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If Our Politicians Could See What We See: A Pediatric Neurosurgeon on Gun Violence

Warning. This is graphic. I still remember those two blood vessels deep in that boy’s brain, shredded by a bullet fired into a crowded playground. The same bullet that blew fragments of one side of the teenager’s skull into his brain on its way in and a larger chunk of skull on the opposite side…
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Detroit homicide clearance rates rise as national rates fall
According to the FBI and the Detroit Police Department, homicide clearance rates in the city have risen as the national average has fallen.
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Cheney 'absolutely confident' in Hutchinson's credibility
In an interview with ABC News, Rep. Liz Cheney (R-WY) said she was "absolutely confident" in the explosive testimony former White House aide Cassidy Hutchinson gave to the January 6 committee.
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CVS removes purchase limits on "Plan B" while other pharmacies keep three-pill order maximum
Pharmacies are seeing a surge in demand for "Plan B" pills after the recent Supreme Court ruling overturning Roe v. Wade. In response, some are limiting the number of pills that each customer can purchase. Sharon Terlep, a reporter for The Wall Street Journal, joins "CBS News Mornings" to explain.
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Biden says the U.S. military is significantly increasing its deployments to Europe
In an attempt to resolve against Russia, President Joe Biden announced more military deployments to NATO allies. Nancy Cordes has the latest on how the military alliance plans to counter Russian aggression.
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Meet the Oklahoma mother uplifting the LGBTQ community one hug at a time
Sara Cunningham founded the nonprofit group "Free Mom Hugs" after her son came out as gay. The organization strives to make sure every member of the LGBTQ community feels the love of a parent.
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Fourth of July fireworks banned in some states over drought, extreme heat
Independence Day fireworks celebrations have been thwarted by a global pandemic in recent years, but 2022 has brought new challenges to the Fourth of July in the form of drought and extreme heat.
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"Магический" древний идол найден в могущественном Чан-Чане
В Перу археологи, проводящие раскопки в руинах древнего мегаполиса Чан-Чан, обнаружили прекрасно сохранившуюся деревянную фигурку, которая использовалась для магических церемоний
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Beyoncé Appears To Join Snapchat Day Before Paid Subscription Launch
Many fans took the opportunity to highlight Beyoncé's alleged private Snapchat account and demanded to see it rather than the new public one.
Comparing Apple's New 35W Dual USB-C Port Compact Power Adapter
Apple released a new charger in conjunction with its new MacBook Air. Let's look at how it stacks up to others.
"Зачарованное озеро" обнаружено на Марсе
Марсоход Perseverance, работающий на Марсе в кратере Джезеро, прислал на Землю первый снимок крупного внеземного водоема, впрочем, давно пересохшего
Biden delivers remarks at end of NATO summit
Watch Live: Joe Biden Holds a Press Conference in Europe After Meeting with NATO
The press conference is scheduled for 8:00 a.m. EST.
Putin Boasts Other World Leaders Look ‘Disgusting’ Fully Naked, Not Hot Like Him
ReutersWhile his soldiers were busy slaughtering civilians in Ukraine this week, Russia’s Vladimir Putin ruminated on what Western leaders would look like naked “above or below the waist.” He concluded it would be a “disgusting sight,” since they don’t stick to the same rigorous physical regime that he does.Commenting on reports of Western leaders cracking jokes about his macho, bare-chested photo-ops at the G7 summit, Putin gleefully dove into the topic during a press conference in Turkmenistan late Wednesday.He told reporters that those same leaders who mocked him would look terrible undressed, regardless of whether they went shirtless or dropped their kit entirely.Read more at The Daily Beast.
Шерлок Холмс и Маргарита. На каких еще литературных героев хотят походить россияне
Группа компаний "ЛитРес" провела среди пользователей опрос и узнала, кого из персонажей книг они считают примерами для подражания
Consumer spending growth slows in May, as higher prices weigh on the economy
Consumer spending has so far been a bright spot in the U.S. economy, even as inflation hits 40-year highs. But household spending slowed in May, compared to April.
Biden’s Approval Rating Plumbs New Depths
Lots of factors, especially inflation, likely account for the president’s unpopularity. Is there any realistic chance of recovery?
'I am Jane Doe #9 in The R.Kelly Trial—His Sentence Means I Didn't Suffer in Vain'
I used his first name in my victim impact statement. I was speaking to Robert. Saying: Robert, you did this. And you need help, in jail.
Россияне набросились на упрощенные Lada Granta
Спрос на упрощенные Lada Granta вырос втрое за пять дней
Meghan's Entering Politics Not 'Ludicrous': 'Could Make a Real Difference'
British morning show host Lorraine Kelly said that Meghan "has things to say" and an "astonishing platform" that makes a political future a possibility.
Abortion restrictions following Dobbs v. Jackson are 'slavery', prohibited by '13th Amendment': MSNBC blogger
MSNBC blogger Ja'han Jones argued that the pro-life movement and abortion restrictions are instituting something no different than pre-civil war slavery.
Ketanji Brown Jackson to be sworn in as Supreme Court issues final opinions
Ketanji Brown Jackson will be sworn in as the first Black female justice of the Supreme Court today as the court finishes a momentous and divisive term. Watch live and follow here for news updates.
В Великом Новгороде открылась выставка печатной графики
Выставка стала завершающей частью одноименного проекта, призванного развивать интерес юных художников и педагогов к печатной графике.
Poolside on Fire Island: A playlist by Bowen Yang and Matt Rogers
The actors’ poolside mix tape combines disco hits of the island’s past with the club beats of its present.
EV demand is so hot that Tesla owners are flipping their cars like houses
Owners of electric vehicles are making a quick buck by selling the cars they waited months to get, taking advantage of strong demand and tight supply. And not just Teslas.
Delta, don't fail your employees and loyal flyers like me this Fourth of July
Ahead of July 4th, hundreds of Delta pilots plan to picket because of too much overtime and not enough pay. As a loyal customer, I'm with your staff.
Commentary: Church members came after a buzzy TV show. They're ignoring Mormonism's dark past
In a guest column for The Times, 'Under the Banner of Heaven's' historical consultant counters criticism that the series misrepresents the faith.
Chileatole Verde
Roasted vegetables are served in a rich corn broth made from fresh and dried corn and green chiles in this Oaxacan dish.
10 beautiful waterfalls to see in the Northeast
Check out these 10 beautiful can't-miss waterfalls and cascades across New England, New Jersey and New York.
Katelyn Ohashi feels more at peace after completing her UCLA gymnastics career
Katelyn Ohashi has used her emotional journey on the UCLA gymnastics team to pursue opportunities to help others.
Feeling anxious about the end of Roe vs. Wade? Experts discuss mental health implications
The reversal of the most significant reproductive rights ruling in U.S. history has left Roe vs. Wade supporters to grapple with what's next.
Murray Bartlett Steals The Scene in This Exclusive ‘Physical’ First Look
After The White Lotus, Murray Bartlett is back with another scene-stealing character.
6 picks for your July Fourth weekend: 'Dear Evan Hansen,' '2001,' Sarah Silverman and more
'Dear Evan Hansen' at the Ahmanson. '2001: A Space Odyssey' at the American Cinematheque. Sarah Silverman at the Elysian Theater.
Undercover Mother: Chicago mother suing Latin School for $100M says it valued reputation over saving her son
Chicago mother Rose Bronstein, whose teenage son died by suicide after being cyberbullied, opened up about her lawsuit against the Latin School of Chicago.
Poc Chuc (Orange-and-Lime-Marinated Grilled Pork)
Thinly sliced pork shoulder grills up quickly after marinating in a bright mix of orange and lime juices and zests.
This pork dish from the Yucatán could be your summer cooking favorite
The first cookbook by chef Rick Martínez explores the vibrancy of regional recipes from Mexico.
Sci-fi master Kim Stanley Robinson on the Sierra and why humans might just 'squeak by'
Prolific science-fiction author Kim Stanley Robinson drops wisdom about the joys of nature, climate peril and his first nonfiction book, "The High Sierra."
Southern California housing prices will fall, some experts say. The question is how much
Rising mortgage rates are slowing the housing market, prompting some analysts to say home prices will decline.
Zone-Tailed Hawk Spotted in Joshua Tree for First Time Ever
The vulture-mimicking bird of prey is sometimes spotted in southern parts of the U.S., but has been gradually moving north in recent years.
‘Cuphead: The Delicious Last Course’ is a culinary masterpiece
“Cuphead: The Delicious Last Course” is a five-star meal that left our reviewer begging for seconds.
Польша не оставляет надежд урвать кусок украинской земли
В Варшаве, исходя из анализа ситуации, приходят к болезненному для себя осознанию невозможности, вопреки заявлениям западных политиков и военных, не допустить успешного решения войсками РФ, ДНР и ЛНР стоящих перед ними в рамках специальной операции задач и предотвратить победу России на поле боя
Keith Hernandez’s top Mets moments, No. 10: Traded to ‘baseball Siberia’
The first in a 10-part daily countdown of Hernandez’s greatest moments and accomplishments following his 1983 arrival in Flushing.
Pete Buttigieg Begins $1 Billion Pilot Plan to Ensure 'Racial Equity' in Roads
Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg on Thursday will launch a $1 billion pilot plan to address what he sees as cities and neighborhoods racially segregated or divided by roads.
Вышел первый трейлер "Билета в рай" с Джорджем Клуни и Джулией Робертс
На YouTube произошел первый трейлер романтической комедии "Билет в рай"
Минчане планируют поставлять в Россию 20 тысяч тракторов в год
Значительно повысить экспортный потенциал своей продукции на российском рынке рассчитывает генеральный директор "Минского тракторного завода" Виталий Вовк
Ricky Martin slapped with $3M lawsuit with ‘career-ending allegation’
Drucker also claimed in the suit that the "Livin' La Vida Loca" crooner was threatened and intimidated with a “potentially career-ending allegation" in September 2020.
Trump-backed Illinois gubernatorial candidate rips Gov. Pritzker: 'Epitome of a woke liberal government'
Illinois Republican gubernatorial candidate Darren Bailey slams Democrat Gov. J.B. Pritzker on "Fox & Friends First" as Chicago battles surging crime.
Jailed WNBA star Griner told wife she won't let Russian prison "break me"
Cherelle Griner says her wife promised to "hold on" until she can get home, but a Russia expert says the athlete has become a "hostage."
Queer Animals Are Everywhere. Science Is Finally Catching On.