Pair held woman as sex slave, tortured her in front of kids: cops

A woman was held captive as a sex slave at hotels in North Carolina, where she was repeatedly beaten and tortured in front of her two young children, police said. The unidentified woman was forced to endure “unspeakable violent acts” in front of her children at two hotels in Pineville and was viciously punished if...
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American parents: Calm the eff down, you won’t smother your baby
Parents, relax. Your infant can sleep in your bed, your toddler can share your dinner and your 1-year-old can amuse herself just fine. “[American] parents nowadays think, ‘Oh, my God, my baby isn’t doing the right thing; he’s not going to get into Harvard!’” anthropologist Sarah LeVine tells The Post. But she and her husband...
Trump tells the Senate one thing and courts another when it comes to witnesses
Donald Trump's personal attorneys on Tuesday attacked the House of Representatives for impeaching the President while not going to court to force some officials' testimony and for refusing to wait for federal court rulings on whether witnesses must testify.
Se casó por quinta ocasión Pamela Anderson
La ex estrella de Baywatch se une en matrimonio una vez más
Here’s where to get ‘Star Trek: Picard’ MetroCards featuring Patrick Stewart
“Star Trek: Picard” is beaming to a subway station near you. For three weeks starting Thursday, when the show premieres on CBS All Access, the series will be promoted on special MetroCards available at six MTA stations in Manhattan. In the drama, Sir Patrick Stewart, 79, reprises his “Star Trek: The Next Generation” role of...
Brooklyn prez Adams panned for telling new NYC arrivals ‘go back to Iowa’
A Queens lawmaker Tuesday ripped Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams for calling on city gentrifiers to “go back” to Iowa and Ohio, while statistics show that hardly any Big Apple residents actually come from those states. City Councilwoman Karen Koslowitz (D-Queens) said Adams’ “disturbing” remarks contribute to an environment of divisiveness at a time when...
USS Abraham Lincoln returns home after months at sea
The crew of the USS Abraham Lincoln is back home after being at sea for 10 months. They sacrificed so much during that time, and so did their families. Jim Axelrod explains.
Brad Pitt: 'Ganar no estaba en mi mente'
La estrella estadounidense logra ganar el premio SAG al Mejor Actor
Larry Walker joins exclusive club upon Baseball Hall of Fame election
Larry Walker was inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame on Tuesday narrowly crossing the 75 percent threshold needed to get into Cooperstown and joined an even more exclusive club.
More US troops flown out of Iraq after Iran missile attack, officials say
Additional U.S. troops have been flown out of Iraq for closer evaluation of potential concussion injuries from the Iranian missile attack of Jan. 8, U.S. defense officials said Tuesday.
Derek Jeter falls one vote short of unanimous Baseball Hall of Fame election
Derek Jeter was elected to the Baseball Hall of Fame on Tuesday after an illustrious career with the New York Yankees, but there was one voter who believed the shortstop shouldn’t have been honored with enshrinement on his first go-around.
How the Trump Impeachment Trial Rules Compare to Clinton’s Trial
The impeachment trial of President Donald Trump began in earnest on Tuesday
Schiff says intelligence agencies are withholding evidence
As the impeachment trial of President Trump gets underway, House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff said some intelligence agencies have "stopped cooperating" with an ongoing investigation in the House. Schiff spoke to "CBS Evening News" anchor Norah O'Donnell, along with three other impeachment managers: Representatives Val Demings, Zoe Lofgren and Jason Crow.
Hillary Clinton says "nobody likes" Bernie Sanders in new documentary
Four years after Bernie Sanders nearly derailed her presidential campaign, Hillary Clinton said "nobody likes" him. She spoke about Sanders in a new documentary about her life. Ed O'Keefe reports.
Prince Harry reunites with Meghan and Archie in Canada
After coming to an agreement to step back from royal duties, Prince Harry has reunited with his wife, Meghan Markle. But there are new troubles for the couple. Janet Shamlian reports.
US military says additional service members treated for injuries from Iranian strikes
US Central Command announced Tuesday that additional US troops who were serving a base in Iraq that was struck by Iranian missiles earlier this month have been transported to an American medical facility in Germany.
Sophia Bush recounts argument with 'One Tree Hill' boss over 'inappropriate' scenes: 'I'm not doing this'
Sophia Bush is once again speaking out against the toxic conditions many actresses are subjected to working under on set.
La mamá de Taylor Swift lucha contra un tumor
La madre de la famosa cantante lucha con el cáncer
Aerosmith drummer Joey Kramer sues bandmates over Grammy ban
Kramer says he was forced to re-audition after he went on temporary disability leave in 2019.
Biden seeks distance from impeachment saga
While he largely has the Iowa stage to himself this week, the Senate impeachment trial is never that far away.
New ISIS leader? What to know about the terror network’s hardline founding member
The Islamic State has named a new leader to replace Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, who died in a U.S. Special Operations forces rain on a compound in northern Syria’s Idlib Province in October, intelligence sources say.
Baseball Hall of Fame 2020: Even Larry Walker didn’t think he was getting in
Larry Walker did not think it was happening. The Rockies slugger tweeted earlier on Tuesday that he felt that he was going to end up short of the number of votes needed to reach the Hall of Fame. Walker instead made it by six votes, getting 76.6% of the 397 from Hall of Fame voters...
Ancient Stone Age Ring Made From Deer Antler Discovered in Village Swallowed by the Sea Thousands of Years Ago
Archaeologists have described a "unique" find dating back thousands of years ago to Neolithic Europe. Researchers say it is just the second ring of its kind found in Denmark.
Weather service issues alert for falling iguanas in Florida
As the weather gets colder in parts of the state, the cold-blooded animals slow down or become motionless and can drop from trees onto unsuspecting pedestrians.
Britain Plans Vast Privacy Protections for Children
New rules will require online services to overhaul how they treat the personal details of children in the country.
In trying to land Conor McGregor fight, Justin Gaethje won't be anything but himself
Justin Gaethje thinks what he's done in the cage should be enough to entice Conor McGregor – especially now that he has a win under his belt.       Related StoriesJohn Kavanagh wants to see Conor McGregor fight Justin Gaethje ... at welterweightSpinning Back Clique: Buy or sell a new Conor McGregor moving forward after UFC 246?UFC 246 'Fight Motion': Conor McGregor's brilliant 40 seconds slowed down
LA City Council urges MLB to award 2017, 2018 World Series titles to Dodgers over sign-stealing scandal
The Los Angeles City Council passed a resolution on Tuesday urging Major League Baseball to revoke the World Series titles from the Boston Red Sox and the Houston Astros and reward them to the LA Dodgers instead.
Schiff, on floor at Senate impeachment trial, quietly fumes at Trump lawyers' allegations
President Trump's lawyers invoked Rep. Adam Schiff’s name over and over again on Tuesday, accusing him of hiding documents, conducting an unfair impeachment inquiry and fabricating the text of the July 25 phone call between Trump and the president of Ukraine.
Grammys Chief Calls Her Removal Retaliation for Exposing ‘Boys’ Club’
Deborah Dugan, who was placed on leave, said that the Recording Academy’s lawyer sexually harassed her and that she had complained about financial and voting irregularities.
Cambia de coaches 'La Voz'
Mientras que en Estados Unidos se mantienen Luis Fonsi, Alejandra Guzmán, Wisin y Carlos Vives, en México se suman Christian Nodal y María José
Senate impeachment trial of Trump begins
The first day of President Trump's impeachment trial was full of surprises. Democrats are charging Mitch McConnell with orchestrating a cover up. Chip Reid has the latest.
Coronavirus virus case found in the U.S.
The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has confirmed the first case in the U.S. of the deadly coronavirus. Health officials said a man in Washington state has the same virus that sickened about 300 people in China. Mark Strassmann reports.
Jason Bateman on the perks of directing himself: ‘I’ve got one hand on the wheel behind the camera’
Jason Bateman is quickly establishing himself as one of Hollywood’s brightest directors.
Senate GOP: It’s Too Late for Impeachment Witnesses and It’s Also Too Early
Which is it then, too early or too late?
Why Trump’s Threadbare Legal Argument Will Probably Work
Thanks a lot, Mitch McConnell.
USS Lincoln returns home after 10 months at sea
When the Lincoln docked in San Diego, it returned to a new port of call and families moved across the country.
Pamela Anderson's son Brandon Thomas Lee says he's 'incredibly happy' about wedding news
Pamela Anderson walked down the aisle again on Monday.
Derek Jeter’s one Hall of Fame snub is sparking outrage
Derek Jeter fell one vote shy of becoming an unanimous Hall of Famer on Tuesday night, drawing outrage from many on social media. Jeter had been trending toward unanimity, which would have made him the second baseball player behind Mariano Rivera last year to reach Hall of Fame perfection. Members of the Baseball Writers’ Association...
'Grateful as can be': Larry Walker completes uphill climb to reach Hall of Fame in final year of eligibility
Walker received 76.6% of the vote to make the Baseball Hall of Fame in his final year of eligibility.
Impeachment trial looms over Trump's visit to Davos
Just minutes after President Trump arrived at the World Economic Forum in Davos, he faced questions about impeachment. In between meetings, he was briefed about the trial. Weijia Jiang reports.
Biden picks up backing from 4 more black lawmakers
The endorsements giving the former vice president his 15th from the influential Congressional Black Caucus.
México comienza a regresar a migrantes a Honduras (Video)
Las autoridades mexicanas no distribuyeron agua ni alimentos a quienes ingresaron ilegalmente
MLB stars Derek Jeter and Larry Walker elected to the Baseball Hall of Fame
Jeter was one vote away from being the second player to get a unanimous vote.
Which 2020 Democrat Has the Best Celebrity Endorsements?
It’s hard to beat Judge Judy, but everyone else is trying.
Saudi prince may be responsible for stealing Jeff Bezos’ nudes
The crotch shots that put Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos’ personal life smack dab in the middle of the public eye may have been stolen by Saudi crown prince Mohammed bin Salman, a bombshell report alleges. The Saudi royal “hacked” the world’s richest man’s phone by sending him a a malicious file via chat platform WhatsApp,...
This week in the Amazon Outlet: Our 10 favorite deals
One section of Amazon you can routinely rely on for highly-discounted goods is its Amazon Outlet. This week you can find great deals on a new TV, salt lamp, vacuum, hair dryer and more.
Trump Tweets 'READ THE TRANSCRIPTS!' as His Support Among GOP Drops Ahead of Senate Impeachment Trial
President Donald Trump urged his Twitter followers to "READ THE TRANSCRIPTS!" Tuesday, while a survey taken a week before the Senate impeachment trial began indicates Republican support for Trump has fallen slightly.
Coronavirus: What to know about the mysterious illness
Health officials around the world are keeping an eye on the outbreak of a new pneumonia-like virus that has killed at least six people and sickened some 300 others since it was first reported in China.
A group of 'furries' stopped a domestic violence assault and helped police make the arrest
Several members attending a furry convention in California on Friday helped restrain a man who was assaulting his girlfriend until police arrested him, according to officials.