Israel election result to close to call - exit polls

Exit polls suggest there will be no clear winner in the country's second election in five months.
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Australian wildfires prompt $11G fine for tossing lit cigarette from vehicle
The penalty took effect on Friday in New South Wales, according to a press release from the local government. It comes as devastating wildfires continue to severely impact the region, which has been arguably the hardest-hit part of the country.
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Elderly couple die on same day after spending 65 years together
An elderly couple who had been together for nearly 65 years died on the same day earlier this month while living together in a nursing home. The couple, Jack and Harriet Morrison, pushed their beds together so they could hold hands in the St. Louis-area nursing home where they each died on Jan. 11, the...
Coco Gauff fends off Venus Williams at Australian Open
MELBOURNE, Australia — Everyone had the same question when the Australian Open draw was revealed: What were the odds that Coco Gauff and Venus Williams would face each other again in the first round at a Grand Slam tournament? “I was a bit shocked,” Gauff said, “I’m sure everyone was a bit shocked.” Gauff, 15,...
'Mientras unas leían la Biblia, violaban a las de enfrente, niñas desde 6 años a 8-9 años'
Legionarios de Cristo se ven en un nuevo escándalo de abusos
Major blizzard buries cars, homes in more than 12 inches of snow in Newfoundland: report
Canada’s easternmost province was buried under 30 inches of snow Friday – a record for the most snow in 24 hours – as residents of the provincial capital of St. Johns struggled to clear snow drifts of 12 to 15 feet high left in the wake of the storm, a published report said.
The End of Libor Is a $12 Trillion Headache for Loan Bankers
The whole financial world is working to move away from Libor and other interbank lending benchmarks, which for decades have been used to set borrowing costs on bonds and loans, as well as products ranging from derivatives to credit cards. Since 2018, more than $150 billion worth of bonds have been sold using rates set by a new generation of benchmarks. The syndicated loan market is lagging far behind, with at least $12 trillion of deals needing to be replaced or rewritten so they follow a Libor
Jabra Elite 75t review: small and long lasting AirPod beaters
Comfortable fit, good controls, thumping bass, rock-solid connection and tiny case make Jabra’s new earbuds a solid optionThe Jabra Elite 75t wireless earbuds are the follow-ups to some of the best Bluetooth earbuds of 2018, but now smaller, lighter and longer-lasting.A lot has changed in the world of true wireless earbuds since 2018. Competition is fierce with many good options, but few still manage the perfect combination of comfort, connectivity, case and sound. Continue reading...
Pills, Powder and Smoke by Antony Loewenstein; Say Why to Drugs by Dr Suzi Gage – review
Two books try to unravel our continuing fascination with illegal drugs – with varying degrees of successThere are two key problems with books that attempt to be objective about illegal drugs. The first is that for the most part their authors won’t admit to having used such substances for fear their own objectivity may be compromised. The second follows fairly logically from the first: who, precisely, are such books aimed at? If they are targeted at readers who already have a consuming interest in drugs (pun intended), then they are very likely – by definition – to know rather more about the subject than the author; and if they are for people who only have a tangential interest in the subject, why should they want to read about it at all? True, there may be such a thing as a “gateway” book about drugs that leads people deeper and deeper into compulsive reading about the subject, but I suspect neither of these titles will fulfil that role, no matter how vulnerable the reader is to literary addiction.Antony Loewenstein never explicitly says that he hasn’t used drugs in Pills, Powder and Smoke, but nor does he ever indicate that he has. The personal information we gather about him is that he is something of an ingenue when it comes to the messy business of reportage in compromised and difficult environments. In the Philippines, where President Duterte’s government has conducted a “dirty war” against drug users and dealers for some years now (it’s claimed anything between 5,000 and 20,000 lives have been lost), Loewenstein sees the corpse of a man who has been gunned down by the police: “It was the first dead body I had ever seen, apart from that of a deceased relative. I felt fascinated and sickened, wondering if I was a vulture for taking so many photos.” No need to wonder, Antony, you were. Continue reading...
Humans risk living in an empty world, warns UN biodiversity chief
Ahead of the World Economic Forum, Elizabeth Maruma Mrema urges governments to take definitive action on climate, deforestation and pollutionHumanity will have given up on planet Earth if world leaders cannot reach an agreement this year to stop the mass extinction of wildlife and destruction of life-supporting ecosystems, the United Nation’s new biodiversity chief has warned.Elizabeth Maruma Mrema, the acting executive secretary of the UN Convention on Biological Diversity, has implored governments to ensure 2020 is not just another “year of conferences” on the ongoing ecological destruction of the planet, urging countries to take definitive action on deforestation, pollution and the climate crisis. Continue reading...
Opinion: Year after AFC title game gaffe, Dee Ford heads to Super Bowl, just like his former team
Dee Ford was one step away from the Super Bowl with the Chiefs before his offsides helped the Patriots stay alive and ultimately win the AFC title.
5 dead after hot water pipe explodes in Russia hotel
At least five people were killed and three hospitalized after a hot water pipe exploded in a hotel in Perm, Russia, and flooded the basement with boiling water, a report said.
China Will Rack Up Three Billion Trips During World’s Biggest Human Migration
It brings much of China’s economy to a halt and strains transport systems, not to mention waistlines. Chinese New Year is an annual ritual of family reunification and overindulgence. The scale of the migration is astounding: While an estimated 116 million Americans were on the move around the Christmas and New Year’s holidays, Chinese citizens will rack up about 3 billion trips during this year’s travel-fest. A widening pneumonia outbreak that began in December has added some complications this
Backstage with the 'Parasite' cast celebrating a historic SAG Awards win: 'Where's Bong?!'
The cast of South Korea's "Parasite" celebrate a history-making win backstage at the Screen Actors Guild Awards.
GLOBAL MARKETS-Asia shares pause near high ground, oil jumps on Libya shutdown
Asian shares held near a 20-month top on Monday even as investors took some money off the table following a strong run recently, while oil jumped to more than a one-week high after two large crude production bases in Libya began shutting down.
Two cops shot dead in Hawaii, suspect apparently sets raging fire
Flames destroyed several homes; suspect, two women unaccounted for but likely in home that burned, police said.
Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston celebrate together at the SAG Awards
Cameras caught Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston celebrating together backstage at the SAG Awards.
Mike Miller has theory about Frank Ntilikina’s Knicks setback
For all of the promising games Frank Ntilikina has turned in this season, Saturday’s loss to the 76ers was one of his more pedestrian. The Knicks point guard finished with just five points (on 2 of 8 shooting), three rebounds, two turnovers and no assists while playing 16:30 in the 90-87 loss at the Garden....
Violent unrest grips Beirut as 'week of rage' escalates
Violent clashes between police and anti-government protesters gripped sections of Beirut Sunday night, as part of a "week of rage" declared by protesters that has paralyzed much of the Lebanese capital.
Derek Jeter ended pitcher’s MLB career in famous Yankees Stadium farewell
Derek Jeter’s dramatic Yankee Stadium farewell, you might remember, didn’t go down as his last appearance in a major league uniform. Two more brief appearances at Fenway Park followed before the Yankees captain, set to be elected to the Baseball Hall of Fame on Tuesday, hung up his spikes. Ironically enough, however, that magical night...
Brendan Lemieux promptly promoted in Rangers return
Brendan Lemieux couldn’t talk his way into the lineup for Thursday’s game against the Islanders. But once he did get back in, making his return from a nine-game absence with a broken left hand, Lemieux played his way onto the top line. The rugged winger played all of the third period with Mika Zibanejad and...
Para juicio a Trump, senadores no podrán hablar ni salir
El proceso comenzará con una antigua frase procedimental: "A todos los presentes se les ordena mantener silencio, so pena de encarcelamiento"
Opinion: Packers will need another busy offseason to close talent gap with 49ers
Aaron Rodgers' clock is ticking, and at age 36 he needs more help than he used to if the Packers are to become a true Super Bowl contender.
Malaysia sends back trash, says it won't be the 'rubbish dump of the world'
Malaysia has sent back 150 containers of plastic waste to 13 mostly wealthy countries, including the United States.
49ers’ C.J. Beathard heartbroken over dead brother amid Super Bowl frenzy
There was a party raging in the locker room on the night the 49ers punched their ticket to Super Bowl 2020 with their 37-20 destruction of the Packers, and it brought some joy inside a heart that remains filled with too much unspeakable pain. C.J. Beathard, a backup to 49ers quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo, will be...
China counts sharp rise in coronavirus cases during country’s busiest travel time, 2 in Beijing
China reported Monday a sharp rise in the number of people infected with a new coronavirus, including the first cases in the capital. The outbreak coincides with the country's busiest travel period, as millions board trains and planes for the Lunar New Year holidays.
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Meng Wanzhou's court battle is the start of another critical year for Huawei
Huawei's chief financial officer will be in a Canadian court this week for a highly anticipated hearing. It's a major step toward determining whether she will be extradited to the United States, and a critical test for a Chinese company that has become emblematic of US-China tensions.
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China has announced a new plan to crack down on most single-use plastics by 2025
The Chinese government has announced a new plan to crack down on plastic pollution across the country by 2025, including a ban on single-use plastic straws and bags.
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'Oh snap': 49ers' DeForest Buckner laughs about Nick Bosa's conflicting instructions on fumble recovery
When 49ers defensive lineman DeForest Buckner saw a fumbled snap, he pounced. But teammate Nick Bosa had a brief idea for a big return.       
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A look at expected participants in Virginia gun rally
State officials and U.S. hate-monitoring groups are warning about the potential for violence ahead of a gun-rights rally in Virginia that’s expected to draw a mix of militias, firearms advocates and white supremacists to Richmond
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Parasite Becomes the First Foreign Language Film to Win Best Cast at the SAG Awards
The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel won best ensemble performance in a comedy series for the second year running.
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NFL championship Sunday overreactions: Chiefs, Niners set up classic Super Bowl
SportsPulse: Let's be honest. We are just happy that the New England Patriots are not playing in the Super Bowl this year. The fact that we get to see Patrick Mahomes makes it that much sweeter.        
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Trump’s greatest ally in the coming election? Facebook | John Harris
The internet giant has exempted politics from regulations on falsehood. Good news for a candidacy built on liesIf you want to know why the worst president in US history currently stands a very good chance of winning again, consider a few facts. Donald Trump’s re-election campaign is already in full flow, brimming with cash, drenching social media with targeted ads, and reaping oceans of data on voters.The impeachment drama is, predictably enough, the perfect opportunity to put out material that plays to the idea of Trump as a noble maverick, struggling against the liberal conspiracy implied by his online questionnaires: “Do you agree that President Trump has done nothing wrong? Do you believe the Democrats will try and make up LIES to impeach the president?” Continue reading...
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What to watch on Monday: ‘No Passport Required’ Season 2 on PBS
Monday, Jan. 20, 2020 | “Brain Games” on National Geographic.
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2 more bodies found on Tijuana property where California couple found dead
Two more bodies turned up at a house in Tijuana, Mexico, where a missing California landlord and his wife were found buried, allegedly killed by their son-in-law, according to investigators. The second set of bodies — one male and the other female — was discovered in a state of advanced decomposition, the attorney general’s office...
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Two people were killed and five injured in a Texas club shooting Sunday night
Two people were killed and five injured after at least one person opened fire inside a Texas club Sunday night, police said.
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Joe Biden Links President Donald Trump to KKK in Sermon to Black Church
Former Vice President Joe Biden linked President Donald Trump to the Ku Klux Klan (KKK) in a sermon on Sunday in a black church in South Carolina on the eve of Martin Luther King Jr. Day.
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Exes Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt reunite backstage at SAG Awards 2020
Famous exes Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt were photographed sharing a moment backstage after their respective wins at the SAG Awards 2020 on Sunday night.
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Highlights from the 26th Annual SAG Awards
The cast of "Parasite," Joaquin Phoenix, Renee Zellweger, Brad Pitt, and others accept acting awards. (January 19)       
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Here are 5 must-know moments from the SAG Awards
Winners, losers, and an updated Tinder profile for Brad Pitt.       
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Raheem Mostert became 49ers hero after nearly quitting football
SANTA CLARA, Calif. — The biggest games can make heroes out of ordinary men. They can make legends out of career journeymen and wide-eyed free-agent dreamers who wouldn’t take no for any answer no matter how many times doors were slammed in their faces. They can give you a Raheem Mostert, who has bounced around...
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Texas man receives 'nasty' messages after DMV revokes 'Jail 45' license plate: report
A Texas man says his family has received 'nasty' messages after the state's Department of Motor Vehicles forced him to remove his controversial license plate.
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Nic Claxton giving Nets glimpse of future in DeAndre Jordan’s absence
With DeAndre Jordan sidelined, Nic Claxton showed that backup center spot is in good hands until the veteran returns. With a strong game Saturday against NBA-leading Milwaukee, the rookie gave a glimpse of why the Nets are so high on him. “He’s gonna be really good in this league,” Kenny Atkinson said. “He’s got something...
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Rangers’ damning inconsistency won’t change Pavel Buchnevich’s trade standing
If this is about learning experiences, then Sunday was sure one of them for the young Rangers, who flushed one point and the opportunity to grab a second by allowing a three-on-two winning goal against with under a half-minute remaining in regulation. “We have to learn about puck management and making the right decisions at...
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'We gave it to 'em': The Packers knew what they had to do against the 49ers – and didn't
The Packers knew from being beaten by the 49ers in November on the same field, they couldn't give their opponent anything.        
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Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston both win at 2020 SAG Awards
Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston, who were married from 2000 to 2005, shared the SAG Awards stage. Pitt joked about his failed marriages during his acceptance speech.
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Manhunt in San Antonio after shooting at bar kills 2, injures 5
A manhunt was underway Sunday night after two people were killed and five others were injured following a shooting during a concert at a San Antonio club, Texas authorities said.  
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'A nuestros oídos llegó que el presidente de EEUU nos abrió las puertas y nos tiene trabajo'
México sella su frontera y corre la desinformación, mientras los migrantes se debaten entre cruzar ilegalmente cuanto antes, esperar o lanzarse al río en grupos más pequeños
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