Riot Games, Epic Games walk opposite paths after Blizzard’s Hong Kong debacle

League of Legends developer Riot Games and Fortnite developer Epic Games responded differently to Blizzard's Hong Kong controversy.
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Scientists used artificial intelligence to discover a 2,000 year-old stick figure in Peru's mysterious Nazca Lines
YouTube/IBM Research The Nazca Lines are mysterious ancient images carved into the sands of Peru's Nazca Desert, some of which are over 2,000 years old. Although archaeologists have been studying them for over a hundred years, new images are still being discovered which have been obscured over the millennia. Researchers from Yamagata University recently discovered a further 142 formations, one of which was discovered using an IBM Watson, which uses artificial intelligence. The success of the project could help archaeologists find countless more ancient artworks lost to history. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. Artificial intelligence has helped archaeologists uncover an ancient lost work of art. The Nazca Lines in Peru are ancient geoglyphs, images carved into the landscape. First formally studied in 1926, they depict people, animals, plants, and geometric shapes. The formations vary in size, with some of the biggest running up to 30 miles long. Their exact purpose is unknown, although some archaeologists think they may have had religious or spiritual significance. Local guides believe the lines relate to sources of water.See the rest of the story at Business InsiderNOW WATCH: Watch Google reveal the new Nest Mini, which is an updated Home MiniSee Also:From 'Jeopardy' to poker to reading comprehension, robots have managed to beat humans in all of these contests in the past decadeElon Musk said his AI-brain-chips company could 'solve' autism and schizophreniaEschewing pitch decks and personal connections in favour of data — here's how European investor EQT Ventures uses AI to stay on topSEE ALSO: Google's DeepMind is better than 99.8% of human players of 'Starcraft II,' putting it on the long road towards solving real-world problems
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Czech gov wants to slap a 7% ad tax on internet giants like Google and Facebook
The Czech government has approved a new 7-percent digital tax on global internet giants, Reuters reports. The tax will be imposed on companies’ revenue from services provided to Czech users; such as targeted advertising, digital market places, and user data sales. The tax will still need to be confirmed by lawmakers in parliament, but if it goes through, the Czech Republic would join other EU countries that are trying to rein in international tech giants with stricter taxation. Both Italy and France have started implementing their own digital taxes after attempts at putting together an EU-wide tax failed last year.… This story continues at The Next WebOr just read more coverage about: Facebook,Google
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Hackers breached Macy’s website and hijacked customers’ payment info
Popular US department store chain Macy’s has revealed that its website was hacked with malicious scripts in an attempt to steal customers’ payment information. According to Bleeping Computer, the online storefront — — was infected with “unauthorized code” on October 7 to its ‘Checkout’ and ‘My Wallet’ pages, allowing the bad actor to capture credit card data. Macy’s said it was alerted to the situation on October 15, a full week after the site was breached. The attackers were able to access detailed personal information, including the customer’s full name and address, phone number, email address, payment card number,… This story continues at The Next Web
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You too can train with the fittest athletes on Earth
Imagine if tennis legends Roger Federer and Serena Williams lived and trained in the same small town. Both arguably the greatest of all time in their own disciple, living and training side by side, pushing each other to new heights.
How a small US town became CrossFit's global mecca
How a small town in rural Tennessee became mecca for the growing global sport of CrossFit
Western hostages freed by Afghan Taliban in swap for top commanders: sources
The Afghan Taliban released two Western hostages on Tuesday, Afghan government officials said, completing a delayed prisoner swap for three of the militant group's commanders and raising hopes for of a revival of efforts for peace.
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US state department official quits amid 'inflated CV' claims
But Mina Chang denies US media claims that she faked a university degree and a Time magazine cover.
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Elon Musk argues in court documents that his Twitter can't be taken as factual because he tweets about zombie apocalypses and being a Martian
Reuters Elon Musk is currently fighting a defamation case against cave diver Vernon Unsworth, who he referred to as "pedo guy" on Twitter. Musk's lawyers have repeatedly argued that reasonable people would not take Musk's insult seriously, partly because he broadcast it on Twitter. But Unsworth's lawyers say that Musk's account can be taken seriously, giving his infamous "funding secured" tweet — which resulted in $40 million in fines SEC — as an example. Musk's lawyers say that the Tesla CEO's Twitter account is filled with frivolous jokes, including tweets about being a Martian and arming people against the zombie apocalypse. Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories. Elon Musk is trying to use his most flippant tweets as evidence he didn't defame cave diver Vernon Unsworth when he called him "pedo guy" last year. Musk's lawyers have repeatedly argued that reasonable people would not interpret Musk's insult as a factual statement about Unsworth. Last year they unsuccessfully tried to have the case dismissed on the grounds the Tesla CEO's comments could not be considered defamation because his insults were "over-the-top" and made on the "rough-and-tumble" platform of Twitter.See the rest of the story at Business InsiderNOW WATCH: Most maps of Louisiana aren't entirely right. Here's what the state really looks like.See Also:Here is everything we know so far about Elon Musk's new Tesla factory in BerlinElon Musk says the UK lost out on Tesla's new Gigafactory because of BrexitElon Musk just revealed the location of Tesla's next factorySEE ALSO: Elon Musk is worth $26 billion and extremely online. Here are all the bizarre spats the the Tesla CEO is caught up in thanks to his Twitter habit.
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Don't do it, BBC! Why canning Newsround would be a catastrophe
From John Craven to Lizo and beyond, the children’s news show has been an institution for generations of kids. Why get rid of such a reassuring classic? When you grow up, you still think children’s TV is the way you left it. To many of us, Newsround is still presented every weekday by John Craven, or by Lizo Mzimba, just before Neighbours. Except, of course, that it isn’t. The children’s news show was shifted to the CBBC channel early in 2013, and soon it may barely be on that channel either.With the rise of on-demand television and the changing ways children consume news, CBBC is asking Ofcom if it can cut Newsround bulletins on their channel from 85 to 35 hours per year. At the same time it will “evolve” and expand its offering for children on its website. The iconic teatime bulletin, a broadcast that has run every weekday since John Craven’s Newsround in 1972, will be cut. All that will appear on the channel is a short morning bulletin, which is still popular and shown in schools. Continue reading...
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We finally know where Rick (from Rick and Morty) stands on the Intel vs AMD debate
Wubba lubba dub duuuub! Rick and Morty‘s back for its fourth season, peeps — and we finally known where Rick stands on the AMD vs Intel debate. Spoiler: he’s more of an AMD guy. In the latest episode (“The Old Man and the Seat”), we get a glimpse at Rick’s computer system (one of his many, we assume) as he performs a procedure he describes as “reverse digestion extrapolation” — a less scientific term to label it would be shit analysis. In the process, Rick boots up his system, which gives us a peek at his configuration. Okay, so here are… This story continues at The Next WebOr just read more coverage about: Intel
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New Half-Life sequel likely to be high-end VR exclusive
Valve’s follow-up to its beloved sci-fi shooter may feature a rare woman of colour as hero and is expected to be exclusive to its HTC Vive headsetIt’s the news millions of veteran gamers have been waiting more than a decade for: another title in the sci-fi shooter series Half-Life.Developer Valve Corporation has tweeted that a game entitled Half-Life: Alyx is in development and that more details will be revealed on 21 November. Excitement was perhaps tempered, however, by the nature of the project. Half-Life: Alyx is a virtual reality game that will likely to be exclusive to the high-end HTC Vive headset, which Valve co-developed. Continue reading...
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Reporter: Uyghurs say camps meant to eradicate culture
CNN's Rosemary Church interviews Austin Ramzy, one of the New York Times' reporters who worked on a story based on more than 400 pages of leaked sensitive Chinese Communist Party documents that link President Xi Jinping to the country's mass detention centers in the far western region of Xinjiang.
How New Yorkers Are Shaping the Trump Impeachment Inquiry
An upstate Republican and a Hudson Valley Democrat play roles in the Washington hearings.  
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Nowt But a Fleeting Thing: the reality of farming
Dom Bush’s film documents farming’s complex issues through a character-led story about a father and a sonOur latest Guardian documentary, Nowt But a Fleeting Thing, has just launched: a father and son story about the challenges of farming and a changing world in the north of England. It’s a beautiful film directed by Dom Bush and made with the support of the Joseph Rowntree Foundation. Continue reading...
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Why voice assistants should stick to sounding like robots
More than 200m homes now have a smart speaker providing voice-controlled access to the internet, according to one global estimate. Add this to the talking virtual assistants installed on many smartphones, not to mention kitchen appliances and cars, and that’s a lot of Alexas and Siris. Because talking is a fundamental part of being human, it is tempting to think these assistants should be designed to talk and behave like us. While this would give us a relatable way to interact with our devices, replicating genuinely realistic human conversations is incredibly difficult. What’s more, research suggests making a machine sound… This story continues at The Next Web
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US and Australian hostage freed in Taliban prisoner swap
The men were released on Tuesday as three high-ranking Taliban prisoners arrived in Qatar, sources say.
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With Democratic Field In Flux, What To Watch For At The November Debate
Pete Buttigieg may face scrutiny after popping in the polls. Elizabeth Warren provided answers about her health care plan, and now she'll have to defend them. And is the field finally set?
News : NPR
Oil slips to $62 as trade talks drag on
Oil extended declines to $62 a barrel on Tuesday, pressured by limited progress in efforts to resolve the trade conflict between the United States and China as well as an expected rise in U.S. crude inventories.
'Start Here': What to expect during today's public impeachment hearings
It's Tuesday, Nov. 19, 2019. Here's what you need to know to start your day.
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This 'Jedi: Fallen Order' lightsaber is also a motion controller
Twitch streamer and DIY gaming accessory buff Dylan "Rudeism" Beck, who created a hilarious Untitled Goose Game "controller," is at it again with the new Star Wars title Jedi: Fallen Order. He built a motion-controlled lightsaber and a force glove th...
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Watch live: House kicks off second week of impeachment hearings
Alexander Vindman and Jennifer Williams are slated to testify Tuesday morning as the second week of impeachment hearings gets underway
CBS News - Breaking News, U.S., World, Business, Entertainment & Video
Hong Kong University Standoff Continues as a New Police Chief Is Appointed to Handle Unrest
Hard-core protesters remain barricaded inside a university after a days-long siege
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Work, work, work: Beyoncé's labour of liberation
Leading a creative revolution whose ripples were seen from Kanye to Donald Glover to Little Simz, Beyoncé consigned the idea of performers ‘sticking to the music’ to history• The decade in music: Alexis Petridis on how Ed Sheeran brought pop back down to earthBy now, it’s a cliche. “You have as many hours in a day as Beyoncé,” the saying goes. You can find its words slapped on mugs, T-shirts and Instagram quotes or murmured into the bathroom mirror as a bleary-eyed morning affirmation. The backlash (largely led by white women) to this tongue-in-cheek attempt at self-motivation has already pointed out its blind spots around class. Of course, you, regular human with looming mounds of debt and bills, can’t “maximise” your time like a pop star with entire creative and personal teams to eliminate her drudgery. That’s obvious.But the sentiment – that Beyoncé would, at one point, have been a nobody just like you, with as much time to work with – still holds true. Like her or not, she leveraged a childhood work ethic into a career that spreads beyond her role as a performer. Yes, Beyoncé is a singer. Yes, she often co-writes. In addition, she is also an all-round entertainment mogul, directing documentaries and music visuals, executive-producing film soundtracks and commanding a wider, ephemeral level of cultural influence – not to mention moving into fashion. Continue reading...
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Your dog’s real age in ‘dog years’ revealed (and it’s not their age multiplied by seven)
Working out your pet's age in 'dog years' simply by multiplying it by seven is actually a myth.
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Poll: Americans Overwhelmingly Say Impeachment Hearings Won't Change Their Minds
The poll shows just how locked in most Americans are in their partisan positions, even as nearly a dozen people have either testified or are set to testify in the impeachment inquiry.
News : NPR
Impeachment Hearings Resume With White House, State Department Witnesses
House Democrats are set to kick off week two of their impeachment hearings on Tuesday with witnesses who listened firsthand when President Trump spoke on July 25 with President Volodymyr Zelenskiy.
News : NPR
Starting Your Own Business Is Hard. Here’s Some Advice.
Other women have done it with great success, and here are some steps you can take to follow their lead.
The New York Times
These Villages in Thailand Are Part of the Global Economy. Go to Ikea to Find Out.
A project employing women from poor hill tribes is transforming lives in northern Thailand.
The New York Times
Dealing With Bias in Artificial Intelligence
Three women with extensive experience in A.I. spoke on the topic and how to confront it.
The New York Times
Poverty Impacts Access to Health Care. These Women Are Trying to Change That.
A look at three women who are working to make people with low incomes healthier.
The New York Times
Apple TV Plus and Disney Plus: What Shows Are Worth Watching?
The initial lineups of original shows on the two streaming services are hit-and-miss. But here are five worth checking out.
The New York Times
How Can Female Entrepreneurs Attract Financing?
Money is the biggest stumbling block for start-ups led by women, but there are ways to work around that.
The New York Times
How Democrats Would Tax High-Income Professionals (Not Just the Mega-Rich)
Moody’s data shows that higher taxes would be paid disproportionately in Democratic-leaning states.
The New York Times
The Backstory to Bolivia’s Coup
Evo Morales helped Bolivians prosper. But he didn’t know when to step down.
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Unite to Remain could hurt the anti-Brexit cause. That’s why I quit the Green party | Tom Meadowcroft
As a prospective Green MP, I would have taken crucial votes from Labour – but its Brexit policy is the closest to oursOn Friday 8 November, I decided to stand down as the Green party candidate for Filton and Bradley Stoke in South Gloucestershire. Here’s why.Party politics didn’t come naturally to me. I was a twentysomething crypto-anarchist wastrel from the outer suburbs of Bristol who’d spent five years after university moving between jobs and getting distracted. Then, in 2018, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) gave humanity 12 years to reorganise itself to limit climate catastrophe. A few months later, my son Finn was born. It was time to get serious about the climate crisis. I particularly liked the Greens’ advocacy for “post-growth economics” (unlike Labour) and their democratic party structures. I got in touch with my local Green party in March 2019. Continue reading...
US news | The Guardian
50 last-minute gifts that will actually arrive on time
Oops, you did it again. You waited until the last minute to get a gift. You love your parents, boyfriend/girlfriend, friends, and other family members, but sometimes they're hard to shop for and time just gets away from you. We get it and we're not here to judge. Rather, we are here to help. Finding a last-minute gift that's actually meaningful is hard, to be quite honest. But it's not impossible. There are still ways to get personalized or sentimental gifts even in a time crunch. SEE ALSO: Best travel gifts: 30 gift ideas for people who love to travel Gift cards are generally the first thought when it comes to last-minute gifts, and while those are great, they're not your only option. Throughout this guide, you will see some gift cards, but don't feel like you're stuck getting one. Read more...More about Gift Guide, Online Shopping, Mashable Shopping, Last Minute, and Culture IMAGE: MEUNDIES $25 MeUndies gift card -- See Details IMAGE: HEADSPACE $12.99 Headspace subscription -- See Details IMAGE: SHARI'S BERRIES $34.99 Chocolate covered strawberries -- See Details IMAGE: AMAZON $119 Amazon Prime membership -- See Details IMAGE: AMAZON $10 Magazine subscription -- See Details IMAGE: DROPBOX $9.99 Dropbox cloud storage -- See Details IMAGE: PEXELS Classroom donation -- See Details IMAGE: KIVA Kiva loan -- See Details IMAGE: UDEMY $12 Online course -- See Details IMAGE: THE BOUQS CO. $49 Bouquet of flowers -- See Details IMAGE: CHERYL'S COOKIES $39.99 Cheryl's cookies -- See Details IMAGE: MASSAGE ENVY $75 Massage Envy gift card -- See Details IMAGE: CVS $14.99 Photo print -- See Details IMAGE: AMAZON $15 Amazon gift card -- See Details IMAGE: HEALTHSMART $38.45 Essential oil diffuser -- See Details IMAGE: YETI $29.99 Yeti insulated tumbler -- See Details IMAGE: THE PRINTABLE STUDIO Downloadable prints -- See Details IMAGE: SCREENSHOT / THE NEW YORK TIMES $40 'New York Times' subscripition -- See Details IMAGE: WINC $60 Winc subscription -- See Details IMAGE: MCOOL $9.99 Reusable straws -- See Details IMAGE: 23ANDME $199 23andMe DNA kit -- See Details IMAGE: AMAZON $89.99 Echo Show 5 -- See Details IMAGE: NETFLIX $25 Netflix gift card -- See Details IMAGE: HULU $25 Hulu gift card -- See Details IMAGE: SPOTIFY $10 Spotify gift card -- See Details IMAGE: BAMBÜSI $54.99 Bamboo cheese board -- See Details IMAGE: AMAZON $9.99 Kindle Unlimited -- See Details IMAGE: EA / ORIGIN $39.99 The Sims 4 -- See Details IMAGE: ALO YOGA $20 Alo Moves online yoga service -- See Details IMAGE: TERRAPASS $4.99 Terrapass carbon offset -- See Details IMAGE: SEPHORA $25 Sephora gift card -- See Details IMAGE: PEXELS Concert tickets -- See Details IMAGE: HOTELS.COM gift card -- See Details IMAGE: ASOS $19 ASOS premier delivery service -- See Details IMAGE: GROUPON A Groupon -- See Details IMAGE: BIRCHBOX $30 Birchbox subscription -- See Details IMAGE: THE SILL $25 The Sill digital gift card -- See Details IMAGE: DISNEY $25 Disney gift card -- See Details IMAGE: MICROSOFT Xbox gift card -- See Details IMAGE: PLAYSTATION PlayStation gift card -- See Details IMAGE: AMC THEATRES AMC Stubs A-List membership -- See Details IMAGE: MASTERCLASS $180 MasterClass -- See Details IMAGE: PRIVATE INTERNET ACCESS $39.95 VPN -- See Details IMAGE: LYFT Lyft rides -- See Details IMAGE: ROSETTA STONE $79 Rosetta Stone -- See Details IMAGE: HELLOFRESH $59.94 HelloFresh subscription -- See Details IMAGE: POSTMATES Postmates gift card -- See Details IMAGE: APPLE $159 Apple AirPods -- See Details IMAGE: AMAZON $49.99 Fire TV Stick 4K -- See Details IMAGE: VISA $25 Visa gift card -- See Details
This is the one thing you should absolutely buy in November
Have you been feeling SAD? Seasonal Affective Disorder, that is. It's not as uncommon as you may think. The leaves fall, the sun sets at 5 pm, and the seasonal depression begins. While there's nothing you can do to change daylight saving time, you can make your inside space a bit brighter.  Happy lights are a drug-free way to combat seasonal blues. No prescription is needed, just a place to plug in your personal ball of sunshine.  Of course, a bright lamp is no match for a qualified therapist or medical professional. If you just can't seem to shake the blues no matter what you do, or if you ever have thoughts of harming yourself or others, know that you are not aloneTake advantage of these resources to get the help you need.  Read more...More about Tech, Culture, Light Therapy, Seasonal Affective Disorder, and Mashable Shopping IMAGE: Amazon OUR TOP PICK Verilux HappyLight A highly trusted brand name in the light therapy space, the Verilux HappyLight consistently gets solid online reviews from customers. Max LUX amount: 10,000 $79.95 from Amazon IMAGE: Amazon BEST ROUND-SHAPED LAMP Circadian Optics Lampu Not only will it help you feel better, but it will look really nice on a bedside table as well. Max LUX amount: 10,000 $64.99 from Amazon IMAGE: Amazon BEST FOR DESIGN Circadian Optics Lattis A great option for those who dislike the "tech" look of other option, this device features a stylish, modern look that can easily pass as an everyday table lamp. Max LUX amount: 10,000 $69.99 from Amazon IMAGE: Amazon BEST BANG FOR YOUR BUCK Comenzar Sun Lamp Get 12,000 LUX for about half the price of other lamps on this list. Max LUX amount:: 12,000 $35.99 from Amazon IMAGE: Amazon BEST FOR SAVING SPACE Circadian Optics Lumos 2.0 Super convenient, adjustable, and ultra portable, this tiny happy light gets star marks. Max LUX amount: 10,000 $39.99 from Amazon IMAGE: Amazon MOST EASY-TO-USE LAMP Miroco LED Bright White Therapy Light Beloved by Amazon reviewers, its easy-to-understand controls make it a friendly device for all users. Max LUX amount: 10,000 $39.99 from Amazon IMAGE: Amazon BUDGET PICK FITFIRST Portable Light Therapy Energy Lamp The cheapest option on our list, this lamp will still deliver the power and easy-of-use that you'll love. Max LUX amount: 10,000 $29.99 from Amazon
Grind your coffee — and brew it too — with this early Black Friday deal
TL;DR: Get the time-saving Chefman 4-Cup Grind & Brew Coffee Maker for $75, a 24% savings.  Years from now, when we look back on the past from whatever flooded dystopia we call home, we’ll remember this moment as the age of the "OK Boomer" clap-back.  The phrase is currently the go-to response to an out-of-touch older generation who offer up advice like “stop eating avocado toast and you could afford a house” or “make coffee at home and you’ll save enough to pay off your student debt."  Whether you agree with Boomer sentiments or not, many of us — no matter our age — view a small pleasure like buying coffee as a rare concession in a tough world. Sure, we could save a bit of money if we made it at home, but not enough to get out of the red and onto the property ladder. Read more...More about Coffee, Kitchen, Mashable Shopping, Consumer Tech, and Tech
Protect your smartphone with 20% off Defense cases and chargers
TL;DR: Save 20% off Defense cases and chargers with the coupon code 20MASHABLE for a limited time. In a mega-multitasking world, phone fumbles happen all the time. Even if you’re not walking and texting (and let’s be honest, most of us do that regularly) or snapping pics in touchscreen-enabled gloves, phones have a way of slipping out of our hands at the worst possible places (concrete sidewalk, anyone?). While early generations of the iPhone were as fragile as teacups, the iPhone 11 series launched with a focus on increased durability. However, when put to the test, even these toughened-up versions can still crack under pressure. Get some peace of mind, protect your precious devices, and save 20% off all Defense cases and chargers with the code 20MASHABLE. Read more...More about Phone Charger, Phone Case, Mashable Shopping, Sponsored Shopping, and Tech
'The Crown' Season 3 completely ignored Princess Anne's most dramatic '70s moment
Earlier seasons of Netflix’s The Crown had it easier than Season 3. The first two installments of the period drama about the reign of Queen Elizabeth II focused primarily on the Queen Mother, Queen Elizabeth, Prince Philip, and Princess Margaret; the third season adds in a new generation of main characters in Prince Charles and Princess Anne. Those early seasons also covered less time than Season 3, with Season 1 spanning a mere five years, Season 2 spanning ten, and Season 3 cramming a whole 13 in the same ten episode run time.  It’s natural that a season with more characters and years to cover would have to cut some major events, but Season 3 does so at the disservice of Princess Anne, who went through a lot in the 1970s: she competed in the Montreal Olympics, married a commoner, and was the victim of a failed kidnapping attempt that was so dramatic it inspired a Tom Clancy novel.  Read more...More about Princess Anne, The Crown Seaosn 3, Erin Doherty, Entertainment, and Movies Tv Shows
If you're going to buy one thing this week, make it this plastic welding kit
TL;DR: The pocket BONDIC Pocket 3D Liquid Plastic Welding Kit is on sale for $14.99, a 40% savings.  It's finally happened — your phone charger is down to it's last, sad frayed wire and you'll be forced to spend money on a new one in no time. You've already tried using tape to hold it together, but you know that's only a temporary fix. You need something stronger.  Don't give up on your sad, worn down charger just yet — you can breathe new life into your weathered and broken electronics with this liquid plastic welding kit. The BONDIC pocket welder allows you to use liquid plastic to clean, fill, cure, or shape whatever you need, and it only hardens when you cure it with the included UV light, giving you total control of your repair experience. Lucky for you, it's on sale ahead of Black Friday for less than $13. Read more...More about Home, Mashable Shopping, Consumer Tech, Cool Gadgets, and Tech
Double amputee Hari Budha Magar aims for an Everest first
Hari Budha Magar is laughing. He does that a lot. The ex-soldier turned mountaineer was being reminded that even at the top of the world in the freezing cold, there's no danger of him getting frostbitten toes. Because he doesn't have any. - RSS Channel
Taliban say US and Australian hostages freed in prisoner swap
Timothy Weeks and Kevin King have spent more than three years in captivity The Taliban say they have released an American and an Australian held hostage since 2016 in exchange for three top Taliban figures who were released by the Kabul government and flown out of Afghanistan the previous day.Australian Timothy Weeks, 50 and Kevin King, 63, an American, were released in southern Zabul province, ending their more than three years in captivity. Continue reading...
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US news | The Guardian
Jordan says US settlement decision is 'entrenching occupation'
US said on Monday Israeli settlements on West Bank were no longer considered illegal Jordan has accused the US of entrenching the Israeli occupation of the Palestinian territories, after Washington announced it did not consider Jewish settlements in the occupied West Bank to necessarily be illegal.Ayman Safadi, the Jordanian foreign minister, slammed the US decision, saying settlements “kill the two-state solution”, the most widely accepted blueprint for Middle East peace.“Entrenching the occupation and its injustice, and violating the resolutions of international legitimacy will not achieve peace, and will not guarantee security and stability,” he said, according to state media.“Nothing changes the illegal reality of settlements that the international community is unanimous in condemning,” he added. Continue reading...
1 h
US news | The Guardian
A year after arrest, Ghosn seeks trial date, access to evidence
A year after his arrest, Nissan ex-Chairman Carlos Ghosn remains stuck in Tokyo under stringent bail conditions and without a trial date as he seeks access to a trove of Nissan emails and other evidence to fight charges of financial misconduct.
1 h
Moscow court rejects appeal of US man held on espionage charges
Paul Whelan, who has been held for 11 months, has called his case a ‘hostage situation’A Moscow court has upheld the arrest of Paul Whelan, an American citizen being held in Russia on espionage charges who has called his case a “hostage situation”.The court rejected Whelan’s appeal to be released from Russia’s notorious Lefortovo prison, where he has been held for more than 11 months, in a hearing closed to the press because his case is classified. Continue reading...
1 h
US news | The Guardian
Marcus Rashford Pleased with Form After 'Tough Period' for England, Man United
Manchester United and England forward Marcus Rashford has suggested he's gaining confidence having hit a more prolific patch of form following a "tough period" for club and country...
1 h
California Sues E-Cigarette Maker Juul Over Ads and Youth Sales
The lawsuit from California’s attorney general is the latest legal action against Juul
1 h
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