Rep. Jackson Lee claims Biden made 'you ain't black' comment 'in jest', his record on race 'is present'

House Judiciary Committee member Sheila Jackson Lee, D-Texas, dismissed claims Friday that former Vice President Joe Biden was taking the African-American vote for granted or being insensitive when he made controversial remarks on a New York-based radio show.
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NBA Teams Should Be Eliminated From Playoffs If a Single Player Tests Positive For COVID-19, Says Charles Barkley
The NBA season has been suspended since March 11, but teams expect commissioner Adam Silver to green light a return to action at the end of this week.
Michigan Is Running Out of Blood and Cannot Meet Hospital Demand As State Begins to Reopen
The coronavirus outbreak and recent flooding have meant fewer people are providing much-needed donations.
California Man Rescued From Liquid Manure Pond, Immediately Arrested
The suspected drunk driver told officers that he had crashed his vehicle into an "unknown water source" and it was quickly filling up with the liquid.
South Carolina golfer films alligators in brutal fight on golf course
A group of golfers in Hilton Head, S.C., recently filmed what looked like a fight to the death between two massive alligators on a golf course.
Can NASA and Elon Musk lift off?
Wednesday's historic launch from Cape Canaveral would make Musk's SpaceX the first private company to carry people into orbit — and open a new era for America's space program. If it works.
Latin America's largest airline files for Chapter 11 bankruptcy
Today on Fox News: May 26, 2020
HBO Max Countdown: When Will the Streaming Service Launch?
HBO Max is coming very soon, and the streaming service's social media has been running a countdown that unveils some of the major movies and shows viewers can expect.
A teen's guide to managing your parents, relationships and coronavirus
Teens, this column is for you. How can you get your needs met while avoiding strangling your parents? Be strategic and stay focused on what you hope to achieve, and how you can get there.
A teen's guide to managing your life
Teens, this column is for you. You've been stuck at home with your parents for months now, unable to see any of your friends in person, at least not up close and personal like friends should be. Our current situation is a nightmare for most of you. I get it.
Prince Charles Hints at Opera Visit With Prince George As He Encourages Grandparents to Introduce Children to Live Arts
The Prince of Wales revealed the perfect age to take grandchildren to their first opera and Prince George is just months away.
Airline resumes flights to Italy (but turns around when airport's shut)
German airline Eurowings flew Dusseldorf to Sardinia on Saturday, but turned around when Olbia Airport was still shut.
Michigan Gov. Whitmer's coronavirus lockdown policies too strict for her own husband?
Wuhan performed 6.5 million tests in 9 days, state media reports
The central Chinese city of Wuhan conducted more than 6.5 million novel coronavirus tests in just 9 days, according to state media, a drastic move by authorities to prevent a second wave of infections in the original epicenter of the global pandemic.
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Pakistan's flagship carrier needs a radical overhaul. The Karachi crash is the latest reminder
The crash of Pakistan International Airlines flight PK-8303 was a horrific tragedy. But as with most things in Pakistan, it is also political.
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A white woman has apologized after calling police on a black man and saying 'there's an African American man threatening my life'
A white woman has apologized for calling police on a black man in Central Park on Monday, after the two argued about her unleashed dog.
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WHO warns risk of reigniting coronavirus outbreaks complicating efforts to fend off additional misery: report
The risks of reigniting coronavirus outbreaks are complicating efforts to fend off further misery for the many millions who have lost jobs, with a top health expert warning that the world is still in the midst of a “first wave” of the pandemic.
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Casino king Stanley Ho: the man who built the gambling hub of Macau
Macau gambling king Stanley Ho, who built a business empire from scratch in the former Portuguese colony and became one of Asia's richest men, died on Tuesday at the age of 98.
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Loyal dog waits at Wuhan hospital for 3 months after owner’s coronavirus death
A devoted coronavirus victim’s dog waited patiently in a Chinese hospital every day for more than three months to be reunited with his beloved owner. Sadly, the pensioner was killed by the bug after just five days at Wuhan Taikang Hospital, say staff. The little dog won the hearts of concerned workers at the hospital...
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Wear gloves, or wash hands to avoid coronavirus?
As state-mandated coronavirus lockdowns are slowly ending in the U.S., an important factor remains what's the best way to prevent from catching the virus or spreading it to others -- if you decide to venture out into public spaces.
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Coronavirus live updates: WHO warns world remains in pandemic's first wave; hydroxychloroquine dropped from treatment study
The world likely is still in the pandemic's first wave. Will there be MLB baseball soon? Trump's Brazil travel ban begins. Latest coronavirus news.       
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As coronavirus deaths near 100,000, Trump makes America exceptional in all the wrong ways
Trump has transformed America well beyond COVID-19 and the economy. He's eviscerated transparency, accountability, accuracy and competence, for a start.       
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What went wrong in Peru's virus response?
From a prompt border closure to an early lockdown and large-scale testing, Peru seemed to do everything right in its virus response. But now the country has the second-highest infection rate in Latin America. CNN's Rafael Romo reports.
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Brazil travel ban, coronavirus lawsuits, New York Stock Exchange: 5 things you need to know Tuesday
Americans are spending more on groceries, the New York Stock Exchange is reopening its trading floor and more news you need to know Tuesday.       
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Casino Tycoon Stanley Ho, Who Transformed Macau into the ‘Las Vegas of Asia,’ Dies at 98
Ho’s rise transformed Macau from a commercial backwater into the “Las Vegas of Asia” by exploiting its big advantage over the rest of China—casinos were legal
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A pregnant doctor navigates COVID-19 fight in low income Los Angeles
After putting a coronavirus patient onto a ventilator to help him to breathe, Dr. Zafia Anklesaria noted to herself that her baby never kicked during emergency procedures.
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Boston man allegedly set American flag on fire, tosses onto police vehicle: report
A Boston man was arrested Sunday after police say he set an American flag on fire and tossed it onto a prisoner transport vehicle as a form of protest.
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China's military promises to uphold 'national sovereignty' as more Hong Kong protests expected
2 h
A WWI memorial in Pittsburgh was vandalized on Memorial Day, police say
Police in Pennsylvania are investigating after a World War I memorial was vandalized on Memorial Day, according to a news release from the Pittsburgh Bureau of Police.
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Steve Carell and Greg Daniels Struck Comedy Gold With The Office. So Why Is Their New Show Space Force Such a Bust?
The big-budget Netflix comedy is exactly what you’d expect from a show conceived around a conference table
2 h
Review: How much screen time is too much? 'Screened Out' wonders and wanders
Documentary on screen addiction could use some focus.
2 h
Masks spark public judgment, ridicule among customers as businesses reopen
Public ridicule and judgment is common among people who selectively wear masks or forgo them all together in the middle of a pandemic.      
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China's military promises to uphold 'national sovereignty' in Hong Kong
2 h
California Houses Of Worship, In-Store Retailers May Reopen
The new guidelines stipulate religious centers must limit attendance to 100 persons or 25% of the building's capacity, whichever is lower. They also recommend against singing and group recitation.
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China's military promises to uphold 'national sovereignty' as more Hong Kong protests expected
China's top military commander in Hong Kong has emphasized the role of the People's Liberation Army (PLA) in upholding "national sovereignty" in the city a day ahead of expected anti-government protests.
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Uber lays off 600 people in India as the coronavirus pandemic hurts business
Uber said on Tuesday that it is cutting 600 jobs in India, roughly 25% of its workforce in the country.
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CDC warns of starving, aggressive rats amid COVID-19 garbage shortage
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention last week is warning people of an aggressive rat problem in the U.S. stemming from a decrease in food waste during the coronavirus pandemic.
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Brothers allow black widow to sting them believing they'd turn into Spider-Man: report
Three young Bolivian boy were hospitalized earlier this month when they were stung by a Black Widow spider while tending goats in a small Bolivian village, a report Monday said.
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Serial Rapist on Early Release From Prison Is Arrested on New Rape Charge on Resort Island in Greece
He had been convicted in 2012 of raping three female tourists in the same area
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Family of double murder suspect pleads for him to surrender
The manhunt for college senior Peter Manfredonia covered Connecticut, New Jersey and Pennsylvania.
3 h
Couple with matching wedding date tattoos has nuptials delayed by coronavirus
A tattoo is forever. An engaged Irish couple with matching ink of their planned October wedding date were reportedly forced to postpone the fall nuptials because of the coronavirus. Francis Donald, 26, and Fionnuala Kearney, 24, got engaged in 2017, and while later partying in Turkey got matching tattoos of their October 16, 2020 wedding...
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‘Liberal leaning’ media passes its tipping point: ex-CBS News president
News organizations that claim to be neutral have long been creeping leftward, and their loathing of Trump has accelerated the pace.
3 h
Woman placed on leave from work after viral Central Park video
The investment company that employs a white woman who went viral after calling the cops on a black man in Central Park on Monday has placed her on administrative leave. “We take these matters very seriously, and we do not condone racism of any kind,” the company wrote. “While we are in the process of...
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China-US rivalry likely a 'lose-lose' for both countries: Harvard professor
The growing tension between the U.S. and China could end up being a net loser for both countries, a political science professor from Harvard said.
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Korean prosecutors question Samsung heir in succession-related probe
Samsung Group heir Jay Y. Lee was questioned on Tuesday by prosecutors about a controversial 2015 merger and alleged accounting fraud that they said may have helped him advance his succession-planning agenda at the country's top conglomerate.
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Media mogul: Only Trump can save Hong Kong
Jimmy Lai, founder of Hong Kong's pro-democracy newspaper The Apple Daily, has been a thorn in the side of China's Communist Party for decades. As Beijing moves to enforce the controversial Hong Kong national security law, Lai is pleading with the US President Trump for help . CNN's Anna Coren reports.
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Authorities: Bear attacks mountain biker in southern Montana
The man, in his 60s, likely surprised the bear after rounding a sharp corner.
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Retired U.S. Marine salutes, stands on DC median for 24 hours to raise awareness for veteran suicide
A retired U.S. Marine walked onto a concrete median in Washington D.C. on Sunday and stood for a period of 24 hours -- with the hope of bringing awareness to veteran suicide.
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