Imran Khan hopes to win over Donald Trump in first US visit

Pakistani PM in Washington seeking concessions on military aid and sanctions

Imran Khan will meet Donald Trump on his first visit to Washington as Pakistan’s prime minister, burdened by the task of trying to mend relations mired in mutual distrust and restoring financial support cut off by the US president.

The US has suspended most of its military aid, worth $300m (£240m), after Trump accused Pakistan of not doing enough to fight extremism.

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Ashton Kutcher bought shoes for a Texas cross-country team after a text from a team mom
When Monica Gutierrez sent actor Ashton Kutcher a text and asked him to help her son's cross-country team get new shoes, she wasn't really expecting a response. After all, he's a celebrity with millions of followers on social media.
Astronauts Begin ‘Extraordinarily Complicated’ Spacewalks to Fix ISS Cosmic Ray Detector
These latest pieces of space junk pose no danger to the orbiting lab, NASA says
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Excerpt: "Agent Running in the Field" by John le Carré
The latest novel by the master Cold War storyteller tells a story of international intrigue involving up-to-date villains: those trying to take Britain out of the European Union
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ATP Finals: Nadal edges Tsitsipas but still exits
Rafael Nadal edged Stefanos Tsitsipas in a three-set thriller to ensure a winning record at the ATP Finals and is assured of finishing the season as the world No. 1.
Trump's tax break to help the poor went to a superyacht marina owned by a rich GOP donor in Florida, according to reports
Eric Gaillard/Reuters Then-Florida Governor Rick Scott gave a tax break to the Rybovich superyacht marina after a direct appeal from wealthy GOP donor Wayne Huizenga Jr, according to a 2018 letter Huizenga Jr. wrote that was obtained by ProPublica. Huizenga Jr., who owns Rybovich, has long planned to build luxury apartment towers on the site of the marina. The marina and planned towers are now in an area designated an opportunity zone under President Trump's 2017 tax code overhaul, which qualifies them for a tax break program meant to help the poor. A little over a week after Huizenga's letter, Scott announced his opportunity zone picks, which included the Rybovich marina area, chosen over other, poorer tracts that the city of West Palm Beach had asked to be named opportunity zones. Two other billionaire GOP donors — Jorge Pérez and Stephen Ross — benefited from the marina area being named an "opportunity zone." Another billionaire GOP donor, Jeff Vinik, also benefited when the former governor designated a wealthy area in downtown Tampa another "opportunity zone." Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. The Rybovich superyacht marina lies on the West Palm Beach, Florida, waterfront, a short drive north from Mar-a-Lago. Superyachts, floating mansions that can stretch more than 300 feet and cost over $100 million, are serviced at the marina, and their owners enjoy Rybovich's luxury resort amenities. Its Instagram account offers a glimpse into the rarefied world of the global 0.1% — as one post puts it, "What's better than owning a yacht, owning a yacht with a helicopter of course!" Rybovich owner Wayne Huizenga Jr., son of the Waste Management and Blockbuster video billionaire Wayne Huizenga Sr., has long planned to build luxury apartment towers on the site, part of a development dubbed Marina Village.See the rest of the story at Business InsiderNOW WATCH: Traditional Japanese swords can take over 18 months to create — here's what makes them so specialSee Also:13 countries that have only one billionaireThe 15 best states for America's middle class, ranked7 nannies who work for the rich and powerful share one thing they wish their bosses knew — but would never tell themSEE ALSO: A $20 million 3-deck superyacht made in Dubai won best in show at the world's biggest in-water boat event. Here's a look inside. DON'T MISS: The world's first hydrogen-powered superyacht was unveiled at the Monaco Yacht Show. Here's a look inside the game-changing 367-foot vessel concept.
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Prince Andrew claims he ‘doesn’t recall’ meeting alleged teen sex slave
Prince Andrew claims in a new interview that “I kick myself . . . on a daily basis” over the friendship he had with the late pedophile financier Jeffrey Epstein — but claims he can’t remember ever meeting the teenage “sex slave” he’s accused of bedding. The Duke of York spoke for the first time...
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Weird, this 10-year-old's Christmas list is exactly the same as mine
You're probably not going to get everything on your Christmas list, you might as well shoot for the stars.  Not sure where to start? Take notes from this 10-year-old, whose Christmas list is the most luxurious list of items ever compiled. The girl's dad, clearly awestruck by his child's knowledge of luxury goods, tweeted the list on Wednesday. "My 10 year old daughter must be out of her mind with this Christmas list," he wrote. My 10 year old daughter must be out of her mind with this Christmas list 😒😒😒 — @A_Johnson412 (@a_johnson412) November 13, 2019 SEE ALSO: The viral TikTok of a teen eating a 10-patty burger is a storytelling masterpiece Read more...More about Twitter, Christmas, Holidays, Kids, and Culture
'Why does my Galaxy S10's brightness keep changing?': How to keep your S10's brightness the same and control it manually
Henry Nicholls/Reuters If the brightness keeps changing on your Samsung Galaxy S10 during the day, there are a couple of possible causes, and you can correct both of them. You'll need to train the Adaptive Brightness feature by adjusting the brightness manually for a few weeks. After that, the app should be able to set the Galaxy S10's brightness at the right level for you automatically.  Adaptive power savings might also be changing the screen brightness as the battery level drops.  Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. Your Samsung Galaxy S10 is designed to change the brightness of the screen depending upon ambient lighting conditions, using a feature called Adaptive Brightness. In Power Saving mode, the brightness can also be affected by the battery level of the phone.  If everything is working well, you should never notice these changes in brightness, because your Galaxy S10 will adapt seamlessly to changing lighting conditions. That's not always the case, though. See the rest of the story at Business InsiderNOW WATCH: 8 weird robots NASA wants to send to spaceSee Also:How to check your PayPal balance on desktop or mobileHow to delete a profile on your Hulu account on desktop or mobileHow to set a custom ringtone on your Samsung Galaxy S10, and choose your own music or assign it to a specific callerSEE ALSO: The best wireless chargers you can buy
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45 ways to eat eggs
Insider compiled a list of 45 ways to eat eggs. The dishes range from scrambled eggs in sea urchin to egg yolk shavings on ice cream. They come from cities across the US and from several countries around the world, including Georgia, Colombia, and Japan. Visit for more stories. See Also:'Cake Boss' made Carlo's Bakery famous, but the New Jersey bakery was a staple for Italian pastries 100 years before the show aired — here's why40 LA restaurants you need to try before you diePeople pay $500 for these custom cannabis-infused meals
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What you should eat and drink to get over the flu, according to doctors
r. nial bradshaw/Flickr Water is the best thing you can take to help you get over the flu. Yogurt is abundant in vitamins that can help decrease intestinal malfunction, which might help flu sufferers who are experiencing nausea or vomiting. When you're sick with a fever, eating food is not as important as staying hydrated. This article was reviewed by Tania Elliott, MD, who specializes in infectious diseases related to allergies and immunology for internal medicine at NYU Langone Health.  Visit Insider's homepage for more stories. When you're sick with the flu, it's no fun trying to figure out what to eat and drink. That's why we've put together a list of doctor-recommended foods and fluids to help.  What to drink when you have the flu Water is the best thing you can consume to help you get over the flu.See the rest of the story at Business InsiderNOW WATCH: A podiatrist explains heel spurs, the medical condition Trump said earned him a medical deferment from VietnamSee Also:Why flu season spikes in the fall and winterYes, the flu is contagious. Here's when you're most likely to spread the virusHow to get Halle Berry's 6-pack abs without spending 4 hours a day at the gym
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ATP Finals: Alexander Zverev through to last four at Rafael Nadal's expense
Rafael Nadal misses out on a place in the ATP Finals last four as defending champion Alexander Zverev claims the last semi-final spot.
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Path of Exile 2 gets surprise announcement at ExileCon
Grinding Gear Games Watch the first trailer and gameplay for the Path of Exile sequel Continue reading…
Salvation Army debuts cashless "Kettle Pay" option
Shoppers with phone payment apps can "bump" those signature red kettles to make cashless contributions
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How to sign a PDF document on a Windows computer using Adobe Reader
Dan Kitwood/Getty Images You can sign PDF documents in Windows, completely electronically. Signing your PDF in Windows can help save time, paper, and money. If you need to sign a PDF in Windows, you can do so using the Adobe Reader program. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. As we've progressed deeper into the digital age, electronic signatures are becoming more and more common. Rather than printing out a document, signing it, scanning and emailing it (or faxing it), signing the document electronically can save paper, time, and even money. With Adobe Reader, signing your documents electronically is simple. See the rest of the story at Business InsiderNOW WATCH: Most maps of Louisiana aren't entirely right. Here's what the state really looks like.See Also:How to set up a Steam Link device to play nearly any computer game on your TVHow to make a line graph in Microsoft Excel in 4 simple steps using data in your spreadsheetHow to appear offline on Steam in 2 simple steps, so others can't see that you're playing onlineSEE ALSO: The best all-in-one PCs you can buy
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What we've been watching: 'State of the Union' and 'Little Monsters'
In this installment of our video IRL, senior editor Daniel Cooper highlights the short-bites marital drama Ste of the Union that you absolutely must not binge. Senior editor Richard Lawler explains why Hulu's shlocky horror movie Little Monsters is w...
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Disney Channels the Force
The company has been trying for two decades to tame the internet. Its new video streaming service finally hits the mark.
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A private equity firm now runs .org, the domain for nonprofits
A private equity firm will soon run the internet’s top domain name extension for nonprofits after purchasing the nonprofit organization that runs it. Public Interest Registry (PIR), which runs the .org domain registry, has been sold to private equity firm Ethos Capital, according to the registry’s parent organization, Internet Society. The price of the acquisition is still unknown. The .org domain name has been maintained by PIR since 2002. Internet Society was awarded the contract by ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) and created PIR to run the extension. Earlier this summer, Mashable covered the ongoing battle between ICANN and .org domain registrars and registrants after the organization that oversees the web domain system decided to lift the long-established price cap in its .org contract with PIR. Read more...More about Domains, Icann, Registrar, Registry, and Domain Names
T-Mobile CEO John Legere reportedly has no plans to leave the company and take over WeWork after all
Michael Loccisano/Getty Images T-Mobile CEO John Legere has no plans to take over WeWork as chief exec, CNBC reported on Friday.  The We Company, WeWork's parent firm, is reportedly looking for a new chief executive to take over from Artie Minson and Sebastian Gunningham, who took over as co-CEOs after the ouster of founder Adam Neumann. Legere, an executive known for his eccentric personality, was reportedly one of the company's candidates for the role.  Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. T-Mobile CEO John Legere will not be leading the troubled office space company WeWork after all, a new report says. Earlier this week, the Wall Street Journal reported that parent firm The We Company, which has been beset with a series of problems since its aborted IPO, was in talks with the famously eccentric T-Mobile CEO to fill the role of CEO.See the rest of the story at Business InsiderNOW WATCH: How autopilot on an airplane worksSee Also:WeWork is reportedly drawing scrutiny from the SEC after its failed attempt to go publicWeWork has been sending alarming noncompete letters to workers it laid off earlier this yearWeWork is reportedly talking with T-Mobile's famously eccentric boss John Legere about taking over as CEO
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146 New Android Bugs, an Audio Porn Streaming Site, and More News
Catch up on the most important news from today in two minutes or less.
NYU professor Scott Galloway says that building a billion-dollar (or trillion-dollar) company boils down to the invention of a 'time machine'
AP/Julio Cortez Scott Galloway, the bestselling author and well-known tech-industry pundit, is a professor of marketing at New York University's Stern School of Business. His weekly business videos at Section4 and Winners & Losers have generated millions of views. The following is his recent blog post in full, republished with permission. It originally ran on his own blog, "No Mercy / No Malice." He says that companies with more than $10 billion in shareholder value do one of two things: "extend time (more time, saving time) or enhance time."  Walmart's "click & collect" and grocery delivery service was the "biggest unlock in shareholder value." It gives users four days a year back. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. Survival — the pursuit of more time — is the most basic instinct. Procreation is a distant No. 2. But 1a., making the most of your time, is survival instinct coupled with capitalism. Communism was intended as a more noble system — economic parity that avoids the inequality bound to arise from capitalism. Only the reds failed to recognize we won't wait in line for fish for the benefit of our comrades. A cocktail of self-interest, cooperation, the assembly line, brand, and the processor has yielded more stakeholder value, as measured by GDP, in the last 50 years than in the previous 2,000. Religion created a lot of value — it made people feel immortal. Time post death is an asset you'd trade shame for. But the ranks of the faithful are thinning. The opium of the masses no longer provides the same high. Wealthier, more educated societies have turned their focus to time on earth. See the rest of the story at Business InsiderNOW WATCH: Taylor Swift is the world's highest-paid celebrity. Here's how she makes and spends her $360 million.See Also:The most successful kids have parents who do these 9 things, according to scienceLet's face it: Group birthday dinners suck. Here's how to make the experience more enjoyable for you and your wallet.This is how you can use mindfulness to overcome any moment of fear or anxietySEE ALSO: NYU professor Scott Galloway says Bloomberg should run: Elizabeth Warren has put on a 'masterclass' in campaigning, but the US is 'still wildly sexist'
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Check out this F-117 Nighthawk stealth aircraft being restored for display at the Ronald Reagan Library
Lockheed Martin/YouTube Operation Nighthawk Landing: Lockheed Martin is preparing an F-117 stealth jet for public display at the Ronald Reagan Library in Simi Valley, California. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. As we have explained in post published November 7, F-117s continue to zip through the Nevada skies despite being officially retired in 2008. Some isolated accounts suggested the aircraft may have participated in advanced testing in the classified test ranges north of Las Vegas in the American west. Some stories claim the aircraft was actually re-introduced to combat in Syria and Iraq in 2017, although these claims have never been substantiated.See the rest of the story at Business InsiderNOW WATCH: Here's a look at world's first stealth fighter jet, the F-117A Nighthawk, which was retired in 2008See Also:US F-35 fighter jets are all still 'below service expectations' for all the services that have themOne of the Air Force's most legendary fighter squadrons is back in the Middle EastThe venerable B-52 could be packed with weapons to become the Air Force's 'arsenal plane'SEE ALSO: The Air Force's first stealth aircraft, which was retired a decade ago, was spotted flying over Nevada again
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Colts QB Jacoby Brissett to Start vs. Jaguars After Recovering from Knee Injury
Indianapolis Colts head coach Frank Reich told reporters that quarterback Jacoby Brissett will return from a sprained left MCL against the visiting Jacksonville Jaguars on Sunday...
Lawmakers are trying to stop Google from gobbling up your health data
Google's hand has been caught in the cookie jar of your personal health data. And now, congress is trying to slam that lid shut.  This week, multiple reports came to light showing that Google is very much in the business of acquiring data about our health — from government bodies, health institutes and our own Google searches. That's caused alarm because, under the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), a person's health information is supposed to have strict privacy protections. However, it turns out that HIPAA loopholes, and the digital nature of a lot of that information, have punctured a gaping hole in our protective shield.  Read more...More about Google, Apple, Fitbit, Health Data, and Tech
Google's Had It Up to Here With the Leaks, Leaked Email Shows
Google has announced an effort to batten the hatches and dam the leaks in a company-wide email, which has also been leaked to the Verge.Read more...
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We Still Don’t Know What Happened Between Trump and Russia
In the 1999 Senate impeachment trial of President Bill Clinton, Senator Arlen Specter of Pennsylvania declined to vote guilty or not guilty, instead announcing his verdict as “not proven,” an old Scottish legal formulation. (Chief Justice William Rehnquist opted to record the vote as not guilty.)Twenty years later, with impeachment again in the air, that phrase comes in handy. In Washington on Friday, the House Intelligence Committee heard testimony in an inquiry into President Donald Trump’s actions in the Ukraine scandal. Across town, a jury found Trump’s old friend Roger Stone guilty on seven counts of federal crimes, related to a previous scandal, involving Russian interference in the 2016 election.Stone’s trial is a sort of post-script to Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation into Russian interference. When Mueller released his report, some read it as an exoneration of Trump—it did not establish that his campaign colluded with Russia. Others understood it as a condemnation: Mueller strongly suggested that the president obstructed justice. The Stone trial suggests that a better way to summarize the alleged Trump-Russia connection might be: not proven.[Read: A brief history of Roger Stone]Despite the extensive investigation by Mueller and the FBI, as well as inquiries by House and Senate committees, and now the record of the Stone trial, there’s a great deal that we simply don’t know about Trump and Russia, for two reasons.First, Mueller approached his purview narrowly, acting as a prosecutor rather than as a fact-finder, and his report is long on vague formulations and short on specifics. He was at pains to show the high standard he had to meet to recommend criminal charges: While the investigation identified numerous links between individuals with ties to the Russian government and individuals associated with the Trump Campaign, the evidence was not sufficient to support criminal charges. Among other things, the evidence was not sufficient to charge any Campaign official as an unregistered agent of the Russian government or other Russian principal. And our evidence about the June 9, 2016 meeting and WikiLeaks’s releases of hacked materials was not sufficient to charge a criminal campaign-finance violation. Further, the evidence was not sufficient to charge that any member of the Trump Campaign conspired with representatives of the Russian government to interfere in the 2016 election. Second, we still don’t know the whole story because the key players have kept their peace. Stone was convicted Friday of making false statements, obstruction, and witness tampering. He joins a list of people around Trump—including his first national security adviser, Michael Flynn; his deputy campaign chair, Rick Gates; his personal attorney, Michael Cohen; and campaign adviser George Papadopoulos—who have pleaded or been convicted of similar crimes.As for Trump, Mueller implied that several of his actions met the standard for obstructing justice, but the special counsel said Justice Department rules kept him from reaching a conclusion in the case of a sitting president. Trump refused an interview with the special counsel, and though he provided written answers to questions about Russia, he did not answer questions about obstruction or his campaign transition.Taken together, this represents a wide-ranging conspiracy of silence that has blocked public understanding of the Trump campaign’s relationship to Russia.Stone, a flamboyant and cartoonish character, has moved in the world of dirty-trick politics since his teens, when he worked for Richard Nixon’s infamous Committee to Re-Elect the President. He was a long-time friend and partner of Paul Manafort, who managed Trump’s campaign in the summer of 2016, and who was convicted of several federal crimes last year. In 1980, Stone met Trump through their mutual friend Roy Cohn, who, as Michael Kinsley once wrote, was “innocent of a variety of federal crimes.” Starting in the late 1990s, Stone helped Trump feint at running for president.All of this is to say that Stone and Trump were closely linked. Stone was also an adviser to Trump’s 2016 campaign in its early stages. He left the campaign, but remained in frequent contact with Trump; he also recommended Manafort to Trump as an aide.In the Mueller report and in Stone’s trial, prosecutors presented evidence that showed Stone had tried to acquire emails that Russia had hacked from Democratic Party officials. Stone was apparently aware of WikiLeaks dumps before they arrived, forecasting that it would soon be Hillary Clinton campaign chair John “Podesta’s time in the barrel.”During the trial, former Trump campaign Rick Gates, who took a plea deal to cooperate with prosecutors, recounted a meeting with Trump on July 31, 2016. WikiLeaks had just released some emails damaging to the Clinton campaign. While Gates was present, Trump took a call from Stone. When the call ended, Gates testified, Trump told him that WikiLeaks would deliver “more information.”[David A. Graham: Mueller won’t say it, but Trump clearly obstructed justice]That is at odds, sort of, with the president’s account. In his written answers to Mueller, Trump hedged about his conversations with Stone, claiming no memory (emphasis mine): “I do not recall being told during the campaign that Roger Stone or anyone associated with my campaign had discussions with any of the entities named in the question regarding the content or timing or release of hacked emails…. I have no recollection of being told that Roger Stone, anyone acting as an intermediary for Roger Stone, or anyone associated with my campaign had communicated with WikiLeaks on October 7, 2016…. I spoke by telephone with Roger Stone from time to time during the campaign. I have no recollection of the specifics of any conversations I had with Mr. Stone between June 1, 2016 and November 8, 2016. I do not recall discussing WikiLeaks with him...”Prosecutors persuaded jurors that Stone lied when he told Congress that he had no records of communications with his intermediary with WikiLeaks or with the Trump campaign about WikiLeaks. They offered a theory for why, too. “Roger Stone lied … because the truth looked bad for the Trump campaign and the truth looked bad for Donald Trump,” federal prosecutor Aaron Zelinsky, an alumnus of Mueller’s team, said in court. But why, exactly, did the truth look bad for Trump? What, exactly, was the truth? Laws against witness-tampering, false statements, and obstruction are intended to discourage criminals from impeding investigations to avoid punishment—and to create a failsafe if they do so anyway, by ensuring that they are still punished for something. It looks like Stone will indeed be punished for something. But if his goal was to protect Trump—and obscure the truth—his obstruction worked.Stone, who refused to cut a deal with prosecutors, may be angling for a pardon from the president. Pardons have not been forthcoming for Flynn or Manafort so far, but Trump did tweet in anger after the verdict, offering a nonsensical list of people he claimed should be in prison: So they now convict Roger Stone of lying and want to jail him for many years to come. Well, what about Crooked Hillary, Comey, Strzok, Page, McCabe, Brennan, Clapper, Shifty Schiff, Ohr & Nellie, Steele & all of the others, including even Mueller himself? Didn’t they lie? A double standard like never seen before in the history of our Country? Trump is right that there is a double standard, but it’s not what he thinks: It’s the standard that sends his aides to prison for putting roadblocks before federal prosecutors, even as the obstructor in chief skates free.
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25 skin-care gifts they'll use every day — from hydrating sheet masks to cult-favorite serums
  The holidays always seem to bring out the worst in our skin but throw in rough winds and dry air, and you've got the perfect storm for a dull, stressed, and sallow complexion.  That's why a skin-care gift like a moisturizing face mask or a set of travel-friendly oils is so thoughtful — they're the gifts that keep on giving.  Here are 25 skin-care gifts they'll love using. And if you're still stuck on gift ideas, check out all our gift guides over here.  Does anyone else feel like their skin is at their worst during the holidays? Between endless cocktails, plates of cookies, and serious lack of sleep, skin can look tired, dull, puffy, or littered with annoying breakouts. And it's not like the cold hair or blustery winds is helping either.  That's why a skin-care gift is a super thoughtful idea. Not only are you reminding them to take care of themselves, but good skin lasts way longer than a box of chocolates (though we won't say no to that either).  Here are 25 masks, serums, creams, and more that they'll use even after the holidays are over:Travel-friendly oils and serums Herbivore/Facebook Herbivore Jewel Box Mini Facial Oil + Serum Set, $58 (valued at $72), available at Sephora Once they get past how gorgeous the oils and serums are, they'll realize just how effective they are at moisturizing, brightening, and nourishing skin. I personally like to use the oils on top of the serum, but this set lets them mix and layer products however they want.  A gorgeous set of clean skin-care products Sephora Tatcha Skincare for Makeup Lovers: Dewy Glow Set, $65 (valued at $105), available at Sephora   This set includes four popular clean skin-care products — a cleanser made with moisturizing camellia oil, a gel moisturizer that intensely hydrates, a hydrating mist that imparts a dewy finish, and a primer for a smooth canvas.    Sheet masks clinically tested to provide up to 24 hours of hydration Skin Laundry Skin Laundry Hydrating Facial Sheet Mask, $48, available at Nordstrom If they get regular laser facial treatments at Skin Laundry, help them keep their skin in tip-top shape between sessions with an intensely hydrating sheet mask. This is also the same mask they get after doing an Ultra Fractional facial; according to the brand, they've been tested to hydrate skin up to 24 hours after just one use and help minimize fine lines in as little as two hours.   See the rest of the story at Business InsiderSee Also:25 useful Android accessories and compatible gadgets to use with your phone16 gift baskets for all sorts of tastes and interests — from gourmet pastries and bread to Japanese snacks they can't find in the US12 white Christmas trees that give you a blank canvas for ornaments and decor
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The best men’s corduroy pants
Corduroy pants are back in style, thanks to the fashion world's obsession with all things 70s.  From slimmer fits with a good amount of stretch to five-pocket pants and hybrid joggers, there's a cord for everyone's style. Flint and Tinder's 365 Corduroy Pants are our top pick for a combination of style, comfort, and price. They're more comfortable than your favorite pair of jeans and twice as versatile. Corduroy has recently made a strong comeback in menswear, thanks in part to the fashion world's obsession with all things 70s. Today's corduroy pants aren't the staid Ivy League professor look or the bell-bottomed versions of the past. From slimmer fits with a good amount of stretch to five-pocket versions to hybrid joggers, there's a cord to suit an individual's style. A great alternative to jeans or chinos, corduroy pants are ideal for cooler months thanks to their ability to keep you warm while remaining breathable and their hard-wearing properties. Corduroy is typically made from cotton or a cotton blend and features a velvety texture with raised ribs, known as wales. Corduroy pants are more versatile than jeans since they can be worn as business casual and still look great dressed down with a T-shirt, trucker or chore jacket, and sneakers. Wear them with what you'd typically pair with jeans or dress them up with a collared shirt and a blazer or sweater for a more sophisticated look. We chose Flint and Tinder's 365 Corduroy Pants as the top pick. These five-pocket-style cords are the perfect mix of looks with their modern silhouette, and stretch, softness, and durability — well worth the money. Here are the best men's corduroy pants you can buy: Best overall: Flint and Tinder 365 Corduroy Pants Best casual corduroy pants: Save Khaki United 8 Wale Corduroy Easy Pants Best corduroy pants to splurge on: Pink Shirtmaker Corduroy Chino Best lightweight corduroy pants: Prana Sustainer Corduroy Pant Best corduroy pants on a budget: Marks & Spencer Regular Fit Corduroy Trousers with Stretch The best overall Flint and Tinder Flint and Tinder 365 Corduroy Pants are soft, long-wearing, come in two fits, and made sustainably — all for less than $100. Flint and Tinder is Huckberry's in-house brand. The San Francisco-based online retailer that launched in 2010 sells well-made outdoor apparel that can do double duty for a night out with friends. The Flint and Tinder line best represents this aesthetic and has been getting accolades from both customers and the media alike. The first thing I noticed when I slipped on the Flint and Tinder 365 Corduroy Pants were their softness and stretch. They're made from an 8-ounce fabric that's 98% cotton and 2% spandex. More traditional cords tend to be heavier, so with these, you'll be able to get more wear throughout the year; they're probably not going to get you through the dead of winter, though. They're also preshrunk so the pants are soft right out of the box. They come in three earth tones. The pants are available in both a slim and straight fit. I have a thinner build so my preference is for the slimmer, tapered version, but both looked and felt good. The straight fit is roomier with a less tapered leg; bigger guys may be drawn to this fit. The 365 pants have been around for a few years and are the company's best sellers. This is the first year they've put out a corduroy version. While most of Flint and Tinder's apparel is made in the UA, the 365 cords are made in Central Java, Indonesia. The pants are made at a sustainably focused manufacturing facility that "recycles all its scraps from the production process, recycles 98% of the water used on-site, and up-cycles garment treatment byproduct to make bricks used for local construction," according to a company representative. Pros: Manufactured using sustainable practices, super soft, and well-made Cons: Not made in the US like most of the Flint and Tinder products The best corduroy pants on a budget Marks & Spencer A timeless classic, Marks & Spencer Regular Fit Corduroy Trousers are stretchy and comfortable — not to mention, a great value. The modern corduroy pant was born in Britain in the late 18th century, so it only seems fair to include another British company on the list, Marks & Spencer. Its corduroy trousers are a quality product for the price. These regular fit corduroy trousers are made from 98% cotton with 2% elastane for a touch of stretch. Most cords these days tend to be slimmer 5-pocket variations, but this M&S version is a classic trouser that's more relaxed through the thigh, knee, and leg opening. They feature a center crease, an off-center button closure at the front, slant front pockets, and welt rear pockets with buttons. They're a bit dressier and of a slightly heavier weight than the 5-pocket styles included in this guide, however. They come in three colors: mole (a light tan), navy blue, and green. M&S offers free returns and free delivery for orders over $50 (for anything less, the shipping cost is $5). The most common complaint was that the fly was on the short side. Pros: Cold-weather friendly, nicely tailored, great price Cons: Some customers felt the fly was too short The best casual corduroy pants Save Khaki United Save Khaki United Corduroy Easy Pants are high-quality, American-made, laid back, and comfortable. Save Khaki United (SKU) makes elevated men's essentials focused on fit, comfort, and quality. All its clothes are sustainably made in the US under fair labor conditions. The company has been around for a little over a decade and has been championed by the likes of GQ. SKU continues to create low-key, minimalist, well-made menswear. The 8 Wale Corduroy Easy Pants are slouchy, sit low on the waist, and have a hint of a taper at the leg. With their drawstring elastic waistband, these are elevated joggers that are the perfect pants for weekend lounging or a casual evening out. They're probably a bit too casual for the office, however. They're made from 100% cotton, prewashed to prevent shrinkage and for straight-out-of-the-box comfort, and garment-dyed. The cords are mid-weight and feature slant front pockets and welt back pockets. Pros: Very comfortable, built to last Cons: Some may balk at the high price, not versatile See the rest of the story at Business InsiderSee Also:The best citrus juicers20 great tech gifts for kids that are just as educational as they are funThe best online deals and sales happening now
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Texas parole board calls on governor to delay execution of condemned man who many say is innocent
Rodney Reed was convicted of killing Stacey Stites, but his family and supporters have maintained his innocence, accusing her fiance, Jimmy Fennell, of the killing.      
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Jamal Adams-Leonard Fournette Twitter feud gets nasty over ‘quitting’ accusation
A Pro Bowl request turns into LSU bad blood. Former LSU teammates Leonard Fournette and Jamal Adams are accustomed to dueling on the field. On Friday morning, they chose a different arena: Twitter. The entertaining spat began when the Jaguars running back quote tweeted a message from the team’s official account in a plea for...
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Italy Continue Undefeated Euro Qualifying with Win over Bosnia and Herzegovina
Italy maintained their perfect record in UEFA 2020 European Championship qualifying with a 3-0 victory away against Bosnia and Herzegovina on Friday at the Bilino Polje Stadium...
Why flu season spikes in the fall and winter
REUTERS/Eric Miller For the past 35 years, flu activity in the US has peaked in February. But the flu season typically lasts from October through February in the US and the rest of the Northern Hemisphere. The flu virus has a protective gel-like coating that protects it in cold weather and makes it easier to spread from person to person. This article was reviewed by Tania Elliott, MD, who specializes in infectious diseases related to allergies and immunology for internal medicine at NYU Langone Health.  Visit Insider's homepage for more stories. For the past 35 years, flu activity in the US has peaked in February, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, so the shortest month of the year might not feel that way for the many infected. But February isn't the only month you can contract the flu. In fact, it's always flu season somewhere in the world.See the rest of the story at Business InsiderNOW WATCH: Taylor Swift is the world's highest-paid celebrity. Here's how she makes and spends her $360 million.See Also:Yes, the flu is contagious. Here's when you're most likely to spread the virusI have a PhD in immunology and this is how I keep my daughter from getting sick during the winterThe flu vaccine is not 100% effective but you should still get it every year
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Trump defends tweets about Yovanovitch, touts ‘freedom of speech’
President Trump on Friday defended his Twitter attack on former Ukraine Ambassador Marie Yovanovitch as she was testifying during the House impeachment inquiry — declaring it was his “freedom of speech” to express his opinion of her. “Nobody has ever had such horrible due process. There was no due process. I think it is considered...
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Google search results have more human help than you think, report finds
Google is sometimes hands-on under the hood, and investigators want to know more.
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Look: Browns' Mack Wilson Posts '1-0' Tweet Showing Injured JuJu Smith-Schuster
Cleveland Browns linebacker Mack Wilson deleted a controversial tweet that had a picture of himself standing tall and Pittsburgh Steelers star JuJu Smith-Schuster laying prone on the field...
Chicago gang leader accused of supporting ISIS
The leader of a street gang in a Chicago suburb was arrested for allegedly attempting to aid ISIS, the Justice Department announced Friday. 
Jeff Bezos reportedly wants to buy the Seattle Seahawks
Jeff Bezos may be eyeing the NFL team that’s playing in his own backyard. The Amazon founder — and world’s richest person with a fortune of $109.5 billion — is reportedly interested in acquiring the Seattle Seahawks, whose stadium sits just 1.5 miles away from Amazon’s headquarters. The Washington Post, which is owned by Bezos,...
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Trump critics are raising money to buy his childhood home
President Trump’s childhood home in Queens is a tough sell. After being listed for $2.9 million and floated as an Airbnb rental, it was slated for a Nov. 14 auction. But the auction has been postponed indefinitely — because no one who is interested has enough dough to make a bid, according to the auction...
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iFixit examines the 16-inch MacBook Pro's 'throwback' keyboard design
From the time we spent with Apple's just-announced 16-inch MacBook Pro, it was obvious that the shallow, unreliable butterfly keyboard design was out and scissor switches were back in. (It didn't hurt that Apple has confirmed the changes on the new M...
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An off-duty detective led others to scene of the California school shooting and started treating the victims
An off-duty detective was dropping off his girlfriend's son at Saugus High School when he saw hundreds of students running from the campus Thursday morning. He pulled in and asked a student what was going on.
Alvaro Morata, Spain Dominate Malta 7-0 in 2020 Euro Qualifying Match
Spain hammered Malta 7-0 in UEFA Euro 2020 qualifying on Friday at the Estadio Ramon de Carranza in Cadiz. Alvaro Morata sent the hosts on their way to victory with the opening goal after 23 minutes...
American Airlines Union Says Flight Attendants Scared, ‘Begging’ Not to Fly on 737 Max Planes
The jet has been grounded worldwide for 8 months now
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Path of Exile 2 announced at ExileCon
Grinding Gear Games announced Path of Exile 2 today, a sequel to its hit action role-playing game. Don't expect to play it for awhile though.
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This brain stimulator may help you get the sleep you need — Future Blink
A smart headband, NeoRhythm claims to help you de-stress, get a better rest, and boost your energy. Read more...More about Tech, Health, Mashable Video, Future Blink, and Neorhythm
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Fireworks and applause: See ending of hearing
Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) offers concluding remarks as former US ambassador to Ukraine Marie Yovanovitch ends her testimony at the impeachment inquiry hearings for President Trump.
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TikTok begins testing links in bios
Illustration by Alex Castro / The Verge TikTok has more than a billion users on its platform, and it appears the company is now experimenting with ways for it and its users to monetize their audiences on the app. Recently, TikTok has begun a limited test of a feature that lets users add links to their bios and posts, which can direct audiences to products or services. Judging by a video of the service in action posted by Fabian Bern, a marketer, it looks like audiences can purchase products featured in videos directly from the videos themselves. Influencers make their money from their audiences, and TikTok making that process more seamless almost certainly means those power users are going to see — and use — the service differently. Currently, the only way to make money on TikTok is to do brand deals off-platform. BREAKING: TikTok launches 'link in bio' & 'social commerce URLS' in videos @MattNavarra @TaylorLorenz @sarahintampa @TechCrunch @thenextweb @techinasia #tiktok— Fabian Bern 法比安 (@iamfabianbern) November 14, 2019 Right now the most direct comparison is Instagram. That app, which is owned by Facebook, currently allows users to purchase products featured in influencers’ posts and stories; it also is the originator of the phrase “link in bio,” which — well, you know what it means. That TikTok is getting into the game is an important signal for its ambitions, at least in the US, where this test has been rolling out. If it becomes super easy to make money on TikTok, we’ll see more creators flocking toward the site. Which is a good thing. Because Vine is dead.
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Watch out for this Facebook ad scam
The scam uses "crowdfunded products" to attract new users to spend money. The users will then get ghosted or sent a fake product after paying. Read more...More about Tech, Facebook, Mashable Video, Ad Scams, and Shopping Scams
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Your laziness can finally blossom with no-wash odor-resistant pants — Future Blink
LABFRESH pants are made from manipulated cotton fibers, the pants are shielded from liquids and bacteria, preventing stains and odors. Read more...More about Tech, Mashable Video, Pants, Future Blink, and Labfresh
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An interior designer reveals 13 of the best things to get at Dollar Tree this month
Dollar Tree Budget retailer Dollar Tree has a variety of affordable holiday decorations and homewares on sale this month. Insider spoke to a Florida-based interior designer to see what they'd recommend and he chose things like artificial garland, gold-rimmed plates, and clear ornaments. The designer also picked out miniature nutcrackers and stockings that resemble a sweater. Visit Insider's homepage for more stories. If you're trying to decorate for the holidays on a budget, you may want to pick up some basics at Dollar Tree, which sells seasonal essentials and decorations for just a buck.  To help you narrow down your options, Insider asked Jeremy Gallman, an interior designer and retail associate at Magnolia Inspiring Interiors in Tampa, Florida, for his top picks.  Here are 13 seasonal items an interior designer would buy at Dollar Tree right now.  Note: These items cost $1 in store but are only sold in bulk online.This traditional holiday stocking can also be used as a wine bag. Dollar Tree Gallman said stockings are the "classic ornament of the holiday season," not just something to hang on a mantle.  He suggests buying a few extra to use as a wine bag for holiday parties or as a way to quickly wrap gifts.  Christmas House Sweater Stocking You can design your own holiday ornaments to display at home or give as gifts. Dollar Tree Gallman said customizing a set of these clear, paintable ornaments is a fun present idea.  "You can paint whatever you want on these, and even fill with small mementos to create one-of-a-kind gifts," he added.  Crafter's Square Paintable Clear Plastic Christmas Ball These red, gold, and silver assorted ornament bulbs can be used for festive centerpieces. Dollar Tree "You can throw these in a bowl with some fresh juniper or eucalyptus and some pine cones to create the perfect holiday display for your dining table or kitchen island," Gallman told Insider. Round Plastic Ball Ornaments   See the rest of the story at Business InsiderSee Also:8 slang words from the last decade that we can't stand18 times musicians trashed their own songsThe worst retail fails and controversies of 2019, so far
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