Mueller Witnesses Who Once Served in White House Now Fear Trump’s Ire

Witnesses whose accounts contributed to the Mueller report’s damaging portrait of the president are said to be concerned about his potential retaliation.
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Man allegedly threatened Chuck Schumer and Adam Schiff over impeachment proceedings
A New York man threatened Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer and House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff over their part in impeachment proceedings against President Donald Trump, federal prosecutors said.
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Monster ratings for Las Vegas debate break record for Democratic Party
Nearly 20 million viewers tuned into Wednesday night's Democratic primary debate hosted by NBC in Las Vegas, making it the most-watched Democratic primary debate of all time, according to preliminary numbers.
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Top enlisted soldier tries ‘do-it-all’ goggle being tested by Army, Marines
FORT BELVOIR, Virginia – Rushing into the room, a soldier sees a dog to his right his attention quickly turns to two men firing from behind a waist-high barricade. He takes cover with another soldier behind a wall a few feet away. The pair then rush the shooters and take over the barricade before turning...
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Column: Trump gives politically connected farmers more water, at expense of everyone else
Trump's water giveaway to his rich backers will parch the rest of the state.
Markets were totally calm. Then stocks fell off a cliff
It was shaping up to be a quiet day on Wall Street. Then around midday, stocks sold off sharply and investors scrambled. With no obvious catalyst triggering the selloff, worries about the coronavirus outbreak seemed to be the obvious suspect.
New Hampshire police chief strips off uniform after getting canned, walks home nearly naked
A New Hampshire police chief may have taken the news he was being stripped of his duties a little too literally. Richard Lee, who has served as the top — and solo — cop in the small town of Croydon for 20 years — removed his entire uniform and walked out in a snowstorm, nearly...
AOC calls out WaPo's Jennifer Rubin, suggests she's perpetuating 'misogynist trope' about Warren
Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y., suggested on Thursday that Washington Post columnist Jennifer Rubin was fueling sexism towards Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Mass., by knocking the senator's apparent anger during Wednesday's debate.
Gwyneth Paltrow shares her favorite beauty tips and the story behind the vagina-scented candle
Gwyneth Paltrow discusses her vagina-scented candle, controversial jade egg and other wellness words of wisdom.
Sonja Morgan says RHNY cast are ‘closer than ever’
New York City Housewife member Sonja Morgan says the cast are 'closer than ever' and isn't worried about Luann de Lesseps sobriety.
Ghislaine Maxwell plans to ignore lawsuit, maintains innocence, friend says
Accused Jeffrey Epstein madam Ghislaine Maxwell plans to ignore a lawsuit that was served by email — insisting she has “done nothing wrong,” according to a friend who claims to be in contact with her in hiding. The British media heiress, who has long been accused of procuring and training girls for pedophile Epstein, was...
Coronavirus is starting to hit Big Tech’s bottom line 
Photo by NOEL CELIS/AFP via Getty Images Apple, Amazon, and Facebook have all acknowledged their businesses are being impacted by the global outbreak. The outbreak of the Covid-19 coronavirus disease has taken the lives of over 2,100 people — with all but 11 of those deaths in China — and infected over 75,000 as of February 20. As the world scrambles to contain the public health crisis, global businesses are starting to take a hit, particularly in the technology sector. China — which is the second-largest economy in the world — has all but halted its production of consumer goods like phones, clothing, and automobiles for the past several weeks. The country has taken on unprecedented “wartime” measures to control the virus’s spread, such as placing severe restrictions of some 780 million people and instituting mass quarantines in major cities. The Wall Street Journal reports that the lockdown on Chinese manufacturing has caused global markets to “shudder” and is casting an “ever-widening shadow” on the economy at large. That’s particularly relevant in the tech industry, which depends on Chinese labor to build everything from computer chips to cellphone parts. In recent days, China has started reopening its factories (despite public health concerns) in an effort to restart its economy, but manufacturing sites are still running at a far lower capacity than usual. It’s still too early to measure the full financial impact of the virus on the tech industry, but the early signs don’t look good. Apple — the world’s most valuable tech company — said it is reducing its revenue targets this quarter in a rare company advisory released on Monday. Tesla said last week that “health epidemics” are a risk to its business. Amazon, whose e-commerce business relies on the flow of goods between China, the US, and other countries, has not released any similar warnings but is stockpiling supplier items from China to protect against future disruptions due to the virus. And Chinese companies themselves are feeling the hit, with tech giant Alibaba calling the outbreak a “black swan” event (as in, unpredictable) on a recent earnings call. Social media companies — which are trying to keep up with a slew of misinformation about the virus’s origins and spread — are still financially less impacted than companies like Apple since their main line of business isn’t selling physical goods. But even Facebook has been affected, setting reduced production goals for its Oculus Quest virtual reality headsets in part due to a slowdown in Chinese manufacturing because of the virus. And virtually all the major tech companies — Apple, Google, Facebook, Amazon, and Microsoft — have restricted employee travel to China, either banning or limiting it only to matters of critical importance. They’re also asking workers returning from China to work from home for up to two weeks. In some cases, tech professionals in the US are so concerned about the virus that they’re taking other precautions, such as wearing breathing masks and eliminating handshakes in business meetings, as Recode previously reported. For now, there are only four confirmed cases in the San Francisco Bay Area, but some feel these preventative measures are important given the high volume of travel between China and Silicon Valley — and concerns that the virus could quickly grow out of control given how it has spread in Asia. Overall, the economic and social impact the coronavirus is having on the tech industry puts into stark relief the close connection between Silicon Valley and China, not just for manufacturing but for supplying a workforce of highly skilled engineers, investor funds, and academic collaboration. Outside the workplace, tech companies are pulling out of major global conferences or canceling them altogether. As Recode reported last week, Facebook canceled a 5,000-person global marketing conference in San Francisco. And the world’s largest phone trade show, Mobile World Congress, was canceled after major tech companies like Amazon pulled out over coronavirus concerns. Here are more specifics on some of the main ways we are seeing coronavirus impact the global economy, particularly in the tech industry. Supply chain disruption Virtually every major US tech company that builds physical products — like cellphones, computers, or video game consoles — relies on a vast Chinese workforce to manufacture products for cheaper than could be done in the US. In the past few weeks, though, that supply chain, which includes everything from raw parts to finished products, has been fundamentally disrupted. Factories in China have been shut down. Hundreds of millions of migrant workers who were visiting family in cities outside the main manufacturing hubs for Chinese New Year were quarantined. Some are beginning to return to work, but reports indicate that as of earlier this week, over two-thirds remain stuck. Roads have been blocked, trains halted, and flights canceled. In its advisory, Apple said Monday that “worldwide iPhone supply will be temporarily constrained” because its manufacturing sites in China are “experiencing a slower return to normal conditions” than anticipated as manufacturing sites in the region slowly reopen. The New York Times reports that even though some factories are starting up again, they are still “operating well below capacity.” And there are serious public health concerns about whether reopening the factories is the right decision at all, considering the virus continues to spread in China and elsewhere. Companies are increasingly talking about the threat of the virus in public business announcements. A MarketWatch report found that out of the S&P 500 companies’ recent earnings calls between January 1 and February 13, 38 percent of transcripts included the term “coronavirus” at least once. Another major tech company with its supply chain impacted by the virus is Amazon. It’s estimated that over 40 percent of Amazon sellers are based in China, which means that a large chunk of the products people buy come from the country. In addition to that, a large portion of US-based sellers source their products from China. According to a recent Business Insider report, Amazon reached out last week to a number of suppliers for products sold in the US but made in China and encouraged them “to stockpile on certain products shipped from China, in anticipation of potential supply chain slowdowns caused by the coronavirus outbreak in the region,” according to the outlet. In response to a question about this practice, Amazon sent Recode the following statement: “Out of an abundance of caution, we are working with suppliers to secure additional inventory to ensure we maintain our selection for customers.” Facebook also said the manufacturing of its Oculus Quest headsets are impacted by the outbreak. ”Oculus Quest has been selling out in some regions due to high demand,” wrote Facebook spokesperson Anthony Harrison in a statement to Recode. “That said, like other companies, we’re expecting some additional impact to our hardware production due to the coronavirus. We’re taking precautions to ensure the safety of our employees, manufacturing partners and customers, and are monitoring the situation closely. We are working to restore availability as soon as possible.” Chinese demand Another way the coronavirus outbreak is impacting business is by reducing Chinese consumers’ demand for consumer electronics. China is the United States’ third-largest and most rapidly growing market for exports, which means that US companies are increasingly setting revenue goals that rely on Chinese residents buying their products. Apple in particular made a whopping $52 billion in sales in the last fiscal year by selling its products (mostly iPhones) in the country. With the recent easing of tensions in the US-China trade war, analysts were anticipating that number to grow at a faster rate than it had in previous months. But now, because of the coronavirus, that could all change. Apple temporarily closed some of its more than 40 stores in the country and is currently still operating some under limited hours. The company said on an earnings call that there has been “very low customer traffic” in its stores. What we can expect Some business analysts are hoping this will only be a temporary disruption that will slow down in coming weeks — but so far, the virus has proven to be difficult to contain and hard to predict. The last health crisis to impact trade between China and the rest of the world was SARS in 2003. But at that time, the country wasn’t as important of a player in the global economy as it is today. The extent to which US-based tech companies are being impacted by the coronavirus demonstrates how reliant the tech industry is on China.
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Slugfest in Vegas is the most watched Democratic primary debate ever
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Dolores and Maeve are gonna come to blows when “Westworld” (finally) returns next month. In the latest trailer for the HBO sci-fi thriller’s long-awaited third season (bowing Sunday, March 15, at 9/8c), Vincent Cassel’s new Big Bad pits the escaped android hosts against each other in an (apparent) battle to the death. The fresh footage...
After Nevada Debate, Prediction Site That Values Candidates as Stocks Shows Bernie Sanders Winning Democratic Nomination by a Landslide
PredictIt, a prediction site that values candidates as stocks, has Sanders with a sizable lead over all other candidates to win the nomination.
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Trump and Bloomberg exchange Twitter taunts
Michael Bloomberg taunted President Trump on Twitter Thursday minutes after his longtime pal Roger Stone was sentenced to 40 months behind bars in federal prison. “Shouldn’t you be pardoning Roger Stone, you #carnivalbarkingclown?” Bloomberg wrote in response to an earlier tweet from the president. Bloomberg’s nasty tweet came after Trump put up a post on...
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How to get tickets to ‘West Side Story’ — Broadway’s hottest musical
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Who is Robert Durst?
Nearly five years after his arrest, 76-year-old billionaire real estate heir Robert Durst will stand trial for the murder of his college best friend Susan Berman – who was found shot execution-style in the back of the head in her Los Angeles home two decades ago.
Nicholas Feliciano’s family sues city, saying Rikers guards stood by during suicide attempt
Nicholas Feliciano’s suicide attempt was captured on video at the George R. Vierno Center — as three guards and one captain allegedly waited several minutes to save him.
Danish brand-of-the-moment Ganni doubles down on Southern California presence
Ditte and Nicolaj Reffstrup call their fashion brand's sustainabilty efforts "a moral obligation."
Where do tornadoes hit the most in the US?
Born from thunderstorms, tornadoes can cause immense devastation, ripping apart homes and tossing cars like toys. Tornadoes can happen any time of the year, but there are distinct seasons for twisters in different parts of the country, according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s Storm Prediction Center (SPC). On average, around 1,200 tornadoes are...
Apple needs a 5G iPhone now more than ever
Whatever high Apple executives were on in January after the company posted record earnings and strong iPhone sales during the holiday quarter has likely faded. The tech giant is having a rough month.
Lawyers for Julian Assange seeking French asylum
A defense team for Julian Assange said Thursday they will seek asylum in France for the WikiLeaks founder, who is facing extradition to the United States and 175 years in prison for espionage charges.
Katie Hill Says She Has No Regrets About Resigning From Congress, Credits Family and Young Women for Emotional Support
"We knew from the people who had the photos ... that there were hundreds more images and text messages that were out there that I had no idea what they could be, or how they could be taken out of context," Hill said.
Majestic leopard seen ‘posing’ for camera on city streets, pictures reveal
A majestic leopard was captured by a photographer as it seemed to pose for the camera on a city street in India.
Shisha bar attack is the latest sign that Germany has a big far-right problem
A deadly terrorist attack in Germany late on Wednesday has made crystal clear what many have known already: Germany has a growing far-right problem.
Contractors dig up suspected human skull in NJ’s man front yard
Teaneck Police said they were called to the Van Arsdale Place home just before 3 p.m. on Wednesday when the contractors believed they stumbled upon human remains.
How Bernie Sanders could actually be helping the stock market
Few could have predicted this scenario: The American stock market is brushing up against record highs at the same time that Bernie Sanders is the frontrunner for the Democratic presidential nomination.
Preview: Racial Profiling 2.0
As police departments turn to big data to help reduce crime in their neighborhoods, advocacy groups are sounding the alarm about high-tech racial profiling. Critics say the data can actually reinforce biased past police practices. A CBSN Originals documentary raises the question: Are predictive policing programs actually super-charging racial bias? Watch the full story at
After The Diamond Princess Cruise, Coming Home To A Life In Isolation
Carl Goldman tested positive for the new coronavirus after leaving the ship and arriving in the U.S. He is recovering in an isolation unit of the University of Nebraska Medical Center.
Man arrested after prayer leader stabbed inside London mosque
A prayer leader in his 70s was stabbed in a London mosque on Thursday and the assailant was arrested on suspicion of attempted murder, police and mosque officials said.
Review: In 'Premature,' a young New Yorker explores love, language and herself
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Mike Bloomberg Says Bernie Sanders 'Appeals to a Small Base' and 'Cannot Win in November'
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Details of Roger Stone sentence
Former Trump operative Roger Stone was sentenced to more than three years in federal prison on Thursday.
New York Times slammed for Taliban leader op-ed: ‘Feels like a leaflet flyover’
The New York Times was criticized by one of its own reporters after publishing an opinion piece by the deputy leader of the Taliban who is wanted by the U.S. government.
South Korea city deserted after coronavirus 'super-spreads' through church
The streets of South Korea's fourth-largest city were abandoned on Thursday, with residents holed up indoors after dozens of people caught the coronavirus in what the authorities described as a "super-spreading event" at a church.
Luis Severino with ‘concerning’ arm pain in potential Yankees nightmare
Another spring training, another Luis Severino injury worry. The Yankees right-hander and No. 2 starter is dealing with forearm soreness caused by a “loose body” in his elbow and will be shut down for at least a few days, manager Aaron Boone said on Thursday. Boone said Severino was feeling discomfort when throwing his changeup....
Kanye West gets heat for not helping Kim Kardashian with shopping bags
Strangely, once the elevator landed, West exited without helping his wife with her several shopping bags.
Astronomers discover 1,800-degree planet with 18-hour years
A scorching planet where temperatures regularly hit 1,800 degrees Fahrenheit (1,000 degrees Celsius) has been discovered by scientists. The fiery hell-world is around 1,000 light-years from Earth and will likely soon be obliterated when it spirals into its star. Dubbed NGTS-10b, it orbits so close to its star that a year there only lasts 18...
Success of ‘To All the Boys’ put stars on Hollywood’s radar
The 2018 release of the Netflix teen rom-com “To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before,” changed the lives of its stars, Lana Condor and Noah Centineo, by putting them on Hollywood’s radar
Fox News' Martha MacCallum reveals family connection to Iwo Jima on 75th anniversary of battle
Seventy-five years ago this week, 70,000 U.S. Marines invaded a tiny, volcanic island more than 600 miles south of Japan. The ensuing battle became one of the bloodiest of World War II.
Scarlett Johansson and Colin Jost are Disney fanatics
Colin Jost's younger brother Casey revealed that Colin and fiancée Scarlett Johansson are huge fans of Disney theme parks.
New York Attorney General Accuses N.Y.C. of Fraud Over Taxi Crisis
The state’s attorney general is seeking $810 million from the city to compensate financially struggling taxi medallion owners.
Violent right-wing attacks are on the rise in Germany. Experts say the culprit is obvious
Trump leads in Wisconsin, trails Dem rivals in other swing states: poll
President Trump is beating all Democratic presidential hopefuls in head-to-head matchups in the critical state of Wisconsin, but he lags or is locked in a tight fight with the Democratic fields in Pennsylvania and Michigan, according to a new poll released Thursday.