’s the only one talking about what they care about.Running for president, even when it’s going well, requires a level of delusion. Yet, after two and a half years and $40 million of his own money (and 44 trips and counting to Iowa), Delaney’s delusion has been replaced by a kind of stoic acceptance that approaches Zen.“My incredibly supportive wife even gets more frustrated than I do about this,” he said. “I feel like I’ve changed the debate on a couple of issues, mostly health care. I think I went on the debate stage twice and took down Medicare for All, which deserved to be taken down.” At the July Democratic debate, in Detroit, he went hard after Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders for what he called their “impossible promises” and “fairy-tale economics.” “And I think I did a huge service to the party. And I think people now realize that. That doesn’t mean that you get credit … Is that frustrating? Yes. Do I think I made a contribution? Yes.”But all that money and time just for one night when CNN turned him into a foil for Sanders and Warren? Is that enough to justify his long campaign? Is that why he ran?“No, it’s not why I ran. But I’m happy that at least we’re not talking about Medicare for All,” he said. “I do not think we’re going to put up a candidate who runs on Medicare for All. I think I had something to do with that.” With Sanders currently surging in polls, it’s uncertain whether Delany’s prediction is true—but his debate performance may have helped create a template for criticism of Medicare for All on political/fiscal-realism grounds that damaged Warren in particular.[Peter Beinart: Democratic moderates fade into the background]He pointed to other ways he says he’s inflected the Democratic race, noting that the Washington Post op-ed he published when he launched his campaign invoked automation and job retraining long before anyone had heard of Andrew Yang. He says he’s helped keep Democratic trade policy from going off the rails. (He’s the only Democrat running, Joe Biden included, who still supports the Trans-Pacific Partnership, which not that long ago Barack Obama was calling his most important foreign-policy priority.) And more than a year before either Tom Steyer or Michael Bloomberg entered the race, Delaney was the rich businessman talking about the economy and self-funding his own high-circulation TV ads. (Steyer and Bloomberg are both a lot richer.)As other candidates beat him at his own game or voice his ideas to greater response, Delaney’s been reduced to playing pundit, welcoming these candidates and their ideas into the race. He always knew that his campaign would be a long shot. His hope was that by getting in almost absurdly early, he could generate more attention, make himself less of a long shot. That didn’t work.“Politics is not like other things,” he told me. “In a lot of things in life, when you're there first, people realize you're there first. You break a story, they know who broke the story. If you come up with an innovation, that's protected, normally, so no one can just copy it.”“I always believed in the Wayne Gretzky line ’You skate to where the puck is going.’ I think I was skating to where the puck is going. I think the puck’s gone there now. Do I wish I got more benefit for being the first to skate there? Yeah. Have I? No.”I asked why, given that he seems to have reached the acceptance stage, he hasn’t ended his campaign, as many more prominent candidates have. He said that he’s by nature a person who finishes what he starts—and that means continuing on at least until the Iowa caucuses, on February 3, even though that will cost him more money, and bring his tally of trips to Iowa closer to 50.In Montezuma, he told a local reporter that his aim now is to surprise.What does surprise mean? I asked him a little later, as we were riding on his bus.“I don’t actually have a firmer answer than that. Obviously, the expectations really are very low,” he said. “It’s kind of like, you’ll know when you see it.”
Juan Guaidó, Venezuela Opposition Leader, Defies Travel Ban
Mr. Guaidó crossed into Colombia in a risky move that could land him in jail. He is seeking much-needed leverage against President Nicolás Maduro.
Texas Bar Shooting Leaves Two Dead and Five Injured, Police Hunting For Suspect
Police said they were called to a bar in San Antonio, Texas, after a suspect opened fire and started shooting inside a club.
At least 1 dead and 15 wounded in Kansas City shooting, police say
Kansas City police believe a shooter opened fire on a group of people waiting in line to get into a bar and was stopped at the parking lot by an armed security guard, Kansas City Police Department Capt. David Jackson said.
Kansas City Shooting at Bar Celebrating Chiefs Reaching Super Bowl Leaves 2 Dead, Multiple Injured
At least 15 other people injured when shots were fired at line of people entering 9ine Ultra Lounge.
Guantanamo Bay Torture Psychologists Set for First Public Testimony on 'Perverse' CIA Work
James Mitchell and Bruce Jessen designed the "enhanced interrogration" program used against detainees during the initial stages of the War on Terror.
Iraqi officials: At least 13 wounded in violence in Baghdad
Iraqi officials say security forces have fired tear gas and live rounds in clashes with anti-government protesters in Baghdad, wounding at least 13 demonstrators
This company says it's making 'food from thin air'
In Finland, scientists are making an entirely new ingredient out of air, water and electricity -- and they hope it could revolutionize the way our food is produced.
Robert De Niro Defends Right to Criticize Trump's 'Blatant Abuse of Power' in Screen Actors Guild Awards Speech
The frequent Trump critic did not name the president but sent a clear message to the White House.
This may explain the spread of China's new virus
Scientists have identified a new coronavirus, which has infected more than two hundred people since the initial outbreak in Wuhan, China. CNN's Kristie Lu Stout reports on the origins of the mysterious SARS-like virus and the scientific race to control it.
What Happened Between Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston at the SAG Awards?
Now they belong to History.
Revered singer-songwriter David Olney dies on stage mid-performance
American folk singer and songwriter David Olney died on stage during a performance in Florida on Saturday. He was 71.
Tied up Washington Woman Uses Amazon Alexa Device to Call Police After Boyfriend Allegedly Attacks Her With Baseball Bat
Public have been told not to approach Spokane assault suspect Andrew Beitel if they see him.
'Parasite' scores historic upset at SAG awards
South Korean thriller "Parasite" was the upset winner at the Screen Actors Guild (SAG) awards on Sunday, while Joaquin Phoenix and Renee Zellweger were named best actors, cementing their roles as frontrunners at the Oscars next month. Eve Johnson reports.
The recession in global car sales shows no sign of ending
The global auto industry plunged deeper into recession in 2019, with sales dropping more than 4% as carmakers struggled to find buyers in China and India. The pain is likely to continue this year.
Prince Harry seeks 'more peaceful life' as reluctantly ends royal role
Britain's Prince Harry has spoken of his sadness at being forced to give up his royal duties in a deal with Queen Elizabeth and senior Windsors, saying there was no other option if he and his wife Meghan were to seek an independent future.
Feel good factor keeps world stocks near record highs, oil jumps
World stocks held near record highs on Monday as generally better data and earnings bolstered sentiment, while oil prices hit their highest in over a week after two large crude production bases in Libya began shutting down following a blockade.
60-foot wave crashes on Brazilian surfer Felipe 'Gordo' Cesarano in Portugal
Brazilian surfer Felipe “Gordo” Cesarano was uninjured last week when he suffered a massive wipeout and was crushed by a giant wave at Nazare in Portugal, a published report said.
Today on Fox News: Jan. 20, 2020
Which Teams Are in Super Bowl 2020? Kansas City Chiefs vs. San Francisco 49ers Date, Kickoff Time and Odds
The Kansas City Chiefs and the San Francisco 49ers will meet in Super Bowl LIV in Miami on Sunday, February 2.
How to make food from thin air
This new, natural source of protein could help combat climate change by removing the need to grow food on land.
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Homes burn after shooter kills 2 Honolulu officers
A man shot and killed two police officers Sunday as they responded to a home in a leafy Honolulu neighborhood near Waikiki Beach, authorities said. The house then caught fire with the suspect and two women inside. (Jan. 20)       
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Labour leadership: Candidates criticise 'terrible' format chosen by party for official hustings – live news
Rolling coverage of the day’s political developments as they happen 9.08am GMT The first official party hustings in the Labour leadership contest took place on Saturday, in Liverpool, and some observers said afterwards that the format made it all a bit dull and inconclusive. Under the rules drawn up by party HQ, candidates were given just 40 seconds to answer questions, and they were not allowed to interrupt each other or ask each other questions. Paul Mason, the Labour-supporting journalists, said this arrangements was “dire”.Labour's first leadership hustings. Some impressions 1/ The format is dire. I want the candidates to argue against each other's ideas. When Jess Phillips did, it set her up to like she was breaking some unwritten code... so its all still subtextual...2/ 40 seconds encourages people to rehearse soundbites - I want a debate. If we just rerun this six times, might as well stop watching. Now onto the content...The hustings was awful. I was awful because I was trying to hit a million different lines and messages in 40 seconds. Some were my lines, some were other people’s, and it fell flat.It was not all my failing. The format of the hustings is terrible. To answer any question in 40 seconds is ridiculous. If it were possible to sum up, for example, an economic plan or an industrial strategy in 40 seconds, one wonders why they are actually hundreds of pages long. What a ridiculous farce.We need these hustings to ignite a passionate debate in our party and this cannot be achieved by proscribing answers to 40 second sound bites and hermetically sealing the candidates from direct conversations between ourselves.New: Letter from @lisanandy to Labour's gen secretary urging change to 40 sec cap on answers at hustings. Test of how flexible party can be. sent to NEC (which can change the rules if it wants) too. Continue reading...
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Pitt, Anniston take home SAG Awards, and "Parasite" wins big
They warmly congratulated each other. The win for "Parasite" launched it into best picture Oscar talk, and Robert De Niro ripped into Trump.
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Mary Anne Marsh: Impeachment trial's core question: are we still a republic?
Holding those in power accountable is still a fundamental principle of the United States.
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Businesses named on 'A-list' for tackling their climate impact
Sainsbury’s, Lego and H&M feature on list that rewards shift to renewable energy and reducing emissionsSainsbury’s, Lego and H&M are among the businesses to make a prestigious A-list of companies that are deemed to be at the forefront of the charge to tackle the “existential” climate crisis.The list is compiled by non-profit group CDP which scores companies based on the environmental data they voluntarily disclose on its platform. Just 2% of the 8,000 companies it scores made the A-List, with Nestle, Unilever, BT and Walmart among the 179 to make the cut. A focus on the climate emergency was not at the expense of business success, CDP said, with companies on the A-list also outperforming peers on the stock market by 5.5% a year. Continue reading...
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Iowa's minority voters to Democrats: reject Trump and tell our story of hope
Marshalltown has been transformed by migrants – and locals want candidates to make the positive case for immigrationCustomers entering Zamora Fresh Market are greeted by Spanish-language music and the colorful sight of papel picado hanging from the ceiling of a small dine-in section. Employees chat in Spanish to each other and people buying tortas, lengua de res and containers of arroz y frijoles. Related: Trump has savaged the environment. The planet cannot afford a second term | Ross Barkan Continue reading...
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McConnell considers 'kill switch' option at Trump impeachment trial: report
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Virus spreads to Beijing as China confirms 139 new cases
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Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston Ignite Fans on Social Media After Screen Actors Guild Awards Reunion: 'What A Sight to See'
The former couple both won awards on Sunday night and had a sweet moment backstage that was captured by cameras.
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This Day in History: Jan. 20
1 h
Coco Gauff, 15, Just Beat Venus Williams in the 1st Round Again
It was the most anticipated match of Day 1 at the first major tennis tournament of the decade
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A baby stroller sold at Target and Amazon was recalled because of a possible fall hazard
Baby Trend has recalled four models of their strollers due to the potential for a fall hazard, according to the United States Consumer Product Safety Commission.
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China struggles in new diplomatic role, trying to return Rohingya to Myanmar
In a muddy field in western Myanmar, hundreds of Chinese shipping containers fitted with single narrow windows stand in neat lines, empty of the refugees they were designed to host.
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South Dakota woman, dog caught in animal trap while hiking: report
A South Dakota woman and her dog were injured after getting snared in a vicious animal trap while hiking in the Black Hills National Forest on Friday, reports say.
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Woman struck and killed by 2 cars running across street to get McDonalds for family
A 56-year-old woman who was running across the street to get food for her family has died after being struck and killed by two cars in a tragic accident.
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Coldest air of the year brings dangerous wind chills
Winter has arrived for much of the eastern two thirds of the country bringing dangerous wind chills to the Midwest and the coldest air of the season to the Southeast.
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Police say 2 dead, possibly 15 injured in Missouri shooting
Police in Kansas City, Missouri, say at least two people are dead and upwards of a dozen people may have been injured in a shooting.
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Monte Paschi Offers the Ultimate Comfort Blanket
The troubled Italian bank had no problem getting away a subordinated debt issue. The promise of yet more state aid will have helped.
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