NYC locals decry food delivery men who cluster on corner, ‘sneezing’

These workers offer contact-free food delivery, but have plenty of contact with one another. A cluster of deliverymen, many carrying red and black Grubhub bags, are packing into a tiny West Village square to await their next run, sitting shoulder to shoulder — some without masks — and often bantering loudly or arguing. Some residents...
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Season Interrupted: Elianna Reyes nearly lost far more than a season
Eagle Rock slugger Elianna Reyes and her mother each contracted the coronavirus, and it created a family scare.
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Belgium launches buy 2, get 1 'Helpy Hour' campaign to help bar owners during coronavirus reopening
Remember Happy Hour, when you ordered one beer and got two?
8 m
'Driving a wedge' between army and civilians
Former Defense Department official John Kirby says soldiers take an oath to the Constitution, not to the president; so loyalty is to the people first.
9 m
Barr: Evidence shows foreign actors, Antifa trying to 'hijack' George Floyd protests
Attorney General Bill Barr announced Thursday that investigations of recent violence spinning out of protests yielded evidence that not only are various political organizations taking advantage of the unrest for their own ends, but that “foreign actors” and others are also getting involved.
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Cuomo still stands by coronavirus nursing home order despite death toll
Gov. Andrew Cuomo on Thursday yet again doubled down on his decision to send coronavirus patients to nursing homes from hospitals — despite it potentially factoring in to more than 5,000 deaths.
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Live: George Floyd’s brother joins memorial in Brooklyn
Crowds are gathered at Brooklyn’s Cadman Plaza to mark the life and death of George Floyd — the unarmed Minneapolis man whose police-custody death has sparked nationwide protests. Terence Floyd — George Floyd’s brother and a Brooklyn resident — is expected to attend the memorial service, as are local civil rights leaders. “Terrence Floyd will...
How to avoid fees when using your stimulus payment debit card
If you received your stimulus payment on a debit card, you'll want to make sure you don't get charged just for using the money.
Opinion: Drew Brees needs to do more than apologize for comments on anthem protests
Teammates and others were outraged by Drew Brees characterizing protests over police brutality of black and brown people as "disrespecting" the flag.
U.S. EPA proposes changes to how clean air rules are written
The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency will release on Thursday a proposed overhaul of how costs and benefits factored in its major clean air rule-makings, a move that would affect the stringency of future regulations.
Mike Woodson will get another chance at Knicks coaching gig
Mike Woodson will get another Knicks interview, an NBA source confirmed. Woodson, who coached the Knicks to 54 wins in 2012-13, interviewed for the Knicks job in 2018, losing out to David Fizdale. Also a Creative Artists Agency client, Woodson, who last was an assistant coach for the Clippers before leaving in 2018, will get...
Teen injured after being shot on set of rapper YFN Lucci's music video
A teenager was injured Wednesday night while on the set of a music video being filmed in Atlanta.
1.9 million more Americans apply for unemployment benefits
The Department of Labor says unemployment claims hit 1.9 million last week, but that's down 249,000 since the prior week. IRC Wealth CEO David Ragland joins CBSN to discuss the significance of those numbers, and why the stock market continues to stay afloat.
Trump picks sides in GOP runoff for Mark Meadows' House seat
President Trump on Thursday said that he is endorsing Lynda Bennett for White House chief of staff Mark Meadows' old North Carolina House seat, backing the conservative political activist over her charismatic young opponent Madison Cawthorn.
9-year-old girl delivers powerful message at George Floyd protest
A 9-year-old Ohio girl urged adults during a George Floyd protest to unite in condemning his murder in a powerful video shared on social media. Aubrey Johnson stood in the middle of a crowd and used a megaphone to declare “black lives should matter as much as white lives” at a protest in Lancaster, Ohio,...
3 charged in Ahmaud Arbery's death appear in court via video
A hearing for the three men charged in the death of Ahmaud Arbery in Georgia got underway Wednesday morning. Reverend Tim McDonald joined CSBN to discuss his hopes for the outcome of this case and why it is important to be politically active at this moment.
A Week in America on Right-Wing Radio
Rush Limbaugh, Mark Levin, and Sean Hannity soothed the real victims of the George Floyd protests: their listeners.
George Floyd, Lea Michele and the problem with performative outrage
When expressing outrage is as easy as posting a hashtag or an empty black square, there's a question of whether it's genuine or performative.
Ukraine found no evidence against Hunter Biden in case audit: former top prosecutor
An audit of thousands of old case files by Ukrainian prosecutors found no evidence of wrongdoing on the part of Hunter Biden, the former prosecutor general, who had launched the audit, told Reuters.
Piers Morgan tells Rudy Giuliani on live TV: You've gone completely mad and you sound deranged
Piers Morgan's live interview with Rudy Giuliani on Thursday devolved into a heated argument, that at times turned very personal, on ITV's "Good Morning Britain."
Piers Morgan tells Rudy Giuliani on live TV: You've gone completely mad and you sound deranged
Piers Morgan's live interview with Rudy Giuliani on Thursday devolved into a heated argument, that at times turned very personal, on ITV's "Good Morning Britain."
Indianapolis mayor announces plans to remove Confederate monument from city park
Indianapolis Mayor Joe Hogsett said he has long felt the grave monument belongs in a museum, not in a park.
Right-wing extremists arrested for planning riots at protests in Las Vegas
A trio of right-wing extremists with military backgrounds have been busted for plotting riots at George Floyd protests in Las Vegas — part of a plan to overthrow the government, according to the federal prosecutors. Army reservist Andrew T. Lynam Jr., 23, former Navy man Stephen T. Parshall, 35, and former Air Force man William...
Philadelphia Inquirer staff stage 'sick out' to protest paper's headline denouncing riots
Dozens of Philadelphia Inquirer journalists called out sick on Thursday, demanding the paper make major reforms after it published a headline widely seen as insensitive amid ongoing protests.
California cop fatally shoots suspected looter after mistaking hammer for gun
Sean Monterrosa was on his knees outside a Walgreens in the San Franciso Bay Area city of Vallejo on Tuesday when the officer fired five shots at him through his vehicle's windshield, according to ABC 7.
Thousands of people are volunteering to be laid off
Who would want to lose their job in the middle of the worst job market since the Great Depression? Believe or not, thousands of people would.
Coronavirus: Health care worker surprises daughters after 9 weeks apart amid pandemic
There’s nobody like Mom.
Jesse McCartney mourns the death of Dream Street bandmate Chris Trousdale
McCartney posted the touching tribute to Trousdale on Wednesday.
'Dear...' and '2040' look for rays of hope amid dark times
Amid dark times, a pair of projects premiere this weekend that offer elusive rays of hope. Apple TV+ introduces "Dear...," a series profiling famous people and their positive impact on the lives of others, while the documentary "2040" explores the possibility of achieving progress on climate change in time to benefit the filmmaker's four-year-old daughter, as well as kids like her.
West Point Graduates Test Positive for Coronavirus Ahead of Trump-Hosted Commencement
More than 15 members of West Point's graduating class tested positive for the coronavirus upon their return academy
Watch Rudy Giuliani and Piers Morgan duke it out on air
On "Good Morning Britain" host Piers Morgan got in a verbal altercation with former New York City mayor Rudy Giuliani.
What 'Law & Order'-type crime shows can (and can't) tell us about views of policing
The police show is one of TV's most durable staples. And after 30 years of "Law & Order" and its spinoffs, the genre finds itself again drawn into a conversation about how all those cops and crimes, neatly resolved in an hour, shapes the way the public views police and policing amid widespread protests about systemic injustice.
Travel technology company develops social distance middle seat designs for plane travel during pandemic
The middle seat is getting an upgrade.
GOP senator says she's 'struggling' on whether to back Trump
Sen. Lisa Murkowski of Alaska broke with many of her Republican colleagues Thursday, applauding an op-ed by General James Mattis that condemned President Donald Trump's actions this week.
Charlamagne Tha God says talk with Rush Limbaugh was a 'waste of time'
“The Breakfast Club” co-host Charlamagne Tha God said his recent discussion with Rush Limbaugh was a waste of time because it felt like a “performance” by the conservative talk radio legend.
Woman who had to cancel birthday trip because of coronavirus recreates entire vacation at home in viral video
There will be no crying for this birthday.
The electoral map is tilting badly against Donald Trump right now
Amid the protests following the police killing of George Floyd and the ongoing fight against the coronavirus pandemic, something very important has been overlooked: President Donald Trump is now a decided underdog to reach the 270 electoral votes he needs to win a second term in the fall.
Mattis' incredible excoriation of Trump, annotated
President Donald Trump's first secretary of defense, retired Marine Gen. James Mattis, said in a remarkable 650-word statement to The Atlantic on Wednesday that the President is actively trying to divide the country and urged Americans to unite without him.
NYPD commissioner says NYC does not need active duty military to control the protests
New York Police Commissioner Dermot Shea said on Thursday his city "absolutely" does not need active duty US military soldiers to control protests.
Green Bay Packers post video with players, coach Matt LaFleur calling for social, policy reform
The Packers released a one-minute, 55-second video Thursday on Twitter addressing George Floyd's death and the need for change.
North Korea conducting massive cyber threats against US, other countries, reports say
North Korea is conducting a wide-ranging malicious campaign against the U.S. and global targets, according to several reports.
Why Trump's 'law and order' rhetoric may not be as effective as it was for Nixon and Reagan
President Donald Trump has returned to an old playbook, launching a heavy-handed "law and order" campaign that recalls the message employed with success by modern Republican predecessors, from Richard Nixon to Ronald Reagan to George H.W. Bush, dating back more than 50 years.
Iran releases US Navy veteran Michael White after nearly two years
President Trump announced Thursday that Iran has released US Navy veteran Michael White after detaining him for almost two years. White, 48, was detained in July 2018 after reportedly visiting a woman in the Iranian city Mashhad. He received a 10-year sentence for crimes including insulting Iran’s theocratic leader Ayatollah Khamenei. “I am to happy...
Senate Judiciary punts on subpoena authorization for Obama officials in Russia probe review
The Senate Judiciary Committee on Thursday held off on approving subpoenas for documents and testimony from top Obama Administration officials as part of the panel's investigation into the origins of the Russia probe during the 2016 presidential election.
"People just don't want to be killed. Period.": Anti-apartheid leader on protests
"People are feeling exhausted about us talking about racism. Try living it," says U.N. Women Executive Director Phumzile Mlambo-Ngcuka​,
YouTube star Jake Paul charged with criminal trespass, unlawful assembly in alleged Scottsdale mall looting
YouTuber Jake Paul has been charged by police in Scottsdale, Ariz. after he was caught on camera allegedly looting from a mall in the area over the weekend.
Hear James Clapper's warning about America
Former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper warns of the "worrisome" characteristics of instability he is seeing in the US following President Donald Trump's threat to deploy military force to states.
House will tackle police brutality, racial profiling in June 10 hearing
The House Judiciary Committee will host a June 10 hearing in the wake of George Floyd's death to tackle racial profiling, police brutality and the fractured relationship between police departments and the communities they serve, marking the first step for the House to pass police reform legislation.
Americans disapprove of Trump response to George Floyd death and protests, polls find
A majority said in an Emerson College poll that race relations are now just as bad (30%) or worse (25%) than they were during the civil rights era.