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Police use 'Purge Siren' to signal curfew
The country will soon start de-escalating the current lockdown measures in place, says PM
Saudi-Russia Oil Price War Deal Takes Shape, but Market Still Faces Coronavirus Pain
Russia and OPEC representatives will meet Thursday following reports that a deal to end the price war is near.
Bangkok Bans Alcohol Sales in Attempt to Stop Spread of Coronavirus
Thailand’s capital, Bangkok, banned alcohol sales for a week and a half to help prevent social gatherings that could spread the virus that causes Covid-19. The ban applies from April 10 to April 20 and is the metropolitan region’s latest effort to contain a surge in infections since early March. The country as a whole…
Abortion access thrown into jeopardy by coronavirus pandemic
As the coronavirus pandemic sweeps the globe, women's access to abortion has become one of many healthcare provisions thrown into jeopardy. One abortion provider operating in 37 countries has warned of far-reaching impacts worldwide.
LeBron: Closure not likely unless Lakers can finish season
Instead of preparing for a playoff run, LeBron James is mostly spending the spring playing hoops with his teenage sons and enjoying tea time with his young daughter.
Upgraded Soyuz rocket with crew of three launched to space station
Coronavirus restrictions limited launch guests, but lack of fanfare had no impact on smooth climb to space.
D.C.-area forecast: Strong winds follow morning showers and storms today. Much cooler Friday.
Winds could gust to 40 to 50 mph this afternoon. Tomorrow is blustery and March-like.
The 9 best comedies on Netflix right now
Looking to have a good laugh? What better way than by watching some of the best comedies of all time on Netflix, which has you covered. 
What is Instagram's 'First Photo Challenge'?
The coronavirus health crisis has most Americans longing for a time before facemasks were the norm and self-isolation was the status quo — and nowhere is that more evident than on social media.
IRS Budget Cuts And Staffing Challenges Create Coronavirus Payment Headaches
Over the past 10 years the IRS budget has been reduced by roughly 20%, leaving the agency with aging technology and forcing it to cut back on staff and training.
'It's Like Walking Into Chernobyl,' One Doctor Says Of Her Emergency Room
Some health care workers say they're exhausted and burning out from the stress of treating a stream of critically ill patients in an increasingly overstretched health care system.
Small-Town Hospitals Are Closing Just As Coronavirus Arrives In Rural America
Small-town hospitals were already closing at an alarming rate before COVID-19, but now the trend appears to be accelerating just as the disease arrives in rural America.
New Zealand is winning the war on coronavirus: here’s why
The  SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus pandemic in the U.S. keeps getting worse. China is just starting to reopen its society. South Korea, Taiwan and Singapore are managing their outbreaks with the help of massive contact tracing detective work. But New Zealand, which saw its first confirmed case on Feb. 28, is on track to stop its outbreak before it ever had a chance to begin. That's likely thanks to early and decisive nationwide action by its government.
Crab pickers. Landscapers. Seasonal migrant workers who come to the US could be extremely vulnerable to coronavirus
For migrant workers on temporary H-2B visas, medical catastrophe due to the coronavirus would be "very, very bad," workers' rights advocates say.        
Army police officer in quarantine creates 'lumber jacked gym' out of wood in backyard
With no gym to turn to, most fitness buffs would just settle for a set of dumbbells. But where’s the fun in that?
Victor Davis Hanson: After coronavirus — will America be a roaring giant or crying baby?
As we struggle to defeat the coronavirus, an aroused America is talking grandly of restructuring the U.S. economy.
How Should the Media Cover the Sexual Assault Allegations Against Joe Biden?
What challenges are mothers facing giving birth and parenting during coronavirus?
Seasick: How the Coronavirus Upended the Navy
A pandemic exposes flaws in the chain of command.
Lafreniere tops list of NHL draft-eligible prospects
It makes little difference to Alexis Lafreniere when, where or how he’ll learn about being selected in the NHL draft.
New York's coronavirus outbreak came from Europe and other parts of the United States, study shows
A Mount Sinai study shows the first cases of coronavirus in New York City most likely originated in Europe and other parts of the United States, the health system said.
Tornado Pictures Show Buildings Completely Destroyed in Indiana, Arkansas As Over 100,000 Without Power
The damage was severe in several parts of Indiana, where trees and utility poles were downed during the storms.
Track world championships rescheduled for July 2022
The first major domino tipped in the wake of the Olympic postponement on Wednesday when track leaders rescheduled next year's world championships for July 2022, setting up a busy summer for a sport that would normally be taking a breather.
'Modern Family' Series Finale: How The ABC Show Ended
"Modern Family" Season 11, Episodes 17 and 18 saw the Dunphy-Pritchetts heading their separate ways in a finale that brought the ABC show to an end after 250 episodes.
Qatar and Russia deny allegations of bribery surrounding World Cup bids
The US Department of Justice (DOJ) isn't letting up on its investigation into corruption in soccer.
4-time Olympic champion Ammann eyes 2022 Winter Games
Four-time Olympic ski jumping champion Simon Ammann will try to go for another gold medal at the 2022 Beijing Olympics.
ISIS claims responsibility for rocket attack on US base in Afghanistan
ISIS claimed responsibility for a rocket attack on Bagram Air Base in Afghanistan early Thursday morning.
Former MLS player helping Spain in fight against coronavirus
Toni Dovale has a different routine than most Spanish soccer players during the coronavirus pandemic.
How New Zealand only has one recorded coronavirus death
New Zealand has managed to do something that many countries wish they could achieve: for four straight days, it has reported a decline in new coronavirus cases.
Saudi, Russia debate record oil cut as U.S. resists action
OPEC and Russia will debate record oil output cuts on Thursday to prop up prices wrought by the coronavirus pandemic but their talks are complicated by internal disagreements and the reluctance of the United States to join the action.
US reports highest coronavirus death toll in a single day
Despite another day that brought a record number of deaths reported from coronavirus in the United States, there was a glimmer of hope as models now have less dire forecasts for the total number of fatalities the country will see by the time the pandemic subsides. CNN's Nick Watt has the latest.
Some firms in central Japan cutting back on capex: BOJ official
Some companies in the Tokai central Japan region, which is home to auto giant Toyota Motor Corp and its parts suppliers, are cutting back on capital expenditure and holding off on new hiring, a senior central bank official said on Thursday.
China seeks to contain new coronavirus 'silent carriers'
China took new measures on Wednesday to try to prevent asymptomatic "silent carriers" of the new coronavirus from causing a second wave of infections, as the country reported another modest rise in confirmed cases.
Sean Hannity Says Areas Less Affected by Coronavirus Could Reopen Now, Businesses Must Not 'Wither on the Vine and Die'
The Fox News anchor said a rebound of the virus was inevitable but that Americans should get "safely back to work as soon as possible."
Virus model predicts UK will be worst-hit European nation
• 'It's a hideous situation': The nurses risking it all on the frontline of Britain's outbreak • UK opposition leader calls on government to publish lockdown exit strategy
Kansas GOP leads overturn of Dem governor’s limits on church, funeral attendance
A Republican-led panel of Kansas legislative leaders on Wednesday overturned an executive order by the state’s Democrat governor that called for attendance limits on church services and funerals amid the coronavirus pandemic.
Day of Hope: How to help food banks on the front lines of the COVID-19 crisis
For 24 hours, ABC will be raising awareness about food banks on the front lines of the coronavirus pandemic.
Steph Curry Cheers up Coronavirus Nurses in Oakland Hospital with Surprise FaceTime Call
The three-time NBA champion called Shelby Delaney, a nurse who last week posted a picture of herself wearing a Warriors jersey underneath her scrubs.
Coronavirus cases in California prisons multiplied in days and inmates fear further spread
The number of inmates infected with coronavirus in the California prison system grew by more than seven times in a little more than a week, while staff cases nearly tripled, leaving some behind bars fearful that cases will explode even as officials have begun taking steps to slow the spread.
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Inmates In Washington State Protest After Fellow Prisoners Test Positive For COVID-19
More than 100 prisoners at Monroe Correctional Complex's minimum-security unit set off fire extinguishers in protest after six fellow inmates were diagnosed with COVID-19 in recent days.
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Chinese workers in the US are losing their visas with their jobs. But flying home to China is too expensive
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GLOBAL MARKETS-Global stocks gain on hopes pandemic is reaching peak
Global shares rose on Thursday on hopes the COVID-19 pandemic was nearing a peak and that governments would roll out more stimulus to support their economies, while expectations of a deal to cut oil production bolstered crude prices.
US intelligence started tracking virus outbreak in China as early as November
US spy agencies were tracking the rise of the novel coronavirus as early as November, weeks before that information was included in President Donald Trump's daily intelligence briefing, a former US military official told CNN.
Baking during a pandemic can reduce stress and provide comfort
Jessica Corradini of Verona, Italy, has been baking bread -- mostly sourdough -- for a couple years.
Coronavirus live updates: USNS Mercy crew member tests positive for COVID-19
Worldwide, more than 1.51 million people have been diagnosed with COVID-19 and at least 88,415 of them have died since the virus emerged in China back in December.
Former Texas Rangers Star Josh Hamilton Indicted by Grand Jury on Charge of Beating Teenage Daughter
The former American League MVP faces a third degree felony charge of injury to a child carrying a 2-10 year prison sentence should he be convicted.
Pence vows US will ask WHO 'tough questions' on being 'so wrong' on coronavirus