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Rep. Liz Cheney says ‘I was wrong’ to have opposed same-sex marriage before

Cheney’s 2013 condemnation of same-sex marriage caused a rift with her sister, who is a lesbian. The two have now reconciled, the congresswoman from Wyoming said.
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Biden meets with Democrats, little progress on big-spending bill
Democratic members of Congress trooped to the White House in the latest effort to hammer out an agreement on a multitrillion-dollar social spending bill.
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Army Vet Accused of Fraud in $1M Disability Windfall
The Army vet allegedly used funds that were intended to purchase a vehicle suited for individuals with disabilities and bought a BMW 645ci luxury sports coupe.
Liz Cheney addresses GOP colleagues about January 6
Rep. Liz Cheney (R-WY), the vice chair of the House committee investigating the Jan. 6 Capitol riot, speaks before voting to hold Trump ally Steve Bannon in criminal contempt for refusing to comply with a subpoena.
Americans best not rely on The New York Times’ perverted coverage (and non-coverage) of Afghanistan
Now that the Biden administration’s shambolic Afghanistan bugout is (at least nominally) complete, the big question is: What comes next? The answer depends on what the American people, and the politicians who represent them, believe to be the reality on the ground. And if they get their information from the nation’s self-appointed “paper of record,”...
Boy Scout abuse survivor recounts horror for first time, says settlement is ‘massive step forward’
A former Boy Scout sexual abuse survivor, who had stayed silent about his ordeal for nearly 50 years, says the $1.9B victims settlement reached by coalition lawyers is a "massive step forward."
Work from home could cost NYC $100M in sales tax revenues, comptroller says
The Big Apple continues to dry out as the pandemic-driven shift to work-from-home becomes more permanent — potentially erasing NYC’s $111 million in sales tax revenues alone.
9/1: Beto O'Rourke, Brock Long, Kevin McAleenan
This week on "Face the Nation," Margaret Brennan talks to Homeland Security Acting Secretary Kevin McAleenan, former FEMA Administrator Brock Long and 2020 Democratic presidential candidate Beto O'Rourke. Plus, the latest from the shooting rampage in Texas and updates on Hurricane Dorian.
Milwaukee Bucks' NBA championship rings offer diamonds galore and a twist
The Bucks' new title rings are loaded with references to franchise history and one unique feature: A removable top that can be worn as a pendant.
8/30: CBS Evening News
Hurricane Dorian could strike as a Category 4 storm; 6-year-old girl fighting to get female army soldiers into the toy military.
8/29: CBS Evening News
Hurricane Dorian expected to hit Florida as Category 4 storm; The Queen's Guards try not to faint as temperatures soar.
8/28: CBS Evening News
Hurricane Dorian targets Florida's Atlantic coast over Labor Day weekend; Juul CEO tells CBS News: "I don't want my kids using the product".
DHS' New York Airport flights proves US taxpayer funding 'final step of human trafficking:' 'The Five'
'The Five' reacted to the New York Post's reporting on clandestine migrant flights from the Mexico border to White Plains, N.Y. over the last several months.
Biden’s pick to lead CBP gets grilled during Senate confirmation hearing
Biden's nominee to head Customs and Border Protection wouldn't call the surge of migrants at the border a "crisis" and came under intense questioning.
8/19/19: CBSN Evening News
Planned Parenthood exits Title X program; Report warns of shortages in no deal Brexit
8/19/19: Red and Blue
Rep. Omar and Tlaib address Israel controversy; Texas Democrats trying to oust Sen. Cornyn
California school district tells parents their children must eat lunch in rain due to COVID
A California school district is forcing children to eat lunch outside in the rain due to coronavirus restrictions.
8/16/19: CBSN Evening News
Jeffrey Epstein death ruled a suicide; Actor Peter Fonda dies at 79 from cancer.
Brian Cashman: Aaron Boone ‘part of the solution’ for Yankees
The Yankees announced Tuesday that Aaron Boone will return on a new three-year deal, with a team option for a fourth season.
8/18: Joe Manchin, Peter Navarro, Andrew Yang
This week on "Face the Nation," Margaret Brennan talks with Sen. Joe Manchin, White House trade adviser Peter Navarro and 2020 Democratic presidential candidate Andrew Yang.
Jan. 6 committee votes to hold Steve Bannon in criminal contempt
The House committee investigating the January 6 attack on the US Capitol formally approved holding Steve Bannon, one of former President Donald Trump's closest allies, in contempt of Congress, setting up a key House vote later this week.
8/15/19: Red and Blue
Democratic lawmakers become Trump's targets; Democrats hope to flip Orange County.
8/15/19: CBSN Evening News
Israel blocks Omar, Tlaib from entering country; Astronomers investigate flash of light
8/14/19: Red and Blue
Stocks drop over fears of recession; Congressional seat distribution under attack?
8/14/19: CBSN Evening News
Dow Jones Industrial Average dips 800 points; Plastic pollution reaches far and wide.
8/13/19: CBSN Evening News
Changes made at jail where Epstein died; Bride lives happily ever after, tumor free.
8/13/19: Red and Blue
Protesters clashing with police in Hong Kong; The ultimate tabloid piece of candy.
8/12/19: CBSN Evening News
Jeffrey Epstein's death raises serious questions; Music artists refused to work with Greta Thunberg.
US Navy engineer and wife indicted for attempting to sell nuclear submarine secrets
The Maryland couple accused of attempting to pass secret Navy secrets to a foreign government were indicted by a Grand Jury Tuesday on national security charges
8/12/19: Red and Blue
Trump announces new public charge rule; 2020 contender Tulsi Gabbard on foreign policy.
Lawsuit Alleging YouTube Violated Constitution by Taking Down QAnon Videos Dismissed
The plaintiffs also argued that Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act, which allows tech companies to moderate content, was "bonkers."
Man accused of raping woman on crowded train was released from immigration detention, never deported
EXCLUSIVE: The man who allegedly raped a woman in front of passengers on a Philadelphia area-train already has a criminal record and had overstayed his student visa – but was protected from deportation by the immigration system.
8/17: CBS Evening News
Portland rally met with police presence in anticipation of violence; Child’s Victim’s Act has opened the door to a rush of lawsuits in New York.
8/9/19: CBSN Evening News
El Paso suspect said he targeted Mexicans; Auto mechanic turns life dream into reality.
8/8/19: CBSN Evening News
ICE arrests nearly 700 in Mississippi raids; 45 years since the resignation of Pres. Nixon.
Dr. Rachel Levine is sworn in as the nation's first transgender four-star officer
Levine leads the U.S. Public Health Service Commissioned Corps.
8/8/19: Red and Blue
Gun control debate growing on Capitol Hill; problems with counties' voter purge rates
8/7/19: CBSN Evening News
Trump visits sites of two mass shootings; American flag found in street returned to owner.
How Tweeting Can Be Like Pro Wrestling, and Other Observations
Peter Thiel, decency and the supposed “pro-wrestlization” of tweeting.
Rep. Jeff Fortenberry Indicted for Lying to Feds About $30,000 Campaign Contribution
The charges stem from Fortenberry's alleged attempt to conceal information from authorities who were investigating a donation to the congressman's 2016 re-election campaign by a foreign billionaire.
Jan. 6 committee recommends Bannon face criminal contempt for defying subpoena
The House Jan. 6 select committee voted Tuesday night to recommend that Steve Bannon, a one-time top adviser to former President Donald Trump, be held in contempt of Congress over his refusal to cooperate with an ongoing investigation into the Capitol riot.
8/7/19: Red and Blue
Trump visits El Paso, Dayton after shootings; Reigniting the gun control debate nationwide.
Julius Randle, Knicks expecting Garden ‘chaos’ in season opener
Madison Square Garden, empty to start last season, will be packed Wednesday with 19,000-plus fans as the Knicks open their 2021-22 season against the rival Celtics.
Don’t sacrifice vital NYC savings while fixing de Blasio’s Medicare Advantage screwups
Without question, Team de Blasio screwed up the shift of 250,000 retired city workers to a Medicare Advantage Plus health-care plan. But the answer isn't to call the whole thing off; it's to do it right.
My Husband Made a Shocking Proposal to My Best Friend. And Then It Got Worse.
It only got worse when I asked him about it.
8/6/19: Red and Blue
Trump to visit Texas, Ohio in wake of shootings; Ohio Gov. pushing for 'red flag' gun laws
8/5/19: Red and Blue
Bloody weekend in wake of two mass shootings; Pres. Trump's past rhetoric under fire
Victim held prisoner and beaten for 9 days
Suspect who shot Chicago cop in face said ‘you will die’ after opening fire, prosecutors say
A man on probation who shot a Chicago police officer in the face Monday told him "you will die" after opening fire at a strip mall, prosecutors said Tuesday.