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Trump says US will not pay for Prince Harry, Meghan Markle’s security
The couple recently jetted to California from Canada amid the coronavirus pandemic.
'Grim Sleeper' serial killer Lonnie Franklin dies on death row at San Quentin
Lonnie David Franklin Jr., the Grim Sleeper serial killer, has died while on death row.
Country star Joe Diffie dead from coronavirus complications at age 61
Country star Joe Diffie has died at the age of 61 following a battle with coronavirus.
Rangers still don’t know if there’s more to confounding Brett Howden
Part 8 in a series analyzing the New York Rangers. So after two years, how much do we really know about what to expect from Brett Howden, other than the fact that the 22-year-old is always going to put in the work to improve and is always going to work on whatever assignment he’s given...
Coronavirus Cases Soar Across The U.S., And Officials Say Worse Is Yet To Come
Dr. Anthony Fauci warned that COVID-19, the disease brought on by the novel coronavirus, may claim up to 200,000 American lives.
Country music star Joe Diffie dies from coronavirus complications at 61
"Pickup Man" and "John Deere Green" singer Joe Diffie, who confirmed Friday that he tested positive for coronavirus, has died at 61.        
Assessing Detroit Lions WR corps after addition of Geronimo Allison
Detroit Lions are adding WR Geronimo Allison, who played four seasons with the Green Bay Packers.        
Trump tells Prince Harry, Meghan Markle 'they must pay' for security amid reported move to US
President Trump on Sunday didn't offer the warmest greeting to Prince Harry and Meghan Markle amid reports that they had relocated from Canada to the U.S.
FDA eases restrictions on mask-sterilizing technology amid coronavirus shortages
Officials are scrambling for the N95 masks and other protective equipment for health care workers as the number of COVID-19 cases is expected to spike.       
Surfer fined $1,000 for ignoring coronavirus closure in Manhattan Beach
Coronavirus: Surfer hit with $1,000 citation for ignoring beach closure, warning by lifeguards, police
Trump’s Coronavirus Response Is a Failure by His Own Standards
He says Cuomo ignored warnings and Obama was slow to address swine flu. On both counts, Trump is worse.
Plane crashes in Philippines killing all on board
An airplane crashed during takeoff in Manila, Philippines, killing everyone on board, airport personnel tell CNN. The crew, a nurse, and a coronavirus patient are among the dead. CNN's Paula Newton has more.
Nearly 15K National Guard troops mobilized across US to battle coronavirus, Pentagon announces
Nearly 15,000 National Guard troops have been mobilized across the U.S. to assist overwhelmed states in battling the coronavirus, the Pentagon announced Sunday.
Jimmie Johnson considering IndyCar/NASCAR double at Indianapolis Motor Speedway
After the Indy Grand Prix was moved to July 4 on the same weekend as NASCAR's Brickyard 400, Jimmie Johnson became interested in racing both events.        
Video games can be a healthy social pastime during coronavirus pandemic
At the behest of the World Health Organization, video game companies are promoting hand washing, physical distancing during the coronavirus crisis.       
Face The Nation: Gov. John Bel Edwards, Dr. Gianrico Farrugia, Dr. David Heymann
Missed the second half of the show? The latest on the United States battle with the Coronavirus.
New York is at war with the coronavirus. Expect the same across the US, experts warn.
What is unfolding in New York City offers a case study in how the virus attacks all aspects of life, as well as what can be done to beat it back.       
CBS mourns longtime journalist Maria Mercader, who died at 54 from coronavirus
CBS News is mourning Maria Mercader, a longtime journalist with the network who died in a New York hospital after battling coronavirus. She was 54.       
Graham slams Pelosi, says she held up coronavirus aid to add 'liberal special-interest shopping list'
In an exclusive interview on “Sunday Morning Futures,” Republican South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham called House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s comments “disgusting,” referring to her claims that President Trump had denied the seriousness of the coronavirus and delayed ramping up the federal government’s response, what she called a “deadly” mistake.
Is Amazon doing enough to protect workers and customers?
Amazon's top spokesman Jay Carney tells Brian Stelter about how the company is addressing the coronavirus pandemic. Amid complaints from some warehouse employees, Carney says safety is the company's "first and primary concern." He also describes a daily meeting with CEO Jeff Bezos "brainstorming about what else we can do" to respond to the crisis.
‘My eggs are priceless’: NY lawmaker donated to fertility clinic 5 times
This legislator is the fertility queen of New York! Assemblywoman Taylor Darling (D-Hempstead) said she’s given the gift of life by donating her ovary eggs at a fertility clinic five different times to help other couples have kids. “I donated eggs five times. Five different families chose me,” Darling, 36, told The Post in an...
NYT's Haberman on Trump attacking the press amid pandemic
"He doesn't want people to believe real time accounts that they are seeing," Maggie Haberman of The New York Times says. According to Haberman, "the president is doing very little other than watching media coverage right now."
Doctors, nurses are alerting the public through social media
Emergency physician Dr. Esther Choo says rules restricting press access at hospitals should be revisited so that the public has a view inside virus-stricken ERs. "Some of this information is important for public health," she says. Plus, S.E. Cupp discusses the power of viral videos from doctors and nurses.
Front pages across USA report rising death toll
Brian Stelter looks at the commonalities among newspapers across America "from Honolulu to Waterloo, Tuscaloosa to Chattanooga." He says front page stories show the rapid spread of Covid-19 and how communities are mobilizing in response. The front pages are focused on the heroism of health care workers, not comments made by politicians.
CBS News veteran Maria Mercader dies from coronavirus in New York
Award-winning CBS News veteran Maria Mercader died of COVID-19 in a New York hospital on Sunday, the network announced. She was 54. The Manhattan native, who covered breaking news for CBS since joining the network in 1987, had been on medical leave for an unrelated matter when she was infected, the network said while confirming...
Here is the latest list of Orange County communities with coronavirus cases
Orange County communities with coronavirus cases. There are more than 400 cases and four deaths.
Moscow initiates coronavirus lockdown, requires 'special pass' to leave homes
Moscow is the first city in Russia to institute strict protocols in the fight against the coronavirus.
Shane Burgos says USADA one of the reasons he re-signed with UFC
Shane Burgos explains why he turned down a more lucrative offer to re-sign with the UFC.       Related StoriesJulian Marquez looks on bright side of social distancing as he readies for UFC returnUFC free fight: Relive Tony Ferguson's debut in the 'The Ultimate Fighter 13 Finale'Life on lockdown: How UFC's Juan Espino is dealing with mandatory quarantine in Spain 
Trump boasts White House briefing ratings in attack of ‘Lamestream Media’
President Trump touted the sky-high ratings of his White House coronavirus briefings — claiming they are driving the media “crazy” — as he reminded his millions of Twitter followers that another one is coming up Sunday afternoon. “Because the ‘Ratings’ of my News Conferences etc. are so high, ‘Bachelor finale, Monday Night Football type numbers’...
TSA security director for several NY airports tests positive for coronavirus
The TSA’s director of security at several metro-area airports has tested positive for the coronavirus. “This is obviously not the lottery I wanted to hit, but I will press on through it,” Robert Duffy — the federal Transportation Security Administration’s director of security at LaGuardia, Islip, Westchester and upstate Stewart airports — told colleagues Friday in an...
Catherine Zeta-Jones imitates Shakira in a coronavirus quarantine game of 'charades gone wrong'
Catherine Zeta-Jones is taking advantage of self-isolation and playing a few games.
This NYC hospital is so crowded a coughing man gave up and went home
The emergency room at hard-hit Elmhurst Hospital in Queens is so full of people who fear they have the coronavirus that a man wracked by non-stop coughing actually gave up in frustration and went home on Sunday. “It’s very crowded inside,” the middle-aged Hispanic man told The Post, in between coughs that sounded almost like...
New York coronavirus deaths soar past 960 as New Rochelle's 'Patient Zero' goes home
The mammoth fight against coronavirus in New York intensified Sunday as the state grappled with over 59,000 cases and at least 965 deaths.
Coronavirus worries and strife: Investors fear markets not out of woods despite big rally
After a brutal meltdown, some investors have been wading back into U.S. stocks. But others are wary of another leg down as the coronavirus spreads and its economic impact is difficult to predict.
21 great fitness products for at-home workouts under $30
Here's all the gear and equipment you need for working out at home, including dumbbells, resistance bands, an exercise mat, and a ClassPass subscription.       
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The EPA appears to be using coronavirus to make huge concessions to polluters
North Carolina’s Joyce Kilmer Memorial Park, which survived industrial logging in the area. | Andrew Lichtenstein/Corbis/Getty Images Experts say Trump is exploiting the coronavirus crisis to roll back enforcement of important environmental regulations. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has announced a freeze on enforcing environmental regulations due to the coronavirus pandemic that is so sweeping in scope critics have begun to argue the change is actually a bid to advance the Trump administration’s long-standing deregulatory agenda. Under the new directive, announced Thursday, the EPA says it does “not expect to seek penalties for violations of routine compliance monitoring, integrity testing, sampling, laboratory analysis, training, and reporting or certification obligations in situations where the EPA agrees that Covid-19 was the cause of the noncompliance.” The rule, which will remain in place indefinitely, means factories, power plants, and other major polluters have tremendous discretion in deciding whether or not they think the coronavirus will prevent them from meeting legal requirements on air and water pollution and hazardous waste management. The EPA will not be fining companies for violating certain requirements on limiting pollution during this time. Many experts and environmental advocates say that while case-by-case relaxation of rules for companies that are short-staffed due to the pandemic makes sense, the expansiveness of the EPA’s directive appears both unprecedented and designed to give a green light to polluters to act recklessly at a time when air quality is acutely important for public health. Cynthia Giles, the EPA’s former head of enforcement during the Obama administration, said she was “not aware of any instance when EPA ever relinquished this fundamental authority as it does in this memo,” according to the Guardian. She described the EPA’s suspension as “an abdication of EPA’s responsibility to protect the public.” “This EPA statement is essentially a nationwide waiver of environmental rules for the indefinite future,” she said in a statement to the Hill. “It tells companies across the country that they will not face enforcement even if they emit unlawful air and water pollution in violation of environmental laws, so long as they claim that those failures are in some way ‘caused’ by the virus pandemic. And it allows them an out on monitoring too, so we may never know how bad the violating pollution was.” Prior to the suspension, trade associations like the American Petroleum Institute were lobbying the EPA for more lax enforcement, like regulations on repairing leaky equipment. But the EPA’s move goes well beyond such targeted requests. The EPA has pushed back against criticism, describing the policy as a temporary measure for dealing with the crisis, and told HuffPost on Friday that the agency retains “all our authorities and will exercise them appropriately.” But Giles and other environmental advocates don’t buy that characterization. “Incredibly, the EPA statement does not even reserve EPA’s right to act in the event of an imminent threat to public health,” she told the Hill. The EPA’s move is part of a broader pattern of the Trump administration’s lax oversight of favored industries In the 24 hours after the EPA freeze, the Trump administration rolled out a host of other policies that suggested it’s exploiting the pandemic as a opportunity to more broadly deregulate the private sector and advance controversial policies surrounding both public health and the environment that might otherwise garner more scrutiny. HuffPost’s Alexander Kaufman and Chris D’Angelo have a good rundown: Hours [after the EPA announcement], the U.S. Department of Agriculture confirmed a waiver allowing a private company to take over inspection duties at a Tyson Foods beef slaughterhouse. By Friday morning, news broke that the administration was close to finalizing its plan to roll back Obama-era rules raising fuel-economy standards on new vehicles, resuming a fight that delighted the oil industry, divided automakers and revealed a double standard on states’ rights as the White House sought to bring California to its knees. And by midday, the administration published a final review of a proposed 211-mile road that would cut through a portion of Alaska’s Gates of the Arctic National Park and Preserve and open up an area rich in copper, zinc and other minerals. Taken together, a broader pattern of privatization and deregulation is evident. And it’s consistent with the history of the Trump administration, which has taken steps to slash government regulations, privatize public programs and goods, and degrade the environment. In recent months Trump and his administration have challenged EPA water rules, created a loophole to allow pipelines to avoid environmental review, and axed Obama’s signature climate change policy, the Clean Power Plan. Overall, a New York Times analysis has found that the Trump administration has rolled back nearly 100 environmental rules and regulations. Its actions have made it easier to drill in wildlife refuges, slashed regulations meant to combat overfishing, and narrowed safety assessment requirements for potentially toxic chemicals. Environmental advocates see the broad EPA freeze on enforcing rules as fitting that pattern, as a coalition of activists wrote in a letter to the EPA sent by the Environmental Integrity Project: While it may be reasonable in limited circumstances for EPA to exercise discretion on a case-by-case basis to temporarily refrain from enforcement where the pandemic has clearly undermined a facility’s ability to comply ... It is not clear why refineries, chemical plants, and other facilities that continue to operate and keep their employees on the production line will no longer have the staff or time they need to comply with environmental laws. Trump has appeared to be playing favorites with politicians, voting blocs and certain industries when it comes to responding to the coronavirus crisis. Allowing the EPA to relax its policing certainly seems to fit that same mold.
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Construction at stadium for L.A. Rams, Chargers continues after positive coronavirus test
A trade worker at SoFi Stadium, being built for the Los Angeles Rams and Los Angeles Chargers, has tested positive for COVID-19.        
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Hate-spewing teens yell ‘you caused coronavirus b—h!’ at Asian woman
A trio of hate-spewing teens blamed an Asian woman for coronavirus as they attacked her on board a city bus in The Bronx, police said Sunday. The three girls approached the 51-year-old victim on the bus near Ogden Avenue and West 166th Street, screaming a series of anti-Asian slurs around 3 p.m. Saturday when one...
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Republican Governor Says Trump's Message to Reopen Economy Soon 'Isn't Helpful,' Warns Pandemic Will Get Worse In Coming Weeks
"We've got messaging coming out saying that things are OK, and you should get back to normal," Larry Hogan said. "It does conflict and it hurts with the message."
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British man claiming to have coronavirus jailed after spitting at cops
A British man has been jailed for a year for spitting at cops while claiming to be infected with the coronavirus, according to reports. Paul Leivers, 48, was sentenced Saturday — just two days after his arrest — after pleading guilty to two counts of assault on an emergency worker in Mansfield, according to Nottinghamshire...
High school and college seniors missing "life's moments" during coronavirus
Life is put on hold for people across the country, but for high school and college seniors this is an especially challenging time. CBS News' Danya Bacchus reports on how parents can help their children cope.
Demi Lovato accidentally crashes boyfriend Max Ehrich’s Instagram Live
Ehrich was seen whispering to Lovato, "I'm on live," as the camera rolled.
Serbia’s dog walking ban sparks outrage among pet owners
The Serbian government’s decision on Saturday to ban dog walking in an effort to curb the spread of the novel coronavirus provoking outrage among pet owners.
Louisiana Governor on Not Shutting Down Mardi Gras Over Coronavirus Concerns: No One From Federal Government Told Us to Cancel Anything
Governor John Bel Edwards reiterated Sunday that last month's Mardi Gras celebrations weren't cancelled or downsized because "not one person" at the federal level directed the state to take such action - but he said it's now time to move forward.
Jefferies Group CFO dies of coronavirus complications
The chief financial officer of Jefferies Group LLC, Peregrine "Peg" Broadbent, has died from coronavirus complications, the company said in a statement Sunday.
Cuomo extends state lockdown, says normalcy may return with widespread testing
New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo announced Sunday that he is extending a statewide lockdown that he first ordered earlier this month, forcing nonessential workers to remain at home due to the coronavirus outbreak.
Poll: 15% of Sanders supporters will vote for Trump in 2020 if Biden is the nominee
The poll also found Biden with a 16-percentage-point advantage (55%-39%) over Sanders among registered Democrats and independents who lean Democratic.
Jeannie Cunnion: Coronavirus – Lessons from a mom of 5 about parenting in a pandemic
Parenting under normal circumstances is hard enough, but this is the next level.