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Ex-NBA star's tearful tribute to Kobe: I lost a brother
Former NBA star Caron Butler opens up about how Kobe Bryant impacted his life and what how he thinks Bryan would want his friends to deal with the loss.
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South Korea petition calls for Chinese to be barred from entry amid virus outbreak
More than half a million South Koreans have signed a petition calling for a ban on people from China entering the country, as Seoul announced on Tuesday it would evacuate citizens from the epicenter of the new coronavirus outbreak.
Kobe Bryant and his daughter attended church before fatal flight, priest says
NBA great Kobe Bryant and his daughter, Gianna, attended Sunday church services and took communion prior to boarding the fatal helicopter flight that lead to their deaths, according to his priest.
Allen Iverson reportedly has half million dollars of jewelry stolen from hotel
Former Philadelphia 76ers superstar Allen Iverson has reportedly had an estimated half a million dollars of jewelry belonging to him stolen from a Philadelphia hotel.
Kobe Bryant: The making of a global superstar
Mississippi's governor is shutting down a unit inside the prison where 9 inmates have died
Mississippi's newly sworn-in governor vowed Monday to help "turn the page" for the state's prison system following the deaths of multiple inmates within the past month and a lawsuit filed on behalf of inmates over prison conditions.
Major port operator DP World suspends staff travel to China
Dubai state-controlled port operator DP World has suspended all staff travel to China until further notice due to the coronavirus outbreak there, a spokesman told Reuters.
Bolton manuscript leak to NY Times creates uproar
The Bolton bombshell has rocked the Trump impeachment trial.
Airbus agrees deal on bribery investigations in UK, US and France
Aerospace group likely to pay large fines to end inquiries by SFO and other authoritiesAirbus has said it has agreed a settlement with French, British and US authorities over investigations into allegations of bribery and corruption.“Airbus confirms that it has reached agreement in principle with the French Parquet National Financier, the UK Serious Fraud Office and the US authorities,” the aerospace group said. Continue reading...
Officials gathering evidence from Kobe Bryant crash site
The National Transportation Safety Board is gathering evidence from the site of the Calabasas, California, helicopter crash that left nine people dead including NBA legend Kobe Bryant.
Netanyanu says withdrawing bid for parliamentary immunity from prosecution on corruption charges
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Tuesday said he is withdrawing his bid for parliamentary immunity from prosecution on corruption charges.
Jimmy Fallon Pays Heartbreaking Tribute to Kobe Bryant and His Daughter Gianna
Fallon first met Bryant over two decades ago, when the duo had first moved to Los Angeles, and had remained friends since.
Markets gripped by coronavirus growth fears - business live
Rolling coverage of the latest economic and financial news, as some Asia-Pacific markets continue to slideIntroduction: Investors fear coronavirus impact 8.05am GMT Several economists fear that the coronavirus will hurt China’s economy -- although there’s uncertainty over quite how bad it will be.My colleague Martin Farrer explains:Economists agreed that the outbreak will have a negative impact in China but the lack of understanding about how the virus spreads and how bad it might be was adding to uncertainty to the mix and compounding investor concerns.Citigroup said on Tuesday: “The wildcard is not the fatality rate, but how infectious the Wuhan virus is. The economic impact will depend on how successfully this outbreak is contained.” Related: 'Significant threat' to Chinese economic growth amid coronavirus outbreak 7.56am GMT Good morning, and welcome to our rolling coverage of the world economy, the financial markets, the eurozone and business. Related: Coronavirus: China death toll rises to 106 with first fatality in Beijing – live updates “We haven’t got enough information,” the economist and former Reserve Bank board member Warwick McKibbin said.McKibbin has previously estimated that a “mild” pandemic in Asia, such as the 1968 Hong Kong flu outbreak which killed about 1m people, would carve 0.8% from Australia’s gross domestic product, with most of the damage felt in the services sector. Related: Australian shares tumble over fears China's coronavirus could damage economy The problem is investors have very limited visibility of the current situation in China, have virtually zero knowledge of epidemiology and virology, and have no clue how bad it will get or lasting the impact will be.Risk models are not geared for this situation.Incubation period for amateur epidemiology appears to be about a week. Continue reading...
Brexit weekly briefing: Boris Johnson's 'fantastic moment' arrives
Auf wiedersehen, adieu … PM hails end to years of ‘argument and division’, but doubts remainWelcome to the penultimate Guardian weekly Brexit briefing – after more than three and a half years and nearly 170 instalments, this newsletter will land in your inbox for the last time on 4 February, four days after Britain formally leaves the EU.Full live and daily coverage of the talks on the future relationship between the bloc and its first ex-member will, of course, continue in the Guardian as they advance, while our Brexit Means … podcast will provide monthly in-depth insights. Continue reading...
Airbus agrees to settle corruption probes with U.S., France, UK
Airbus has agreed in principle to a settlement with French, British and U.S. authorities regarding a probe into allegations of bribery and corruption, it said on Tuesday.
I love my boyfriend. So why do I fantasise about my workmate?
My boyfriend is like a member of the family. But although he’s kind and supportive, he doesn’t turn me onMy boyfriend and I have been in a relationship for four years. Two months after we started dating, his mum was diagnosed with terminal cancer. Devastatingly, his father also developed cancer and both died within two years. We became a serious couple very quickly as a result. We have been through a lot and I love him like family. However, I don’t feel sexually attracted and have always fantasised about exes while having sex. Six months ago, I met a colleague to whom I am very sexually attracted. I have not acted on this, but it makes me worry that I have suppressed needs. My boyfriend is a very kind and emotionally supportive partner but our sex life is failing. We now have sex about once every two months – when we do it is brief and I don’t orgasm.You may think that loving someone “like family” is a positive thing, but when it comes to sex it is not. In most human societies there are strong incest taboos, and these become engaged when a couple becomes too familial. To fix this you need some separation. Start pursuing different hobbies, meeting different people – anything that will help create individual identities. Once you reach a certain level of individuality, you may find that sexual attraction will emerge. But it is important to know that bereavement can trigger low libido, and that may be the case for both of you. You need time to heal and to learn what it is like to be together without sadness and worry. Continue reading...
Roger Federer saves 7 match points to advance to Australian Open semifinals
Roger Federer saved seven match points before fending off 100th-ranked Tennys Sandgren in five sets to reach the Australian Open semifinals for the 15th time. Federer, who has won six Australian championships among his 20 major titles, took an off-court medical timeout in the third set and was on the verge of a shocking quarterfinal...
UK weather: snow and ice forecast to disrupt train and road travel
Four yellow warnings in place as up to 15cm of snow predicted in some areasSnow and ice are predicted to disrupt commuters on Tuesday across large parts of Britain, where four yellow warnings are in place.It may have fallen short of predictions it would be winter’s coldest night but the cold air overnight still managed to bring snow, sleet and rain across Scotland and the north-west of England. Continue reading...
Jimmy Fallon recalls going on a beer run with Kobe Bryant on the night they met
Jimmy Fallon, the host of NBC's "The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon," ended his show Monday night with a special tribute to Kobe Bryant, recalling a beer run he made with the fallen NBA legend.
Prince Andrew has ‘provided zero cooperation’ in Jeffrey Epstein probe, authorities say
Prince Andrew is refusing to cooperate with federal investigators as they continue their probe into convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein, authorities said Monday.
Kobe Bryant remembered by late night hosts after tragic death
You can add late-night hosts to the list of those who admired Kobe Bryant. Several hosts delivered monologues dedicated to the memory of Bryant, who tragically died with his 13-year-old daughter Gianna and seven others in a helicopter crash Sunday morning. An emotional Jimmy Fallon recalled meeting Bryant at a party when the NBA star...
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'Don't talk about history': how Jared Kushner crafted his Middle East 'peace' plan
Trump calls his son-in-law’s proposals – which will be presented Tuesday – the ‘deal of the century’ for Israel and PalestineWhen Jared Kushner took on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict alongside his many other official duties – promoting American innovation, arms sales to Saudi Arabia, the US opioid crisis – he decided to begin with a blank slate.“He said flat out, don’t talk to me about history,” said Aaron David Miller, a US peace negotiator for previous administrations who was consulted by Kushner. “He said, I told the Israelis and the Palestinians not to talk to me about history too.” Continue reading...
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Biden: GOP senator just proved our point about Trump
Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden says Sen. Joni Ernst's (R-IA) comments about the impeachment testimony impacting Biden's chances in the state prove the real motivation behind Trump's attack on the former vice president and his son.
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He was bitten by a shark. Four months later, 13-year-old Florida surfer wins major USA contest.
In September 2019, Logan Radd of Satellite Beach got 19 stitches after he was bitten by a shark. In January 2020, the teen surfer won the USA Prime event at Sebastian Inlet.       
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NBA legend's fans gather at Los Angeles plaza yelling 'Kobe!' in honor of his signature jumpshot
Video of the scene shows multiple people shooting paper balls at a trash can yelling "Kobe!"
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Canberra fires: worst bushfires threat since 2003, chief minister says – live news
Evacuation centres set up and RFS volunteers recalled as fire threatens southern ACT suburbs and NSW border. Follow latest news and live updates 7.21am GMT The community of Tharwa nestled at the bottom of these hills is being urged to evacuate as the Orroral Valley Fire burns out of control in the Namadji National Park #OrroralValleyFire @SBSNews 7.16am GMT The indefatigable Lyndal Curtis tells us a water bomber is in the air:Air tanker just took off from Canberra airport. (And flew over my head) Continue reading...
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Japan plans to fly citizens home from China's virus-hit Wuhan
Japan will send a chartered flight on Tuesday night to Wuhan, the epicenter of China's virus outbreak, to evacuate its nationals looking to return home, as the death toll from the new strain climbed to 106.
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DOJ disputes report on Bolton conversation with Barr about foreign leaders
The Department of Justice said in a statement Monday that reports indicating that former national security adviser John Bolton raised concerns about President Trump’s relationship with some of the world’s autocratic leaders with Attorney General William Barr, are “grossly” mischaracterized.
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Man and child die after family camping accident in Australia
A camping accident in Australia left a man and child dead and a woman in serious condition during a family trip, according to authorities.
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Tom Brady's text message to 49ers QB Jimmy Garoppolo before Super Bowl LIV: 'Go win'
Patriots QB Tom Brady had a message for his former backup, 49ers QB Jimmy Garappolo, ahead of Super Bowl LIV: "Go win," the six-time champ texted.      
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How 49ers’ assistant Katie Sowers became Super Bowl trailblazer
MIAMI — Google, a list of goals and a greater sense of purpose instilled by her father helped turn Katie Sowers into a trailblazer. Sowers was earning $800 a month working in elementary school education in 2010. Was she happy impacting children? Yes. Was she fulfilled? Not even close. “There was a point in my...
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Good Samaritan stops ski mask-clad sex attacker in Brooklyn subway station
A good Samaritan helped stop a ski mask-wearing assailant who was sexually assaulting a woman in a Brooklyn subway station Monday morning, cops said. The suspect followed a woman into the bathroom of the 95th Street R station in Bay Ridge at about 10 a.m., punched her in the face several times and started sexually...
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DNA test forces former Belgian king to admit fathering a child in extramarital affair
The former king of Belgium, Albert II, has acknowledged that he fathered a daughter in an affair in the 1960s, marking the end of a paternity suit that he has contested for seven years.
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El coronavirus se propaga a Los Ángeles y al condado de Orange: ¿Cuán preocupados deberíamos estar?
Los coronavirus circulan en una variedad de animales, incluidos los humanos
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Health officials monitor potential case of coronavirus in San Diego County
One person is in isolation at home in San Diego County after they were tested for a new strain of coronavirus after traveling to an area of China affected by an outbreak of the virus.
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Strange Hotel by Eimear McBride review – evasive and claustrophobic
Eimear McBride’s tale of a woman drifting from one hotel to another leaves our reviewer scratching her headIf you’ve read so much as a sentence of Eimear McBride’s writing, it is likely to have burned into your brain. Her first two novels, A Girl Is a Half-Formed Thing and The Lesser Bohemians, were both written with a ferocious immediacy, in hurtling, viscerally direct prose that captures pre-verbal thought processes “far back in the mind”, as McBride put it. Strange Hotel feels like a book determined to show just how different it is from its predecessors. An unnamed 35-year-old woman checks into a hotel in Avignon; over the years, we’ll meet her in several more – in Prague, Oslo, Auckland and Austin. She monitors her desire to drink, to have casual sex, and to not quite look at her own past. She is haunted by a lost love, and these encounters with others – or mostly, really, with herself – in these anonymous rooms bring painful flashes of that former relationship. Continue reading...
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Detox foot patches: Want something more effective? Flush your leg down the toilet
The instructions – literally – make no sense whatsoever. And it made my foot dirtier, more fetid and more slimy than it has ever beenI’m not even convinced the maker thinks anyone will buy this product, it is so bizarrely packaged. Printed right on the front of this box of foot patches is a long, unintentionally hilarious, description of the target market. “Middle and aged people. Manual worker. Irregular people. Sedentary and long standing. Office worker people. Stay up late people.” As a sedentary, irregular, stay up late middle person, I definitely qualify. But for what? There isn’t any information on what the patches are meant to do. Fortunately, the product’s Amazon page (£6.89 for 20) is more forthcoming. These are self-adhesive vinegar patches whose natural ingredients have a cleansing function, drawing out toxins overnight. It promises an array of improvements to your metabolism, immune system, insomnia, fatigue, migraines, back pains, swellings and the ability to do sums in your head. OK, not that last one, but probably only because they ran out of space.I return to the box, enjoying its mystery. “Attach the side which printed with letters to adhesive paster. (The letters which on the foot patch should NEVER touch your skin.) Attach the foot patch with the paster on to your vola.” A mountain of gibberish, with many unclimbable facets. What is a vola? I can’t see any letters on the patches. I’m guessing this has all been wrung through an online translation engine until it resembles auto-poetry. The final step reads: “Next morning, tear down the bag and clear your.” That’s it. I find it oddly inspiring. Continue reading...
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Barry Bennell victims urge BBC to save Victoria Derbyshire show
Andy Woodward, Steve Walters and Chris Unsworth say their appearance on programme helped change the lawThree former footballers who appeared on the Victoria Derbyshire programme to tell their story of being abused as children have urged the BBC to save the programme, as journalists at the corporation prepare for a wave of job cuts to be announced on Wednesday.Andy Woodward, Steve Walters, and Chris Unsworth have written to the BBC director general, Tony Hall, to urge him to reconsider scrapping the show, saying their emotional appearance to discuss abuse at the hands of paedophile football coach Barry Bennell helped change the law. Continue reading...
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Old people are fitter than ever – but I wish everyone would shut up about it | Suzanne Moore
I’ve had to ditch my Fitbit, and am tempted to bin my phone, too, since it started badgering me to exercise. Why can’t we just relax?I can’t wait until the end of January. This has nothing to do with Brexit, and everything to do with people telling me they haven’t had a drink since Christmas and that their skin is so much brighter. Or that veganism is working out so well, as they eat some heavily processed mush that has no resemblance to any plant, living or dead. Especially fascinating was the chat I had with a young woman who asked if I was hydrated enough. Did I keep water on my desk or in a special bottle? “I get it from the tap after some yummy heroin,” I told her. I mean, is this what passes for conversation? I can hear my youngest’s “OK boomer” now, which is her retort to almost everything I say.The worst is that now I want to bin my phone. I haven’t signed up for any apps, but it informed me suddenly: “Last week was a challenge for you. Try to be more active this week.” What? Yeah, I was tired and jetlagged – another thing that is destroying me as well as the planet. I’ve already had to throw away my Fitbit, as it felt way too demanding. It seemed to want more of a relationship with me than I wanted with it. Continue reading...
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‘Too much risk’: why Erasmus students are shunning Brexit Britain
With no UK funding guarantees, English language learners are heading to Ireland – while their British counterparts are left in limboWhen Julia Quirós Rodríguez, from Cadiz, in Spain, dreamed about doing a student exchange under the European Union’s Erasmus+ programme she always imagined coming to the UK. But her university warned her off Brexit Britain, and she is studying at the University of Galway, in Ireland, instead.Last year Rodríguez had to choose eight European universities where she would like to do her Erasmus+ exchange. As she is studying English, her choices were all in Britain. However, her university asked her to change her options because, like many EU universities, it feared being left to pay high student fees if Britain were shut out of the scheme, post-Brexit. Continue reading...
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LeBron James is 'heartbroken and devastated' after Kobe Bryant's death
In the hours after basketball legend Kobe Bryant was killed in a helicopter crash along with eight other people, thousands of fans began sharing their goodbyes on social media.
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32 things we learned from Super Bowl LIV's Opening Night with Kansas City Chiefs, San Francisco 49ers
From Jimmy Garoppolo's big opportunity to a great emerging rivalry, Super Bowl LIV's story lines are starting to come into focus.      
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What Trump's legal team left out of impeachment defense
CNN's Don Lemon talks with a panel of experts about the arguments from President Donald Trump's lawyers during the Senate impeachment trial and how they didn't address the revelations from John Bolton's unpublished manuscript.
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For Fed, 'material reassessment' may be in eye of beholder
At a glance, the Federal Reserve has set a high bar for any change in interest rates this year: A "material reassessment" of the economic outlook would be required as set forth by U.S. central bank chief Jerome Powell.
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49ers give thanks to the Patriots for trading Jimmy G
SportsPulse: Remember when Jimmy Garoppolo was supposed to be Tom Brady's heir apparent? In hindsight it was clear Brady and Robert Kraft had other plans and the current Niners are very thankful for that.       
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CDC is monitoring for Wuhan coronavirus at 20 US airports
The flight will leave Wuhan, then to Alaska for refueling and land in California.
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Thailand to screen arrivals from China as tally of virus infections hits 14
Thailand announced plans on Tuesday to screen all arrivals from China for symptoms of a deadly virus and confirmed six more infections among such visitors, taking the southeast Asian nation's tally to 14, health officials said.
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Adorable dog saved after running onto NYC highway
An adorable dog needed to be saved after he got loose and ran onto the FDR Drive on the East Side of Manhattan on Monday night, cops said. Daiki, a 4-year-old Shiba Inu, darted into the northbound lanes of the FDR Drive just before the Manhattan Bridge at around 9 p.m. — and a good...
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