ΗΠΑ: Σε «ανθρωποκτονία» οφειλόταν ο θάνατος του Τζορτζ Φλόιντ σύμφωνα με την ιατροδικαστική έκθεση

Για ανθρωποκτονία κάνει λόγο η έκθεση της ιατροδικαστικής υπηρεσίας της κομητείας Χένεπιν μετά τη νεκροψία-νεκροτομή στη σορό του 46χρονου Αφροαμερικανού…
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Dodgers' absences from training camp without explanation grows to seven players
Pitchers Tony Gonsolin and Scott Alexander and catcher Keibert Ruiz join four other Dodgers who have not participated in training camp without an explanation.
Nets will look unrecognizable in Orlando as more players opt out
The Nets are becoming unrecognizable. The already-depleted squad departed for Orlando, Fla., on Tuesday without Spencer Dinwiddie and Taurean Prince, who both won’t participate in the restart to the NBA season after each recorded positive tests for COVID-19. In addition to the absences of Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving and Nic Claxton due to injury, the...
Shohei Ohtani has tough day, but remains optimistic
Over three lackluster innings in an Angels intrasquad game, Shohei Ohtani walked seven batters and struck out one. He gave up one hit.
DeVos calls out 'adults who are fearmongering' over school reopenings: 'Kids have got to continue learning'
Education Secretary Betsy DeVos told "Tucker Carlson Tonight" Tuesday that her department is "seriously considering" withholding federal funding from school districts that do not make a honest effort to bring students back for in-person classes this fall.
Stephen Jackson defends DeSean Jackson’s anti-Semitic posts, blasts Eagles
Former NBA player Stephen Jackson blasted the Eagles for condemning DeSean Jackson’s anti-Semitic social media posts that contained quotes falsely attributed to Adolf Hitler and praise for a political activist notorious for making anti-Semitic remarks. “He’s speaking the truth,” Stephen Jackson said in a series of rants shared to social media. “You know he don’t...
Saucey can deliver wine, beer and spirits to your doorstep in a matter of minutes
We live in an age of instant gratification where everything from our week’s worth of groceries to new books or a wardrobe update are all just one click away from ending up on our doorstep. And more recently, there’s been a new addition to the list of items you can get delivered straight to your...
Keilar pushes Trump official: Sounds like you're okay with economic hit
CNN's Brianna Keilar pushes Acting Deputy Secretary of Homeland Security Ken Cuccinelli on the Trump administration's latest push for international students to leave the US if their colleges or universities institute online-only learning measures.
Jets’ CJ Mosley, Chris Herndon and Marcus Maye need to stay on field
Second of five-part series — a Jets trio of note. Injuries were a major storyline for the 2019 Jets as they seemingly lost players every week. They ended up using a franchise-record 73 players and had 20 players go on injured reserve. They had 11 different starting offensive linemen with three starters each at left...
$150M fund created to research existing drugs for COVID-19 treatment
A Philadelphia genetics expert is raising a $150 million fund to unearth existing drugs that may be capable of battling the coronavirus. The pandemic has exposed glaring weaknesses in the pharmaceutical industry, showing there’s scant investment in researching whether drugs that have already been developed for one kind of illness might be used to treat...
Two people are charged with a hate crime for vandalizing a Black Lives Matter mural
A White man and a White woman who allegedly painted over a California community's Black Lives Matter mural this weekend are facing hate crime charges, the Contra Costa County District Attorney's Office district attorney's office said Tuesday.
This is the dentist-recommended toothbrush you’ve been waiting for
According to the American Dental Association (ADA), brushing teeth twice daily for two minutes is a critical step to good oral health. Not brushing for long enough, using a tough-bristled brush, or overlooking this daily step entirely, can cause harmful conditions such as tooth decay, cavities, bad breath, dry mouth, gum disease, and even oral...
Without vaccine, we'll never reach herd immunity: Scientists
Without vaccine, scientists say it's highly unlikely we'll ever reach herd immunity for the novel coronavirus.
Angels decline to explain absences of as many as 10 players from training camp
It is unknown whether the absent Angels players tested positive for COVID-19. Teams may not reveal that information without permission from players.
Networks offering reality TV stars ‘good-behavior bonuses’ to not slur, feud
"It’s not a high bar.”
Texas blows past daily coronavirus record with 10,000 new cases
The coronavirus continues to spread through Texas as the state nears capacity in its hospitals. Texas has blown past its record for daily new coronavirus cases, reporting 10,028 new cases on Tuesday. The increase marks a continued and steady surge in COVID-19 infections, with the previous daily record of 9,300 new cases recorded on Wednesday,...
‘Bachelor’ alum Cassie Randolph calls out show’s ‘editing’ amid Colton Underwood split: ‘A little irritated’
Cassie Randolph does not seem to be happy with the folks cutting footage of “The Bachelor” following her breakup with former head man Colton Underwood.
Chief Justice John Roberts was hospitalized last month after injuring his head in a fall
Roberts has experienced at least two seizures since the early 1990s, but his doctors determined that was not what caused his fall in June, a court spokeswoman said.
Matchup Set For New Jersey Rep. Van Drew, Who Switched Parties To GOP
Congressman Jeff Van Drew switched parties in opposition to the impeachment inquiry of President Trump. He now faces a challenge from Amy Kennedy, the AP's projected winner of the Democratic primary.
Column: Kicking racists off social media doesn't threaten free speech. It protects it
In the past week, YouTube, Reddit and Facebook have finally learned that there is no glory or romance in being compared to the Wild West.
At least 2 signers of liberal 'cancel culture' letter back away from it
At least two of those who signed the open letter opposing "cancel culture" are now backing away from it.
Mike Greenberg returns, 'Golic & Wingo' out of morning show slot amid ESPN Radio shakeups
Mike Greenberg, who co-hosted network's flagship morning show for 18 years, will be back on ESPN Radio as part of new programming lineup in August.
Man accused of stabbing victim for staring at him in Brooklyn bodega
Police have released surveillance footage showing a suspect stab another man for allegedly staring at him inside a Downtown Brooklyn bodega. The attack occurred last Monday night at about 11:30 p.m. inside Metro Finest Deli on Schermerhorn Street near Bond Street, cops said. The still-at-large male suspect was captured on video stabbing the victim several...
Everything that happened on wild Day 1 of Johnny Depp libel case
Hollywood’s battle royale between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard exploded in a British courtroom Tuesday — with the star blasting his ex as “sociopathic’’ while denying claims he beat her.
Deroy Murdock 'horrified and disgusted' by Kaepernick tweet denouncing July 4 holiday
Fox News contributor Deroy Murdock told "The Story" Tuesday that he was "horrified and disgusted" by Colin Kaepernick's tweet denouncing the Fourth of July over the weekend.
Joe Biden Pledges to Rejoin WHO on 'First Day as President'
Joe Biden, the presumptive Democrat nominee, is pledging to rejoin the World Health Organization (WHO) on his first day in the White House in response to President Donald Trump's announcement that the United States would exit the body.
L.A. County announces plan to fine restaurants that don't comply with COVID-19 health orders
Health officials will be allowed to impose fines or revoke the permits of restaurants caught violating coronavirus guidelines.
Facebook meeting 'disappointing,' says ad boycott organizer
Anti-Defamation League CEO Jonathan Greenblatt tells CNN Business' Donie O'Sullivan that Facebook has a long way to go in its effort to fight hate and discrimination on the platform.
Top US general says Russian bounty intelligence 'wasn't proved' but 'proved enough to worry me'
The top US general overseeing operations in the Middle East and Afghanistan said Tuesday that the intelligence concerning Russian operatives offering bounties to Taliban-linked militants was "very worrisome" but that the information wasn't solid enough to hold up in a court of law.
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Top US general says Russian bounty intelligence 'wasn't proved' but 'proved enough to worry me'
The top US general overseeing operations in the Middle East and Afghanistan said Tuesday that the intelligence concerning Russian operatives offering bounties to Taliban-linked militants was "very worrisome" but that the information wasn't solid enough to hold up in a court of law.
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7 in Portland face federal charges in weekend looting, arson, attacks on officers
Seven people arrested during nighttime riots at the Mark O. Hatfield U.S. Courthouse in Portland are facing federal charges.
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Prince Harry, Prince William to split Princess Diana's memorial fund for charities: report
A new development has been made amid the ongoing divide between Prince Harry and the royal family including his older brother Prince William.
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States Sue Education Department Over Allocation Of Pandemic Funds To Schools
Five states and the District of Columbia have accused the Trump administration of trying to unlawfully divert COVID-19 relief funds from public schools to private schools.
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Trump says the US is in 'good shape,' Cooper has the receipts
President Donald Trump claims the US is in "good shape," as coronavirus cases make record spikes throughout the nation. CNN's Anderson Cooper explains why this isn't true.
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Coronavirus positivity rate: What the term means
From social distancing and self-quarantine to a new take on sheltering in place, our coronavirus vocabulary expands almost daily.
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California man, woman who vandalized Black Lives Matter street mural and dismissed racism face hate crime charges
Nicole Anderson, 42, and David Nelson, 53, have been charged with three misdemeanors after being recorded defacing a Black Lives Matter street mural.       
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Conservatives defend Vox journalist after he's shamed by colleague for signing letter combatting 'cancel culture'
Conservatives are rallying behind Vox journalist Matthew Yglesias after he was publically shamed by one of his colleagues for signing an open letter combatting cancel culture. 
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Dodgers Foundation CEO Nichol Whiteman provides a strong voice for Black women
Nichol Whiteman has engaged in conversations on race with people around her for the first time, becoming more than the successful CEO of the Dodgers Foundation.
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Gravedigger takes Covid-19 more seriously than Brazil's President
Adenilson Costa has worked at the Vila Formosa graveyard for a quarter of a century and he says he has never seen the fresh graves fill up so fast.
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Gravedigger takes Covid-19 more seriously than Bolsonaro
Adenilson Costa has worked at the Vila Formosa graveyard for a quarter of a century and he says he has never seen the fresh graves fill up so fast.
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Texas passes 10,000 confirmed new coronavirus cases in single day
The record partly reflects a lag in testing results from the Fourth of July weekend.
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Billionaire John Paulson rips elite Spence school for ‘anti-white indoctrination’
Paulson is claiming an "alarming pattern" of “anti-white indoctrination” in the ultra-elite Manhattan school's curriculum.
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Chicago toddler beaten to death, man in custody, police say
Chicago police have a man in custody after he allegedly beat a toddler to death on the city’s South Side Tuesday, according to police.
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7/7: Red and Blue
Dr. Fauci warns of complacency over COVID19; U.S. mulling ban on social media app TikTok
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One of Trump's closest Senate allies, Lindsey Graham, breaks with him on several issues
Senator Lindsey Graham, whose Democratic challenger for the Senate raised nearly $14 million between April and June of this year, broke with his close ally President Trump on several issues. Jack Kelly, reporter for The State, joins CBSN with the latest.
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South Dakota governor says she has tested negative for coronavirus after being exposed to top Trump campaign official
Republican South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem said she tested negative for Covid-19 on Tuesday after interacting with Kimberly Guilfoyle, a top Trump campaign aide who tested positive on Friday, and speaking before President Donald Trump at Mount Rushmore last week.
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Real-estate developers won't rename 'plantation' properties at subdivisions in South Carolina, Florida
They say no one has complained about the property names. One said he didn't know if enslaved people worked on the former plantations in the area.       
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Bus driver in France brutally attacked after refusing passengers who didn't wear masks: reports
A French bus driver was declared brain dead Monday after he was attacked by several people he refused to let aboard because they were not wearing face masks, according to media reports. 
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See secret torture site discovered by Dutch police
Authorities in the Netherlands have discovered an apparent torture site hidden inside shipping containers, which were lined with sound-proofing material and filled with presumed torture devices, according to the country's National Prosecutor's Office.
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