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Maine town helps determined seal after it repeatedly comes ashore during snowstorm

A persistent baby seal in Maine came ashore three times to explore the New England town, much to the dismay and delight of residents and police.
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Migrants sell $2 candy bars in subway to scrape by
South American migrants are selling candy bars in the subway to get by.
93% of NYC subway stations have fewer riders than before the pandemic
Among the most impacted stations was the Canarsie-Rockaway station in Brooklyn on the L line where ridership last month was a mere 14.6% of what it was in 2019.
Paul Pelosi Attacker Regrets Not Getting 'More of Them' in Ominous Call
"It's my own fault. No one else is to blame," David DePape said on Friday. "I should have come better prepared."
Adrienne Adams ‘buying’ support to remain Council speaker
New York City Council Speaker Adrienne Adams has donated $1,000 to a vast majority of Council members’ election campaigns – an unprecedented move coming as she’s soliciting support from these same pols to keep her leadership post next year.
Councilman Chi Ossé rips NYPD for deploying cops overseas to combat terrorism
Far-left Brooklyn Councilman Chi Ossé left the Twittersphere scratching its head after asking why the NYPD has cops deployed in other countries.
D.C. could offer free meals to all students. Every city should.
As the federal government cuts pandemic-era benefits, advocates warn that millions face a looming “hunger cliff.”
Google exec fired after female boss groped him at drunken bash, suit says
A Google executive claims he was booted by the tech giant for rejecting a high-ranking female boss' grabby advances at a posh company dinner.
A cat named Bruno was returned to a shelter for being 'too affectionate.' Now, he has a new home.
Bruno the cat was returned to a New Jersey animal shelter because he was too friendly. His story went viral – and now he has a new home.
Hunter Biden converted Delaware home with classified documents into home office
Hunter Biden moved to convert his father's Delaware home into a de facto office in 2018.
Nicole Kidman & Maya Erskine To Star In ‘Perfect Nanny’ HBO Limited Series
This will mark Kidman's third project with HBO in recent years.
Here’s why it’s important to have friends that aren’t like you
As the book moves through the decades, there is plenty of laughter — but also plenty of grief.
Former UFC champion Jose Aldo set for pro boxing debut in February
Soon-to-be UFC Hall of Famer Jose Aldo is set for his professional boxing debut on Feb. 10 in Brazil.      Related StoriesBKFC 35: Best photos from Myrtle BeachAlexander Volkanovski now 'twice as strong' with bulk up to 155: 'I’m like an absolute brick wall'Alexander Volkanovski now 'twice as strong' with bulk up to 155: 'I’m like an absolute brick wall' - Enclosure
Smerconish: Paul Pelosi's presence of mind
The release of the 9-1-1 call and body cam video of the attack on 82-year-old Paul Pelosi both shuts down all the conspiracy theories, says CNN's Michael Smerconish, and brings admiration for Pelosi's presence of mind.
Did lawyer Alex Murdaugh kill his wife and son?
Prosecutors claim Alex Murdaugh killed his wife and son to distract from his extensive financial crimes about to be exposed, says Wall Street Reporter Valerie Bauerlein. And his remaining son is sitting on his father's side of the courtroom, apparently to show support.
News organizations grapple with showing horrific Nichols, Pelosi videos
Television networks chose to air footage of police officers beating Tyre Nichols and a hammer attack on Paul Pelosi, but with copious warnings.
How rescue dogs went from being lowly mutts to luxe status symbols
Although the term “rescue dog” had been around for decades, it came into vogue during the '90s, with “no-kill” shelters popping up across the country.
‘American Psycho’ author Bret Easton Ellis’ new book is even more disturbing
“The Shards” is Ellis’ latest novel, what he calls a “fictional memoir” of his last year in high school.
Nichols' death reignites debate on police use of force
The Memphis police procedure in subduing Tyre Nichols was "excessive," says former LAPD Detective Timothy Williams, Jr. "You have five plus officer out there, and these were burly men. If these guys couldn't turn him over, get him handcuffed, they're in the wrong profession."
Grizzlies speak out after fatal police beating of Tyre Nichols in Memphis
The Grizzlies took the court in Minnesota just hours after the video of Memphis police's fatal beating of Tyre Nichols was released.
Videos Show Peaceful Tyre Nichols Protests Despite Some New York, LA Unrest
Demonstrations took place across the U.S. after police body cam footage was released.
Poland will send 60 more tanks to Ukraine, prime minister says
How other police depts are reacting to Tyre Nichols' death
Police chiefs and sheriffs across the country are "just as upset as the rest of the community" at the Tyre Nichols video, says Laura Cole, a police crisis communications expert. "They realize it makes them look horrible"
Paul Pelosi attacker David DePape says he’s sorry he ‘didn’t get more of them’
The man who broke into then-Speaker Nancy Pelosi's home and attacker her husband with a hammer said sorry he "didn't get more of them."
Advertisers Wanted to Spend Money at Twitter, but “Our Emails Have Been Falling Into the Abyss”
The revenue is there. But there may not be employees to take it.
Honig: Nichols prosecutors have charged "as aggressively as they can," but there's risk
Prosecutors in the Tyre Nichols death have "charged this as aggressively as they can," says former prosecutor Elie Honig. "But the risk is, if the jury thinks you overcharged, that can actually backfire..I do not think it's a safe assumption to think everyone will get convicted across the board."
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Trump Rants Show He 'Knows What's Coming' From DOJ: Kirschner
"I am not a political analyst or expert, but I don't think Donald Trump has a snowball's chance in hell of being elected president again," Glenn Kirschner said.
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Mass shootings lead to widening divide on gun policy
As mass shootings are again drawing public attention, states across the U.S. seem to be deepening their political divide on gun policies. (Jan. 28) (AP video: Thomas Peipert, Jim Salter, Jesse Bedayn, Carrie Antlfinger)      
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The best carbonara and the best tripe too
We discover why Stanley Tucci likes Rome's Santo Palato so much
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6 gnocchi recipes, starring homemade and store-bought dumplings
Gnocchi, whether made from scratch or store-bought, are a wonderful centerpiece for satisfying meals.
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‘Poker Face’ Showrunners Tease Upcoming Guest Stars, Working With Rian Johnson and Their “76 Seasons Worth of Ideas”
"We might need some help," Nora Zuckerman joked about going 76 seasons on Peacock's mystery series.
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For Sports and Film Celebrities, the Clear Choice Is a Ford Bronco
Detroit Lions DE Aiden Hutchinson and Bosch actor Titus Welliver are among those adding to their Bronco collection.
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BKFC 35: Best photos from Myrtle Beach
Check out these photos from BKFC 35, which took place in Myrtle Beach, S.C.      Related StoriesPhotos: BKFC 35 weigh-ins and faceoffs2023 PFL Challenger Series 1: Best photos from OrlandoPhotos: 2023 PFL Challenger Series 1 weigh-ins and faceoffs 
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6 celebrity-backed sex toy brands to shop for Valentine’s Day 2023
Celebrities know how to cause a buzz. Just as they've put their stamp on beauty and skincare lines, several stars have endorsed products that are NSFW.
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‘Bling Empire’ star Blake Abbie says it’s hard to meet someone he’s ‘into’
“It’s really hard for me to find people that I’m really into,” the actor told Page Six. “It’s hard for me to find people that I really connect with.”
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Take $140 off the price of this stylish heated coat
Stay warm and save.
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Best promo codes and betting offers for Sunday’s NBA games
Grab some of the best promo codes and offers from the best sportsbooks for the NBA games this Sunday.
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We Have No Idea What to Do With the Absurd Amount of Money We Got at Our Wedding
We've never seen this much money at once.
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Family of Ernest ‘Jaythan’ Kendrick, man wrongfully convicted of murder, sues for $100M after his death
Ernest "Jaythan" Kendrick was found guilty in 1994 of fatally stabbing Josephine Sanchez, 70, in Astoria's Ravenswood Houses, a conviction based largely on planted evidence, false police reports and the eyewitness testimony of a child who saw the crime from 100 feet away, according to the Brooklyn Federal Court lawsuit.
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Some 20% of Americans are taking sleep medications, CDC says: 'Alarming' data
A study released in January from the CDC has found that some 20% of Americans may be taking medication to fall or stay asleep. One health professional finds this data "alarming."
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Politicians, activists decry Tyre Nichols fatal traffic stop after video's release
Politicians and activists condemned the brutal beating of 29-year-old Tyre Nichols, a Black man, after footage showing the attack was released.       
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Get ready: The Ilia Malinin era in American figure skating has arrived | Opinion
Ilia Malinin, 18, son of Olympic skaters and master of the quadruple jump, provides glimpse into the future at the U.S. figure skating championships.       
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At least 3 dead, 4 wounded in shooting at upscale Benedict Canyon home in L.A.
3 killed, 4 wounded in shooting at home in upscale Benedict Canyonj area
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Cops identify 3 protesters arrested in Times Square in Tyre Nichols demonstrations
Police on Saturday identified three Manhattan residents arrested in connection with violent Tyre Nichols demonstrations in Times Square.
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Usain Bolt fires business manager after $12.7 million goes missing in massive fraud case
The Jamaican sprinter told reporters that he is baffled over how $12.7 million of his money has gone missing from a local private investment firm that authorities are investigating as part of a massive fraud that began more than a decade ago.
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Opinion: The rare bipartisan opportunity House Republicans should take advantage of
One area of focus for the Oversight Committee deserves to be taken seriously, writes Patrick T. Brown. A genuine bipartisan commitment can and should be made to evaluate the extent of fraud in the pandemic-era safety net measures.
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Smerconish: Analyzing the Memphis second-degree murder charge
The heinous, inhumane actions of the Memphis police clearly killed Tyre Nichols. But does what they did fall under the Tennessee state law's description of second-degree murder, which is how they were charged?
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Yankees have bigger issues than Aaron Hicks, Josh Donaldson
Yankees have bigger issues than Aaron Hicks, Josh Donaldson
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13-year-old Palestinian boy arrested for shooting in East Jerusalem
A father and son were seriously wounded in the Saturday attack.
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