Monsoon founder seeks CVA to avoid fashion chain's collapse

Peter Simon pledges up to £34m to support struggling business and convince landlords to slash rents

The founder of fashion chain Monsoon Accessorize is ready to inject £34m into the struggling company in an effort to convince landlords to agree to rent cuts as part of a deal designed to thwart its collapse.

Peter Simon is seeking a company voluntary arrangement (CVA) for the business, a form of insolvency procedure that has proved unpopular with property owners because they are asked to accept lower income to ensure that shops stay open.

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‘I Think You Should Leave with Tim Robinson’ to Return for Season 2 on Netflix
Robinson's sketch comedy series isn't leaving Netflix, after all.
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New York Post
How lightsticks became a must-have item for K-pop fans
The flicker of tiny lighter flames once illuminated dimmed concert arenas during heart-wrenching numbers. Then it was phone flashlights waving brightly for all to see. But now K-pop fandoms have invented something much more high-tech to demonstrate their love for their idols: lightsticks.  These bright, beautiful lights are an essential part of any K-Pop concert-going experience. But why would fans pay top dollar for a glorified glow stick they'll only use once in a blue moon?  K-Pop fans at an NCT 127 show  in Coral Gables, Florida.Image:  Johnny Louis / Getty ImagesTo be honest, I didn't quite understand it, being relatively new to the K-Pop wave myself. Until I saw BTS' "Love Yourself: Speak Yourself" tour earlier this year. For the first time, I got to experience up close and personal an extraordinary phenomenon — what fans call "the ocean." A sea of concert attendees, switching their lights on in the dark, bathing the arena in a blanket of color and light. Magical. Mesmerizing. Memorable.  Read more...More about Bts, Fandom, K Pop Music, Lightsticks, and Culture
Canada’s Permafrost Is Thawing 70 Years Earlier Than Expected, Study Shows. Scientists Are ‘Quite Surprised’
A study co-author tells TIME the speed at the thawing took researchers by surprise
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F.T.C. Said to Be Investigating YouTube Over Child Privacy Claims
The video service has been under increasing pressure from parents and consumer groups for the way it handles children’s videos.
NYT > Home Page
‘Pose’ Writer Janet Mock Makes History with New Netflix Deal
Mock is the first Black trans woman to set an overall deal with a major production studio.
New York Post
How to get hitched within 24 hours in the city — and it only costs 25 bucks
Getting married at New York City Hall is like going to the DMV — except everyone is beaming with joy. Family, friends, soon-to-be-spouses, even city employees can’t contain their delight, though they see it every day. There are brides in dresses, brides in jeans, grooms every which way, clutching onto their betrothed, waiting for their...
New York Post
Farewell realism's Rory Stewart – elbowed out by chancers and charlatans
Conservative MPs show they are determined to make the priapic Mr Blobby their next leaderShortly after six o’clock on Wednesday, Charles Walker, the joint acting chair of the 1922 Committee, confirmed what most people had already suspected. Rory Stewart was out of the leadership contest, his support having haemorrhaged away. The Tories had looked the national interest in the eye and put the party first.The one candidate who had injected some realism into the race had been sharp-elbowed in favour of a bunch of incompetent charlatans, chancers and jobsworths. Men selling impossible dreams to the intensely gullible. #RoryWalksOn had become #RoryWalksOff. Though his time might come again. Possibly even later this year. Continue reading...
US news | The Guardian
Brittany Furlan’s steamiest snaps
She's 100% natural, according to Tommy Lee.
New York Post
Sean Spicer: Trump has unique advantage over Democratic contenders in 2020
President Trump has one unique advantage no one can match in next year's election, according to former White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer. 
Sullenberger struggled with Boeing 737 MAX simulation
Chesley "Sully" Sullenberger, the pilot who orchestrated the dramatic plane landing in the Hudson River 10 years ago, told a congressional panel that he can "see how crews could have run out of time" during the recent Boeing 737 MAX crashes after he struggled to recover the plane in a simulator running recreations of the doomed flights.
Biden warns against demonizing the rich during fundraiser: 'Rich people are just as patriotic'
Former Vice President Joe Biden seemed to challenge the narrative building among some in his party when he argued on Tuesday that it wasn't always appropriate to "demonize" rich people.
Mexico gets tough with illegal immigrants, deports within 24 hours
Unprecedented and inconvenient, the influx of thousands of National Guard into southern Mexico is nevertheless being welcomed by many residents near the Guatemala border.
Mathew Knowles: Beyoncé’s career benefitted, Kelly Rowland’s suffered from skin tone bias
“In the music industry there’s still segregation,” said Knowles.
New York Post
NXIVM leader Keith Raniere guilty of all counts in sex cult case
Keith Raniere was accused of methodically manipulating his many followers to further his sexual exploits.       
USATODAY - News Top Stories
Poll: Sanders and Warren tied for second behind Biden
A new poll shows former Vice President Joe Biden as the frontrunner among Democrats running for president in 2020, while Sen. Bernie Sanders (D-VT) and Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) are tied for second place.
Darius Garland sneaks into Knicks’ NBA draft conversation after strong workout
Vanderbilt point guard Darius Garland said he believes the Knicks wouldn’t have invited him down Wednesday if they weren’t considering drafting him. “If they called me to work out, I believe so,’’ Garland said in the lobby of the Midtown hotel where the draft prospects are staying. Garland, who played five games at Vanderbilt before...
New York Post
Meghan McCain and Joy Behar get so heated over Trump, Whoopi Goldberg has to step in
"View" hosts Meghan McCain and Joy Behar got so entangled in argument on Wednesday that co-host Whoopi Goldberg had to step in to break up the fight. 
Lexus makes camera and radar safety features standard for 2020 cars
You'd think that luxury automakers would load their cars with safety tech by default, but that's not always the case -- it hasn't been for Lexus, anyway. However, the company is making amends for that shortfall. It's making its Safety System+ a sta...
Engadget | Technology News, Advice and Features
Rory Stewart's exit means the Tories have now given up on reality
MPs hard-Brexiter colleagues are cheering his demise, but they are in for a shockFor a tiny moment this week, it seemed as though the Conservatives had allowed a glimmer of reality into the party’s bunker. Rory Stewart, a candidate universally derided when he launched his leadership bid, had begun to impress his parliamentary colleagues, and on Tuesday night they had chosen him over the far more Brexit-friendly candidate Dominic Raab. The intrusion did not last long. Stewart finished last in the third round of voting on Wednesday evening and was duly eliminated. His momentum had derailed so spectacularly that he actually lost 10 votes, even though there was one less candidate in the ring.It speaks volumes about the current state of the Conservative party that Stewart could ever have been viewed as a progressive insurgent. An alumnus of Eton and Oxford who supported every pinch of Tory austerity, enthusiastically advocated Theresa May’s Brexit deal and who wanted to leave the single market in order to end free movement of people, he would have been ridiculed 20 years ago as a hardline figure of the right. Today his colleagues deride him for enjoying support beyond the Tory base and brand him with the ultimate insult of “remainer”. Correctly, they identify that he shares almost nothing of their values or creed. In short, he is prepared to tell the truth. Continue reading...
US news | The Guardian
Dutch probe to charge 4 suspects with murder in 2014 shootdown of Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 over Ukraine
After a five-year probe, Dutch-led investigators charged four suspects   with murder in the shootdown of Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17 over Ukraine in 2014.        
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Just married and just giving back: Charitable honeymoons are trending
While couples traditionally opt for seclusion and luxury for their honeymoon plans, an increasing number of newlyweds are opting to take a honeymoon involving volunteer efforts. “There is a greater consciousness to make genuine connections and a positive impact,” says Adam Zilber, general manager for Andaz Costa Rica Resort of this so-called “voluntourism.” The property’s...
New York Post
Oil prices little changed despite U.S. crude stock draw
Oil futures were mostly steady on Wednesday as price support from a larger-than-expected decline in U.S. crude inventories was countered by a lull in equities.
What is Libra? Here’s what you need to know about Facebook’s new cryptocurrency
Facebook released a white paper announcing its new cryptocurrency, Libra, which it intends as a way to enable more people around the world to process online payments. Here's how the new blockchain technology works.
Digital Trends | Technology News and Product Reviews
Sean Penn to direct, co-star with both his kids in drama ‘Flag Day’
“Flag Day” is described as an illuminating portrait of a daughter struggling to overcome the loving yet dark legacy of her conman father.
New York Post
Report Suspicious Sites to Google Using This Chrome Extension
If you’ve used Chrome for any length of time, you’ve probably stumbled across its scary red interstitial—otherwise known as the Google Safe Browsing warning. If you’re attempting to pull up a site that looks problematic, like a malware host, Chrome will prevent you from doing so unless you do a little digging to …Read more...
Why each AFC East team will go over and under their Vegas win total in 2019
Vegas win totals are set for the 2019 season. With teams through their offseason workout program, it’s time to consider where each team will land. The true NFL offseason is officially upon us. Mandatory minicamp has come to a close and players from all 32 teams have gone their separate ways. Most players will get some vacation time in while continuing to work out in preparation for the return to training camp in late July. Once training camp arrives, the road to Super Bowl 54 begins in earnest. Each year, sports bettors are able to wager on where they think each team will finish up in the win column. Sportsbooks release a number for a team’s win total and you can bet over or under that number. If you land on the number, it’s a push, or tie. Below are win totals for the four teams in the NFC West. The number in parenthesis is the juice on the over and the under. For example, if you bet the over on 11 wins for the Patriots, the payout is -140 (you bet $140 to win $100). If you bet the under, the payout is +120 (you bet $100 to win $120). That means the over is the favorite. Sportsbooks are not predicting each team will win the number of games on the win total. Rather, they are setting a number so that they can get a similar amount of money on both sides of the wager. They do not want an extensive liability on one side or the other since then they would be relying on a specific outcome. With even money on both sides of a wager, the house will profit more often than not. Now that roster overhauls are mostly complete and teams have finished up spring workouts, we took a few minutes to chat with site managers from each SB Nation team blog. They offered reasons why their team could end up over the win total and why their team could end up under the win total. The sites pay close attention to their teams and have more insight than your average national reporter. New England Patriots: 11 (-140, +120) — Pats Pulpit Why over: Fun (at least when you’re from the northeastern regions of the country) fact: over the ten-year span since Tom Brady returned from an ACL tear that cost him all of 2008, the Patriots averaged 11.3 wins per regular season. The only times they failed to win more than 11 came in 2009, Brady’s first season back, and last year when they went 11-5. So just going by probabilities, you should take the over. The Patriots have also shown in 2018 that the dynasty is still alive and well. And while the team has suffered considerable losses since winning the Super Bowl, Brady, Belichick, and company should never be betted against – especially considering that they will go against three divisions this year that are projected to be rather inconsistent: the AFC and NFC East as well as the AFC North. Why under: Before lifting the Lombardi Trophy to cap the 2018 season, the Patriots won 11 regular season games. Problem is – at least as things stand today – that the team has gotten worse since then: gone are Rob Gronkowski, Trey Flowers, Trent Brown, and seven assistant coaches. Drafting N’Keal Harry in round one should help a bit, yes, but Bill Belichick and company still need to do a mighty fine job of getting him and the rest of the offseason acquisitions up to speed quickly to help replace Gronkowski, Flowers and company. If they fail to do that to a sufficient degree, or if the injury bug bites key players such as Tom Brady, New England could very well fall below 11 victories for the first time since 2009. New York Jets: 7.5 (-110, -110) — Gang Green Nation Why over: They’ve invested heavily on both sides of the ball, but those offensive investments are what could get this team up to .500 or better. Adding Le’Veon Bell, Jamison Crowder, and Kelechi Osemele are key talent infusions, and Sam Darnold is coming off a solid rookie year that was overshadowed by Baker Mayfield. The on-field additions are big, but the move to new head coach Adam Gase could be the key in 2019. We saw all sorts of drama between him and Mike Maccagnan before the latter was abruptly fired in May. This roster is not yet built for sustained long-term success, or even clear-cut playoff contender success, but there’s enough talent on the table to get this team to .500. Why under: The Jets have made some solid additions via the draft, but the bulk of their impact additions have been free agent signings. The talent is intriguing, but focusing roster-building on overpaying in free agency is something that often does not pay significant dividends. Add in the drama surrounding Gase-Maccagnan and Gase’s track record as a head coach, and things could go south in a hurry. Buffalo Bills: 6.5 (-130, +110) — Buffalo Rumblings Why over: The Bills will not be playoff contenders in 2019, but their offseason additions point to a team that could easily get the one more win necessary over 2018 to hit the over. They surrounded Josh Allen with upgrades at virtually every single position, and while the ceilings for some of those players are relatively low long-term, they are solid additions for 2019. Veteran tackle Ty Nsekhe, guard Spencer Long, and center Mitch Morse will help, and rookie guard Cody Ford is a solid core addition. The Bills added defensive tackle Ed Oliver through the draft. They are coming off a -5 turnover differential, and if that number can move back toward the mean, this is a team that could flirt with .500. Why under: The biggest question mark could be the ground game. The team added notable veteran Frank Gore to the backfield and drafted Devin Singletary in the third round. Those two plus LeSean McCoy don’t exactly wow for the time being. If the ground game is ineffective and the offense is laid on Josh Allen’s shoulders, things could get ugly. Miami Dolphins: 5 (Even, -120) — The Phinsider Why over: The Dolphins have more talent than people realize, especially as everyone lost to injury last year begins returning this year. Kenny Stills, DeVante Parker, Albert Wilson, Jakeem Grant, and Brice Butler are a solid wide receiver group that can have periods of domination when they start using their speed. Kenyan Drake and Kalen Ballage should be a powerful 1-2 at running back. Mike Gesicki should grow into his role as the starting tight end in his second season. Xavien Howard, Minkah Fitzpatrick, Reshad Jones, and Bobby McCain make up four of the five defensive backs positions - then add in TJ. McDonald who can play up the box as a thumping safety/linebacker mix. Raekwon McMillan, Jerome Baker, and Kiko Alonso are solid linebackers when they are put in the right role - and McMillan and Baker are just growing into the NFL. There is a lot of talent that just needs to be put together - plus the addition of Josh Rosen. Why under: The offensive line is still a giant question mark, the pass rush has to be discovered still, and the Dolphins are getting really young, really fast. If position groups and the entire offense/defense are not able to come together, or any of the young players are unable to live up to expectations, it could be a long year. At quarterback, the Dolphins will either be relying on Ryan Fitzpatrick and hoping for Fitzmagic more than Fitztragic, or on Rosen and hoping he learned as a rookie in Arizona and will now play like the franchise quarterback he may be. If neither quarterback can do those things, Miami will struggle to find their way to five wins.
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Women's World Cup 2019: White puts England ahead with a cool finish past Yamashita
Ellen White puts England ahead with a cool finish in their final group game against Japan in Nice.
BBC News - Home
Skip Bayless duped by fake James Harden ‘manboobs’ tweet
If you forget to look for the blue check mark, you’re going to end up with egg on your face. Skip Bayless was embarrassingly duped by a tweet from a fake Adrian Wojnarowski account that stated Chris Paul making fun of Rockets teammate James Harden for having “manboobs” was a reason Harden reportedly wanted Paul...
New York Post
10 key findings from the UN's Khashoggi murder report
The first independent report on the murder of Jamal Khashoggi has finally been released. Agnes Callamard, the UN's special rapporteur, has laid out in detail evidence that suggests not only did Saudi officials at the highest level plan and carry out the killing, but that they carefully planned how best to hide the murder from the international community. - RSS Channel
YouTube facing investigation from federal government over inability to protect children
YouTube’s ongoing problems surrounding content that involves children has led to an investigation from the federal government, according to a new Washington Post report. The Federal Trade Commission is said to be investigating YouTube’s data collection practices and failure to protect children, according to the Post. The investigation is reported to be in its late stages and was brought about after complaints from consumer groups and privacy advocates. The investigation also follows numerous reports and investigations from publications over the last several months demonstrating how YouTube’s autoplay and recommendation feature allows predators to take advantage of content on the platform featuring children. A spokesperson for the FTC... Continue reading…
The Verge
Airbus grabs China Airlines narrow-body jet order
Airbus unveiled an aircraft deal with Taiwan's China Airlines on Wednesday, snatching the carrier's medium-haul fleet renewal from Boeing a day after its U.S. rival made a shock entry into the single-aisle fleet of British Airways owner IAG.
Mexico’s migrant shelters overwhelmed in crackdown
At a migrant shelter near the Guatemala border food is cooked and children play on the patios and at night thin mattresses cover every inch of floor space, including part of the kitchen and the chapel, as migrants try to sleep in the over-capacity space
New York will give licenses to undocumented drivers. Some county clerks refuse to comply.
Supporters of the law say that it would improve the lives of undocumented immigrants and lead to increased public safety.
Luann de Lesseps doesn’t want to gossip
Seems like she wants to save her stories for the cabaret stage.
New York Post
Bear shares delicious yogurt with owner
This tame bear in Russia enjoyed yogurt with his owner.       
USATODAY - News Top Stories
Uber Eats driver caught masturbating just after delivery
An Uber Eats delivery driver was allegedly caught masturbating inside his car by the New Jersey woman to whom he’d just delivered an order, authorities said Wednesday. Vinicius Porto, 31, had just handed off a bag of grub to a 23-year-old customer around 4:45 p.m. June 13 when the hungry client noticed the bag was...
New York Post
Fed Leaves Key Interest Rate Unchanged but Signals Possible Future Cuts
The Fed kept its benchmark rate in a range of 2.25% to 2.5%
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Porsche, Kia top list of highest-quality cars, with Land Rover and Jaguar among the worst
Hyundai and its Genesis and Kia brands had six individual winners in the annual quality survey, more than any other manufacturer.
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Starry aims to bring its $50, 200Mbps broadband to 25 more US states
Starry buys 24GHz spectrum to serve apartment buildings, some single-family homes.
Ars Technica
U.S. targets families for deportation to discourage migrants
U.S. immigration authorities want to deport recently arrived families who are in the United States illegally to discourage the surging numbers of Central Americans arriving from Mexico, a government official leading the effort said on Wednesday.
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Judge's Order Sets Up Potential New Block Against Census Citizenship Question
The Supreme Court is expected to rule soon on the Trump administration's plans for a citizenship question. But an order by a federal judge in Maryland could complicate the question's legal fate.
News : NPR
Senate committee OKs $4.6 billion humanitarian aid bill for migrant crisis
A Senate panel gave its approval Wednesday to President Trump’s $4.6 billion request for funding to tackle the escalating humanitarian crisis at the southern border -- but only after funding for a wall was pulled to get Democratic approval.
Mexico's migrant shelters overwhelmed in crackdown
Thin mattresses cover every inch of floor each night at the Good Shepherd shelter near the Mexico-Guatemala border, even spilling into the kitchen and the chapel, as an over-capacity crowd of migrants tries to find space to sleep.
Twice-deported fiend indicted on rape, murder charges in death of New Jersey jogger
A twice-deported fiend who allegedly raped a New Jersey jogger before drowning her in a lake has been indicted. Jorge Rios, 33, was indicted Wednesday on charges of murder, aggravated sexual assault and kidnapping in the death of 45-year-old Carolina Cano in Jersey City on March 24, authorities said. Rios — who was deported from...
New York Post
Did Taylor Swift copy Beyoncé for her ‘Calm Down’ video?
Eagle-eyed fans have spotted similarities between the music videos for Swift's "You Need to Calm Down" and Beyoncé's 2011 hit "Party."
New York Post
Mueller is "going to have to testify": Schiff
Democratic U.S. Representative Adam Schiff, the chairman of the House Intelligence Committee, on Wednesday said U.S. Special Counsel Robert Mueller must testify before Congress about his Russia investigation. Rough cut (no reporter narration).
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NXIVM founder convicted of all charges in sex cult case
“It was a horror movie,” said one ex-member who spoke to ABC News' '20/20'.
ABC News: Top Stories
Australian state legalizes voluntary euthanasia for terminally ill
Terminally ill Australians will be able to end their lives with the help of a doctor after the state of Victoria passed historic assisted dying legislation. Under the new law — a first for Australia — people living in Victoria who have been deemed terminally ill will be able to ask their doctor for access...
New York Post