Police fire tear gas and water cannons as protesters throw petrol bombs

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Rosie Perez testifies that Annabella Sciorra told her of alleged Harvey Weinstein rape in 1994
Rosie Perez testifies in the trial of Harvey Weinstein, in support of Annabella Sciorra's allegation that he raped her.
Yummie bodysuits are 25% off for flash sale
Consider your search for the perfect shapewear over now that Yummie is launching a sale on its popular bodysuits.  The Vogue-approved brand is offering an extra 25% off a range of bodysuit styles with the code LOVEYOURBODY.  Rock a chic mock neck bodysuit or look elegant in a full-back suit.  And this strapless convertible thong-back...
'I made a terrible mistake' Quibi CEO Meg Whitman says over dig at journalists
Quibi CEO Meg Whitman apologized for making remarks at a staff meeting that compared journalists mining sources with sexual predators grooming children.
Millennials say being a ‘plant parent’ is harder than they expected
Seven in 10 millennials consider themselves “plant parents,” according to new research.
How Worried Should You Be About the New Coronavirus?
On the panic scale, not very. On the generally-bad scale, a little bit.
Ted Cruz piles on CNN's Manu Raju: 'EVERY' GOP senator agrees you're the 'MOST partisan' reporter
Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, went after CNN senior congressional correspondent Manu Raju days after his dustup with Sen. Martha McSally, R-Arizona, telling him that his Republican colleagues agree that he's the most "partisan" reporter on Capitol Hill.
Can American Democracy Survive the 2020 Election?
Who Counts? The disenfranchising effects of claims of widespread voter fraud.
Dana Perino: Trump impeachment and physical fitness – What to do when you sit for hours watching trial
President Trump’s impeachment trial in the Senate got underway at a tough time for people trying to keep their fitness resolutions in 2020.
Vermont Lawmaker's Bill Would Allow Emoji on License Plates
The bill would add six emoji to the list of allowable symbols on the state's license plates.
Cuomo administration won’t release City Hall’s Medicaid cost projections
Cuomo's budget bill would require that City Hall and New York's other 57 counties pick up the tab when cost increases for Medicaid — which provides healthcare for the poor — exceed three percent per year, beginning in 2022.
Lawmakers react to apparent recording of Trump saying Yovanovitch should be fired
Lawmakers responded Friday to a recording reviewed by ABC News that appears to capture Trump saying he wanted then-U.S. ambassador to Ukraine Marie Yovanovitch fired.
DirecTV rushes to dispose of satellite that might explode
A DirecTV satellite at risk of exploding will make an emergency maneuver to push itself into a deserted area of space known as "graveyard" orbit, according to public filings. The hope is that the satellite won't burst in its operational orbit, where the debris could put other expensive communications satellites at risk.
Gwyneth Paltrow recalls ‘very emotional’ experience after taking MDMA with husband Brad Falchuk
Gwyneth Paltrow has finally landed on Netflix and hit the ground running on delivering eyebrow-raising content.
Mike Pompeo Refuses to Talk About Marie Yovanovitch During NPR Interview
Secretary of State Mike Pompeo refused to discuss whether or not he had ever defended former U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine Marie Yovanovitch in a Friday interview on National Public Radio.
Walmart is raising starting hourly wage to $12 at 500 stores to lure workers, aid service
Walmart raises starting pay at 500 stores to $12 an hour. The chain is competing for fewer good workers and vying with Amazon on service.
Black Texas teen banned by high school to attend graduation after refusing to cut dreadlocks
Deandre Arnold, a senior at Barbers Hill High School in Mont Belvieu, has had dreadlocks for years and says it's part of his identity and culture.
Heading to Coachella and Stagecoach from L.A.? There's no train going there
Train service from downtown Los Angeles to the Indio Transit Center will not be ready in time for this year's festivals in April.
Pompeo Won't Say Whether He Owes Yovanovitch An Apology. 'I've Done What's Right'
As the State Department faces ongoing questions over Marie Yovanovitch's treatment as U.S. envoy to Ukraine, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo tells NPR, "I've defended every single person on this team."
Two Weeks Before Switching Parties, Rep. Jeff Van Drew Left Voicemail Saying He Would Not Vote for Trump
New Jersey Representative Jeff Van Drew made headlines when he announced he was changing his party affiliation from Republican to Democrat. But a recently released voicemail to a constituent has drawn his motives into question.
Dems: Congress must oust Trump to stop abuses
In the impeachment trial of Donald Trump, Rep. Adam Schiff argues that it was "one hell of a Russian intelligence coup" that the president chased kooky theories about Ukraine pushed by Rudy Giuliani that benefited Vladimir Putin at U.S. expense. (Jan. 24)
Bellator 238 co-main event breakdown: Darrion Caldwell vs. Adam Borics meet in clash of styles
MMA Junkie analyst Dan Tom breaks down the Bellator's top bouts. Today, we look at the co-main event for Bellator 238.        Related StoriesBellator 238 predictions: Is anyone picking champ Julia Budd to beat Cris Cyborg?5 burning questions heading into Bellator 238Bellator 238 breakdown: Can Cris Cyborg get back to her dominant ways vs. Julia Budd?
See photos from Harvey Weinstein's New York sex-crimes trial
Meet key figures in Harvey Weinstein's sex-crimes trial in New York.
At pre-Grammy parties for rising stars and power players, 'Dugan-gate' is talk of the town
In a Grammy week unlike any other, the war between the Recording Academy and its ousted CEO, Deborah Dugan, dominated conversations at parties and in c-suites.
Chivas sufre importante baja en su delantera
El delantero de Chivas, Alexis Vega, sufrió una lesión en la clavícula izquierda durante un partido de octavos de final de la Copa MX, y estará fuera de las canchas al menos dos semanas, informó el equipo el miércoles.
Trump’s Space Force boldly goes where Star Trek went before
Commander Spock. | Getty Highly illogical. Friday afternoon, President Donald Trump tweeted out the new — and yet surprisingly familiar — logo for the United States Space Force, a new branch of the military focused largely on orbital satellites. After consultation with our Great Military Leaders, designers, and others, I am pleased to present the new logo for the United States Space Force, the Sixth Branch of our Magnificent Military!— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) January 24, 2020 As pretty much everyone on Twitter who is familiar with the science-fiction canon pointed out almost immediately, this logo very closely resembles that of Starfleet, the fictional fleet of exploratory and peacekeeping starships at the heart of the Star Trek franchise.— Steve Kovach (@stevekovach) January 24, 2020 George Takei, the actor who played Lieutenant Hikaru Sulu on the original Star Trek series in the 1960s, tweeted in response to Trump that “we are expecting some royalties from this.” In fairness, Space Force is not the first arm of the United States military to borrow from Star Trek. Indeed, it appears that the Air Force may have found similar inspiration from the venerable science-fiction franchise. For those excitedly tweeting that Trump stole the Star Trek logo!!!!, the patch on the left was the existing Air Force Command logo. The same one I wore as a Lieutenant in 2005.— John Noonan (@noonanjo) January 24, 2020 Sadly, Space Force will not be comprised of warp-capable vessels that explore the galaxy while defending a largely benevolent United Federation of Planets. Instead, it will primarily seek to maintain the United States’ dominance over China and Russia among the various man-made satellites that orbit our planet. As The Verge’s Loren Grush explained, Space Force is responsible for “operating, training, and equipping” all of the space assets that the military’s Space Command needs. That includes “acquiring the right surveillance or communications satellites, getting them into space, and training people to operate those vehicles.” Approximately 16,000 active-duty airmen are expected to be assigned to Space Force. Space Force is the first new branch of the military since the US Air Force’s inception in 1947. As of this writing, neither Klingon nor Vulcan personnel serve in Space Force, nor in any other branch of the United States military. Yet.
Georgia Chick-fil-A under fire for asking breastfeeding mom ‘cover up’
A breast-feeding Georgia mom said she’s angry that a Chick-fil-A manager asked her to “cover up” in the restaurant — and her story has since gone viral, even sparking a “nurse-in” protest there this week. Samantha Dawn McIntosh was nursing her 7-month-old daughter at an Evans branch of the fast food joint Monday when a...
Complete list of Grammy performers in 2020
The Grammy Awards honor the year’s best music — and what better way to do it than to put on a killer show? Kicking off Sunday, Jan. 26, the 2020 Grammys are basically a dream festival lineup stacked with performances from the crème de la crème across all genres of music. And it just keeps...
Rapper YG arrested in Los Angeles on suspicion of robbery ahead of Grammys performance
Rapper YG was arrested at his Los Angeles home on suspicion of robbery on Friday, officials said.
De Blasio no fan of NYC council bill to let green card holders vote
Mayor Bill de Blasio threw cold water on a controversial bill Friday that would allow non-US citizens with green cards or other legal working papers to vote in elections for city offices, claiming the feds should first overhaul America’s immigration system. “I think citizenship is an achievement that connects to certain rights and privileges, including...
76-year-old woman survives seven-story fall from NYC apartment
A 76-year-old woman cheated death Friday when she survived accidentally falling out of her Upper East Side apartment window and plummeting seven stories, according to cops. Police were notified about a woman who fell from a window at on East 81st St. and 1st Ave. in Manhattan just before noon, police said. The woman, whose...
Test drive: The 2020 Ram 1500 EcoDiesel is ready for the long haul
Get your diesels here!
China Escalates Coronavirus Response as Second Case Confirmed in U.S.
The government has restricted the travel of more than 35 million people.
USC needs to bounce back against Oregon State after double-OT loss to Oregon
The Trojans blew a chance to be first in the Pac-12 conference, help their NCAA tournament cause and significantly boost their seeding come March.
John McCain, Who 'Recognized the Threat' Russia Posed to Ukraine, Makes Appearance in Impeachment Trial Arguments
The clip of McCain, who often drew the scorn of Trump, was yet another example of the impeachment managers using the words of Republicans and some of Trump's staunchest defenders against him.
Who are the #HotGirlsForBernie?
Model Emily Ratajkowski was (sort of) the inspiration for the hashtag. | Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images The grassroots campaign is a pushback against the “Bernie Bro” stereotype. Controversial podcast host Joe Rogan has endorsed Sen. Bernie Sanders. So have late-aughts indie-rock “sad boy” icons Bon Iver and Vampire Weekend. Now one of America’s most crucial demographics has joined the fray: hot girls. On Friday, January 24, the hashtag #HotGirlsForBernie began trending on Twitter, thanks to a flurry of people posting photos of themselves coupled with why they’re voting for the Vermont senator in the 2020 Democratic primaries. The gist of the meme is pretty straightforward: I’m hot, and I’m voting for Bernie. Women — as well as nonbinary folks and at least one cat — wrote that they support Sanders because of his commitment to Medicare-for-all, a Green New Deal, the abolishment of ICE, and criminal and economic justice reform. Despite the seriousness of their support, the hashtag started mostly as a joke. Danaka Katovich, a 20-year-old student in Chicago, tweeted January 12 that she wanted to start a group chat for “hot girl” Sanders supporters. Before that, it was a small meme in the leftist corners of Twitter when the very hot model Emily Ratajkowski endorsed Bernie. Her friend Hadiya Afzal, a fellow 20-year-old student at DePaul University, encouraged her to make it a reality, and the two invited around 50 of their mutual followers to join. I wanna start a hot girls for Bernie group chat or something.— d (@dirtydoinks) January 12, 2020 The result was a social media campaign, which dropped today, featuring folks sharing photos of themselves and their support of Bernie. Within minutes, hundreds of others joined in. “I think it’s funny and glib, which is why it caught on so fast,” Hadiya told me over DM. “But the success of the hashtag also serves to counter a super-frustrating ‘Bernie Bro’ narrative that we keep seeing over and over again — a narrative that erases the support of a lot of women for Bernie.” As candidates become increasingly defined by their most vocal base, however, campaigns must confront thorny issues: In the 2016 election, the stereotype of the “Bernie Bro” portrayed such supporters as angry white dudes who were maybe a little bit sexist, arguably hurting Bernie’s reputation among female voters. In the 2020 election, however, Bernie supporters are a far more diverse demographic than that. Polls from November 2018 to March 2019 showed that Sanders is more popular with people of color than with white people, and that women support Sanders at least as much as men do. The #HotGirlsForBernie push attempts to physically demonstrate that shift. if u wanna be hot, just be hot! if u wanna be a girl, just be a girl! if you want Medicare for All, just vote for @BernieSanders! #HotGirlsForBernie— millennium challenge 2020 (@hadiya_afzal) January 24, 2020 The group is also clear that the phrase “hot girl” is mostly a wink to the term often used by extremely online people — most famously in Megan Thee Stallion’s hot girl summer meme — rather than a prescriptive label. “We were clear from the beginning that it was an inclusive group and movement,” Hadiya said. “Anyone can be a ‘hot girl for Bernie’ if they’re just a girl for Bernie.” Jaya Sundaresh, a 31-year-old journalist in New York and a member of the original group chat, told me she received hateful comments from trolls after posting her tweet. “People have a problem with fat women telling the world that they’re beautiful, so my mentions are currently unreadable,” she said. Regardless, she sent it with the intention of having fun. “I think we’re a little aware it’s a little silly,” she said. “But what’s cool about it is the message that a) you’re a girl if you want to be a girl, and b) you’re hot if you support Bernie. I think we’ve been really intentional in trying to deconstruct cis-heteronormative beauty standards in the wording of the message we sent out there. I hope we made some girls feel good today, I know the armies of chuds out there trying to tear us down are definitely putting a damper on things, but hopefully it turns out to be a positive experience for most women and nonbinary people who participate.” #hotgirlsforbernie I'm hot and I'm for universal healthcare, erasing student debt, a Green New Deal, and racial and economic justice for all!!!!— Jaya Sundaresh (@shutupjaya) January 24, 2020 bernie sanders is hot and so am i #hotgirlsforbernie— grace siegelman (@GSiegelman) January 24, 2020 #hotgirlsforbernie supporting bernie sanders is hot girl shit— Gita Jackson, Mrs. Dr. Caspar Darling (@xoxogossipgita) January 24, 2020 #hotgirlsforbernie includes hot dykes and hot dads for bernie because #hotgirlsforbernie is a state of mind and a state of being ☺️— gay for taxing the rich & abolishing ICE (@fatherqueerest) January 24, 2020 Social media platforms — Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, and most notoriously, Facebook — play increasingly influential roles in political elections in America and abroad, and while much of the attention of the 2016 presidential election was on the Russian government’s interference on Facebook, it’s opened up limitless opportunities for grassroots organizing. For progressive candidates like Sanders and Sen. Elizabeth Warren, those grassroots movements are an extension of the candidate’s ethos, which prioritize small-dollar donors and personalized phone calls to emphasize their message. While neither Danaka nor Hadiya are affiliated with the official campaign, some of the hashtag’s users volunteer by phone banking, texting, and canvassing. (The Sanders campaign did not reply to a request for comment as of press time.) Organizers say that while they expected a fair share of trolls, the response has been mostly positive. “Some of the girls have received replies and DMs from people saying they are supporting Bernie Sanders now. The frequency of those have been surprising,” Katovich said. “I’m surrounded by strong women who support Bernie for reasons that are so personal to them,” she added. “This campaign is much more meaningful than the Bernie bro narrative. It became about letting people know that his base is more than internet dudes.” Sign up for The Goods’ newsletter. Twice a week, we’ll send you the best Goods stories exploring what we buy, why we buy it, and why it matters.
Second case of coronavirus confirmed in U.S.
Health officials in Illinois have confirmed a second U.S. patient has tested positive for the deadly coronavirus. The virus originated in China, where more than 30 million people in 13 Chinese cities are under lockdown. CBS News foreign correspondent Ramy Inocencio reports on the response from Beijing.
'America's Got Talent' host Terry Crews challenges Gabrielle Union on racism allegations
Appearing on NBC's "Today," "America's Got Talent" host Terry Crews disputed Gabrielle Union's reported allegations of a toxic environment on set.
Rapper YG arrested on robbery charges at Los Angeles home
The 29-year-old rapper, whose real name is Keenon Jackson, was taken into custody when sheriff's deputies served a search warrant at his home.
Dolly Parton created this meme, and now celebs are in on the joke too
Oprah Winfrey, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Mindy Kaling and James Bond are among the famous folks participating in the #DollyPartonChallenge that's gone viral.
Viral Video Shows Fleet of Trucks Bringing Supplies into Wuhan China Amid Coronavirus Quarantine
The coronavirus has infected more than 900 people worldwide and has caused Chinese authorities to place a travel lockdown on 12 cities surrounding the nucleus of the outbreak.
The best slippers for women of 2020
The best slippers for women
Serial bank robber to be jailed another week before he can post bail
It’s not so easy to walk free when you have to post bail. Gerod Woodberry, 42, found that out the hard way as his lawyer failed to prepare a bail proposal package for a Friday appearance in Federal court. The serial bandit, who was ordered detained last week after being earlier released thanks to the...
Michigan bank calls police on black customer trying to deposit settlement check from a racial discrimination lawsuit
A black Air Force veteran is accusing a Detroit-area bank of refusing to deposit money he was awarded in a racial discrimination lawsuit against his employer and calling the police because of his race.
House Democrats prepare to argue Trump obstructed Congress
The Lead's political panel discusses.
Prada bags up to 40% off during Century 21 sale on luxury brand
If you’ve been wanting to add some Prada to your accessories collection, then Century 21 is where you need to be. The retailer is currently running a sale on the Italian luxury brand, offering up to 70% off trendy handbags, sunglasses, and more. Standouts from the sale include the Galleria Saffiano tote, zip-around Saffiano wallet,...
Bernie Sanders faces backlash from left for promoting endorsement from Joe Rogan
Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., is facing heat from the far left for promoting the endorsement of popular podcast host Joe Rogan over his history of controversial remarks.
Taylor Swift cancels ‘secret’ Grammys 2020 performance
Taylor Swift will not be taking the stage to perform at this Sunday’s 2020 Grammy Awards. The 30-year-old singer had planned a “possible” and secretive appearance on the broadcast, which kicks off at 8 p.m. Sunday on CBS. But, it appears Swift scrapped the plan, Variety reports. Swift already made headlines this week by revealing...
Ridiculous listing for most Silicon Valley job ever goes viral
Wanted: the most capable assistant in the world. A job listing on LinkedIn is being heralded as peak “Bay Area entrepreneur” after writer Kimberly Harrington posted it to Twitter Thursday, garnering mockery of the ridiculous list of requirements. “Household Manager/Cook/Nanny needed for single mom entrepreneur CEO family in Menlo Park, CA,” begins the 1,000-word opus...