Review: The SVS Prime Elevation are Atmos speakers that can do it all

There are few things you can do to upgrade your home theater experience like adding a pair of height speakers. Whether you’re listening to Dolby Atmos, DTS:X, or Auro 3D, the added vertical dimension makes the sound more immersive and helps transport you to the scenes on film. But while most speakers designed for Atmos compromise on the acoustics, SVS’ $400 Prime Elevation are good enough to deserve a spot in almost any part of your home theater setup. Dolby Atmos speakers usually fall into two categories: speakers meant to be embedded in a ceiling or speakers that are placed…

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Fyre Fest fraudster Billy McFarland contracts COVID-19 in prison
Convicted Fyre Festival fraudster Billy McFarland tests positive for coronavirus at Elkton correctional facility, a prison in Ohio.
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Meghan McCain on keeping guns while in Virginia: ‘It’s not a foreign concept’
"Wanting to be armed is not a foreign concept for the majority of Americans living outside major cities.”
9 m
The 28 most outrageous lines from Donald Trump's Mount Rushmore speech
President Donald Trump jetted to South Dakota on Friday to deliver a paean to what he believes to be is a forgotten America, in the shadow of Mount Rushmore.
Special ed teacher who coughed on 1-year-old in yogurt shop fired from school district
A California special education teacher was fired from her school district after a video went viral of her allegedly intentionally coughing on a 1-year-old at a yogurt shop.
California girls, 11 and 12, fatally shot at birthday pool party; 3 others wounded
Two young girls were attending a birthday pool party in California when they were shot and killed and three others were wounded, according to reports.
Horace Mann students want to remove Bill Barr from distinguished-alumni list
The move follows reports that law enforcement followed his orders to clear protesters in DC for a Donald Trump photo op.
Biden calls for America to tackle 'systemic racism' in 4th of July message
Joe Biden's Fourth of July message focused on America's long history of racial injustice -- from slavery to George Floyd's death -- as he called for Americans to strive to achieve the country's founding ideal of equality.
Rachel Dolezal, who posed as black, ‘vindicated’ by Black Lives Matter movement
The white woman who claimed to be African-American in 2015, sparking a national scandal, shrugs off the years of shaming that followed, insisting she can help inspire fairer treatment of minorities.
Trump gives optimistic Independence Day message, says US is ‘coming back’ after ‘terrible plague from China
President Trump on Saturday gave an optimistic Independence Day message to the nation, declaring that the U.S. is “coming back” and will be “greater than ever before” after it emerges from the coronavirus pandemic -- which he described as a “terrible plague from China.”
Best star snaps of the week: Missy Elliott, Ben Affleck and Dua Lipa
103-year-old man qualifies for world record: oldest tandem skydiver
He took the jump with his grandsons to celebrate their graduation.
3-year-old boy seriously injured by bagel machine at dad’s workplace
A 3-year-old boy was seriously hurt when he put his hand into a bagel-making machine at his father’s workplace on Long Island, police said. Donaldo Almendarez, 50, was on the job Friday at JP Wholesale Baking in Holbrook when his wife, daughter and son dropped by around 9:45 p.m. for a visit, Suffolk County Police...
Hey, sports fans: Joey Chestnut and Miki Sudo crush the hot dog contest -- again
Sports fans are hungrier than ever for competition on TV, and the annual Nathan's Famous Hot Dog Eating Contest served it up Saturday in New York.
Braves' Freddie Freeman 3 others test positive for coronavirus
Atlanta Braves four-time All-Star Freddie Freeman, premier reliever Will Smith and two teammates have tested positive for the coronavirus, a jarring hit to the NL East champions less than three weeks before the start of the pandemic-delayed season.
July 4 celebrations look different amid coronavirus case spike in Southern California
Californians hoping the July 4 weekend would bring a return to a semblance of summer fun instead find closed beaches and limited restaurant service.
Absence of minor league games leaves a hole in baseball’s soul
I wasn’t a baseball guy, honestly. My first five years in the business of sportswriting, I mostly covered college sports — heavy college hoops, and then college football, both the University of Arkansas and West Point. That wasn’t a choice I’d made necessarily, it was just how things had shaken out. Then, in the spring...
NY honours virus victims with moment of silence
Current and former US politicians observed a Fourth of July moment of silence for victims of the pandemic in New York on Saturday. (July 4)
Miki Sudo, Joey Chestnut dominate annual Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest despite unusual atmosphere amid pandemic
The Nathan’s Famous Fourth of July International Hot Dog-Eating Contest did not disappoint this year despite the unusual format of the event in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic.
Sling's amazing free 2-week trial is back—but not for long
Take advantage of these awesome Sling TV deals while they last to get two weeks of television free and more—get the details
At Least 15 Feared Dead After Torrential Rains Sweep Through Southern Japan
Japanese officials say it's the heaviest rainfall ever recorded in the region. More than 200,000 people were asked to evacuate.
Florida reports 14 percent coronavirus positivity rate, Miami-Dade and Broward County reach record high level of cases
Florida health officials recorded another record-breaking day, as cases of coronavirus spiked to its highest numbers yet in both Miami-Dade and Broward County.
31 MLB players, 7 staff test positive for COVID-19, or 1.2%
Thirty-one Major League Baseball players and seven staff members tested positive for COVID-19 during intake for the resumption of training, a rate of 1.2%.
Plastic screens, tracings apps, table service. English pubs reopen on bittersweet day
Latin America sees half of all new Covid-19 infections Lockdown ordered for 200,000 in Spain
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CNN Commentator: Trump's behavior is the antithesis of patriotism
Former Republican Communications Director on Capitol Hill Tara Setmayer criticizes President Trump for his divisive behavior and refusal not to wear a mask amid the coronavirus pandemic.
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Frederick Douglass' descendents recite his famous speech about July 4th
For the Fourth of July, Frederick Douglass' descendants read excerpts of his famous speech, "What to the Slave is the Fourth of July?"
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Plastic screens, tracings apps and table service. Pubs reopen on a bittersweet day in England
The revered English poet William Blake once purportedly likened an English pub to a church, with two important caveats: "a pub is warmer, and there's more conversation."
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Two people critically injured after car plows into protesters on Seattle freeway
Seattle has been the site of prolonged unrest following the May 25 police killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis, which sparked nationwide protests        
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Hey, sports fans: Joey Chestnut crushes the hot dog contest -- again
Sports fans are hungrier than ever for competition on TV, and the annual Nathan's Famous Hot Dog Eating Contest served it up Saturday in New York.
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Five die when packed SUV hits two 18-wheelers
A packed SUV crossed an interstate median in South Carolina and smashed into two 18-wheelers, killing five. The driver lost control of the 2001 Chevrolet on Interstate 26 near Orangeburg around 12:30 p.m. Thursday, state troopers told The Associated Press. All of the dead were in the SUV, the AP reported. Two others survived inside,...
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Mexico adds anti-COVID checkpoints at the US border for July 4 weekend
Mexico added new health checkpoints along its US border this weekend as coronavirus cases surge on both sides of the dividing line. Officials fear crossings during the July 4 holiday weekend could intensify the spread of COVID-19 — despite a three-month ban on nonessential travel that has been increasingly ignored. “Whichever side of the border...
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Rhode Island fights ODs with ad that asks: ‘Do you know your dealer is a vegan?’
Rhode Island is fighting a sharp uptick in accidental ODs with a provocative online ad campaign — “Do you know your drug dealer is a vegan?” — and a fistful of cash to get the message out. The $500,000 campaign, paid for by the state’s behavioral healthcare department, targets users who may not know that...
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Former Phillies pitcher among 4 killed in plane crash
Tyson Brummett was piloting a small plane when it crashed near the Box Elder Peak in American Fork Canyon.
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AOC machine gets a boost after New York primaries: ‘The Squad is growing’
She beat the machine in 2018. Now, she’s got one all her own. Once dismissed as a fluke, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is proving her political power, successfully backing two progressive Congressional candidates in New York’s June 23 primaries as she cruised to victory over her own challenger, Michelle Caruso-Cabrera. AOC proved discerning in her choices:...
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Biden campaign reacts to Trump's Mount Rushmore speech: America is 'suffering' from 'divisive president'
The Biden campaign on Saturday said the United States is "suffering" as a result of having a "divisive" president who doesn't "give a damn about anything but his own gain," responding to President Donald Trump's Mount Rushmore speech on Friday.
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Border Patrol checkpoints are a risky reality for California cannabis companies
State-legal cannabis operators face expensive seizures as they distribute through San Diego and Imperial counties.
1 h
Inside expensive downward spiral of the $315 million Powerball winner
Luck was the last thing that Jack Whittaker needed. In fact, it was so-called good fortune that set off the decimation of Whittaker, who died June 27 at the age of 72. The problems began on the night of Christmas 2002, when the Putnam County, W. Va., construction entrepreneur won a record-setting Powerball jackpot. Rather...
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Meghan Markle and Prince Harry officially dissolve Sussex Royal charity
"The charity formally enters a period of 'solvent liquidation.'"
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Atlanta Braves Star Freddie Freeman and 3 Other Teammates Test Positive for Coronavirus
The tests come less than three weeks before the start of the pandemic-delayed season
1 h
Former Walmart CEO: June job gains show 'the consumer is still very strong' despite pandemic
Former Walmart CEO Bill Simon was optimistic about the nation's economic recovery on Saturday, telling Fox News host Neil Cavuto that the American consumer was "strong."
1 h
Joey Chestnut sets world record, downs 75 hot dogs in Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest
Joey Chestnut eclipsed his own world record, capturing his 13th title in the Nathan's Famous Hot Dog Eating Contest after downing 75 dogs.       
2 h
Florida boaters head out to celebrate 4th of July
The of Fourth of July restrictions didn't stop boaters from heading out in Palm Beach County, Florida. (July 4)       
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7 fighters who should fill remaining spots on Dana White's Contender Series, Season 4
Dana White's Contender Series, Season 4 is right around the corner – and its lineup is filling up quickly.        Related StoriesTony Ferguson to Khabib after father's death: 'He will be front row' when we hopefully fightGilbert Burns tests positive for COVID-19, out of UFC 251 headliner vs. Kamaru UsmanJairzinho Rozenstruik turns down Junior Dos Santos' request to spar ahead of UFC 252 
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Bill de Blasio’s plan to let DOE run school safety will backfire, say critics
Those who remember when schools were plagued by gangs and lawlessness -- before the police stepped in and overhauled the system in 1998 --  fear a return to problems of the past.
2 h
Rep. Eric Swalwell calls for a nationwide mask mandate: 'You're protecting others'
Democratic California Congressman Eric Swalwell said Saturday that he agrees there should likely be a nationwide mask mandate amidst the coronavirus pandemic.
2 h
Women Ask Themselves, ‘How Can I Do This for One More Day?’
Portraits of those who are making it work.
2 h
Joey Chestnut downs record 75 wieners in Nathan’s hot dog eating victory
The pandemic couldn’t stop a tornado! Epic eating champ Joey Chestnut, wolfed down a world record 75 dirty water dogs and buns Saturday, capturing the famed ‘W’ on Coney Island for the 13th time. The 6-foot-1, 230-pound Chestnut, whose face turned beet red as he shoved the dogs in his pie-hole, was gorging at a...
2 h
Watch – Trump: Far-Left's 'Goal Is Not a Better America, Their Goal Is to End America'
President Trump detailed the endgame of the radical left, which has seized the nation with numerous acts of lawlessness and civil unrest in recent weeks, during Friday's address at Mount Rushmore's Independence Day celebration, explaining that their goal is "not a better America, their goal is to end America."
2 h
Fourth of July celebrations draw protests around US
Demonstrators peacefully protested on July 4 to express frustrations and rally for the Black Lives Matter movement.       
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