Satoshi Nakaboto: ‘Bitcoin should be worth $100,000 right now, according to John McAfee’

Our robot colleague Satoshi Nakaboto writes about Bitcoin every fucking day. Welcome to another edition of Bitcoin Today, where I, Satoshi Nakaboto, tell you what’s been going on with Bitcoin in the past 24 hours. As Nightingale used to say: Peel off the skin of this mystery and eat the tasty fruit inside! Bitcoin Price We closed the day, September 14 2019, at a price of $10,358. That’s a minor 0.12 percent increase in 24 hours, or $12. It was the lowest closing price in two days. We’re still 48 percent below Bitcoin‘s all-time high of $20,089 (December 17 2017).…

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Alex Bregman says Houston Astros did not wear wires or buzzers, calls allegations 'stupid'
Houston Astros third baseman Alex Bregman didn't say much about the team's sign-stealing scandal, but called the wire-wearing accusations "stupid."
LAPD releases photo of bicycle part it says prompted fatal police shooting
LAPD releases photo of bicycle part that it says prompted the fatal police shooting
‘One-punch killer’ charged with manslaughter in game developer’s death
A grand jury has indicted the alleged gang member who beat up a young video game developer on a Brooklyn sidewalk in November on manslaughter charges, the Post has learned.
Tens of thousands of children in Libya at risk amid violence and chaos of civil war
Tens of thousands of children and civilians in Libya continue to suffer "grievously" amid the violence and chaos of the country's longstanding civil war, the UN Children's Fund said Friday, calling for a durable peace agreement to be reached "for the sake of each and every child."
Why Militia Groups are Protesting in Virginia
The gun measures they're opposing are widely supported by Virginians.
Patrice Onwuka: Women’s March should support all women – Not just oppose one man
To their detriment, leaders of the Women’s March continue to prioritize resistance to President Trump, while ignoring big everyday concerns of many women, such as how to afford time off for a new baby.
Roger Goodell makes Las Vegas Raiders official, has big plans for Sin City
The Las Vegas Raiders certainly has a ring to it and NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell noted the possibility of Las Vegas hosting the Super Bowl.
Photos: 2020 Women's March
Like the first protest only days after the inauguration of President Trump, the national Women's March will take place in Washington, D.C., with sister marches around the country.
The crazy Mike Trout HGH conspiracy theory is officially dead
As if this week in MLB couldn’t get crazier. On the heels of the Astros cheating saga that has rocked the sport, the league and union on Friday dismissed an unsupported claim that Angels superstar outfielder Mike Trout was using human growth hormone (HGH), the banned performance-enhancing drug. “Since the inception of the MLB-MLBPA Joint...
Jillian Michaels officially ends domestic partnership with ex Heidi Rhoades: report
Jillian Michaels has reportedly ended her domestic partnership with ex-girlfriend Heidi Rhoades.
Alabama teen starts 'prayer locker' to help school: 'Something was leading me to do it'
Inspired by others, 16-year-old Brianna Farris is bringing faith to her Pell City High School classmates by starting a "prayer locker."
Painting found in Italian gallery wall confirmed to be long-lost Klimt
One of the art world's biggest mysteries has been solved.
2020 Women's March
The 2020 Women's March is the fourth annual.
Yael Grobglas of 'Jane the Virgin' welcomes baby girl, Arielle: 'She is perfect'
"Jane the Virgin" actress Yael Grobglas has welcomed her very first baby with partner Artem Kroupenev and she's taking on motherhood with a comedic touch.
Lebanon police fire tear gas, spray water cannons at protesters amid riots in Beirut
Riot police fired tear gas and sprayed water cannon near parliament in Lebanon's capital Saturday to disperse thousands of protesters after riots broke out during a march against the ruling elite amid a severe economic crisis.
Love the Netflix series ‘You’? Then read the book ‘Hidden Bodies’
If you’ve already binged your way through both seasons of "You" and are hankering for more Joe Goldberg, check out “Hidden Bodies” by Caroline Kepnes.
Climate protesters Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin get 'arrested' again - this time on 'Ellen'
"Grace and Frankie" co-stars Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin recently guest-hosted "The Ellen Show" for the first time, where they were in for a big surprise.
'Power' Season 6, Episode 13 Preview: Where Has Tommy Gone and Did He Kill Ghost?
Episode 13 of the show, titled "It's All Your Fault," will reveal where Tommy has been hiding and give us even more clues about which of the five remaining suspects shot and killed Ghost.
This Theragun alternative is the only percussive massager with dual warm-up technology
Nothing feels better after a long day than slipping into sweatpants and sliding into bed. But when your days consist of prolonged, intensive workouts, it can be difficult to relax – no matter how tired you feel. Your muscles ache, your joints are stiff, and a simple stretch just won’t cut it. From there, you’ve got two...
Aaron Carter accused of stealing lion artwork — again
His response to the accusation? “You should've taken it as a compliment, d—k.”
Trump claims Suleimani was 'saying bad things' about US before deadly strike
President, in audio obtained by CNN from Republican event at Mar-a-Lago, gives account of drone strike that killed Iranian general Addressing Republican donors at his Florida resort on Friday night, Donald Trump said Qassem Suleimani was “saying bad things about our country” before the US president authorised the drone strike which killed the Iranian general and pitched the Middle East to the brink of war. Related: Iran to send crashed plane's flight recorders abroad for analysis Continue reading...
What it’s like working on the front lines of biological warfare
Kelly Warfield, a 28-year-old research scientist, faced the terrifying possibility of becoming the first Ebola patient in the US when investigating potential cures for the virus.
Officer won’t press charges after Odell Beckham butt slap
Upon further review, Odell Beckham Jr. is in the clear. The New Orleans security guard whose butt was slapped by Beckham following LSU’s national championship win on Monday has decided not to press charges, according to ESPN An arrest warrant issued for the Cleveland Browns star wide receiver is expected to be withdrawn as early...
Twitter Asks Space Force Why They Need Camo Uniforms
When the U.S. Space Force revealed what their uniforms would look like on Twitter, the internet roasted them for using camouflage uniforms.
'Sanders for President' Reddit Community Bans CNN for 'Abandoning Journalistic Integrity'
The "Sanders for President" subreddit has banned CNN for abandoning "any journalistic integrity it may have once held" in response to the network's handling of Tuesday's Democrat presidential primary debate, where CNN moderators appeared to favor Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) over Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT).
Evelyn Yang shares sexual assault survivor story at Women's March and says theme is 'very personal'
Evelyn Yang, the wife of presidential candidate Andrew Yang, said Saturday that the theme of this year's Women's March -- "Rise and Roar" -- is "very personal" for her after revealing publicly this week that she's a survivor of sexual assault.
Washington Post: National Archives admits to altering photo of 2017 Women's March
The National Archives admitted to altering a 2017 photograph of the Women's March to censor signs referencing women's anatomy and President Donald Trump's name, according to The Washington Post.
Grammys CEO put on leave after shocking memo she sent to HR
Insiders tell Page Six they suspect the Grammys fired its first-ever female boss in an attempt to silence her — after she wrote a bombshell memo alleging misconduct inside the organization, including sketchy voting practices, financial mismanagement and conflicts of interest.
‘Jabba the Jihadi’ played major role in enslaving Yazidi women
Kidnapped 14-year-old girl alerted friends of her location on Snapchat
"Where am I?" the girl messaged friends.
New evidence shows a Nunes aide in close conversation with Parnas
Lev Parnas following a December court appearance in New York City. | Stephanie Keith/Getty Images Rep. Devin Nunes denies involvement in the Ukrainian scandal. New texts between his top aide and Lev Parnas say otherwise. The House Intelligence Committee released a new trove of evidence on Friday that appears to show extensive contact between the top aide for House Intelligence Committee Ranking Member Devin Nunes (R-CA) and Lev Parnas, a former Rudy Giuliani ally and a key figure in the Ukraine scandal. Following his arrest on campaign finance violation charges, Parnas began providing the committee with a body of notes, photographs, and cellphone data as part of President Donald Trump’s impeachment proceedings. These documents have been made public in tranches; earlier releases further defined Giuliani’s role in the push for a Ukrainian investigation into Joe Biden, and included messages that seemed to suggest a Republican congressional candidate had former US ambassador to Ukraine Marie Yovanovitch under surveillance. Parnas has mounted a concerted push to shed light on outstanding questions related to the president’s pressure campaign — which sought to trade first a White House meeting, and later critical military aid for an investigation into Biden, his son Hunter, and the Democratic Party — in recent days. Wednesday, he appeared on MSNBC to claim Trump knew “exactly what was going on” with respect to Giuliani’s efforts to advance a Biden investigation, and claiming that Vice President Pence and Attorney General William Barr were involved as well. Parnas claimed last November that Nunes was also party to the pressure campaign, and that he’d worked with one of the lawmaker’s top aides, former White House official Derek Harvey, to keep the congressman in the loop about the progress of the quid pro quo scheme. The messages released Friday would seem to support these allegations, and to suggest Nunes, who was a vocal defender of Trump throughout last year’s impeachment inquiry hearings, may have been more involved in the administration’s efforts in Ukraine than he’s admitted to — despite his consistent denials about having any real role in the scandal. Messages between Harvey and Nunes show meetings at a Trump hotel, and coordination on witness interviews A string of messages between Parnas and Harvey from April 17 to 19, 2019 show the two men trying to set up interviews with Ukrainian officials such as disgraced former prosecutor Viktor Shokin, a Biden critic who was fired at the request of a number of Western governments, and Yuri Lutsenko, who asked for Yovanovitch to be fired in exchange for dirt on Burisma or Biden, according to recent documents released from the House Intelligence Committee. Harvey and Parnas worked closely together to plan out the logistics of the interviews: after informing Parnas about prepping a Nunes staff lawyer, Harvey asks for “suggested lines of questions” and the “full names of who we will interview.” Parnas responds that he will put both together. After two days, however, Harvey puts a halt on the interview process and says they would be “best served by sending the official letter and receiving documentation before any more interviews.” A number of letters were eventually sent to Ukrainian officials, including a letter Giuliani sent to then President-elect Volodymyr Zelensky in May in which he requested a meeting. By the time that letter was sent, Giuliani had begun to publicly state he planned to dig up dirt on Joe Biden in Ukraine. In addition to the coordination with the interviews, the messages also appear to show Harvey meeting Parnas at the Trump hotel in Washington, DC, and taking part in private meetings with Giuliani and conservative journalist John Solomon, whose work (some of it based on recanted information) helped convince Trump of the veracity conspiracy theories featuring Ukraine, Democrats, and Joe Biden. Parnas claimed last year that Harvey took part in these meetings, and the messages do seem to place him there. Nunes’s aide also passed along the lawmaker’s contact information to Parnas on April 10 — two days before House records show that the two talked for eight minutes on the phone, according to NBC News. All of this aligns with what Parnas has said so far: he told MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow on Wednesday night that he had met Nunes several times and that the congressman worked with Harvey to dig up dirt on Biden. He had also said he was surprised to see Nunes as a leader in the impeachment inquiry because “he knew very well that he knew what was going on.” Nunes, who had denied any knowledge about his phone call with Parnas, appeared on Fox News on Thursday to say that he remembered having and “odd” and “random” phone call with Parnas, according to The Daily Beast. He’d initially claimed he hadn’t spoken to Parnas, then that he’d actually talked with the fixer’s wife. Now Nunes claims he did speak to Parnas, but that he quickly pushed him off on his staff, “which is normal, standard operating procedure.” Overall, however, Nunes still denies working with Parnas for Trump’s political gain. This, however, is a position he might not be able to maintain for much longer, especially as Parnas becomes more vocal in the impeachment process. The close associate of Giuliani was essential in connecting US officials with Ukrainian sources, and thus has a lot to tell. It is true that Parnas’s credibility is somewhat in question, but he has been able to produce evidence that seems to support his version of events. And given his indictment, he has reason to cooperate with officials in order to demonstrate that regardless of his guilt or innocence in that case, that he is someone who now operates with the truth and public good in mind. These new texts make it harder for Nunes to deny his involvement in the Ukraine scandal — but he’s still trying Despite increasing evidence to the contrary, Nunes, still denies having any contact with Ukrainian officials or working to dig up dirt on Trump’s political rivals. To make his point clear, he even sued CNN for $435 million for publishing a story that he met with Shokin in search of damaging information on Biden — a report he described as a “demonstrably false hit piece.” For his part, Parnas has claimed Nunes met with Shokin in Vienna in December 2018. Last December, Nunes threatened to sue fellow congressman Rep. Ted Lieu (D-CA), who alleged last year that Nunes was working with Parnas on Ukrainian matters, stating that he had an “‘absolute’ right to an unimpaired reputation.” Lieu posted the threat from Nunes along with his own response dated Thursday: “It is true that I stated Congressman Nunes worked with Lev Parnas and conspired to undermine our own government.” Attached is the first page of a five page letter in which the lawyer for @DevinNunes threatens that Rep Nunes will sue me.Attached is my response.— Ted Lieu (@tedlieu) January 17, 2020 “I welcome any lawsuit from your client and look forward to taking discovery of Congressman Nunes,” Liu continued. “Or, you can take your letter and shove it.” Lieu pointed to Parnas’s interview with Maddow as proof of Giuliani’s former associate’s relationship with Nunes. Parnas told Maddow Wednesday night that he was shocked to see Nunes deny Trump’s efforts to dig up dirt on his political rivals in Ukraine because he was “involved in getting all this stuff on Biden,” according to MSNBC. “[I]t’s hard to see them lie like that,” Parnas said, speaking of Nunes’s work in the impeachment inquiry hearings. “It’s scary because, you know, he was sitting there and making all statements and all that when he knew very well that he knew what was going on. He knew what’s happening. He knows who I am.” Nunes has already faced one ethics investigation in recent years, and questions of his involvement in Trump’s Ukraine scheme could lead to another. Some of his colleagues, including Democratic Rep. Adam Smith, have called for officials to take a closer look at Parnas’s allegations. Whether an investigation is launched remains to be seen, but Parnas has signaled he has no plans to stop talking about his ties to Nunes — and the release of Friday’s evidence will only complicate Nunes’s efforts to distance himself from the affair. Friday’s release further defines Giuliani and Parnas’ relationship Beyond the Parnas-Harvey communications, the new documents also contain messages between Giuliani and Parnas that appear to affirm the closeness of their relationship — Parnas tells Giuliani in one exchange, “Just need to talk to you before I go to sleep by brother” — and that show Giuliani helping to connect Parnas to John Dowd, a former lawyer for the president. Too, they contain a number of photos that attempt to link Parnas to both Giuliani and Trump; they include pictures of Giuliani golfing and riding a boat, as well as photos of Parnas with the president and with his son, Donald Trump, Jr. President Trump has claimed in the past that he doesn’t know Parnas, and dismissed pictures of the two together as quick photo ops, saying on Thursday he poses with “thousands of people including today that I didn’t meet.” “I don’t know who this man is,” Trump said. “Oftentimes I’ll be taking a picture with somebody and say, I wonder what newspaper that one will appear in. I don’t know him. Perhaps he’s a fine man. Perhaps he’s not. I know nothing about him.” Parnas has argued the sheer number of photos he has with Trump — including of pictures of them sitting together at events — tells a different story. And he told CNN he has many pictures with the president he has yet to share, saying of Trump’s denials: “I welcome him to say that even more. Every time he says that I’ll show him another picture. He’s lying.” Finally, the documents have raised new questions about Yovanovitch The first tranche of documents revealed a Republican congressional candidate named Robert Hyde was in contact with Parnas about former US ambassador to the Ukraine Marie Yovanovitch. Hyde told Parnas he’d placed Yovanovitch — who was told she was recalled from Ukraine for her “security” — under surveillance. Screenshots from WhatsApp conversations Hyde had with an individual with a Belgian phone number included in the latest release have shed a bit more light on those claims. NBC has identified that individual as Anthony de Caluwe, based on the digits visible in their phone number, their WhatsApp profile picture, and conversations with Hyde. Hyde has also claimed on Twitter the Belgian number belongs to de Caluwe. De Caluwe told NBC Hyde contacted him, but that he refused to help him. The screenshots show a conversation that mirrors messages released earlier in the week that suggest Hyde had Yovanovitch under surveillance, and that those who were watching her had the capacity to do her bodily harm. It would appear that Hyde copied and pasted some of the messages he received from the Belgian number in his conversation with Parnas, including two that read “It’s confirmed we have a person inside” and “Hey broski tell me what we are doing what’s the next step.” These would seem to suggest that Hyde — or his associate with the Belgian number — had some sort of asset within the US embassy, and that this surveillance was being guided by Parnas or Giuliani. Parnas has said he did not direct any sort of surveillance operation — and the records released so far show that he did not respond to these messages. He has also said he believed Hyde to be bluffing about the surveillance, calling him a “a weird individual” who is constantly drunk. Hyde has pushed back against the messages as well, claiming he was “absolutely not” threatening Yovanovitch. In a Twitter video Friday, Hyde called the messages “just copy and paste bullshit from some intel guy — probably that was fucking with me.” Nevertheless, Ukrainian officials have opened an investigation into the matter, and Friday, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said the US would also investigate the matter.
Anti-Police Dream Defenders Group Mobilizes to Help Bernie Sanders Win Primary
The Israel boycott-promoting and anti-police Dream Defenders organization has announced it is all in for Sen. Bernie Sanders and will organize across Florida in a bid to help the socialist politician secure the Democratic nomination for president.
Georgia held a contest for better highway safety signs. The winners are hilarious
On Georgia highways, "click it or ticket" signs just aren't as effective as they used to be.
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Crowds turn out for the 4th annual Women's March, and 2020 election issues are front and center
Donning their iconic pink knit pussyhats, women and their allies are gathering Saturday across the United States for the fourth annual Women's March.
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Millions are fleeing high-tax states to pursue a low-cost American Dream
According to population estimates for the end of the decade released by the US Census Bureau, millions of American families moved away from high-tax states to lower-tax ones, where work is rewarded and job creation is encouraged.
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Newcastle United v Chelsea: Premier League – live!
MBM updates from the 5.30pm GMT kick-off at St James’ ParkLive scores: all the goals from the Premier League and beyondGet in touch! Send your thoughts to Scott by email here 5.37pm GMT 7 min: This corner leads to a small game of head tennis, and eventually the flag pops up for offside. Chelsea’s first sustained period of pressure comes to an end. 5.36pm GMT 6 min: Willian earns the first corner of the game, bursting down the left and playing the ball off Fernandez. Chelsea take it short, working it back to Hudson-Odoi, who tears down the inside-left channel and wins a second corner, this time off Almiron. Continue reading...
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Kimberly Guilfoyle on Women's March: 'The More They Talk ... the More It Turns Off the American People'
"Let them talk," Kimberly Guilfoyle said about Saturday's "Women's March," describing the left-wing event as unappealing to Americans.
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Off-duty cop in critical condition after Queens car crash
An off-duty police officer was critically injured in an early morning car crash in Queens, police said Saturday. The 34-year-old cop was driving near the intersection of Nashville Blvd. and Lucas St. in St. Albans around midnight Friday when his car collided with another vehicle, then slammed into a telephone pole, officials said. He was...
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Anna Nicole Smith's ex-boyfriend Larry Birkhead reveals their daughter is 'fun and fearless like her mom'
Anna Nicole Smith gave birth to her and Larry Birkhead's daughter just months before she died of an accidental drug overdose in the Bahamas. Now, Birkhead is a single father raising seven-year-old Dannielynn and is revealing the similarities between the late mother and their daughter.
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Hudson Yards haters have lost their minds — over a fake wall
Absent any sensible reason to condemn Hudson Yards, the vast project’s innumerable detractors came up with a laughably hypothetical one this past week. The idea was that the developer, Related, might one day build a 700-foot-long, 2-story-high wall along its westernmost edge that would separate the complex’s yet-to-be-built second portion facing the Hudson River from...
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Facebook apologizes after vulgar translation of Chinese leader's name
Facebook Inc said on Saturday it was working to find out how Chinese leader Xi Jinping’s name appeared as “Mr Shithole” in posts on its platform when translated into English from Burmese, apologizing for any offense caused and saying the problem had been fixed.
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Expiring tool to fight fentanyl saved in Senate but faces uncertain future in House
Senate lawmakers reached a last-minute deal on Thursday to save a sweeping tool that has helped drug enforcers crack down on fentanyl as the synthetic opioid ravages communities across the country.
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Angola's Isabel dos Santos hits back at corruption allegations, eyes possible presidential run
As Africa’s wealthiest woman, Isabel dos Santos, battles her homeland in a stunning financial battle over her assets, the former first daughter has hit back with the hint that she might just run for office herself.
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Cleveland Cavaliers' Tristan Thompson ejected after slapping butt of Memphis Grizzlies’ Jae Crowder
Cleveland Cavaliers’ forward Tristan Thompson took a page right from the playbook of Odell Beckham Jr. Friday night when he slapped the butt of Memphis Grizzlies’ Jae Crowder as he attempted to sub out. 
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U.S. Navy to Name Aircraft Carrier After Pearl Harbor Hero Doris Miller
The U.S. Navy is planning to name an aircraft carrier after Mess Attendant 2nd Class Doris Miller, the first black man to receive the Navy cross for valor.
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UFC 246: Anthony Pettis vs. Diego Ferreira odds, picks and best bets
What's the smart play in the UFC 246 matchup between ex-champion Anthony Pettis and Diego Ferreira?        Related StoriesDiego Ferriera plans on showing off jiu-jitsu game vs. Anthony Pettis at UFC 246UFC 246: Holly Holm vs. Raquel Pennington odds, picks and best betsAlexa Grasso apologizes for UFC 246 weight miss, announces move up to 125 pounds 
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Dramatic video, truck crashes offroad near trooper
Officials in the US state of Iowa are urging people to use caution and stay indoors if possible as blizzard conditions continued to wreak havoc in northern and central parts of the state on Saturday. (Jan. 18)       
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The US Space Force has revealed its utility uniform, and the internet has things to say about it
The new US Space Force has shown off its utility uniform, and it's bound to look familiar.
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