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Rangers’ Igor Shesterkin provides assist amid strong return to Pittsburgh

Shesterkin made 31 saves in his first win on the road in this first-round Stanley Cup playoff series against Pittsburgh
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Burger King Customer Hurls Rock at Mom and Kids Over Drive-Thru Wait
Police in Edmond, Oklahoma, said the man followed the family from the drive-thru in his SUV and then smashed the woman's windshield.
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Funerals instead of graduation after Texas school shooting
In the wake of a deadly mass shooting the community is almost entirely focused on planning vigils, funerals, and fundraisers.
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Турчак: Участники "Лидеров России" готовы работать в исполнительной власти Донбасса
Участники кадрового конкурса "Лидеры России" готовы работать в органах исполнительной власти Донбасса
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Tucker Carlson Says 'Civil War' Will Happen if Gun Control Attempted
Tucker Carlson suggested that he does not believe restricting gun access would resolve the issues facing America.
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Josh Duggar gets over 12 years in prison at child porn sentencing
Duggar's large family was the focus of TLC's "19 Kids and Counting" reality show, which was canceled in 2015 following molestation allegations.
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Вяльбе не переизбрали в совет Международной федерации лыжного спорта
В четверг в Милане прошел конгресс Международной федерации лыжного спорта, на котором состоялись выборы руководства организации
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'How to Murder Your Husband' writer found guilty of murder
A jury in Portland has convicted a self-published romance novelist — who once wrote an essay titled "How to Murder Your Husband" — of fatally shooting her husband four years ago.
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Nick Diaz targeting UFC return in 2022, wants title shot against Kamaru Usman
"I want to fight for the title. I'm 38 years old."      Related StoriesABC president responds to Dominick Cruz, other judging critics: 'The people we use are highly qualified'UFC champ Kamaru Usman reveals favorite training routines, what's in his super-organized fridgeVideo: After dropping a frustrating split decision, where does Holly Holm go from here?
Congress Can Remove Talent Bottleneck | Opinion
Congress should not miss the opportunity to unleash the talent of the world's greatest minds, hardest workers and keep them here in the U.S.
With Ricky Gervais’s new special, Netflix yet again suffers transphobic fools
Ricky Gervais performs in Netflix’s 2018 special Humanity. The comedian’s latest Netflix special has come under fire for transphobia. | Ray Burmiston/Netflix Does Netflix even care that Ricky Gervais’s SuperNature is rife with transphobic TERF ideology? Who knows exactly what response Netflix expected for SuperNature, Ricky Gervais’s transphobic new standup special, but pardon us while we refrain from clapping. After the backlash to Dave Chappelle’s transphobic 2021 Netflix special The Closer, Netflix co-CEO Ted Sarandos said he believed in “artistic expression,” and that his stance toward Chappelle’s comedy hadn’t changed — implying that trans people would just have to get over it. That seems to be the platform’s party line on transphobia. The company’s long-term investment in Gervais includes releasing shows he stars in, like Derek and After Life, and reportedly paying him $40 million in total for his most recent pair of comedy specials. Humanity, released to Netflix in 2018, likewise reeked of transphobia. In SuperNature, the level of transphobia goes several degrees further than Humanity and even further than Chappelle’s seeming fixation on pronouns and genitalia. Gervais parrots numerous ideas that form the backbone of transphobic TERF ideology, then blames transgender audiences for being mad. Gervais, like many other comedians of late, has spent his last several cycles on the comedy circuit reacting over and over again to so-called “woke” culture and comedy, as if the concept of comedy that refuses to punch down is so egregious all he can do is continually react to it, then react to the reactions to his reactions. This time around, having been through repeated backlash over his previous offenses, he’s at pains to explain the structure of his comedy — to explain to us why he holds the comedic high ground over his invisible future catcallers. See, he stops to inform his audience, the joke he’s about to tell isn’t offensive because he’s being ironic. Now he’s being metaphorical. Now he’s using figurative language to illustrate that words aren’t violence. Gervais, predictably, given his overt approval of TERF talking points, builds his entire indignant anti-woke stance specifically around transgender people: their anatomies, their pronouns, their existence. It takes him all of two minutes to make his first trans joke: A mention of fellow British comic Eddie Izzard, who has long identified as transgender and began using she/her pronouns two years ago. The “joke” isn’t actually a joke, because Eddie Izzard merely existing isn’t inherently funny; but the audience laughs at Izzard’s name, right on cue, because Gervais, having already condescended to explain irony to us, expects us to laugh at the whole concept of Izzard, or maybe the concept of finding Izzard funny, or an uncomfortable mix of both. It doesn’t matter which of these jokes is intended, because Gervais has already rejected the counterargument that a hateful joke is only “ironic” when everyone is in on it and when no one is secretly having their actual bigotry reinforced by the cruelty at the center of said irony. Toward the end of the show, he drags out an appalling sketch full of racist Sinophobic stereotypes, which he insists isn’t racist because it’s “ironic.” Doesn’t matter that this kind of “irony” is what allows white supremacists to operate in plain sight. Doesn’t matter that five minutes into SuperNature an audience member audibly laughs at a mention of rape, which might indicate that perhaps Gervais’s audience isn’t as ironically humorous as he wants them to be. No, Gervais seems to have decided that because words aren’t literal physical violence, nothing he says can cause harm. And once establishing this up front, he proceeds to use trans people as a (metaphorical) punching bag. Gervais has said repeatedly that he doesn’t disrespect “real” trans people; rather, he only mocks specific people he sees as male sexual predators who’ve usurped “real” trans identity in order to prey on women by pretending to be women. This is pure TERF rhetoric divorced from reality. Gervais has spent years making fun of trans women onstage; on social media, he’s spent the past few years amplifying transphobic TERF talking points about how trans people (usually women) are rapists, perverts, liars, and linguistic terrorists. Much like JK Rowling, Gervais claims to be very concerned with the state of cis men pretending to be women in order to rape them, while insisting that “real” trans people should be respected; but if you look for examples of Gervais actually embracing, supporting, or affirming “real” trans women, you won’t find any. Trans people seem to only interest Gervais when he has an excuse to dismiss or dehumanize them — or joke about beating them up or compare them to rodents. Onstage, his obsession with trans people includes a vile fixation on anatomy. He expects his audience to laugh at the idea of a trans woman having male anatomy; he expects us to ridicule the idea that anyone wouldn’t laugh. Over and over again he “jokes” about trans women having penises. He says he personally supports trans rights, then talks about trans women raping other women, implies that trans people are “mental,” and implies that trans people invented “self-identification” sometime after the ’60s in order to exploit their marginalized status. Woe for today’s kids, he suggests, whose too-woke parents might force them into a “trendy” trans lifestyle. Any trans person who complains about his comedy is “virtue signaling.” Such trans people are, he tells us, motivated by superiority and a wish to tear other people down. It surely has nothing to do with the astronomically high levels of violence against trans people, nor the equally high levels of trans mental health issues and suicidal ideation — all of which are directly linked to harmful transphobic rhetoric. Of course Gervais makes no mention of this; it’s not funny, after all, and it undercuts his ultimate thesis that insensitive or deliberately offensive humor should be seen as a form of affection and caring. We’re expected to speak his lingua franca of bad jokes and meet him halfway by agreeing that “identity politics” should be just as susceptible to mockery as everything else. Given the TERF-y interludes, SuperNature is an unnecessarily cruel piece of transphobic rhetoric. But without the TERF-y parts, it just feels superfluous; there’s no real reason for it to exist. Gervais needs transphobia to have something to say, and apparently Netflix does too. The streaming service surely understood that by releasing this special, it would get more of the backlash it received after The Closer. During that backlash, Sarandos first said that he didn’t believe The Closer could cause any real-world harm, then recanted that statement, possibly after trans activists and allies pointed out horrifying trans suicide statistics. (It’s worth noting that Netflix has also made a significant financial investment in Chappelle.) Netflix went through all this once, yet still chose to release SuperNature at a moment when vulnerable trans people are already getting hit with wave after wave of unnecessary cruelty. The implication seems clear: Netflix is just fine suffering transphobic fools for views. It’s just fine inflicting bigoted hateful rhetoric on its subscribers. It’s just fine with the subsequent real-world harm that comes from amplifying such views. The platform’s choice to release this special now, during a wave of unprecedented anti-trans legislation, is unconscionable. It’s not just that Gervais, his fellow contrarian comedians, and his large audience may feel validated and affirmed in their hatred of trans people and will pay that forward in the form of more cruelty and discrimination. It’s not just that actual trans people may be hurt, may internalize harmful messages and shame because of SuperNature’s existence. It’s that Netflix is an influencer; its decisions make waves. By openly signaling that trans people and their allies are disposable within its business model, Netflix sets a precedent that many other companies in the tech and entertainment industries are likely to follow. And, sure, this is nothing new — but that doesn’t make it hurt less. If trans people are to be thrown to the wolves of comedy, one would hope the wolves would at least be funnier.
Wardlow talks his AEW rise, ‘scum of the earth’ MJF, sacrificing to support family
Before his PPV match versus MJF, Wardlow took time for some Q&A with Post pro wrestling columnist Joseph Staszewski.
Designer Nicky Zimmermann on her summer essentials
When sisters Nicky and Simone Zimmermann co-founded their Sydney-based design house in 1991, they had no idea it would turn into one of the most stylish brands in the world — beloved by A-listers like Beyoncé, Kate Middleton, Kendall Jenner and Margot Robbie. What started as a simple swimwear and casual resort line has bloomed...
Землевладельцев могут начать штрафовать за сокрытие воинских захоронений
Председатель Правления Ассоциации юристов России Владимир Груздев отметил, что законопроектом предлагается установить административную ответственность за нарушение требований о сохранении непогребенных останков воинов, погибших при защите Отечества в период Великой Отечественной войны 1941-1945 годов, или неизвестных воинских захоронений
Texas Preacher Jonathan Shelley Calls Pride 'an Abomination'
"According to God we should hate Pride, not celebrate it," Shelley said at a city council meeting.
Sandy Hook victim's brother on Biden ATF nominee's assault weapon remarks: 'Guns aren't going anywhere'
A Sandy Hook victim's brother reacts to Biden's ATF nominee not defining 'assault weapon,' warning 'guns aren't going anywhere' after the Uvalde, Texas school shooting.
The buzziest Hamptons hotels for summer 2022
The Hamptons hotel scene is moving well beyond cozy little roadside spots to high-design boutiques and even mini-resorts. Several splashy new entries will open their doors on the North and South Forks this summer, while existing favorites are getting exciting updates. Here are a few to book (and brag about) this season. The Inn Spot...
Началась застройка площадки в преддверии ПМЭФ-2022
"Процесс застройки - это всегда кропотливая и сложная работа
Full List of Republican Senators Who Receive Funding From the NRA
Mitt Romney, Ted Cruz, Josh Hawley and Mitch McConnell are among those who have taken money from the pro-gun lobby over the years.
Meghan and Harry Will Reportedly Attend Queen's Jubilee Cathedral Service
Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are expected at a key Platinum Jubilee event in Queen Elizabeth II's honor—and Prince Andrew will also reportedly be there.
Japan, Emboldened by Biden and Wary Over Ukraine, Gets Tough on China
"The situation in Ukraine has kind of affected the psyche of the people in East Asia, including Japan, about the possibility of contingency in this region," a Japanese official told Newsweek.
Tiger Woods gave me ‘imposter syndrome’ at PGA Championship: Will Zalatoris
Zalatoris said last week at Southern Hills was the first time he had witnessed Woods playing inside the ropes in the same tournament he was also competing in.
Witnesses say Trump spoke approvingly of 'hang Mike Pence' chant
New York Times reporter Maggie Haberman discusses witnesses telling the January 6 committee that former President Trump spoke approvingly of the "hang Mike Pence" chants as a crowd stormed the US Capitol.
CBS News team and Ukrainian troops duck for cover from Russian artillery
The farming village near the city of Kherson was taken back from Russia's occupying forces weeks ago. As CBS News' Imtiaz Tyab discovered, it's still being punished.
Watch Dead Sunspot Send Huge Solar Flare Hurtling Towards Earth
Fortunately the M-class solar flare was not strong enough to be disruptive for us on Earth, though its bright flash was clear to see for NASA cameras.
В Подмосковье изъяли 224 свертка с наркотиками
Наркодилера задержали сотрудники отдела по контролю за оборотом наркотиков УМВД России по городскому округу Королев около одного из домов, расположенных на улице Ленина
Путин рассказал про ответ на внешнее давление
Ответом на давление на Россию извне станет расширение зоны свободы для граждан и бизнеса
Victims of the Uvalde school shooting
Victims of the Uvalde elementary school shooting massacre are remembered through photos.
Guns now the leading cause of death for US children, CDC says
Firearms outpaced motor vehicle crashes to become the leading cause of death for children and adolescents in the U.S. in 2020, the most recent year with data available.
What Gun Was Used In Texas School Shooting? Weapon Type Explained
A thorough report on what gun was used in the Texas school shooting, including what age you can purchase armed weapons in the state of Texas.
Чайковского, Шостаковича и Прокофьева убрали из программы конкурса скрипачей в Италии
Новый скандал разразился на международном конкурсе скрипачей имени Родольфо Липицера
Путин предложил сформировать стратегию развития Большого Евразийского партнерства
На заседании Евразийского экономического форума президент России предложил подготовить комплексную стратегию развития Большого Евразийского партнерства
Texas school shooting: Salvador Ramos told classroom ‘it’s time to die,’ survivor says
A Robb Elementary school student says gunman Salvador Ramos told a classroom that “it’s time to die” during the mass shooting that unfolded in Uvalde
ShowBiz Minute: Depp, Duggar, 'Elvis'
Johnny Depp retakes witness stand, calls Amber Heard's allegations insane; Reality TV's Josh Duggar gets 12 years in child porn case; Shakira surprise guest at "Elvis" premiere party. (May 26)
Cruise Ship Passengers Sick as Mysterious 'Chemical Smell' Reported
Passengers aboard Carnival Magic experienced vomiting and nauseous, the Coast Guard was told.
Генерал США: Американский ядерный арсенал истощается
Генерал-лейтенант ВВС США Джеймс Докинз-младший заявил, что американская программа ядерного сдерживания должна быть в срочном порядке модернизирована, передает газета Washington Times (WT)
Включите интеллект: какие сверхспособности может дать художнику нейросеть
Решить проблему взялся сооснователь и генеральный директор компании - разработчика визуальных решений Phygitalism Олег Юсупов, чья команда более шести лет занимается производством цифрового контента с помощью искусственного интеллекта, запустив десктопное web-приложение Phygital+
The Mets splurged on free agents. The Yankees made trades. Which newcomers have been best?
The Mets’ expensive offseason approach grabbed the headlines and back pages, but the Yankees’ less spectacular additions have helped lift the team to the best record in MLB.
Johnny Depp Suggests Heard Lawyer 'Typed Up' Lewd Texts in Heated Exchange
"I never said those words," Depp told Heard's attorney, Ben Rottenborn, in court. "There's not enough hubris in me to say anything like that."
Когда можно не оплачивать штрафы с камер
Руководитель проекта "Пробок.нет" Александр Шумский рассказал о том, когда водители могут не оплачивать штрафы с камер.
"Сами разберемся": Роман Мадянов - об "отмене" русской культуры на Западе
Актёр Роман Мадянов поделился своим мнением о попытках "отменить" русскую культуру в западных странах.
Энергетики Шурышкарского района ждут окончания отопительного сезона
В д
Texas TV Network Cuts Away From Jimmy Kimmel's NRA Monologue
The ABC Dallas affiliate WFAA cut away from Kimmel's monologue after he called out "cowardly" senators for "listening to the NRA" after the shooting in Uvalde.
Post Politics Now: Senate Republicans poised to block bill intended to combat domestic terrorism
President Biden has no public events on his schedule Thursday. He said Wednesday that he will soon travel to Uvalde, Tex., to meet families of the children killed in the mass shooting there.
СМИ Турции сообщили о задержании главаря ИГ в Стамбуле
Правоохранительные органы Турции провели спецоперацию, в результате которой был задержан главарь группировки ИГ (запрещена в РФ)
‘American Poverty Is No One’s Salvation.’ Afghan Evacuees in the U.S. Struggle to Find Housing
It has been nine months since 22-year-old Khadija, her 14-year-old brother and 32-year-old cousin fled the Taliban’s takeover in their home country of Afghanistan. After brief stays in Qatar and Germany, they arrived in the U.S. in late August. Like many of the more than 74,000 Afghan evacuees who settled in the country last year,…
Uvalde Families Should Take Gunmakers to Court
Relatives of the children killed in the Sandy Hook massacre showed how it’s possible to prevail against firearms companies.
As Matt Cronin thrives in Harrisburg, the Nats won’t rush the process
Cronin has not allowed a run in 16 1/3 innings for the Class AA Harrisburg Senators this season.