Meet Louis Hedley, Miami's Tatted, Jacked, Viral, 26-Year-Old Aussie Punter

The punter stands 6'4" and weighs a very un-punter-like 233 pounds. It's the kind of frame you typically see from a player tasked with inflicting pain or chasing quarterbacks, not booting footballs into the stratosphere...
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Using AI to screen live video of terrorism is ‘very far from being solved,’ says Facebook AI chief
When faced with hard questions about how Facebook will remove terrorist content from its platforms, CEO Mark Zuckerberg offers a simple answer: artificial intelligence will do it. But according to Facebook’s chief AI scientist, Yann LeCun, AI is years away from being able to fully shoulder the burden of moderation, particularly when it comes to screening live video. Speaking at an event at Facebook’s AI Research Lab in Paris last week, LeCun said Facebook was years away from using AI to moderate live video at scale, reports Bloomberg News. “This problem is very far from being solved,” said LeCun, who was recently awarded the Turing Prize, known as the Nobel Prize of computing, along with other AI luminaries. Screening live video is a particularly pressing issue at a time where terrorists commit atrocities with the aim of going viral. Facebook’s inability to meet this challenge became distressingly clear in the aftermath of the Christchurch shooting in New Zealand this year. The attack was streamed live on Facebook, and although the company claims it was seen by fewer than 200 people during its broadcast, it was this stream that was then downloaded and shared across the rest of the internet. AI can remove unwanted content, but only after a human has tagged it The inability of automated systems to understand and block content like this isn’t news for AI experts like LeCun. They’ve long warned that machine learning just isn’t able to understand the variety and nuances of these videos. Automated systems are very good at removing content that has already been identified by humans as unwanted (Facebook says it automatically blocks 99 percent of terrorist content from al-Qaeda, for example), but spotting previously unseen examples is a much harder task. One problem LeCun noted in Paris is the lack of training data. “Thankfully, we don’t have a lot of examples of real people shooting other people,” said the scientist. It’s possible to train systems to recognize violence using footage from movies, he added, but then content containing simulated violence would be inadvertently removed along with the real thing. Instead, companies like Facebook are focusing on using automated systems as assistants to human moderators. The AI flags troubling content, and humans manually vet it. Of course, the system of human moderation also has its own problems. But remember: next time someone presents AI as a silver bullet for online moderation, the people who are actually building these systems know it’s a lot harder than that.
The Verge
Exclusive: Western buyers freeze Russian payments over dirty oil outage
Total and ENI have stopped payments to the Russian firms who sold them contaminated oil and said they will only pay when compensation is agreed, trading sources said, upping the stakes in what they say is the worst disruption to Russian oil supply.
La Gomera (The Whistlers) review – thrilling Romanian corrupt-cop noir
A bent detective becomes entangled in the crimes he’s investigating in Corneliu Porumboiu’s nifty, twisty dramaCorneliu Porumboiu is the film-maker whose movies such as Police, Adjective (2009) gave festival audiences a taste for his brand of bone-dry black comedy satirising bureaucracy and corruption in post-Ceaușescu Romania. Now he has put together this very watchable, rather exciting noir suspense thriller that has playful echoes of Neil Jordan’s Mona Lisa and even Orson Welles’ The Lady from Shanghai. Veteran Romanian actor Vlad Ivanov is Cristi, a corrupt Bucharest cop who has become involved in the drug-money-laundering setup he has been investigating. Huge amounts of cash are hidden in mattresses for export; these find their way to the island of La Gomera in the Canaries, where the bad guys are headquartered. Cristi has discovered that his superiors (themselves hardly impervious to bribes) suspect him and have placed secret surveillance cameras in his apartment. He knows exactly where they are but must carry on as normal.The fateful day comes when the drug lord’s beautiful girlfriend, Gilda (Catrinel Marlon), comes to meet Cristi. To fool the cops, she pretends to be a high-class sex worker and has sex with him in front of the secret cameras. Gilda feels vaguely affectionate and sorry for the chump but it’s just business; poor Cristi, however, falls deeply in love. Continue reading...
US news | The Guardian
Portrait of a Lady on Fire review – burning desires and flashes of Hitchcock
Girlhood director Céline Sciamma’s gripping 18th-century story of obsession demonstrates a new mastery of classical style Céline Sciamma has brought a superbly elegant, enigmatic drama to Cannes that compels a shiver of aesthetic pleasure and fear. With this new story, she demonstrates a deeply satisfying new mastery of classical style to go with the contemporary social realism she showed in Girlhood (2014) and Tomboy (2011).The setting is 18th-century Brittany, where an Italian noblewoman (Valeria Golino) has engaged what is officially a ladies’ companion for her beautiful daughter, Héloïse (Adèle Haenel), who has just come out of a convent and is recovering from the loss of her sister. The companion, Marianne (Noémie Merlant), is actually an artist, and the countess wishes her to paint a portrait of Héloïse in secret, to be shown to a wealthy prospective husband in Milan, because headstrong Héloïse would never consent to sitting for any such picture. A previous artist was fired. Continue reading...
US news | The Guardian
MLB power rankings: Battle for the AL East is going to be wild
The Yankees, Rays and Red Sox are primed for quite a race in the American League East.        
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Rachel Roddy’s recipe for fava bean puree with wilted greens | A kitchen in Rome
A simple and comforting dish that turns broad beans into a soupy puree that’s perfect for dipping or serving with wilted greensAt this time of year in Rome, broad beans act like cheerleaders chanting “S-P-R-I-N-G” from plates and piles in shops. They also come with a warning. This warning usually takes the form of a note stuck to the door of a shop or trattoria saying something along the lines of “Qui si vendono fave fresche” (“Here we sell fresh broad beans”). As warnings go, it’s mild stuff. In fact, for years not only did I have no idea that these notes were warnings, I also thought they were a promotion – a handwritten invitation to come inside and be rewarded with beans waiting to be freed from their velour-lined jackets and eaten with pecorino, braised with artichokes or caught up in a tangle of pasta and cheese.The notes are far from mild for some. Favism is an ancient hereditary disorder that affects people of Mediterranean descent. It’s rare but dangerous, and involves an allergic-like reaction to broad beans. “One of our customers can’t even walk past our door when fava are in season,” a local trattoria owner told me, flicking beans out of their pods directly into a pan like some sort of vegetable Tiddlywinks. I spent the next few days worrying about this customer, noting all the streets they couldn’t walk down (most of them). While the dangerous compound is largely deactivated by cooking, with all the cheerleaders around at this time of year, it would be best to avoid certain streets. Continue reading...
US news | The Guardian
Siemplify raises $30 million to streamline security tool management
Siemplify, a New York and Tel Aviv security orchestration platform provider, today announced that it's secured $30 million.
VentureBeat | Tech News That Matters
Clinc raises $50 million to bring conversational AI to cars, banks, and kiosks
Clinc, a four-year-old AI startup based in Ann Arbor, Michigan, has raised $52 million in venture capital, more than 8 times its previous capital raised.
VentureBeat | Tech News That Matters
4 ways to make sure your pet survives tornadoes, wildfires, hurricanes and other disasters
Preparing for the worst can help you keep your pets with you, keep them healthy, and maximize the chances of reunification if they must be left behind.        
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Dear Therapist: I’m Hiding Something From My Therapist
Editor’s Note: Every Monday, Lori Gottlieb answers questions from readers about their problems, big and small. Have a question? Email her at Dear Therapist,Last year, I started working at a company that has an employee-assistance program. I've taken advantage of it and have finally started seeing a counselor to address my anxiety and depression, which have worsened since moving halfway across the country for this job. Together we've come up with strategies to fix some of the aspects of my work environment that make me most anxious, and now I'm much calmer and happier at work.However, I've been unable to talk with her about my relationship with my spouse, which caused my anxiety and depression to spike even before the move and new job. Every time I try to bring this up, I start crying and am literally unable to say words until I switch to a different topic.I think part of this reluctance is the result of growing up in a divorced household and feeling like any marital strife is an unforgivable personal failing. I’m especially frustrated because I believe she could help me work through these issues, as everything she's suggested so far has made a noticeable improvement in my life.I feel like I'm failing at therapy by not talking about my "real" problems with my counselor. How can I get over this mental block? Should I break things off and try again in a few months so I don't waste her time?AllieDenver, Colo.Dear Allie,What you’re experiencing is very common, and I hope you can take comfort in knowing that most people hide things from their therapist at one point or another. To get past this, though, you’ll want to understand more about why sharing your marital challenges with your therapist is so hard for you.People have many reasons for hiding the things they most need to talk about. Sometimes they worry that the information will make the therapist view them in a negative light (say, admitting that they’re having an affair or that they scream at their kids). Or they might find the issue embarrassing (say, anything to do with sex). Other times they’re in denial (Yeah, I drink more than I should, but it’s not affecting my life in a significant way). Sometimes people hide things because they worry that they won’t be believed (they may not have been in the past). And sometimes people hide things to avoid not just the therapist, but themselves—to avoid confronting their shame or pain, or the truth they know they need to tell.Therapists are also familiar with something called a “doorknob disclosure,” in which a patient says something she should have said during the session on the way to—or while standing at—the door. “By the way,” a patient might begin casually, although whatever comes next will be anything but an offhand aside. It’s not uncommon for patients to go through an entire session talking about this or that, only to spill something important in the last 10 seconds (“Oh, and just for what it’s worth, my biological mother found me on Facebook”). In these cases, people don’t want you to have a chance to comment, or they want to leave you feeling as unsettled as they do. (Special delivery! Here’s all my turmoil; sit with it all week, will you?)But perhaps the most common reason for hiding information is this: Once you bring something up, you might have to deal with it—not just the situation itself, but the uncomfortable feelings that accompany it. In your case, if you start crying whenever you consider talking about your marital strife, you probably have some deep feelings about it. There may be sadness, or anxiety, or shame, but I imagine there’s also fear: fear that your marriage will end as your parents’ marriage ended, fear of the changes that you and/or your spouse might need to make to improve the relationship, fear of the unknown. How much easier it sometimes feels to cling to the familiar, to let sleeping dogs lie.But while sharing difficult truths might come with a cost—the need to face them—it also comes with a reward: freedom. The truth releases us from our internal prisons and gives us the possibility of moving forward. The longer you wait, however, the more entrenched the problem becomes. Which is why instead of worrying about whether you’re wasting your therapist’s time, you’d be better off focusing on how you’d be wasting more of your own time if you were to leave and wait for something to shift—time you could be using right now to improve your marriage.That doesn’t mean you have to just come right out and say, “I’m having problems in my marriage.” You can start by telling your therapist about your current dilemma. Let her know that you haven’t been talking about something that you feel you should be, and that you’re having trouble doing so. You can share that your instinct is to leave and come back when you’re more able to open up, but that she’s been so helpful with the work issues and you have a feeling she’d be helpful with this issue, too. Let her know that every time you contemplate bringing it up—and you still don’t need to say what “it” is—you start to cry and change the subject.Talking about what happens to you in those moments is just as important as talking about the marital problems themselves. In fact, the two are probably related, in that you may have trouble bringing things up with your spouse, as well. The therapy room is a safe space in which to understand and work through your patterns, so learning to be open with your therapist will help you learn how to be more open with your partner, too.Eventually, you’ll be able to talk with your therapist about your marriage, and also your parents’ marriage, and how it informs some beliefs and behaviors that aren’t serving you well now. But what a great opportunity you have, starting as soon as your next session, to share the truth of your experience in the moment: “I’m having trouble being open in here, and even though it scares me, I’m wondering if we can begin to talk about my fear.”Dear Therapist is for informational purposes only, does not constitute medical advice, and is not a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of your physician, mental-health professional, or other qualified health provider with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition. By submitting a letter, you are agreeing to let The Atlantic use it—in part or in full—and we may edit it for length and/or clarity.
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EVgo is installing fast chargers at Chevron filling stations
EV infrastructure company EVgo has teamed up with Chevron to install fast chargers at select filling stations in California. The chargers, with up to 100 kW of capacity, are now running at Menlo Park and under construction at other locations in Los A...
Engadget | Technology News, Advice and Features
One police officer dead, two injured in Alabama trailer park shooting
The officers in the city of Auburn responded to reports of a domestic disturbance shortly before midnight, officials said.
NBC News - Breaking News & Top Stories - Latest World, US & Local News
Understand This Strategy and You'll Get More Done
If you don't use your time efficiently, you won't accomplish your goals
Entrepreneur - Start, run and grow your business.
'Game of Thrones' fan reactions: Fire and fury go beyond King's Landing
Early online fan reaction to the "Game of Thrones" series finale leaned negative, but some applauded the visuals and tender reunions.         
USATODAY - News Top Stories
Sister stunned to witnesses childbirth firsthand
A woman’s 15-year-old sister was present for the birth of her second daughter but had never observed the delivery process before. As nurses guide the mother through the last painful pushes, her sister’s face cycles through every emotion possible before beaming with pride at the miracle of childbirth.   Subscribe to our YouTube!
New York Post
Talking Horses: Frankel's jockey Tom Queally seeks to end winnerless run
Jockey who partnered the greatest Flat racehorse has since fallen from favour and hasn’t had a winner since DecemberThe Tin Man enlivens Monday night’s card at Windsor by making his seasonal reappearance there. He’s a really likeable veteran sprinter who always makes me think of Tom Queally, the Irishman having twice won big races on him Ascot, but Oisin Murphy was given the ride in the autumn and looks set to keep it. Related: Davy Russell makes a breakthrough in Grand Steeplechase de Paris Continue reading...
US news | The Guardian
Buttigieg slams Fox News ... on Fox News
Democratic presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg used a Fox News town hall to slam two of the network's primetime opinion hosts Tucker Carlson and Laura Ingraham. - RSS Channel
Koepka eyes 'easy double digits' trophy haul
PGA Championship winner Brooks Koepka has set his sights on a period of domination after securing his fourth major title at Bethpage Sunday.
After Trump Ban, Huawei Phones Will Lose Access To Google Software
Alphabet's Google, which makes the Android operating system, says it's complying with a U.S. order banning companies from doing business with Huawei.
News : NPR
Sting & Shaggy review – pop-reggae odd couple are far from boombastic
Roundhouse, LondonTouring their Grammy-winning album, Sting is in decent voice, but Shaggy adds little of substanceAs little sense as the union of Sting and Shaggy makes on paper, the facts and figures speak for themselves: last year’s album 44-876 scored the stars their first Top 10 action after a decade lost at sea, along with a Grammy for best reggae album. But tonight, the oddness and lopsidedness of their collaboration is thrown into sharp relief.Songs from the album are juggled alongside both artists’ greatest hits, and their collective material suffers in comparison. The only memorable new song they play is Crooked Tree, and that is mostly for the bizarre sight of Shaggy donning a judge’s wig and gown and declaring Sting – seated and pantomiming that he’s in the dock – “guilty as charged”. The rest is merely passable, pleasant reggae-pop. Continue reading...
US news | The Guardian
Cambodia re-enacts Khmer Rouge killings - in pictures
Actors pretend to slit throats on 20 May, an official holiday known as the "Day of Anger".
BBC News - Home
Fond farewells the precursor to more tears as Serie A's finale draws closer | Paolo Bandini
Juve, Milan and others said goodbye to key players and staff but struggling clubs are still battling not to say so long to Serie A“No more tears, I’ve shed enough already,” insisted Massimiliano Allegri on Saturday. Nobody in the audience was fooled. Juventus had announced one day previously that his time as manager was coming to a close. Allegri could scarcely get through the first sentence of a press conference called to honour his achievements before he had to break off into a hum as he fought to compose himself.There was no such attempt to hold back the emotion one day later, as he stood and hugged Andrea Barzagli for what felt like an eternity in front of the dugouts at the Allianz Stadium. The player had just completed his final home appearance for Juventus, as he prepares to enter retirement. Continue reading...
US news | The Guardian
Someone left a water bottle in the ‘Game of Thrones’ finale
It’s another “Game of Thrones” gaffe. Just two weeks after a coffee cup left onscreen sparked countless memes, fans spotted not one, but two plastic water bottles in Sunday night’s must-watch finale. “A water bottle in King’s Landing!!” tweeted a fan named Beth alongside a video of the offending beverage next to a foot during...
New York Post
Oil traders try to ship dirty Russian crude to Asia
Trading companies Vitol and Unipec are sending around 700,000 tonnes of contaminated Russian oil to Asia in an attempt to place the barrels rejected by buyers in Europe, according to trading sources and ship tracking data.
Trump administration drops plan to send migrants from southern border to Florida, elsewhere
Acting Homeland Security Secretary Kevin McAleenan acknowledged that federal officials did alert local leaders of the possibility of sending migrants.        
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Ukraine's new president sworn in, disbands Parliament
Comedian Volodymyr Zelenskiy, who had no political experience before being elected, has said Parliament members were only focused on enriching themselves
CBS News - Breaking News, U.S., World, Business, Entertainment & Video
Why Facebook is teaching a bug-like robot to walk
In a rooftop garden at Facebook's Menlo Park headquarters, a six-legged robot named Daisy is making chittering noises as it staggers on the sandy ground. - RSS Channel
Social media helping stoke anti-Semitism, says Patriots owner
Robert Kraft has warned that failure to tackle anti-Semitism will open the door for other forms of racism and discrimination to flourish with the help of social media.
Facebook wants to teach robots how to walk
Facebook AI researchers today revealed more details about an initiative to teach a six-legged hexapod robot to walk. “Our goal is to reduce the number of interactions the robot needs to learn to walk, so it takes only hours instead of days or weeks,” according to a blog post. “The techniques we are researching, which […]
VentureBeat | Tech News That Matters
Facebook Research is developing touchy-feely curious robots
As a social media platform with global reach, Facebook leans extensively on its artificial intelligence and machine-learning systems to keep the site online and harmful content off it (at least, some of the time). Following its announcement at the st...
Engadget | Technology News, Advice and Features
Inside Facebook's New Robotics Lab, Where AI and Machines Friend One Another
The social network has a plan to merge the worlds of artificial intelligence and real-world machines, so that both may grow more powerful.
Why Man City are the greatest Premier League team - Alan Shearer analysis
Manchester City's sheer relentlessness makes them the greatest team of the Premier League era - and they could be even better next season, says Alan Shearer.
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Arnold Schwarzenegger 'not pressing charges' after drop-kick attack
Actor sends message of empathy to his assailant after initially failing to notice the flying kick into his back at sports galaArnold Schwarzenegger has confirmed he will not be taking legal action after he was attacked at a sports event in South Africa.Schwarzenegger, 71, responded to concerns for his wellbeing by posting a message on social media: “A lot of you have asked, but I’m not pressing charges. I hope this was a wake-up call, and [the attacker] gets his life on the right track.” Continue reading...
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US news | The Guardian
Kamala Harris wants to fine companies that pay men more than women
NEW YORK — Democratic presidential candidate Kamala Harris is unveiling a pay inequity proposal that aims to close the gender pay gap by holding corporations accountable when men are paid more than women. Harris’ plan would require companies to disclose pay policies while applying for a mandatory “Equal Pay Certification” from the Equal Employment Opportunity...
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New York Post
MLB's Worst Team Could Have Chased World Series but Might Lose 120 Games
To state the painfully obvious, the Miami Marlins are bad. They're buried in last place in the National League East. They're everyone's vision of a last-placed squad. And they could finish the season with a historically horrible record...
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Star NBA Duos in Need of a Break-Up
The NBA 's history can be told traced from one championship banner-raising partnership to the next. Entire eras have been controlled by dynamic duos...
1 h
2019 NBA Combine: Prospects Who Hurt and Helped Themselves Most
Front offices filled the Quest Multisport gym in Chicago, Illinois to scout prospects through drills, athletic testing, scrimmages and interviews at the 2019 NBA Draft Combine ...
1 h
MLB Power Rankings: Where All 30 Teams Stand After Week 8
We are now eight weeks into the 2019 MLB season, and the Minnesota Twins, Tampa Bay Rays and Pittsburgh Pirates are all inside the top 10 in our weekly power rankings. Few, if any, would have predicted that when the season started...
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NHL Playoffs 2019: Latest Stanley Cup Scores, Standings, Odds and Predictions
The NHL playoffs are nearly down to two teams. With the St. Louis Blues taking a 3-2 series lead in the Western Conference finals Sunday, we are close to finalising the Stanley Cup field...
1 h
French Open 2019: Schedule, TV Info, Live Stream and Odds for Top Favorites
Defending champion Rafael Nadal will head into the 2019 French Open boosted by his victory over world No. 1 Novak Djokovic at the Italian Open on Sunday...
1 h
Deutsche Bank shares hit record low ahead of AGM
Shares in Deutsche Bank set a new low on Monday, just days before investors gather for their annual general meeting.
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Google’s Huawei ban is good news: tech giants shouldn’t always get their way | Simon Jenkins
Big tech has gone unchallenged for too long. Donald Trump’s decision to blacklist the Chinese company is changing thatThe post-digital revolution starts here. Thank you, Donald Trump. The US president’s decision to blacklist Huawei, which has led to Google ending collaborating with the company, may have the worst of motives. It could have the best of consequences. Related: Google blocks Huawei access to Android updates after blacklisting Continue reading...
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US news | The Guardian
Trump lashes out at Fox News over Buttigieg town hall
The president said he couldn't believe Fox News was "wasting airtime."
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ABC News: Top Stories
Forget warlords, meet Afghanistan's new 'rockstars'
He closes his eyes and the memories flood back. No clean water. No clothes. No shoes. With temperatures north of 45 degrees, his was a world about survival.
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Donald Trump's peace conference will fail, Palestinians say
‘Deal of the century’ will begin with economic workshop that does not address core disputesPeace efforts that ignore Palestinian political aspirations will fail, senior Palestinian officials have said, after the Trump administration announced an economic conference will take place next month as the first step of its long-awaited Middle East peace plan.Washington said on Sunday that Bahrain had agreed to host a “Peace to Prosperity” workshop to discuss the potential economic incentives of its still-undisclosed plan, which Trump has promised over the last two years would be the “deal of the century”. Continue reading...
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US news | The Guardian
Bangladesh bans fishing for 65 days to save fish
The government says the 65-day ban during the breeding season will boost dwindling fish stocks.
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BBC News - Home
Bayern Munich: Arjen Robben & Franck Ribery score as Bayern win seventh straight title
Arjen Robben and Franck Ribery sign off their Bayern Munich careers with a goal each during a 5-1 win over Frankfurt, to clinch a seventh consecutive Bundesliga title.
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Samsung 4k TVs, Dyson Ball vacuum, SanDisk Ultra, and more for May 20
Now that Game of Thrones has ended after eight seasons, does it feel like there's a void in you that needs filling with a brand new show? That is easily said than done, as it's gonna be hard to top the most awarded series in television history. So why not take your mind off the next show to watch and check out the best deals around the internet. Such as these Cuisinart grills, smokers, and accessories at Amazon, saving yourself up to 30% off. Perfect timing with Memorial Day around the corner. For anyone that hasn't had the chance to watch Game of Thrones yet, Amazon is offering on pre-order the complete series on Blu-ray for $249.95 (listed at 329.99). Read more...More about Gaming, Home, Storage, Consumer Tech, and Mashable Shopping IMAGE: AMAZON $174.99 $75 OFF (30%) $249.99 Prime Dyson Ball Multi Floor 2 Upright Vacuum Cleaner (Renewed) -- See Details IMAGE: AMAZON Up to 30% off select Cuisinart Grills, Smokers, and Accessories -- See Details IMAGE: AMAZON $26.82 $9.62 OFF (26%) $36.44 Prime SanDisk Ultra 200GB microSDXC UHS-I U1 A1 Card with Adapter -- See Details IMAGE: VERIZON WIRELESS Up to $650 off select Phones with Trade-In -- See Details IMAGE: RAKUTEN $2,749 $400 OFF (13%) $3,149 Samsung QN75Q9FN 75-inch 4K QLED Smart TV "with code GL400" -- See Details IMAGE: WALMART $249.99 $198.01 OFF (44%) $448 Samsung UN40NU7200 40-inch 4K Smart TV with $20 VUDU Credit -- See Details IMAGE: WALMART $299 $39.98 OFF (12%) $338.98 Nintendo Switch Console with two Bonus Controllers -- See Details IMAGE: WALMART $249 $80.99 OFF (25%) $329.99 iPad 9.7-inch 32GB WiFi Tablet (Latest Model) -- See Details IMAGE: HOME DEPOT Up to 30% off select Smart and Electronic Door Locks -- See Details IMAGE: B&H PHOTO-VIDEO $649 $100 OFF (13%) $749 LG 34CB99-W 34-inch 21:9 UltraWide FreeSync Curved IPS Monitor -- See Details IMAGE: AMAZON $84.99 $54.01 OFF (39%) $139 Prime DeWALT DCS355B 20V XR Oscillating Multi-Tool (Tool Only) -- See Details IMAGE: AMAZON Up to 30% off select Swimwear for Men's, Women's, and Kid's -- See Details IMAGE: AMAZON $44.99 $25.00 OFF (36%) $69.99 Prime LEGO 75211 Star Wars Imperial TIE Fighter Building Kit (519 Piece) -- See Details IMAGE: BEST BUY $119.99 $70.00 OFF (37%) $189.99 Dell SE2717HR 27-inch IPS LED FHD FreeSync Monitor -- See Details IMAGE: BEST BUY $29.99 $30.00 OFF (50%) $59.99 Kingdom Hearts III - PlayStation 4 -- See Details IMAGE: BEST BUY $19.99 $40 OFF (67%) $59.99 Overwatch Legendary Edition Holiday Bundle - Xbox One -- See Details IMAGE: BEST BUY $299.99 $100 OFF (25%) $399.99 Bang & Olufsen Beoplay H8i Wireless Noise Canceling On-Ear Headphones -- See Details IMAGE: AMAZON $29.97 $20.02 OFF (40%) $49.99 Prime Bosch GLM 20 65' Compact Blaze Laser Distance Measure -- See Details IMAGE: AMAZON $99.99 $100.00 OFF (50%) $199.99 Prime Samsung Evo Select 512GB MicroSDXC U3 Card with Adapter -- See Details IMAGE: B&H PHOTO-VIDEO $37.99 $37.98 OFF (50%) $75.97 TP-Link HS105 WiFi Mini Smart Plug (3-Pack) -- See Details IMAGE: WALMART $69.99 $126.99 OFF (64%) $196.98 Landmann Smoky Mountain Series 26-inch Electric Smoker -- See Details IMAGE: AMAZON $32.84 $7.15 OFF (18%) $39.99 Prime Team Sonic Racing - PlayStation 4 -- See Details
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