Remember the $160K banana taped to a wall in the name of art? Someone ate it

Cattelan, who is also known for a 2017 art piece that was an 18-carat-gold toilet entitled America, titled the banana piece Comedian. 
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Blue-State Senator from Red State on impeachment impartiality
Alabama Senator Doug Jones, who's up for re-election and an impeachment juror, says, 'I don't go to a partisan corner, I don't go to a political corner.'
Major snowstorm expected to blanket NYC — here’s what to expect
What a difference a week makes. A far cry from last Saturday’s balmy 68-degree weather that brought shirtless revelers to Central Park, the Big Apple could land up to three inches of powder in the afternoon, starting at around 1 p.m., with temperatures of 23 degrees, going to a high of 36. The precipitation is...
Dershowitz on his 'nonpartisan' role in impeachment trial
Lawyer Alan Dershowitz, enlisted to argue against the Constitutional basis for Trump's impeachment, says it's 'important for Senate to hear from someone who's not a partisan'
Coons on Hunter Biden and the impeachment witness question
Sen. Chris Coons says the Senate must confront whether some impeachment witnesses might feed 'pet conspiracy theories' or 'debase the general tenor of the trial.'
Steyer on Sanders, the economy, ad spending, and that tie
Tom Steyer on finding himself in the middle of the Sanders-Warren feud, why he thinks Trump is vulnerable on the economy, and whether he'll ever change his tie.
ICE issues list of ‘fugitive’ illegal immigrants freed by New York City’s sanctuary city policies
Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) on Friday increased the pressure on New York’s sanctuary policies -- putting out a list of illegal immigrant fugitives who have been released into the city despite requests from ICE to hand them over for deportation.
The adorable pangolin is the most-trafficked animal in the world
In the rainforests of the Congo, Cameroon and Central African Republic (CAR) lives an elusive mammal that looks like a cross between an anteater, an armadillo and a pinecone. And thanks to poachers, the pangolin is the most trafficked animal on earth. In April 2019, Singapore seized a world record 25.6 tons of pangolin scales,...
Should newspapers endorse poltical candidates?
The NY Times is making an endorsement in the Democratic primary. Do those still matter in the twitter era - and should newspapers even make them?
Raging blizzard brings fierce snowfall and wind to Canada
A nasty blizzard struck northeast Canada Friday night in a chilling preview of what’s to come in the northeast US. Official measurements from the Canadian government recorded nearly two feet of snowfall and over 100 mph winds as various Twitter users shared photos and videos of the chilly storm. The social media posts included images of...
Protesters mar Macron's Paris theater date with wife in clashes with police
Angry anti-government protesters clashed with riot police at a Paris theater where French President Emmanuel Macron was attending a performance with his wife.
He built his 20-foot-wide house over a secret brook in the middle of L.A.
In Mid-Wilshire's enchanting eight-street enclave of Brookside, the tree-lined community is set apart by the flowing water feature that is believed to run from the Hollywood Hills through the neighborhood and out to Ballona Creek. Most of the classical homes in this neighborhood celebrate the creek with garden features and backyard bridges, but architect Dan Brunn chose to do something radically different.
On an African walking safari, the Little Five let us see Zambia's soul
With the slower pace and detail-oriented focus of going on foot, I hoped to understand bugs, birds and reptiles, not just see them.
Iran to send black boxes of downed Ukrainian plane to Ukraine
Iran said on Saturday it was sending to Ukraine the black boxes from a Ukrainian passenger plane that the Iranian military shot down this month, an accident that sparked unrest at home and added to pressure on Tehran from abroad.
Oprah says Russell Simmons 'attempted to pressure' her out of producing sex assault documentary
Russell Simmons tried to force Oprah Winfrey out of working on the documentary about his sexual assault allegations but it wasn't his efforts that caused her to ditch the project, the television icon has revealed.
Steyer: Bloomberg has got to embrace wealth tax
CNN's Michael Smerconish speaks with 2020 Democratic presidential candidate Tom Steyer about fellow billionaire and presidential candidate Michael Bloomberg.
Meghan Markle gets more bad press than Kate Middleton: survey
Meghan Markle can’t get a break in the British press and receives much more of a critical look than sister-in-law Kate Middleton, a new survey shows. An analysis by The Guardian of hundreds of articles in 14 British newspapers about the US-born Duchess of Sussex found 43 percent were negative and 20 percent positive, with...
Senator makes prediction ahead of impeachment trial
Sen. Chris Coons (D-DE) predicts Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell will have the votes to not immediately call witnesses in the Senate impeachment trial.
New Hampshire governor on competitive Democratic primary: 'Grab the popcorn'
The early voting "circus" in New Hampshire will culminate in a nail-biting race and even more contentious Democratic National Convention later this year, New Hampshire Gov. Chris Sununu predicted Saturday.
Jonathan Scott credits Zooey Deschanel for bringing 'joy and laughter' back into his life
Jonathan Scott is one happy man, and he credits his girlfriend Zooey Deschanel for adding light to his life.
How the Honda Odyssey became the most American car on the road 
It’s one of the oldest platitudes in American politics — and one of the few ideas that both Democrats and Republicans these days seem capable of agreeing on: the existential importance of buying American. “When we purchase products made in the USA, the profits stay here, the revenue stays here, and the jobs — maybe...
National Archives Blurs Anti-Trump Messages in Women’s March Photo
Signs that made references to women's anatomy were also blurred.
Taylor Swift attempted to kick Justin Bieber out of her gym
When Taylor Swift pays the big bucks for a private gym session, that’s just what she expects, even if it means kicking a fellow pop star out of the vicinity.
Kanye West Faces Criticism for Headlining Evangelical Christian Event With Anti-LGBTQ Religious Leaders
West will perform with his Sunday Service collective at the day-long event in Phoenix, Arizona.
The 5 best Amazon deals you can get this MLK weekend
This long weekend, you can save big on products like TurboTax, robot vacuums, Amazon Echo Shows, and more at Amazon.
China Reports 4 More Cases in Viral Pneumonia Outbreak
The latest cases bring to 45 the number of people who have contracted the illness
Trends to help bettors nail NFL championship games
LAS VEGAS — The road teams won both NFL conference title games a year ago, snapping a streak of 10 wins by hosts. The games last year were fantastic (and controversial), a welcome change after that 10-game run by home teams produced average scores of 33.3-16. Sunday’s AFC matchup between the Titans and Chiefs presents...
Column: Former UCLA star Marcos Giron finally breaks into the Australian Open
Marcos Giron won the NCAA men's single championship in 2014 when he was at UCLA. Now, he readies for his first match at the Australian Open.
California teachers sue following Delta fuel dump over Los Angeles-area schools
Four teachers from a Los Angeles-area school sued Delta Air Lines on Friday, saying they were exposed to jet fuel when a plane with engine trouble dumped its fuel over a densely populated area.
EN VIDEO. Analizamos las nominaciones al Oscar y lo que puede esperarse en los Premios del SAG
Nominados y rechazados en el anuncio del Oscar y la ceremonia del Sindicato de Actores
Giuliani associate texted with Trump campaign donors, including about Ukraine efforts
Giuliani associate Parnas texted with Trump campaign donors -- Harry Sargeant III and Tommy Hicks Jr. -- including about Ukraine efforts.
Our love of old buildings brought us together. My drinking drove us apart
That night, when I ran away, he had grabbed me by the shoulders and shook me hard and there was anger in his voice when he said, "You're drinking too much and you have to stop."
Who Is Defending the President?
Obama White House Counsel Neil Eggleston weighs the legal arguments as the senate impeachment trial begins.
Trump Is a Remorseless Advocate of Crimes Against Humanity
The only thing stopping him is our institutions.
NHL is making a push to increase its Latino fan base
The Kings and Ducks are among NHL teams working to reach a new audience. "As demographics of North America are changing, we know that we need to be relevant," says a league official.
Packers vs. 49ers Odds: Latest Betting Lines and Trends for NFC Championship Game
San Francisco is a seven-point favorite as the two teams meet in the NFC Championship Game for the first time since the 1997 season.
East West Shrine Game 2020: Where to Watch, Live Stream, TV Channel
A host of highly-promising prospects will be on display in Florida on Saturday, during the first all-star game of the season.
Alan Dershowitz: Trump impeachment acquittal would make me unhappy
Member of Trump’s legal team says he’s acting ‘for the survival of the constitution’ but will have limited role in president’s defenceImpeachment: is Trump set to survive and win a second term?The Harvard legal scholar Alan Dershowitz, a member of Donald Trump’s team for his impeachment trial, has said he will not vote for the president in November and that Trump’s acquittal by the Senate “would produce results that make me unhappy as an individual”. Related: How to dump Trump: Rick Wilson on Running Against the Devil Continue reading...
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Now that Pelosi has impeached Trump, she will become his stooge
The more Nancy Pelosi tries to get people to take her seriously, the more ridiculous she is. During the impeachment vote, it was, “Everyone will take us seriously if we all just wear black.” For an entire month after that, it was, “Everyone will take us seriously if we withhold the articles of impeachment from...
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Missing California couple found dead in Tijuana, son-in-law arrested
A missing California landlord and his wife have been found dead in Mexico where authorities arrested their son-in-law on murder charges.
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Senators will face tough rules to be part of Trump’s impeachment trial
Sit down, shut up and keep that phone in the closet. Detention for high schoolers? Nope, it’s the rules of the impeachment trial for US Senators. Lawmakers who normally relish bloviating on the Senate floor will be forced to remain silent throughout every session of the impeachment trial of President Trump when it begins Tuesday...
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A man found $43,000 in a secondhand couch and returned it all
A Michigan man bought a used couch for his man cave in December, and this week, he made an interesting discovery — $43,000 in cash hidden in the cushion.
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Sacrebleu! Michelin strips third star from legendary Bocuse restaurant after 55 years
Michelin has stripped the late legendary chef Paul Bocuse's flagship restaurant of one of its stars after 55 years of holding three, drawing anger from the world of fine French cuisine.
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More arrests of white supremacist group members
More members of a violent white supremacist group were arrested in Georgia on Friday, fueling concerns that a rally to be held Monday at the State Capitol in Richmond, Va., attracting pro-gun activists, may turn violent. Correspondent Jeff Pegues reports from Richmond.
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Australia's fires push as many as 100 threatened species closer to extinction
"The worry is that with so much lost, there won't be a pool of rare animals and plants to later repopulate burnt areas."
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Why Europe Is Finally Paying Attention to Libya
As potential oil and gas bonanzas intensify the jockeying over Libya and the fate of its precarious internationally backed government hangs in the balance, the Continent is suddenly getting involved.
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4 Killed, 1 Injured in Family Shooting in Salt Lake City Suburb
The suspected shooter was taken into custody by local police
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Teen accused of slaughtering four family members in Utah: report
A twisted teen is accused of slaughtering four family members during a shooting spree inside a Utah home, reports said. Neighbors called cops to the Eastmoor Drive home in Grantsville around 7 p.m. Friday after hearing gunshots, according to the Salt Lake City Desert News. Authorities discovered five people with bullet wounds and arrested the...
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Trump Claims 'Serious Attack' on Second Amendment in Virginia Will Cost Democrats a U.S. Senate Seat in 2020
The gun reform bills were passed after Virginia Governor Ralph Northam declared a state of emergency over "credible intelligence" that violence could occur during a pro-gun-rights rally.
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