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Second Grader Suspended After Allegedly Bringing Loaded Gun to Recess

The teacher confiscated the gun from the elementary school student after being alerted about it by another classmate.
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East Coast braces for Winter Storm Kenan, predicted to dump 2 feet or more of snow
The East Coast storm threatened whiteout conditions, high winds and coastal flooding, followed by intense cold that could leave many people shivering amid power outages.
Capitals reverse their fortunes and dominate Braden Holtby and the Stars
The Capitals get five goals from five different scorers and snap out of their funk by forcing Braden Holtby out after two periods.
St. John’s Julian Champagnie looking to break out of shooting slump
Julian Champagnie is in the midst of a shooting and scoring slump, so he decided to try something different.
Capitals reverse their fortunes and dominate Braden Holtby and the Stars
The Capitals get five goals from five different scorers and snap out of their funk by forcing Braden Holtby out after two periods.
Gutfeld: US should follow lead of anti-mandate Canadian truckers
Greg Gutfeld condemned Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau for not backing his country's truckers against COVID mandates Friday on "Gutfeld!"
Rashad Evans def. Gabriel Checco at Eagle FC 44: Best photos
Check out these photos from Rashad Evans' win over Gabriel Cheeco at Eagle FC 44 from FLXcast Arena in Miami.       Related StoriesPhotos: Eagle FC 44 official weigh-insZhang Lipeng def. Ruslan Emilbek at 'ONE Championship: Only the Brave' – Best photosFrancis Ngannou def. Ciryl Gane at UFC 270: Best photos
Athens’ Architectural Heritage Is Slowly Slipping Away but These Heroes Are Saving It
Art Directors & TRIP / Alamy Stock PhotoOne day in 2006, Irini Gratsia was walking through Athens and wondering why nothing was being done to save the city’s historic pre-War buildings. Although Greece has stringent archeological laws to protect antiquities, the city’s modern architectural heritage–which began in 1834 with the establishment of Athens as the capital of a newly independent Greece–has largely been ignored.Popular images of Athens tend to depict it as a city of ancient ruins and modern apartment blocks with little in between, but take a walk round any neighborhood and you’ll find something of architectural interest. Just take a walk alongTake central Panepistimiou Street, an urban museum and perhaps the most remarkable ensemble of modern architecture anywhere in Greece.There are of course the Neoclassical buildings that defined the fledgling years of the Greek state, the earliest of these designed by architects spirited in from Germany and Denmark in order to re-imagine a post-Ottoman Greece based on a romanticized impression of ancient Athens. The movement reached its apotheosis with Theophil and Christian Hansen’s ‘Athenian Trilogy’ at the center of Panepistimiou Street, a lurid expression of romanticized philhellenism in architectural form. As Greek architects began learning the trade they developed a more subdued Greek Neoclassicism, as seen by the adjacent Serpieri Mansion (1881) by Anastasios Theophilas and the yellow Rallis House (1835) by Stamatis Kleanthis opposite, surreally reflected in the glass tower block behind. There’s also the Attica Department Store, a Neoclassical-Art Deco fusion and the largest building in Athens at the time of its completion in 1938, the Neobyzantine Athens Eye Hospital (1855), the Neorenaissance Numismatic Museum (1880), the Catholic Basilica of St. Dionysius the Areopagite (1865) with its ‘why not?’ fusion of Neo Byzantine, Neoclassical and Neo Renaissance, the New York-esque towers of the Art Deco Rex Cinema (1937) and the Stripped Classicism of the Bank of Greece (1938).Read more at The Daily Beast.
How a Russian invasion of Ukraine would reverberate around the world
The prospect of an imminent Russian invasion of Ukraine has heightened alarm in the region, threatening to plunge the country's 44 million inhabitants further into the grips of conflict.
We’re Ignoring What CBD Could Do for COVID—at Our Own Peril
Photo Illustration by Thomas Levinson/The Daily Beast/GettyLet’s get this out of the way now: You should not take CBD to prevent COVID-19. You should not smoke weed to prevent COVID-19—in fact, that will probably make things worse. You definitely should not drink CBD seltzers or take gummies to protect yourself from a virus that has the potential to kill you—especially when there are vaccines that are proven to protect you.At the same time, it can also be true that CBD from cannabis has a role to play in this pandemic—from treating COVID directly, to dealing with the pandemic’s emotional side effects. We’re already seeing this potential teased out in a flourish of new scientific research.Last week, scientists published findings suggesting CBD might stop the coronavirus from replicating inside cells. They also found that patients prescribed CBD-based drugs for epilepsy had lower COVID-19 positivity rates than people who hadn’t been prescribed CBD, an early signal that this could hold up in the real world. This was hot off the heels of another recent study , suggesting two other cannabis compounds could bind to the coronavirus’ spike protein—stopping it from getting into cells in the first place.Read more at The Daily Beast.Got a tip? Send it to The Daily Beast here
The Very Best of Sundance 2022: Dakota Johnson, Cosby Comeuppance, Volcano Love, and More
Photo Illustration by Thomas Levinson/The Daily Beast/Sundance, ShowtimeThis is a preview of our pop culture newsletter The Daily Beast’s Obsessed, written by senior entertainment reporter Kevin Fallon. To receive the full newsletter in your inbox each week, sign up for it here.The hottest, sexiest, most star-studded venue in Hollywood these last two weeks was, as it should always be, my couch.Well, it was a multi-venue affair. My colleagues Marlow Stern and Laura Bradley’s sofas were pretty bumping, too.Read more at The Daily Beast.
Carolyn Hax: They’re about to give their baby the same name as his grandma’s ex
Expectant parents want to know if they’re total [jerks] for naming their baby after his grandmother's ex-husband.
‘Cancer’ PAC Showers Cash on MAGA Guv Wannabe
Kevin Dietsch/GettyThe medical practice belonging to a New York congressman’s personal doctor pumped $60,829 into a federal political action committee that funneled the cash into his campaign for governor in violation of campaign-finance rules, The Daily Beast has discovered.Documents filed with the state Board of Elections earlier this month show the donation dropped into GOP Rep. Lee Zeldin’s gubernatorial campaign coffers in November from the Conquering Cancer PAC, an outfit that formed last summer and, to date, appears to have never contributed to any other candidate. A Board of Elections spokesman told The Daily Beast that New York election law obligates any political committee giving more than $1,000 to a state or local candidate to register with authorities in Albany—and Conquering Cancer PAC has never done so, public records show.Public records also show the leadership of Conquering Cancer PAC is intimately entangled with Zeldin himself: his own campaign treasurer manages the PAC, and the donations to it have come entirely from people tied to one medical practice. That practice is New York Cancer & Blood Specialists, headed by Dr. Jeffrey Vacirca, himself the PAC’s largest donor, though several other physicians associated with the practice also contributed to the $60,829 total.Read more at The Daily Beast.
Miss Manners: Is it normal to be invited and disinvited to a wedding in the same envelope?
Reader is curious about the protocol for disinviting guests because of restrictions. Is it more proper to send a wedding announcement?
Ask Amy: My family brought dogs to Christmas after I asked them not to
Reader is annoyed by their family asking for accommodations for dogs during Christmas despite being told to keep them away.
The True Cost of Masking Young Kids Forever
GettyIn places all over the world, children attend school without mask mandates. Students in Denmark have been maskless since May 2020. France doesn’t require them for kids under 11 years old, and in Ireland, it’s under 9. Schools in Norway and Sweden go without masks entirely. In the UK, Kate Middleton does uncontroversial visits to primary schools and mingles with the unmasked youth.The World Health Organization explicitly recommends against masking for kids under 5 and Europe’s equivalent of the CDC recommends against masking primary school children at all.The presumption among most health agencies in Europe has been that blanket mask mandates for young children are inappropriate for a cohort that, unlike adults, is unlikely to either face danger from COVID or wear masks correctly. There’s also the consideration of the “potential impact of wearing a mask on learning and psychosocial development.”Read more at The Daily Beast.
OMG, I Want to Rent That House: Byron Bay, Australia
Courtesy VrboWategos Villas, Byron Bay, Australia (Vrbo): For two years, we’ve all been glued to news of the “next wave.” So, it’s safe to say, we all deserve a break. But if you choose to take the vacation days that we believe every human being on the planet has accrued by living through COVID and use them on a holiday in Byron Bay, you will not necessarily get a break from wave watching. That’s because this hotspot in New South Wales is famed for its excellent surfing. Between spending days in the South Pacific Ocean and nights in this gorgeous villa, you may just start to feel a little of that ol’ 2019 energy coming back.This bird’s eye view helps illustrate the most important feature of the house: it’s only 164 feet from Wategos Beach. At a glance, that number may not seem that close. But to put it into context, that is just about the same length as Tiger Woods’ $20 million yacht, Privacy.Based on what we assume must be the million-dollar industry of maritime accents and beach-themed wall art that fill most seaside homes, we believe it must be nearly impossible to design a beach home that is actually chic. That sea air starts blowing in and all of a sudden you have a craving for kitsch. Not here. Wategos Villas is the exception to the rule and proves the one design tenet that will never fail: if you keep the color scheme neutral and use only fine art and nature as your decorative flourishes, you can’t go wrong.Read more at The Daily Beast.
Andrew Garfield Is Charming the Pants Off Everyone This Oscar Season
Courtesy Everett Collection/NetflixEvery year, awards season grants film-lovers and people who generally enjoy celebrities an abundance of amusing soundbites, clips and snafus leading up to the Oscars. So far, Lady Gaga has inundated us with bizarre, questionable facts about her transformation into House of Gucci’s Patrizia Reggiani. Denzel Washington had his own viral “sorry to this man” moment when asked about Snowfall actor Damson Idris during several red-carpet interviews. Nicolas Cage spoke about his beef with a horse at a roundtable. Arguably though, no one has enjoyed more virality on their quest for the little golden statuette than Best Actor contender Andrew Garfield.As someone who was obsessed with The Social Network in 2010—and later feigned interest in Spider-Man when he inherited the role in 2012—I was shocked at the amount of people on Twitter who had seemingly never considered Garfield a celebrity crush or were aware of his deeply earnest personality until his most recent press tour for his Netflix movie tick, tick…BOOM!, for which he’ll most likely score an Oscar nomination. (To be fair, some of the internet users I observed were younger).It’s hard to pinpoint exactly what triggered social media’s newfound admiration for the 38-year-old actor, since his resurgence in popularity has mostly centered around interviews and dug-up clips as opposed to his actual performance in the musical film or his uncanny portrayal of Jim Bakker in his other big 2021 movie The Eyes of Tammy Faye. Nevertheless, a Garfieldaissance is certainly upon us.Read more at The Daily Beast.
Sen. Mitt Romney tests positive for COVID-19
Romney is "currently asymptomatic and will be isolating and working remotely for the recommended period of time," his office said in a statement.
Wisconsin Supreme Court Rules Ballot Drop Boxes Can Be Used in February Election
Swing conservative Justice Brian Hagedorn joined with the court's three liberal justices Friday and once again became the deciding vote in the ruling.
Human skeleton found inside of tent in Central Park
The city medical examiner said the remains found in Central Park were in a “highly decomposed state” and mostly skeletal, according to police and sources.
Sarah Palin Has a Friend in Michele Bachmann Who Supports Dining Out With COVID
Bachmann said Palin should be "commended" for dining in public while infected with the highly contagious virus, adding, "it's time we start resuming normal American life."
President Biden Says He's Moving Troops to Eastern Europe but 'Not Too Many'
The president said U.S. troops are headed to Eastern Europe. But Biden and other officials say any deployment will be to shore up NATO.
Progressives Should Be Thankful for Sinema and Manchin
Photo Illustration by Thomas Levinson/The Daily Beast/GettyIf you want to understand the massive political dysfunction in the Democratic Party, look no further than Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s recent comments about Sen. Kyrsten Sinema.This week, Ocasio-Cortez appeared on MSNBC and declared that supporting a potential primary challenge to Sinema would be “the easiest decision I would ever have to make.” She also personally scolded Sinema, saying, “She is not an ally on civil rights,” and accusing her of “contributing to the threat that we have in stabilizing our democracy.” The New York congresswoman further called the Arizona senator a “profound ally” of corporate interests.Democratic infighting and disunity (an obvious problem since Biden’s Build Back Better bill crumbled) aside, I’m most interested in the timing of her remarks. It’s not just what she said, it’s when she said it.Read more at The Daily Beast.
This Man Lives in the Plane That Flew Jackie O to a Funeral—and You’re Welcome to Join Him
Joshua MellinBruce Campbell sleeps naked on the couch of a decommissioned 727-284 plane in Hillsboro, Oregon. It’s a fact that the 71-year-old retired engineer offers freely. It’s also one of many other personal facts he offers up, along with a clothed demonstration of how he bathes in his homemade shower, which features a hose and a flexible chest-high piece of circular plastic that he can’t bear to upgrade because it’s become a conversation piece. Yes, this is a lot of personal information to glean from someone you just met. But Campbell’s openness is understandable—it’s hard to have any secrets when you’re known as the local Airplane Home guy.There’s nothing new about rethinking traditional housing. In Wales, Tolkien mega-fan Simon Dale built a Hobbit house for a scant £3000—a hillside structure which also doubles as one of the eco-friendliest buildings in the world. Beijing-based architect Dai Haifei built and briefly lived in an egg-shaped house outside his office to draw attention to rising housing prices. And of course, for anyone looking to get into the alternative home game, a literal cottage industry has sprung up around tiny houses, which are often parked on trailers to skirt local zoning laws.But what stands out is Campbell’s absolute devotion to his materials. Located up a hill so steep that our Uber driver prematurely ends the trip, his intact plane looks like it just fell from the sky and into the forest on his 10-acre property. It’s a surreal vision that’s only heightened when he peeks out his head out of a hatch and offers us a full-throated hello. Jokes about Lost and Airplane!? He doesn’t own a television, but has heard them all, and still graciously chuckles every time.Read more at The Daily Beast.
Houston police shooting suspect has long criminal history, faces attempted murder charges
The man who the Houston Police Department says shot three officers Thursday has a lengthy criminal record and now faces three counts of attempted capital murder of a police officer.
‘Legend of Vox Machina’: How Critical Role Turned a D&D Game Night Into a Hit Animated Series
Prime VideoThere is a term for the perfect roll of the dice in Dungeons & Dragons; it’s called a Natural 20, which gives the player the maximum possible value on a 20-sided die to make a move, attack an enemy, or cast a spell. When the group of friends behind the web series Critical Role–aptly named after this particular throw–rolled the dice on their business, they undeniably hit that Natural 20. But despite trending on Twitter every Thursday evening, garnering millions of streaming views, and creating an online empire, the impetus of Critical Role will always be the same: a simple game played among friends.It all started back in 2012, when a group of voice actor friends gathered at the apartment of Marisha Ray and Matthew Mercer for a night of Dungeons & Dragons, a popular tabletop role-playing game (RPG). “I had no idea what the fuck was gonna be happening. I was just like, ‘Sure, I'll go to this thing and bring a pencil and see what happens.’ And then Laura [Bailey]’s doing an accent,” Ashley Johnson tells The Daily Beast with a laugh on a joint Zoom call with Bailey and Ray.That night laid the foundation for Critical Role. “It's where we all connected and where all of our lives took a complete turn in the best way,” Johnson says. Those eight friends–Johnson, Mercer, Ray, Bailey, Taliesin Jaffe, Travis Willingham, Sam Riegel, and Liam O’Brien–soon found themselves as the founders and stars of the most popular D&D streaming show.Read more at The Daily Beast.
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NYC councilman condemns Democrat who expressed condolences to family of alleged police killer
A Democratic New York City councilwoman is under fire for remarks she made following the fatal shooting of two NYPD officers in West Harlem.
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See John Malkovich Transform Into Meryl Streep, Che Guevara, Albert Einstein and More
Sandro MillerI began working with John Malkovich more than 20 years ago, when he was an ensemble member of the world-renowned Steppenwolf Theatre Company. I met John during a photo session, and we’ve been friends and collaborators ever since that initial meeting, creating 120 portraits to date. His belief and trust in my work is unprecedented. He has granted me many opportunities to work with him. Over the past years, I would approach John with various personal projects, ranging from short films to photographic stories. He has never said no, and has always been open to my ideas. For me, John is a beautiful clean canvas ready for paint. He is extremely open-minded, never fearful, and always willing to go to places most actors of his caliber would avoid. He is a genius willing to take chances—a talent that allows himself to become anything I ask.Purchase Sandro Miller’s book Malkovich Malkovich MalkovichIn 2011, I was diagnosed with Stage 4 cancer. The illness took me down hard and left me thinking about my future as a father, husband, and photographer. As a photographer, I had experienced a pretty good run of nearly 38 years, working with some of the biggest clients in the advertising world, winning a handful of the photography industry’s top awards, and exhibiting my personal work in many beautiful galleries around the world. I felt I had achieved more than I ever thought possible as a self-taught photographer. Read more at The Daily Beast.
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Unbeaten Etiwanda girls receive 44-point performance from Kennedy Smith
Etiwanda improved to 20-0 in girls' basketball behind sophomore Kennedy Smith's 44-point game in a victory over Chino Hills on Friday.
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Rangers blow another lead, fall to Wild to spoil Henrik Lundqvist celebration
Friday, for the second time in as many nights, the Rangers blew an early two-goal lead before losing, 3-2, to the Wild.
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Australia to spend a record $35 million to protect koalas
Australia will spend a record $50 million Australian ($35 million US) over the next four years to boost long-term protection and recovery of its koala population, Prime Minister Scott Morrison's office said in a statement on Saturday.
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Hannity: Democrats' 'dereliction of duty' on violent crime 'diabolical'
Sean Hannity sounded the alarm on anti-police violence in his opening monologue Friday.
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Man Charged With Threatening President Biden With 'Fatal Head Wound'
The man reportedly wanted to "lop off the head of the serpent in the heart of the nation"
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Bari Weiss' decision to be 'done' with Covid is a slap in the face to health care workers
Canadian physician Jillian Horton writes that as she watched Weiss' performance on "Real Time with Bill Maher," she found herself comparing Weiss' antics -- her insistence that she had done her part eary in the pandemic by sanitizing her groceries and binging television shows -- to the quiet suffering of health care professionals who never get to say they are simply "done" with Covid.
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North Dakota's longest-serving attorney general dies at 68
Wayne Stenehjem, North Dakota's longest-serving attorney general, has died "unexpectedly" at age 68, according to a news release from the Attorney General's Office.
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See how Marjorie Taylor Greene reacts to criticism from call-in guests during live broadcast
Georgia GOP Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene appeared on a live show in her district and received pushback from call-in guests about her tenure. CNN's Jim Acosta has the details.
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CBS Evening News, January 28, 2022
Powerful Nor'easter expected to slam East Coast; Young girl sews cheerful gowns for kids in hospital
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Tucker Carlson: The media thinks we, and the president of Ukraine, are agents of Russia
Tucker Carlson reacts to mainstream media's criticism of those who don't support going to war with Russia.
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20 Cupid-Approved Valentine's Day Gifts for Each Love Language
Photo: Scouted/The Daily Beast/Retailers.Valentine's Day gifts can be tricky when it comes to gifting your S.O. because while it's still considered a "Hallmark Holiday," there's still an unspoken expectation that some degree of sentimentality should be taken into account. Dr. Gary Chapman's famed book The 5 Love Languages: The Secret to Love that Lasts has long been touted as a relationship bible of sorts, and is predicated on the author's theory that each person expresses and perceives love and affection in romantic relationships with one of five love languages—words of affirmation, acts of service, receiving gifts, quality time, and physical touch.Of course, the book's intention is to help couples improve their communication styles and habits with their partner—not function as an unofficial gift guide for couples—but the iconic relationship book can also be used off-label to help guide you to a better gift for your partner too—yes, even if their prescribed love language isn't receiving gifts. Even if you haven't read the seminal book. yet, you can still glean some thoughtful insights to help you find a more meaningful gift for your Valentine based on the language they most closely identify with (if you or they don't already know, you can take the official love language quiz here to find out.)Read more at The Daily Beast.
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Eagle FC 44 results: Sergei Kharitonov overwhelms Tyrone Spong on mat for TKO
Sergei Kharitonov's ground game was too much for Tyrone Spong in the Eagle FC 44 main event.       Related StoriesEagle FC 44 results: Sergei Kharitonov overwhelms Tyrone Spong on mat for TKO - EnclosureEagle FC 44 live and official results (6 p.m. ET)Eagle FC 44 live and official results (6 p.m. ET) - Enclosure 
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Short-handed Lakers, Russell Westbrook are game but fall to Hornets
Russell Westbrook scored 35 points but missed a three-point try late as the Lakers, without LeBron James and Anthony Davis, lost 117-114 at Charlotte.
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A shot and a swab: New Hampshire to sell at-home COVID tests in liquor outlets
New Hampshire Gov. Christopher Sununu says he expects the at-home tests to be available at statewide liquor stores within the next two weeks.
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Was a Notorious Mobster Behind This ‘Infamous’ Pittsburgh Heist?
Photo Illustration by Thomas Levinson/The Daily Beast/Post-Gazette; GettyIt was March 17, 1982—St. Patrick’s Day—and James Powers was in the middle of his shift at the Purolator armored truck terminal in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, where he worked as a security guard.At about 11:30 p.m., two men wearing trench coats, dark felt hats, and aviator sunglasses ducked under a garage door as a truck left the depot to make a delivery. The men, one white and one Black, were roughly six feet tall and each carried a walkie-talkie. Once inside, they approached Powers, who was the only guard on-site that night, and introduced themselves as FBI agents while flashing their credentials.The pair told Powers, 54, that the FBI had received a tip warning that the facility was going to be robbed. And that’s when they did exactly that.Read more at The Daily Beast.Got a tip? Send it to The Daily Beast here
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NY Giants hire Brian Daboll, Bills offensive coordinator, as head coach
In hiring Bills offensive coordinator Brian Daboll on Friday, co-owners John Mara and Steve Tisch got someone who Schoen has worked with well the last four years in Buffalo.
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Joni Mitchell Plans to Follow Neil Young Off Spotify, Citing ‘Lies’
“Irresponsible people are spreading lies that are costing people their lives,” she wrote after the site was accused of spreading vaccine misinformation.
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My Five Favorite Meals: Chef Todd Rogers
Pearl HotelTodd Rogers is the loftily titled director of culinary operations at the Pearl Hotel in Rosemary Beach, Florida. But he’s the real deal as a chef and lights up with excitement when he’s in the kitchen. He’s classically trained—usually the necessary foundation, it seems, to be a complete maverick. He graduated from the Culinary Institute of America and wound up crisscrossing the South, cooking and leading crack kitchen crews in several of the region’s top resorts.“I’m originally from West Virginia. My grandparents had a farm and I got into food early,” Rogers says. “My dad participated in FFA [Future Farmers of America], so I did too. As a kid I grew up working with my grandpa, and cooking with my grandma, making jams and jellies and getting the eggs out of the chicken coops. Grandpa harvested the honey without a bee suit—I always stayed away from that. But it was an incredible way to grow up, very close to the earth. I knew that food didn’t come from the grocery store, it didn’t come out of a box, it came from the farm.”At only 29, he became executive chef at the Houston Ritz-Carlton, additionally remarkable because “they only hired French and German chefs. They were very snobbish about thinking that Americans didn’t know how to cook.”Read more at The Daily Beast.
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The Post says: Tell Albany Democrats to fix our catastrophic bail laws — here’s how
The Post Editorial Board is calling on all New Yorkers to hound on Albany Assembly and State Senate members who simply do not care about the disastrous bail laws.
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Michael Avenatti Queries Stormy Daniels About a Haunted Doll Named 'Susan'
Michael Avenatti questioned Stormy Daniels on stories of ghost encounters she told on her "Spooky Babes" show after living in a house she said was haunted.
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