Man indicted in fatal shooting of Nipsey Hussle

Eric Ronald Holder Jr. was indicted on one count of murder, two counts each of attempted murder and assault with a firearm, and one count of possession of a firearm by a felon.
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Woman sues after getting injured by 700-pound cow at her former high school
She has a beef with this cow. A woman is suing her a Connecticut school board after she claims she was seriously injured by a 700-pound cow during a return visit to her alma mater. Stephanie Kokenos, of Shelton, alleges in a lawsuit filed in state Superior Court in March that the hefty heifer hurt...
South Korea uses drones to thank frontline workers amid COVID-19
The drones were used to create images of the South Korean flag and safety measures, including washing hands, wearing face masks and practicing social distancing.
Stars strut their stuff on the tennis court
These stars are showing their love for tennis.
Long-lost Rolling Stones song with Led Zeppelin’s Jimmy Page unearthed
Who says you can't always get what you want?
Why workplace diversity efforts are failing
Across the country, business leaders, managers and workers are trying to have difficult conversations about race and diversity in the workplace.
Lamorne Morris Gets ‘Woke’ in New Hulu Teaser
Woke drops on Hulu Sept. 9.
Police arrest 5 people in connection with rapper Pop Smoke's murder
The Los Angeles Police Department arrested five people in connection with the February death of rapper Pop Smoke.
Michael Cohen taken into custody for violating terms of his early release from prison
President Donald Trump's former personal attorney Michael Cohen has been taken into custody for violating terms of his early release from prison, his attorney Jeffrey Levine told reporters Thursday afternoon.
Thirsty leopard shares a drink with its prey in this rare moment
A leopard and a nilgai, also known as a blue bull, grabbed a drink together on a hot day. Watch the surprising moment when the two animal foes lapped up water from the same watering hole, a few feet from each other, at Jhalana Leopard Reserve in Jaipur, India. While leopards normally prey on smaller...
Rep. Jim Jordan: SCOTUS 'punted' on Trump tax returns, opened door for audit by 'political hacks'
The Supreme Court "punted" in its decision to block Congress from obtaining President Trump's tax records and send the case back to the district courts, Rep. Jim Jordan, R-Ohio, said Thursday.
Michael Cohen reportedly taken into custody
A witness told Reuters about the incident, the news service tweeted.
Roger Stone is 'praying' for clemency from Trump, days before he is set to report to prison
Roger Stone is “praying” for President Trump to intervene and offer him clemency, just days before the convicted longtime GOP political operative is slated to report to prison.
Hero Texas officer saves 8-year-old from burning home: 'I had to take quick actions'
Police officer Joshua Gonzalez appeared on “Fox & Friends” to share his experience in saving an 8-year-old boy from a burning home in Socorro, Texas.
Bali hosts first center to return captive dolphins to the wild
BANYUWEDANG BAY, Indonesia (Reuters) – Just a year ago, Rambo was confined to a shallow, chlorinated pool in an Indonesian hotel on the island of Bali entertaining visitors from around the world by jumping through hoops. Now, the bottlenose dolphin is swimming freely after being brought to what organizers say is the world’s first permanent...
New Jersey police officer in kayak rescues dog trapped in muddy pond, video shows
A New Jersey police officer paddled a kayak to the middle of a muddy pond to rescue a dog that had gotten stuck neck-deep in the muck.
Michael Cohen back in custody after being released to home over COVID concerns
Michael Cohen is back in federal custody after having been released to home confinement over COVID concerns.
The Russo brothers, 'Avengers' directors, fill the summer movie void with 'Pizza Film School'
As the directors of the record-breaking "Avengers: Endgame" and "Infinity War," brothers Joe and Anthony Russo have delivered the ultimate summer movies.
Tom Hanks goes to war (again) in the World War II drama 'Greyhound'
"Greyhound" is kind of an odd duck -- another World War II tale courtesy of Tom Hanks, who wrote and produced the film through his company in addition to starring in it. Old-fashioned and relatively small in scale, it's a sturdy if unspectacular depiction of the Battle of the Atlantic, streaming ashore via Apple TV+ instead of a planned theatrical release.
Ghislaine Maxwell’s bed sheets, clothes taken by feds to prevent suicide
Alleged Jeffrey Epstein fixer Ghislaine Maxwell has been forced to wear paper clothes and sleep on paper sheets so she won't hang herself with them like Epstein, according to a report.
NFL's reported health protocols include no jersey swaps after games
The NFL will reportedly limit in-game interactions for the 2020 season due to the coronavirus pandemic in an effort to mitigate the risk players will potentially face on the field.
How celebrity choreographer Jojo Gomez learned to love herself
Jojo Gomez is a kinetic, animated dancer. There is an electricity in the air when she performs, which is why it's hard to believe she was ever down on herself. There was a time when Gomez struggled with body image issues. After she embraced her curves, she made her own dreams come true. Today, Gomez is a dance world star who choreographs routines for celebrities like Demi Lovato, Tinashe and the Backstreet Boys, while making time to mentor up-and-coming talent.
UAE said to be holding up Gulf deal that could end Qatar blockade and protect US interests in Middle East
Delay caused by the UAE has temporarily denied the Trump administration a crucial, hard-fought foreign policy win in the Middle East.
Bill Nye ‘the Science Guy’ urges public to wear face masks
Bill Nye, TV’s “Science Guy,” has weighed in on the ongoing mask debate and, predictably, he’s all for wearing one – saying it “is a matter literally of life and death.” The popular science communicator delivers his message in a pair of videos on TikTok, where he displays a common surgical mask, a scarf that...
De Blasio defends NYPD’s conflicting data which debunked bail-reform claims
Mayor Bill de Blasio doubled down on the NYPD’s dubious claims that bail reform has contributed to the uptick in gun violence — defending police brass’ debunked “interpretation” of their own conflicting data. “It should not be minimized that bail reform was one of many factors, but then post March 1 overwhelmingly it’s about the...
Demi Moore’s photos of bizarre office bathroom poo-pooed by fans
Fans are talking crap about this dual-purpose office bathroom.
John Yoo: Supreme Court smacks Trump and delivers body blow to the office of the presidency
Chief Justice Roberts and four liberals have doomed future presidents to years of harassing investigations
Making 'dirty noodles' the traditional way in Indonesia
Yasir Ferry Ismatrada's grandfather invented dirty noodles and opened a factory in Yogyakarta, Indonesia to make them. But maximizing profits was never his goal. He was all about providing jobs for local people while making good food. Ismatrada, who now runs the community-oriented business, shows us how he makes dirty noodles using the same traditional techniques his grandfather used. And he explains how dirty noodles (which aren't really dirty) got their name
Column: Horror clouds every page of Mary Trump's book about her Uncle Donald
'Too Much and Never Enough,' a book written about President Trump by his niece, is dark right from the get-go.
Paris Hilton's family was 'devastated' over her sex tape leak, her aunt Kyle Richards says
Paris Hilton's family was concerned over her sex tape when it leaked years ago, her aunt Kyle Richards has revealed.
Timothy Busfield says wife Melissa Gilbert is like ‘Little House on the Prairie’ character during quarantine
“Here’s the hard part about’s how to keep the “Little House on the Prairie” girl from getting a bear."
Joy Reid Lands MSNBC Primetime Slot Despite History of Homophobic Statements
MSNBC's Joy Reid, host of the weekend show AM Joy, is taking over one of the network's weekday primetime slots despite her well-documented history of homophobic statements.
Pop Smoke Killing: L.A. Police Make 5 Arrests
Three men and two juvenile males were arrested, the Los Angeles Police Department announced on Thursday.
What Time Will ‘The Old Guard’ Be on Netflix?
This movie features Charlize Theron with a sword. Need I say more?
Rep Jim Banks: Reopen schools or risk losing this generation of American children
In the competitive global economy, there will be serious consequences to allowing an entire generation of American kids to fall behind.
Should I Have a Second Child if My First One Is Already Exhausting?
Plus: Odd but effective tips for finding a toddler who wants to get lost.
Slow cooker recipes that will feed your family for days
Slow cookers are like magic. Assemble and prep your ingredients, pop them inside, and lift the lid hours later to reveal a flavor-packed dish that can provide meals for days. We asked Georgia restaurateur and "Top Chef" judge Hugh Acheson for a few favorite dishes from his cookbook "The Chef and the Slow Cooker."'
READ: Geoffrey Berman's opening statement before House panel
Geoffrey Berman, the former US attorney in Manhattan who was fired last month following a tense standoff with Attorney General William Barr, on Thursday provided a detailed explanation of how Barr pressured him to resign before he was ultimately fired.
Alex Trebek takes out the trash and more star snaps
Alex Trebek is on trash duty, Jonah Hill hits the beach and more...
Astronomers spot unidentifiable ‘circular’ phenomena over Australia
Australian astronomers have detected a series of inexplicable signals that they believe could be "a new class of astronomical object."
Trudeau says Canada handled coronavirus better than the US
Speaking during a news briefing Wednesday, Trudeau said, "We were able to control the virus better than many of our allies, particularly including our neighbor."
Michigan health workers to receive bias training
Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer directs all health workers to receive "implicit bias" training. (July 9)
Covid-19's efficient transmission makes virus a 'perfect storm', Fauci says
Pornhub’s “Black Lives Matter” Genre and the Industry’s Brash Racism
Fear of Black sexuality is lucrative—and dangerous.
Eagles' Malik Jackson calls out NFL, NFLPA over safety, financial guarantees: 'It is unacceptable and utterly disrespectful'
Public fallout between the NFL and its players is continuing to heat up with Philadelphia Eagles defensive tackle Malik Jackson calling out both the league and the Players Association on Wednesday for a lack of “safety” and “financial” guarantees despite training camp schedule to start in just a few weeks.
Former NBA coach David Fizdale finds a new home court in Calabasas
Former Grizzlies and Knicks coach David Fizdale recently dropped $2.25 million on a remodeled Mediterranean-style home in Calabasas.
New recordings reveal inconsistencies in Breonna Taylor shooting probe
The recordings reveal that a plainclothes officer went up to Taylor's boyfriend after the fatal March 13 shooting and told him there had been a "misunderstanding," NBC News reported Thursday.
Florida family sold toxic bleach solution as coronavirus 'cure,' Federal charges say
A Florida father and his sons allegedly sold tens of thousands of bottles of toxic bleach as a 'cure' for serious diseases including COVID-19.
Amy Schumer’s husband, Chris Fischer, is uncircumcised, says pal Jake Gyllenhaal
Expect lots of intimate moments in "Expecting Amy."