Seat belts will be required in Chevrolet’s new Teen Driver Mode

Seat belts are a simple technology, yet teens are terrible at wearing them. To curb this tendency, Chevy has announced a new safety feature for its Teen Driver Mode that prevents the car from leaving Park if seat belts are not engaged.

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Knitting site bans support for Trump on its platform
6 m - RSS Channel
G20 nerves hit Europe stocks; dollar slips to three-month low
European stocks stumbled and the dollar hit three-month lows on Monday as hopes waned for progress in Sino-U.S. trade talks at this week's G20 meeting and fears of an escalation in Iran tensions flared up.
9 m
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Rolling Stones' Ronnie Wood reflects on sobriety, Mick Jagger's 'superhuman' recovery from heart surgery
If there’s anyone who could strut around on stage 11 weeks after heart surgery at the age of 75, it’s Mick Jagger. Ronnie Wood, 72, said, “The doctors said they’ve never operated on an athlete at 75 before — we had a really good laugh about that."
Pompeo says he discussed Gulf maritime security with Saudi king
U.S. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said in a tweet on Monday he had discussed heightened tensions in the region with Saudi Arabia's King Salman during a meeting in Jeddah.
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Iran threatens 'crushing response' to US drones as Pompeo arrives in region
Pompeo spoke as he left Washington for Saudi Arabia.        
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Obsessed with 'Fleabag', 'Big Little Lies' or 'Chernobyl'? Dip into these summer reads
Can't get enough of your favorite Netflix, Amazon Prime and HBO series? These books will scratch the itch.
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The Energy 202: Ex-EPA engineer says Wheeler is misleading Congress about car rule
The EPA disagrees.
Bill Gates claims his ‘greatest mistake’ was not beating Android
Bill Gates has spoken candidly about his regrets as the leader of Microsoft, most particularly the company's attempts to build a dominant mobile OS. As reported by The Verge, during an interview at venture capital firm Village Global, Gates said "the...
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Futures edge higher with trade talks in focus
U.S. stock index futures edged higher on Monday, with investors hoping that the upcoming U.S.-China trade talks will help de-escalate a trade war that is damaging the global economy.
NIH Director Francis Collins Has a Plan to Help Eliminate “Manels”
NIH Director Francis Collins said that he will no longer serve on manels. Here’s why
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Chandler Thornton: The Republican Party has a toxic problem, and it's time to fix it
Racist ideologies are trying to infest mainstream movements.
When soccer teams from El Salvador and Honduras met 50 years ago, it really was a war
In 1969, El Salvador and Honduras met in a soccer series that was said to have sparked a four-day war - the ramifications of which are felt today.
The Sports Report: Dodgers win third straight walk-off game
Howdy, my name is John Cherwa and if you’ve been reading this newsletter for the last two weeks, after today you should feel like you are Indiana Jones surviving the Temple of Doom. The good news is that Houston Mitchell will be back tomorrow. Standing O’s are acceptable at this point. What a way...
Did, as Gov. Gavin Newsom suggests, Texas make San Francisco's homelessness crisis worse?
Facing what feels like the first real crisis of his new administration — and in the midst of stalled efforts in Sacramento to do something about it — Gov. Gavin Newsom has taken aim at something new when asked about California’s homelessness problem: Texas. Specifically, Newsom accused the Republican-led...
Today: Trump Is Open to Iran Talks
After coming to the brink of launching a retaliatory strike on Iran last week, President Trump says he’s open to holding talks with Iranian leaders with no preconditions. TOP STORIES Trump Is Open to Iran Talks President Trump, who says he made an eleventh-hour decision last week to call off a...
Racing! Say goodbye to a Santa Anita meet you'll never forget
Horse racing newsletter
In Russia, he was a famous snowboarding daredevil. In L.A., he was randomly killed
Dmitry Koltsov spent most of his life with two feet planted on a board. His ability to pull off precise tricks and flips while vaulting through the air on a snowboard earned him a place on the podium at Russian championship meets and international competitions. Friends said his daredevil nature...
As first debate nears, Democratic National Committee is still wrestling with demons of 2016
Struggling presidential hopefuls won’t be the only ones looking for redemption as the Democratic debates get underway in Miami this week. Their host — the Democratic National Committee — is anxious for it, too. The Democratic Party enters this primary season haunted by demons. In the last presidential...
What's Coming and Going From Netflix the Week of June 24, 2019
Can’t wait for Spider-Man: Far From Home to hit theaters on July 5? Get your summer spidey-fix this week with Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse (Wednesday), the highly acclaimed animated feature from 2018. It won the Academy Award for Best Animated Feature Film and critics loved it. I, of course, have not seen it and…Read more...
Legal Dispensaries in LA Demand Regulators Crack Down on Unlicensed Pot Shops
Heavily taxed and closely regulated legal dispensaries are being undersold by outlaws who flaunt the law.
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Keep Your Brand Weird: How Austin Inspires Advocates
Don't be afraid to let your freak flag fly.
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Which current players belong in a different era of the NFL?
Blake Bortles can’t keep a starting job in 2019, but he could’ve been MVP in 1969. Trent Richardson was an All-American running back during a prolific career at Alabama, but he’ll probably be best remembered as an NFL Draft bust. Richardson lasted only three seasons in the NFL, despite being drafted third overall by the Cleveland Browns in 2012. He averaged 3.5 yards per carry in Cleveland and then 3.1 yards for the Indianapolis Colts after he was traded during the 2013 season. Browns legend Jim Brown turned out to be right when he described Richardson as an “ordinary back” on draft day. But maybe the problem is that Richardson came to the NFL about 50 years too late. If he had been in the NFL in the 1960s, Richardson could’ve had a Jim Brown-esque career. The combination of power and speed that made Richardson a star at Alabama would’ve been significantly more effective in the NFL back when defensive tackles weighed less than 250 pounds. For that matter, there’s probably a long list of NFL busts who would’ve dominated if only they had access to a time machine. The NFL of 2019 is much different than it was in 1969. The emphasis on passing has meant more speed on the field, and the evolution of linemen has produced gigantic players on both lines. There’s a good chance some of the best players from the 1960s would still be productive now, but there’s an even better chance that most players today would be unstoppable then. So which players who aren’t stars in today’s NFL would be MVP if they traveled back, say, 50 years? Let’s take a stab at it: Blake Bortles, QB, Rams Bortles would still be the quarterback of the Jacksonville Jaguars if he knew how to avoid big mistakes. Since he entered the league five years ago, he’s thrown an NFL-most 75 interceptions. In Jacksonville, Bortles bounced passes off feet and helmets, he didn’t have much regard for the line of scrimmage, and his growing list of bloopers and turnovers eventually got him jettisoned from the team. If Bortles could’ve played a few decades earlier, his turnover issues and 80.6 career passer rating probably wouldn’t be a big deal. Instead, he was born in 1992, which means he plays when interceptions are much more unacceptable. In 2018, no player threw more than 16 picks, and there were 22 starting quarterbacks with a passer rating over 92. Yet Hall of Fame quarterback George Blanda threw 42 (!) interceptions as a member of the Houston Oilers in 1962 and was still an AFL all-star. Bart Starr led the NFL with an 89.9 passer rating in 1969. And during an era when Fran Tarkenton pioneered the idea of a dual-threat quarterback, Bortles would’ve thrived. For all his faults as a passer, Bortles is an excellent runner — his career 6.3 yards per carry average is one of the best a quarterback has ever had. In another time, he’d be a 6’5, 236-pound destroyer capable of running through and over defenders, or passing over them. It’d be the closest thing to a real life CLARENCE BEEFTANK. It hasn’t all been bad for Bortles in today’s NFL. He threw a franchise-record 35 touchdowns for the Jaguars in his second season, and he led the team to the AFC Championship Game in January 2018. Jacksonville was happy enough with his play to give him a three-year, $54 million extension that offseason. One year later, the Jaguars were lousy again and decided — or realized the obvious — that the contract was a mistake and cut ties with Bortles. Now, he’s a backup quarterback for the Rams. Bortles wouldn’t have made the same money in the 1960s, but he’d have a way better chance of having Hall of Fame aspirations. John Ross, WR, Bengals John Ross’ inability to stay healthy would presumably be a problem no matter the decade. But even when the top-10 draft pick has been on the field, he’s been pretty terrible. Knee and shoulder injuries cost him most of his rookie year, and he failed to catch a single pass when he was on the field. While Ross got more playing time in 2018, he only caught 21 passes for 210 yards — despite getting targeted 58 times. No player in the NFL had a lower catch percentage and no receiver got a lower grade from Pro Football Focus. So far his record-breaking speed hasn’t translated into game-breaking plays for Cincinnati, and he was even reportedly on the trading block at one point. Whoowee — he’d be soooo fast 50 years ago, though. It’s hard to judge exactly how much faster Ross would be than everyone else because the NFL Combine didn’t start providing officials times and measurements until relatively recently. Logically, he’d be fast as hell. Players in the NFL are bigger, faster, and stronger than ever. That makes it all the more impressive that Ross is the record holder in the 40-yard dash. Still, his 4.22-second speed might be comparable to Olympic-level speed in another era. Cowboys receiver Bob Hayes was a world-class track athlete who won gold in the 100 meter at the 1964 Olympics with a then-record time of 10.06 seconds. His speed made him a dynamic receiver and punt returner who was so dangerous that teams were forced to develop zone defenses to contain him. Would Ross be faster than that? It almost feels disrespectful to consider it, so let’s just say that even if he weren’t, he’d at least be in a similar tier of uncoverable speed. Hayes led the NFL in touchdowns in his first two seasons with 13 each. If Ross could stay healthy and actually, ya know, catch the ball, he could shred defenses too. Vontaze Burfict, LB, Raiders Not too long ago, Burfict was one of the best linebackers in football. It’s why he got a three-year, $32.5 million contract extension from the Bengals after a spectacular 2016 season. Then his play dropped off a cliff. Burfict struggled through concussions and was one of the worst linebackers when he was on the field in 2018. He was released by Cincinnati after the season and joined the Raiders on a one-year deal. But ask anyone what Burfict is really known for and they’ll talk about his reckless disregard for safety. He’s racked up over $4.5 million in fines over the course of his career and has been accused before of attempting to purposefully injure his opponents. That’s a problem in today’s NFL — especially when the league is trying to combat backlash about the sport’s impact on the human brain. No matter how many times the NFL punishes Burfict with the hope that he’ll dial it back, he just keeps on being a danger. That kind of player used to be celebrated. Even as recently as one decade ago, ESPN would showcase the most violent tackles of the week in a Monday Night Football segment called “Jacked Up!” Rewind another four decades earlier and mean, vicious defenders were some of the most revered players in the sport. Dick Butkus was a 6’3, 245-pound mountain of intimidation for the Bears who went to eight Pro Bowls in his nine seasons in the NFL. His various nicknames listed at Pro Football Reference include “The Animal,” “The Enforcer,” “The Maestro of Mayhem,” and “The Robot of Destruction.” Burfict would be right at home in a time like that when he could knock someone’s head off and get cheered for it. Not to mention the fact that his lackluster pass coverage would matter much less in an era without high-octane offenses led by coaches like Sean McVay and quarterbacks like Patrick Mahomes. Unfortunately for him, the best linebackers now can control their aggression and cover from sideline to sideline. Bud Dupree, LB, Steelers The word “sack” didn’t even exist in football vernacular until Rams legend Deacon Jones started using it sometime around the late 1960s or early 1970s. Jones played before sacks became a recorded stat in 1982, but football historians think he accumulated about 173.5 — third all-time — during his career. Jones was a 6’5, 272-pound terror on the field. He made eight Pro Bowls between 1964 and 1972, and was an easy choice for the Hall of Fame. Since then, sacks have become an increasingly vital part of slowing down pass attacks in the NFL. Offensive tackles have had to hone their pass-blocking ability, and rushing the passer has become a refined art. Sacking quarterbacks in the NFL is hard and teams pour resources into finding the few humans capable of pulling it off. For that reason, Bud Dupree only managing 20 sacks in the four seasons puts him dangerously close to bust territory. As a first-round pick, the expectation was that Dupree would have nearly double that sack total by now. Transport a below-average pass rusher like Dupree to a time when offenses were just learning how to deal with scary defensive linemen and you could expect destruction. Dupree is 6’4, 269 pounds — similar in size to Jones — and probably wouldn’t have much trouble putting up Deacon Jones-type numbers back then. Basically any running back In the last 12 years, 11 quarterbacks have been named MVP. The last non-quarterback to win the award was Adrian Peterson when he cracked 2,000 rushing yards in 2012. When the Associated Press first started awarding the MVP award in 1957, running backs won five times in the first nine years. Considering the way offenses continue to phase out rushing attacks, you can probably expect quarterbacks to monopolize the award for the foreseeable future. Last season, teams averaged 237.8 passing yards and 114.5 rushing yards per game. In 1969, those averages were 177.5 passing yards and 122 rushing yards per game. That means there are fewer and fewer stars at the running back position today. There aren’t many roster spots to go around and the running backs who can actually earn carries are really, really good. They’re almost always productive members of the passing game, too. Remember when I said Richardson might’ve been amazing if he played 50 years ago? All the guys in the NFL now are way better than he is. LeGarrette Blount averaged only 2.7 yards for the Lions during the 2018 season. But put him against defensive tackles who don’t even outweigh him and he’d go on a rampage. So would other bruising types like Leonard Fournette, Latavius Murray, and Chris Ivory. Every running back in present day probably would.
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Chernobyl Blu-ray announced and available for pre-order now
TL;DR: The hit television five-part miniseries Chernobyl is now available for pre-order from Amazon, releasing on July 29, 2019.  The massive television phenomenon Chernobyl will be hitting Blu-ray and DVD on 29 July, 2019. Pre-orders are live from today and you can pick up the unmissable series for £14.99 on DVD or £19.99 on Blu-ray from Amazon.  Created by Craig Martin, the show explores the Chernobyl nuclear power plant explosion in 1986, and stars Jessie Buckley, Jared Harris and Stellan Skarsgård. Through the guise of a historical docudrama, the show captures the horrendous aftermath of the most catastrophic nuclear accident in history.  Read more...More about Blu Ray, Chernobyl, Mashable Shopping, Shopping Solo, and Shopping Uk
The 'biggest protest since the fall of Communism' in Prague
Tens of thousands of Czechs took to the streets of Prague on Sunday, taking part in what its organizers described as "the biggest protest since the fall of Communism." - RSS Channel
ING Bank: Bullish cryptocurrency markets are negatively impacting the US dollar
The cryptocurrency markets are on fire and major financial institution ING has taken notice, going as far as predicting the latest bull run could negatively impact the value of the US dollar. “Strong commodity (and cryptocurrency) prices, plus sharply falling US dollar hedging costs should keep the dollar on the soft side this week,” warned ING‘s global head of strategy Chris Turner in his latest foreign exchange analysis. Turner’s right: the price of the DXY index – which measures the performance of the US dollar against a basket of international currencies – has struggled to find momentum moving into the new week of trade.… This story continues at The Next Web
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Bernie Sanders to unveil plan to forgive $1.6 trillion in student loan debt, reports say
To fund his massive loan forgiveness plan and public investment in higher education, the Vermont independent will push for a new tax on Wall Street.       
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Amid donor screening concerns, sperm bank industry is "buyer beware"
A New York City sperm bank faces multiple lawsuits, claiming it did not properly screen its donors for genetic diseases. The sperm bank industry is expected to be worth more than $5 billion by 2025, but some families say they're learning troubling information after the fact. Anna Werner reports.
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Jay Bilas claims college programs don't 'produce' NBA players. John Calipari disagrees
In a press conference after the NBA draft, Kentucky coach John Calipari answered Jay Bilas' opinion that college programs do not 'produce' NBA talent.       
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Martin Truex Jr. repeats at Sonoma NASCAR race
Dominant performance for Joe Gibbs Racing
Greater Manchester considers taking back control of bus network
Mayor Andy Burnham wants city region to be first in UK to use London-style powersGreater Manchester could become the first city region in the UK to take back control of its buses after a report recommended refranchising its vast and fragmented network.The mayor of Greater Manchester, Andy Burnham, said he hoped to use the powers to build a London-style integrated transport system that puts passengers’ needs ahead of the interests of private bus companies. Continue reading...
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Iran says U.S. cyber attacks failed, hints talks are possible
Iran said on Monday U.S. cyber attacks on its military had failed, while also hinting that it could be willing to discuss new concessions with Washington if the United States were to lift sanctions and offer new incentives.
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Cameroon is allowed to get upset without having to answer to your kids
Not every negative incident is a referendum on the women’s game or a bad example for little girls. Cameroon came into its women’s World Cup round of 16 match against England as serious underdogs. The Indomitable Lionesses knew that they’d need to play their absolute best, and have a couple of lucky breaks go their way, to advance in the tournament. Instead, several big refereeing decisions went against them — a questionable backpass and two VAR reviews. The Cameroonians felt hard done by the referees, visibly showed their frustration, and appeared to lose their composure completely by the end of the match, when they put in a series of overzealous and dangerous tackles. England are headed to the quarterfinals after getting the job done against Cameroon.Watch the full game highlights with our 90' in 90" ⬇️ #FIFAWWC— FOX Soccer (@FOXSoccer) June 23, 2019 Lost in all of this is that England is through to the World Cup quarterfinals. That’s not something you would know from a glance at the English press, though. An entire country’s worth of journalists and media outlets had little time for celebration of its team’s 3–0 victory, opting instead to devote all their energy to shaming Cameroon for being upset. Monday 24th June 2019Newspaper back pages feature SHAMEFULDISGRACEFUL #Cameroon #FWWC #England #WomensWorldCup2019— ⓒⓕ (@cfbcity) June 23, 2019 The full headlines on the game stories may be even more sensational, from the Guardian’s: Cameroon’s shameful performance descends into playground farce To the Telegraph’s: The Cameroon team’s disgraceful VAR protests have damaged the reputation of women’s football English journalists also ranted at Cameroon manager Alain Djeumfa at his press conference. Rather than ask questions, they took the opportunity to berate Djeumfa, telling him that his team shamed the sport of football and that his players were bad role models for children, while also accusing him of ordering his players not to give interviews. It seems that footballers getting pissed off at a match not going their way can’t be simply left at that. Not when there are women to shame for failing to uphold the high ideals of sport, and more importantly, failing to be good role models for little girls. After the match, England manager Phil Neville — who is apparently incapable of having a 30-second conversation with his daughter — wondered aloud if Cameroon might have ruined the sport for millions of young women. “This is going out worldwide. I didn’t enjoy it, the players didn’t enjoy it. My players kept their concentration fantastically, but those images are going out worldwide about how to act, the young girls playing all over the world that are seeing that behaviour. For me, it’s not right. My daughter wants to be a footballer and if she watches that she will think: ‘No, I want to play netball.’” The men’s game is, of course, not held to this standard. Dirty tackles, abuse of the referee, and general disrespect for the laws of the game are fairly standard at all levels of men’s soccer across the world. But don’t take my word for it, take it from ... Phil Neville! Apparently it did not bring the entire sport of football into disrepute when he intentionally fouled players hard. In the 2018 documentary The Feud — Ferguson vs. Wenger, Neville recalled a match in which him and his brother Gary played dirty to intimidate an Arsenal player. “They had a young Spanish winger called Jose Antonio Reyes and we literally kicked him off the park,” Neville said. Men’s football also found a way to go on after “The Battle Of Nürnburg,” a 2006 World Cup match in which 16 yellow cards and 4 reds were shown. Later in that tournament, French midfielder and current Real Madrid manager Zinedine Zidane delivered a headbutt to Marco Materazzi after the Italy defender muttered a few unpleasant words about Zidane’s family. Rather than chastise Zidane for disgracing the sport, we’ve decided to memorialize this moment. Literally. Where have I been? Had no clue there was a Zidane headbutt statue— Roger Gonzalez (@RGonzalezCBS) January 4, 2016 Men do catch criticism for misbehaving on the pitch. Luis Suárez, for instance, was rightfully taken to task for biting opponents on three separate occasions. But Suárez was never accused of damaging the reputation of the entirety of men’s football, nor was he ever told to think of all the little boys who might go play cricket instead after seeing his disgusting display. Leaving aside this double standard for a moment, the circumstances that might have led to Cameroon becoming so emotional about calls going against them should also be explored and placed in the proper context. Most of Cameroon’s players are not full-time professional footballers, and this was the biggest match almost all of them will ever play in. The team was completely inactive in 2017, and the federation scheduled just one friendly match in 2018. Cameroon has gotten to this point despite many of its players having little to no opportunities to improve as footballers or advance to the professional level. If England had lost this match, its players would have returned to a league growing in both quality and financial muscle. Each member of the squad is a full-time professional making a living wage playing the game, and most will receive significant raises in the immediate future. Cameroon’s players are not as lucky. Many will go home to, as Cameroonian journalist Njie Enow describes it, an “underfunded domestic championship staged in appalling conditions.” In such a context, the emotions of the Cameroon players are perfectly understandable, but it should still be noted that the Indomitable Lionesses were not actually hard done by. Given that the VAR decisions appeared correct and the referee let a few big transgressions go mostly unpunished, the Cameroonians weren’t justified in their indignation. If they believe the game was officiated in a manner that was unfair to them, they are wildly incorrect. And as Nigerian-English-American footballer Chioma Ubogagu noted, while Cameroon deserves more empathetic coverage, most of the players’ actions on the pitch were inexcusable. But the problems with the discussion around Cameroon aren’t the criticisms of their behavior. One major issue is the complete failure to contextualize why Cameroon might be more emotional than the English press would consider “normal” or “acceptable.” The other is assigning Cameroon more responsibility to act a certain way than we’d ever burden a misbehaving men’s team with. They did not, as Neville and a half-dozen papers put it, damage the reputation of women’s soccer as a whole. The women’s game will move on past this one match and continue to grow, even while players behave in ways that self-appointed arbiters of morality deem distasteful. Women are allowed to get pissed off at times. They shouldn’t be forced to first consider the message it might send to children. The Cameroon women’s national team does not have a responsibility to you, A Father Of Daughters, to raise your kids for you. And if, for god knows what reason, you do feel compelled to criticize women for getting pissed off, it’s probably worthwhile to consider why they might be so angry.
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Busta Rhymes vs. Banjo Kazooie
In the vein of Biggie the Tank Engine, but significantly worse. Read the rest
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Team USA embraces "crazy" growth of women's soccer worldwide
As Team USA defends its championship title, a record number of viewers points to the growing popularity of women's soccer around the world
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Samsung 4K TVs, De'Longhi coffee machines, Bosch power tools, Philips Hue systems, and more on sale for June 24 in the UK
Another week, another set of amazing deals. With the heat set to soar in the coming days, now couldn't be a better time to kit out your garden, and we've got the deals to help.  Get your garden looking its best with a robust mower, or a powerful pressure washer.  If you're still sceptical about the British summer, we've also lined up a great selection of deals to keep you happy at home. Highlights include a sharp set of Morphy Richards knives, down to £24.99 from £79.99, and a Samsung 4K Ultra HD TV, down to only £497 from the £809 list price — that's over £300 in savings.  Other deals include discounts on big brands such as Bosch, Samsung, Sony, De'Longhi, and more. There's everything from dazzling swimming pools, sharp 4K TVs, and intelligent home lighting systems.  Read more...More about Swimming Pool, Mashable Shopping, Samsung Tv, Shopping Uk, and Uk Deals IMAGE: AMAZON £38 £22 OFF (37%) £60 Sony SRS-XB10 Compact Portable Wireless Speaker -- See Details IMAGE: AMAZON £89.99 £60.01 OFF (40%) £150 Sony SRS-XB31 Portable Wireless Waterproof Speaker -- See Details IMAGE: AMAZON £14.39 £12.60 OFF (47%) £26.99 VEENAX PS10 Bluetooth Mini Speaker -- See Details IMAGE: AMAZON £17.99 Etekcity Bluetooth Body Fat Scales -- See Details IMAGE: AMAZON £54.99 £15.00 OFF (21%) £69.99 Fire 7 Tablet, 16 GB, Black -- See Details IMAGE: AMAZON £14.99 £18 OFF (55%) £32.99 Xbox Game Pass Ultimate - 3 Months -- See Details IMAGE: AMAZON £20.99 £9 OFF (30%) £29.99 Tile Pro with Replaceable Battery -- See Details IMAGE: AMAZON £15.99 £8.00 OFF (33%) £23.99 Yankee Candle Large Jar Scented Candle - Home Sweet Home -- See Details IMAGE: AMAZON £34.99 £17 OFF (33%) £51.99 Bosch PST 700 E Compact Jigsaw -- See Details IMAGE: AMAZON £46.99 £18.00 OFF (28%) £64.99 Bosch PushDrive Cordless Screwdriver -- See Details IMAGE: AMAZON £37.99 £12 OFF (24%) £49.99 Philips Hue Home Automation Smart Bridge 2.0 -- See Details IMAGE: £29.99 £5.00 OFF (14%) £34.99 Philips Hue Smart Motion Sensor -- See Details IMAGE: AMAZON £39.99 £10 OFF (20%) £49.99 Amazon Echo Dot (3rd Gen) -- See Details IMAGE: AMAZON £497 £312.99 OFF (39%) £809.99 Samsung 50-inch Dynamic Crystal Colour 4K UHD HDR Smart TV -- See Details IMAGE: AMAZON £345 £354.99 OFF (51%) £699.99 LG 49-inch UHD 4K HDR Smart LED TV -- See Details IMAGE: AMAZON £279.99 £170 OFF (38%) £449.99 De'Longhi Magnifica ESAM 4200.S Bean to Cup -- See Details IMAGE: Mashable £44.95 £45.04 OFF (50%) £89.99 De'Longhi Nescafé Dolce Gusto Jovia Coffee Machine -- See Details IMAGE: AMAZON £24.99 £55 OFF (69%) £79.99 Morphy Richards Accents Knife Block -- See Details IMAGE: AMAZON £34.97 £31.02 OFF (47%) £65.99 Breville High Gloss Toaster -- See Details IMAGE: AMAZON £119.98 £30.00 OFF (20%) £149.98 ECOVACS DEEBOT M82 Robot Vacuum -- See Details IMAGE: AMAZON £159.99 £140 OFF (47%) £299.99 Shark Upright Vacuum Cleaner -- See Details IMAGE: AMAZON £99.99 £18 OFF (15%) £117.99 INTEX 28202UK Metal Frame Pool - 304 x 76 cm -- See Details IMAGE: AMAZON £139.99 £30.01 OFF (18%) £170 Intex AK SPORTS 775237  Metal Frame Pool - 366 x 76 cm -- See Details IMAGE: AMAZON £64.99 £35 OFF (35%) £99.99 Intex 28272 Metal Frame Rectangular Pool - 300 x 200 x 75 cm -- See Details IMAGE: AMAZON £95 £34.99 OFF (27%) £129.99 Kärcher K2 Full Control Home Pressure Washer -- See Details IMAGE: AMAZON £71.99 £28 OFF (28%) £99.99 Yard Force 130Bar 1800W High-Pressure Washer with Accessories -- See Details IMAGE: AMAZON £107.20 £42.79 OFF (29%) £149.99 WORX 20V MAX Cordless HYDROSHOT Portable Pressure Cleaner -- See Details IMAGE: AMAZON £72.99 £27 OFF (27%) £99.99 Bosch Rotak 32R Electric Rotary Lawnmower -- See Details IMAGE: AMAZON £159.99 £70 OFF (30%) £229.99 Bosch UniversalRotak 550 Electric Rotary Lawnmower -- See Details IMAGE: AMAZON £27.50 £6.50 OFF (19%) £34 Bosch ART 26 SL Electric Grass Trimmer with Cutting Diameter -- See Details IMAGE: AMAZON £17.39 £4.60 OFF (21%) £21.99 Intex Beanless Bag Chair -- See Details
Should contraception be sold over the counter? AOC and Ted Cruz aren’t actually allies on this.
Republicans and Democrats divide -- starkly -- over the details.
Nokia 4.2 review
The Nokia 4.2 has good battery life, uncluttered Android One software that delivers fast updates, and a design and build that doesn’t match its $189 price tag. But performance throws the phone under the bus.
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Breaching humpback whale surprises rowers
One minute you're rowing, the next you stop and a humpback whale is breaching right in front of you! That's what happened off the coast of Rio de Janeiro last week. Anyone speak Portuguese? I think I heard a "Ai meu Deus!" (Oh my God!) which sounds about right. (Geekologie) Read the rest
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University of Utah student vanishes after taking Lyft from Salt Lake City airport
Family and friends of a missing University of Utah student are pleading for information about her mysterious disappearance, shortly after taking a Lyft ride. Mackenzie Lueck was last seen one week ago. David Begnaud reports.
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Why the sperm bank industry is "buyer beware"
A NYC sperm bank faces multiple lawsuits that claim it did not properly screen its donors for genetic diseases
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Women's World Cup is attracting a record number of viewers
The U.S. women's soccer team enters the knockout rounds Monday at the World Cup in France. The defending champions will take on Spain. The tournament is attracting a record number of viewers, pointing to the growing popularity of women's soccer around the world. Roxana Saberi reports from Reims, France.
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Judith Krantz, sex-and-shopping novelist, dies at 91
The bestselling author behind bonkbusters such as Scruples and Princess Daisy has died at her home in Los AngelesJudith Krantz, who chronicled the sex and shopping of the super-rich and super-beautiful in bestselling novels from Scruples to Princess Daisy, has died at the age of 91.The American writer, who sold more than 85m copies of her 10 novels in more than 50 languages, died at her Bel Air home from natural causes, surrounded by her family, friends and dogs, her publicist said. Continue reading...
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Rafael Benítez to leave Newcastle when contract expires on Sunday
• Club say they have ‘worked hard’ to extend manager’s deal• Newcastle announce they are disappointed with outcomeRafael Benítez will leave Newcastle when his contract expires on Sunday, the club have announced.Newcastle said in a statement: “It is with disappointment that we announce manager Rafael Benítez will leave Newcastle United upon the expiry of his contract on June 30, 2019. Continue reading...
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The most elegant hotel in Paris
Domaine de Chantilly is home to one of France's lesser known châteaux. When you're visiting Paris, it makes a great alternative to tourist-burdened Versailles.
IOC prepares to vote for 2026 Winter Olympics host
The IOC has begun a day-long conference to decide whether the host of the 2026 Winter Olympics will be Milan-Cortina or Stockholm-Are        
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Missing Connecticut mom of 5 may have disappeared in 'Gone Girl' scenario, husband claims
A lawyer for Jennifer Dulos' husband said they've found a "dark" novel Jennifer wrote that makes them believe she might have staged her disappearance
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Mets manager curses out journalist, pitcher threatens fight
Mets manager Mickey Callaway snapped at a Newsday journalist while pitcher Jason Vargas had to be restrained by teammates after their side's defeat to the Cubs.
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Cypriot army captain pleads guilty to killing five women and two girls
Nikos Metaxas, 35, admits to a dozen charges of premeditated murder and kidnappingA Cypriot army captain has pleaded guilty to a dozen charges of premeditated murder and kidnapping of five foreign women and two girls.Nikos Metaxas, reading from a prepared statement ahead of his sentencing later on Monday, told a three-judge criminal court panel that he did not “have any clear answers” why he committed the killings and that he had “struggled” to figure out the “why and how.” Continue reading...
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