Pääkirjoitus: Rinteen eläkealoitteen logiikka hämmensi, kun jostain ilmestyi yhtäkkiä satoja miljoonia ”irrotettavaa” rahaa

Kotiäideille kohdennettu korotusesitys pakottaisi joko nostamaan eläkemaksuja tai pienentämään muiden eläke-etuuksia.
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Burberry aims to woo more customers in China with Tencent tie-up
British luxury brand Burberry on Thursday said it has joined forces with China's Tencent for a new digital marketing and sales push to tap the nation's increasingly social media savvy shoppers in a critical luxury market.
Four Tuscan wines to pour this Thanksgiving
Italians know a thing or two about epic meals — and the wines that go with them. So why not borrow their culinary know-how this holiday season and pop some corks, paesano style? The Tuscan wine region of Val d’Orcia — a UNESCO heritage site nestled between the famed hills of Montalcino and Montepulciano that...
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LASIK eye surgery should be taken off market, ex-FDA adviser says
An estimated 20 million Americans have undergone the procedure to correct nearsightedness and improve distance vision
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Deval Patrick on why he can "break through" crowded 2020 field
First on "CBS This Morning," the newest Democrat who wants to take on President Trump next fall is former Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick. He joins 17 other Democratic candidates already in the race. Patrick has been a CBS News political contributor, but in light of his decision, we are discontinuing this relationship. Patrick joins "CBS This Morning" to discuss why he's running.
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DoJ charges 14 people in $6 million counterfeit iPhone and iPad scheme
Scammers are continuing to cause problems for Apple, submitting counterfeit iPhones under warranty and getting them replaced with genuine devices. The US Department of Justice recently unsealed a federal grand jury indictment against a China-based gr...
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10 Everyday iPhone Accessories for Less Than $10
Personalize your iPhone without breaking the bank.
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I flew across the continent in Air Canada's Signature Class, the 'best business class in North America.' It lived up to the hype, but there were a few surprises.
Rachel Askinasi/Business Insider Air Canada was voted the "Best Airline in North America" and awarded the title of "Best Business Class in North America" by SkyTrax in 2019. I tried out two different business class tiers — the Signature Class, the airline's most premium offering, and the classic Business Class — on a recent journey across the continent from Vancouver to New York. While the food wasn't as good as I had expected, the seating, amenities, and cabin staff definitely lived up to the hype. Signature Class tickets can run travelers at least $1,000, while Air Canada's classic business class seats can cost a few hundred dollars. But it's worth it to take a look and compare prices — sometimes fares may not be much more than economy. And if you're willing to spend a little extra, I think the Air Canada experience is worth it. It may even be a good deal. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. On a recent trip to Canada, I decided I would fly home on what has been named the best airline in North America: Air Canada. NurPhoto/Contributor/Getty Images Source: SkyTrax The Airline also picked up an award for the best business class in North America, so I had to see if it lived up to the hype. Rachel Askinasi/Business Insider Source: SkyTrax The best business class award was specifically due to Air Canada's addition of its Signature Class — a business class with executive pods and lie-flat beds. Rachel Askinasi/Business Insider See the rest of the story at Business InsiderSee Also:Ford converted its transit cargo van into a tiny home just for Europeans, and it's the latest proof that Europe's love affair with Ford is mutualI sat in every type of seat on Qantas' new world's longest flight from New York to Sydney, Australia. Here's what they were like.I flew nonstop domestic economy on both American Airlines and JetBlue to see which was better, and JetBlue had a slight edgeSEE ALSO: Air Canada was voted 'Best Business Class in North America,' but the two business class lounges we visited didn't entirely live up to the hype DON'T MISS: I flew Porter Airlines, one of the best-rated airlines in North America that few people have heard of, and it was one of the best flying experiences I've had SEE ALSO: I compared the Away Bigger Carry-On bag to my Samsonite luggage, and it convinced me to switch to the newer, trendier brand
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Audio Porn Platform Quinn Streams Erotica to Your Ears
The website, now relaunching, aims to become the internet’s top destination for sexy sound clips as the “Spotify for audio porn.”
Notre Dame chief architect told to 'shut his mouth' on reconstruction
Things have got heated between Jean-Louis Georgelin, the French President's special representative for the reconstruction of the Notre Dame cathedral, and chief architect Philippe Villeneuve. - RSS Channel
Notre Dame: General says architect should 'shut his mouth'
The army general overseeing the reconstruction disagrees with the architect over the spire.
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Pope presses tech companies to block kids' access to porn
Pontiff calls for tech industry to take action against "dramatic growth of pornography in the digital world"
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I lived in a children’s home at 14, and was shocked by how quickly staff had us arrested | Daniel Lavelle
It is shameful that children in care are criminalised for acts that would earn most kids a stern word and a dock in pocket moneyI lay there in agony and screamed abuse at the top of my lungs while two care staff had their knees in my back. I guess it was my own fault for throwing that coffee cup across the room.I was 14, living in a children’s home in Oldham and I had missed my curfew. I had also missed the last bus home, and the staff were annoyed that they had to drive out to collect me. On the journey home they threatened to ground me, have my portable TV removed and take away my pocket money. They told me I would amount to nothing if I didn’t change my behaviour. Continue reading...
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Federal court reverses decision barring Christian schools from praying over loudspeaker before games
A federal appeals court has reversed a decision that barred two Christian schools in Florida from praying over a loudspeaker before a state championship football game.
American health care's life-destroying "surprise bills" are the fault of local, private-equity monopolies
Surprise billing -- when your urgent or emergency medical care results in massive bills that your insurer won't cover -- are a life-destroying phenomenon for an increasing number of Americans, who not only can't shop around for an emergency room from the back of an ambulance, but who also have no way to learn in advance whether their visit will generate five- or even six-figure bills. Here's how that happened: private equity funds have been on a purchasing spree, buying up the private doctor's groups that ERs, hospitals and urgent care centers contract with (part of the MBA-driven mania for hollowing out all social institutions into procurement systems that buy everything from outside contractors). Once a private equity "roll up" strategy has cornered the urgent/emergency medical care providers in a city or region, they just...raise prices. Seriously, it's that simple: corner the market, raise prices. This is happening up and down the health-care stack: two thirds of air ambulances are now owned by three private-equity-backed funds, and while the number of air ambulances has gone up, while demand has remained flat, the price of an air ambulance has doubled in a decade. The helicopter that takes you to a hospital today might cost $56k, of which your insurer will expect you to pay $44k. In 2018, private equity did about 800 health-care acquisitions, totalling more than $100b, leaving 22% of US physician markets in a "highly concentrated" state. But just because the deals totaled to more than $100b, that doesn't mean that PE firms spent that much. Read the rest
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Eye Opener at 8: Turkish leader plays anti-Kurds video at WH
A look back at what we've been covering on "CBS This Morning."
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US will not support abortion even in cases of rape, says senior official
Campaigners urge global action on reproductive rights as US comments embolden anti-choice groups at Nairobi summitThe US would not support abortion when a woman or girl has been raped and family planning programmes should offer alternatives to terminations, a senior policy adviser has told a conference in Nairobi.In a statement that has emboldened anti-choice groups in the city, Valerie Huber, the US special representative for global women’s health, told a summit on population and development that her country sought to combat gender-based violence by investing in programmes that respected the rights of women and girls, but didn’t compromise “the inherent value of every human life – born and unborn”. Continue reading...
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14-year-old baker gives cupcakes homeless
Michael Platt has been on Food Network, did a TED talk, and is constantly giving back to those in need with his one-for-one business
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Iraq's young protesters: 'We're not leaving, even if this lasts 40 years'
Wearing surgical masks, motorcycle helmets and clothes stained with blood and grime, they populate the protest barricades of Baghdad, chanting for the government to fall.
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UPDATE 2-Walmart raises earnings forecast, expects strong holiday sales
Walmart Inc reported better-than-expected third quarter U.S. comparable sales on Thursday as people spent more at its stores and website and the retailer picked up market share in food and other groceries.
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Disney+ attaches warnings of 'outdated cultural depictions' to classic films
The new streaming service has added the disclaimer to some of its best-known movies, including Dumbo and Lady and the TrampWarnings have been added to a number of classic Disney films playing on the recently launched Disney+ streaming service that they may contain “outdated cultural depictions”.Users of the service have seen the warnings attached to some of the company’s best-known animated films, such as Dumbo, Peter Pan and Lady and the Tramp, with text that reads: “This program is presented as originally created. It may contain outdated cultural depictions.” Continue reading...
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Nature photographer of the year 2019 - in pictures
From mystical woodlands to majestic whales, here are the winners and runners-up of this year’s competition. They were recently announced at the Nature Talks photo festival in the Netherlands Continue reading...
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Hyundai is gearing up to release an American-made pickup truck
Hyundai will invest $410 million into its 14-year-old Montgomery, Alabama, factory to build the Santa Cruz, a truck it's developing for the American market. Production will begin in 2021.
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Student body president at University of Florida is facing impeachment proceedings over payments to Donald Trump Jr
Because fiction, satire, and reality are all one big intertwined clusterfuck these days, the New York Times has reported the following: Student representatives at the University of Florida introduced a bill on Tuesday to impeach Michael Murphy, the student body president, accusing him of improperly using student fees to pay one of President Trump’s sons to speak on campus. It all began when Mr. Murphy, a senior, invited Donald Trump Jr. and Kimberly Guilfoyle, a former Fox News host and adviser to the president’s campaign, to speak on campus and paid them $50,000 with university funds. Some students say the payment was a violation of the Student Senate code — and possibly the law. So the president (of the student body at a college) is facing impeachment because he took money from other people against their will to enrich the Trump family. What do you a call an SEO wet dream when it's actually a nightmare? This is a pretty major upgrade in the ongoing right-wing crusade to de-legitimize higher education across the country. But I do have to admit: stealing $50,000 from your fellow students and using it to get yourself in good graces with the Trumps is exactly the kind of slimey move a Trump would pull. So in that case, good on you, Mr. Murphy, for really putting in the work to achieve your lifelong dreams of corrupt scumbaghood. I salute you with this one finger. He Invited Donald Trump Jr. to Campus. Now He’s Facing Impeachment [Nicholas Bogel-Burroughs and Hannah Phillips / The New York times] Image by Max Goldberg/Flickr   Read the rest
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10 of the Most Surprising Top-Reviewed Products on Amazon
These products have earned rave reviews from the Amazon community. Here's why.
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Tuscany’s famed Borgo Santo Pietro resort launches a luxury skincare line
A visit to Borgo Santo Pietro, the storied five-star resort nestled some 60 miles south of Florence, is an idyllic immersion into the Tuscan version of la dolce vita. The uber-luxe, 20-room estate — which regularly tops world’s-best lists — dazzles on every front. Artfully designed around an exquisite 13th-century villa, the sprawling, 270-acre grounds...
New York Post
The ByteCode Alliance wants to bring binary apps into your browser
The Bytecode Alliance aims to promote safe use—and reuse—of untrusted code at speed.
Ars Technica
Zlatan Ibrahimovic: memorable goals from his time at LA Galaxy – video highlights
Zlatan Ibrahimovic has thanked LA Galaxy for making him feel 'alive again' before instructing the club’s fans to 'go back to watch baseball' now he has played his last MLS game for them. The Swedish striker will end a two-year spell at the club when his contract expires in December. In a tweet the Swedish international wrote: 'I came, I saw, I conquered … You wanted Zlatan. I gave you Zlatan. You are welcome.' The striker is linked with a move back to Serie A.• 'I came, I saw, I conquered': Zlatan Ibrahimovic leaves LA Galaxy Continue reading...
Ben Stokes: England star on feigning being drunk to avoid media duties after World Cup win
England all-rounder Ben Stokes explains why he cheekily pretended to be drunk to avoid further media duties following their World Cup final win over New Zealand in the summer.
BBC Sport - Sport
This dazzling 21-carat emerald necklace was inspired by ‘The Wizard of Oz’
As she follows the yellow brick road in “The Wizard of Oz,” Dorothy catches a glimpse of green. Reflected in her brown eyes, the city’s vibrant, emerald green skyline paints a magical moment and transports moviegoers to a faraway fantasy. Now, with Bulgari’s “Emerald City” necklace — inspired by the colors illustrated in this iconic...
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Video shows a Boeing 737 plane carrying 196 people burst into flames just after landing at an Egyptian airport
Sky News/Twitter A Boeing 737-800 plane operated by EgyptAir burst into flames shortly after landing last week, while the plane was still taxiing to its gate at Sharm el-Sheikh airport. Video shows the plane bursting into flames and airport workers dousing them with fire extinguishers moments after. None of the 196 people on board were injured, Sky News and aviation site FlightGlobal reported. You can watch the video below. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. A video shows a Boeing 737-800 plane operated by EgyptAir bursting into flames shortly after landing at the airport of holiday resort Sharm el-Sheikh Airport last week. Surveillance-camera footage taken at the airport, published by Sky News, shows a fire erupting in the plane's left landing gear, near the wheel, shortly after landing on November 9. The jet had still been taxiing.See the rest of the story at Business InsiderNOW WATCH: What it takes to be a first-class flight attendant for EmiratesSee Also:The head of Southwest's pilots union said Boeing is trying to rush the 737 Max back into service out of 'arrogance'New report reveals why Boeing's 737 Max has taken so long to return to serviceA Southwest flight was forced to make an emergency landing after a pot of coffee caught fire and filled the cabin with smoke
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How an Early 20th-Century English Guild Is Inspiring a New Generation
The Omega Workshops blurred the boundaries between visual and decorative art. Now, it’s become totemic for a cadre of contemporary designers.
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Not everyone in South Africa is celebrating World Cup win
Not everyone has been celebrating in South Africa. While thousands of people across the country partied with the Rugby World Cup-winning Springboks along a four-day, nationwide open-top bus parade, some vocal critics have refused to join in the fun.
Saudi Arabia is 'running out of money' and needs the Aramco IPO cash, ex-CIA director says
David Petraeus, former CIA chief, says that Saudi Arabia is running out of money and needs Aramco's IPO to fuel its investments in the coming years.  Petraeus said that the Kingdom's budget deficit depends on the price of Brent crude, which means that the country's economy is in part tied to Aramco's success to fund its Vision 2030 plan.  The ex-CIA chief said that KKR Global Institute, which he chairs, put $2 billion into the UAE and was now looking at other places to invest. View Business Insider's homepage for more stories.  David Petraeus, former director of the CIA, says that Saudi Arabia is running out of money and needs Aramco's IPO to fuel its investments in the coming years.  "It's a fact that Saudi Arabia is gradually running out of money, they'd be the first to acknowledge that the sovereign wealth fund has been reduced, it's somewhere below $500 billion now," Petraeus said to CNBC's Hadley Gamble in Abu Dhabi on Thursday. See the rest of the story at Business InsiderNOW WATCH: A big-money investor in juggernauts like Facebook and Netflix breaks down the '3rd wave' firms that are leading the next round of tech disruptionSee Also:10 tricks for remembering everything you readChaos, crazy ideas, and cashing in: Trump and WeWork's Adam Neumann have these 5 things in common'It seems insane now': WeWork employees bought into cofounder Adam Neumann's vision but grew worried as red flags mounted
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Erdoğan showed GOP senators 'surreal' propaganda video during WH meeting
During a meeting in the Oval Office Wednesday, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan pulled out an iPad to show a small group of Republican senators and President Donald Trump a propaganda video casting the Kurds in a negative light, according to a GOP source familiar with the situation. - RSS Channel
Why Withholding Information at Work Won’t Give You an Advantage
Research reveals that it may even backfire.
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Super hot Walmart Black Friday deals you can shop right now
Walmart's much-anticipated Black Friday ad dropped in the wee hours of Nov. 14, and there are some great deals on tech and home gadgets that we're pretty excited for.  In recent years, Walmart has really pulled ahead as one of the best stops for deals, Black Friday or otherwise, and they aren't about to slow down any time soon. Officially, Walmart begins its in-store Black Friday sale at 6 pm local time on Thanksgiving, but their online sale will begin on Nov. 27 at 10 pm ET. (Valid through that Friday).  SEE ALSO: Walmart just dropped their Black Friday ad and these are the best deals However, the megabox retailer already has a ton of great Black Friday deals live on their site that you can shop now — a full two weeks before Black Friday. (Is it just us, or does Black Friday seem to start earlier and earlier every year?)  Read more...More about Gaming, Home, Black Friday, Kitchen, and Mashable Shopping
What France’s efforts to transform government can teach other late digital starters
France lags in its efforts to digitize government. But a new report says embracing government tech could transform public services and catalyze startups.
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Special Report: Elite police force spreads terror in the barrios of Venezuela
Before daybreak on January 8, several dozen police officers swept through the streets of Barrio Kennedy, a hillside slum outside Venezuela's capital.
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Rockets' Austin Rivers calls for dad, Clippers coach Doc Rivers, to get technical foul
Houston Rockets guard Austin Rivers was seen Wednesday night calling on the referees to give his father, Los Angeles Clippers coach Doc Rivers, a technical foul during their game.
Small Canadian island irate that Americans keep opening their mail
The population of a tiny Canadian island off the coast of Maine is demanding their government start a year-round ferry service or build a new bridge to the mainland to keep American customs officials from opening what they say is nearly every piece of mail they’ve been getting for over a year.
Fists of fear: severed hands in films – ranked!
With the imminent release of the French animation J’ai Perdu Mon Corps – in which a hand tries to reconnect (literally) with its body – we hail some of the great severed appendages of cinemaThe year is 1795 (mobcap alert!), and newlywed Stephanie Beacham finds herself at the business end of the Fengriffen family curse in a full-length feature from Amicus Productions, better known for its portmanteau horrors. No sooner have servants or doctors (Patrick Magee among them) announced their intention to tell us about the curse, than they are throttled by the lopped-off hand of an unfairly treated woodsman. Continue reading...
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An English footballer says he might not play in the biggest match in his team's history because he'd rather be surfing and celebrating Thanksgiving with his American girlfriend
Getty/BBC Sport Scott Jones of Chichester City has said he could miss the club's biggest ever game because he'd rather be out surfing. The English eighth division club plays in the FA Cup second round on November 30, and will face a team five divisions above. "When the swells good, you gotta go," Jones told the BBC. If not out catching waves, Jones says he's likely to miss the tie anyway as he will "probably" be celebrating Thanksgiving with his American girlfriend. "I wish he was joking, but he's deadly serious," Chichester chairman Ashley Clack said. Read more of our soccer coverage here. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. An FA Cup second round match on November 30 will be the biggest match in Chichester City's history. The English eighth division team was given a first-round bye in the tournament after its opponent was expelled, and now must face either Wycombe Wanderers or Tranmere Rovers — both of whom lie five divisions above — at the end of the month.See the rest of the story at Business InsiderNOW WATCH: 5 things about the NFL that football fans may not knowSee Also:Cristiano Ronaldo was substituted again, appeared to sulk while he stormed off the pitch, and left the stadium before the match had even finished35 statistics show that the 21-year-old American Christian Pulisic is currently the best player in the English Premier LeagueA Mexican footballer accidentally kicked someone in the head and the match had to stop for 11 minutes before the player left for hospital in a neck brace
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Tinder date admits to strangling Grace Millane, says she begged for ‘50 Shades of Grey’ sex
The Tinder date accused of murdering backpacker Grace Millane has admitted to strangling her during sex — saying she begged him to help recreate raunchy scenes from “50 Shades of Grey,” a court heard this week. The 27-year-old New Zealand man admitted having “violent sex” with the Brit — but only realized she was dead...
New York Post
Chinese government may have falsified organ donation numbers, study says
Researchers raise new concerns about the use of executed prisoners and other forced donors for transplantsThe Chinese government may have been systematically falsifying its organ donation numbers, raising renewed concerns over the use of executed prisoners and other forced donors for transplants, a new academic paper says.In 2015, China publicly promised it would no longer source organs from executed prisoners, previously almost its sole source. But a study led by Australian National University PhD student Matthew Robertson, published in the BMC Medical Ethics journal on Friday, says Chinese-government supplied datasets on organ donations show “highly compelling evidence they are being falsified”. Continue reading...
US news | The Guardian
Wayfair adds AR furniture and 3D visualization tools to its apps
Designing interiors for the home has gotten a little easier recently through the use virtual design tools instead of dragging a sofa around. Now, home store Wayfair is getting in on the action, introducing a new way to pick the perfect pieces of furn...
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Secure up to 10 devices with this elite antivirus, now over 80% off
The more you use your computer, the more it becomes possible for others to use it too. Where there are anti-virus systems, there are hackers looking for a way to get around them. That's why it's important to get software that doesn't just passively scout for viruses in the background. The folks behind GlassWire have the right idea, with a service that offers both protection and extensive monitoring that will enable you to make sure you're the only one logging on. Certainly, GlassWire's firewall is an effective defense on its own. But what the software really does well is tracking. It monitors things in your network activity by app and geographic location and notifies you whenever a new app accesses the web from your system. It keeps tabs on any network activity that occurred while you were logged off and keeps an eye out for known threats and unexpected file changes. And, it lets you see all this info in an easily digestible visual format. It even helps you use your computer more effectively by alerting you to possible bandwidth overages, and lets you clear your internet activity at a moment's notice. Best of all, it does all this for up to 10 devices. Right now, you can pick up a three-year subscription to GlassWire Elite for a full 89% off the list price. Read the rest
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Could Google Stadia “go far beyond video games?” The dev behind Kine thinks so
The dev behind Stadia launch title Kine thinks the service aspires to pilot technology Google could use in more than games. That's assuming, however, that Stadia makes it past a rocky launch.
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Jadeveon Clowney has never been better, stats be damned
Jadeveon Clowney wreaked havoc for the Seahawks in an upset victory over the 49ers in Week 10. This season, Clowney is proving his doubters wrong and the Seahawks right. Retired defensive end Stephen White breaks down just how big of an impact Clowney has had. Think back to all those folks who loudly doubted that Jadeveon Clowney was legit after he went No. 1 overall to the Texans. How quick some were to label him a bust after a slow, injury-filled start to his career. Not only did he not let that criticism get to him, he just put his head down and kept working his ass off until his play could shut every single one of those doubters up. I have to say it’s mighty quiet in those corners these days. I still don’t quite understand the Texans’ decision to not offer him a contract on par with his value to that defense, but their reluctance continues to pay huge dividends for the Seahawks after they traded for him right before the start of the season. Because he missed pretty much the whole offseason, including padded practices in the preseason, he had gotten off to a somewhat slow start at the beginning of the year, but now he is looking like the Clowney of old. Actually, he’s looking a little better. At this point in his career, the guy is a cosmic-level game wrecker, plain and simple. It’s hard to even quantify the damage he does to opposing offenses with any sort of statistics. There are just so many things he does that don’t really translate to a stat sheet, but those plays end up making a difference in the game. Even when he isn’t the one making the play, Clowney will often be so disruptive that he clears a path for his teammates to make the play. You have to actually watch the guy play if you really want to get a feel for the true impact he has. The Seahawks’ 24-21 overtime win over the formerly undefeated 49ers was a prime example of this. The 18 (!) plays that Clowney made to help the Seahawks beat the 49ers Just to illustrate for those of you who weren’t fortunate enough to stay up and watch his magnificent performance, and to show you just how much credit Clowney deserves for the Seahawks pulling out that division road win, let me do something different and list all of the plays in which Clowney was a factor for Seattle’s defense on Monday night. LDE = Left Defensive EndRDE = Right Defensive End First Quarter 15:00 (RDE): Absolutely destroyed 49ers right guard Mike Person, who was pulling on a counter play, and knocked him back into running back Tevin Coleman before Clowney came off the block and tackled Coleman for a 1-yard gain. 12:38 (LDE): Beat right tackle Mike McGlinchey with a quick jab ole on the line of scrimmage, and pressured quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo into an incompletion and laid a nice hit on him to boot. 12:33 (LDE): Ripped inside of tight end Garrett Celek, who pulled across the formation on a play-action pass, and ran right through Garoppolo’s chest as Clowney forced Garoppolo into another incompletion. 2:42 (RDE): After exiting earlier with an apparent ankle injury, he came back in the game after San Francisco made it all the way down to the Seattle 14-yard line. Clowney immediately made a tackle on rookie wide receiver Deebo Samuel out in space on a jet sweep by forcing him out of bounds after stunting inside and taking on left guard Laken Tomlinson’s reach block. Second Quarter 10:11 (LDE): Slid inside of McGlinchey with a quick jab ole again at the line of scrimmage, ran through Person’s attempt to help out, and pressured Garoppolo into another incompletion. 9:31 (RDE): Got a clean win on left tackle Joe Staley with a two-step hump move and got to Garoppolo just as he was completing a pass to Kendrick Bourne. Clowney finished the play by slinging Garoppolo to the ground. 2:57 (RDE): Executed a perfect scoop-and-score after his teammate, defensive tackle Jarran Reed, caused Garoppolo to fumble the football while sacking him. Clowney outraced Staley with an arm-over, and that touchdown put the Seahawks on the scoreboard for the first time all game. 2:05 (RDE): After coming inside on a pass-rush game, Clowney drove Tomlinson back into Garoppolo’s lap, then used his 37.5-inch vertical to put himself right into Garoppolo’s passing lane, which forced Jimmy G to deliver the ball a tad too high down the field to his receiver, Dante Pettis, on third-and-14. Third Quarter 10:56 (RDE): Shot by Staley with a quick out-in-out move at the line of scrimmage and forced Garoppolo to step up into the waiting arms of Reed and defensive tackle Poona Ford, who took him down for a 5-yard loss. The 49ers turned the ball over on downs two plays later. 4:37 (RDE): Ripped right through tight end Ross Dwelley on an inside move vs. a play-action pass look and hit Garoppolo up top, but missed the sack. However, Clowney’s pressure allowed his teammate, defensive lineman Quinton Jefferson, to lay a big hit on Garoppolo right after he avoided Clowney. Jefferson was flagged for helmet-to-helmet contact on Garoppolo, so technically those plays didn’t happen. If you ask Garoppolo, I’d bet he would say both of those hits definitely happened, though. 4:20 (RDE): Forced Garoppolo into a throwaway on a tight end screen after the 49ers chose to leave him unblocked. 3:46 (LDE): Drove McGlinchey right back into Garoppolo’s lap, then came off inside and knocked the ball out of Garoppolo’s hand with his inside (right) hand for a sack and fumble, which Ford recovered at the 49ers’ 24-yard line. The Seahawks would score a touchdown on the ensuing drive. Fourth Quarter 7:09 (LDE): Completely fooled McGlinchey with a quick out-in-out move for a clean win outside and jumped into Garoppolo’s throwing lane again on an RPO to force him to the hold on to the ball. That allowed defensive tackle Al Woods to sack Garoppolo for a 5-yard loss after the 49ers had already made it down to the Seahawks’ 16-yard line. The 49ers would end up settling for a field goal on that drive. 1:39 (RDE): Ran slap over Staley and knocked him right on his ass. Clowney just about pressured Garoppolo into throwing a game-ending interception to linebacker K.J. Wright, but Wright flat-out dropped it. 1:16 (RDE): Jacked up Staley a few steps with a power rush, then fell off inside on what looked like a late-developing pass-rush game. Then Clowney gave Tomlinson the business and worked to get past him cleanly. Clowney was about to reach out with his inside (left) arm and grab Garoppolo by his left arm, pressuring him again into almost throwing a game-ending interception. This time it was linebacker Bobby Wagner who appeared to have feet for hands. Overtime 5:34 (RDE): Did a great job playing tight end Levine Toilolo’s cut-off block from the backside of a fullback lead zone running play away from him, chasing it down to make the tackle on Raheem Mostert after a short gain. 4:58 (RDE): Whipped Staley again with a quick out-in-out move at the line of scrimmage, then ripped inside of Mostert to force Garoppolo into scrambling out of the pocket and into a throwaway. 4:11 (RDE): Blew up Person on an influence trap play once again, knocking him into Mostert, and tackling Mostert for no gain. The Seahawks would hold up on the next play, leading to a field goal attempt that would ultimately go awry. Now that, folks, is one hell of a game! Clowney was never a bust, but he’s really put it all together in Seattle After watching him tear the 49ers a new one, I went back and read my old draft breakdown of Clowney (his was the first one I’d ever done for SB Nation). It brought back a lot of memories I hadn’t thought about in a long time. There were folks questioning everything from his heart to his hustle back then. And some of the criticism that I disagreed with the most came from people whose football minds I respected a lot. Back then, I was just getting my feet wet in the draft analyst game, and I’ll be honest and say that some of that talk did make me second-guess my assessment of Clowney. But the more I saw of him in the pros, the more convinced I became that I was right about him from the start. In between injuries for his first few years, Clowney continued to flash that incredible ability I saw from him in college. I saw enough of those “wtf” plays that I was confident if he could just stay healthy for an extended period of time, he was going to dominate. Remember that big tackle for a loss in the bowl game Clowney made at South Carolina? Well, for me, the most impressive part of that play wasn’t the big hit at the end. Instead, it was the rare quickness he displayed in beating the blocker to get himself in position to make that play that had me amped. I knew that kind of quickness would be hell for NFL blockers to try to deal with. Now that he’s back to being completely healthy, I’m used to seeing him make those same kinds of breathtaking plays in the league on a weekly basis. One of the things that irritated the shit out of me about how Clowney played when he was in Houston was how he would rely so heavily on his bull rush, even though he was and is so physically gifted. The guy is a damn load, obviously, but with his athleticism, it was criminal that he was running down the middle of offensive tackles most of the game, instead of mixing in more finesse moves to keep blockers on their toes. I don’t know if they are coaching him up different now in Seattle, or if he has just matured as a pass rusher, but Clowney is constantly working to an edge and using his bull rush as more of a changeup. You love to see it! Unless, of course, you are Jimmy Garoppolo or any of the other quarterbacks he has or will face this season. Keep in mind, Clowney is set to be a free agent next spring if the Seahawks can’t find a way to extend him before then. If you are wondering why your team should try to sign him if it gets to that, but you haven’t actually watched him play much, please don’t pay any attention to the fact that he only has three sacks on the year. Clowney has been getting a ton of pressures all season, and what you read in this post is indicative of what he can bring to any team in the NFL. The price of the brick will keep going up as the season rolls on. He has shown that he can thrive as an outside linebacker or as a hand-in-the-dirt defensive end, as well as a situational interior pass rusher and blitzer as well. He can be destructive no matter where you line him up and if your team wants him, it just might have to take out a loan to help cover the freight. The scary part is now that he has finally knocked all the rust off, he will probably see a jump in his sack totals in the second half of the season, too. As a matter of fact, if Clowney keeps playing this way, he may just find himself and his team within striking distance of a earning a ring at the end of this season. He has already been worth every penny of the franchise deal he is playing on this season for the Seahawks.
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