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Health Dept. refuses to back NYC council war on Kardashian-sold items
Local health officials are refusing to back a City Council bill that wages war on the Kardashians and other A-list celebrities peddling such items as “detox teas” and “flat tummy” lollipops — saying it’s unclear that the weight-loss laxatives pose serious health risks to self-conscious teens. Myla Harrison, an assistant commissioner with the city Health...
China's struggle with coronavirus outbreak could affect global travel
The coronavirus outbreak could begin to affect global travel and tourism.
Prueba: Nissan Pathfinder SV "Rock Creek Edition" del 2020, para la aventura en todo terreno
Cada generación del Nissan Pathfinder ha sido significativamente diferente de la anterior, aunque no ha recibido sustanciales actualizaciones desde el 2017.
Ocean Vuong shares stories behind 'On Earth We're Briefly Gorgeous'
Ocean Vuong, bestselling author of "On Earth We're Briefly Gorgeous," talks about writing and inspiration with the L.A. Times Book Club.
Watergate whistleblower on Bolton: I see similarities to 'smoking gun' tape
Former Nixon White House Counsel and Watergate whistleblower John Dean takes impeachment questions as President Trump's counsel concludes their opening arguments. Watch "Full Circle" live weeknights at 6:30 p.m. ET.
Op-Ed: In Kobe and Gianna Bryant, women's basketball just lost two of its most compelling allies
Kobe Bryant will be remembered for his NBA achievements, but was also a rare sports dad who encouraged his daughter Gianna to claim his legacy.
Fox hosts share what keeps them going through grueling campaign season: 'It doesn't matter if your candidate wins or loses'
As the country gears up for a grueling election season, Fox News hosts Harris Faulkner and Shannon Bream sat down with Ainsley Earhardt to discuss their faith and the verses that get them through a national election in today's divided political climate.
Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth’s divorce finalized
Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth are officially kaput.
How to delete what Facebook knows about your life outside of Facebook
Ed Jones/AFP via Getty Images The “Off-Facebook Activity” tool lets you see — and somewhat control — what other sites and apps tell Facebook about you Facebook users just got a new glimpse into — and a little control over — the myriad ways the social network tracks what they do when they’re not using Facebook. If you didn’t already realize it, by the way, Facebook is tracking an astounding amount of what you do when you’re not using the platform, an activity also known as living life in the real world. The new Off-Facebook Activity tool, which the company announced last August, finally launched on Tuesday. It can tell you which companies are supplying Facebook with information about your real-world activity — for example, that you visited their website or purchased a product from it. Why does Facebook want this? Because it can then match that information with your Facebook profile and target ads to you (or, in Facebook’s words, “personalize your experience”). A lot of times when you think Facebook is listening to your phone conversations based on how specific its ads are, it’s actually because of how extensive (and hidden) its offsite data collection is. This in-depth tracking is why you might see, oh, I don’t know, an ad for a play starring the venerable Kate Mulgrew immediately after a Star Trek: Voyager Netflix binge, even if you weren’t on Facebook at the time. This is also what allows many websites, including Facebook, to give you free services. So you are getting something out of this deal — you just might not have realized you were making the deal in the first place, or how much data you were handing over. (The play was great, by the way.) Accessing the Off-Facebook Activity tool to see how much Facebook knows about your life outside of Facebook is not exactly straightforward. You can go directly to the tool by clicking here. If you’re trying to find it from your News Feed, you’ll need to go to Settings and then click Your Facebook Information. You should see a line for Off-Facebook Activity, and then just go to view. Then prepare to be flabbergasted. One of our reporters, for example, found that 518 apps and websites had shared her data with Facebook in some way: Many of the sites on her list were ones she had just visited. That’s because a lot of sites use Facebook’s trackers, which automatically collect and send visitor data back to Facebook. Even users with tracker-blocking extensions on their browsers will likely find dozens of instances where companies are sending personal data to Facebook. The feature also allows you to opt out of some of this collection — to a point. Clicking on a particular company’s listing will bring up a dialogue that will give you a slightly more specific look at what data was collected. There’s also the option to “Turn off future activity” from that company. If you’re looking for a nuclear option, you can click “Manage Future Activity” and then flip the blue switch on the right side of the page. This seems like it would turn off all real-world data collection, but that’s not exactly true. Right after you flip the switch, you’ll see a dialogue that says, “We’ll still receive activity from the businesses and organizations your visit.” This information just won’t be associated with your account. You can also delete your off-Facebook activity history by clicking “Clear History” on the activity list. A window will then pop up asking you to click “Clear History” again: As the prompt says, you’ll still see ads — but they won’t be those creepy ads of a product you were just looking at on a different site. If you don’t like the idea of your Facebook behavior being tracked and used for ads, you might also (if you haven’t already) want to change your ad settings on Facebook (available in the “Ads” section of your Facebook settings). Turn off “Ads based on data from partners,” “Ads based on your activity on Facebook Company Products that you see elsewhere,” and “Ads that include your social actions.” Again, this won’t completely shut off the tracking, but it will minimize it. If you don't like the idea of being tracked by Facebook at all, tough luck. Even if you delete all of your accounts for Facebook-owned service, including Instagram and WhatsApp, it feels like there’s nowhere online or on earth that the social network can’t access. At least Facebook is giving you some control over it. Open Sourced is made possible by Omidyar Network. All Open Sourced content is editorially independent and produced by our journalists.
Airbus faces record $4 billion fine after bribery probe
Airbus faces a record $4 billion fine and lower 2019 profits after unveiling a preliminary deal with French, British and U.S. authorities following a crippling three-year probe into allegations of bribery and corruption over jetliner sales.
FDA: Purell doesn't prevent the flu — or Ebola
Regulators warn manufacturer against claiming that its hand sanitizer products can protect against viruses.
Starbucks has closed more than half its stores in China
Starbucks has closed more than half of its roughly 4,300 Chinese stores, as the deadly coronavirus continues to spread in the country.
'75% of Americans' Trends After Poll Shows Majority of Americans Want to Hear Witnesses at Trump Impeachment Trial
"Hard to get 75% of Americans to agree that the sky is blue. This is an overwhelming bi-partisan majority for witnesses," MSNBC political analyst Richard Stengel tweeted.
Crecimos en la misma zona, pero nuestros caminos jamás se cruzaron. ¿Era el destino encontrarse ahora?
Me preguntaba por qué finalmente se estaba sincerando conmigo. De repente, intentaba conquistarme. Y estaba funcionando; me di vuelta y lo besé
Evacuees from Wuhan are on a plane to the United States. Should they be quarantined?
An airliner from Wuhan, China, is expected to land in Ontario, California, on Wednesday, filled with US citizens who could possibly be infected with the deadly Wuhan coronavirus.
‘Bachelor’ 2020 power rankings: Alayah returns in Week 4
Peter is proving to be a real doofus. But this ranking is about the women competing for his heart.
Ex-NHLer Ed Belfour arrested at Kentucky hotel after drunken fit
NHL Hall of Famer Ed Belfour was arrested early Tuesday at a Kentucky hotel for allegedly trying to fight an employee and tearing down a curtain rod in a drunken fit, a report said. Belfour, 54, was “manifestly under the influence of alcohol to a point he was a danger to himself and others” when...
Chiefs superfan 'Bad Luck Chuck' getting bobblehead treatment
The Kansas City Chiefs superfan known as “Bad Luck Chuck” will be immortalized with his own bobblehead, the National Bobblehead Hall of Fame and Museum announced Tuesday.
Harvard Professor Charged With Hiding Ties and Receiving Payment From Chinese Government
Authorities also announced charges against a researcher at Boston University
Every XFL officiating crew will have at least one female member
When the XFL kicks off Feb. 8 in Washington, it will do so with a uniquely diverse roster of officials.
GOP Rep. Mike Johnson: Abuse of power and obstruction of Congress are not impeachable offenses
Rep. Mike Johnson (R-LA) joins The Lead.
John Kelly backs up Bolton as witness fight reignited
The Lead's political panel discusses.
New Facebook feature shows you your data
The new tool allows users to see what information third party apps have collected about them.
How Iran’s Soleimani became a US target
He commanded an army of militias across the Middle East. On January 3, 2020, a US airstrike outside Baghdad, Iraq, killed several Iraqi and Iranian military officials. One of them was arguably the second most important person in Iran, Qassem Soleimani. His killing set off several days of huge demonstrations throughout the Middle East and an Iranian retaliatory missile strike on a US military base in Iraq. Soleimani became an immensely powerful figure by commanding Iran’s elite Quds Force, a group of soldiers and spies tasked with spreading Iranian influence outside of its borders. They achieved this by partnering with and supporting militias throughout the Middle East. At the time of his killing, Soleimani had orchestrated a vast array of militias that stretched from Lebanon to Syria to Iraq. This episode of Vox Atlas explains why Iran created the Quds Force, how they use proxy militias, and how Soleimani took the strategy to a new level. You can find this video and all of Vox’s videos on YouTube. Subscribe for the latest.
Opinion | The Real Goal of Trump’s Middle East Plan
It’s not peace. It’s power.
Appeals Court: Arizona Voter Suppression Law Was Motivated By Racism
Courts usually tiptoe around racist intent in election law. Not this time.
The NFL and nearly half of its teams had their Twitter accounts hacked
With less than a week to go until Super Bowl LIV, the NFL is dealing with a breach that saw the Twitter accounts for nearly half of the league's teams get hacked.
Michelle Obama wishes Ellen DeGeneres happy birthday with a playful burn
Michelle Obama sends Ellen DeGeneres a surprise birthday message in honor of the talk show host's turning 62 on Sunday.
GOP Group Drives Billboard Around DC Calling for President Pence Amid Impeachment Trial: He's 'Not Bad... Could Be Worse'
Conservative group Republicans for the Rule of Law sponsored a mobile billboard truck Tuesday, which drove around Washington, D.C. with a sign advocating for the ouster of President Donald Trump in favor of Vice President Mike Pence.
Metta World Peace reflects on special dinner, rapping with Kobe Bryant: 'There's no way to cope'
Metta World Peace finally got to see another side of Kobe Bryant during Bryant's farewell season with the Los Angeles Lakers in 2016.
Alan Dershowitz called Trump corrupt in 2016 and said he could be corrupt as President
Law professor Alan Dershowitz, who is a member of President Donald Trump's impeachment defense team, said in 2016 that he believed Trump was more corrupt than Hillary Clinton and more likely to continue being corrupt as president.
Another Side Effect of Trump’s Insidious Citizenship Executive Order
It’s how redistricting experts plan to preserve white electoral power.
Factbox: U.S., Israeli wordplay over Trump peace plan
While U.S. President Donald Trump unveiled a Middle East peace plan on Tuesday that was hailed by Israel as an historic breakthrough and a sign of the allies' seamless coordination, there were some telling inconsistencies in the small print.
Trump's Middle East peace plan: Smiles and sorrow on the ground
President Donald Trump calls the strategy a win-win opportunity for both sides - but is it?
Schiff: Trump's defense reeling from Bolton's book
Lead impeachment manager Rep. Adam Schiff says the abrupt ending of the President Donald Trump's defense team today in the Senate shows "they are still reeling from the revelation of John Bolton's book and what he has to say." (Jan. 28)
San Francisco official in charge of cleaning up city's filthy streets arrested
San Francisco’s head of Public Works, in charge of cleaning up the city’s feces-filled streets, has been arrested by the FBI on suspicion of public corruption.
Celebrities at Super Bowl LIV
The festivities have already started in Miami, and there's plenty of star power on hand for the showdown between the Chiefs and 49ers.
Coronavirus misinformation spreads on Facebook
Social media network has blocked only some users' posts that falsely claim U.S. is withholding a cure to deadly virus.
The Angle: It’s Down to Bernie vs. Biden in Iowa
What will be the tipping point?
Josh Hawley to Submit Questions on Adam Schiff Whistleblower Relationship, Hunter Biden Burisma Work
Josh Hawley will submit a series of questions relating to Adam Schiff's relationship with the intelligence office whistleblower and the House impeachment managers during the next phase of the Senate impeachment trial.
Giant 'thunder lizard' dinosaurs may have walked on their front feet only, findings reveal
Gigantic sauropods, some of the largest creatures to ever roam the Earth, apparently once walked only on their front feet.
Apple reports record quarterly revenue as iPhone demand jumps
Apple just got its mojo back. The California-based tech giant — which a year ago had slashed its profit forecast for the first time in 15 years — reported its highest-ever quarterly revenue on Tuesday, driven by better-than-expected holiday demand for iPhones. Apple’s fourth-quarter revenue jumped 9% from a year earlier to a whopping $91.8...
What the best public health minds know — and don’t know — about Wuhan coronavirus
Veterans of past outbreaks share what they're still trying to understand about the illness.
Joe Manchin frustrated with 'hypocrisy' of Schumer, Dershowitz and Starr in Trump impeachment
Sen. Joe Manchin, D-W.Va., told Fox News Tuesday both sides in the Senate impeachment trial of President Trump have been very hypocritical in relation to their views of the impeachment of President Bill Clinton more than two decades ago.
Dozens believed dead after attack by Islamic militants in Burkina Faso
Officials say that between 10 and 30 people were killed in the northern Soum provinceDozens of people are feared dead following an attack by Islamic militants on a village in Burkina Faso, the latest bloody incident in an unprecedented surge of violence across the restive Sahel region.Details of the attack, which occurred on Saturday and targeted the village of Silgadji in the northern Soum province, were still unclear on Tuesday but a security official said casualties in the assault totalled between “10 and 30 dead”. Continue reading...
CT man accused of killing wife airlifted to NY
A Connecticut man charged with murdering his estranged wife has been rushed to the hospital after being treated for carbon monoxide poisoning. Fotis Dulos was found when police officers went to his house in Farmington for a welfare check. (Jan. 28)
Jimmy Fallon wonders if John Bolton, Col. Sanders were separated at birth
Trump's impeachment trial heats up after rumors that Bolton's book will reveal a quid pro quo. The comics break it all down in Best of Late Night.
Freaked-out Fairway shoppers are hoarding groceries
Helena de Groot isn’t handling Fairway supermarket’s financial troubles too well. “I feel I’m standing on quicksand. The ground is disappearing from my feet,” says the podcast producer, who’s lived on the Upper West Side for two years. “It’s almost worse than the impeachment thing,” says retired singer Barbara Miller, who’s been shopping at the...