How gambling giant SportPesa made waves in Africa – and Premier League

Everton’s sponsors are hailed by the club for supporting community schemes, but there are concerns about how the Kenyan-Bulgarian firm profits from an online gambling craze

Barely heard of in Britain until it launched a spree of Premier League club sponsorships in 2016, the online gambling platform SportPesa has since spread its name across football, rugby, horseracing and Formula One, associating its branding with good works in Africa. At Everton, where SportPesa is the main sponsor, its name is prominent all over Goodison Park, the club has been in Kenya for a pre-season tour, and it promotes SportPesa’s “Kits for Africa” initiative, with a donation bin in the club store.

Everton’s chief executive, Denise Barrett-Baxendale, wrote in the club’s annual report: “We value our developing relationship with SportPesa, who have demonstrated a strong alignment with our values.” A spokesperson for Everton, which describes itself as “the people’s club”, said Barrett-Baxendale was referring to the sponsor’s support for the club’s extensive community work, which she herself pioneered in the deprived areas around Goodison Park.

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Avlon: Partisan media largely to blame for polarization
CNN's John Avlon continues this week's coverage on political polarization by going through the history of the Fairness Doctrine and how its impacted media coverage.
Master Adobe’s top graphic design tools for less than $35
If you’ve got the training and the talent, there are few job sectors better for a solo entrepreneur to strike out on their own than graphic design. While we can’t help you with the talent part, TNW Deals can get you a leg up on whole training side with The School of Graphic Design Mastery Bundle. The package is on sale now at over 90 percent off, less than $35 for a limited time with promo code: BFSAVE15. 
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CHEAP: Get a $30 discount when you pre-order the new Echo Show 8
Welcome to CHEAP, our series about things that are good, but most of all, cheap. CHEAP! In August, I wrote about the Google Nest Hub as my top choice for a smart device in the kitchen. It has a good screen that’s just the perfect size, and nice loudspeakers. In September, Amazon announced its response to the Nest Hub – the Echo Show 8 smart display – which features an 8-inch HD screen. In September, as an answer to that, Amazon announced its Echo Show 8 smart device with an 8-inch HD screen. The device is set to be released on… This story continues at The Next Web
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Eye Opener at 8: Arctic blast sweeps U.S.
A look back at what we've been covering on "CBS This Morning."
CBS News - Breaking News, U.S., World, Business, Entertainment & Video
Supermodel Lily Aldridge’s Italy-inspired essentials
For model Lily Aldridge, growing up in an Italian family meant “lots of gatherings filled with great food and lots of laughs.” The Victoria’s Secret Angel and Sports Illustrated cover star now carries on those same traditions with her husband, Kings of Leon frontman Caleb Followill, and their children, 7-year-old Dixie Pearl and 9-month-old Winston...
New York Post
Gorgeous jewelry trends to rock this fall
Fall’s enchanting harvest of sparkling snakes and golden florals Castaway to the black sand beaches of Italy, where golden riches await Worship these bold gold looks that banish the winter blues Soak up la dolce vita with Italy’s romantic styles and splendid sparkles
New York Post
‘Baywatch’ star Alexandra Daddario on her new dark comedy — and her Italian family’s secrets
Alexandra Daddario arrives to our cover shoot dressed in an oversized turtleneck, with Joan Didion’s “Slouching Towards Bethlehem” tucked under her arm. Her haunting blue eyes dance around the studio in New York’s Little Italy neighborhood. Despite blockbuster roles in the “Percy Jackson” films, “San Andreas,” “Baywatch” and “True Detective,” Daddario, 33, still remains startled...
New York Post
Mozzarella-making, gelato trucks and lots of bling: Italy comes to London Jewelers
Four decades ago, London Jewelers president Candy Udell spearheaded the movement within her family’s luxury bauble business to introduce Italy’s biggest jewelry names to the American market. “The Italian tradition of family and their love of fine craftsmanship and beautiful things, from clothing to jewelry to the best food — they know how to live,”...
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Deaths mount in Gaza as Israel hits Iran-linked groups "without mercy"
Officials in the Palestinian enclave say at least 21 people have been killed in the violence since a targeted Israeli strike killed an Islamic Jihad commander and his wife
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We spent a workday on a treadmill desk so you didn’t have to
Recently, and as the headline makes clear, I spent a workday on a treadmill desk. Yep, I partook in a full seven hours of walking, while doing my job. Why? Well, I’d direct you to the piece I wrote at the time. This article is going to do something different: look at what it’s actually like to spend a full day walking and working — and share some of my findings along the way. Who knows, it might be useful if you’re thinking of getting something like this for your home and office. Want to see what it was like? Well, I’ll… This story continues at The Next Web
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Impeachment Hearing Updates: What to Expect From Taylor, Kent and Congress
Hearings begin Wednesday on Capitol Hill as lawmakers consider whether to impeach President Trump for what Democrats say was an effort to use the power of his office for political gain.
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Before England’s 1,000th, the story of the first full football international
The 1872 match between Scotland and England attracted the cream of Queen’s Park … and a 124-word report in the Guardian“The laws of the Association game are exceedingly simple, numbering only 12, as against some 40 in the Rugby code,” wrote the Scotsman. “One of the principal differences consists in the entire prohibition of the use of the hands, except by the goalkeeper for the protection of his goal, thus making the skilful and always pleasing ‘dribble’ one of the best points of the game. A goal is scored when it is kicked under the tape, the ball not being allowed to be carried, thrown, or knocked in. Hacking, tripping, holding, or charging an adversary from behind are among things forbidden. Such are some of the differences of the two styles of play, and it will readily be admitted that the Association game is one which will commend itself to players who dread the harder work of the Rugby mode.”It says a lot about the status of association football in Scotland in the 1870s that the country’s biggest daily paper was among several publications which felt the need to explain the rules in their report on what is now accepted as the first full international. As England prepare for their 1,000th game, very little – not even the rules – remains unchanged from that day in November 1872 when their XI faced Scotland’s at the West of Scotland Cricket Ground in Glasgow. Continue reading...
US news | The Guardian
Former McDonald’s employee sues, claiming "sexually hostile work environment"
In an exclusive TV interview, a former McDonald’s employee tells CBS News why she is suing the fast food giant over sexual harassment. Anna Werner spoke to Jenna Ries about her claims.
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Does the government spend more on flood defences for the south?
As parts of the north remain inundated, Labour has accused the Conservatives of skewed spendingClaim Jeremy Corbyn has said the government’s spending on flood defences until 2021 “heavily favours London and the south-east of England”.Background About 5.4m properties in England are at risk of flooding from rivers, the sea and surface water. Annual flood damage costs the country an estimated £1.1bn. Continue reading...
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Trump impeachment inquiry: witnesses line up for first public hearings – live
Bill Taylor and George Kent scheduled to testify as Trump tweets Democrats ‘have stacked the deck’ against himTrump impeachment hearings: five things to watch forSign up for the US briefing and get a new perspective 1.05pm GMT The fist public hearing in the impeachment inquiry is set to start in less than two hours, but Democrats have already announced the next steps in the investigation.Maria Yovanovitch, the former US ambassador to Ukraine who was recalled from her post in the spring, will testify publicly on Friday morning.Impeachment inquiry hearings next week: Tuesday morning: Jennifer Williams and Alexander VindmanTuesday afternoon: Kurt Volker and Tim Morrison Wednesday morning: Gordon SondlandWednesday afternoon: Laura Cooper and David Hale Thursday: Fiona Hill More details to come. 12.44pm GMT Good morning, live blog readers!Well, we’ve arrived. Public hearings begin this morning in the impeachment inquiry, marking only the fourth time in American history that such proceedings have occurred. Continue reading...
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Israel kills top Palestinian militant in Gaza as violence escalates
Gaza officials say new Israel airstrikes have killed a top militant. Iran-backed militants responded with heavy rocket fire. CBS News correspondent Roxana Saberi reports from Tel Aviv as violence escalates in the region.
CBS News - Breaking News, U.S., World, Business, Entertainment & Video
Trump invites GOP senators for unusual meeting with Erdoğan to 'clear the air'
A small group of Republican senators who traditionally focus on foreign policy issues have been invited to the White House for a meeting with President Donald Trump and Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan -- including Senate Foreign Relations Committee Chairman Jim Risch.
St. Louis meteor was a cast off from the asteroid belt
The flaming meteor seen hurtling through the sky above St. Louis late Monday was a basketball-sized chunk of rock that broke off an asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter, according to a report. NASA experts used hundreds of eyewitness accounts about the celestial spectacle, along with two videos, to determine that the 220-pound meteor traveled...
New York Post
Mayor of Venice sees hundreds of millions of euros of flood damage
The financial cost of severe flooding in Venice is likely to run to hundreds of millions of euros, Mayor Luigi Brugnaro said on Wednesday, while a senior cleric said the city's historic Saint Mark's Basilica risked "irreparable" harm.
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Apple TV+ is now available on more Amazon Fire devices
If Apple is serious about claiming a piece of the streaming pie with Apple TV+, it's going to have to make sure its customers can access it without having to fork out for a bunch of new gear. That's why, overnight, Apple made the platform available o...
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Google plans to offer checking accounts, becoming latest tech giant to enter consumer banking
Google will become the next tech giant to take a stab at consumer banking, a new report says. The company plans to offer checking accounts starting next year in partnership with established banks through a new project dubbed “Cache,” The Wall Street Journal reported Wednesday. Citigroup and a Stanford University credit union will run accounts...
New York Post
UPDATE 3-Alibaba to spend more on travel, entertainment after $13.4bln listing
Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba Group plans to ramp up investment in its online entertainment, content and travel platforms with the proceeds from a planned $13.4 billion Hong Kong listing.
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Boat fire: Congress members call for stronger safety measures to protect passengers
A congressional subcommittee will hear Thursday from investigators about the Conception boat fire.
The robot vacuum can map your house with incredible accuracy
As much as some of us fear the loss of our jobs to robots, there's one job we're pretty sure they are welcome to: vacuuming. There's nothing quite like kicking back and watching a robot vacuum do one of the most time-consuming tasks on the household chore list. And there are few 'bots that do it quite like the Roborock S6 Robot Vacuum & Mop. The power on this thing is a big highlight, combining 1500 rpm of suction with soft bristles that spin at 1350 rpm. It's a combo that makes short work of nearly any mess, and there's even a mopping function that gives hardwood floors an extra shine. With a 32-bit quad processor, the Roborock S6 has brains as well as brawn. Its 14-sensor array helps it build a complete 360-degree view of your room, then plan the quickest route to get every inch. Want it to avoid the dog dish? It's a simple matter to draw virtual barriers in the accompanying app - no magnetic strips required. The Roborock S6 Robot Vacuum & Mop with Adaptive Routing is now available for 7% off the regular retail price, but you can take an additional 15% off by using the online code BFSAVE15. Read the rest
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Anna Kendrick discusses her Instagram sneaker controversy with Trevor Noah
It may have been a solid seven months since Anna Kendrick posted a deeply controversial Instagram photo of herself wearing some Jordans, but Trevor Noah is still not over it. At the time, the photo enraged sneaker purists because of the crease in the shoe — and in between the scenes on The Daily Show, Noah finally gets the chance to ask Kendrick two crucial questions: did she do it on purpose, and did she mind the intense sneaker backlash that followed? The answers? No and no. "That's no way to live your life!" says Kendrick. "It's like not taking the toys out of the box." As Noah admits, though, he's not really all that bothered by the sneakers — he just can't get enough of the internet outrage. Read more...More about Anna Kendrick, The Daily Show, Trevor Noah, Entertainment, and Celebrities
After Supreme Court hearing on DACA, California weighs in with walkouts, pledges of support for immigrants
Minutes after the U.S. Supreme Court held a closely watched hearing on DACA, California reacted with student walkouts and pledges of support from top state leaders for young immigrants in the U.S. illegally.
Sigma Computing raises $30 million more for cloud data analytics tools
Sigma Computing, a San Francisco-based startup developing a cloud-hosted data analytics platform, has raised an additional $30 million.
VentureBeat | Tech News That Matters
Salvador Dalí's surreal tarot cards from the '70s and '80s being reissued
Spanish surrealist Salvador Dalí was no stranger to pop culture, even appearing on a TV game show. So, it's not a complete surprise to find out he created an entire 78-card tarot deck. Originally conceived as a prop for the for the 1973 James Bond film, Live and Let Die, his tarot cards didn't end up in the movie but were issued later as a set. Hyperallergic: Albert R. Broccoli, a producer for the 18th James Bond spy thriller, approached Dalí with an offer to create the tarot deck for a scene in the film. The cards were needed as props for the character of Solitaire, played by Seymour, a psychic who works for a menacing drug lord. As Bond films typically go, the psychic changes sides to become the spy’s collaborator and love interest. Dalí accepted the offer and started working on the cards, possibly encouraged by his mystically inclined wife Gala, but it was rumored that the contract fell through when the artist demanded an astronomical fee that was too high even for the film’s $7 million budget. But, even though the deal fell through, Dalí did complete the deck. He worked on its art for 10 years before it was issued to the public in 1984. Now, for the first time since then, Taschen is making the deck, and its instructional booklet, available. Dalí. Tarot has a a release date of November 15 but is now available for pre-order ($54). (Colossal) Read the rest
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This is how you can use mindfulness to overcome any moment of fear or anxiety
Jacob Lund/ Feeling anxious about something — whether an important event or just everyday issues — is a common occurrence. When you feel anxious, your memory kicks in — flooding you with memories of moments where you failed or flopped. Research finds that mindfulness can help combat this anxiety and fear. This means paying attention and noticing when you're in these moments of anxiety.  Shifting into the present moment helps you redirect your attention. Pay attention to your breathing. When you do feel anxious, observe it like you're watching a performance. This will help "unwind" the memories causing the fear. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. Think about the last time you felt anxious or afraid. It might have been minutes before giving an important presentation, having a difficult conversation with a coworker, or making a life-changing decision. You probably remember all the physiological symptoms of anxiety: shortness of breath, racing pulse, muscle tension, and that queasy feeling of unease. What you might not remember is the role your memory itself played in making you feel this way. Research in psychology shows that the hippocampus (the brain's memory center) plays a central role in the experience of fear and anxiety. The science behind this is complicated. But the experience makes sense. Say you're about to speak in front of 1,000 people. As you stand alone backstage, you feel a burst of stress hormones. Then memory kicks in. If you're afraid of public speaking, it floods the mind with images and stories of past flops and failures. If you're confident, it fills the mind with moments and memories of when you crushed it. In both cases, memory shapes your experience of fear. In a study released last week, led by Harvard neuroscientist Sarah Lazar, researchers revealed a promising way to alter our experience of fear by altering the memories that trigger it. It's a tool that you've surely heard of and may already practice: mindfulness. How does mindfulness change the way the brain stores fear-inducing memories? Through a process called "extinction learning." The whole goal of mindfulness is to redirect your attention to the present moment — to sights, sounds, and sensations that are happening now. When you practice mindfulness, it's like you're changing the channel on the TV screen of the mind, from the traumatic memories that hold your fear in place to what's happening right now: the sounds of birds outside your window, the sensations in your belly, or the texture of each inhale and exhale. And that's how, in the words of Lazar, "Mindfulness can enhance our ability to remember this new, less-fearful reaction, and break the anxiety habit." It's a tool that interrupts those old, fear-inducing memories, and creates new, less threatening associations in the mind. So how can you dissolve fear by rewiring your memories? The key is to develop the skill of meeting anxiety with mindfulness by paying careful attention to the present moment. Here's how to do it.Notice when you feel subtle forms of anxiety Shutterstock Everything starts with noticing. Once you notice the experience of subtle forms of fear or anxiety, you open the space to shift out of your ordinary mental habits.  The key word here is "subtle." If you're new to mindfulness practice, it's best not to try this with major traumas or powerful fears and phobias. Instead, try it with the more ordinary, everyday forms of anxiety that happen as you go throughout the day. Shift your attention to the present moment Shutterstock To shift, all you have to do is place your attention on the present moment. Sounds easy, right? But it's often quite difficult, especially when experiencing negative emotions like fear or anxiety.  So here's a more precise instruction. Place your attention on the sensations of your breath. Your breath, after all, is always current, never lost in the past or future. When you watch its sensations — the texture of the inhale, the temperature of the exhale, the soft vibration in your nose — you're guaranteed to be in the present moment. And that means that you're no longer letting the default memories in your mind run the show. Watch what happens with curiosity and interest Thomas Barwick/Getty Anxiety and fear generally provoke a powerful mental response of avoidance and aversion. If these emotions were people who showed up at your front door, your ordinary response would be like slamming the door in their face and perhaps even shouting a few profanities at them.  One of the central tenants of mindfulness practice, however, is to do the exact opposite — to welcome instead of resisting, to see what you have to learn from these interesting new people who showed up at your door instead of shouting them down.  So when you feel the internal fireworks of fear and anxiety, try staying interested and curious. Imagine you're watching an inner show. What does it feel like? How does it change from moment to moment? This may sound like some sort of masochistic mind experiment. And it's true, the whole idea of just sitting around and allowing yourself to feel fear cuts against our most deeply wired impulses. And yet, as this new research suggests, this counterintuitive practice may just be the key to unwinding the memories that hold fear in place, and to approaching your work and the world from the powerfully productive place of fearlessness. See Also:Oprah and Melinda Gates argue that being yourself over fitting in is a surefire way to advance your career — and the research backs them upA survey of 1,000 executives found that you won't regret taking these 7 career risksThere are 3 types of perfectionism — and not all of them are bad. Here's how to strive for a healthy balance in your life.SEE ALSO: Research shows that 50-year-olds can have the brains of 25-year-olds if they meditate for just 15 minutes a day
Business Insider
An extremely detailed taxonomy of Disney Channel’s truly wild original movies
According to some Hollywood directors, innovative cinema is breathing its last, but a look at the history of Disney Channel’s rich original film roster will tell you differently. From the late ‘90s through at least the early-aughts, Disney Channel was a veritable hotbed of TV movies so eccentric that you wonder which ideas didn’t make it to production — if any at all.  To celebrate the launch of Disney+ and our sudden access to the glorious library of DCOMs, we sorted the greatest hits into categories and subcategories to figure out what the heck was going on all those years. Read more... MAGIC AND MONSTERSMore about Entertainment, Movies, Disney Channel, Disney Channel Original Movies, and Disney Plus
Meet The Nuns Making CBD
Giving new meaning to "higher worship," Sister Kate and her order of nuns produce premium CBD products that are popular around the world.
Entrepreneur - Start, run and grow your business.
Top the Google’s search rankings with this sweeping, all-in-one SEO tool kit for under $30.
Seobility puts all the web optimization abilities into one easy-to-use package dedicated to supercharging your site’s visibility. Right now, their suite of features is available at the limited time discounted price of just $29 from TNW Deals.
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Trae Young is possible because of Steph Curry and James Harden
Photo by Matthew Stockman/Getty Images We have that and more in Wednesday’s NBA newsletter. Stephen Curry will go down in history as more than merely a two-time (and counting) MVP or a three-time (and counting) NBA champion. James Harden will go down in history as more than merely two-time (and counting) scoring champ and one-time (and counting) MVP. It’s becoming more clear every day that these two exemplary players have created a new branch in basketball history, a branch bearing fruit among younger stars, and especially in one particular young star. Trae Young had 42 points on 13-21 shooting with 11 assists as the Hawks went into Denver and beat the Nuggets on Tuesday. Young recorded his first ever 8-8-8 game: eight made threes, eight made free throws, eight assists. The only players in NBA history with more than one game like that are Harden (8) and Curry (4). This is a relatively new genre of all-around offensive dominance that Harden and Curry made attainable and Young is now chasing. I go back and forth on whether Young is more a Curry acolyte (based on the efficiency from deep and seemingly limitless range) or a son of Harden (extra high usage rate, high assist rate, relentless attacking of the rim). The right answer at this point is that in the grand scheme of NBA evolution, Curry and Harden are more similar than they are different: they have together (and with some other modern stars like Kevin Durant and Klay Thompson) brought the three-pointer to the level of equal or even superior to shots at the rim. They have reoriented the basketball court -- stretched it out, created more breathing room on it for offenses and far less for defenses. Young is a son of that, not of either superstar exclusively. This is all quasi-academic. You can and should set all that aside when you’re watching Trae play. It’s breathtaking. He’s reached must-watch status in his second season. Here’s to a long, fruitful career growing out of the massive shadow of his basketball forefathers. Scores Thunder 85, Pacers 111Cavaliers 97, Sixers 98Pistons 108, Heat 117Knicks 102, Bulls 120Hawks 125, Nuggets 121Lakers 123, Suns 115Nets 114, Jazz 119Blazers 99, Kings 107 Schedule All times Eastern. Games are on League Pass unless otherwise noted. Grizzlies at Hornets, 7Sixers at Magic, 7Wizards at Celtics, 7:30Clippers at Rockets, 7:30, ESPNSpurs at Wolves, 8Warriors at Lakers, 10, ESPNRaptors at Blazers, 10 Links Kevin Arnovitz with a big, Arnovitzian look into the NBA’s reaction to the international reaction to Daryl Morey’s Hong Kong tweet. Hector Diaz on the problem with the accent LeBron uses in his Taco Tuesday videos. Ricky O’Donnell on Shai Gilgeous-Alexander’s difficult path to stardom. John Beilein, one of the oldest rookie NBA head coaches ever, has the Cavaliers playing quite fun and competitive basketball. They almost knocked off the Sixers on Tuesday! Yikes! Eric Gordon is out at least six weeks with a knee injury. Jared Dubin on the rise of the ball screen set by guards. Marc Stein on the urge to root for Markelle Fultz. Tracy Morgan doesn’t usually get into sports rumors on but he has a juicy rumor that the Knicks might hire Mark Jackson to take over as head coach. Dan Devine on Giannis Antetokounmpo’s encore season. Holy smokes, Evansville (coached by Walter McCarty) beat No. 1 Kentucky. The Nets’ new CEO lasted two months. Also, the Nets aren’t very good right now. Darius Soriano on the problems that Rajon Rondo can help solve for the Lakers. This on-camera ice cream theft is a) 100% a set-up and b) flawlessly executed nonetheless. It sounds like Paul George will be back on Thursday. This is a highlight of Matisse Thybulle playing defense against a rookie, Darius Garland, that doesn’t end in a steal, strip, or block, but a double crossover dusting by Garland. Basketball! Be excellent to each other.
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4 NFL teams that should be panicking the most this week
The Cowboys have lost three one-score games so far in 2019. The Dallas coaches are failing their players (like always), the Saints looked lifeless against the Falcons, and the Bills fall apart against good teams. Also, what’s wrong with Saquon Barkley? After a week dominated by upsets, there are a lot of teams panicking around the NFL. Let’s start with the Cowboys, who shot themselves in the foot repeatedly Sunday night. It wasn’t hard to see what was working for Dallas. Dak Prescott was cooking the Vikings while Ezekiel Elliott couldn’t do much of anything. Prescott finished with 397 passing yards, three touchdowns, and only threw an interception on a Hail Mary as time expired. Elliott only finished with 47 rushing yards on 20 attempts. So who did the Cowboys trust when the game was on the line? Elliott, of course. With just under five minutes left and the Vikings leading 28-24, the Cowboys needed to go 94 yards for a game-winning touchdown. Seven of the first eight plays of the drive were pass plays and Prescott completed six of them for 79 yards. Just like that, the Cowboys were 11 yards away from the end zone. Then Elliott was stuffed for no gain and dropped for a 3-yard loss on back-to-back plays. A fourth-down pass to Elliott fell incomplete and the Vikings took over on downs. Whyyy are the Cowboys coaches so stubborn about forcing square pegs into round holes? It’s important to have a game plan and it’s good to have offensive balance. But coaching is also about making adjustments and adapting to the flow of the game. Dallas, now 5-4, hasn’t had that and it’s losing winnable games as a consequence. The Cowboys played the Saints without Drew Brees, the Packers without Davonte Adams and the Vikings without Adam Thielen and lost them all.— Ed Werder (@WerderEdESPN) November 11, 2019 Jason Garrett’s job security has been called into question many times before, but he may finally get the boot if a roster with a top-10 offense and top-10 defense can’t win a subpar NFC East in 2019. Panic index: The division is still right in front of the Cowboys. They’re tied for the lead with the Eagles and have a rematch with Philadelphia coming just before Christmas. It’s hard to trust Garrett and his staff not to screw things up, but the Cowboys are plenty talented enough to win in spite of them anyway. The Saints’ offense couldn’t do anything against the FALCONS Uh, what the heck, Saints? They were 7-1, a double-digit favorite, coming off a bye, playing at home, and facing a 1-7 team on a six-game losing streak who looked worse every week. And then they let the Falcons dunk on them all afternoon in an embarrassing 26-9 loss. Even with their elite offensive line, the Saints allowed a defense that had seven sacks all season take down their 40-year-old quarterback six times. They were called for 12 penalties, six of them gifting the Falcons a first down. They were flagged for hands to the face four times. Was everyone in New Orleans still “LSU beat Bama” drunk? There’s really no explaining Sunday’s result in the Superdome. The Saints were outplayed in every way on both sides of the ball. Most worrisome was the offense, which couldn’t find the end zone at home for the first time in the Drew Brees era. The Falcons were giving up 31.3 points per game — third-worst in the league — and the Saints managed just three measly field goals. Their running game was nearly nonexistent (52 yards on 11 carries). The usual solid third-down offense converted just 3 of 12 attempts. They were 0 for 3 in the red zone. Some of these issues aren’t new, either. For the season, New Orleans has scored touchdowns on just 48.5 percent of its red zone trips, or sliiiiightly better than Freddie Kitchens’ Browns, who start playing their own version of “the floor is lava” game with the end zone whenever they get too close to the goal line. This was also the fourth time this season the Saints have scored under 14 points — but the first time they’ve done it with a healthy Brees the entire game. Last season, their offense slowed down as the season wore on, and it ended up catching up to them in the playoffs. This year, it might have caught up to them earlier. This is the type of game a contender can’t afford to lose, especially considering it could be the difference between a top seed in the playoffs and having to play on Wild Card Weekend. Panic index: Anything can happen in a rivalry as big as Saints-Falcons. Most of us didn’t expect, y’know, the two teams to swap bodies, but that’s apparently what happened in Week 10. Still, don’t discount Atlanta’s effort; the Falcons are loaded with talent and looked like they used their bye week to actually prepare, unlike the Saints. In that sense, this game could simply serve a reminder to the Saints to take each opponent seriously. Just like the Packers the week before, the loss could’ve been the letdown game that happens to pretty much every team once a year. Even if the offense remains inconsistent, they still have Michael Thomas (152 receiving yards against the Falcons) and an offensive line that should be healthier in their next game than it was Sunday. They also have a strong defense that has been able to carry the team this season, despite the loss to a still-potent Falcons offense. Going forward, their biggest defensive concern should be on the status of Marshon Lattimore, who left the game in the second quarter with a hamstring injury. He had shut down Julio Jones prior to that and as soon as he exited, Jones ripped off a 54-yard gain. They’ll need their star corner to get healthy while they continue to vie for homefield advantage in the playoffs. The Bills’ defense can’t do it all Buffalo ranks third in the NFL in scoring defense (16.7 points per game). It ranks third in the NFL in yards allowed. Opponents have only scored seven passing touchdowns through nine games. Despite all this, the Bills have yet to win a game against a team with a winning record. The six teams they’ve beaten are a combined 12-44. They spent Week 10 shutting down the Browns in the red zone time after time — Cleveland turned its first two trips to the Buffalo goal line into three total points — and still lost when Stephen Hauschka’s 53-yard game-tying field goal try sliced just barely to the left of the uprights. How’d that happen? An offense that hasn’t ranked in the top 10 in yards gained in a full season since 2000 remained mired in its mediocrity. Josh Allen, the 2018 top-10 pick whose progress as a quarterback has been a slow trudge to respectability, completed just 22 of 41 passes and failed to throw a single completion in the red zone (0-4). Devin Singletary, who’d spent Week 9 outshining two different future Hall of Famers en route to 140 yards from scrimmage, had just eight carries and three catches for a unit that never found its rhythm against a defense that ranked 23rd in points allowed before Sunday. The Bills have a more efficient offense than the Patriots — their 5.3 yards per play is slightly better than New England’s 5.2 — but there’s little trust they can kick that group into gear when it desperately needs points. Panic index: The Bills have scored just 12.3 points per game against opponents with non-losing records this fall. If that doesn’t change, they’ll either be one half of a mostly unwatchable Wild Card Round game or miss the postseason for the second straight season. The Giants might need to shut down Saquon Barkley We’re halfway through the NFL season, and 2018 Offensive Rookie of the Year Saquon Barkley has had just two games with over 100 rushing yards — in the first two weeks of the season. The Giants’ star running back missed three weeks beginning in late September due to a high ankle sprain, and hasn’t looked the same since returning on Oct. 20 against the Cardinals. His worst performance of his career came Sunday against the Jets, when he rushed for 1 yard — yes, one yard — on 13 carries: Saquon Barkley finished today's game with 1 rushing yard on 13 carries.Not only is this his career low in rushing yards, it's the fewest rushing yards by any non-QB on 10+ carries since Reggie Bush had -5 yards on 11 carries in a Week 9, 2006 win over the Buccaneers.#NYGvsNYJ— NFL Research (@NFLResearch) November 10, 2019 After the game he received X-rays, but insisted this week he’s OK. Although reporters asked Barkley and head coach Pat Shurmur if the running back if he intends on sitting out the rest of the season, that doesn’t seem to be the plan for now. “I do not agree with that idea at all ... The mindset of sitting me out and resting me for the rest of the season is beyond me. I do not agree with it and it won’t happen. I’m going to keep going until I can’t go anymore. That’s the type of player I am and I’m going to do it for my teammates,” Barkley said via Big Blue View. Shurmur added that he has “absolutely not” considered shutting Barkley down for the season, so it appears the two are on the same page for now. But does it really make sense for a 2-8 team to keep playing Barkley if he’s not 100 percent? Panic Index: The good news for Barkley is that the Giants have a bye this upcoming week, so that gives him a great opportunity to get healthy before the Nov. 24 game against the Bears. If he’s healthy and Barkley feels good enough to keep playing, then the Giants should. After all, they need some kind of spark. Quarterback Daniel Jones has 13 fumbles this season, while backup running back Wayne Gallman has just 109 rushing yards. The offensive line has looked bad and has been banged up. Sterling Shepard has only played four games due to concussions and tight end Evan Engram is dealing with a foot injury. If Barkley doesn’t look much better after the bye, that might give the team more of an incentive to consider sitting him, though. At the very least that’d let him get healthy, and could give the Giants a high draft pick so they can get some OL or another playmaker for the future.
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Adam Savage on Juggling and How Obsession Makes You Smarter
Genius is a myth, the former MythBusters cohost believes. You get smarter by investing time and energy in something you love.
Gregg Jarrett on impeachment hearings: Presumption of Ukraine quid pro quo is 'junk,' not evidence
The presumption of a quid pro quo is junk and not evidence that would hold up in court, Fox News legal analyst Gregg Jarrett said Wednesday.
Build your own A-Frame cabin for "around $8,000"
At Field Mag, Andrew Szeto explains the fundamentals of building a basic A-Frame cabin. He writes that you can get it done for about $8,000, not including land. The most major lesson learned is I should have gone bigger. Don't get me wrong, the cabin is awesome, but heck, an extra 5-10 feet in both directions would have been a game changer and made it a little more habitable. But to see a thing you built come to life is the greatest gift you can give yourself in my opinion. A strong theme is not to go cheap on materials: don't use thin plywood for the interior, don't use polycarbonate roofing, don't build without properly levelling the land under it. Read the rest
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Gaza death toll rises to 21 as Israel confronts militant rocket fire
Islamic Jihad fire 250 rockets at Israel from strip in heaviest fighting for monthsTwo days of Israeli airstrikes against Palestinian Islamic Jihad militants have killed 21 people in Gaza, in some of the heaviest fighting for months that resulted in widespread bombardment and more than 250 rockets launched from the strip.Following a brief overnight lull, the violence restarted on Wednesday morning as Islamic Jihad launched further salvos and Israel vowed to retaliate with a round of attacks. The exchange began after Israel carried out two assassination attempts on Tuesday. Continue reading...
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Yu Darvish receives apologies after Houston Astros cheating allegations surface
Yu Darvish lasted just 3 1/3 innings and allowed eight runs in two horrendous starts -- including the winner-take-all Game 7 -- while pitching for the Los Angeles Dodgers during the 2017 World Series, his putrid performance making him an easy scapegoat and target for fan derision.
India to use hydrogen-based fuel as Delhi pollution continues
Judges criticise government for failing to prevent noxious conditions around capitalThe Indian government has said it intends to use hydrogen-based fuel technology to help combat pollution, as Delhi was once again enveloped in “severe emergency” levels of smog.Pollution levels in the capital peaked to dangerously high levels just over a week after the city endured its longest spell of hazardous air quality since public records began. Continue reading...
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UBS boss Ermotti says too-small European banks must consolidate
UBS Group Chief Executive Sergio Ermotti on Wednesday said banking consolidation, especially in Europe, is unavoidable in coming years as institutions must achieve critical mass to remain competitive.
Man who smuggled overweight cat into plane cabin stripped of frequent flyer status
Passenger Mikhael Galin was stripped of his Aeroflot frequent flyer membership when a viral Facebook post showed that he had smuggled his overweight cat, Viktor, into the cabin of a flight from Moscow to Vladivostock.
McCluskey tells Corbyn to defy calls to extend freedom of movement
Unite leader also urges shadow cabinet to keep quiet about second Brexit referendumLatest election news - live updatesJeremy Corbyn’s key union supporter, Unite’s Len McCluskey, has told the Labour leader that victory in the general election means winning over the party’s traditional working-class supporters with a tough line on free movement of workers.In a Guardian interview, the Unite general secretary said shadow cabinet members should not upset Labour’s carefully crafted Brexit position during the election and that he would oppose any attempts to extend free movement as voted for at the party’s annual conference in Brighton. Continue reading...
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American farmers have been crushed by Trump's trade war with China. That's about to change.
Scott Olson/Getty Images American farmers, particularly soybean farmers, have been whacked by the US-China trade war. Soybeans were a huge export from the US to China, but tariffs were imposed by Beijing on American goods, including the crop. But now a combination of factors leading to lower soybean supplies, including bad weather and a potential easing of tensions between the US and China, could boost their fortunes. Sal Gilbertie is the president, CEO, chief investment officer, and founder of Teucrium Trading. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. A continued media theme throughout the trade war is the supposed devastation hitting the US farm belt from a drop in Chinese demand for American farm goods. In turn, this has sparked warnings that political support for President Donald Trump is fading faster in the region than a mountain sunset.   But new data shows that things may be turning around for the farm belt, which could be a good sign for the president. See the rest of the story at Business InsiderNOW WATCH: 9 items to avoid buying at CostcoSee Also:For the good of America, Mike Pompeo should step down as secretary of stateRepublicans should face reality: It's time for President PenceUber needs to buy Lyft to survive
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Ford converted its transit cargo van into a tiny home just for Europeans, and it's the latest proof that Europe's love affair with Ford is mutual
Peter Dench/Getty Images Ford unveiled its latest motorhome, The Big Nugget, in the summer of 2019, and it will be released to just the European market in 2020. It's the latest proof that Ford has a lot of love for Europe, and the feeling is mutual.  Ford fan clubs, blogs, and memorabilia collections are popular in Europe. Meet some of Ford's megafans and see how the love affair has blossomed. Visit for more stories. The Big Nugget is Ford’s latest campervan that was presented in summer 2019 and will launch in spring 2020 to the European market. Ford Source: Ford This is the fourth motorhome that Ford has released to Europe... Ford Source: Ford ...and it’s proof that Europe can’t get enough of Ford either. Peter Dench/Getty Images Source: MSN See the rest of the story at Business InsiderSee Also:I flew nonstop domestic economy on both American Airlines and JetBlue to see which was better, and JetBlue had a slight edgeHow to rent a car with your Costco membershipThe world's biggest cruise ship has robot bartenders, a water slide with a 92-foot drop, and a nine-story zip-line — here's what it looks likeSEE ALSO: Ford built a Transit van called Nugget that doubles as a tiny home that can sleep up to 4 people DON'T MISS: Corvettes and Mustangs are some of the hottest cars money can buy — here's how they compare
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Douglas Hodge: 'I almost had to head-butt Harold Pinter'
He’s the musicals maestro who’s now starring in everything from Joker to Gemini Man. He reveals how he went from working men’s clubs to Hollywood – via a Pinteresque spell in theatreThere’s no escaping Douglas Hodge. Go to the cinema and he’s there in Joker, as Alfred Pennyworth, future butler to Batman; in Gemini Man, as Will Smith’s old Marine Corps buddy; and in The Report with Adam Driver, as one of the architects of post-9/11 torture techniques. On television this year, he reprised his role in Catastrophe as Ashley Jensen’s rapacious, belligerent bit on the side, and he’ll be seen next month in the second season of the Netflix adventure Lost in Space.Add to that a brace of barnstorming theatrical ringmasters – Willy Wonka in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and the drag queen Albin in La Cage aux Folles, for which he won a Tony and an Olivier – and it’s inarguable that the 59-year-old is one of the most versatile performers working today. Continue reading...
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Real Madrid is reportedly considering spending more than half a billion dollars to snatch PSG's 20-year-old French forward Kylian Mbappe away from Barcelona
Getty/TF Images Real Madrid is reportedly interested in spending more than half a billion dollars to keep Kylian Mbappe away from FC Barcelona's squad. Barca has been pondering a move for the 20-year-old next summer as a replacement for Luis Suarez, according to Mundo Deportivo. However, Le Parisien reports Madrid will offer Paris Saint-Germain $441 million to bring Mbappe to the Santiago Bernabeu. When the projected transfer fee is added to his current $23.2 million annual wages, the total cost could surpass way past the half billion mark. Read more of our soccer coverage here. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. Real Madrid is reportedly willing to spend more than half a billion dollars to keep Kylian Mbappe away from FC Barcelona, its main rival. The Paris Saint Germain forward, 20, has recently been linked with a move to the Camp Nou next summer, with Mundo Deportivo reporting that the Catalan club could be lining him up as a replacement for Luis Suarez.See the rest of the story at Business InsiderNOW WATCH: 5 things about the NFL that football fans may not knowSee Also:One of the foremost authorities in Spanish football says Lionel Messi could leave Barcelona next summer. Here's why he's wrongAn 18-year-old scored 3 goals for Real Madrid, emphasizing why everybody's calling him the next big thing in Brazilian footballLionel Messi failed to register a goal or assist at home in the Champions League for the first time in 7 years, and Slavia Prague players weren't happy with his behaviour after the matchSEE ALSO: These are the 20 best young soccer players on the planet right now
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Carly Rae Jepsen lights up health care gala at The Met
The pop star sang three songs, including “Now That I Found You” and “Emotion,” though we’re told she left attendees wanting more.
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