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Лавров: РФ будет добиваться отмены санкций США против Ирана

Россия будет добиваться того, чтобы Совместный всеобъемлющий план действий (СВПД), касающийся ядерной программы Ирана, был восстановлен в форме, одобренной резолюцией Совета безопасности ООН в 2015 году, без каких-либо изменений
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Biden says he'd support eliminating filibuster to codify Roe
The president blasted the Supreme Court's decision as "outrageous" and "destabilizing."
На шельфе Печорского моря в НАО нашли крупное месторождение нефти
В Ненецком автономном округе обнаружено очередное месторождение нефти
Bestselling author Malcolm Gladwell on "Revisionist History" podcast
Bestselling author Malcolm Gladwell joins “CBS Mornings'' to discuss the seventh season of his podcast "Revisionist History." He talks about uncovering his family history and how his latest book is being adapted into a documentary series.
Понижение роли не сыграло: Эксперты рассказали о ценах на жилье
Широко обсуждаемое понижение цен на недвижимость не сыграло большой роли в годовой динамике
Biden calls for dropping filibuster rules to put abortion rights into law
President Joe Biden said on Thursday that he would support making an exception to the filibuster -- the 60-vote threshold in the Senate needed to pass most legislation -- in order to codify abortion rights and the right to privacy through legislation passed by Congress.
Key inflation gauge rose 6.3% in May, unchanged from April
A measure of inflation that is closely tracked by the Federal Reserve rose 6.3% in May from a year earlier, unchanged from its level in April.
Президент США разволновался и перепутал Швейцарию со Швецией
Президент США Джо Байден, выступая на пресс-конференции по итогам саммита НАТО, в очередной раз не смог справиться с волнением и оговорился, перепутав Швейцарию со Швецией
Украина разрывает дипотношения с Сирией
Министерство иностранных дел Украины заявило о разрыве дипломатических отношений с Сирией
Russian forces have withdrawn from Snake Island. But both sides give different accounts
Russian troops have left Snake Island in the Black Sea, the Ukrainian Armed Forces said Thursday, after they carried out what they said was a "successful" operation.
Doctor who helps Americans get abortions receives 4,000 inquiries a day
The doctor who runs Aid Access says she's also pursuing a new long-term strategy to try to get one of the pills used for medication abortions registered as a contraceptive in the U.S.
The 13 best air purifiers to help with your allergies at home in 2022
Лавров посоветовал Западу "ничего себе не прищемить" железным занавесом
Запад уже начал опускать железный занавес. Об этом заявил министр иностранных дел России Сергей Лавров.
У подножья Альп раскопали неизвестный римский город
Специалисты Национального института превентивных археологических исследований Франции (Inrap) раскопали древний город, который был расположен у подножия альпийских перевалов Манс и Баярд
Экс-министра строительства Удмуртии отправили в колонию строгого режима
В Ижевске вынесли приговор бывшему министру строительства Удмуртии Ивану Ястребу
I realized I had a rare illness after my symptoms appeared on ‘Grey’s Anatomy’
The hit series "Grey's Anatomy" might be fiction, but for one 22-year-old, it solved her medical mystery.
Biden blasts Supreme Court for destabilizing right to privacy in Roe overturn
President Joe Biden blasted the Supreme Court while across the pond in Madrid on Thursday for destabilizing the right to privacy in their decision to overturn Roe v. Wade. “The one thing that has been destabilizing is the outrageous behavior of the Supreme Court of the United States,” Biden told reporters during a press conference....
Wimbledon 2022: Andy Murray loses to John Isner in the second round
The two time Wimbledon champion Andy Murray was defeated by John Isner and is unsure if he will play next year due to concerns about his physical health.
Mark Appel finally makes ‘surreal’ MLB debut after ‘biggest draft bust’ nightmare
Appel — the first overall pick by the Astros in the 2013 MLB Draft — at last made his MLB debut, pitching a scoreless inning in relief for the Phillies against the Braves.
Biden to support ending filibuster to protect abortion access
President Biden announced that he supports Congress ending the filibuster in order to pass legislation creating a national right to abortion and codifying Roe v. Wade.
Отраслевой портал ЭнергоНьюс признал "Россети Тюмень" лучшими электрическими сетями России
В конкурсное жюри вошли эксперты из 16 регионов
Московский Политех открывает набор в передовую инженерную школу
В конкурсе участвовали 89 вузов из 45 регионов
UFC 276 breakdown: Can Jared Cannonier dethrone Israel Adesanya for the middleweight title?
Does Jared Cannonier have a real chance of beating Israel Adesanya? Read our technical breakdown of the UFC 276 main event to find out.      Related StoriesUFC 276: Make your predictions for Adesanya vs. Cannonier, Volkanovski vs. Holloway 3UFC 276 officials set for Israel Adesanya vs. Jared Cannonier, Alexander Volkanovski vs. Max Holloway title fightsUFC 276 commentary team, broadcast plans set: Joe Rogan back in booth after two months
Supreme Court Live Updates
The Court is expected to issue two final rulings of the term before Ketanji Brown Jackson is sworn into the Court. Follow for the latest.
Лавров: Усиление военного присутствия США в Европе нарушает акт Россия - НАТО
Решение Североатлантического альянса об усилении военного присутствия США в Европе и наращивании сил на востоке грубо нарушают основополагающий акт Россия-НАТО, заявил министр иностранных дел РФ Сергей Лавров на совместной пресс-конференции с белорусским коллегой Владимиром Макеем
Baltimore teen convicted of raping, murdering 83-year-old neighbor
Tyrone Harvin, now 17, was convicted by a jury of first-degree murder, first-degree rape and weapons offenses in the August 2018 attack that left Dorothy Mae Neal unresponsive.
Woman fatally shot in the head while pushing her baby in a stroller in New York City
A 20-year-old woman pushing a stroller with her baby was fatally shot in the head on the streets of New York City, prompting uproar on gun violence.
В возрасте 46 лет умер двукратный обладатель Кубка мира по бобслею Дмитрий Степушкин
Известный российский бобслеист, двукратный обладатель Кубка мира Дмитрий Степушкин умер в возрасте 46 лет.
Kemba Walker getting Pistons buyout after Knicks trade to enter NBA free agency
Kemba Walker finds himself in the same position as he was last year after a disappointing Knicks homecoming.
Machine Gun Kelly Claims Toast Related Incident Led To Bloody Face Injury on ‘Late Night’
MGK said he smashed a champagne flute against his head to "get people's attention." Mission accomplished!
Millions of south Sudanese in hunger crisis as Ukraine war impacts World Food Program resources
Debora Patta is South Sudan and visits the visits the remote community of Kapoeta - traditionally a subsistance farming community and speaks with Farmers who haven't had rain for 18 months.
Why more air travel chaos is on its way
Canceled flights, endless check in and security lines and maelstroms of lost luggage -- the summer of misery is set to continue for fliers, but there are ways around it.
Liz Cheney to Secret Service: 'We welcome additional testimony under oath'
Republican Rep. Liz Cheney of Wyoming said she is "absolutely confident" in blockbuster testimony from former White House aide Cassidy Hutchinson, and that the January 6 committee welcomes information from the Secret Service related to the incidents Hutchinson described.
14-year-old tiger dies after contracting COVID at Ohio zoo
The 14-year-old Amur tiger, whose name was Jupiter, was given additional treatments and testing and appeared stable, but he passed away on Sunday, the zoo said.
Генерал МВД Мельников осужден на семь лет за вымогательство взятки
Хамовнический суд Москвы признал виновным генерал-майора МВД Александра Мельникова, обвинявшегося в крупном мошенничестве и получении взятки
Toxic foam floods streets and homes in Colombia
Toxic foam clouds flooded streets and dozens of homes Wednesday following a night of heavy rain in Soacha, Colombia. Local media reported the foam came from an overflowing sewage gully.
Госдума одобрила компенсации за вред жизни или здоровью волонтеров
Госдума приняла в первом чтении законопроект ЕР, вводящий в России единые правила для компенсаций за вред жизни и здоровью волонтеров.
'I'm angry, Mr President': Hear sheriff's message to Biden in wake of migrant tragedy
Texas sheriff Javier Salazar sends a message to President Biden in the aftermath of the San Antonio migrant tragedy. He explains why he 'dreaded' this scenario would come after dealing with similar issues in the past. CNN's Brianna Keilar reports.
Студенты-железнодорожники будут строить БАМ
До них в июне строительством БАМ-2 уже занимался отряд Ростовского института путей сообщения (РГУПС)
Mudslide, flooding in southern Austria after heavy rain
Heavy rain led to a mudslide and flooding Wednesday in Austria's southern Carinthia region that caused widespread damage. At least one person in the region has died, police said.
Liz Cheney: ‘Republicans cannot be both loyal to Donald Trump and loyal to the Constitution’
ОПЕК+ решил нарастить добычу нефти в августе
В ОПЕК+ подтвердили ранее намеченные планы об увеличении добычи нефти в августе на 648 тысяч баррелей в сутки
The best things to do in the D.C. area the week of June 30-July 6
The long weekend includes outdoor concerts and movies, the reopening of the National Gallery's East Building, and plenty of chances to see fireworks.
"Россети Северный Кавказ" выступили генеральным партнером энергетического форума
Форум проводится при поддержке и содействии Аппарата полномочного представителя президента в СКФО, Научно-экспертного совета по мониторингу реализации законодательства в сфере энергетики, энергосбережения и повышения энергетической эффективности при Комитете Совета Федерации по экономической политике, региональных профильных министерств
Хуснуллин: Морской порт Мариуполя готовится к началу работы
Морской порт Мариуполя готовится к началу работы
Detroit homicide clearance rates rise as national rates fall
According to the FBI and the Detroit Police Department, homicide clearance rates in the city have risen as the national average has fallen.
Cheney 'absolutely confident' in Hutchinson's credibility
In an interview with ABC News, Rep. Liz Cheney (R-WY) said she was "absolutely confident" in the explosive testimony former White House aide Cassidy Hutchinson gave to the January 6 committee.
CVS removes purchase limits on "Plan B" while other pharmacies keep three-pill order maximum
Pharmacies are seeing a surge in demand for "Plan B" pills after the recent Supreme Court ruling overturning Roe v. Wade. In response, some are limiting the number of pills that each customer can purchase. Sharon Terlep, a reporter for The Wall Street Journal, joins "CBS News Mornings" to explain.
Biden says the U.S. military is significantly increasing its deployments to Europe
In an attempt to resolve against Russia, President Joe Biden announced more military deployments to NATO allies. Nancy Cordes has the latest on how the military alliance plans to counter Russian aggression.