Judge rules that neo-Nazi blog owner should pay $14 million for inciting a ‘troll storm’

A judge says Daily Stormer owner Andrew Anglin should pay $14 million for urging followers to terrorize a Jewish woman in Montana. US Magistrate Judge Jeremiah Lynch made the recommendation yesterday, and as The New York Times notes, it’s now awaiting approval from US District Court Judge Dana Christensen. In addition to monetary damages, the ruling recommends requiring the Daily Stormer to take down articles about Anglin’s target Tanya Gersh — who’s still suffering “atrocious conduct” from harassers because of the posts.

Anglin refused to appear in court, and this is a harsh default judgment against him. It recommends Gersh receive around $4 million as compensation for lost earnings and emotional distress, citing the “particularly egregious and reprehensible nature” of Anglin’s actions. The judge also awarded $10 million in punitive damages — the maximum amount allowed under the law — to “punish Anglin and deter him from engaging in such conduct in the future.”

The judge called Anglin’s actions ‘particularly egregious and reprehensible’

Gersh said that the judgment sent “a clear message” to Anglin and other extremists. “This lawsuit has always been about stopping others from enduring the terror I continue to live through at the hands of a neo-Nazi and his followers, and I wanted to make sure that this never happens to anyone else,” she said in a statement. Anglin’s location is currently unknown, and it’s not clear how much money (if any) Gersh might actually get.

The Southern Poverty Law Center filed suit on Gersh’s behalf in 2017. The complaint followed months of death threats and hate messages from readers of the Daily Stormer — which, according to the SPLC’s complaint, had published 30 posts railing against Gersh. Anglin’s attacks stemmed from a failed real estate deal between Gersh and Sherry Spencer, mother of white nationalist Richard Spencer. Spencer then claimed that Gersh had extorted her, and Anglin posted photos and contact information along with instructions to “make your opinions known” about the issue. “Let’s Hit Em Up. Are y’all ready for an old fashioned Troll Storm? Because AYO – it’s that time, fam,” he wrote.

Anglin’s lawyers attempted to mount a First Amendment defense of his posts last year, but Judge Christensen refused to dismiss the case. Anglin then failed to appear in court, his lawyers cut ties with him, and he forfeited the suit. It’s the second recent judgment against him — last month, Anglin was ordered to pay $4.1 million to Dean Obeidallah, who Anglin falsely accused of orchestrating the 2017 bombing of an Ariana Grande concert in Manchester.

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Gen Z voters in Iowa size up the 2020 presidential candidates
Young voters in Iowa are taking the campaign seriously as they evaluate candidates ahead of the caucuses in February. CBS News' Natalie Brand talked with some of them about their priorities, and she joined CBSN AM with details.
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Review: Focal’s Chora 806 is a luxury speaker at a heck of a price
Focal is among the most venerable names in audio. The French company has been in the hi-fi business since 1979, making everything from car speakers to studio monitors to surround systems. But nowadays, it’s perhaps best known for its high-endproducts with eye-searing price tags. Whether we’re talking about the excellent $3,000 Stellia headphones or the $230,000, costs-as-much-as-a-house Grande Utopia Evo, these are products often out of the reach for the average audio enthusiast. But just because the pricey items are more attention-grabbing doesn’t mean the company can’t make an excellent pair of speakers at a palatable price point. I’ve been listening… This story continues at The Next Web
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Trump says daughter Ivanka has created "created 14 million jobs"
Trump spoke at the Economic Club of New York today and surprised attendees with the good news that his daughter Ivanka has created "created 14 million jobs" in the United States. That's almost 10% of the US workforce. Thanks, Ivanka! From The Intelligencer: At a speech to the Economic Club of New York today, President Trump declared that his daughter, Ivanka, has personally created 14 million new jobs. The president announced this figure — so astonishingly ludicrous it would embarrass a Stalin-era pronouncement — and then repeated it twice more as the crowd applauded politely. The entire U.S. economy has created fewer than 6 million new jobs since Trump took office. So Trump is crediting his daughter with having personally created more than 200 percent of all new jobs in the United States. This is like supply-side economics but for authoritarian nepotism. Image: Mark Frauenfelder. Attribution 2.0 Generic (CC BY 2.0) Read the rest
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Sycophant and former ambassador Nikki Haley struggles on the Today Show
This is perhaps not the best week for sycophants. Nikki Haley picked the wrong month to release a book. She's getting roasted by *everyone*. I wonder if she thought this was going to be a softball interview. Because it was *not*. #tuesdaymorning — Holly Figueroa O'Reilly (@AynRandPaulRyan) November 12, 2019 Read the rest
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Trump signals flexibility on plans to ban flavored vaping products
President Donald Trump signaled he may be willing to step back from the plan to ban flavored vaping products the administration announced earlier this year.
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No tariff adjustments until deal made, Kudlow says: CNBC
White House economic adviser Larry Kudlow said on Tuesday there will be no tariff adjustments until trade deal with China is made.
How to search for terms or values in an Excel spreadsheet, and use Find and Replace
Shutterstock You can search in Excel to quickly find terms or numbers in your spreadsheet.  It's easy to search in Excel by typing into the Search Sheet bar at the top of the screen, or by using a keyboard shortcut.  You can also search for terms or numbers and easily replace them with another value by using Find and Replace.  Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. Excel spreadsheets are a daunting affair for many.  And indeed, when you are confronting dozens of rows and columns comprising hundreds if not thousands of cells filled with all sorts of data, it's only logical to be a bit unnerved. How are you going to find that one term or figure among all that clutter?See the rest of the story at Business InsiderNOW WATCH: People are still debating the pink or grey sneaker, 2 years after it went viral. Here's the real color explained.See Also:How to sum values in Microsoft Excel in 2 different ways, to add multiple numbers or cells togetherHow to divide numbers and cells in Microsoft Excel to make calculations and analyze dataHow to multiply cells and numbers in Microsoft Excel using 3 different methodsSEE ALSO: The best Macbooks you can buy
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Nearly a quarter of women out-earn their partner, but they still face many of the same workplace hurdles as their mothers
Compassionate Eye Foundation/Steven Errico/ Getty Images Millennial women are more likely to out-earn their partners than boomer women, with 23% of millennial women reporting that they earn more money than their partner, according to data from Morning Consult and Insider. Though millennial couples are starting to earn more equally, millennial women still face the same challenges their parents did, with a still-significant wage gap, limited access to paid maternity and family leave, and lower labor force participation rates than men.  Read more personal finance coverage.  Millennial women are more likely than women of other generations to out-earn their partners, but for many young couples, equality is still far off.  A survey by Insider and Morning Consult looked at the earning, saving, and spending habits of 2,096 Americans, 1,068 of whom identified as women. See the rest of the story at Business InsiderNOW WATCH: A podiatrist explains heel spurs, the medical condition Trump said earned him a medical deferment from VietnamSee Also:5 lessons I learned selling candy in 7th grade that have stuck with me ever sinceMy free Credit Karma app helped my credit score spike by 50 points overnightA Southern California couple who worked 'blue collar' jobs plans to retire comfortably thanks to 3 strategies they started years ago
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Google: You can trust us with the medical data you didn’t know we already had
Google has 50M people's medical records but won't merge them with other Google data.
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Jane Seymour, 68, says ‘not every designer will dress someone my age’
While the former Bond girl used to regularly step out in designer dresses from the likes of Versace, Escada and Nolan Miller, she revealed that borrowing red carpet looks has gotten tougher over time.
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Charlize Theron says Oprah’s Instagram feed is just like Xanax
"Have you seen her holding vegetables that she grows in her garden? It’s like Xanax."
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Dog tries to eat $250,000 Porsche
The Google Translation of this Instagram post: "And you wake up in the morning to discover that Firulais entertains himself by biting your $250,000.00 Porsche in this house." View this post on Instagram Y te levantas en la mañana a descubrir que Firulais se entretiene mordiendo tu Porsche de $250,000.00 en esta casa hoy se come perro caliente
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Popeyes' chicken sandwich has been linked to a deadly stabbing and reports of assault and physical violence. Here are the harrowing incidents related to the coveted menu item.
Irene Jiang / Business Insider Popeyes officially relaunched its wildly popular chicken sandwich on November 3 after selling out of the menu item in August. The second iteration of the sandwich has been linked to various reports of violence, many stemming from agitated customers who want to get their hands on the coveted menu item. Police confirmed that a deadly shooting in Oxon Hill, Maryland, on November 4 was linked to the return of the chicken sandwich. "There is no reason for someone to lose their life on a Monday night in a parking lot," Popeyes said in a statement. "Our thoughts are with the victim's family and friends and we are fully cooperating with local authorities." Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. The Popeyes chicken sandwich is back, and the second iteration of the famed menu has been as wild — if not more — than its first go-around. Foot traffic to stores surpassed the peak traffic during the original launch of the sandwich, according to foot-traffic tracker Since the sandwich relaunched on November 3, there have been various reports of customers resorting to extreme measures to get one of the sandwiches. "It is as crazy as last time if not more," said a shift leader in a Texas Popeyes who worked through the first iteration of the Chicken Sandwich Wars. He said his location sold over 2,000 sandwiches the first night of the relaunch. Popeyes said that some locations experienced drive-thru lines down the street and in-store lines that went out the front door. But in some cases, the hype has become dangerous. A Popeyes employee was arrested on Friday after a viral video showed an employee body-slamming a woman outside a Tennessee restaurant, Fox reported. A deadly shooting in Oxon Hill, Maryland the day after the sandwich's relaunch was linked to to the return of the menu item, police confirmed. One man fatally stabbed the other while waiting in line for a Popeyes chicken sandwich after an argument. Jennifer Donelan, a spokeswoman for the Prince George's County Police Department, said that the disagreement was apparently sparked when one person cut in front of the other in line. From a fatal stabbing to a report of a brawl between an employee and a customer, here are all the incidents connected to the Popeyes chicken sandwich so far.An altercation between two men in line at a Popeyes in Oxon Hill, Maryland, on November 4 ended in a fatal stabbing. Police confirmed that the incident was related to the the release of the sandwich at the restaurant. Eric Gay/AP Source: Business Insider "For you to get that angry over anything, for that type of anger to develop into this type of violence, is a very sad and tragic day," said Jennifer Donelan, a spokeswoman for the Prince George's County Police Department. Irene Jiang / Business Insider Source: Business Insider Another Maryland Popeyes was reportedly the site of a brawl. A spokesperson confirmed to The Baltimore Sun that there was an altercation between an employee and a customer that demanded a refund. Irene Jiang / Business Insider Source: The Baltimore Sun See the rest of the story at Business InsiderSee Also:I ate chicken nuggets from 6 fast-food chains, and the best were also the cheapestPrivate jets, parties with Khloe Kardashian, and $1 million weddings: Inside the lavish lives of a billionaire fast-fashion dynastyThe Popeyes chicken sandwich might be even more popular the second time around as restaurants report long lines and soaring salesSEE ALSO: 'I was working like a slave': Exhausted Popeyes employees describe a harrowing situation amid chicken-sandwich chaos, including working 60-hour weeks and shifts with no breaks
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China has 500+ Uighur camps and prisons, holding far more than one million people as claimed, say activists
On Tuesday, advocates for human rights for China's Uighur minority said they have documented 500 camps and prisons in China run by the government to detain people identified as belonging to that targeted ethnic group. The activists say that when you add up the number of detention facilities they've identified, it means China must be holding a total number of Uighur people that far exceeds the commonly cited figure of one million people. From AFP via Yahoo News: The East Turkistan National Awakening Movement, a Washington-based group that seeks independence for the mostly Muslim region known to China as Xinjiang, said it assessed images from Google Earth and found 182 suspected "concentration camps" which it listed by coordinates. The group, which said it matched its findings with on-the-ground information, said it also spotted 209 suspected prisons and 74 suspected labor camps which it would share later. "In large part these have not been previously identified, so we could be talking about far greater numbers" of people detained, said Kyle Olbert, the director of operations for the movement. "If anything, we are concerned that there may be more facilities that we have not been able to identify," he told a news conference in suburban Washington. Anders Corr, an analyst who formerly worked in US intelligence and who advised the group, said that around 40 percent of the sites had not been previously reported. China uses torture and sexual abuse to “forcibly integrate Uighurs into the Han majority, including pressuring Muslims to give up tenets of their faith such as praying and abstaining from pork and alcohol,” the report continues. Read the rest
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Protesters block Lebanon roads after Aoun urges them to go home
Protesters in Lebanon blocked roads with burning tyres in several parts of the country including the capital Beirut on Tuesday following a broadcast interview with President Michel Aoun in which he urged them to go home, the National News Agency reported.
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A US federal court finds suspicionless searches of phones at the border is illegal
A federal court in Boston has ruled that the government is not allowed to search travelers’ phones or other electronic devices at the U.S. border without first having reasonable suspicion of a crime. That’s a significant victory for civil liberties advocates, who say the government’s own rules allowing its border agents to search electronic devices […]
Microsoft workers say it's making progress on diversity
Microsoft's push for greater diversity in its workforce appears to be paying off, and it's not just the company's management saying so this time. The tech giant's 2019 Diversity and Inclusion report offers the first public glimpse at Microsoft's Incl...
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21 of the biggest differences between the 'Lady and the Tramp' remake and the animated movie
Disney Warning: There are spoilers ahead for Disney's "Lady and the Tramp" remake. Disney's remake of its 1955 animated classic about two dogs who fall in love is finally available to watch on its streaming site Disney Plus. Longer than the original, Insider rounded up some of the subtle and big changes the new film makes from the animated classic. For example, the remake gets rid of the problematic "Siamese Cat Song" and gives Tramp a sad backstory. Visit INSIDER's homepage for more stories. 1. The Josh Billings' quote doesn't appear at the film's start. Disney While both films start with an illustrated background setting that turns to winter, the live-action remake doesn't show the Billings quote which kicks off the animated feature.  It reads: "In the whole history of the world there is but one thing that money can not buy... to wit — the wag of a dog's tail. So it is to all dogs — be they Ladies or Tramps that this picture is respectfully dedicated."  2. Lady does not have her giant bow when she's gifted to Darling. Disney When Darling opens her Christmas present, Lady has a giant magenta-colored bow in the animated picture.  3. We see the faces of Jim Dear and Darling throughout the film. Disney Lady's owners are never front and center in the animated film. The remake doesn't act like Jim and Darling are two faceless adults. Kiersey Clemons and Thomas Mann get a lot of screen time with Lady in the new movie. See the rest of the story at Business InsiderSee Also:The best and worst original TV shows and movies you can watch on Disney Plus12 secrets behind Walt Disney World's magical holiday decorationsHow contact lenses are made for movies and TV shows
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The former HBO CEO is in talks to join Apple TV Plus
AP Photo/ Matt Sayles   Richard Plepler, the former CEO of HBO, is in talks to join Apple's recently launched streaming service, Apple TV Plus, in a production deal to develop new original content, according to multiple outlets including The Wall Street Journal, Deadline, and The Hollywood Reporter.See the rest of the story at Business InsiderNOW WATCH: Watch the 20 details you may have missed in the new trailer for 'Birds of Prey'See Also:These are the watches worn by some of the most powerful CEOs in the worldHere's how every character in the new Disney live-action movies compares to the original versionsApple's 'See' director on why the TV series cost less than 'Game of Thrones' and if he'd return for the next 'Hunger Games' movie
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The best cooking oil
Cooking oils are important components of a heart-healthy diet, but it's important to choose the right ones for the dish you're preparing. We've rounded up the best olive oil, coconut oil, flaxseed oil, walnut oil, canola oil, and other healthy oils to help you diversify the cooking oils in your cupboard and add flavor to your meals. Even an occasional cook needs to have some type of cooking oil in the pantry. These plant-based oils are used for everything from frying to baking to making salad dressings. But there are so many different types of cooking oils on the supermarket shelves, you might be tempted to throw your hands up in confusion, and then go home with the familiar bottle of vegetable oil. But that's certainly not the healthiest choice, and there's no need to stick with only one type of oil. Each type of cooking oil has its own flavor, level of fats, and smoke point, which is the temperature at which the oil will begin to smoke, indicating it is overheated and may lose health benefits. But why limit yourself to just one? A well-stocked pantry has a selection of flavorful cooking oils to choose from. If you cook with any regularity, your pantry should contain at least a bottle of canola and a bottle of extra-virgin olive oil. Add a small bottle of peanut or sesame oil if you love to stir-fry, and one or two others for variety in salad dressings. Moderate amounts of healthy cooking oil add beneficial fats to your diet, helping to keep your cholesterol balanced and your circulatory system healthy.   If you're wondering which cooking oils are worth adding to your pantry, we've done the hard work for you, and assembled this guide to 10 healthy cooking oils worth trying. Here are the best cooking oils you can buy:  Best olive oil: Colavita Extra-Virgin Olive Oil Best canola oil: 365 Everyday Value Organic Canola Oil Best peanut oil: La Tourangelle Roasted Peanut Oil Best sesame oil: Ottogi Dark Sesame Oil Best sunflower oil: Sunvella Unrefined High-Oleic Sunflower Oil Best coconut oil: Viva Naturals Organic, Cold-Pressed, Extra-Virgin Coconut Oil Best avocado oil: Bella Vado Organic Extra-Virgin Avocado Oil Best walnut oil: La Tourangelle Roasted Walnut Oil Best flaxseed oil: Puritan's Pride Organic Flaxseed Oil Updated on 11/7/2019 by Caitlin Petreycik: Updated prices, links, and formatting. Added related guides. The best olive oil Colavita/Filippo Berio Colavita and Filippo Berio make delicious olive oil that's healthy for use in food preparation. Olive oil is one of the healthiest oils you can cook with because it is very high in monounsaturated fat. It is lower in Omega-3 than some other oils, but it's still quite healthy.  Olive oil has a distinctive, strong flavor, and comes in several varieties. Extra-virgin, which is the highest quality type, is pressed from whole olives within a day of harvesting and has a low smoke point that makes it unsuitable for frying or sautéing at high heat. Pure olive oil has been refined to reduce the strong olive flavor and has a higher smoke point. Our favorite extra virgin olive oil is made by Colavita. The oil is imported from Italy and made from olives that originate in Italy, Greece, Spain, or Portugal. It has a delicious flavor that's excellent for salad dressings and pasta sauce, as well as sautéing and grilling over low-to-medium heat. Pure olive oil can be used for frying, sautéing, stir-frying, and oven cooking, especially in Italian or Mediterranean dishes. For that purpose, we recommend Filippo Berio Pure Olive Oil. Pros: Healthy, nice flavor, great for pasta, versatile Cons: Can be expensive, low smoke point The best canola oil 365 Everyday Value Some people mistakenly think canola oil is the same as low-quality vegetable oil, but the 365 Everyday Value Organic Canola Oil is very healthy and great for cooking. Made from hybridized rapeseed, canola oil is high in monounsaturated fat, and contains a high level of Omega-3 fatty acids. It has a very mild taste that works with any sort of recipe, and has a fairly high smoke point. Because just about all supermarket canola oil in the US is pressed from genetically modified rapeseed, however, it's best to choose an organic variety. Our favorite organic canola oil comes from 365 Everday Value, Whole Foods' in-house brand. You can trust that it's not genetically modified or altered in any way. Used at moderate temperatures, this canola oil is excellent for baking, sautéing, stir-frying and as a base for dressings. Its mild taste makes it a good match for any dish that has stronger spices or flavors. Pros: Versatile, lots of Omega-3, organic, works at moderate temperatures, affordable Cons: Mild flavor isn't for special dishes The best peanut oil La Tourangelle La Tourangelle's flavorful peanut oil adds character to any dish that could benefit from a touch of nutty goodness. With its peanutty flavor and high smoke point, La Tourangelle's peanut oil is excellent for deep-frying and stir-frying. It is lower in healthy fats than olive oil or canola oil, but does have a good level of Omega-6. La Tourangelle's expeller-pressed roasted peanut oil isn't refined chemically, either, so it's extra healthy. Although refined peanut oil has the peanut allergen removed, it is still safest to avoid using this oil if you are cooking for anyone who might be allergic to peanuts. Peanut oil is popular in Asian stir-fry recipes and is also a good choice for frying potatoes or even a whole turkey. La Tourangelle's peanut oil is absolutely delicious and quite healthy. Pros: Delicious flavor, not refined chemically, great in stir-fry Cons: Bad if you're allergic to peanuts, expensive See the rest of the story at Business InsiderSee Also:The best wine glassesThe best home security systemsThe best smart locksSEE ALSO: The best food storage container sets you can buy
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Cheap safe looks like a book
If you have a lot of books at home, a cheap book safe like this is a good way to hide small things. The inside storage area is 2" x 5.625" x 9" and the book looks like a dictionary. (Crooks already know to scan bookshelves for The New English Dictionary, so you should put a jacket from another book on it.) It has a lock and two keys to discourage snooping if someone pulls the book off the shelf. Read the rest
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The best wine glasses
The size, shape, construction, and style of a wine glass can dramatically alter how the wine will taste. The best overall wine glass for everyday use is the Libbey 4 Piece Signature Kentfield Grande Wine Set. I remember the first time I bought wine glasses. I was 25 years old, had just moved into my own Manhattan studio, and truly believed that this purchase marked my arrival as a full-fledged adult. I selected a set of six wide-bowled glasses at Crate & Barrel for one reason: I thought they were beautiful. That set served me well. I remember one of them breaking dramatically during a party that first year, but several of them lasted for more than a decade. Into these glasses, I poured red and white wine, as well as the occasional champagne toast. Since then I have learned a great deal more about wine, as well as the importance of using different glasses for different wines. And it's not just about etiquette. The size, shape, and construction of a wine glass can dramatically alter the tasting experience. There are dozens of different specialized wine glasses, but most glasses are grouped into one of two categories: red or white wine glasses. In general, red wine glasses are taller and have a bigger bowl than white wine glasses. There are several reasons for this, but mostly, the wider opening of the glass allows red wines to breathe or to oxidate — and ultimately taste smoother. Red wine glasses can be held by the bowl or the stem. White wines, on the other hand, do better in a glass with a smaller bowl and narrower rim because it helps to preserve the cooler temperature. How to choose a wine glass There are several different design and construction elements to consider when choosing a glass. According to Williams-Sonoma, some of the most important are the size and shape of the bowl, the stem, the rim and whether it is made of crystal or glass.   The Bowl: A wider bowl increases the surface area of the wine that's exposed to air and encourages alcohol evaporation. This creates what's known as the wine's aroma, which can drastically alter its taste. Wide bowls are best for red wines. Lighter, white wines are served in narrower, taller bowls because it preserves the chill and the delicate bouquet. The Stem: Holding a wine glass by its stem helps to keep the heat of your hand away from the wine, which is important because your hand may affect the wine's temperature. Stemless wine glasses, also called wine tumblers, are less formal than stemmed glasses and are perfect for everyday use or casual entertaining. The Rim: A tapered shape suspends the wine's aroma at the top of the glass and prevents it from wafting away when the wine is swirled. A glass with a rim that tapers and then flares slightly still effectively holds the wine's aroma, while directing the flow of wine toward the front palate, highlighting rich fruit flavors while tempering acidity. The Material: Crystal is glass that contains lead oxide. Beyond its beautiful sparkle, crystal is a good choice for wine glasses because it's stronger than plain glass and therefore more easily made into more delicate designs. The surface of crystal is also microscopically coarser than glass so wines develop more intense aromas when they're swirled in crystal stemware. If you're looking for dishwasher-safe stemware, glass is a better choice than crystal. Shaped by a skilled glassblower, glass stemware can be every bit as delicate and beautiful as crystal stemware. Types of red wine glasses Standard red wine glass: Mostly used for Cabernet, Merlot, Bordeaux, or similar varietals, this tall glass has a full sized bowl that tapers a little bit at the top. Pinot or Burgundy glass: Not as tall as the Cabernet glass, this one has a wide bowl. Shiraz glass: This is the tallest of all red wine glasses, with a distinct taper towards the top. Port glass: These are short and much smaller than other red wine glasses. Types of white wine glasses Standard white wine glass: Mostly used for Chardonnay, these glasses have a similar shape to standard red wine glasses, but they're a bit smaller. Sauvignon Blanc/Pino Grigio glass: Designed to bring out the acidity in these wines, the glasses are shorter and have a smaller bowl than the Chardonnay glasses. Montrachet/White Burgundy glass: These wine glasses are short with a wide bowl. We've selected wine glasses that will work with any wine you choose — red or white— as well as specialty glasses for both red and white wines. Read on to learn more about our wine glass picks.  Here are the best wine glasses you can buy: Best wine glasses overall: Libbey 4 Piece Signature Kentfield Grande Wine Set Best white wine glasses: Riedel Vivant 4 Piece White Wine Glass Set Best red wine glasses: 2 Piece Riedel Veritas Cabernet/Merlot Glass Set Best stemless wine glasses: Zeppoli 4 Piece Royal Stemless Wine Glass Set Updated by Caitlin Petreycik on 11/11/2019: Updated prices, links, and formatting. The best wine glasses overall Libbey The Libbey Signature Kentfield Grande Wine Glasses are affordable, sturdy, backed by a great guarantee, and perfect for all types of wine. Libbey started out in 1818 as the New England Glass Company. Today, the Ohio-based company produces a wide range of tableware products, but its glassware remains top notch. In 2015, Libbey introduced a new state-of-the-art process for making glassware from the furnace to forming to finishing, which the company claims produces "the most brilliant and strongest soda lime glassware to be produced in the US." The attractive, dishwasher-safe Libbey Signature Kentfield glasses feature a laser-cut rim, as well as a pulled stem and a reinforced flat foot for extra stability. The tulip-shaped bowl makes it an ideal choice for both red and white wines, so you can drink whatever you want in these glasses. To sweeten the pot, all of Libbey's glassware is protected by a 25-year no-chip guarantee.  Libbey will replace or refund the price of a chipped glass if you return it to the dealer or distributor. Across the web, professional reviewers, including those at The Wirecutter and The Spruce say that Libbey wine glasses are an extraordinary value and perfect for everyday wine consumption. We highly recommend them as an affordable option for people who want to get into drinking wine from well-crafted glasses. Pros: Extraordinary value, ideal for both red and white wine, 25-year no-chip guarantee, easy to clean Cons: Slightly thicker glass The best white wine glasses Riedel The Riedel Vivant White Wine Glasses are beautiful, high-quality glasses with a splendid low price tag.  Based in Austria, Riedel is a family-run company that was established in 1756. It is still one of the world's best-known producers of wine glasses. While Riedel offers wine glasses in a wide range of price points, the Riedel Vivant Collection is an ideal way to introduce yourself to the company's high-quality wares without breaking the bank. Made of lead-free Tyrol crystal, these thin and attractive 12.5-oz glasses can be used for virtually any occasion. The company says they are dishwasher safe, but many enthusiasts note that they choose to wash them by hand because of their delicate composition. You get four glasses in a set, which is a very good deal, considering these glasses come from such a well-renowned company.  That said, we found several online customer reviews mentioning that the glasses are just too thin and subject to frequent breakage. However, most experts agree that the thinner and finer the wine glass, the better the flavor, so it's a trade-off. Around the web, professional reviewers, including those at The Wirecutter, The Wine Spectator, and The Kitchn name the Riedel Vivant and other Riedel glasses as the best wine glasses you can buy. All of these reviewers say the Vivant line offers extraordinary value for quality glasses. Pros: Affordable, good value, attractive, thin, clear, enhances wine flavor Cons: Frequent breakage The best red wine glasses Riedel The Riedel Veritas Cabernet/Merlot Glasses bring out the best flavors in red wine. Riedel makes our guide once again with its Veritas Cabernet/Merlot Glasses. These elegant crystal glasses will feel good in your hand and bring out the bouquet in your red wine. Composed of leaded-crystal, these 22-oz. glasses are machine blown and very delicate. Taller and lighter than the glasses in the Vinum collection, these dishwasher safe glasses arrive in an attractive gift box. You get two in a set: one for Cabernet and another for Merlot. They may be more expensive than the picks in our guide, but buyers and experts alike say they're well worth the cost. While most reviewers love the feel of the Riedel glasses in their hands, as well as the way the glass makes the wine taste, we came across a handful of negative comments from buyers claiming that the glasses are just too thin and fragile, so they break easily. As we've said before, that's to be expected with fine wine glasses. Thinner glass makes for better flavor, so it's a trade off you have to make for a great wine glass. Around the web, professional reviewers, including those at The Wirecutter and Wine Spectator approve of the glasses' light weight and beauty, as well as the flavor of the wine served in the glasses. Pros: High-quality crystal, beautiful design, thin, clear Cons: Sometimes too fragile, expensive See the rest of the story at Business InsiderSee Also:The best home security systemsThe best cooking oilThe best smart locksSEE ALSO: The best wine aerators
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A decommissioned nuclear missile complex in Arizona that was abandoned for decades is now on sale for $400,000
Casey James / Luxe Realty Photography An underground missile complex is on the market in Arizona for $400,000. The complex was designed to hold a Titan II missile, which carried nuclear warheads from one continent to another. It was decommissioned in the mid-1980s and is now available for buyers in the Tucson area. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. If you're in the market for a bunker in the southwest, you're in luck. A decommissioned missile complex is now on sale outside of Tucson for nearly $400,000. The complex was home to an armed Titan II missile for 24 years, before it was decommissioned in the 1980s. The structure is listed with Grant Hampton at Realty Executives. Now, the home is back on the market, and these photos show what lies underground in Arizona.Travel a little off the beaten path in Arizona, and you could find a decommissioned missile complex. Casey James / Luxe Realty Photography The entrance to the missile silo blends into the brown landscape, so it's hard to see if you're not looking for it. Mary Meisenzahl If you know where to look, it gives you access to a massive underground complex. Casey James / Luxe Realty Photography See the rest of the story at Business InsiderSee Also:Travelers flying out of San Francisco airport may be comforted by LiLou, the world's first therapy pigThese are the 12 games you can play when Google's video game streaming platform launches next weekAn expert explains why spending more on cybersecurity isn't the best way to protect your businessSEE ALSO: Travelers flying out of San Francisco airport may be comforted by LiLou, the world's first therapy pig
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Men, Women, and Children
The origin of irregular plurals in the English language.
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Popeyes fatal stabbing suspect identified by police
The suspect believed to be responsible for a fatal stabbing over a Popeyes chicken sandwich has been identified.
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Fact-checking Trump's barrage of anti-impeachment tweets
President Donald Trump has lashed out again at Democrats' impeachment push, tweeting a rapid-fire series of arguments in his own defense over three tweets Tuesday morning. - RSS Channel
Sanjay Bhandari: Discrimination in football may 'get worse before it gets better'
Discrimination in football may "get worse before it gets better", according to Sanjay Bhandari, the new chairman of anti-racism charity Kick It Out.
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Shark attacks US diver, 23, off Mexico coast, officials say
A shark attacked an American diver off the coast of Mexico on Monday, taking a bite out of his forearm, officials said.
Boeing gives pilot new job after firestorm over leaked messages -sources
One of two Boeing Co technical pilots who described flaws in a crucial flight control system in leaked 2016 instant messages has been transferred to a new job at the U.S. planemaker, two people familiar with the matter said on Tuesday.
The problem with LeBron James’ ‘Taco Tuesday’ videos
We need to talk about LeBron James’ `Taco Tuesday` videos. LeBron’s weekly videos seem fun at first—until he uses a stereotypical Mexican accent. LeBron James spent his summer recharging after the Lakers missed the playoffs, creating a new tradition in the James household and for his fans, as well. Taco Tuesday has become so synonymous with his brand in the last few months that he attempted to trademark the term, which was later declined. But something happens towards the end of every video of LeBron showing off his tacos and then attempting to embarrass his family in the most dad way. He concludes with a long, boisterous chant of ‘Taco Tuesday,’ followed by a shorter exclamation of the phrase. And in that transition lies a familiar and upsetting feeling, especially as a Mexican-American. It morphs into a stereotypical Mexican accent. I really don't care if you go on the court @KingJames but do me a favor and stop with the Mexican accent. You can still do the same lame videos without it, trust me.— Parakeet A. Cortes (@Ryan_Cortes) July 30, 2019 As others have already pointed out, it’s an accent present in caricatures like the Looney Tunes’ Speedy Gonzales, the sombrero-wearing mouse who was often portrayed as running to and from the United States-Mexico border. And while LeBron’s accent is not as malignant as Gonzales’ presence in the cartoons, it’s not entirely benign either. It freely perpetuates the same caricature, albeit in a subtle way, and can lead to an irresponsible continuation of the offensive trope. To see LeBron James, whether on a basketball court or behind a podium, is to see the massive impact he has across the country and across the globe. And we’ve seen his impact through vehicles like his HBO show, The Shop. California governor Gavin Newsom appeared on the show to sign a bill that would allow college athletes to profit from their likeness. But we’ve also seen how LeBron’s impact can swing in the opposite direction, such as when he critiqued Daryl Morey’s comments on Hong Kong while glossing over the human rights issues that are the core of the issue. And that same force is present in his Taco Tuesday videos. Fans of LeBron could assume what he’s been doing is acceptable and later begin to repeat it. This can happens online, and it has already culminated in a physical space: a Lakers home game. “Come on, LeBron, give us Taco Tuesday”King couldn’t resist (via trentblewitt/IG)— Bleacher Report (@BleacherReport) October 30, 2019 In the blowout victory where LeBron would sit out most of the fourth quarter, fans sitting near the front row kept egging on James to do the chant, which he did. And a significant number of the 20,000 folks in attendance parroted the call. They were being lighthearted, celebrating the victory. But they were also inadvertently disregarding the accent as not offensive. That apathy is part of a larger stigma for Mexicans and Latinx folks as a whole. It’s partially what allows the current administration to have detention centers across the southern border, and it’s what allows the President to continue antagonizing Mexicans with the hopes of building a border wall. This is by no means just about LeBron. Banner Society’s Alex Kirshner has described LeBron as the sport world’s moral conscience, and while that remains true, he’s human and makes mistakes just like anyone. But with an audience as big and as attentive as his, it’s important for everyone to identify and change this behavior. Rather than attempting to throw stones, this can be a learning opportunity not just for LeBron but for everyone else who is familiar with his Taco Tuesday videos. Mexicans and Latinx folks are more than just a dish and an accent. I urge everyone to learn about all Latinx cultures, and for LeBron, it’s right in his backyard. Los Angeles is a city where almost half of the population is Latinx. He can experience the rich cultures and foods of Mexico, El Salvador, Guatemala, and all other countries just by taking a walk outside Staples Center. And LeBron can still have his weekly Taco Tuesday videos. So long as he drops the accent.
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FBI Reports Dip In Hate Crimes, But Rise In Violence
The FBI released its annual tally of hate crimes on Tuesday. Attacks on individuals surged to a 16-year high in 2018 and hate-crime related homicides rose from 15 to 24.
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Tesla’s fourth Gigafactory will be in Berlin, Elon Musk says
Tesla’s first Gigafactory outside Reno, Nevada. | Photo by Becca Farsace / The Verge Tesla CEO Elon Musk said Tuesday that his company’s fourth Gigafactory will be built just outside Berlin, Germany. The announcement comes as Tesla is finishing up construction on the third Gigafactory outside Shanghai, China, and just a few days after New York State wrote down the value of the company’s second Gigafactory, a repurposed SolarCity facility in Buffalo, New York, by more than $800 million. Tesla’s first Gigafactory opened in 2016 (but is still under construction) outside Reno, Nevada. “Berlin is great,” Musk said, after receiving the Golden Steering Wheel Award from German auto publication Auto Bild. “I love Berlin.” Musk has spent the last few years teasing that Tesla would build a fourth Gigafactory in Europe, and... Continue reading…
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Disney's new streaming service doesn't work on some Vizio smart TVs, and there's no fix in sight (DIS)
Disney Plus Several Vizio smart TV owners have taken to Twitter to share their discontent that Disney's new streaming channel Disney Plus is not working on their TVs. Vizio recognizes that Disney Plus isn't working, but it hasn't offered an explanation, a fix, or an estimated time when Disney Plus may become available.  Some Vizio owners have suggested that the built-in Chromecast media streaming systems in Vizio smart TVs are on outdated firmware, and that Vizio hasn't rolled out the appropriate version of Chromecast's firmware that supports Disney Plus.  Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. Several Vizio TV owners hoping to check out Disney Plus are reporting on Twitter that their TVs aren't working with Disney's new streaming channel that was released on Tuesday.  Tweet Embed: // This is super frustrating: Disney+ doesn't appear to work with the built-in Chromecast on my Vizio TV: "Disney+ is not available on this Chromecast device." It works with AirPlay, so at least there's that, but what about people on Android?Tweet Embed: // Not a dumb question. I'm trying to cast to my Vizio and it's showing that Disney+ isn't supported on this device. Strange being that the TV isn't even 2-years old. Vizio has acknowledged that Disney Plus doesn't work on its SmartCast TVs as a built-in app, or via casting. The company hasn't offered much of an explanation, or even if Disney Plus will be available eventually. See the rest of the story at Business InsiderNOW WATCH: Watch Elon Musk unveil his latest plan for conquering MarsSee Also:How to decide between Disney Plus and NetflixThis is what using Disney's new $7-a-month streaming service looks likeHere's what time you should travel if you want to avoid traffic on Thanksgiving, according to GoogleSEE ALSO: 7 Marvel Cinematic Universe movies aren't available to stream on Disney Plus. Here's why.
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Tiger Woods on post-golf plans: ‘Being in nature is the f–king best’
Tiger Woods seems pretty excited for retirement, however far off that may be. The 43-year-old golfer, calling in to Australia’s “Triple M’s Hot Breakfast” on Tuesday, let loose while chatting about what his post-golf life will hold. “For me, it’ll be simple,” he said. “I love spearfishing. I love being in the water, I love...
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A Chinese land deal in the Pacific is disrupting access to one of WWII's most important battlefields
Reuters Visitors have been blocked from a battlefields on Guadalcanal, in the Solomon Islands, after a deal that handed control of the land to a Chinese-run company. The issue has stirred debate in the Solomons over its new relationship with China and frustrated the US, Japan, and other countries that are alarmed at Beijing growing influence in the region. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. (Reuters) - The battlefields of Guadalcanal, in the Solomon Islands, draw visitors from the United States and its war allies, as well as those from Japan, decades after the bloody campaign in the South Pacific ended. But in recent weeks, some visitors say they have been prevented from accessing one of Guadalcanal's most significant World War II sites, which includes a Japanese war monument, after a deal handed control of the land to a company controlled by a Chinese businessman.See the rest of the story at Business InsiderNOW WATCH: The wreckage of a World War II-era US warship that the Navy called the worst disaster at sea has been discoveredSee Also:China's digital currency not seeking 'full control' of individuals' details: central bank officialAfter hiatus, Rajapaksa brothers set to dominate Sri Lanka againChina orders ByteDance's Toutiao to fix search, saying national hero smearedSEE ALSO: One of the toughest battles of WWII began 77 years ago — here's 7 things you didn't know about Guadalcanal
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You can get a free Hulu subscription with Spotify, but only if you're a college student — here's what you need to know
Shutterstock You can get Hulu with Spotify — along with Showtime — for $4.99 per month with a subscription to Spotify Premium for Students + Hulu.  To take advantage of this deal, there are several requirements: You need to be a current college student, and you can't have an existing Hulu (No Ads) subscription. The two companies previously offered a promotion that allowed any Spotify Premium users to subscribe to Hulu for no cost, but that offer has since expired.  Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. Spotify occasionally runs promotional deals, which make a subscription to the music service more attractive to subscribers.  In the summer of 2019, for a limited time, Spotify Premium subscribers could get a Hulu subscription at no additional cost. That offer expired in June, and it's no longer possible to sign up for this combination plan. See the rest of the story at Business InsiderNOW WATCH: Inside the US government's top-secret bioweapons labSee Also:How to cancel your Hulu free trial so you don't get charged for a paid subscription'Does Hulu have ESPN?': Yes, you can watch it with Hulu + Live TV — here's what you need to knowHow to gift games on Steam to anyone in your Friends List, and add a personalized message to your giftSEE ALSO: The best affordable TVs
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Elon Musk just revealed the location of Tesla's next factory (TSLA)
AP Photo/Mark Schiefelbein, Pool Tesla's next factory will be located near Berlin, Germany, CEO Elon Musk said on Tuesday during an award show hosted by the German automotive publication Auto Bild. The European factory would be Tesla's fourth, following facilities in Nevada, California, New York, and China.See the rest of the story at Business InsiderNOW WATCH: Watch Elon Musk unveil his latest plan for conquering MarsSee Also:Elon Musk has been an excellent salesman for Tesla's Model 3, according to a survey of 5,000 ownersA Tesla Gigafactory worker got part of his finger cut off. The company reportedly failed to tell regulators about it.Electric vehicles are a tiny piece of the global car market, but Volkswagen is making a huge bet on them. It doesn’t have a choice.SEE ALSO: Elon Musk has been an excellent salesman for Tesla's Model 3, according to a survey of 5,000 owners
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Why Your Turkey Gravy Needs Burnt Onions
Turkey gravy causes almost as much kitchen anxiety as the turkey itself. Thought it’s a simple sauce comprised of fat, flour, and stock, nailing both the viscosity and flavor profile can require some amount of fussing and fiddling. Both goals are made more attainable by burning an onion.Read more...
Former Astros pitcher Mike Fiers says team electronically stole signs in 2017
The Yankees were upset at the Astros for whistling from the dugout to allegedly steal signs during the ALCS in October, but one former Houston pitcher has come out as a public whistleblower on far more serious offenses involving the use of electronics in 2017. Mike Fiers and three other unnamed sources have admitted to...
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Mom, daughter busted at airport with 62 pounds of pot: cops
A mother and daughter were caught with 62 pounds of pot in their luggage at a Dallas airport, police said. Bridget Deque Wilkins, 41, and Victoria Denee Wilkins, 22, were taken into custody Thursday at Dallas Love Field after a detective and K-9 smelled marijuana emanating from a checked bag just taken off a Southwest...
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Employees would take a pay cut to work at an environmentally-friendly company
If your business isn’t green, new research reveals you might be losing employees. Three in 10 Americans have left a job solely because it wasn’t ethical and environmentally friendly, according to a survey of 2,000 part- and full-time employed Americans. The results found that the majority (63 percent) have left a company because they disagreed...
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How to watch the Trump impeachment hearing: Schedule, witnesses and more
It's the first one in Congress in over 20 years and will allow the American public to hear the evidence for themselves.
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Why Capital One customers love its proactive bot (VB Live)
Learn why some of the most positive feedback Capital One has seen on any product has come in response to its proactive intelligent assistant, Eno.
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White Queens cop says black supervisor harassed her for dating African American man
A white NYPD cop says a black lieutenant supervisor harassed her for dating an African American man — calling her “Kardashian chic” and saying any kids she had with her boyfriend would look “messed up,” a new lawsuit says. Officer Vanessa Weinbel of Police Service Area 9 in Flushing, Queens, alleges in the Brooklyn federal...
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Opinion: One of the first impeachment witnesses is the perfect choice
When Bill Taylor raises his right hand and swears to tell the truth so-help-me-God before the House Intelligence Committee on Wednesday, he will make history. For only the fourth time in United States history, full-blown impeachment hearings will be underway in the House. And no person is better suited to set the stage for House Democrats than Taylor. He is the perfect leadoff witness. - RSS Channel
The changing ways teens are using the internet that older people don't understand
Olivia Harris/Getty The internet can be a complex beast to keep up with, especially when online culture is being driven in great part by teenagers. Certain slang terms and social media platforms are difficult to remember because they are always evolving.  From VSCO girls to streaming on Twitch, here are seven ways teens are using the internet that older generations may not understand.  Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. To paraphrase a famous line from "Ferris Bueller's Day Off," a movie that many of today's teens have likely never seen, "Internet culture moves fast. If you don't stop and look around once in awhile, you might miss it." Fast is an understatement. Internet culture is ever-changing and constantly evolving, with new memes, trends, and platforms emerging and falling out of favor so quickly it can make your head spin.  If you're a certified "old" — aka a baby boomer, Gen X-er, or even an older millennial — staying informed of what "the youth" are up to online can feel like a full-time job. But it can be hard to navigate our brave new world without at least a working knowledge of what's currently cool on the internet. And if you're a parent it's even more important to know what teens are getting up to online.  We pulled together just a few of the platforms, apps, memes, and slang terms you should know about right now.'Finstas,' or fake Instagrams, allow teens to be more authentic on Instagram to their closest friends. Shutterstock Instagram is a social media platform on which many users strive to project an image of "their best lives." Scroll casually through your feed and you're likely to encounter a steady stream of immaculately filtered photos of luxe vacations, dreamy weddings, and well-lit avocado toast.  Instagram influencers make a living out of curating an aspirational — often unattainable — lifestyle through beautiful photos.  A "finsta" takes the opposite approach. A portmanteau of "fake" and "Insta," a finsta is a secondary Instagram account that teens use to post pictures of their "real" lives. Teens generally restrict access to their finstas to their inner circles, only allowing a select group of close friends to follow their private finstas creates a sense of exclusivity.  While a teen might let their family members follow their public Instagram, chances are they will never gain access to their finsta. In fact, they'd be hard-pressed to even find it, as teens often adopt a vague, hard-to-search user name for these accounts. Teens tend to keep their finsta follower count in the low double digits as opposed to the thousands many amass on their public profiles.  The unspoken rules of Instagram propriety and aesthetics don't apply to finstas. In fact, teens use their finstas to post the kind of images they'd never post to their primary Instagrams, or "rinstas", like "unattractive" and "real" selfies, provocative or sexy photos, or simply un-posed and unfiltered shots of them acting silly.  TikTok is a video-sharing app that teens use to post lip-sync videos and make challenges. AP Photo/Jessica Hill By now you've probably heard of TikTok — but what is it for? TikTok is a wildly popular video app that allows users to create short-form videos, usually set to music. TikTok resembles the defunct short-form video sharing platform Vine, which hosted comedic video clips (remember this one!) until it shut down in 2016.  Unlike Vine, which capped videos off at six seconds, TikTok allows users to post 15-second video clips — and string together up to four video clips to create a 60-second montage or story.  Sounds simple, right? It is, on the surface. It's the way teens and young people are using TikTok, originally launched as a platform for lip-sync videos, that might confuse older users. One of the most popular ways for teens to engage on TikTok is to participate in challenges. Users will post videos of themselves attempting to do the same activity or recreate the same video, but with their own twist.  The way that a trend, or meme, forms and gains traction on TikTok isn't a hard science, but once a trend has been established, it catches on quickly. A recent trend finds users dancing to, inexplicably, the soundtrack of old voicemails. TikTok is, in short, a microcosm of the internet itself — mercurial, fast-moving, and often utterly incomprehensible to those not well-versed in its inner workings.  Though the shelf life of TikTok's popular trends and challenges are fleeting, the fame achieved by some of its most popular users has proved to be lasting. Like YouTube, TikTok has its own crop of celebrities, who have translated their massive following into cash returns. Twitch is a streaming platform that allows gamers to broadcast gaming sessions to millions of viewers. Robert Reiners/Getty Images For many people, sitting and passively watching someone else play video games sounds like a dreadfully boring way to spend an afternoon. And yet, therein lies the entire premise of Twitch.  The video-streaming platform evolved from a website launched in 2007 called, which was essentially a single channel featuring founder Justin Kan going about his normal life — and broadcasting it to viewers 24/7. When it launched in 2011, Twitch positioned itself as a live-broadcasting platform on which users could log on and watch streamers play video games in real time.  Since then, the platforms popularity has soared, with Twitch users logging more than 355 million minutes of stream-viewing in 2017.  The platform has broadened its scope to include all manner of livestreams, from board games to music. Like similar video platforms, Twitch has its own set of celebrities who have figured out how to monetize the platform. One of Twitch's biggest stars is Ninja, who once streamed a Fortnite gaming sessions with Drake, Travis Scott, and Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver JuJu Smith-Schuster. What a time to be alive.  See the rest of the story at Business InsiderSee Also:How to wrap text in Microsoft Excel in 2 ways, to make sure that all of your data is visibleThis is what using Disney's new $7-a-month streaming service looks likeHow to freeze a row in Excel so it remains visible when you scroll, to better compare data on different parts of a spreadsheet
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Toad scream-singing videos are having a moment and you simply must watch
There's a lot to keep up with on the internet, and it's both unhealthy and unreasonable to absorb it all. However, we're taking a hard stance on this: You simply must watch Toad singing "Chandelier" by Sia. Toad singing "Chandelier" by Sia, a YouTube video from 2018, is currently enjoying a resurgence on Twitter. The original was posted by the user melancholiaah, a musician in Texas whose Toad impression has improved classics like "Bohemian Rhapsody," "Let It Go," and "iLOVEFRiDAY" by Mia Khalifa (which you have probably heard on TikTok). These videos are good in that they are mostly screaming: an incredible, albeit frequently misused, comedic device. Read more...More about Twitter, Social Media, Toad, Culture, and Music
Buttigieg claims narrow Iowa lead amid primary surge: poll
A new poll in Iowa – the state that kicks off the presidential caucus and primary nominating calendar – indicates that South Bend, Indiana Mayor Pete Buttigieg holds a slight edge over his top rivals for the Democratic nomination.