How to Close Off Your Home's 'Open Concept' Now That You Hate It

It’s what every show on HGTV had brainwashed you into believing you wanted: An open floor plan. The appeal was clear. Homes with open floor plans feel bigger, brighter and more airy. Plus, if you’re a parent of little kids, that open concept meant you could keep an eye on the kiddos while making dinner. Every parent’s…


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Patrick Shanahan withdraws as Defense secretary nominee
​Acting Defense Secretary Patrick Shanahan has withdrawn his nomination from confirmation to lead the Pentagon, President Trump tweeted on Tuesday. “Acting Secretary of Defense Patrick Shanahan, who has done a wonderful job, has decided not to go forward with his confirmation process so that he can devote more time to his family​,” the president said...
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New York Post
Teen who lost leg in shark attack begged God to let her live
The North Carolina teen who lost her leg and two fingers in a brutal shark attack recalled every moment of the horrifying incident — and her desperate prayers for her life to be spared — in a new interview. Paige Winter, 17, was swimming with her sister and brother at Fort Macon State Park on...
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New York Post
‘Mean Girls’ star Jonathan Bennett’s Pride tank tops are totally fetch
Get in loser, we're going to Pride!
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New York Post
Ryan Lochte and wife Kayla Rae Reid welcome second child
Lochte and Reid are also proud parents to son Caiden.
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New York Post
What Destiny 2 content will be free in the fall with New Light?
Where can you go and what can you earn? Continue reading…
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Microsoft joins Hyperledger blockchain technology community
Microsoft is joining the Hyperledger open source community for blockchain projects today, the latest move by a tech giant toward blockchain applications.
VentureBeat | Tech News That Matters
Zendaya’s new red hair pays homage to ‘Spider-Man’
Talk about getting into character.
New York Post
Child support payments vary wildly from state to state
Moving from Massachusetts to Vermont could lessen your monthly child support payment from $1,187 to $519
CBS News - Breaking News, U.S., World, Business, Entertainment & Video
Shanahan Drops Out Of Running For Defense Secretary
The acting defense secretary "has decided not to go forward with his confirmation process," according to a tweet by President Trump.
News : NPR
Giant wolf’s head found in permafrost may have been cut off by ancient hunters
Scientists are investigating whether a giant, 40,000-year-old wolf’s head found perfectly preserved beneath Siberian permafrost could have been chopped off by hunters. The severed head was found above the Arctic Circle by local man Pavel Efimov a year ago but was only announced by researchers studying the Ice Age mammal last week. They are now...
New York Post
Bella Hadid apologizes after being accused of racism
The hashtag #BellaHadidIsRacist was trending on Twitter Monday.
New York Post
Goals Soccer Centres hires advisers to explore potential sale
Mike Ashley-backed pitch hire operator is continuing to assess its options over unpaid VAT billGoals Soccer Centres, the struggling five-a-side football pitch operator backed by the retail billionaire Mike Ashley, has appointed advisers to look for a possible buyer, as discussions continue with tax authorities over an unpaid VAT bill.In a statement on Tuesday, Goals said it was engaging Deloitte to work alongside its current advisers and lenders in assessing its future corporate options. Continue reading...
US news | The Guardian
Trump trades scrappy 2016 effort for a 2020 behemoth
The president prepares to launch his re-election campaign Tuesday night.
Stewart survives as Raab eliminated from Tory leadership race
Boris Johnson enters TV debate as leading contender with 126 votes from second MPs’ ballotFollow the latest developments - liveDominic Raab has been eliminated from the contest to be Britain’s next prime minister after the second round of voting by Conservative MPs, but the outsider Rory Stewart will go forward.As expected, Boris Johnson topped the poll, the 126 votes he garnered cementing his lead over rivals and underlining the sense that his progress to Downing Street is now all but unstoppable. Continue reading...
US news | The Guardian
To combat vaping, Nebraska school district will randomly test students for nicotine
"It's a huge problem, and right now, I think it's new enough that we're being very naive to think that more kids aren't doing it," the superintendent of Fairbury public schools said.
NBC News - Breaking News & Top Stories - Latest World, US & Local News
Wall St. pushes higher on trade hopes, dovish Fed bets
Wall Street's main indexes rallied on Tuesday, with the S&P 500 inching close to record levels, as President Donald Trump's comments on restarting trade talks with China added to optimism of a more accommodative Federal Reserve.
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Florida property-tax auction winner didn't realize he was bidding on a 12"-wide strip between two houses
A combination of hubris (failing to heed the stern warnings that bidders should only participate if they know what they're doing), cryptic annotations and confusing illustrations resulted in a bidder buying a 12" wide, 100' long strip between two properties in Broward County, Florida -- an odd parcel that had been formerly owned by the developer, who folded and stopped paying tax on it, sending it to the auction. The buyer thought he was buying the "villa" next to the property, which is valued at $200,000; apparently so did the other bidders in the auction, who bid up the strip of grass to $9100. All sales in the auction are final, but the buyer is trying to get out of his purchase. On the other hand, it is strange that this piece of turf was ever defined as a separate “parcel” at all. It seems more likely there was a mistake in defining the adjacent parcels, and this strip was just left over. According to the report, it still belonged to the subdivision’s developer until that company dissolved and stopped paying the taxes. The unhappy buyer apparently has some internal memos in which county officials ponder the oddity of selling a 1′ x 100′ strip of land that runs under someone else’s building, but they decided the relevant statutes required them to put it up for auction. So far as I can tell, nothing in the statutes precluded them from adding a little note about the weird circumstances here, but they chose not to do that. Read the rest
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Mindy Kaling Turned Down Her “Dream” Job at ‘Saturday Night Live’ to Stay at ‘The Office’
"It was really a life-changing thing. I think the course of my career would have gone really differently."
New York Post
More electric car charging networks link up with roaming agreements
More companies sign bilateral agreements, but there's an even better solution out there.
Ars Technica
Oil climbs 3% on hopes U.S.-China trade talks resume, Mideast tension
Oil prices rose more than $1 a barrel on Tuesday after U.S. President Donald Trump said he would hold an extensive meeting with Chinese President Xi Jinping at the G20 summit later this month.
Trump tweets Shanahan has withdrawn from consideration as defense secretary
President Donald Trump has tweeted that Acting Secretary of Defense Patrick Shanahan as withdrawn himself from the confirmation process.
ABC News: Top Stories
Domino’s Pizza will test driverless delivery cars
In the near future, a driverless, autonomous vehicle might be responsible for your next pizza delivery. On Monday, Domino’s Pizza announced that it’s teamed up with robotics company Nuro to experiment with autonomous pizza delivery in Houston using a custom vehicle called the R2 that Nuro has built for exactly this purpose. Later this year,...
New York Post
Brexit campaigner Boris Johnson advances on Britain's top job
Brexit campaigner Boris Johnson advanced on the prize of Britain's top political job on Tuesday, winning 126 votes in the second round of a contest to replace Prime Minister Theresa May.
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Al Roker and Deborah Roberts’ son wins big at NY Special Olympics
Al Roker and Deborah Roberts' 17-year-old son, Nick Roker, won two gold medals during his first appearance in New York's Special Olympics over the weekend.
New York Post
Study: Obesity rate falling for preschoolers who receive food aid
Obesity rates dropped steadily to about 14% in 2016 — the latest data available — from 16% in 2010, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported
CBS News - Breaking News, U.S., World, Business, Entertainment & Video
Commercial space companies have received $7.2 billion in government investment since 2000
Early investments from a government agency, like NASA or the Air Force, can be a crucial step in the evolution of commercial space companies from scrappy startups to successful businesses. That’s according to a new report from Space Angels, an investment firm focused on the space industry, which quantified how much money government agencies have invested in private aerospace firms over the last 18 years. The analysis reveals just how important a role the government still plays in the private space industry. It found that early public investment can sometimes be the difference between life and death for a company. “I think it’s really important for people to recognize that it isn’t just the private sector deciding to do something,” Chad Anderson, CEO of Space Angels, tells The Verge. “The government has played a key role in the development of entrepreneurial space companies.” “The government has played a key role in the development of entrepreneurial space companies.” Space Angels made the report at the request of NASA, as the agency wanted to know just how its investments over the last couple of decades have affected the private sector. Ultimately, Space Angels found that 67 space companies received a total of $7.2 billion in investments from the government between 2000 and 2018. And about 93 percent of that investment went into companies dedicated to launching rockets. “It’s no surprise,” says Anderson. “Government funding has been directed at reducing the barriers to entry, and the biggest barrier in the beginning is launch.” The report highlights SpaceX as a prime example of how early government investment contributed to the success of a company. During its first decade of operation, SpaceX operated off of $1 billion, and about half of that money came from government contracts from NASA, according to the Space Angels report. Musk notably thanked NASA for the agency’s support after SpaceX launched its very first Dragon cargo capsule to the International Space Station in 2012. “They didn’t do this alone,” says Anderson. “They couldn’t have done it without the help of NASA.” The total value of U.S. public funding received by entrepreneurial space companies from 2000 through 2018 was $7.2B across 67 companies. Check out our new report on government support on the space economy: @SpaceX @Vector @Astrobotic @MadeInSpace— Space Angels (@SpaceAngels) June 17, 2019 There are also many space companies that haven’t received public investment yet. Space Angels estimates there are 375 companies within the private space industry, which have received a combined $19 billion in private funding since 2009. And there are at least 123 companies that have registered for a DUNS number — a requirement for getting public funding — but have yet to get government investment. Anderson notes that there are downsides to working with the government, which is why some may not pursue such partnerships. Among other issues, DOD or NASA requirements might be too cumbersome for a small company, or the goals of government programs could take resources away from a startup’s focus. However, the report focuses on many of the government investment programs that have worked the best, such as NASA and the Department of Defense’s Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) and Small Business Technology Transfer (STTR) initiatives. Both SBIR and STTR have given money to small entrepreneurial companies in their earliest stages and as a result, these businesses have attracted additional private investment. “This is helping us steer us towards program and funding mechanisms that really work,” says Anderson. “So let’s use this data to help influence policy and help influence funding decisions at NASA.” “This is helping us steer us towards program and funding mechanisms that really work.” Anderson argues that since most NASA and DOD investments have gone to launch-focused companies up until now, it may be time for these agencies to branch out more into other areas of space business. He notes that we are seeing some of that with NASA’s CLPS program, which just awarded contracts to three private space companies building robotic spacecraft that can take instruments to the surface of the Moon. Anderson argues that this is a prime example of how the government can jump-start new models of business that don’t have a very clear way of making money yet. “The government plays a larger role in new markets where there’s not as much economic incentive,” says Anderson. “And then once that economic incentive starts to develop, that’s when the private sector can come in and take over.” But ultimately, Space Angels makes the case that if you’re going to work in space, you’re going to cross paths with the public sector at some point. So getting investment from the government may be in a company’s best interest. “You can’t do business in space without the government,” says Anderson. “They’re involved in some way or another.”
The Verge
Ruth Bader Ginsburg earns MTV Movie & TV Award
RBG had some tough competition in the category — including Serena Williams
CBS News - Breaking News, U.S., World, Business, Entertainment & Video
Cannibalistic crabs eat their own kind
Two spider crabs resorted to cannibalism in Port Phillip Bay, Australia. Watch the haunting video as the live crabs use their pincers to pull apart the remains of another crab.   Subscribe to our YouTube.
New York Post
Google’s ninth attempt at a messaging service will be based on RCS
Google's RCS service will launch in the UK and France later this month.
Ars Technica
UK settles £1.3bn claim by Iranian bank over trade ban damages
In 2014 supreme court ruled sanctions on Bank Mellat had been unlawful The UK government has made a last minute out-of-court deal to settle a £1.3bn damages claim made by an Iranian bank over a UK trading ban. The undisclosed settlement to Bank Mellat on the eve of what was expected to be a five-week trial raises questions about how big the UK taxpayer’s bill is likely to be, as well as how the UK will transfer the payment to circumvent the comprehensive sanctions regime imposed by the US, which affects the bank. Continue reading...
US news | The Guardian
Shanahan steps
Shanahan, Trump said, "has decided not to go forward with his confirmation process so that he can devote more time to his family."
NBC News - Breaking News & Top Stories - Latest World, US & Local News
4 Indiana state officials, employees sue attorney general, claim sexual harassment
The four women — three Democrats and one Republican — allege the state attorney general groped them at an annual party marking the end of the legislative session.
NBC News - Breaking News & Top Stories - Latest World, US & Local News
Pompeo: Trump doesn't want war with Iran
Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said President Trump does not want war with Iran, adding that the Iranians are being "woefully misled" by the country's leaders.
Study finds loads of drivers ignore their check engine lights
One in seven motorists is driving around with a potentially serious issue in their vehicle, according to new research. From mysterious rattles to burnt-out headlights and fluid leaks – it’s perhaps no surprise that two in five drivers feel it’s ‘just a matter of time’ before their vehicle breaks down. A study examining the diagnostic...
New York Post
Caroline Wozniacki enjoys ‘mini moon’ with new husband David Lee
The newlyweds exchanged vows in Italy on Saturday.
New York Post
David Ortiz's condition upgraded to 'good,' his wife says
David Ortiz's condition has been upgraded to "good" by doctors more than a week after the former Boston Red Sox star was shot in the Dominican Republic, his wife said Tuesday.
Trump says Shanahan out of confirmation process to be defense secretary
President Donald Trump said Tuesday that acting Defense Secretary Patrick Shanahan has "decided not to go forward with his confirmation process." - RSS Channel
How to Block Annoying Spam Calls and Texts In Android Nougat
Android wants to keep you and spammy callers as far away from each other as possible. When you block a number in Android’s settings, it’s blocked for all apps on your phone forever and without having to go through your network provider. While Google introduced the ability to block numbers on a few years ago in…Read more...
3 things to watch for from the Federal Reserve on Wednesday
Investors increasingly expect the central bank to cut interest rates for the first time since 2008
CBS News - Breaking News, U.S., World, Business, Entertainment & Video
Watch this owl's incredibly precise flying
Not only are owls incredibly agile flyers, they're also silently stealthy. (r/NatureIsFuckingLit) Owl through legs (full speed) Read the rest
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YouTuber known for 'shitty robots' turns Tesla Model 3 into pickup truck
Why wait on Elon Musk to deliver your perfect vehicle when you can just make one yourself? YouTuber and inventor Simone Giertz needed a truck to carry materials for her creations, but didn't want a gas-guzzling pickup. So the 28-year-old robotics ent...
Engadget | Technology News, Advice and Features
Venezuelan prosecutor: Opposition leader linked to crimes
Venezuela’s chief prosecutor is accusing opposition leader Juan Guaidó of being the author of an alleged corruption scheme
Shanahan Withdraws as Defense Secretary Nominee
President Trump on Tuesday pulled the nomination of Patrick Shanahan to be the permanent defense secretary, saying on Twitter that Mr. Shanahan would devote more time to his family.
NYT > Home Page
Pandora is being sued for showing Tom Petty song lyrics
Music publishing company Wixen has sued Pandora for displaying lyrics from Wixen artists — who include Tom Petty, Rage Against the Machine, and Weezer. Wixen’s suit claims that the internet radio service knowingly used the lyrics “without any valid license or authorization.” It’s the second major lawsuit that Wixen has recently filed against a streaming music company, following a now-settled $1.6 billion lawsuit against Spotify. As explained on its website, Pandora shows lyrics beneath some songs on both mobile and desktop. It’s done so since 2009, partnering with licensing companies like LyricFind for the rights. But Wixen says those rights didn’t include its clients’ work. It alleges that Pandora knew about this, in part because Wixen apparently notified the company in early 2018. While the complaint states that Pandora did take some of the lyrics down last month, it calls the delay a sign of “willful and deliberate” copyright infringement. Short Skirt / unauthorized lyrics reproduction Wixen previously sued Spotify over the complicated issue of “mechanical licenses,” based on a convoluted legal framework that’s since been changed. But lyrics licensing is a separate issue. The Pandora suit claims infringement over roughly 100 songs, including Cake’s “Short Skirt/Long Jacket,” The Doors’ “Riders on the Storm,” and Tom Petty’s “It’s Good to be King” and “Mary Jane’s Last Dance.” If Wixen prevails in this suit, the company could seek damages of up to $150,000 per song. Pandora’s parent company Sirius XM didn’t immediately respond to a request for comment. LyricFind, which is not a party to the lawsuit, also didn’t immediately confirm the songs’ licensing status. Lyric sites like Genius have skirmished with publishers over the past several years; Genius suggested that the reprints could be defended as fair use but ultimately struck deals with record labels. In turn, Genius recently accused Google of “stealing” its lyrics, based on a watermarking pattern that spelled out “red handed” in Morse code. It’s not clear that this actually matters legally, however, since both sites pay licensing fees and neither owns the song rights. By contrast, this allegation against Pandora — that it simply doesn’t have a licensing deal with Wixen — is a more straightforward copyright infringement question. Wixen v. Pandora by Adi Robertson on Scribd
The Verge
Amazon shows a 43% price difference in the same item shipped to the same address, but to a different account
Internet Archive founder Brewster Kahle (who also founded the company Alexa, now an Amazon division) ordered a pack of Sharpies from Amazon using the Internet Archive's business account, then, minutes later, ordered another pack using his personal account, both to be delivered to the Internet Archive: the order for the Internet Archive was priced at $8.63, while the personal order was priced at $12.37. According to Kahle, the price difference is a feature, not a bug: businesses who pay extra for Business Prime ($179/year versus $99 for non-business Prime) get significant discounts on some items. I have Business Prime and I see the price as $12.63 whether in a logged in tab, or in private browsing mode. Below are the receipt for the Internet Archive, offer to me, and offer to my home business account (same price as the Internet Archive). Turns out I stumbled upon “Business Pricing.” It’s a “feature.” Business Prime costs $179/year, as opposed to consumer Prime for $99/year. Charging Me 43% More Than Another Customer [Brewster Kahle] Read the rest
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Trump puts Army secretary in charge of Pentagon after Shanahan drops out of contention for SecDef
Cannes Lions 2019: Yacht watch
In the fine nautical tradition of Cannes Lions, a host of media companies have once again this year sunk a fortune into yachts to dazzle, entertain and inebriate festival-goers.
New York Post
Man charged with killing his dad during Father’s Day argument
A Miami ex-con allegedly killed his dad on Father’s Day, authorities said. Marcus Sakers, 32, was charged with second-degree murder after cops said he shot his 60-year-old father, Fedel Ezekiel Peake, as they wrestled on the ground following a heated argument late Sunday, police told the Miami Herald. “You shot me,” Peake told Sakers before...
New York Post