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Jets’ Woody Johnson has ‘unwavering’ confidence in Joe Douglas, Robert Saleh
It’s going to take more than a 41-point bashing by the Patriots to shake Jets owner Woody Johnson’s support of his team’s leadership.
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As a Parent, I Would Rather Fake My Own Death Than Take Over Curriculum Planning From Teachers and School Boards
Please do not make me spend my precious time arguing about social studies textbooks. I beg you.
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Florida Reports 959 Manatees Died So Far in 2021 as Their Food Becomes Scarce
State figures predict that the record 593 deaths recorded in 2020 will likely be doubled in 2021.
Pity the billionaire, so sensitive and oppressed
To hear Republicans tell it, even the tiniest increase in their taxes will cause these tender souls to shut their businesses and flee the country.
North Dakota Health Department Joins Mississippi in Closing Social Media Comment Sections
"We had people share stories of their loss of a loved one due to COVID, and then others demanding to see the death certificate," said a department spokeswoman.
Bowl projections: Cincinnati's case for College Football Playoff is growing stronger
Cincinnati's case for the College Football Playoff is growing, but the Bearcats are now there yet in the latest USA TODAY Sports bowl projections.
96% of Tyson's active workers are vaccinated
Just days before a Covid-19 vaccine deadline for all Tyson Food employees in the United States, the company announced that 96% of its "active" employees have been vaccinated against the coronavirus.
Dave Chappelle willing to speak to transgender community
"To the transgender community, I am more than willing to give you an audience, but you will not summon me. I am not bending to anybody's demands," Chappelle said.
Steelers coach Mike Tomlin shoots down speculation on USC, LSU jobs: 'Why would I have any interest in coaching college football?'
Amid speculation about the USC and LSU openings, Mike Tomlin made it clear he has no interest in leaving the Steelers for any coaching job.
Rare Air: Nike shoes worn by Michael Jordan during rookie year sold at auction for $1.472 million, setting record
A pair of shoes worn in the fifth game of Michael Jordan's rookie season with the Chicago Bulls sold at auction for record $1.472 million.
Reporter’s Notebook: Why subpoenas and ‘contempt of Congress’ threats don’t always last
When it comes to subpoenas and “contempt of Congress,” Capitol Hill is kind of like a gym.
NFL won't release findings of Washington Football Team probe
The NFL is refusing to release a final report of its investigation into alleged misconduct in the Washington Football Team organization, which critics say hides evidence of bad behavior. Former Washington Football Team employee Emily Applegate, one of the first people to speak up about the team's toxic culture, joined CBSN to discuss.
YouTube Says It Removed Over 7M Accounts Belonging to Users Under 13 This Year Alone
"This is for Big Tech a Big Tobacco moment....It is a moment of reckoning. There will be accountability. This time is different," Sen. Richard Blumenthal said.
Schools Across U.S. Cite Inclusivity as Reason for Backing Away From Halloween Events
Schools in Massachusetts, Michigan and Washington state have moved away from Halloween-themed celebrations this year.
Joe Concha: Biden just had a 'disastrous day' and desperately needs a win
Fox News contributor Joe Concha reacted Tuesday to President Biden's trip to New Jersey where he repeated a debunked story about Amtrak, coughed into his hand before shaking hands with others and joked to schoolchildren about how he avoids answering the press' questions.
United says vaccinated pilots and flight attendants could refuse to fly with unvaccinated coworkers
Almost all employees at United Airlines have complied with the company's vaccine mandate -- and they do not want to fly with unvaccinated co-workers, according to the airline.
‘Waking Life’ at 20: Richard Linklater’s Psychedelic Exploration Of Perception, Consciousness, and the Fragility of Reality
Has there ever been a movie that contains more raw material for discussion?
Veteran NFL official Carl Madsen dies on way home from Chiefs-Titans game
Carl Madsen, a National Football League veteran official, died Sunday on his way home from the Kansas City Chiefs and Tennessee Titans game in Nashville, the league told CNN. He was 71.
What Time Will ‘Wentworth’ Season 9 Be on Netflix?
You'll soon be able to watch the final ten episodes of this popular Australian drama on Netflix.
Is Dune a White Savior Narrative?
Frank Herbert’s novel drew from Islam to critique the idea of the messianic Western man. Does the movie?
Bernie Sanders Doubles Down on Medicare Expansion After Resistance From Joe Manchin
On Tuesday, Bernie Sanders described Medicare expansions and drug pricing reform as must-haves in the Democrats' spending package.
Tyler Perry helped Charlamagne Tha God realize he was abused as a child
The "Breakfast Club" host said it wasn't until he was in his late 30s that he really grasped what happened to him at a young age.
Bear crashes wedding reception while guests continue to eat
Angie Disa posted the footage from a wedding in Nuevo leon, Mexico, to TikTok.
Which COVID-19 vaccine booster shot should I get? Here's how to choose
Federal health officials aren't giving any specific recommendations, but there are options for COVID-19 boosters, and it's OK if you mix vaccines.
Stetson Bennett or JT Daniels? Georgia QB situation will 'be based on practice'
Switching QBs to face Florida in Jacksonville backfired for Georgia in 2015. This decision between Stetson Bennett and JT Daniels is different.
As Thanksgiving approaches, liberal news orgs sound alarm on rising food prices: 'Everything is up'
A pair of liberal news organizations sounded the alarm that rising food prices during the Joe Biden era will impact Americans on Thanksgiving.
New York Police to Send a Quarter of Its Force Home Over Vaccine Status Amid Protests
So far, just 72 percent of the NYPD has received at least one vaccine dose ahead of Friday's deadline.
Mets keeping pitching coach Jeremy Hefner for 2022 MLB season
The Mets are officially retaining Jeremy Hefner as pitching coach.
TikTok, YouTube and Snap execs in Senate hot seat over social media's impact on kids
Executives from TikTok, Snap and YouTube were grilled by Senators on Tuesday about the steps their platforms are taking to protect their young users, weeks after a Facebook executive faced tough questions on the same issue.
Textbook that asked if treatment of Native Americans was 'exaggerated' is recalled
Hodder Education, the publisher of the textbook, said it was removing the book from sale and would conduct a review of the content.
NSBA chief who penned ‘domestic terrorism’ letter named to federal post
Viola Garcia was named to ​sit on the National Assessment Governing Board, which sets policy for the National Assessment of Education Progress.
‘The View’ Hosts Slam Mark Zuckerberg Amid Facebook Controversies: “[He’s] Becoming the Most Evil Person on the Planet”
While Zuckerberg told Congress that Facebook removes 98 percent of hate speech, internal estimates estimated that number was likely less than 5 percent.
Explaining how Southern Section and City Section football playoffs will work
CalPreps power rankings will be used to determine Southern Section and City Section playoff seedings and divisions.
Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus could be making comeback – but without the animals
Leaders of Feld Entertainment, which owns Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus, said they are working on plans for new shows without animals.
Mets considering these internal options as president search flounders
The Mets are now looking internally for president of baseball operations candidates.
Alec Baldwin receives backlash from political figures after fatal movie set incident
Details are emerging about how Alec Baldwin shot and killed a cinematographer on a film set and now the controversy has turned political.
Consumer confidence rose in October. That's good news for holiday spending
American consumers are feeling good again.
Kenya Moore breaks down crying following ‘DWTS’ elimination
Moore emotionally explained that she's "so sad right now" after getting eliminated from "Dancing With the Stars" during Monday's "Horror Night."
White House Press Corps Fails to Ask 'Possible Target' Jake Sullivan About Role in Russia Collusion Hoax
The White House press corps failed Tuesday to ask National Security Advisor (NSA) Jake Sullivan about his role in the Russia collusion hoax, despite a recent indictment that suggests Sullivan was untruthful with Congress about what he knew.
British Right-Wing Radio Host Tries to Embarrass Climate Activist—Hilariously Self-Owns Instead
TalkRadio TVBritish right-wing radio host Mike Graham invited a climate protester on his program Tuesday with the intention of thoroughly embarrassing the young man—only to completely own himself.Cameron Ford, a spokesman for the climate group Insulate Britain, joined Graham on his TalkRadio morning show ostensibly to talk about his organization’s disruptive protests that have blocked British roadways. Recently, the nation’s transport secretary announced an injunction against the group to ban them from England’s “entire strategic road network.”Graham kicked off the interview by asking Ford “what you're glued to,” a reference to climate protesters stopping traffic by gluing themselves to roads. Shrugging off Graham’s cheesy quip, Ford flatly replied: “Just your screen, unfortunately.”Read more at The Daily Beast.
Virginia governor's race remains close ahead of election day
Virginia's race for governor between Democrat Terry McAuliffe and Republican Glenn Youngkin remains close in the final stretch of the campaign season.
Donated Airline Miles, Credit Card Points Have Funded 20,000 Flights for Afghan Refugees
The nation's airlines and U.S. citizens work together to donate credit card points to provide flights for Afghan refugees.
Tesla hits $1 trillion: What to know as company becomes just fifth US company to reach milestone
Tesla just joined the trillionaire club as its stock price hit an all-time high to become just the fifth U.S. company to hit monumental market value.
US has few good options if China seizes islands close to Taiwan, war game concludes
If China were to seize one of Taiwan's outlying islands, the US would have few good options to respond without risking a major escalation and a war between the superpowers, according to the conclusions from a recent war game conducted by foreign policy and defense experts.
US has few good options if China seizes islands close to Taiwan, war game concludes
If China were to seize one of Taiwan's outlying islands, the US would have few good options to respond without risking a major escalation and a war between the superpowers, according to the conclusions from a recent war game conducted by foreign policy and defense experts.
Manchin: IRS reporting requirements likely 'going to be gone' from spending bill
Democrats have been on the defensive over that proposal for weeks now, with both the banking industry and Republicans calling it an unfair intrusion into people’s everyday finances.
NIH Erases Website's Section on Gain of Function amid Fauci Fallout
The National Institutes of Health (NIH) this month subtly erased its section on gain of function from its website following months of Dr. Anthony Fauci falsely denying that the organization funded such research.
New poll finds majority in US concerned about climate
About 6 out of 10 Americans also believe that the pace of global warming is speeding up, according to a new survey from The Associated Press-NORC Center for Public Affairs Research and the Energy Policy Institute at the University of Chicago.