Oil soars 10% after attack on massive Saudi oil facilities

Oil futures jumped 10% on Monday after an attack on Saudi Arabian crude oil processing facilities over the weekend sliced the kingdom's production in half and threatened to hamper shipments from the world's largest crude exporter.
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Tiger Woods set for first shot to pass golf’s other major record
LA JOLLA, Calif. — The most impressive record of his career awaits Tiger Woods this week. Woods’ most unbreakable record — one that’s likely never to be broken — is his mark of 142 consecutive cuts made, from February of 1998 to May of 2005. The record most golf fans have fixated on throughout Woods’...
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Democrats repeat testimony, evidence during Day 2 of Trump impeachment trial
House Democrats on Wednesday began their three-day argument that President Trump should be removed from office, mostly repeating testimony and evidence that was on full display during the hearings that led to their party-line vote to impeach him. In a two-hour opening argument before the Senate, Rep. Adam Schiff (D-Calif.) charged Trump pressured Ukrainian President...
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Democratic Rep. Calls Local GOP Leader 'Pathetic' For Claiming Her Son Was Killed in 'Drug Deal Gone Bad' by 'Thug Friends'
Georgia Democratic Representative Lucy McBath ran for office after her son was shot and killed by a man who claimed he was playing his music too loudly.
Sean Hannity goes off on 'lunatic' Adam Schiff
Sean Hannity did not hold back Wednesday night, blasting the Senate impeachment trial and impeachment manager Adam Schiff, D-Calif., describing his performance as "never-ending, nonstop feigned moral outrage" by a "lunatic."
Maryland man allegedly fires nearly 200 rounds at law enforcement in standoff, striking neighbor, killing dog
A Maryland man has been charged with attempted murder after engaging in a shootout with police officers responding to reports of animal cruelty and a domestic dispute in Harford County on Tuesday.
A Bunch of Dopes and Babies
We shouldn’t get swept up with new quotes from old meetings.
Democrats accuse Trump at impeachment trial of corrupt scheme to pressure Ukraine
Democrats accused President Donald Trump at his impeachment trial on Wednesday of a corrupt scheme to pressure Ukraine to help him get re-elected and warned that America's global prestige would suffer if the U.S. Senate acquits him.
16-year-old charged as adult in the fatal shootings of his mother and 3 siblings in Utah
A Utah teen has been charged as an adult in the shooting deaths of his mother and three of his siblings at their home in Grantsville.
Woman charged after going topless in front of stepkids faces court setback
A Utah woman was dealt a setback in her fight against criminal charges for being seen topless by her stepchildren in her own home when a judge upheld the state’s lewdness law on Tuesday. Tilli Buchanan, who could face prison and be forced to register as a sex offender for 10 years if convicted, challenged the...
Tucker Carlson: Biden's threat to ICE agents proves he's no moderate
Tucker Carlson disputed the notion that Joe Biden is the moderate candidate among 2020 Democratic candidates after the former vice president told an interviewer that the United States should not deport illegal immigrants over a drunk-driving arrest.
How Trump’s impeachment stacks up against Bill Clinton’s
When President Bill Clinton was impeached in 1998 the US economy was doing well and the stock market was booming. Those good times for investors are being echoed now during the impeachment proceedings against President Trump. This may sound superficial, but the mood of the country during these trying political times is what matters the...
A Seattle-area district is allowing all of its voters to cast their ballots by smartphone
Voters stuck for hours in lines have long dreamed of a future where they could cast their votes with a few simple taps of their phone. That time has arrived.
Shooting in downtown Seattle leaves one dead, five wounded
At least one person was killed and five wounded in a shooting on Thursday in downtown Seattle, city police said on Twitter, adding they were searching for suspects.
Schiff brilliantly crushes Trump defense
CNN Opinion is curating commentators' smartest takes on the second day of President Donald Trump's Senate impeachment trial, in which Alexander Hamilton and John F. Kennedy both make cameos in House managers' opening statements.
Aerosmith drummer Joey Kramer won't be performing with group at the Grammys, judge says
Drummer Joey Kramer won't be allowed to reclaim his spot onstage when the group is honored at Grammys events this week, a Massachusetts judge ruled.
How Democrats are navigating the Senate impeachment trial
Sabrina Singh, former press secretary for Senator Cory Booker's now-suspended presidential campaign, joined Red and Blue to break down how Democrats are navigating the Senate impeachment trial and how Senator Booker prepared for it.
Short-handed Clippers miss chance to win fifth in a row at Atlanta
The Clippers missed more than three starters though, in a 102-95 defeat to Atlanta, in which they blew a 21-point lead and missed 14 free throws.
LeBron James, Anthony Davis too much for Knicks to handle
LeBron James and pending free agent Anthony Davis jointly made their lone appearance at Madison Square Garden this season, and for most of it, the Knicks gave the best team in the Western Conference all it could handle. But the Lakers’ new dynamic duo and their improving supporting cast proved to be too much yet...
Eli Manning’s Top 10 moments
Eli Manning will officially retire on Friday, bringing a 16-year Giants career to a close. The longtime franchise quarterback has had plenty of defining moments over his career. Here are the best.
Opinion: Abandon Mountain West for the AAC? Boise State football appears to have options
What happens between Boise State and the Mountain West could have major college football realignment consequences.
Beg bugs wreak havoc on rush-hour subway commute in Queens
A bed bug sighting inside an MTA subway control tower in Queens led to rush hours delays Wednesday night as workers left the infected area, the agency said. Delays began at about 4:30 p.m. on the Queens Boulevard subway line, disrupting the E, F, M, and R trains,  after an employee saw one of the...
Frank Sinatra's gold-seated toilet among items up for auction in New Jersey
A clock and piano are some of the items up for auction from Frank Sinatra's executive suite at the former Golden Nugget Casino in Atlantic City. CBS Philadelphia reports.
House and White House impeachment legal teams offer stark contrast on facts and style
After the opening day of the Senate impeachment trial proved so toxic that the chief justice rebuked both sides, the rhetoric cooled Wednesday - except from President Trump.
SoFi Stadium isn't the only project the Rams are working on this offseason
While the Rams' new home at SoFi Stadium rises in Inglewood, the team is making sure they can improve on a 2019 season that "wasn't up to our standards."
Lakers struggle again but are able to beat the Knicks
After a lifeless loss to the Boston Celtics, the Lakers showed a similar lack of energy in New York but were able to beat the Knicks, 100-92.
NCAA Division I council focused on drafting NIL proposals by April
The chair of the NCAA Division I council says the body is committed to drafting new proposals for regulating name, image and likeness of athletes by April.
Gold-seated toilet among Frank Sinatra's items up for auction
S&S Auction recently purchased the contents of Sinatra's executive suite at the former Golden Nugget Casino in Atlantic City.
Grammys 2020: What might be different about this year's show
According to Entertainment reporter Patrick Ryan, stars like Lizzo, Billie Eilish and Lil Nas X will infuse new energy into this year's Grammys.
Jordan Spieth and Jason Day arrive at Torrey Pines eager to rejuvenate their careers
Jordan Spieth and Jason Day didn't like being sidelined during the Presidents Cup. Both see the Farmers Insurance Open as a chance to put 2019 behind them.
Hilary Rhoda and Sean Avery announce they’re expecting a boy
"[Sean] and I are having a baby and we’re so excited about this next chapter of life together."
Meghan McCain hits Hillary Clinton for her Bernie Sanders jab: 'It's stupid and it's juvenile'
"The View" co-host Meghan McCain slammed Hillary Clinton over her recent jabs toward her former 2016 rival, Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., calling them "stupid" and "juvenile."
1 person killed and 5 injured in downtown Seattle shooting
Authorities are searching for a gunman after one person was killed and several others were injured in a shooting in downtown Seattle, police and fire officials said Wednesday.
Oprah Winfrey se mete en la controversia de "American Dirt" con su selección del club de lectura
Oprah Winfrey eligió 'American Dirt' como su última selección de club de lectura. La novela de la autora Jeanine Cummins ha provocado una reacción violenta por su interpretación de los inmigrantes.
Kardashian clan spotted enjoying roller coasters at Disney’s Magic Kingdom
Kardashian matriarch Kris Jenner appeared to be holding on for dear life on a ride at Disney's Magic Kingdom.
Schiff warns of Russian attack on US mainland, as Day 2 of Trump's Senate impeachment trial concludes
House Democrats launched into lengthy arguments that broke little ground, if any, in President Trump's impeachment trial Wednesday -- as the head impeachment manager, California Rep. Adam Schiff, suggested that Russians could attack the U.S. and insisted that removing Trump from office was necessary because the integrity of the 2020 election could not be "assured."
At least 1 dead, 5 injured in downtown Seattle shooting; police seek lone suspect
At least one person has died and five others injured after a shooting in downtown Seattle on Wednesday night.
Demócratas piden a republicanos condenar al "corrupto" Trump
Los demócratas de la Cámara de Representantes iniciaron el miércoles con sus maratónicos argumentos de apertura en el juicio político contra el presidente Donald Trump, en los que hicieron un llamado a los republicanos escépticos a unírseles para destituir al mandatario y "proteger nuestra democracia".
Tucker Carlson mocks Adam Schiff's Senate impeachment trial 'lecture about the perils of cheating'
Tucker Carlson lambasted Rep. Adam Schiff, D-Calif., for his performance during Wednesday's proceedings in the Senate impeachment trial, saying that he treated watching Americans like students in "the world's largest middle school."
Trump impeachment viewers turned off by TV rerun: Goodwin
As he stood on the Senate floor at 4 p.m. Wednesday, Rep. Jerry Nadler declared that he and his colleagues “will now attempt to tell you the story” behind their impeachment charges. Immediately, hearts sank and televisions went dark across America. It was only Day Two of the Senate trial and already Democrats were repeating...
Arrest warrant issued for Antonio Brown on burglary with battery charge
Antonio Brown faces a felony charge of burglary and battery after a moving truck driver alleged he was assaulted by the NFL free agent receiver.
Florida police issue arrest warrant for Antonio Brown over alleged battery, burglary
Police in Florida have issued an arrest warrant for disgraced wide receiver Antonio Brown related to an alleged battery and burglary, a report said. The warrant was issued after Brown and his trainer got into a fight with a driver from a moving company in the city of Hollywood at about 2 p.m. on Tuesday,...
Lakers' Dwight Howard says he'll participate in slam dunk contest
Lakers center Dwight Howard will attempt to win another slam dunk contest, he announced in New York.
Seattle police say investigating shooting with 'multiple victims'
Seattle police said on Thursday they were investigating a shooting with "multiple victims" in a downtown neighborhood and a suspect at large.
Abortion Protester Bursts Into Senate Impeachment Trial Gallery, Calls Schumer 'The Devil' Before Being Dragged Out
During Wednesday's impeachment trial, an abortion protester interrupting the proceedings by yelling and calling Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer "the devil."
Teen dies after falling through icy pond in New Jersey
A 13-year-old boy drowned on Wednesday after falling through an icy New Jersey pond, police said. The boy and two friends were playing on the frozen pond near Civic Center Drive in East Brunswick at about 5 p.m. when they all fell in, cops said. Two of the teens were able to pull themselves out...
State Department considers fighting 'birth tourism' with tighter travel restrictions for pregnant women
The State Department is expected to introduce new immigration rules to crack down on "birth tourism" and prevent pregnant women from giving birth in America to facilitate U.S. citizenship for their child.
Lindsey Graham Defends Himself from Democrats Amid Impeachment Trial: 'I'm Covering Up Nothing! I'm Exposing Your Hatred'
Senator Lindsey Graham reacted to claims that the GOP were "covering up" for Trump at the Senate impeachment trial by insisting that he was instead exposing Democratic "hatred."
Dems unload 'overwhelming' impeachment case on the Senate — even as they press for more
House managers work to balance their case with urgent pleas for new witnesses and documents.