Coronavirus cases rise in US south and west as crowded protests spark worries
Coronavirus cases continued to spread in parts of the American south and west in the past week as experts warn that packed protests could exacerbate the pandemic.
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Decision on additional charges in George Floyd murder expected Wednesday
Minnesota’s attorney general is expected to announce Wednesday whether more charges will be filed in the police killing of George Floyd, according to a report. The AG’s Office has finished its initial investigation of Floyd’s death and AG Keith Ellison has reached a decision regarding additional charges, two law-enforcement officials briefed on the matter told...
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Chances look slim for Congress to overhaul policing laws any time soon
As the country is reeling from the death of George Floyd, lawmakers in Washington are skeptical they are on a path to make sweeping or even small changes to policing this summer.
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Looters flee in luxury SUVs after ransacking NYC stores: video
New York City looters were caught on camera pulling up in luxury SUVs — including what was claimed to be a pricey Rolls-Royce — before apparently looting an upscale retail store in Manhattan, according to footage shared on social media. The video, filmed by NBC producer Keith Feldman, shows a group of men in masks...
Amanda Kloots hoping for a miracle for coronavirus-stricken Nick Cordero
"I’ve been told a couple times that he won’t make it."
Butcher says his 24-hour meat vending machine is ‘a hit’ with customers
Meet the “24-hour meat machine.” The owner of a butcher shop and restaurant in Rochester, NY, told Fox News that his meaty new vending machine is a hit with customers, who can now purchase their steaks and chops with minimal person-to-person contact in a sectioned-off vestibule at the front of his shop. “The response has...
Thousands gather in London as George Floyd-inspired protests sweep the world
A major demonstration against the death of George Floyd took place in London Monday, with attendees echoing the chants heard at protests in the U.S.
Celebs join thousands at massive George Floyd protest in London
Thousands of protesters — including celebrities like “Star Wars” actor John Boyega — streamed into London’s Hyde Park on Wednesday in solidarity with George Floyd rallies in the US. The massive demonstration began at 1 p.m. local time, with marchers in face masks holding signs reading, “It’s freedom for everybody or freedom for nobody” and...
European unemployment is half that of America. Here's why
Unemployment in the European Union ticked up in April as job losses tied to the coronavirus pandemic mounted. But short-time work programs — which are far more common than in the United States — helped cushion the blow.
Ashton Kutcher explains why saying ‘All Lives Matter’ misses the point
"I don't think the people that are posting 'All Lives Matter' should be canceled, I think they should be educated."
Not so fast: Dad fined for letting toddler steer his SUV
A father in Shizuishan, China, was fined and had points added to his driver’s license after allowing his daughter to steer their Mercedes SUV while sitting on her daddy’s lap. Watch the video here, which was filmed by the tot’s mom and uploaded to a Chinese chatting app.   Subscribe to our YouTube!
This U.K. Race Report "Doesn't Give us Any Answers," Says Teenage Son of Doctor Who Died From COVID-19
Intisar Chowdhury whose father died from COVID-19 says the government has "just stated the obivious" without saying how they will protect BAME lives.
Boris Johnson: UK would admit 3 million people from Hong Kong
Prime Minister Boris Johnson said the United Kingdom will not abandon Hong Kong if China imposes a harsh national security law and would admit 3 million people from the former British colony. “Hong Kong succeeds because its people are free,” Johnson wrote in the Times of London newspaper. “If China proceeds, this would be in...
NBA owners on verge of approving plan to resume 2019-2020 season
NBA Commissioner Adam Silver and other NBA officials plan to propose a finish to the 2019-20 season that includes 22 teams and a 16-team playoff.
Cowboys' Dak Prescott pledges $1 million to police training, addressing 'systematic racism'
Dallas Cowboys quarterback Dak Prescott announced Wednesday he will pledge $1 million to improve police training across the U.S. and address “systematic racism through education and advocacy.”
Here's What Will Happen to Jeff Lowe and His Animals as Carole Baskin Takes Over 'Tiger King' Zoo
Lowe has been building a second animal park in Oklahoma.
George Floyd’s 6-year-old daughter still doesn’t know how her dad died
George Floyd’s 6-year-old daughter has only been told that her dad died “because he couldn’t breathe,” as her mother tries to protect her from the truth that has sparked national outrage. Mom Roxie Washington told Good Morning America Wednesday that Floyd’s daughter, Gianna, misses her dad but is not aware that he died in an...
Emma Watson Breaks Silence After Getting Slammed for 'Performative' Activism
"I see your anger, sadness and pain," the actress said in a statement amid the protests following George Floyd's death.
Warner Music strikes a chord as shares pop on Nasdaq debut
Warner Music Group Corp's stock popped 8% on its Nasdaq debut on Wednesday, after the world's third-largest recording label sold shares in its $1.9-billion initial public offering towards the higher end of its target.
Ben Shapiro: George Floyd's death, riots and the liberal media's nonsensical, dangerous game
it feels as though our nation is collapsing around us. And that's bizarre.
16 West Point cadets test positive for coronavirus before Trump’s address
16 West Point cadets from the class of 2020 who were brought back for graduation where President Trump is expected to give the commencement address have tested positive for the coronavirus.
Cuomo says New York City violence dissipated Tuesday night
New York City spent its second night under curfew on Tuesday.
U.K. ambassador on diplomacy in times of turmoil
U.K. Ambassador to the United States Karen Pierce talks protests, COVID and the importance of diplomacy with "Face the Nation" moderator Margaret Brennan.
'Real Housewives' star Erika Girardi fires back at person who criticized her son for being police officer
Erika Girardi fired back at an online commenter who criticized her for standing in solidarity with protesters when her son is a police officer.
Denver ramen shop vandalized by rioters just before scheduled reopening
A Denver, Co. ramen shop owner was about to open her doors for business earlier this week when she discovered her restaurant had been targeted by rioters overnight.
Frank Rizzo Statue Is Removed In Philadelphia: 'It Is Finally Gone,' Mayor Says
On Wednesday, the City of Brotherly Love took down a memorial to a man who exploited its divisions.
‘Riverdale’ star Vanessa Morgan slams writers’ portrayal of black characters
“Tired of how black people are portrayed in Media, tired of us being portrayed as thugs, dangerous or angry scary people."
Republican adviser: You can't govern by photo op
Christiane speaks with Republican commentator and former Mitch McConnell adviser Scott Jennings about President Trump's reaction to the nationwide unrest.
Incredible discovery shows 110M-year-old dinosaur's last meal preserved
Researchers recently discovered fossilized evidence of a dinosaur's last meal from 110 million years ago.
Comcast rejects calls for outside investigation of NBC's handling of sexual harassment
Shareholders, led by the powerful Brian Roberts family, rejected three shareholder proposals.
Ayanna Pressley, Elizabeth Warren Vow to Fight for Legislation Named After Eric Garner, Stephon Clark and Andrew Kearse
"He's finally getting heard," said Angelique Negroni-Kearse, whose husband, Andrew Kearse, died of a heart attack in the back of a police car.
Trump says it’s ‘common sense’ to let Russia rejoin G7
The president was asked on Brian Kilmeade's Fox News radio show if Putin deserved to be admitted to the group after being ousted in 2014 over Russia's invasion of Crimea.
'No justice, no peace': Tens of thousands in London protest death of Floyd
Tens of thousands of people chanting "no justice, no peace, no racist police" marched through central London on Wednesday to protest against racism after the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis.
Sharon Stone warns of civil war amid George Floyd protests, shares bizarre video about building a safe room
Sharon Stone is warning her followers about a potential civil war as protests against the death of George Floyd continue.
Rep. Pressley introduces bill to combat "scourge" of police brutality
"Hurt has been put on black folks," Rep. Pressley said. "Let us legislate healing and justice."
De Blasio now urging protesters to stay home due to coronavirus
Mayor Bill de Blasio is now urging New Yorkers to stay home and continue to practice social distancing over coronavirus fears, despite days of thousands taking to city streets to protest the Minneapolis police killing of George Floyd. “I want people to stay home to the maximum extent possible,” de Blasio, who has previously welcomed...
Germany wants to kick extremists out of military faster
BERLIN — The German government has agreed on a bill that would speed up the dismissal of soldiers involved in extremism or serious crimes., Current military rules mean that soldiers who have served for more than four years can only be kicked out after they have been convicted of a crime or removed as part...
National Park Service shares creative new signs to promote social distancing
Keep your distance from the wildlife... and other people!
Russia Investigation Was Not a 'Hoax,' Former Attorney General Rod Rosenstein Testifies
"I have confidence in Mr. Mueller's integrity," former Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein testified Wednesday.
CNN did not mention on-air David Dorn, retired St. Louis police captain killed by looters
Retired St. Louis police captain David Dorn was shot and killed by looters while attempting to protest a local story early Tuesday – but anyone who relies on CNN for news wouldn’t have any idea.
How to Watch, Livestream Barack Obama Speak on George Floyd Protests for First Time
The former president will be joined by activists and elected officials for a press conference regarding the death of George Floyd and the protests it has sparked.
US companies 'concerned' about Hong Kong but not planning to leave just yet
Lea Michele checks her privilege in apology to 'Glee' costars for pain she caused
Actress Lea Michele issued an apology after "Glee" alumni Samantha Marie Ware and Alex Newell called her out on Twitter for "traumatic microaggressions."
Trump Administration to Block Chinese Passenger Carriers from Flying to U.S. Amid Escalating Tensions
The Department of Transportation issued an order on Wednesday calling for the suspension of scheduled passenger flights to and from the United States operated by Chinese airlines.
SoftBank to invest $100M in companies led by people of color
SoftBank Group is launching a $100 million fund to invest in “companies led by founders and entrepreneurs of color,” in the latest corporate action as protests roil the US. Described as SoftBank’s bid to improve diversity, “we have to put money behind it, set plans, and hold ourselves accountable,” SoftBank Chief Operating Officer Marcelo Claure,...
The pandemic is saving soup sales as people stock up and eat at home
As people stocked up for an unknown future and sheltered in place because of the coronavirus pandemic, they reached for soup — and helped spark a turnaround for Campbell.
Lea Michele's Wedding Partner 'Deeply Disappointed' by Racism Accusations Against 'Glee' Co-star
Michele lost out on a sponsorship deal with HelloFresh this week following the accusations she made Samantha Ware's life a "living hell" on set.
Pope Francis condemns George Floyd's 'tragic' death and calls racism a sin
Pope Francis called George Floyd's death "tragic" but warned "nothing is gained by violence and so much is lost" during his weekly Wednesday audience.