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Oscar Isaac Is the Sexiest Man Alive

Maria Moratti/Getty

Denis Villeneuve and Dune’s marketing team gave us time to prepare for Oscar Isaac going full bearded space daddy. The trailer that made Isaac’s face go viral (again) dropped months ago, and the film itself has been delayed several times. But much like staring at a candle flame cannot prepare our eyes for the burning intensity of the sun, promotional materials for the sci-fi epic captured only a hint of the gravitas, the swaggering commitment, the brutal hotness that Isaac commands as Duke Leto Atreides.

It’s not just the Dune beard—although the immaculately trimmed face shrub certainly doesn’t hurt. The power in Isaac’s performance comes not from the angle of his jaw or the gentle wrinkles that have begun to brush against his eyes but from the irrepressible smolder behind them. The Death of the Movie Star has inspired countless odes in recent years, and yet here we are looking at one.

At the start of Dune, Isaac’s Duke takes over the hostile desert planet Arrakis as his family’s fief. Leto is determined to set himself and House Atreides apart from the planet’s previous overlords, the ruthless House Harkonnen. He extends his hand to the Fremen—natives to the land now colonized for its hallucinogenic Spice, which produces a trip so intense it enables intergalactic travel.

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