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The Michigan Marching Band finds a future recruit in a 9-year-old
After attending his first University of Michigan football game, 9-year-old Henry Boyer knew what he wanted to do when he grows up.
Letters: Don't worry, Astros, readers haven't forgotten about you
Letters to the sports editor
Phoenix woman fights to keep frozen embryos
The new law says in the case of a divorce, frozen embryos will go to the spouse who intends to use them to have a baby.
Coroner identifies 4 people killed in Corona plane crash
The Riverside County coroner's office has released the names, ages and cities of the four people, aged 61-85, who died Wednesday in a Corona plane crash.
Fox News Digital had best year ever in 2019, topping CNN in key categories
Fox News has long dominated the television cable news ratings, but 2019 was also a banner year for Fox News Digital, which had its best year ever and set new highs across a variety of categories.
Who Is Drinking Milk in the Senate?
Who dares dairy?
Day 4: Impeachment trial scenes you can't see on TV
Views of the Senate chamber are still limited by restrictive TV camera rules.
Cleanup of orphaned oil wells could cost California $500 million, new report says
There are 5,500 orphaned wells statewide, most of them in L.A. and Long Beach. Thousands more are unproductive and could add to the state's liability.
Trump unveils new Space Force logo, draws comparisons to 'Star Trek' Starfleet Command
"Star Trek" fans are wondering where the inspiration for the newly unveiled Space Force logo came from. Trump revealed the image on Friday.
"CBS Evening News" headlines for Friday, January 24, 2020
Here's a look at the top stories making headlines on the "CBS Evening News with Norah O'Donnell."
Sundance 2020: See our best photos of the festival's brightest stars
Scroll through to see moments from the Los Angeles Times Photo Studio at the Sundance Film Festival
Donald Trump Unveils New Space Force Emblem, Twitter Points out Similarities to 'Star Trek' Starfleet Logo
President Donald Trump showed off the new logo for the United States Space Force on Twitter Friday, but users compared it to one they had already seen in the 'Star Trek' franchise.
Trump’s legal team says it will target Biden family in impeach defense
WASHINGTON — The lengthy defense of the Biden family by House Democrats during President Donald Trump’s impeachment trial opened the door to probing whether Joe and Hunter Biden were involved in corruption in Ukraine, the defense team says. A source on Trump’s legal team told reporters Friday that “it became quite apparent yesterday from the...
New Trump Rule Requires U.S. Officials To Weigh Pregnant Visa Applicants’ Medical Needs
Would this new restriction impact pregnant women with genuine medical needs? It will come down to how individual counselors enforce it
Meet the Snake-Loving Pot Lawyer Beating Trump at His Own Game
Joseph Bondy is an unusual attorney for an unusual client, Lev Parnas. His legal strategy is even more outlandish.
How this ‘Undercover Boss’ shocked his employees
When Clean Harbors CEO Alan McKim went on CBS’ “Undercover Boss,” he discovered some of his employees weren’t such big fans. “One of the drivers was quite verbal about corporate headquarters and the CEO of the company,” says McKim, 64. “[He was] talking about the glass palace, which is corporate, and the CEO, and sort...
Graham: 'Somebody outside of politics' should look into Bidens
Jon Voight calls for 'highest prayers' for President Donald Trump amid impeachment trial
Jon Voight called on "Jesus, Moses, and all saints" to pray for President Donald Trump in a new Twitter video.
The Angle: Trump Is Flouting the Law While Resisting Impeachment
Doubling down instead of digging out.
What Donald Trump is doing during impeachment
After months of wrangling, the Senate's impeachment trial, at last, began this week.
After interview, Pompeo cursed at reporter, yelled: 'Do you think Americans care about Ukraine?'
Sec. Pompeo unloaded on NPR host Mary Louise Kelly after an interview in which she questioned him about Ukraine and other hot-button issues, NPR said.
Nancy Drew Killed In New Comic Series Celebrating Character's 90th Anniversary, Hardy Boys Investigate Her Murder
Creators of the new series promise that they didn't kill off Drew to motivate the male character's actions.
Sketch Artist Captures 'Something Unusual' At Senate Trial
Art Lien, a courtroom artist who normally covers the Supreme Court, has been sketching the Senate proceedings. "I'm looking for color," he says — such as sleeping senators and fidget spinners.
Ex-Astro Dallas Keuchel apologizes for cheating scandal that rocked MLB
Mike Fiers blew the whistle, and now another former Astros pitcher has apologized for the team’s scheme to steal opposing signs via electronic equipment in 2017. Dallas Keuchel, the former Cy Young award winner who signed this winter with the Chicago White Sox, told reporters at his new team’s Fan Fest on Friday that he’s...
Trump’s new Space Force logo bears strong resemblance to Star Trek emblem
The US military is boldly going where no one has gone before. President Trump unveiled the official emblem of the newly minted Space Force Friday, and observers quickly noted a strong resemblance to the symbol of an even more famous interstellar unit — Star Trek’s Star Fleet. “After consultation with our Great Military Leaders, designers,...
Rabbi Abraham Cooper: Auschwitz mass murders must teach world to reject anti-Semitism and other hatred
I write from Jerusalem, where I attended a ceremony Thursday at which Vice President Mike Pence and other international leaders spoke to mark the 75th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz, the hellish Nazi death camp where at least 1.1 million people – about 1 million of them Jews – were murdered.
Once ‘pro-choice in every respect,’ Trump cements his status as an anti-abortion hero
Three years into his presidency, the once-unapologetic womanizer has not only earned the trust of the anti-abortion community — he’s irrevocably changed its standards for future Republican leaders.
Cyborg debuta en Bellator tras una desagradable separación de UFC, con la vista puesta en un cuarto título
Cris Cyborg hará su debut en Bellator el sábado, en el Forum en Inglewood, cuando se enfrente a Julia Budd por el título de peso pluma
Subway signals expert handpicked by Andy Byford also resigns from MTA
The man Andy Byford handpicked to oversee the MTA’s multi-billion dollar signal overhaul resigned Friday, just a day after his boss called it quits. Byford brought in Pete Tomlin — his signaling expert from the London Underground — in December 2018 to oversee the $7 billion effort to replace and computerize the Depression-era systems that...
Santa Monica man charged with hurling Molotov cocktails onto streets
A man faces several charges for throwing explosives in Santa Monica, authorities said.
NYPD officer struck by drunk driver released from hospital
An NYPD officer struck by an alleged drunk driver got a hero’s welcome as he was wheeled out of the hospital on Friday. Officer Juan Collado was conducting a car search during a traffic stop on East Houston and Avenue D on Tuesday evening when motorist Franklin Liz allegedly smacked into him and sped off. Liz...
Jameson announces limited-edition Jameson Cold Brew
We already knew coffee and liquor are a popular combination. There's the classic White Russian cocktail, the sweet Irish coffee typically made with Bailey's, and the will-do-in-a-pinch whiskey-spiked coffee.
Knicks hire agency to boost their brand perception
While the Knicks search for help on the court, they are set for a makeover off of it — with a lofty endorsement in tow. The Knicks are partnering with Steve Stoute and his brand agency, Translation, “in an attempt to bolster its brand and strengthen its ties to the fan base,” Bloomberg reported Thursday....
2020 in Iowa: Impeachment, intrigue, and how to watch the polls
The 2020 Iowa Democratic caucuses are just over a week away. How is impeachment affecting the presidential campaigns? What are some poll numbers you should be paying attention to?
Rush Limbaugh: Dems want to 'pretend' Trump abused power and sweep Carter Page revelation 'under the rug'
Conservative radio talk show host Rush Limbaugh addressed Thursday's news that at least two of the FBI's surveillance applications to secretly monitor former Trump campaign adviser Carter Page did not have probable cause, claiming the report has been "glossed over" by the media and Democrats.
Anthony Smith vs. Glover Teixeira headliner, four more fights set for UFC Lincoln
Anthony Smith is coming home.       Related StoriesStipe Miocic medically cleared from eye injury, but still no timeline for Daniel Cormier trilogy fightJoe Rogan takes issue with Stephen A. Smith’s Donald Cerrone rant after loss to Conor McGregorBrett Johns says he almost quit fighting, but is reignited for UFC on ESPN+ 24
At least 350 children of migrant families forced to remain in Mexico have crossed over alone to US
More than 300 migrant children who were previously waiting in Mexico with family as part of a Trump administration policy have crossed the US-Mexico border alone, marking a jump from the approximately 135 children who crossed last fall, the US Department of Health and Human Services told CNN.
Taylor Swift will not attend this year's Grammys
Suspended Recording Academy CEO Deborah Dugan said the Song of the Year nomination was manipulated.
Nancy Drew seemingly has been killed off in a comic, just in time for her 90th birthday
Fans aren't happy about "Nancy Drew & the Hardy Boys: The Death of Nancy Drew," an upcoming comic that implies the beloved literary heroine has died 90 years after her debut.
Texas teen banned by high school from attending graduation after refusing to cut dreadlocks
Deandre Arnold, a senior at Barbers Hill High School in Mont Belvieu, has had dreadlocks for years and says it's part of his identity and culture.
Jordan Wilson's departure leaves UCLA dangerously thin at tight end
Jordan Wilson becomes the third tight end to leave UCLA early since the end of the last season.
Schiff concludes by laying out case for abuse of power
House impeachment manager Adam Schiff closed out the case for removing President Trump from office on the charge of abuse of power. Schiff used the president's own comments, including during a July 2018 press conference alongside Russian President Vladimir Putin in Helsinki, to demonstrate how Russia mounted the "most incredible propaganda coup."
In Bloody Nose, Empty Pockets, the closing of a dive bar stands in for the end of the world
A still from Bloody Nose, Empty Pockets by Bill Ross and Turner Ross, which is an official selection of the US Documentary Competition at the 2020 Sundance Film Festival. | Sundance Institute It’s an empathetic portrait of a bar and the people who love it — with a twist. There’s a reason dive bars and pubs have always provided fruitful settings for storytelling, from The Iceman Cometh to Cheers. A great drinking establishment has stories scratched into its furniture, history in its grime. No shiny veneers or $15 cocktails; just slightly tacky surfaces and the same guy behind the bar, who’s been slinging pints for as long as anyone can remember. Local watering holes have one-time visitors and occasional customers, but most importantly, they have regulars. One way to judge a bar is by its most familiar faces. And that’s why it feels like a tragedy whenever a beloved old bar or pub or tavern shuts down. Inevitably, it was more than just a place to pass the time and have a drink (or too many drinks). It was a “third place,” an in-between space where time seems topause. People relax and let their guard down. They fight and argue and tell tall tales, and over time, they get to be friends. Or family. On the best of nights, a great bar feels like a glimpse of heaven. On most nights, it’s where you go to escape the world outside for a while. That feeling, of a bar as a haven from the madding world, is at the heart of Bloody Nose, Empty Pockets. Documentarians and brothers Bill and Turner Ross chronicle the last night of service for a Las Vegas dive bar called Roaring ’20s, as regulars come and go, fight and kiss, and try to face the fact that the place that felt most like it was theirs will no longer exist. For them, it’s the end of the world. But there’s a catch: The bar never existed. While the Ross brothers have most often made documentaries, for Bloody Nose, Empty Pockets they constructed a bar on a set (in New Orleans!) and hired actors to play the characters. Then they shot the film over three days, including a marathon 18-hour session that covered the entire “last day” of the bar’s operations. Is the movie fiction? Yes, technically. Is it nonfiction? Not exactly. Is it “real”? Absolutely. You can catch glimpses of film crew members in the bar’s mirrors, and the camerawork throughout feels more like the stuff of véritéthan most fictional films, which tend to use a more controlled style. The Rosses had a plan for how the day would play out — what time people would show up, when they’d leave, roughly what would happen in the meantime — but no set script, so the actors are developing their characters in real time. It feels very much like you’ve stumbled into a dive bar as it closes up shop. The bar’s regulars aren’t up-and-coming Vegas insiders. They’re mostly people who feel disillusioned, defeated by the world: old drunks, former performers, self-proclaimed failures, people scratching out a living on the edge of the city that most resembles America’s id. The action of Bloody Nose, Empty Pockets happens almost entirely within the bar, but through conversations between the regulars and hints of the outside that break through on the TV, we glimpse andremember what the characters are trying to escape — a world that feels like it’s imploding. Watching Bloody Nose, Empty Pockets is like listening to a long, slow lament. Years pass while we sip a pint and recount the same old stories to the same old faces. Everyone ages. Relationships and friendships come and go. Nothing lasts forever, not even the grimiest, most grizzled bar in town, a place that seems older than time. The film is a beautifully empathetic work of art. Bloody Nose, Empty Pockets premiered at the Sundance Film Festival on January 24, 2020. It is awaiting distribution.
Express is closing 31 stores by the end of this weekend. Is your location on the list of closures?
Express is closing 100 stores as part of its fleet rationalization and the first 31 locations are closing this weekend. Here's the full list.       
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Sonos is ending support for some hardware. Here's what it means for you
If you're a long-time customer and user of Sonos smart speaker products, the company announced some potentially bad news this week. As of May 2020, Sonos will start classifying some of its older products as legacy devices and end support for them. Its newer products and speakers will continue to receive full updates with new features, but legacy devices will begin a slow end-of-life path with updates coming only as bug and security updates, meaning fixes, but nothing new.
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Delta fined $50,000 for booting off Muslim passengers
U.S. Transportation Department levies penalty for violating anti-bias laws over removals of Muslim-American passengers
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Two pedestrians killed by snowplow in Kansas
The two victims were struck by a snowplow near the campus of Kansas State University in Manhattan, authorities said.       
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Iran athlete who fled country wants to compete for Germany
Iran's lone female Olympic medalist said she wants to compete for Germany after defecting from her country earlier this month and blasting the "hypocrisy" of Iranian lawmakers. 
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