Privévlucht escaleert: piloot laat topacteur zelf vliegtuig besturen, ministerie grijpt in

Een piloot is voor de rest van zijn leven zijn baan kwijt nadat hij de Egyptische beroemdheid Mohamed Ramadan had uitgenodigd om in de cockpit te zitten tijdens een privévlucht naar Saoedi-Arabië. Uit een video op Twitter blijkt dat de 31-jarige zanger en acteur zelf het vliegtuig mocht besturen. De Egyptische regering reageert verbijsterd en zorgde er direct voor dat de piloot nooit meer een vliegtuig mag besturen.
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Former Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick enters 2020 race
Deval Patrick, the former two-term Democratic governor of Massachusetts, announced Thursday that he will join the 2020 presidential race, injecting a new layer of uncertainty into the contest less than three months before the first votes. The 63-year-old, who served as governor from 2007 to 2015, was most recently a managing director at Bain Capital,...
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New York Post
'This won't be easy': Former Massachusetts governor joins 2020 presidential race
Deval Patrick, the former two-term governor of Massachusetts and the state's first black chief executive, formally announced a bid for the Democratic nomination.
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ABC News: Top Stories
Elon Musk said his AI brain chips company could 'solve' autism and schizophrenia
YouTube/Lex Fridman Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk went on the Artificial Intelligence podcast with Lex Fridman and discussed his neural AI technology company Neuralink, which hopes to implant chips into human brains. Musk said he believes Neuralink will "solve a lot of brain-related diseases," naming autism and schizophrenia as examples. Autism is not a disease. Musk has talked before about Neuralink's potential to treat neurological conditions such as Parkinson's disease and Alzheimer's disease. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. Elon Musk believes his neural technology company Neuralink will be able to "solve" schizophrenia and autism. Speaking on the Artificial Intelligence podcast with Lex Fridman, Musk was asked what he thinks are the most exciting impacts he foresees for his company Neuralink. Neuralink's goal is to develop an AI-enabled chip that could be implanted in a person's brain, where it would be able to both record brain activity and potentially stimulate it.See the rest of the story at Business InsiderNOW WATCH: Most maps of Louisiana aren't entirely right. Here's what the state really looks like.See Also:In the battle of the Tesla Model S and the Porsche Taycan, it's really no contestMIT made an army of tiny, 'virtually indestructible' cheetah robots that can backflip and even play with a soccer ball — see them in action in this new videoA YouTuber launched a viral campaign to plant 20 million trees by 2020. Here's the list of prominent people who have donated, including Elon Musk, Jeffree Star, and other tech CEOs and YouTube personalitiesSEE ALSO: Inside the science behind Elon Musk's crazy plan to put chips in people's brains and create human-AI hybrids
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General election 2019: Farage claims Tories using 'abuse' to get Brexit party candidates off ballot – live news
Opposition parties are using Equal Pay Day to announce equalities packages, while Johnson tries to brush off hostile reaction from flood victimsSign up for the Guardian’s morning briefingTory pledge to cut immigration triggers Labour ‘fake news’ rowLabour says its ‘extend free movement’ motion misinterpretedFarage claims Tories using ‘abuse’ to get his candidates off ballot Equal pay: election rivals set out plans to target gender gap 12.01pm GMT The battle for Scotland’s anti-Tory vote between Jeremy Corbyn and Nicola Sturgeon became bitter and personal on Wednesday evening after the Labour leader accused Sturgeon of “being willing to usher in another heartless Conservative government”.The two clashed on Twitter after Corbyn’s two-day campaigning visit to Scotland got off to a rocky start, when he had tied himself in knots over Labour’s referendum policy.Nicola Sturgeon has just said this about me:“I won’t help him in power, to get into power, to stay in power.”Just like in 1979, @theSNP are willing to usher in another heartless Conservative government. stuff from Labour - I was in primary school in 1979. I’ll never support Tories in power. But Labour would have big questions to answer if they gave up a chance at UK government in order to block Scotland’s right to choose our own future. 11.54am GMT Farage says he offered the Tories in September to work together on a “leave alliance”. That could win an 80 or 100-seat majority. But the Tories were not interested, he says.He claims this shows the Tories are putting party before country. Continue reading...
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US news | The Guardian
Investigative intelligence platform Siren raises $10 million
Siren, an investigative intelligence solutions provider, today announced that it's raised $10 million in venture capital.
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VentureBeat | Tech News That Matters
Test cricket returns to Pakistan for first time since 2009 terror attack
• Pakistan will host Sri Lanka in two December Tests• Announcement comes in wake of successful white-ball seriesPakistan will host Test cricket for the first time in more than a decade, with Sri Lanka agreeing to visit for two matches next month.Sri Lanka’s team bus was attacked by terrorists in Lahore in March 2009, an incident that left eight people dead and a number of team members injured. Pakistan has not hosted Test cricket since. Continue reading...
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Google AI can tell you how close your voice is to Freddie Mercury's
Bohemian Rhapsody is one of the most well-known rock songs in the western world, and has been watched more than a billion times on YouTube alone. It's likely that pretty much everyone has had at least one crack at aping singer Freddie Mercury's uniqu...
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The Motorola Razr avoids Samsung’s worst folding phone mistakes
Late last night, Motorola announced the new Razr phone, which is a much-leaked folding device that looks exactly like a wider version of the classic Razr. It has a folding OLED screen and Chaim Gartenberg headed out to LA to check it out. Read Chaim’s impressions and definitely watch the hands-on video. I have done so multiple times and have Zaprudered portions of it to try to suss out exactly how Motorola pulled this hinge off. There doesn’t seem to be any visible (or even feel-able!) crease on the screen, Motorola says it’s plenty durable, and the phone folds literally flat. It’s all the things the Samsung Galaxy Fold isn’t. I’ve also got something to say about the way Motorola announced this phone: at 8:15PM Pacific time at a party in LA instead of at 10AM on a tech keynote stage. Put all that together and I think Motorola has avoided the major mistakes Samsung made with the Galaxy Fold. That’s not to say that Motorola isn’t making other mistakes all of its own — it absolutely is. Let’s actually get those out of the way first, just so nobody is fooled into thinking that I’ve already decided this phone is amazing without even seeing it in person. I have not, because: It has a slow-ish processor, which is potentially not a big issue. That processor was chosen to save battery life, which has me worried about battery life. Motorola does not have a great camera track record and this probably won’t fix that. It costs $1,499. It’s exclusive to Verizon. It’s exclusive to Verizon and uses an eSIM and therefore has a good chance of being locked down which means that instead of freeing us from carrier lock-in, eSIM is being perverted into creating more carrier lock-in and [insert Charlie Brown saying augh dot mp4 video here] Finally, Motorola might be a little too cocky about this screen’s durability. That is a long list of potential mistakes! But notice that of all of them, only one bears any resemblance to all the mistakes Samsung made — it’s expensive. That, arguably, isn’t a mistake if you look at this phone in the right context — it’s positioned and marketed as something rare and exclusive. In fact, that’s the very first mistake Samsung made with the Galaxy Fold. It announced it on a grand stage just like any other smartphone of the past decade, which implicitly meant that it could be for everybody. The only signal that the Galaxy Fold wasn’t a knock-around, treat-it-like-you-would-any-smartphone kind of smartphone was the price. Motorola, on the other hand, is launching with a party in LA instead of a livestream watched by thousands of gadget-heads. The main attraction was Diplo, not a tech executive. Plus, it’s the Razr. Before that phone became ubiquitous it was absolutely launched as a rare — and quite expensive for the time — status symbol. It’s trading on nostalgia, yes, but part of that nostalgia was how the Razr was once way fancier than other phones. But after the first Galaxy Fold broke and the second disappointed, I am agog that Motorola has apparently pulled off what Samsung could not: it made a folding phone that goes completely flat and doesn’t have a visible crease. Motorola — the company that has been churning out forgettable midrange smartphones every other month like clockwork for the past few years — beat Samsung, the company that has been at the bleeding (and sometimes jagged) edge of smartphone tech since before Apple was even in the game. That’s why I have been Zaprudering one particular section of the video Vjeran Pavic shot with Chaim — the part where, in a presentation to journalists ahead of the party, Motorola showed this graphic of the hinge: What you can see here is that Motorola has three steel plates that are in near-constant contact with the hinge. There’s much less opportunity for a gap you’d feel underneath the screen — the kind of gap that would allow screen-destroying debris in, too. But the thing that allows the Razr to close completely flat without an internal gap is even more impressive. Let’s take another look at this image. Enhance! Reverse! Slo-Mo! Freeze on the last frame! Relax it’s still a just low-res gif but it will illustrate my point! The hinge is designed specifically to make space inside itself when closed so the screen can form a “teardrop” shape inside it. You can’t get a very tight radius on a folding OLED screen, but Motorola figured out how to accommodate that much more elegantly than Samsung did. One note of caution: apparently as it closes the screen doesn’t exactly do what the gifs above imply. It sort of lifts up off the plates as it closes, as Mike Murphy tweeted: here’s my big thing with this that I need to spend more time with the device to see if it’s a real problem: the screen *lifts off* the device, and seems super easy to breakMoto tells me it’s confident it won’t in normal use tho— Mike Murphy (@mcwm) November 14, 2019 Still, I bet that achieving this interior teardrop hinge would have been very difficult to pull off on the Fold, as it was a phone that folded out like a book to form a tablet. The Razr, on the other hand, folds vertically to form a phone. The whole concept of the Razr is diametrically (or maybe I should say perpendicularly) opposed to the Galaxy Fold. here’s my big thing with this that I need to spend more time with the device to see if it’s a real problem: the screen *lifts off* the device, and seems super easy to breakMoto tells me it’s confident it won’t in normal use tho— Mike Murphy (@mcwm) November 14, 2019 That is the biggest Samsung mistake that Motorola avoided: the one at the drawing board. Faced with a compelling new technology, Motorola chose a series of more easily solved problems on its way to making a final product. I just have to believe that the Razr’s fold is an easier engineering challenge to solve simply because there’s less screen that needs to be folded. Will all these avoided mistakes add up to a successful product? I refer you to my bullet list at the top of this editorial. Any number of those things could sink the Razr — or it could be something else entirely. We’ll review it when it comes out in January 2020 and let you know. Samsung’s Galaxy Fold was the result of hubris and a desperate desire to breath new life into a plateauing smartphone ecosystem. Samsung set a nearly impossible engineering battle for itself, so it’s not really a surprise that it couldn't rise to the occasion. The Motorola Razr is also trying to resuscitate Motorola by literally resuscitating an old, beloved phone brand. But because Motorola chose to fight the right engineering battle, it has a much better chance of winning. The 16-inch MacBook Pro is here + Apple’s 16-inch MacBook Pro is here and it has a good keyboard I’m in New York this week primarily to spend time with the computer I’m typing on now, the 16-inch MacBook Pro. As you can see from the headline above, the keyboard is very good. But the overall sentiment out there is clear: it’s okay to be relieved, but Apple is not to be praised for doing what it should have done all along (or at least much, much sooner). I am hoping to base my review on your questions, so please drop them as comments on our YouTube video (where I’ll look first) or email me (where I’ll look last) at Before then I’ll have more to say, but for now I’ll just note that I have no idea what Apple plans for the 13-inch MacBook Pro. As in: literally none. Apple didn’t include it on its slide of its “Pro” computers at the end of its presentation to journalists on Tuesday (!) and the new 16-inch MacBook Pro identifies itself just as “MacBook Pro” in the about screen, potentially implying it’s like the only one somehow (!!)? That last sentence is a conspiracy theory, but it’s obvious that Apple is going to need to do something quick. The MacBook Pro and Air are far more popular than this computer. + The 16-inch MacBook Pro is now available to order + That didn’t take long: Apple’s 16-inch MacBook Pro was just announced and it’s already on sale + A fully loaded 16-inch MacBook Pro costs $6,099 + Apple’s 15-inch MacBook Pro is no more + Apple’s new Mac Pro is shipping next month + Apple’s Phil Schiller says kids with Chromebooks in classroom are ‘not going to succeed’ It may have been a slip to say it this stridently, but I don’t think it was a mistake to say something along these lines. I really do think a lot of people at Apple look down their turned up noses at Chromebooks. Many of their reasons are justified — but I think that there’s more than just price that makes schools prefer Chromebooks to iPads. Turns out you can’t trust your cell phone carrier + SMS texting could totally change by 2020. Here’s how. - Vox Had a blast recording this interview with Arielle Duhaime-Ross about how RCS is coming to replace SMS and how SMS is wildly more complicated than anybody realizes. Give it a listen and also you should subscribe to Reset. It’s truly a great show from a crack team led by a Verge and Vice News alum. + Why is American internet access so much more expensive than the rest of the world? Podcast double feature! If you aren’t subscribed to The Vergecast, go subscribe just so you can listen to this interview from Nilay Patel. It’s a fresh take on competition and it’s different in really fascinating ways from the themes you’ve heard him (and me) repeat over the past couple of years. Great discussion. + T-Mobile has made big promises about its merger — but talk is cheap This is a very useful history of promises cell carriers have made to appease regulators only to fail to deliver later. You know, just in case there are any carriers making promises right now to convince regulators to let them merge. More from The Verge + Google plans to offer checking accounts next year Why does every company feel like it has to do every single thing? It’s okay to stay out of a business even though a competitor is in it. + Ikea’s first decorative smart bulb is just $9.99 — Hue’s costs $24.99 + Microsoft improves the Surface Pro X with new Edge Chromium ARM beta The Surface Pro X feels significantly faster and has significantly better battery life with this browser — at least based on a version we snagged earlier. But you still have to be careful not to run any x86 apps next to it or else all bets are off. + DJI wants to let anyone with a smartphone monitor nearby drones
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Top Republicans claim impeachment hearings were 'boring' and Trump was 'too busy' to watch, despite him tweeting about it 60 times during the day
SAUL LOEB/POOL/AFP via Getty Images On the first day of impeachment impeachment hearings in the House of Representatives, two senior US State Department officials testified.  George Kent, a top State Department expert on Ukraine, and Bill Taylor, the top US diplomat in Ukraine, described their shock at learning that President Donald Trump had pressured Ukraine to open a criminal investigation into political rival Joe Biden. After five-and-a-half hours of testimony, White House officials, senior Republicans, and pro-Trump activists all claimed the detailed testimony had been "boring" and not worth paying attention to.  "This sham hearing is not only boring, it is a colossal waste of taxpayer time & money," tweeted White House press secretary Stephanie Grisham. Trump himself said he was too busy to watch, but sent 60 tweets about it during Wednesday. Democrats hit back at the attempt to dismiss the testimony, which they claimed provided startling new evidence of wrongdoing by President Trump.    Following Wednesday's damaging testimony by two senior US diplomats during the first day of the House impeachment hearings, Republicans coalesced round a new response: the proceedings are just too boring to bother paying attention to.  During the hearing Bill Taylor, the acting US ambassador in Ukraine, provided a startling new piece of evidence, damaging to the president's defense that he sought no personal advantage from his dealings with Ukraine.See the rest of the story at Business InsiderNOW WATCH: Extremists turned a frog meme into a hate symbol, but Hong Kong protesters revived it as an emblem of hopeSee Also:Trump wants to fire the intelligence watchdog who told Congress about the whistleblower's complaintHow the Kennedy assassination totally transformed presidential cars, from an open-top Lincoln Continental to the heavily-armored 'Beast' used by Trump and ObamaRepublicans are trying to shift the argument over impeachment to what was going on inside Trump's mind, after testimony tore apart defenses based on fact
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Anonymous supposedly resurfaces to donate $75M in Bitcoin to privacy tech
A group claiming to be hacktivist organization Anonymous has supposedly pledged to donate $75 million in Bitcoin to startups and individuals working on anonymity propositions. The Unknown Fund will apparently be used to boost the proliferation of privacy-preserving technologies, with a specific focus on startups and individuals working on personal data protection solutions, anonymity tools, cryptocurrency, and blockchain technology. Anonymous is made up of unknown, tech-savvy people from different countries who met on the 4chan English-language imageboard. “We are you, we are your sons and daughters, brothers and sisters, friends and colleagues. Our ranks consist of representatives of many countries and nationalities, united by… This story continues at The Next WebOr just read more coverage about: Bitcoin
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How this falconer’s team of killer raptors petrify birds
The most important players at Madrid’s Wanda Metropolitano? This team of raptors. Meet the man behind the birds of prey, falconer Jorge Castaño. His army of five eagles and five hawks is in charge of keeping unwanted birds, such as pigeons, out of the Spanish soccer stadium — and off the home turf of Atlético...
New York Post
John Lewis' 2019 Christmas ad featuring Excitable Edgar the dragon will melt your icy heart
John Lewis & Partners / Waitrose & Partners John Lewis has released its 2019 Christmas ad, meaning it's finally okay to talk about the holidays. The ad marks the first time the UK department store has teamed up with its sister brand Waitrose for a joint Christmas spot. Filmed on a fairytale village set in Hungary, according to The Guardian, the ad tells the story of a little girl named Ava and her dragon friend, #ExcitableEdgar. To the tune of a "Can't Fight This Feeling" cover sung by Bastille, the ad shows Edgar accidentally melting a snowman with his fiery breath, taking the "ice" out of an ice rink children are skating on, and accidentally setting the town's Christmas tree ablaze. However, Ava eventually finds a good use for his unfortunate talent — setting the Christmas pudding on fire. In a press release sent to Insider, the retailers said the ad "centers around the theme of bringing people together at Christmas time through delicious food and thoughtful gifts, which show loved ones how much you care." You can watch the video in full below. Visit Insider's homepage for more stories. Youtube Embed: // Width: 560px Height: 315px  NOW WATCH: Taylor Swift is the world's highest-paid celebrity. Here's how she makes and spends her $360 million.See Also:Amazon just released a $300 Alexa-compatible Christmas treeKylie Jenner denied sending any 'Rise and Shine' cease and desist letters, and told her fans not to believe everything they read on the internetAlicia Keys says she's 'frustrated' with gender stereotypes after her 4-year-old son was ashamed to wear his rainbow manicure
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Colin Kaepernick workout event leaves former teammate Eric Reid skeptical
Eric Reid, a former teammate of Colin Kaepernick’s and current Carolina Panthers defensive back, expressed some skepticism Wednesday about the quarterback’s league-scheduled workout.
AOC slams WH adviser Stephen Miller as 'white nationalist' after recent report, calls for his resignation
Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y., launched a petition this week calling for senior White House adviser Stephen Miller’s resignation, claiming that a recent report proves he is a “white nationalist” and the “architect” of what she described as President Trump’s “mass human rights abuses at the border.”
Is Artificial Intelligence Ready to be the Backbone of Our Security Systems?
Artificial intelligence has vastly improved in the last decade to the point where AI-powered software has become mainstream. Many organizations, including schools, are adopting AI-powered security cameras to keep a close watch on potential threats. For example, one school district in Atlanta uses an AI-powered video surveillance system that can provide the current whereabouts of […] The post Is Artificial Intelligence Ready to be the Backbone of Our Security Systems? appeared first on ReadWrite.
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Turkey's president gave Trump back a wild, threatening letter he wrote warning him against being 'a fool' and 'the devil' in Syria
REUTERS/Tom Brenner Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said that he returned an outlandish letter sent to him by President Donald Trump ahead of the US pullout in Syria. The letter, from early October, urged Erdogan in strong terms not avoid slaughter in northern Syria amid a Turkish offensive. He threatened to tank the Turkish economy if Erdogan did not comply. The letter — a stark departure from diplomatic norms — prompted a lot of criticism. Turkish sources told media outlets that it had been thrown in the trash. However, Erdogan appears to have kept the letter instead. "This letter was re-presented to the President this afternoon," Erdogan said in a press conference Wednesday. Visit Business Insider's home page for more stories. Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said he gave back a wild letter from President Donald Trump which warned him not to be a "fool" and "the devil" in Syria last month.  During a visit to The White House on Wednesday, Erdogan was asked why he "ignored" a letter sent to him by Trump in October which urged him to strike a deal with Kurdish forces in northern Syria, rather than invading.See the rest of the story at Business InsiderNOW WATCH: Extremists turned a frog meme into a hate symbol, but Hong Kong protesters revived it as an emblem of hopeSee Also:Trump praised Sean Spicer on his 'Dancing With the Stars' performance, then deleted his tweet when he got eliminatedDonald Trump Jr. stormed out of an event for his book — which accuses the left of stifling open debate — after getting heckled for refusing to do a Q&AThe US is scrambling to invest more in Asia to counter China's 'Belt and Road' mega-project. Here's what China's plan to connect the world through infrastructure is like.
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Before I die: a day with the terminally ill – video
What does it feel like to know you’re dying? In episode two of Death Land, Leah Green meets people who are facing up to the end of their lives. She follows palliative care doctor Sunita Puri as she helps her patients come to terms with their own mortalityDr Sunita Puri’s book, That Good Night: Life and Medicine in the Eleventh Hour, is available to buy here Continue reading...
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Alibaba's Hong Kong listing offers valuable Beijing goodwill
Alibaba's Hong Kong listing will not only land it $13.4 billion, it will also garner goodwill from Beijing to help the Chinese e-commerce giant weather the fallout of a damaging trade war.
Suicide rates fall after gay marriage laws in Sweden and Denmark
Rate among those in same-sex unions falls by 46%, but still ‘worryingly high’, say researchersSuicide rates among those in same-sex relationships have fallen significantly in both Denmark and Sweden since the legalisation of gay marriage, according to a new study, although whatever their marital status, homosexual people remain more likely to take their own life.The joint study by the Danish Research Institute for Suicide Prevention and researchers from Stockholm University compared suicide rates for people in same-sex and heterosexual relationships in the periods 1989-2002 and 2003-16. Continue reading...
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More and more people are exploring their sexuality with VR porn, but therapists are concerned it could make them discontent with reality
Gabe Ginsberg / Getty An estimated 60% of the top virtual reality websites are porn sites, which means VR adult entertainment is big business. Porn director Erika Lust has made her first VR porn film called "360º of Lust." She told Insider it is "a kaleidoscope of eroticism and passion" that helps people explore their sexuality. DreamCam is a company that streams adult cam girl shows to users wearing VR headsets. CEO Stan Gearson told Insider it creates a more "human" experience. But psychologists also point out there are some concerns about using VR porn, like increased isolation, dissociation, and growing more discontent with reality. In moderation, VR porn could be a great tool for people who want to experiment and feel less alone — provided it doesn't overtake the desire to interact with people in the real world. Visit Insider's homepage for more stories. Erotic film director Erika Lust knew that one of the most common fantasies people have is to go to a sex party, so she wanted to make that possible with her first virtual reality porn film "360º of Lust." "In front, you might see Kali masturbating, and behind you, she is having a threesome with Katana and Julia, and then to your right, she is performing oral sex on Mickey," she told Insider. "It's a kaleidoscope of eroticism and passion."See the rest of the story at Business InsiderNOW WATCH: Most maps of Louisiana aren't entirely right. Here's what the state really looks like.See Also:Men who send unwanted pictures of their penises tend to have low self-esteemHow to tell if the person you're chatting to on a dating app is just looking for a partner for 'cuffing season'Most people have fantasized about being in a polyamorous relationship
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Ford's new Mustang is an electric SUV
On Sunday, Ford will announce what is possibly the biggest change ever in the 55-year history of the Mustang. - RSS Channel
Lawmakers turned their fire on Goldman Sachs over Apple Card and said the bank needs to explain its algorithm
Democratic senators Elizabeth Warren and Ron Wyden separately called out Goldman Sachs for its handling of recent allegations that its credit decisions for the Apple Card are biased. Wyden tweeted Wednesday that he is "investigating" the allegations against Goldman and Apple, while Warren told Bloomberg that the bank needed to explain its decisions on credit limits. Their comments came after entrepreneur David Heinemeier Hansson said in a series of viral tweets that he had received a credit limit 20 times that of his wife. Goldman has denied that gender is a factor in deciding people's credit limits, but hasn't explained how it decides people's credit limits. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. Prominent Democratic lawmakers have turned their fire on Goldman Sachs over allegations that its credit decisions for the Apple Card are sexist. US presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren lambasted Goldman in an interview with Bloomberg published Thursday, while Senator Ron Wyden of Oregon said he is "investigating" the allegations in a Wednesday tweet.See the rest of the story at Business InsiderNOW WATCH: Why it's so hard for planes to land on waterSee Also:Goldman Sachs will let people appeal their Apple Card credit limit after allegations of sexist algorithmsApple cofounder Steve Wozniak says Apple Card offered his wife a lower credit limitClimate groups can't run ads about global warming on Twitter, but Exxon canSEE ALSO: Goldman Sachs said it doesn't make credit decisions based on gender, but the allegations against Apple Card could damage its performance regardless
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UPDATE 1-Ford to start taking reservations for electric SUV next week
Ford Motor Co will start taking reservations for its electric sport utility vehicle, Mustang Mach-E, starting Nov. 17, when the U.S. automaker unveils the vehicle at an event in Los Angeles, the company said on Thursday.
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Deval Patrick jumps into Democratic presidential nomination race
Former two-term Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick is jumping into the race for the Democratic presidential nomination. Patrick declared his candidacy for the White House in a video on social media and in an email sent to supporters early Thursday.
WPP says acquisitions back on agenda after Kantar sale
Advertising group WPP will consider making acquisitions to bolster its capabilities in faster growing segments such as technology and commerce after selling a majority stake in its research arm Kantar, Chief Executive Mark Read said on Thursday.
Deval Patrick announces presidential campaign
Deval Patrick officially announced a late-entry 2020 presidential campaign on Thursday, thrusting the former Massachusetts governor into an already crowded field of Democratic candidates less than three months before the Iowa caucuses and New Hampshire primary. - RSS Channel
Recession fears recede in Germany but the global economy is still fragile
Happy Thursday. A version of this story first appeared in CNN Business' Before the Bell newsletter. Not a subscriber? You can sign up right here. - RSS Channel
Father and daughter ballet video breaks stereotypes, says teacher
Erin Lee of the Echappe dance school in Philadelphia says the dads are "super committed".
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Prince Harry and Meghan Markle just shared a never-before-seen photo of baby Archie with his 'Grandpa' Prince Charles to celebrate his birthday
Chris Allerton, Samir Hussein/WireImage/Getty Images The Duke and Duchess of Sussex just shared a never-before-seen photo of baby Archie with his "Grandpa" Prince Charles. To celebrate the Prince of Wales' 71st birthday on Thursday, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry posted a new picture along with a sweet caption on Instagram. "Happy birthday to His Royal Highness The Prince of Wales - Sir, Pa, Grandpa!" the post reads. The photo of Charles, Harry, and Archie was taken at the baby's christening in July. The royal family had previously only released two official photos to mark the ceremony. Visit Insider's homepage for more stories. Meghan Markle and Prince Harry just released a never-before-seen photo of baby Archie, and it's absolutely adorable. To celebrate Prince Charles' 71st birthday, the Sussex Royal Instagram account shared a rare picture of Charles, Harry, and Archie, taken at his christening ceremony in July. See the rest of the story at Business InsiderNOW WATCH: People are still debating the pink or grey sneaker, 2 years after it went viral. Here's the real color explained.See Also:Meghan Markle and Prince Harry confirmed they're spending their first Christmas with Archie in the USPrince Harry just came face to face with his brother Prince William for the first time since admitting there's a rift between themA former royal bodyguard shared the challenges that come with protecting the royal family
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5 things to know for November 14: Impeachment hearing, Australia fires, fraternity deaths
Here's what else you need to know to Get Up to Speed and Out the Door.
The New Zealand man accused of murdering backpacker Grace Millane after a Tinder date said he arranged another date while she lay dead next to him
Hannah Peters/Getty Images; Auckland High Court Warning: This story contains upsetting details. British backpacker Grace Millane, 21, died after a Tinder date with a man in Auckland, New Zealand, last December. Her body was found in woodland outside the city a week later. The 27-year-old man, who cannot be named for legal reasons, is now being tried for her murder. He has denied murdering her, insisting she died by accident after he choked her consensually during sex. The man has given many contradictory statements to police during the investigation. In a police interview shown to the court on Thursday, the man admitted to buying a new suitcase, putting Millane's body into it, and burying it in woodland the day after her death, multiple outlets reported. He also said on the morning after his date with Millane, he had arranged for a Tinder date with another woman, and left Millane's body in the suitcase while he went on it, the BBC and Sky News reported. He also told police he attempted suicide by overdose after burying Millane's body, the BBC, The Guardian, and The Times of London reported. Visit Insider's homepage for more stories. The man accused of murdering a British backpacker after a Tinder date in New Zealand told police that he arranged another date while she lay dead beside him. The 27-year-old man, who cannot be named for legal reasons, had gone on a date with Grace Millane in Auckland on December 1, 2018, the night before her 22nd birthday. Her body was found, intact, eight days later in dense woodland outside the city.See the rest of the story at Business InsiderNOW WATCH: How to find water when you're stuck in the desertSee Also:Video shows New Zealand man accused of murdering 21-year-old backpacker on a Tinder date moving a suitcase said to contain her bodyThe US is being hit by a frigid, early cold snap that has killed at least 6 people and could break 100 temperature recordsThe beauty queen wife of notorious drug lord El Chapo is set to appear on a reality TV show about the friends and families of cartel bosses
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Deval Patrick Joins the 2020 Race: ‘This Won’t Be Easy, and It Shouldn’t Be’
Mr. Patrick, the former Massachusetts governor, is entering the Democratic primary with less than three months to go before the Iowa caucuses.
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48 hours left to save up to €500 on passes to Disrupt Berlin 2019
Livin’ la vida loca pretty much sums up the early-stage startup life. We understand just how crazy-busy life gets, but we’re here to remind all the last-minute mavens that you have just 48 hours to take advantage of early-bird prices to Disrupt Berlin 2019. Depending on the type of pass you buy, you can save […]
Pakistan to play first Test at home since 2009 terror attack
Pakistan will play a home Test cricket match for the first time in 10 years after announcing a two-game series against Sri Lanka in December.
Stephen Colbert invents 'fact-cancelling headphones' for the impeachment hearings
As Lizzo once sang: "Truth hurts." Don't worry though. If you're a lawmaker with a strong aversion to uncomfortable truths and corroborated facts, Stephen Colbert has you covered for the impeachment hearings: fact cancelling headphones.  This fake advert created by The Late Show with Stephen Colbert imagines what such a product might be like. "Are you a member of the GOP? Tired of all the damning testimony you don't wanna hear?" a voice asks.  "Introducing BOSE Fact-Cancelling Headphones, state of the art, ergonomically designed, and perfect for any GOP member who wants to ignore highly corroborated truths from highly credible witnesses." Read more...More about Gop, Colbert, Impeachment, Entertainment, and Politics
Impeachment witnesses can expect abuse, death threats, say survivors of past political scandals
John Dean entered the witness protection program. Valerie Plame feared for her children.
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The real Diego Maradona comes to life in Mexico in captivating series | Ed Vulliamy
When the Argentina legend went to manage a Mexican second division side in drug- and gang-ravaged Culiacán, many feared the worst, but a revealing documentary shows him thrivingDiego Maradona tears a piece of paper, then again, until it is in shreds. On a screen opposite, the team he manages are minutes from victory in the first leg of a final tie – yet his stare is within. Maradona has been sent off for arguing with the fourth official, needlessly but because he cares – passionately.“I told him there was an elbow to the head,” he reflects aloud. “The San Luís trainer told me to shut my mouth. I said: ‘Really? Do you know how many games I’ve played?’ I’m not perfect. No one’s perfect. Sometimes I’m confronted by things I can’t control. But be clear: I’m a good man. I want to improve football, for the good of people.” Continue reading...
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American woman victim of apparent murder in Dominican Republic
Colleagues say Patricia Anton brought joy and laughter to the school she worked in, as police hunt leads in what they say looks like a deadly robbery at her home
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Google demos Stadia UI and lists several missing launch features
In a run-up to the November 19th Stadia launch, Google did a Reddit AMA showing how game casting will work for the streaming service. Stadia Director of Product Andrey Doronichev and publisher lead Beri Lee also revealed all the things that will be m...
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County Clerks Revolt Over N.Y. Licenses for Undocumented Immigrants
A handful of clerks say they will refuse to grant driver’s licenses, heading for a political clash when the law takes effect next month.
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Former President Jimmy Carter 'up and walking' day after brain surgery, pastor says
The Rev. Tony Lowden of Maranatha Baptist Church visited former President Jimmy Carter at Emory University Hospital in Atlanta.       
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One of the top young talents in tennis has been forced to deny that he's a cheater after a camera appeared to catch him breaking the rules by using his phone
Getty/Tennis Channel Alexander Zverev has denied he cheated by using his phone during his defeat to Stefanos Tsitsipas at the ATP Finals in London on Wednesday. The 22-year-old was seen on the Tennis Channel appearing to use a phone apparently hidden away in his bag, during the second set. The ATP forbid the use of unauthorized electronic devices on court to prevent match-fixing and on-court coaching. "I don't know what they saw, but it was definitely not a phone," Zverev said, according to the BBC. Use of a phone on court could be considered a "corruption event" as per ATP rules, which carries a maximum fine of $250,000 plus any on-court earnings. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. Alexander Zverev says he definitely did not use his phone to cheat during his defeat to Stefanos Tsitsipas at the ATP Finals in London on Wednesday. Footage captured by the Tennis Channel during the match appeared to show the 22-year-old scrolling through his phone, which was hidden away in his bag, during a change over in the second set of his 6-3, 6-2 loss.See the rest of the story at Business InsiderNOW WATCH: 5 things about the NFL that football fans may not knowSee Also:Rafael Nadal slammed a 'bull-s---' reporter who asked him if his marriage is making him play badlyHow David Haye plans to make a world champion out of Dereck Chisora, the once wild and unpredictable heavyweight who draws comparisons to tennis star Nick Kyrgios35 statistics show that the 21-year-old American Christian Pulisic is currently the best player in the English Premier League
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Trump impeachment inquiry moves ahead after start of televised hearings
The Democratic-led impeachment inquiry of President Donald Trump moves ahead on Thursday after an opening day of public testimony that linked Trump to a pressure campaign to force Ukraine to conduct investigations that would benefit him politically.
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A Public Hearing, and a Feud Over Ukraine
In the first televised testimony in the impeachment inquiry, top diplomats detailed how a politically motivated foreign policy threatened the fate of an ally.
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After one day of TV hearings, the impeachment battle lines remain the same
Thirty-eight minutes into his opening statement during Wednesday's impeachment hearing, Amb. Bill Taylor, the career foreign service officer and top US diplomat to Ukraine, paused, took a drink of water, and delivered the day's biggest bombshell.
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Three more arrests over Milton Keynes house party stabbings
Boy, 15, and a man and woman arrested in connection with murders of two teenagersThree more people have been arrested in connection with the murders of two 17-year-old boys at a house party.Dom Ansah and Ben Gillham-Rice were fatally stabbed by masked attackers at the private party on the Emerson Valley estate in Milton Keynes on 19 October. Continue reading...
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WeWork's third-quarter losses and cash crunch show why SoftBank valued it below $5 billion
Jackal Pan/Getty Images WeWork revealed mushrooming losses and dwindling cash reserves in its third-quarter earnings on Thursday. The coworking startup's net loss ballooned by more than 150% to $1.25 billion, and its available cash shrunk by around 40% in three months to about $1.3 billion. The worrying figures support SoftBank's decision to slash WeWork's valuation by more than 80% to below $5 billion last quarter. For more stories on WeWork, click here. WeWork revealed mushrooming losses and dwindling cash reserves in its third-quarter earnings on Thursday, supporting future owner SoftBank's decision to slash its valuation of the business by more than 80% to below $5 billion last quarter. The coworking startup's revenue jumped 94% year-on-year to $934 million as it added a record 115,000 desks last quarter. However, a spike in expansion costs meant its net loss ballooned by more than 150% to $1.25 billion. Moreover, its available cash shrunk by around 40% in three months, from $2.2 billion at the end of June to about $1.3 billion (excluding restricted cash and pending commitments).See the rest of the story at Business InsiderNOW WATCH: A big-money investor in juggernauts like Facebook and Netflix breaks down the '3rd wave' firms that are leading the next round of tech disruptionSee Also:WeWork is just the 'tip of the iceberg.' Here's why one market expert thinks Silicon Valley's business model 'is at the beginning of a massive unraveling.'Chaos, crazy ideas, and cashing in: Trump and WeWork's Adam Neumann have these 5 things in common'It seems insane now': WeWork employees bought into cofounder Adam Neumann's vision but grew worried as red flags mounted
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