Ole Gunnar Solskjaer believes Man Utd duo can go down alongside Old Trafford greats

Solskjaer believes that £80million new boy Maguire and Swedish stopper Lindelof can rival United's great partnerships
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Administration reinstates deportation protections for sick immigrants
After a public uproar, the administration said it was reinstating a temporary reprieve from deportation offered to immigrants with life-threatening medical conditions
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North America has lost nearly 3 billion birds since 1970
The shocking loss could be a sign of an ecological crisis, scientists said Thursday
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How damaging is blackface scandal to Trudeau?
The prime minister's racism mea culpa deals a heavy blow to his carefully cultivated political brand.
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Democrats Expect Trump to Turn Over Incriminating Whistleblower Material in Bipartisan Good Faith (LOL)
No word yet on whether initial steps to potentially vote on a non-binding resolution are in the works as well.
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Kuwait foreign minister discusses with Iranian counterpart de-escalating tensions in region
Kuwait's foreign minister received a call from his Iranian counterpart where the two discussed measures to de-escalate tensions in the region to avoid more dangers, state news agency KUNA reported on Friday.
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Amazon announced its buying 100,000 electric delivery trucks the day before climate walkout
The day before employees plan to walk out over climate change, Amazon announced a new "Climate Pledge" — which includes buying 100,000 electric vans from Rivian.  Not only could the move help gloss over the company's poor climate change record, it could be very profitable. Amazon invested $440 million in Rivian, which plans to release an electric SUV and pickup truck next year.  The all-electric vans are scheduled to drop off packages by 2021. By 2022, Amazon says 10,000 will be in operation. The full 100,000 are scheduled to hit the road by 2030. Amazon says the vehicles will save 4 million metric tons of carbon per year. Read more...More about Amazon, Climate Change, Electric Vehicles, Rivian, and Tech
Hard Times in Silicon Valley? Not for the Payments Start-Up Stripe
Known for its quiet and steady growth, Stripe said on Thursday that it received new funding that made it worth $35 billion.
The New York Times
Buttigieg swipes at Warren for being 'evasive' on health care
Democratic presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg slammed Sen. Elizabeth Warren's adopted "Medicare for All" plan on Thursday, calling her "extremely evasive" when it came to whether or not the proposal calls for raising taxes on the middle class.
Veteran actresses deserve better roles than crazy mothers
How did television become the repository for characters afflicted with Munchausen syndrome by proxy? Talk about trending! That strange psychological disorder — in which someone seeks attention by exaggerating or making up a child’s illness — reared its ugly head in two of this season’s Emmy-nominated productions (HBO’s “Sharp Objects” and Hulu’s “The Act”) and...
New York Post
California union demands pepper spray for workers after multiple homeless attacks in state’s capital
A spate of incidents involving homeless people attacking state groundskeepers in California’s capital has prompted the union representing them to demand pepper spray be provided for self-defense.
CNN's exclusive full interview with Iran foreign minister
CNN's Nick Paton Walsh interviews Iranian Foreign Affairs Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif in the wake of the Saudi Arabia oil facility attacks that knocked out almost half the country's oil capacity and caused President Trump to order new sanctions on Iran.
Amazon orders 100,000 electric trucks to fight climate change
Amazon aims to reach net zero carbon emissions by 2040.
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Pennsylvania man survives after shooting himself in head with crossbow
A Pennsylvania man tried to commit suicide Thursday by shooting himself in the head with a crossbow, according to reports. The 29-year-old man survived the attempt on his life as the small bolt did not penetrate far, the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reported, citing an Ambridge police official. He is expected to make a full recovery. The...
New York Post
We are living in the Sixth Extinction
Past mass extinctions were probably caused by algae, asteroids and volcanoes. This one is caused by us.       
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Titans-Jaguars fantasy football: The verdict on Marcus Mariota, Gardner Minshew
This week’s Thursday night barnburner between the Tennessee Titans and Jacksonville Jaguars presents fairly easy fantasy decisions. Start the running backs: Derrick Henry and Leonard Fournette. Don’t be afraid to use of either the Jaguars or Titans defense/special teams units. And … that’s about it. We don’t like either passing game, so we want to...
New York Post
Federal judge halts California law forcing Trump to release tax returns to qualify for ballot
A federal judge has ordered a temporary injunction against the California law requiring presidential candidates to release their tax returns to secure a spot on the state's presidential primary ballot -- a law aimed at President Donald Trump, who has not released his tax returns. - RSS Channel
The Downfall of Canada’s Dreamy Boyfriend
For Americans, Justin Trudeau’s undoing has been swift. For Canadians, it has been a long time coming.
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House passes short-term funding bill to avoid government shutdown
WASHINGTON — The House passed legislation Thursday to avoid another government shutdown by extending federal funding through Nov. 21. The short-term budget bill known as a continuing resolution netted bipartisan support with a 301-123 vote. The bill now heads to the Senate. “It is critical that we avoid another government shutdown, which would harm our...
New York Post
Labour plans 'NHS forest' of a million trees at hospitals
Shadow minister to tell conference he will make health service the world’s greenestAn “NHS forest” of a million trees would be planted at hospitals across the UK under a Labour government as part of the party’s plans for a green revolution.Under proposals due to be outlined at the party’s autumn conference, Labour will say it wants to plant the trees at hospitals to battle pollution and counteract the NHS’s carbon footprint. Continue reading...
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Amazon slashes an enormous $74 off this adorable Arlo Baby monitor
The Arlo Baby monitor is equipped with tons of features, including an HD camera, two-way audio, and cloud recording. Get it for $126 on Amazon.
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Sega returns with a nostalgic console from the late 80s
Another console-maker from the 16-bit era of video games is trying to tap into the nostalgia market.
Trudeau asks for forgiveness for brownface photos
Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau apologized and asked for forgiveness for dressing up in brown and blackface in the past. At a news conference Thursday, Trudeau said it is something he deeply regrets. (Sept. 19)      
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What We Can Learn About Being Good From a Village That Saved Thousands During the Holocaust
Several years ago, I went off to research a remarkable community that has a history of sheltering vulnerable outsiders. I went looking for clues to how a community like that operates. I hoped I could learn some general lessons there about how groups of people can resist the call to violence, exclusion, and bigotry. The…
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Troublesome Teammates
Is a coworker getting on your nerves? Dan and Alison answer your questions with the help of Amy Gallo, the author of the HBR Guide to Dealing with Conflict. They talk through what to do when a coworker acts like their responsibilities are beneath them, a colleague you referred to the team is being aggressive and sneaky, or a fellow team member is coasting while you’re putting in long hours.
Harvard Business Review - Ideas and Advice for Leaders
What to know about the mysterious Trump whistleblower complaint
Democrats on Capitol Hill are frustrated they can't get their hands on a whistleblower complaint involving the president
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Trump administration expels two Cuban diplomats
The State Department said the two Cuban nationals allegedly tried to conduct "influence operations in the United States."
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Were Neanderthals driven to extinction by a common childhood illness?
There have been many theories about one of the biggest unsolved mysteries of anthropology -- what killed off Neanderthals -- but a new study puts a unique twist on the topic.
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Buttigieg unveils 'Medicare for All Who Want It' plan
Democratic presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg outlines his new 'Medicare for All Who Want It' health care plan.
Kavanaugh reporter’s self-damning interview and other commentary
Court watch: Reporter’s Self-Damning Interview Robin Pogebrin, co-author of the now-infamous New York Times column airing a new allegation of a Brett Kavanaugh sexual assault, has inadvertently shown her “pure confirmation bias,” says Kyle Smith at National Review. In an interview Tuesday, Pogebrin said she decided to include that accusation, even though the supposed victim...
New York Post
We can phase out fossil fuels fast without having a burst of warming
The cooling effect of aerosols from burning fossil fuels is already much smaller.
Ars Technica
‘Terminator: Resistance’ will pit you against Skynet this December
Terminator: Resistance, a single first-person shooter based on the film franchise, is set to be released later this year. Publisher Reef Entertainment and developer Teyon unveiled a trailer today for game, which will be launching on PS4, Xbox One and...
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Mercury prize 2019: rapper Dave wins for 'exceptional' Psychodrama
The south London artist wins the £25,000 prize for an album the Guardian hailed as ‘fearless and incisive’Dave has won the 2019 Hyundai Mercury prize for his debut album, Psychodrama. Announcing the winner, judge Annie Mac said the album “showed remarkable levels of musicianship, true artistry, courage, honesty. And it is simply exceptional.”Dave hugged his mother before walking on stage to collect the award. Wearing a neon tracksuit, he covered his mouth with his hand and looked shocked. He told the room that he was lost for words and invited his mother up on stage to stand next to him while he gave his speech. He thanked the “exceptional musicians” who performed alongside him tonight, namechecking fellow nominees Little Simz, Slowthai and Nao. Continue reading...
US news | The Guardian
Man Charged with Killing Two, Injuring Four North Carolina University Students
The charges are in connection to a April 30 shooting at the UNC Charlotte campus
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How Painter Alexa Meade Creates Dimension-Collapsing Art
The Google Artist in Residence is working with the company's AR/VR team to digitally capture her new installation as a rainbow-hued depth map.
Google’s Wing delivery drones will soon ship packages for FedEx and Walgreens
Google-owned drone delivery company Wing will launch a pilot version of its service in Virginia next month, delivering packages for FedEx Express and Walgreens
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Trump gets victory in bid to block California tax return law
A federal judge in California has handed President Donald Trump a victory in his effort to keep his tax returns secret
ABC News: Top Stories
How companies make money off climate change
Wall Street is seeing opportunities for profit in higher sea levels, hotter weather and drier soil.
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Chanel Miller tells her story in first television interview
In an interview with Bill Whitaker, Miller expresses the shock she felt over the short sentence given to Brock Turner after he was convicted of sexually assaulting her and offers a blistering critique of the U.S. legal system, which she says fails victims of sexual assault. See the full interview, Sunday
CBS News - Breaking News, U.S., World, Business, Entertainment & Video
Judge sides with Trump against California law requiring candidates to release tax returns
Trump is fighting multiple Democratic-led efforts to force him to reveal the returns.
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Cops overlook handgun in turnstile jumper’s waistband
Cops brought an accused turnstile jumper all the way to a police station — and marched him in front of a desk sergeant — before realizing the man was packing a handgun in his waistband, The Post has learned. Ex-con Billy Walters, 37, walked through an emergency subway gate at the 149th street station without...
New York Post
UPDATE 1-House Democrats ask if Trump interfered in DOJ automaker antitrust probe
Two U.S. Democratic lawmakers on Thursday asked the White House to turn over documents that would show if President Donald Trump interfered or directed a Justice Department antitrust probe of four automakers that struck voluntary agreements with California to reduce tailpipe emissions, according to a letter seen by Reuters.
Chemicals in tap water could cause 100,000 cancer cases in U.S.
Consumers should invest in water filters, a research group said, citing 22 contaminants found in U.S. water systems
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State Department expels two Cuban diplomats in the midst of UN General Assembly, restricts travel of remaining Cuban mission to Manhattan
The State Department Thursday expelled two members of Cuba’s mission to the United Nations and forbid the remaining members from leaving Manhattan.
Last Blood Completes Rambo’s Transformation Into a Trumpian Hero
The new movie is practically a paid ad for the border wall.
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Kenya Moore and Marc Daly breakup after two years of marriage
Another househusband bites the dust...
New York Post
Sarah Hyland told fiancé Wells Adams the exact engagement ring to buy her
The actress made sure she got the right rock.
New York Post
"I was in shock": Chanel Miller's reaction when Brock Turner was sentenced to six months for sexually assaulting her
Brock Turner was sentenced to just six months in jail for sexually assaulting Chanel Miller. He walked free after 90 days. Miller says the sentence left her "in shock." See the full "60 Minutes" interview with Miller, Sunday
CBS News - Breaking News, U.S., World, Business, Entertainment & Video
Russian Lab Explosion Raises Question: Should Smallpox Virus Be Kept Or Destroyed?
The lab is one of two known places that store live samples of the virus that causes the disease. Scientists use them for research. But there is concern about accidental or intentional release.
News : NPR